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The latest information we have from, not only our own intelligence people, but also many of the hundreds of people in South East Asia who have been scammed by Edilberto del Carmen - aka Edilberto Marcos Marcos - aka Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Datu Mohammad Bin Awang, is that Edilberto del Carmen is still languishing in a Philippine Prison whilst Datu Awang has moved his operations to Thailand and is as active there as he was in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The people in Malaysia and Indonesia who fell for this enormous scam and paid money to these people have now realized that after many years of broken promises and no funds appearing for the projects they had submitted, that they are the real losers in all of this with nothing, absolutely nothing, in return for the money they have spent supporting these crooks, or given to the cause so plausibly propagated and stated by these crooks Edilberto del Carmen - aka Edilberto Marcos Marcos - aka Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Datu Mohammad Bin Awang.

We are also informed that the above named two persons plus Ernest Rauthschild are now arguing over their so-called positional claim of M1. With Edilberto del Carmen in prison having always claimed that he is M1, but Ernest Rauthschild is now claiming that the position of M1 is now in his hands, yet Datu Awang, who, it is stated, is desperate to hold that position because he needs it more than most to further his own criminal ambitions.

Such arguments will always transpire between crooks, probably not immediately but certainly when things start to go wrong, which they have.

However, they are arguing over absolutely nothing but a fictitious status position which is legally and truly held, as defined within International Treaties dated 1995 and 2012, by the legally appointed International Treasury Controller, who is also Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility which consists of Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust, plus the 40,000+ Trusts and Foundations owned by the aforesaid Trust and Foundation, all of which make up the Global Debt Facility.

As for the funds already paid to Edilberto del Carmen - aka Edilberto Marcos Marcos - aka Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Datu Mohammad Bin Awang by the tens of hundreds of unfortunately gullible people, there appears to nothing left for the victims of this scam to reclaim.

The "Nothing left" factor is not at all surprising as it is the same scenario as any other scam. The money is for the scammers pockets and their expenses incurred, carefully hidden away from prying eyes so no one can touch it all, and all with the helping hand of America, the CIA, and their banking cohorts in the Caribbean and off the coast of Australia.

The whole objective of this scam appears to be the locating and stealing of Global Debt Facility Assets for the cabal / CIA, not financing projects, and it is all undertaken on the money provided by those gullible persons who have now lost everything.

When the legal appointment of the second International Treasury Controller was appointed in 2012, all Bank Accounts were temporarily blocked to prevent more fraud, following which an "Official Notice" was issued by the Royal Families and G7 Nations notifying all Central Banks and Commercial Banks of the real, lawful, and only signatory to the accounts and assets of the Global Debt Facility.

That "Official Notice" has, contrary to International Law; been ignored completely, especially by the G7 Nations, and the fraud against the Global Debt Facility by America and its Allies, continues.

If only the people of the world would realise and understand what the future holds for the world if this theft and fraud is not stopped and eliminated. That future is NOT a pretty sight.

No one can rely on the Law Enforcement Agencies around the world because they are completely under funded and lacking the necessary experienced man power specializing in "Financial Forensics".

Being able to see what's coming, probably within the next 25 years, I personally don't relish the thought of even being alive when it does come. Being as old as I am I do have a few years at the most. After that, well who knows but I certainly do not want to come back to this planet in any form. They can leave my soul floating in space, but I am adamant I do not want to come back to this planet in any form because it just will not be worth living on.

I can only compare it to life in the Middle Ages for most, or life under the Fifth Reich of the former German Empire which is stated as 1000 years rule by the Fifth Reich, now cast your minds back to the atrocities committed by Germany in both WW I and WW II.

People will be so controlled, life as we know it will not be worth living.

People are currently being given an option to create a far better world for all of us on this planet Earth, but still they choose to follow scammers / conmen / crooks / fraudsters like Edilberto del Carmen - aka Edilberto Marcos Marcos - aka Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Datu Mohammad Bin Awang, with the lure of quick money and riches beyond one's dream, which never materializes.

For those who haven't been caught by this scam yet, look, listen and learn, life is not a fantasy, it is not "Alice in Wonderland", neither is it a paradise Island with luxury cruisers and private jets with billions of USD Dollar bills floating freely from the skies.

However, if the truth was to be revealed about real and lawful International Treasury Control / Controller, which has been deliberately hidden by America and its Allies behind the words "Top Secret" and "Deliberate Denials"; life would be a lot easier for many in today's age. Poverty and Homelessness would not exist; taxes within all countries could be reduced quite substantially giving people more disposable income.

Alas, the way the people of the world are today with their apathy and naivety, the above may be just a dream unless the world wakes up to the massive fraud, political lies, ambitious Politicians with an egoistic agenda for their own ends, the subversion that exists in society, and the secret societies that really rule the world irrespective of who you vote for; that riddle / infest our society today.

Now for a different issue:



Yes, the one TVM you are hearing aboutis an absolute fake put into position by the World Bank and United Nations, just like the totally fake Anthony Santiago Martins' that originally existed some time ago. All done for a purpose, which is to unlawfully claim assets of the Global Debt Facility.

The real TUBERCIO VILLAMORE MARCOS, is still alive and in hiding outside the borders of the Philippines, to avoid being assassinated by the "Hit Squads" employed by the World Bank and United Nations. Any act, actions undertaken by this fake TVM, or any documents executed by same, are totally fraudulent and legally unenforceable.

Another twist in the tale of KAREN HUDES saga is based upon information we received a few weeks back which was taken straight from KAREN HUDES'S Twitter Page, quote:-

"I also reminded you that there can be no valid documentation after the 50 years that the world's assets remained on deposit in the Global Debt Facility without authentication.

I speak for the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, pursuant to the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement.

I vote the shares of the United States on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the Development Committee."

So, KAREN HUDES claims she speaks for the Board of Governors of the World Bank and she votes the shares of the United States on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.

So, who appointed her to such positions, especially holding the voting rights for the United States, because the World Bank stated that they had dismissed her. So who is lying here??

I think that KAREN HUDES is telling some right old Porky Lies here, but that is not unusual coming from KAREN HUDES.

What she doesn't appear to care about, or acknowledge, is the fact that the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Agreement was revoked / rescinded by the new International Treasury Controller under Sovereign Statute No: 12/ITC/1060847-001 on July 1st 2012

In short format, this Statute states the following:-

............................. In support of, and to clarify and re-enforce the International Treaties of 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012, ALL Treaties that are in force, together with all Treaty Agreements, and Agreements of any description relating to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, irrespective of dates of same, excluding the aforementioned Treaties; are hereby legally suspended or legally rescinded by virtue of this Decree.

Any Treaty, irrespective of date, that is considered necessary to the World and its people, will be restructured and re-introduced as a new International Treaty in due course.

Any Treaty Agreement or General Agreement will remain rescinded for all times and all purposes. Any Treaty Agreement or General Agreement that is legally considered part of the aforesaid Treaties and considered relevant will be restructured in line with the restructuring of aforesaid Treaties.

The only Treaties, Treaty Agreements, and Agreements of any description relating to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, remaining in full force and effect are those previously referred to, being dated 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012.

KAREN HUDES is not so good an Attorney as she believes herself to be. Neither she nor anyone else can ignore International Law, or even National Law.

In fact there is an adage which states, quote "Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law".

An ordinary citizen who has committed a crime and claims he / she was unaware of the law, will be told quite bluntly that his / her ignorance of the law is no excuse, and they would be sentenced accordingly.

However, it does appear that KAREN HUDES and her cohorts within the American Government, the IMF and World Bank; believe they are above the law and can do just as they please with impunity.Not in our books they can't, Not in our Books.

We are slowly closing in on these people. I say slowly because of all the interference and dangerous situations we are incurring, but such interference does not deter us within our work to free the world's society from these crooks and scammers no matter who or what they are.

We are on your tail HUDES, whereby you will regret the day you ever became involved with your frauds against the Global Debt Facility, or even knowledge of the International Treasury Control.


Two final points, so as not to make this article longer than necessary.

If anyone desires to write to me directly with any issue, suggestion, idea, or otherwise please do so as I welcome same at all times. I have received literally tens of hundreds of mails regarding the Tu-E Capital and GIDIFA scams.

I may not be able to respond directly to all mails but will give the answers in articles on, unless requested to do otherwise.

My email is

Finally, the old OITC (Office of International Treasury Control) was a corporate entity incorporated by Keith Francis Scott assumingly for and on behalf of Dr. Ray C. Dam, former International Treasury Controller until he met his demise at the hands of the CIA and those criminals around him.

The OITC no longer legally exists and has not been utilized by The International Treasury Controller, since December 2010.

However, the CIA still use this and the old OITC Website, which the legitimate ITC has not had access to since December 2010; as their basis for conducting fraud against the Global Debt Facility.

It is noticed that the CIA have changed addresses and telephone numbers on the Website for their own nefarious purposes.
NO ONE attempting to contact the ITC should ever write or communicate in any shape of form to the addresses as stated on the old Website, or communicate by telephone to the telephone numbers given on the old Website. If they do, they will be contacting an arm of the CIA and may very well be coerced into fraudulent activities against the legitimate Global Debt Facility and the lawful and legally appointed INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER.

The American Authorities that control the Internet have refused to do anything about this unlawful duplicity, so we can only advise people and Governments NOT to make contact with any Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, or otherwise as stated within the Hijacked Website and understand that IT IS NOT the Website of the Legitimate ITC, NEITHER DO WE HAVE WE ANY CONTROL over this Website of duplicity.

Please everyone, remember that all roads connected to the various scams against the Global Debt Facility and the public at large, all lead straight back to America in every single case.


David P. Crayford

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