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Both Yamaguchi and Watanabe were attempting to cross over the border from Italy to Switzerland carrying certificates and bonds (assumed by the authorities to be fake bonds and certificates) in a secret compartment of Yamaguchi's briefcase. Keenan was to follow but then panicked and left Italy in a hurry. Both Yamaguchi and Watanabe were arrested at the border and charged will crimes in violation of Italian and European law and sentenced in their absence to 3½ years in prison in absence as both had jumped bail and fled Italy returning to Japan, via Bangkok, before their trial in Italy.

As for the loud and foul mouthed Keenan, an Irish American, he was lucky not to be arrested in Italy, as he fled Italy just days after the arrest of Yamaguchi and Watanabe, realising that if ever his criminal and prison record in America was disclosed to the Police and Courts in Italy it would certainly lead to another long prison sentence, but this time in a foreign country.

Who in the World would ever believe, or even trust, such a group of hardened criminals, especially when one takes into account the old adage of "A leopard never changes his spots". However it does appear that this group is at it again. I refer to a recent article posted on :-

I won't post the article in full, and allow readers to review the article in their own time, if they want to, because is known to be a CIA controlled site which we do not support or condone.

I will however extract specific sections of this article and make comment on same to be able to educate readers into the kind of B.S. and misleading information used by these crooks.

1.      One of the first photos you see in this article is of Keenan sitting at a bar holding a metal batten. We have undertaken an analysis of this photo against a file photo of Keenan taken in 2010. The "EAR" is very different, so this is not the real original Keenan, it is a "double", which is not at all surprising as the original Keenan died from Radiation poisoning some years ago after forcing open a metal box of Fake Gold which contained radioactive Uranium in the base section of the metal case. The cameraman and a general assistant to Keenan, in the apartment with Keenan at the time, also died of Radiation Poisoning.

2.      The article itself has not been written by Keenan as the structure of the content is NOT the same structure as Keenan would use. It is therefore written by someone else within Keenan's small group and poorly made to appear that it was Keenan who wrote it, or dictated it.

3.      Article content, quote "Few people in the entire financial world have a grasp of what really is the foundation of global wealth, and even fewer know who are the people actually controlling this".

The first part of that statement is very true as it has always been shielded in "TOP SECRET" classification, so neither Keenan or anyone of his small team, would ever have access to such "TOP SECRET" information / documents, yet they profess to know everything, but much of which is made up of gossip and supposition gained from conversations with other likeminded crooks / criminals, all manoeuvring for position to have a cut of their ill-gotten gains, if it ever happens.

The latter part of the above statement is also true. The real people who do know rarely reveal themselves because of the serious dangers involved. I am possibly the only one, and yes, the dangers are enormous, even to me, but someone has to publicly reveal the truth for the sake of mankind. At least I am careful in what I state because of "International Official Secrets Laws". Keenan and his small team know very,very little, contrary to what they imply, all of which is regurgitated gossip and speculation obtained from others and the likes of CIA operative Keith Francis Scott, former Special Envoy and Second in Charge to Dr. Ray C. Dam, former International Treasury Controller whom Scott destroyed with his lies and under-handed antics.

4.           Article content, quote "Now watch Neil's interview closely and you will see him show on camera one of several authentic 1928 "gold coin" certificates that the Golden Dragon Family has placed in holding with the US Treasury".

What is held up and shown are just copies, so how can they be authentic unless they have an official seal and signature of an officer of The Japanese Ministry of Finance certifying "True Copy of Original Documents", Which would be transmitted by "Bonded Courier" or "Special Bank Courier" and certainly not passed to a convicted criminal. Instead there is a document for which Keenan (Or the person claiming to be Keenan) is holding up and he has part of his hand and thumb covering the seal and signature area of the document. Fortunately, we do have similar documents on file whereby the signature and seal area are replicated on the document that Keenan (Or the person claiming to be Keenan) is holding up, which clearly indicates that it is Akihiko Yamaguchi's seal and signature on the document that Keenan (Or the person claiming to be Keenan) is holding up.

Now let's be totally blunt on this point, would you, or even your Bank, believe or accept such a document signed and sealed by a proven and officially registered convicted criminal ............. I do not think so at any time. If you did, you or your Bank, would be completely out of your minds and you would probably get kicked out of your Bank with your account immediately closed.

5.                Article content, quote "This was DECLINED. Instead the Obama / Biden Administration set about an 8-year campaign to destroy American industries, the Military and the Healthcare industry".

America is actually imploding on itself through recklessness, selfishness, greed, and corrupt politicians etc, of all governments since Ronald Reagan. One could throw tens of trillions of Dollars at America to resolve its problems, but 5 years later America would, once again, be in serious financial trouble because there in no fiscal discipline or quality management / oversight. So whatever Keenan (Or the person claiming to be Keenan) states / postulates, is, and would be, a complete waste of time and money as it has shown, and proven to be, many times in the past.

6.           Then we come to the One (1) page document addressed to several government and associated authority persons.

Look at the signature and seal at the bottom of this document. It is EXACTLY the same as found on documents in Yamaguchi's possession dated in 2009 / 2010 when he and Watanabe were arrested at the Swiss / Italian border. The documents confiscated from Yamaguchi's briefcase have been unquestionably proven to be fake / falsely and unlawfully issued by Yamaguchi who is, and was not, the authorised signatory for the Dragon Family, and never has held such a position, except for and on behalf of a small group of people in Japan whose aim is financial self enhancement for themselves through illegal usage or theft of assets of THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY held in Japan.

I refer readers to my earlier articles posted on, on this very subject.

7.           Article content, quote "It should be understood that this relatively small group of Golden Dragon Family elite members essentially hold the fundamental collateral backing for the entire global financial system".

"Their resources are enormous. It is estimated that 85% of the West's (Rothschilds') Global Collateral Accounts are actually owned by the Golden Dragon Family and their depositors".

Totally Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.  What Keenan is not informing the readers is that the various Dragon Families, of which there are quite a number, transferred the Trusts and Foundations which were the legal owners of this wealth, to The Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility under a scheme purposely designed by Emperor Hirohito of Japan and Agreed to, then executed by all the Royal Families, and the then G7 counties, of the World, which is officially known as the LONDON TREATY 1920, being fully recorded and registered at the United Nations.  At that point the various Dragon Families had transferred most of their wealth to The Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility, retaining a small percentage (although holding quite a substantial financial value at the time) for use under and at their own discretion.

So KEENAN, or whoever you are as the impostor, stop misleading the public in this matter, as you have always done, when you have no idea of what you are talking about, neither do you have access to the "TOP SECRET" documents held at the UNITED NATIONS.

8.           Article content, quote "So it is now obvious that the Rosy Boys Gang fronted by Soros, The Bush / Clinton / Obama crime syndicate and all their bought-and-paid-for politicians, corporate heads and bankster buddies - certainly don't want to let the cat out of the bag. Ooops! Neil just did that - again!"

Oh Boy, this is the pot calling the kettle black in all its glory. I remember a brown envelope containing the Certificates and Bonds, which Keenan just dumped into the hands of an unsuspecting individual young man in Italy who was certainly not as stupid or naïve as Keenan believed he was. The envelope had names on the address label. Whose names were they .......... George W. Bush and Richard Cheney ............. So Keenan you were collaborating and associating at the time (2009 - 2010) with the very people you are now referring to, quote "Rosy Boys Gang fronted by Soros, The Bush / Clinton / Obama crime syndicate and all their bought-and-paid-for politicians, corporate heads and bankster buddies".

Nothing like a "Devious Turncoat" is there Keenan !!!!!!!!!! A Judas in all his colours.

9.           Article content, quote "Neil is running in parallel to President Donald Trump in unrelenting efforts to CLEAN THE SWAMP.
He strongly supports the Trump Administration and behooves all who can vote to vote for the MAN."

Oh, dear dear me. So Keenan, you have definitely jumped from the sinking ship in your own interests and now hanging on to the rigging of someone else's ship who you believe will help you. Donald Trump is very much like the young guy in Italy who in whose hands you just dumped that Brown Envelope containing the FRN Certificates and Japanese 57 series Bonds with G.W.Bush's and R.Cheney's name typed on the address label, and then you fled Italy very fast so you would not be caught / arrested. Neither Trump nor that young guy in Italy are as stupid or naïve as your believe they are. It is you Keenan who is the stupid and naïve one, really naïve and stupid.

10.       Article content, quote "The humanitarian offer presented to the former US President was made by Mr. Neil F. Keenan and Mr. Yamaguchi, for and on behalf of the Golden Dragon Family".

Oh, so now Keenan and Yamaguchi are representing the Golden Dragon Family, not the Dragon Family, which are two completely different entities. I really don't think so Keenan. The Golden Dragon Family are a collective of the Heads of all the various Dragon Clans and they do not need you Keenan or Yamaguchi to do things for them. As HEADS of the various CLANS they will be fully aware of the protocols surrounding their assets held within THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY and they certainly would not expose those protocols, as they don't expose themselves, to such a couple of inexperienced and lying criminals, which is what you and Yamaguchi are. Do you believe we, and others, are as stupid and inexperienced as you both are????? Think again Keenan, or whoever you really are. We are not, whereby the International Arrest Warrant filed with Interpol some time ago, which was suspended when you died from Radiation poisoning, will now be resurrected as a matter of urgency.

11.    Article content, quote "Amanah Neil Keenan is the ultimate Ringmaster of the Greatest Show on Earth under the ‘Quintillion Big Top' comprised of the Golden Dragon Family's Financial Instruments, Precious Metals, Gems, Currencies Asset Bunkers and the ‘Depositors' Accounts-which account for 85% of the world's wealth".

"It's now Curtains for the Global Cabal as Amanah Keenan is ending the it's Three Ring Circus of Destruction, Doom and Death and their Global Agenda 21-30 Clown Acts. Amanah Keenan will be cracking his legal whip and caging each and every member of the ‘Cabal's Lion's Den' for their control of and crimes against humanity, as well as planetary destruction. It's now Show Time for Humanity and Planetary ‘Out of This World' Acts and Innovations".

"The Golden Dragon Family and Amanah Keenan not only offered 3 Gold Coins valued at $800 Trillion each to President Obama and Vice President Biden, which they're Administration rejected in their intent to destroy America-They were also a force that Obama couldn't reckon with as he surrendered and signed his Transition of Presidential Power Executive Order before his infamous ‘Obama Out' White House Dinner speech prior to his joint military escort out of the White House in the fall of 2016. Now it's time for Obama's ‘Partner in Treason,' VP Biden to have his ‘Biden Out' 47 year political and criminal exit as a result of America's massive Red Wave Votes to re-elect President Trump-no more Joe and his Dirty-Dog and Pedo-Pony Show".

Oh dear Keenan, you really do have something wrong in that space between your ears, don't you. You think you are going to cage all of these like-minded criminals ................... What! You are as crazy as you appear to be. How are you going to do this through the corrupt American Courts who have no jurisdiction over any matter / substance connected, associated, or relative to the Assets or Accounts of The Global Debt Facility. NO, NO, NO, that privilege and honour is the sacred domain of The Supreme Court of International Jurisdiction, not some corrupt American Court, or even the ICC or ICJ, so tough s-t Keenan, you have destroyed your so-called resurrected lawsuit before you are even off the starting blocks.

12.       Article content, quote "Ringmaster Amanah Keenan intends to have a ‘Shock and Awe' Justice Clown Act in re-filing his Plaintiff's Trillion Dollar Lawsuit to finally indict and incarcerate the original Cabal Defendants, as well as round-up many more partners in crime through the international court and the court of public opinion to decide their deserved punishment".

Oh good, let the games begin. We are ready for you. I will be able to see your facial expression of shock when you are arrested again and marched off to prison to serve out your full term for your previous crimes in America, rather than being recruited by the "Deep State" to do their dirty work for them.  What an idiot, and a big one at that. Let the "Cat out of the Bag" if you will and then sit back and watch who really suffers. You will be one of them ----- Guaranteed.

I won't take this article any further because I do not normally speak to deceased persons, otherwise people will think ill of me.

There is one final issue I must address, that is that all such certificates, bonds, notes are, in accordance and compliance with our "Sovereign Laws", are in fact totally worthless following revocation of same under our "Sovereign Laws" dated July 1st 2013 and 1st June 2020, whereby they must be returned to the ITC, as Legal Successor Heir and Owner of The Global Debt Facility, whereby we are compelled under said laws to verify, reissue, and reregister such Certificates, Bonds, Notes, with a Gold Backed GLOBEC Currency Valuation; which can then be confirmed through The Central Bank of the International Treasury. To do otherwise is just adding to the Debt of America if currently valued in USD, which runs contrary to your ideology and the benefit of your own trouser pocket, and certainly detrimental to America as all such Legitimate Holders or Custodians will have the new Certificates, Bonds, Notes issued by The Central Bank of the International Treasury, and returned to them, duly recorded and officially registered.

Holders with no legitimacy to be in possession of such Certificates, Bonds, Notes, will have same legally confiscated and held on behalf of The Global Debt Facility by The Central Bank of the International Treasury.

The applicable laws were enacted to prevent Theft and Fraud of Assets or Accounts of The Global Debt Facility by persons or parties who can only be described as "Thieves, Bandits, Fraudsters, who will not be allowed to gain from their criminal activities. Furthermore, America, already deep in Debt, will find  itself deeper in Debt from the criminal activities, as and when such criminal activities continue by all those persons involved,  as all such Certificates, Bonds, Notes, were, when issued, valued in US Dollars.

The same applies to physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, which have all been revalued, recorded and officially registered, as per the original Parent Registration Account; in Gold backed GLOBEC Currency, per troy ounce, and that includes your Three (3) Gold Coin Certificates.

Checkmate I believe Keenan, Checkmate.


David P. Crayford.

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