David Crayford and the ITC
Jul 6, 2019 - 3:05:43 AM



You certainly have gone from bad to worse and the 4i's (Insecure, immature, irresponsible, insane) almost fits you like a glove,

Only today I read an article on RMN, headed / titled "NATO tells Russia to destroy new missile or face consequences" (

If that isn't the same old rhetoric coming from the same old mouths, time and time again, I just do not know what is. Just threats, threats, and more threats.

We all know that Jens Stolberg is another "Hawk", just like your man John Bolton, National Security Adviser; and you continue on your destructive path. When will you ever learn from past mistakes.

You really do not seem to care who you upset or annoy, provided you get your way on everything possible and sod everyone else.

You really like to demonise Russia, time and time again, but you never explain the real reason why. If ever you do, it is guaranteed to be more lies and deceit as in the past. I cannot understand why you keep demonizing Russia because everyone who is anyone already know that your aim is to split Russia into two major parts, with the Western part being basically controlled by Europe and the Eastern Part (where the majority of Russian Mineral Wealth is), controlled by America.

Now you are demonising Iran and accusing it of planting Limpet Mines on Oil Tankers in the Gulf. Any good Military Man will tell you that no one sends a fibreglass hull boat with 6 + people in it to plant Limpet mines 2 - 3 feet above the water line. Such an operation would be undertaken covertly by specialist divers fixing Limpet Mines below the water line where they will do the most damage.

You should be looking more at Israel undertaking a False Flag, rather than Iran. After all Netanyahu is just another "Hawk" and "Madman" that you cosy up to.

You don't even question as to why Russia was not invited to the WW II  memory celebrations in the last few weeks, even though Russia lost millions of men women and children fighting the Nazis on the Eastern Front. Have you forgotten your alley from the war years even though without them the war against the Nazis would probably never have been won. Have you no respect whatsoever??????

Then there is the Ukrainian situation which haunts you because you did not achieve what you wanted to achieve, and the Ukraine has been in turmoil ever since, and the Crimea is a free and stable part of Russia now. You should remember that the Crimea people held an open and free Referendum for Independence from the Ukraine, whereby the majority of the population, who have always considered themselves to be Russian; of the Crimea voted to return to Russia, rather than become yet another controlled state of the West as part of the excessively corrupt and undemocratic European Union.

Then there was the Balkans. The former Yugoslavia had parts of the territory fighting against each other, organised by you, until it collapsed, propagated by internal forces supported by America and its Allies. Then it was divided up by you and your Western Allies into the older format of several different states, most of whom have since joined the excessively corrupt and undemocratic European Union, with of course the assistance of America and the unlawful financing provided by America stolen from the Accounts of The Global Debt Facility.

Then there was Syria, a country that you were not invited into, but you went there and put boots on the ground, ILLEGALLY, and you are still there, ILLEGALLY. All because you did not like the President of Syria, and you wanted to install your own "Puppet" to control Syria, all because you did not control / own the oil and gas coming out of and through Syria, and you did not own the Central Bank of Syria and therefore did not control Syria's economy or currency.

Then there was Iraq, and just like Syria, you put boots on the ground, ILLEGALLY, as you needed to get rid of Saddam Hussein so you could control the oil and gas in, and coming through Iraq. You even stole not only the gold in the Iraqi Central Bank but you stole the Gold that Saddam Hussein stole from Kuwait. Which for your information, and which you are fully aware of, belongs to The Global Debt Facility. You didn't succeed on that issue for very long though did you, because people were watching and you were made to return all the Gold you stole, which you even tried to cunningly classify it as "War Booty".

Then there is the ongoing situation in Venezuela, where you are trying desperately to gain control of the Venezuelan Oil, via the use of Juan Guido who is doing your dirty work for you, and failing miserably. Then, of course, you want control of the Central Bank of Venezuela. Then you try and make it appear that you are trying to assist the Venezuelan people, by sending in aid via a third country, that was laced with armaments to create an armed rebellion inside Venezuela against Maduro.

Then there are all the Sanctions and Boycotts of many other countries around the world because you cannot get your own way and you are not prepared to show respect that other Nations deserve, nor are you prepared to accept the fact of "Independent Sovereignty" and the International laws approved within the United Nations even though you executed those laws.

Iran, North Korea, India, Turkey, Europe, Venezuela, Russia, are just a few where your sanctions are not just against those countries, but also against other countries trading with those countries.

You are none other than the biggest "Bully Boy" of the playground and you continue with your threats, sanctions, and belligerence, of which other countries around the world are getting very tired of, and tired of you, America, because you have taken it upon yourself to be policemen of the world without even an International Treaty to support you.

When are you going to learn your lesson ?????????????????

Americans believe that America is the land of the FREE and the BRAVE.

Give me a break from the garbage your vomit all over the place. Americans are no freer than an animal in a cage at a zoo. You are all subjects of the State, and all States, and what an enormous state of affairs you have all got yourselves into.

As for the brave, you are not even Brave. All the Brave ones of America are dead or severely handicapped from all the illegal wars. The Brave came home in wooden boxes, leaving wives and children - sometimes husbands to carry on. Others came home in wheelchairs or on hospital stretchers, with lost limbs and PTSD, only to find that although the Veterans try and do a good job of looking after and assisting these unfortunate victims of illegal wars, are extremely under funded, thanks of course to the American Government who would rather spend their revenues stoking up more hatred, creating more animosity for more wars, and vomiting the garbage about "It was Russia", or "It was Iran", or "It was the IS", because it is the Manufacturers of Military Equipment, and their Government Officials with their hidden shareholdings in these Military Equipment manufacturers that actually benefit from your foreign policies.

Then, on top of that is the enormous amount of manipulation of the International Financial System, just to keep the US Dollar within a particular range against other currencies, or to keep the price of Gold suppressed by valuing it against "Paper Gold" not "Physical Gold".

If you don't know, which is a situation that would not surprise me in the least; there is just One (1) tr oz of "Physical Gold" for every Sixty (60) tr ozs of "Paper Gold". Your dear old COMEX is already bankrupt because there is no way that they can acquire an extra Fifty Nine (59) tr ozs of "Physical Gold" to cover their assess. It is just not possible based upon current demand (Which is increasing quite dramatically) against supply, whether now or in Twenty (20) Years time.

All you are doing is manipulating and lying so much just to keep your US Dollar position, and your US Foreign Policy position strong, keeping America as the biggest Military force in the World (at the expense of all other Nations I add) and the ridiculous American ideology rolling.

At the rate this is going, if America goes down you will bring the whole world down with you. Oops, sorry guys we will just print more and more US Dollars and support your economies with US Dollars flooding your markets. Check Mate -------- You are now under the control of America and the American Dollar and the other countries of the world didn't realise what you, as America, were doing, because as politicians they are naive and lacking intelligence just as the politicians are in America. There are of course a few countries who can be excluded from this America disease because their politicians do have more intellect and common sense than what you thought they had, and who are fully aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Time is no longer on your side. Things are changing and you, America, are ridiculously slow at realising this, so you will be left behind, but you will still try and impress the rest of the world with the garbage you vomit and the chaos you cause.

Now, please allow me to tell you a true story that has happened over the last 18 months.

I have a long term friend in America, whereby for the sake of his privacy I will refer to him as Mr A.

Mr. A also has many friends, but one in particular, so I refer to him as Mr. C. to protect his privacy.

Mr. C. lives in an area of California that was devastated by the "Thomas Fires" in 2017. Many houses were totally destroyed by fire in his particular residential area. Mr. C's house was damaged but not destroyed, so with a little work, money, and an awful amount of effort the big clean up commenced.

Mr. C. had two local friends. Mr. G. and Mr. H. whose homes were damaged by the fire but not destroyed.

Because of the amount of total devastation in that area and adjoining areas there was very little police presence to prevent looting and scavenging. Mr. C. with his local friends, Mr G. and Mr. H. use to walk the streets at night looking for Looters and Scavengers searching through the remains of burnt out or partially burnt out properties, stealing what may have been left undamaged, or, may have been personal possessions left in the hurry to evacuate their properties.

On this one Saturday night, which happen to be one of the coldest nights in that part of California for many years; Mr. C., Mr. G., and Mr. H. got together again and walked the streets looking for looters and scavengers.

On the final leg of their walk, Mr H, left them and returned to his home as they reached his home. The other two Mr. C. and Mr. G. continued up the hill until they came to Mr. G's house, where Mr. G. said goodnight and returned to his home.

Mr. C. continued up the hill to his home. On that last leg of the walk, Mr. C. noticed two glaring headlights coming towards him. It was a vehicle which stopped a few yards in front of him. As there was no electricity the street lights were not working so it was very dark preventing Mr. C. from identifying the owner of the vehicle in front of him.

As he got closer he could just see that it was the local County Sheriffs vehicle with two Officers standing at the sides of the vehicle. Mr. C. kept walking, until he was approached by one of the Sheriffs Officers with shining torch in his hand pointed directly at the face of Mr. C.

"What are you doing" was the question from the Officer, directed at Mr. C., so Mr. C. explained what he and his two friends, who resided lower down the hill, did every night possible to deter scavengers and looters.

The Sheriffs Officer continued to ask questions, then suddenly demanded that Mr. C. take his hands out of his pockets, so Mr. C. complied but in his mind he was asking why. Considering it was one of the coldest nights for many years in that part of California, Mr. C. soon began to feel the cold and decided to put his hands back in his pockets to keep warm. At that time another County Sheriffs vehicle approached and stopped behind the first Sheriffs vehicle, with the Officers getting out of the vehicle and joining the other two officers.

The Sheriffs Officer (Officer Cadman) again demanded that Mr. C. take his hands out of his pockets. Mr. C. complained and asked the Officer why because he was cold. The Officer retaliated again, demanding that Mr. C. take his hands out of his pockets. Distraught and stressed by what was happening and the attitude of this particular Officer. Mr C. said, quote "F*** Y**" to the Officer who responded by saying, quote "Right, you are under arrest". Another Sheriffs Officer placed Mr. C. in handcuffs and pushed him towards the from of the police vehicle.

At that time, a local Police vehicle approached, driven by a female Officer. She stopped her vehicle and asked if everything was alright, but also looking at Mr. C. in handcuffs. The Local Officer said to the Country Officers, why is he in handcuffs, he is a resident here and he is O.K. I saw him and his friend walking the streets last evening looking out for Looters and Scavengers. I checked them out and their ID's were legitimate, so he is alright. He lives just up there, which was 4 houses away. Then she drove off on her duties.

Mr. C. openly stated that his ID and other documents were in his car which was 4 houses away and that Officer Cadman should go to Mr. C's vehicle, get his wallet from the car and check out the I.D. The Officer never bothered and wasn't interested. He had arrested someone and gained more money for the County Police Department based upon the number or arrests and also the number of convictions etc. A corporate entity which had a responsibility to earn money by arrests and convictions because the County and Government have no more funds available for the likes of the Police Department.

The two County Sheriffs Officers who arrived later than the first two County Sheriffs Officers, escorted Mr. C. to their car, holding him quite tightly. Mr. C. was taken down to the Sheriffs Office, formally charged with a "Misdemeanor" and put into a Police Cell.

Mr. C's vehicle parked in the driveway to his home, was apparently unlocked and open to theft if someone wanted to steal it. That factor is questionable because the Police Officers took Mr. C's House and Car Keys and then apparently lost them.

Mr. C. was released from custody the following day, full of anger and at that time a degree of hatred for the police for what had happened, which was totally unnecessary and unwarranted.

Mr. C. is to face a "Trial by Jury" for his misdemeanor of putting his hands in his pockets on a cold winters night and saying F*** Y** to a county Sheriffs Officer.

WHAT, YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME, Trial by Jury for a Misdemeanor Offence which was incited by the arrogant and belligerent attitude of the Police.

The Officer in question couldn't apologise to a resident, Mr. C., who was undertaking, with two friends, a public duty to protect their neighbourhood and the property of others against Looters and Scavengers. Instead he had to take it all the way and make an unnecessary and unwarranted arrest and detention, just for collecting "Brownie Points".

That to me just shows how bloody ridiculous and vindictive the Police are in California, and the whole legal system in America. They don't catch real criminals, they focus on the innocent who cannot really understand what the hell is going on at the time. At the same time there is no professionalism about the police in America. They will make you suffer until you comply with their demands, even to the point of beating hell out of you.

This is likened to the SS Gestapo of Germany in the War time, and is nothing more than living under a constant threat within a Police State -------- America, and you Americans think you live in the land of the Free and the Brave. You have absolutely no idea what freedom is, and it certainly isn't being allowed to go to any Ball Game that you want to go to, or ordering a pack of 6 and a Burger so you can sit at home and watch the ball game on the t.v. I also pity all the coloured population of America as it will actually take a lot more generations before you are, if ever, accepted by Americans, especially white Americans.

Literally a full bag of "Liquorice Allsorts" totally Insecure, Immature, Irresponsible and Insane.

I just can't believe what happened to Mr. C. and the atrocious  attitude of the County Police Officers. In my legal opinion, this is just harassment, vindictiveness, and just plain arrogance, stupidity, and dictatorship within a Police State. That is America Folks and it certainly ain't going to change anytime time soon.

God help all those Mexicans, Guatemalans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Cubans, and many others wanting to get into and migrate, legally or illegally, to America. Best stay in your own country until you know more of what you might not see at this moment in time, about America.

I have been to America many times in my life, and I certainly would never consider emigrating to America, or even going to America ever again. It is a dump and a Police State and really not worth wasting time on. I have to admit that on my last trip to America I was only too pleased, and very quick, to get on the plane back home.

Just like all other Empires of the past, America will eventually fall whereby Americans will have to live in destitution, squalor, and suffering, just like the people in many countries around the world that America has destroyed.

The sound of the Bells ringing out the "Death Toll" is not far away. Many countries do not want the American / Federal Reserve methods of transferring money any more. They are already going back to using their own currencies, not the American Dollar; of doing business and using their own, and new, financial transfer systems. They are actually avoiding using anything that has America written all over it because they no longer want to be controlled by America.

No longer are countries buying solely American Military equipment, of which it is nothing more than modernised antiquated equipment. They are buying arms from Russia and China which are more economical and far more advanced and reliable. No longer do they want American Shale Oil or Gas because it is far too expensive and has no additional benefits over conventional Oil and Gas.

America, America, America, look at yourselves in the mirror and see what a real monster you have created.


David P. Crayford.

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