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Many people responded to this question, with most responses giving a small amount of the correct answer. Unfortunately, not all of the truth, so I will clarify and in doing so give the answer which actually lies in the detail behind the reasons stated that all contribute, or are part of; to the reason but rarely stated.

Let's start with Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

1). Characterised as being a person of strangeness and one who cast a shadow of violence and recklessness, along with impatience, suspicious, almost an almost hysterical temperament, with a strong tendency to severely clash with others leaders.He was strong in militarism rather than diplomacy and was well known for his ideals of military adventurism.

His relations with Emperor Franz Joseph were highly charged and always full of rage when he and Emperor Franz Joseph had any discussions. 

His plan, being Heir to the Austro-Hungarian Throne, following his fathers' death, was to consolidate the structure of the state and the authority and popularity of the Crown, on which he saw clearly that the fate of the dynasty depended, along with a structure for a Greater Federal State of Austria.

He was clearly and strongly aligned to the foreign policies of Germany.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's overall plan was to build "The Greater Federal State of Austria". Twelve (12) separate States, including Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Transylvania, Hungary, Eastern Galicia (Formerly part of Ukraine and Poland), Western Galicia (Formerly part of Poland and an administrative region of the Habsburg Monarchy), together with some smaller states under different administrative authorities., HAD ALREADY AGREED TO Archduke Ferdinand's plans.

One State that Archduke Franz Ferdinand really wanted to annex into his Greater Federal State of Austria, was Serbia, not only because Serbia was of strategic importance but also because of the immense wealth of the Serbian Royal Family which would ultimately be centralized in the Greater Federal State of Austria, allowing it to be used, not only to pay off the debts of Austria, but also to advance the military adventurism of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

One issue that Archduke Franz Ferdinand did not agree with was the assignment, by Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, of the various Trusts and Foundations holding the substantial Wealth of the Royal Family of Austria, under a Private Treaty initiated by the Tsar of Russia which was finalized in 1896. Under this Private Treaty the various Trusts and Foundations of the Royal Families of the World were consolidated and assigned under Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust with the proviso that the assets shall not be dissipated at any time but used to generate interest which in turn the interest would be utilized for the benefit of the people of the World.

Although structured in such a way that the Royal Families actually maintained ownership / beneficiaries of all the Trusts and Foundations. 

This eventually changed (a forced change) some Fifty (50) years after WW II in January 1995 when Dr. Ray C. Dam was appointed Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of The Global Debt Facility of which Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust were the Master Umbrella Trust and Foundation. 

After a catastrophic Fifty (50) year period (1945 - 1995) under the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC) whose commissioners were the Unites States, France and the United Kingdom, the Royal Families of the World which included those of Austria and Serbia regained their authority (decision making process) over The Global Debt Facility. 

This was a significant change necessary because the TTTGC had done exactly what Hilter did (1938) and Archduke Franz Ferdinand wanted to do back in 1914 / 5, which was, use this wealth of the Royal Families for their own political and power based purpose.

When Emperor Franz Joseph assigned the Austria Royal Family assets to Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was fuming because it meant that when he became King (or Emperor) he would not have the assets to use for his own purpose military adventurism, or build the Greater Federal State of Austria as he had planned.

Serbia became an ideal target for Archduke Franz Ferdinand planned Greater State of Austria because of the immense wealth held by the Royal Family of Serbia, whereby Archduke Franz Ferdinand was supporting Bosnia, both financially and morally to create chaos in Serbia to weaken it to the point that Serbia would need to be aligned to Austria to survive. Bosnia was a staunch ally of Austria.

What Archduke Franz Ferdinand failed to realize was that, like Emperor Franz Joseph, the wealth of the Serbian Royal Family had also been assigned to Foundation Divine under the same Treaty initiated by the Tsar of Russia. 

Against the ideals of Archduke Frans Ferdinand was:

2). Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević of the Serbian Military and Leader of the feared "Black Hand" revolutionary group that undertook the overthrow of the Serbian Government in 1903, in which King Alexander and Queen Draga were killed.

It is claimed that Dimitrijević was the protégé of two Generals of the General Staff, but no names have been mentioned / stated, so a question remains as to whether Dimitrijević was acting on his own as leader of the "Black Hand" or whether he was acting for and on behalf of higher military personnel.

Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević was not a Royalist by any means. 

He was more of a highly ambitious high ranking Military man who would wallow in power if Serbia became a Republic and away from the Sovereign State under the power of Royalty that it was at the time.

Neither was he in favour of being annexed to Austria, for which his principles on this issue were aligned with those of the Royal Family of Serbia. 

He did not see Serbia as a State of one larger country (Austria), nor did he see, or want, his future, as a possible future powerful individual of Serbia, to be sabotaged by the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević had previously organized an attempt to assassinate Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, which failed, so he changed focus to the Heir to the Austria Throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević was the Head of the Serbian Military Intelligence. It is claimed, although never proven, that he provided the weapons to The Young Bosnia Group, Gavrilo PrincipNedeljko ČabrinovićTrifko Grabež and four others from Serbia, which were to be used to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand and then sent them to Bosnia to undertake the assassination.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's plan for Serbia, supported by Bosnia, included granting substantial concessions to the South Slavs living in Serbia for the purpose of propagating, weakening, and splitting Serbian society.

All of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's plan for Serbia failed when the feared "Black Hand" group successfully completed their mission in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 

Following the assassination, Austria and it Allies declared war against Serbia and its Allies, which led to Great WW I.

3). The Royal Family of Serbia (The Karađorđević dynasty).

Although the Royal Family of Serbia was revered by its people, it was in fact quite weak and aligned itself to Russia for the support strength it needed. Western alignment of Serbia was never even considered as being beneficial to Serbia.

Following the assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga, Peter, son of Alexander, was crowned King Peter 1, on June 15th 1903, King of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. His Reign ended on August 16th 1921, when Alexander was crowned Alexander 1, King of Yugoslavia.

There was an awful amount of instability in Serbia since the assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and the commencement of wars between Austria and Serbia which led to World War 1.

Whatever, foresight by Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and the same foresight by King Alexander of Serbia prevented the wealth of those two Royal Families from being confiscated, which had been earlier secured under Foundation Divine so that the "extreme right" individuals of Austria and the "communists" of Serbia could not steal the wealth or even lay claim to same for their respective countries, but ultimately such structures around the wealth prevented usage by either Austria or Serbia to support and finance their military adventurism. 

Today, Prince Alexander with his wife Princess Katherine, are the defacto King and Queen of Yugoslavia, but cannot claim the title of King or Queen because King Peter II of Yugoslavia never abdicated.


The answer to the question as to the real reason why Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated was to prevent Serbia falling under the rule of Austria and Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Additionally, there were many countries in Europe and South East Europe that were highly concerned at the planned expansive Austro-Hungary Empire, which in their eyes had to be curtailed, as so with Archduke Ferdinand being a person of strangeness and one who cast a shadow of violence and recklessness, along with impatience, suspicious, almost an almost hysterical temperament, with a strong tendency to severely clash with others leaders, strong in militarism rather than diplomacy and was well known for his ideals of military adventurism.

There were however countries that strategically supported Archduke Ferdinand in his military adventurism, because of their own national stability, although at the same time these countries recognized the dangers of a greater developing Austro-Hungary Empire 

In addition to the above, there were important contributing factors, as listed below, particularly items ii), vi), and vii) which are major contributing parts of the reason, because simple reasons are not as simple as they appear to be at any time :-

i).The "Black Hand" group of which Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević an anti-royalist who was also anti-alignment to Austria; was the head of, who organized the assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

ii).The Royal Family of Serbia's wealth assigned, along with the wealth of the Royal Family of Austria to Foundation Divine and Heritage International Trust under Private Treaty concluded in 1896; for which Archduke Franz Ferdinand believed he could take possession of if Serbia was part of the Greater Federal State of Austria.

iii).The weakness of the Serbian Royal Family, and the assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga in 1903, who were strongly against becoming part of the Greater Federal State of Austria.

iv).The alignment to German Foreign Policy by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, for which Austria was unofficially known as German-Austria, which was also a highly important factor within WW I. The German-Austria factor was downplayed after the 1866 Austria - Prussian War, but unofficially it still existed although in a more secretive manner.

v).The proposed Greater Federal State of Austria by Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

vi).The financing of the Austro-Hungarian empire by the House of Rothschild for which Archduke Franz Ferdinand needed the Royal Wealth of Serbia to repay its debts incurred for his military adventurism.

vii).The 1920 London Treaty, and 1929 Amendments to the London Treaty which are not really part of the answer but a conclusive part of the eventual solution to prevent military adventurism.

The Royal Families realized that the assets of Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust could not be left or stored and subject to theft where access to same was reasonably open. The assets had to be securely secreted away for infinity and done in such a manner that few people knew locations, and even fewer people knew how this was all structured to prevent theft and fraud. No one country would ever be allowed to use these assets for the purpose of military adventurism again. 

That was the proposal based upon good ideas and intent at the time ................... Which were enacted / undertaken, but times in the 21st century have changed. What was considered as safe and secure back in the early 1900's is not so safe and secure in the first 25 years of the Twenty First century. Modern technology and equipment no longer render assets as Safe and Secure.

There is another contributing factor that I cannot state / define fully because it is still classified "Top Secret". However, I can give readers an idea without breaching International Official Secrets Acts:-

viii).It should be pointed out that it is common knowledge the US financed both sides of WW II. The same applies to WW I. The US supported a Greater Austrian Federal State, in the same way it supported the German State in 1937 / 8; to suppress the communist states further east. 

Although some countries in Europe patronized Archduke Ferdinand, he had to be destroyed just as Hitler and the Nazis had to be destroyed in WW II. Unfortunately, those countries in Europe who patronised Archduke Ferdinand did so because they had to for their own protection and independence, not because they wanted to. It was in their interests so that their independence remained in tact. Underneath all the political dogma at the time lay their hatred for Archduke Ferdinand and the German Royal families who supported him. It was the Americans and their proxies who threatened war if Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. 

Now let's come forward in years. 1938 - 1945 WW II, what was Hitler trying to do .................. conquer Europe to establish the greater European State. 1970 - Present day. 

Winston Churchill attempted the same thing after WW II, in a semi-political nature, which failed.

Angela Merkel (German) with the French (Jacque Chirac, Nicholas Sarkozy and Francois Holland) was attempting to unite Europe into one Greater State, incorporating former states in the East (Romania, Bulgaria, Countries of the former Yugoslavia and former Eastern Bloc) suppressing the so-called communist / socialist states of the East. 

America forcing colour revolutions in many East European States (Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic etc), extending to the Arab and Islamic States (Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc); assisting, in several cases where the Eastern European states were concerned, to enlarge the Greater European State which was the creation of America, and the insidious idea / plan / design of Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve Chairman. 

Even the Euro currency was first designated to be called the Euro Dollar as an integral part of the American Federal Reserve System, and controlled by the Fed. 

We are seeing history repeating itself time and time again, by the West and specific European Countries, and they won't rest until there is a much greater Greater European State and a Greater Arabian State, all in the interests, of course, of the One World Order, One World Government, and a One World Currency.

If readers remember, I have already clearly indicated in the past that ASEAN was another part of the American plan, and for which Trillions of Dollars (Known as the Asian Dollar or Reagan Dollar) are already printed and is stored in warehouses in China, waiting to be introduced as the common currency in Asia.

WHEN WE WILL ALL LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST?History repeats itself but because the majority have little interest in history, they cannot see the repeating of the mistakes made in the past and those made over 100 years ago.
Does it make sense now that Germany is still an occupied country under America because no peace treaty with Germany was ever executed by America?

Does Queen Elizabeth II of the UK know something that the public do not, when she stated, some 18 months ago to her Advisors, with, unknowingly, her microphone switched on, that England must come out of Europe and America must be stopped, otherwise we will see WW III ?


Many thanks to all those who responded to the question, nobody was actually wrong and everyone was partially right to a degree. Some answers were more accurate than others, whereby the very basic information was stated, but the contributory factors behind the reasoning for Archduke Ferdinand's assassinated failed to achieve the attention it deserved. 

No one mentioned the Wealth of the Royal Families which was assigned to Foundation Divine and Heritage International Trust under a Private Treaty between Royal Families, concluded in 1896, initiated by the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II.

The above factor was not expected to be mentioned or brought into the equation because the majority of the people of the world have no knowledge of same, whereby it doesn't help that this subject is not on any educational curriculum anywhere in the world.

WHY, is the big question because it is this wealth that has been the cause or a majority cause of many wars. It is also the wealth that supported (collateralised) countries with Gold Backed currencies right across the world, prior to Aug 1971 when President Nixon removed the "Gold Standard" and allowed currencies to become "Fiat" backed by nothing but the good faith of each country.

The latter factor above becomes laughable when one looks at the History of the World and its various Countries, whereby "Backed by the Good Faith of the Country issuing the Currency", should be questioned as to "WHAT GOOD FAITH?"

Furthermore, it has never been asked as to WHY America assumed it had the power to remove the Gold Standard? This should have been an International (Multi-lateral) Decision, not a National (Uni-lateral Decision) because of the effects upon the whole world and its people, which after 46 years of "Fiat" currencies, we are all seeing and experiencing it ............... Debt, Debt and more Debt, with Debt being created on top of Debt when there is actually no need for all the Debt.

The Global Debt Facility (Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust) are highly important parts of History and present day life, but documents and information are all tied up in "Top Secret" files and never mentioned whereby the people of the world know nothing about this important factor. 

WHY? Because the people should know everything on this factor so that they understand the reason why it is a highly important part of life, not only in the past, but the present, and indeed, the future.

Please Note: I have been very careful in structuring the answer to the question, strictly for the purpose of "Non-breach of International Official Secrets Laws". There are areas I could have expanded on with finite detail had documents not bore the "Top Secret" or "Above Top Secret" label. Such documents were in deed, intriguing to say the least and I really do have to wonder why they still remain Classified, for which, in my opinion, was probably because someone or some country(ies) would be highly embarrassed to the point of seriously damaging their own image and maybe economies. There are a number of countries of Europe that are innocent, and remain innocent in all of this. 

Regards and Many thanks once again
David P. Crayford.

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