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But what of this supposedly new system, more so, the claimed new gold backed US Dollar:-

1.           The first point here is an issue I attended to a few months ago in an article at the time when I was referring to the amount of Gold required to fully back any new currency. When I say "Fully Backed" I really do mean "Fully Backed" for every US Dollar in circulation the full amount of Grams of Gold at current market prices, and that is just not possible because America has only just over 8,000 MT of Gold to its name. That would only just cover the amount of US Dollars the Federal Reserve state ............ in fact vastly under-state ........ currently in circulation around the World, which is currently in excess of US$ 22 Trillion. To fully cover all US Dollars in circulation, the Americans would need a minimum of 10 X the amount of Gold and even that doesn't leave anything to back any additional US Dollars that are pumped into the International Financial System and Markets via QE, Federal Reserve Loans to Banks across the World, the Federal Reserve Trading Programs, US Treasuries, and all the Bond Markets which the Federal Reserve are presently buying up every "Junk Bond" possible to keep the US Economy afloat at the present moment because of the so-called COVID 19 Virus and the Economic demise of nearly every country on Planet  Earth caused  by the Covid 19 pandemic.

So "Whoa Up there" and let's all stand back for Mankind's sake, and take a long hard look at what con game the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, the UN, and what people refer to as "The Deep State", are trying to deviously impose on the World's population, because once it is implemented, if it ever is, there will be no going back and everything you or I do, or everyone else does if it comes to that, financially will be on official record and monitored, never to be deleted, and no doubt eventually used against individuals if and when the time comes.

At the same time, do any of us want another financial system managed and operated by the very same crooks that manage the highly corrupt and manipulated existing financial system, and who are fully responsible for the financial mess that they have gotten the whole world in. From the enormous amount of conversions I have every month and the exceptionally high amount of emails received monthly on this very subject, it does become plainly obvious that the majority of the world want rid of the US Dollar as the world's Reserve Currency. Countries alone are, or already have, pulled away from the US Dollar and are internationally and commercially trading in their own currencies tied in with currency exchange agreements between various trading countries / partners. People who take a holiday in a foreign country are not changing their national currency into US Dollars, nor are they changing their National currencies at their own National Banks, they are taking their National Currencies with them and changing that into the currency of the country they are holidaying in because the exchange rates are usually better and the service is far quicker and efficient.

2.           The next issue is GOLD. Where the hell is America going to get sufficient Gold to back their new US Dollar?? which will be somewhere in the region of 100,000++ MT. A very "BIG" question for which the answer is not visible to the majority of people around the world. To us at the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL however it more of a simple answer, and a really legally provable and unquestionable answer. The answer is THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILY,  which has always been referred to as, quote "THE HOLY WEALTH OF OUR HOLY FATHER IN HEAVEN", and correctly so, which in turn is legally owned under International Treaty, by THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER and is the ONLY Financial Institution / International Organisation that legally owns the World's Wealth, which includes more than sufficient Gold, Silver, Platinum, to fully back all the currencies of the world, as it used to under the Gold Standard before America removed itself, and the rest of the world from the Gold Standard and the introduction of "FIAT" money in August 1971.

So legally only THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER holds full legal title to The Worlds Wealth which only he can utilise it as he decides, and indeed he is partly doing that at the present, with the new fully INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED "GLOBEC" CURRENCY.

Other than that, America and its associated crooks, as referred to above; will need to steal that Gold, Silver, Platinum, from the numerous depositories of THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, around the World. America, as with all other potential or existing thieves cannot confiscate it, sequestrate it, claim it or utilise it as theirs, as those factors are fully covered under International Treaties, especially "The 1968 Hague Treaty", under Section 20 of that Treaty which the Nations of the World, together with the International Organisations such all those I have named earlier within this article; assented to and executed same.

That dear readers .........  STEALING, STEALING, STEALING exactly what America, Japan, Germany, the UK, and several other countries have been doing for at least 57 years, since 1963 with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Currently there are in excess of 3,500 Americans in the Philippines and Indonesia, and nearly 750 Japanese, Koreans and Ukrainian, Germans, and a few Australians, all involved with digging, excavation, and extraction of assets of The Global Debt Facility, which are then shipped out by US Military Ships, US C130 and C17 Military Aircraft, and other Military Ships camouflaged as Commercial Vessels. The biggest heist in the history of the world, and very few know about it, or want to know about it. Then, these thieves refine it, re-block it, and stamp in false details including the Hallmark, and then arrange false documentation within another part of their criminal operations. Then, some of it is sold into the markets (Remember, not long ago, J.P.Morgan Bank found several bars of Gold in their stock with duplicate (false) documentation, and South Africa stopped shipment of several tonnes of Gold because there was NO DOCUMENTATION to the Gold (That means Gold Documentation not Shipping Documentation). That is just Two (2) separate operations on top of another operation in which Fake Gold (Tungsten coated with Gold) was shipped from America to China. The Chinese are not stupid. They tested the Gold on arrival to find it was Gold Plated Tungsten, so they sent it back to America very quickly.

That is why we have introduced the FULLY GOLD BACKED GLOBEC currency  together with some very strong laws to protect the assets and accounts of THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY so it can be utilised for and on behalf of the Nations and People of the World.

To advise, that is why all assets and accounts of THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY are now legally valued in the "GLOBEC" CURRENCY, which the crooks undertaking the massive theft of our assets and accounts, DO NOT HAVE ANY ACCESS TO, and possibly never will until they give it all back, every last gram of what they have stolen, plus all interest due whether it is assets or accounts.

Note:- The International Treasury Controller will NEVER allow any other person party, Nation, Government, Organisation, Corporation, or otherwise, to have control over any part of THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, whether assets or accounts, at any time or for any reason whatsoever.

3.           The third issue with the supposedly new Quantum Financial System doesn't really help the general public at all. What it does do is to allow Banks (Central and Commercial) to cover up their convoluted and purposely designed crimes, as well as normal financial crimes from prying eyes. Anyone with good operating knowledge of the Quantum Financial System will be able to empty your Bank Account, YES your very own Bank Account, in milli-seconds without you knowing and, at present you will not be able to reverse such a criminal act without taking expensive legal action. At the same time you will find that there will be a total elimination of cash money. Everything will be by Credit / Debit Cards or an App on your telephone that transfers money for you or pays for your goods from the Supermarkets. Nice and easy and very simple for the average person. However, easiness and simplicity do have their drawbacks with the consumer baring the brunt of it every time.

Everything will be controlled and on official record so the Quantum Financial System Authorities will know exactly what you have purchased and where from and exactly what goods you now own. You won't be able to spend One (1) Cent without it being known to the authorities. Governments and specialists around the world currently berate the Chinese Personal Financial rating system  because it brings in a Financial Classification (a Label) against all Chinese in China whereby there is not much chance for anyone to escape such a Chinese Personal Financial rating. They are categorised, and are stuck with it for the rest of their lives. The very same will happen with the Quantum Financial System. It's another form of servitude and total control over everyone and anyone. There will be no financial freedom or liberty to spend YOUR money as you so please, for anyone, and much like the laws surrounding the Covin19 pandemic, break the law and you go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect 200. Your freedoms, as granted to you under the United Nations Human Rights Conventions, which are quite substantial, are GONE, GONE, GONE.

4.           I have spoken, at length to one of our Trustees whose neighbour is a Professor of Economic at one of the UK's top Universities, who states, quote "The Quantum Financial System is in its embryonic stage at the moment whereby it could be 4 or 5 years away from being implemented. If it is introduced too soon, big mistakes will be made and very big problems will exist world-wide, so it will be absolute madness for anyone involved to rush into this with their eyes closed".

And that is it in a nutshell. Proceed only with the greatest caution. Say NO THANKS if you have to, but don,t say YES because you are forced into it. Stand your ground. Remember, these (All the parties I have mentioned herein) are all Corporations who can walk away from a problem by declaring bankruptcy, you can't and if you lose all your hard earned money ............... TOUGH, they will not care one little bit about you.

Think Twice and Think Hard. Ask me any questions you wish. I will always try to answer your concerns.

What personally worries me the most is the proposed new system being controlled and managed by the very same crooks that currently control and manage the collapsing existing system. Besides a new system we need a new structure of management behind it, with good honest persons holding not only an academic ability but a good sound practical and understanding ability, not encompassing any people connected in any shape or form with the existing system, which let's be honest and blunt (brutally blunt) it is those people and organisations that have, and are responsible, for the almighty mess the present system is in, together with the substantial and extra-ordinary increase in corruption throughout the world. We certainly do not want another financial Mafia.

The present managers and controllers never resolved the root cause of the 2007/8 financial crisis, nor the 1997 financial crisis. They just let it roll on and on applying Band Aid plasters when necessary. Then they came up with more and more crazy ideas that could, and actually have, created the gigantic mess and Debt that the world is currently experiencing. Clowns perform in a circus, not within highly sensitive industries that can make or break, which in this case it is BREAK, and well and truly BROKEN. This is not a game anymore for a few elitists. It is the Freedom of choice that we are all entitled to, so let's be absolutely sure that any new system is fair to everyone on this planet.

The International Treasury Controller is now applying , although with a changed methodology, THE 1980 GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS TREATY, initiated by Ferdinand Marcos former President of the Philippines, agreed to and executed by ALL Nations of the World together with ALL International Financial Organisations of the World, and then never implemented, but placed into some dark corner of the United Nations and the UN Security Council and forever forgotten. Not anymore sayeth The International Treasury Controller ......NOT ANYMORE.


David Crayford.

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