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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

Oct 23, 2017 - 7:07:46 AM

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DAVID CRAYFORD ------------- AMERICA, AT IT AGAIN.....................


It never ceases to amaze me how people, organizations, even governments structure these scams to their benefit especially with governments, when people all over the world are losing their hard earned cash to scams which are known about, or allowed, and our governments do absolutely nothing at all to stop such scams and bring those involved to justice. Instead they (being the persons, organizations, even governments) willingly join the ranks of the scammers and enjoy the benefits of same to the detriment of the people of the world.

An example of what I mean is one that I remember well. In the 1990's a small group of people in the US were selling "Junk Bonds", and making a lot of money. Ultimately, these people were actually and surprisingly arrested, brought to trial, convicted and incarcerated for their crimes. Many people who lost money in those scams were pleased to see the culprits incarcerated, but they never saw any return of their money.

Then, and this is the immoral and criminal part, the US Government, Banks, and Federal Reserve, start the same scam themselves which actually led to the financial crash of 2007/8.

With the rescission of the Glass-Steagal Act it allowed banks to combine their Loan Documents / Agreements, and Trading activities with their banking operations. They packaged together all sorts of Bonds, including Student Loans, Car Loans, and Mortgages (Note: Such mortgages should never have been granted in the first place to persons who could not afford same), and then packaged them under a Bank Security Bond and obtained a Triple A rating from the likes of Standards and Poor's, Fitch, and other rating agencies. They then proceeded to sell these Bonds all over the world. With a Triple A rating there was never any doubt about selling them.

Unfortunately, these Bank Bonds were "Junk Bonds" and were
"JUNK" Bonds right from day 1. The only people who lost real money were those who were conned into buying these "JUNK" Bonds, for which the Rating Agencies were paid by the Banks to give them a Triple A rating.

The World floundered. Financial catastrophe became the norm. Banks, Insurance Companies, Businesses, and even People went Bankrupt overnight. The Bonds were worth nothing because they could never be paid against, and the Rating Agencies were partly responsible because these Bonds should have been rated "JUNK" right from day 1.

The guilty ones got away with it. No prison sentences for the individuals responsible, just petty fines against specific banks, which were graciously repaid in the form of Quantitive Easing programs initiated by the Federal Reserve. Thousands of people lost their homes and even their jobs. Economies were destroyed overnight and the effects of this FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE in 2007/8 are still being felt across the whole world. This was only Ten (10) years after the structured and manipulated Asian Currency crisis in 1997 affected numerous countries across the world. This resulted in US Dollar loans being called in because the local currencies had depreciated so much, those who took US Dollar Loans to finance their business operations could not repay these loans and so they too went bankrupt and people were thrown out of work, with a large number of them losing their homes because they couldn't pay the mortgage.

A situation where "IF YOU DO IT, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED BECAUSE YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE MAKE THE LAWS IN OUR FAVOUR. How pathetic, but it does show that our governments work for themselves and their associates within the Banking and Corporate world. They do not work for the people. They have no respect for the people. Their only intention and aims is PROFIT for which the Bank Executives receive very large pay and bonus checks.

These purposely structured and deliberately operated scams will never stop until the governments and the banks are brought to order.

We now know yet another scan of gigantic proportions. This scam is deliberately structured and implemented by the US Government, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the United Nations, and Mercenaries recruited by the CIA.

It is an operation run by a group, organized and implemented by those organisations named above; known as Tu-E Group, operating in the Far East, Central Asia, and Africa. One person strongly connected to this scamming group is Angel Ferdinand Marcos, aka ADILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS who was convicted of fraud back in the early 2000's and sentenced to 12 years incarceration. Now out of prison, he has joined other conmen, all brought together by the aforementioned organizations, to form the Tu-E group in their fraudulent operations against the Global Debt Facility.

Before I go on to explain more about these operations let's look at some facts:-

The World Bank:        A Corporate Enterprise and the very same corrupt World Bank who established the numerous FAKE ANTHONY SANTIAGO MARTINS. Two of these fakes were exposed by me, refer link below:-

when I exposed a document issued by the so-called Organization of World Leaders, and two different passports of the fake Anthony Santiago Martins.

This was an attempt to steal assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility by using the signature of the fake(s) Anthony Santiago Martin, who was apparently appointed by Ferdinand Marcos. The World Bank however did not realize that ANTHONY SANTIAGO MARTIN was a Code name only and not a real person.

The very same World Bank, although in this instance it was called the IBRD which is the original name of what is now known as the World Bank, who established KAREN HUDES, former Legal Counsel for the World Bank who was, as it is claimed, dismissed by the World Bank and now works for the IBRD (International Bank for Development and Reconstruction) the former name for the World Bank.

This is an attempt by the World Bank to steal assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility by using KAREN HUDES under the pretence that she is the Sole Trustee for the (Umbrella Foundation) of the Global Debt Facility. KAREN HUDES is not the Sole Trustee for any Foundation under the Global Debt Facility, and never will be. Additionally, neither is WOLFGANG STRUCK,  resident in the Philippines, who works with KAREN HUDES; the signatory to any assets or accounts of the Global Debt facility, and never will be, even though he claims he is signatory.

The very same World Bank who, working in conjunction with Francois Mitterand, President of France, Ronald Reagan, President of the USA, and Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the UK (Note: all former Managing countries of the TTTGC) attempting to link the Global Settlements Treaty initiated by Ferdinand Marcos in 1980, to the Mitterand Protocols. If people do not know what the Mitterand Protocols was all about, I will explain. It was a designed covert operation to bring about the fall of communism within the former Eastern Bloc and Russia.

Instead of using the Global Settlement Treaty, which they were forbidden to do so by the Royal Families of the World, they designed a system using former Ambassador Leo Wanta, who stole assets of the Global Dent facility, which were then utilized as the collateral for Banks to finance a substantial, and illegal "Trading Program" which generated over $650 trillion USD. That in turn was used to destabilize the former Eastern Bloc and Russia, resulting in the collapse of Communism.

Surprisingly, the US has not used any methods whatsoever to destabilize China to bring down Chinese Communism. I wonder why? Nor has it used any methods to assist the citizens of Myanmar (Formerly Burma) against the dictatorial and murderous Military regime.

There was some $65 Trillion USD remaining from this operation which Leo Wanta attempted to claim for himself based upon an illegal agreement with Ronald Reagan, but too late, those leftover funds were found and returned to the Global Debt Facility.

They, the very same World Bank who have totally ignored Legal demand / Order Documents and a Cease and Desist issued by the new International Treasury Controller. The World Bank continue to operate their illegal operations against the Global Debt Facility even though any powers or authorities granted to them by the former TTTGC were rescinded in January 1995 when the first International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam was appointed to take over the Global Debt Facility as Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter to replace the TTTGC and rid the Global Debt Facility system from the massive corruption, embezzlement, theft and fraud, committed by the TTTGC since 1945.

Dr. Ray C. Dam was abruptly arrested on December 18th 2010 in an operation orchestrated by the American Government and the CIA, but designed by Keith Francis Scott and Neil Keenan, and then subsequently poisoned while he was held in prison and was eventually removed from his position as International Treasury Controller because of his mental incapacity caused by the poison.

Keith Scott attempted to pin the demise of Dr. Ray C. Dam, on to David Sale, but David Sale is 1 hour flight away from Phnom Penh and had no idea of what Scott, Keenan and the CIA were doing behind the scenes.

For informational purposes, the Governors of the World Bank, and the IBDR, are the Finance Ministers of all countries around the World. Wow, that is a total "Conflict of Interest" if ever I saw one, but no one does anything about it.


The International Finance Corporation:          A Corporate Enterprise and another arm, or subsidiary of the World Bank and who are equally corrupt.

Like the World Bank, and its other subsidiaries, they hold no power or authority whatsoever over the Global Debt Facility, but they do unlawfully claim such rights.

The IFC, finance projects around the world, in the normal commercial manner and have, over decades, unlawfully used  funds from the Global Debt Facility to do finance such projects for which they receive all the glory and recognition, even though they do not deserve it.

The Federal Reserve:  A Corporate Enterprise. Well known for refusing to have their accounts audited. The Federal Reserve actually owns most of the Central Banks around the world and as such is able to dictate and coerce the many Central Banks into Fraud, Wire Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement, Corruption, etc. The Central Banks and Commercial Banks love it and ignore the illegalities because they make, or possibly their executives make, an awful amount of money.

The Federal Reserve uses what is supposed to be a "Secret Trading System" which is only open to selected personnel, meaning the CIA and its specialist operatives, and for specific purposes, one of which is covert operations, or "Black Ops" as it is referred to.

The US Treasury:        A US Government Authority / Agency. They claim to be the only Authority / Agency in existence that are mandated to verify all Bonds, Certificates, Notes, etc which are assets of the Global Debt Facility.

They may have been in the past, from 1945 - 1995, but they no longer hold that position, or any authority on same. Their mandate was revoked in January 1995, whereby the only institution now mandated to undertake any verification is the International Treasury Control, which it is more than capable of doing.

CIA Mercenaries:        Recruited by the CIA and other US Authorities / Agencies from former Military personnel, foreign activists, and subversive groups, to undertake covert (Black) operations around the world. The reason why Mercenaries are used is because if things go wrong the CIA and its associates who are involved, as I have named above, can deny any responsibility or liability, but please be advised that these Mercenaries are legally engaged by the CIA and their associates.

There are hundreds of Mercenaries and Mercenary Groups operating in many parts of the World, especially the Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar., where they are used to locate and steal assets of the Global Debt Facility.

There are many more groups of Mercenaries arriving in the Philippines, which are being flown into the above countries from the US Military base in Guam. They usually, but not always, come in to Airports like Clark International Airport because it is small and the Management personnel there can be easily corrupted with payments for services (which mean "Turning a Blind Eye").

These groups are given a free hand to undertaken whatever is necessary to locate and take possession of assets of the Global Debt Facility, even to the point of killing people (Murder) which I have pointed out previously whereby Heads of Tribes and their families are MURDERED if they do not cooperate with these mercenaries which is then reported in the main stream press as, quote "Philippine Army kill Terrorists in Mindanao, Philippines". These mercenaries are ruthless and show no compassion, sympathy, or even any signs of being human.

They stick out like a Pyramid in the desert because they come in with the most ultra modern equipment of various descriptions and all with the "US Label" on them. They make their presence known and also make it known that they will stand for no nonsense.

Stolen assets are moved to ports where Officials are bribed to "Turn a Blind Eye", such as Subic Port, Luzon, the US Military Port in the North of Mindanao Island, where they are loaded on to US Military Ships and transported to Guam, Okinawa, and even Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Some stolen assets are shipped out by US Military Planes, the C130 and C17 Cargo Planes and taken to one specific country (Thailand) where Gold and Silver are re-smelted and re-blocked into 1 Kg Bars, Hallmarked and issued with fake documents to make it all look legal and above board; in an illegal and unauthorized Refinery on a Thai Air Force (Wing 21) Base.

Such re-refined Gold and Silver is sold in places like Dubai, Middle East, and India.

United Nations:          The United Nations has long been a corrupt operation and works favourably with the permanent members (five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States) of the UN Security Council. Three of those members are the original (the United Kingdom, the United States and France, are the controlling members of the former TTTGC, and were responsible for massive fraud and theft against the Global Debt Facility during their Fifty (50) year term as Administrators under Ferdinand Marcos from 1945 - 1995), following which their mandate was not renewed or extended for the very reasons of fraud, theft, bad management, unprofessionalism, criminal deceit, etc, etc, etc.

This is what the following url link states:

Under the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has 15 Members, and each Member has one vote. Under the Charter, all Member States are obligated to comply with Council decisions.

The Security Council takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression. It calls upon the parties to a dispute to settle it by peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. In some cases, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorize the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security.

The Security Council also recommends to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and the admission of new Members to the United Nations. And, together with the General Assembly, it elects the judges of the International Court of Justice.

Some hope that, quote "In some cases, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorize the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security. They actually do go into stable countries and destabilize them, usually to bring them into line with the ideology of the UN Security Council member countries, or for the purpose of claiming the rights to the Oil of these now destabilized countries.

In my opinion, which is based upon factual information from various National Archives and indeed press reports from numerous investigative recognized and reputable press reporters, the very same three members of the UN Security Council are the very same Nations that have created more wars in the world since WW II, ventured into other "Sovereign Nations" without authority and certainly without being officially invited, and created more human suffering from the aforementioned wars and from their own National Foreign Policies.

It has to be asked WHY? which some people are incapable of linking the dots. America are the Leaders in the philosophy of the NEW WORLD / ONE WORLD ORDER and want to see every country of the world brought into order so that the NERW WORLD / ONE WORLD ORDER can establish itself with ease. It is therefore a case of "Do as you are told, Do as you are ordered, and there will be no problems" .................. A Dictatorial attitude of the greatest order, courtesy of the United States of America who wallow in corruption, lies, deceit, and crime.

At the end of the above extract from the website, it states, quote

"The Security Council also recommends to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and the admission of new Members to the United Nations. And, together with the General Assembly, it elects the judges of the International Court of Justice.

So the International Court of Justice is not a completely independent body administering justice to those who break the law, which includes the very Nations who are the UN Security Council who select, recommend, and appoint the Judges to same Court. Instead it is a subsidiary of the United Nations, with Judges, who do what its Masters instruct them to do, having been selected and appointed by the very same Security Council.


Look at who the ICJ Judges currently are, then undertaken your own research into the political and financial philosophy of each and every one of them, and you will soon find a prominent "Common Denominator". Clean they may look from the outside. Clean they are certainly not.

Yet another total "Conflict of Interest, and certainly lacking in democratic structure as these specific members preach from the pulpit to others  around the world, yet fail to practice them selves.

The United Nations, having been established after the WW II and from the remnants of the original League of Nations, are still living in the past with their "Colonial Ideals of Power and Control".

It is the opinion of many around the world that the United Nations, as a potentially viable organisation, needs major restructuring with the removal of some of the major players of the Security Council to give a more unbiased universal structure taking into account all National Cultures, Religion, Sovereignty, Human Rights, Developing and Third World countries, etc, etc, etc.

The days of Western Power and Control following WW II are long gone. It is a different world with totally different requirements and a different structure, all of which should be recognized in the 21st century and the relevant adjustments made to give every country a voice and the pride knowing that it is an active part of the International Decision Making Process able to express its views and opinions without being placed under undue influence or duress, and geo-political bartering by the more wealthier western nations of the world.

Let me now proceed onto the actual subject of this article, which is the recent appearance of yet another World Bank, United, Nations, American Government, CIA, etc, organized group making all sorts of false and unsubstantiated claims about the Global Debt Facility and its Assets, in yet another attempt to "BLIND and CON" people around the world to a completely false story, for their own unlawful purpose and to remove the assets of the Global Debt Facility from its official Legal Heir and Owner under International Treaties, registered and recorded within the United Nations, yet ignored by many who executed those Treaties.

I now know what Henry Kissinger was planning when he left Russia with his tail between his legs after meeting with President Putin, and ultimately informed President Putin that his suggestion of an escape route for America following their massive cover-up, fraud and theft from the Global Debt facility had been discarded and that He (Kissinger) and America would do it their way. In other words Kissinger was giving the
"Finger" to President Putin and effectively saying that we (America and Kissinger) would not listen to any suggestion from President Putin, under any circumstances.

Doesn't that remind you of the situation in Syria where Russia has shown America how weak and feeble they are, and how bloody dangerous and vindictive America can be towards those with alternative thoughts and policies.

I am now talking about the group referring themselves as the Tu-E Capital Group and a person who refers to himself as ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, aka ADILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS, a convicted felon who spent 12 years in an American prison for Fraud.

This person claims, which is a completely false and fraudulent claim, that GIDIFA is a Sovereign and INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY

There are many issues / points regarding this group and the aforesaid person which I liste below. Note: These are not in any specific order whereby all issues / points are equal and important in status.

a).        ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS (a Filipino) .............. FACT. There is no such Filipino person ever born and christened under the aforesaid name and registered as being born MALE. Note: We now know that ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS is actually a person known as EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS who was arrested in America back in the early 2000's attempting to sell Gold Bullion Certificates. He was eventually found guilty of fraud and incarcerated for 12 years. Even the name EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS is totally fake and legally doesn't exist.

There is a person who is known as ANGEL F. MARCOS, born and registered as FEMALE. This person was unofficially adopted by Ferdinand Marcos and lived inside Malacanang Palace (The residence of any sitting President of the Philippines). Angel F. Marcos, the female, was highly trusted by Ferdinand Marcos and holds a Code Name, being part of the structure surrounding the Global Debt Facility that Ferdinand Marcos was Master Holder of and known as M1.

Angel F. Marcos is known to us, and we have spoken to three other persons who lived in Malacanang Palace with the Marcos's at the same time, and they confirm to us that there is no legitimate MALE person carrying the name of ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS and certainly no one male person of that name lived in Malacanang Palace. Those Three persons also confirm that the female Angel F. Marcos is genuine and did live within Malacanang Palace.

She is quite old now and lives in a deserted part of the Philippines, in isolation, because of the threats to her life, of which there have been many over the years since Ferdinand Marcos's demise. Certain elements of the Government, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the CIA, and the Filipino fools who collaborate with these parties, are still actively searching for Angel F. Marcos, the female, because they fear upon revelation of whom she really is, their criminal activities will become exposed and "Down they go".

She is / was strongly involved within Ferdinand Marcos's structure that surrounds the assets of the Global Debt Facility secreted away in the Philippines, and does hold a Code Name, known only to a few trusted persons. The documents she holds are buried in an absolutely safe place outside of the Philippines and watched over by another highly loyal family close to, and well known by, Ferdinand Marcos. At the right time, those documents will be exposed. Presently, if exposed, a civil war in the Philippines will quickly ensue and blood will run in the streets, which must be prevented at all costs, if possible.

Angel F. Marcos, the female, is a very genuine person who openly states that, quote "The Philippines will regret the day when they opposed and dethroned Ferdinand Marcos, the most active, honest, and genuine President the Philippines has ever had. The Philippines Day of Reckoning will come when the people will realize their biggest ever mistake at the Edsa Revolution in 1986, then God have mercy upon the souls of those American collaborators within our society".

A very powerful statement from a very humble lady by the name of Angel F. Marcos, the real Angel F. Marcos.

As for this Filipino MALE who claims he is ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, who also claims he is the Secretary General & Ambassador of Peace, UN Asian Headquarters; refer url: , representing GIDIFA, an organization with no history and only recently appeared. TOTALLY FAKE and another fraudulent operation designed, by the organizations and parties I have herein named, to steal assets of the Global Debt Facility.

There is definitely no such legal person as ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, an imposter who has actually used the fake name of EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS, in the past which he does not legally hold the aforesaid name. He is yet another IMPOSTER, FRAUDSTER, AND CONMAN placed in position by the collaboration of the various organizations I have mentioned above, for the purpose of stealing more and more assets of the Global Debt Facility.

An UN Insider, working for the ITC, has checked the records / minutes of meetings of the Committee responsible for appointing UN Ambassadors. There are two points here:-

i).      There are no UN Committee Resolutions regarding the appointment of a person purporting to refer to himself as ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, which in turn means that there is no such Ambassador, unless the appointment was unlawfully made within the UN Asia Headquarters who do not hold any authority to make such appointments. Such appointments must be made from within the UN Headquarters by an appointed committee of UN members.

ii).     UN Ambassadors are always well known, prominent, and reputable persons, such as Dr. Jane Goodall the Primatologist, well known and highly respected for her work in Tanzania, Africa. Until about 12 months ago, ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS was never heard of at all. Ambassadors do not comprise of known criminals / felons such as EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS aka ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS

iii).    Any Secretary General within the UN structure must be approved and appointed by the full Council of Ministers, which are the numerous Ambassadors of each and every country that are members of the United Nations.

iv).    I find it strange, and indeed criminal, that the UN can purposely support an unauthorized entity in criminal activities, when the ITC is legally chartered by the United Nations as a "Sovereign" whose Chairman - The International Treasury Controller, is the Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility; whom the United Nations have unlawfully denied in responses to several countries seeking formal and official verification. All information regarding the ITC is officially recorded and registered within the United Nations Headquarters in both New York and Geneva, under Charter Control Number 10-60847, and also recorded within the US Congress and Senate under the Great Seal of America Number 632-258894.

v).     INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY.              Governments of the World neither have nor hold any power or authority over the Global Debt Facility, any Agency organized by them cannot be legally delegated, assigned, granted legal rights, powers or authorities, or otherwise over the Global Debt Facility which has a Legal Owner, legally appointed by the Royal Families and G7 Nations of the World, who would never give or grant such power or authority over the Global Debt Facility to any such agency.

vi)     SOVEREIGN.                        It is very noticeable that although claiming to be a Sovereign, there is no United Nations Charter Control Number quoted so that specific persons of society can seek a verification of same, referencing the UN Register within the UN Library.

vii).   At the 0.52 minute mark of the above referenced video. AFM claims they have 3.2 billion members of which One Third is Minorities and Indigenous persons.

These are the more gullible of the world's population, and with the greatest respect to them, people of lesser intellect who can be easily CONNED because of the gullibility and the fact that they have no chance of being successful in undertaking a verification of these people.

viii).  Notice how all these CONMEN (Angel Ferdinand Marcos, Keenan, Babkowski, Casper, Hudes,  Struck, Drake, Fulford, and several others, hinge on the word "Humanity" or "Humanitarian".

In most cases they do not understand the real interpretation of the words because, as we found with Keenan, Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Scott, their form of "Humanitarian" means 90% in their pockets and 10% to Humanitarian Projects.

ix).    Notice the Caucasian person situated on the left hand side of AFM and wearing a Striped shirt. AN AMERICAN, (Mr. Mark Henderson) yet again, which is identified by his accent when he speaks at the 12.15 mark of the aforementioned video. Notice how he looks down at his notes, throughout the video, and when prompting AFM. He is obviously "The Handler" more than likely from the Singaporean Field Office of the CIA, or the World Bank Office, working in the Philippines.

x).     At the 10.20 mark of the video, AFM states, quote "We just need the Beneficiaries. We just need to put it in the right hands." He also states, further in the video, that he / they are not involved in Politics, yet he runs an Intergovernmental Agency, and Governments are full of politics of various descriptions, so please AFM don't falsely claim you are not involved in Politics because that comment is just total BullS**t.

Let me remind people that the Beneficiaries were the Royal Families of the World who designated their wealth for utilization for all Nations and People of the World.

For the purpose of utilizing the wealth, the TTTGC were granted Administration and Management rights subject to full approval, by Signature and Seal, of Ferdinand Marcos as Master Holder and M1. Their Fifty (50) year term, expired on 31st December 1994; was not renewed or extended (They were effectively legally sacked) because of the massive fraud and theft against the Global Debt Facility by them during their 50 year term, which is a factor they cannot accept. To replace the TTTGC, an independent person was appointed by the Royal Families and G7 Nations of the World, as International Treasury Controller. That person was Dr. Ray C. Dam. Unfortunately, he met his demise in December 2010, thanks to a carefully implemented plan initiated by Keith Scott, Neil Keenan, and the CIA.

A new / replacement International Treasury Controller was appointed in May 2012, not only with the same powers and authorities as Dr. Ray C. Dam, but with additional powers all of which are INVIOLATE, IMMUTABLE, INDEFINITE, AND UNLIMITED.

It has to be stated quite clearly that IF the TTTGC had conducted themselves in a proper professional manner and undertaken the mandate from the Royal Families of the World, during their 50 year term (1945 - 1995) the problems the world is experiencing today would never have arisen. At the same time, if the Global Settlements Agreement initiated by Ferdinand E. Marcos following 1980, the world would not be in the enormous mess it is in today.

Thank you the TTTGC for nothing, only hell on earth for most.

xi).    At the 20.54 mark, the Caucasian (American) asks AFM why he has chosen Paul Volker to be their project manager. Paul Volker, another America and former US Government Official, has always been the "Fox in the Hen House". He, whilst he was a US Government Official has been instrumental in many nefarious acts against The International Treasury Control and Dr. Ray C. Dam, International Treasury Controller, and is definitely NOT TO BE TRUSTED in any shape or form.

xi).    Reviewing the video I have to say that AFM's claims are all false statements as they do not have the assets they state they have. All such assets are the legal property of The International Treasury Controller as recorded and registered under International Treaties, and within the Central Bank of the International Treasury of which all assets of the Global Debt Facility are deemed to be assets held, for and on behalf of the International Treasury Controller, by the Central Bank of the International Treasury.

xii).   On another factor, one has to ask "If they are real and genuine, as they claim, which of course they are not; where have they been since 1895, and why haven't they helped the world in the last 123 years. Why is it only now that they suddenly appear and make such outlandishly false claims. Their answers to this questions will be most interesting as it is plainly obvious that AFM and his group have no knowledge of the History of this subject, which is necessary to understand what the Global Debt Facility is, how it can be used, and who is / are the Legal Heirs and Legal Owners.

xiii).  At the end of the video, 26.90 mark, AFM is using a teleprompter and looking straight at it. The stage is set and the players can, and are, manipulated to the point that they will say what they are told to say, nothing more or nothing less.

Our UN Insider clearly states that this is believed to have been orchestrated from the Philippines, and / or Indonesia and / or Malaysia, in which case it has no legal legitimacy whatsoever as it is not sanctioned by the UN General Assembly.

Yes, as we all know, that the Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian Governments, in all Departments, including the Police, are totally corrupt, whereby for a few thousand Pesos / Rupiah / Ringgit in the hands of an Official at the relevant Government departments, anyone can change their name, and obtain a new Passport, ID Card, Driving Licence, etc within a very short time, and it is done on a very regular basis. America is also very good at this very thing as most of the Mercenaries are given false names and Passports so if they are caught at any time, they can be denied, and most importantly their true identity and families can never be identified by enemies.

Most of those who do this are normal citizens evading debt they have created through high living, or to evade prosecution for various criminal activities.  A minority, which are usually connected to the right people at high level, and the Americans, do this for the purpose of exercising criminal activities against the Global Debt Facility, just as the Fake(s) Anthony Santiago Martin, the former World Bank senior counsel Karen Hudes now claiming to work with the IBRD the former name of the World Bank, Wolfgang Struck partner in crime with Karen Hudes, and others who do not appear to have one ounce of brain in their heads.

One only has to look at the World Gold Council's "Blacklist". This is made up of 90% of Filipinos, plus a few Indonesians, which includes Philippine Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, previously connected to The White Horse Foundation, guilty of attempting to launder Gold and Funds that are legally owned by the Global Debt Facility.

b).        We have been informed as to the real name / identity of the fake ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS which we have investigated, so we will identify this man

Note: After very intensive investigations we now know that ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS is actually a person known as EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS who was arrested in America back in the early 2000's attempting to sell Gold Bullion Certificates. He was eventually found guilty of fraud and incarcerated for 12 years. Even the name EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS is totally fake and legally doesn't exist.

c).        Filipinos generally, do not have the education, brain power, or intellect levels, and I say that with the greatest respect to the average Filipino, even though they are "Sheeple" being led by corrupt Shepard's; to be able to put together such a complex structure as portrayed by the group Tu-E Capital Group, which we now know is registered in Malaysia as a Corporation.

That being so, this can only have been structured and organized by the previous mentioned aforesaid parties whose intellect is slightly better than that of Filipinos, but irrespective of that latter factor, what they have done is to largely copy (These people copy everything from around the world that will make them money and for which they can falsely claim is theirs) what we at the International Treasury Control have structured and organised since 2012 for the purpose of bringing the Global Debt Facility into proper legal order after 100 + years of theft, fraud and abuse, so it can be used to the benefit of the people and countries of the world.

There are differences in their structure and their claims whereby the principles are very similar but the overall objectives are opposites of the real legal situation whereby these factors are elaborated below.

At this juncture I will refer back to the Malaysian connection. People around the world may not have connected the dots in respect of the MH 17 and MH 370 Malaysian Air Crashes. At the time of these crashes I personally stated, which I am not afraid to do, that the sequence of these crashes just didn't make any sense. After some very long investigations I can reveal:-

i).         One of our Trustees and his wife were on flight MH17 flying over the Ukraine when it was shot from the skies. That Trustee new something was wrong with the Trust he was Trustee over. He was about to reveal what abnormalities existed with the Trust. We are aware of what those abnormalities are and they are connected to corruption, abuse, wire fraud, and monetary fraud of the Trust funds by the Austrian Government, Australian Government, the Malaysian Government, the Federal Reserve, the CIA.

Now, let's revert back a little. Malaysia was not at one stage willing to be involved. Malaysia was also one country in ASEAN who strongly objected to the US Dollar being the common currency of ASEAN.

The shooting down and disappearance of the two Malaysian flights were a "Covert" operation to teach Malaysia a strong lesson, irrespective of all the lives lost. The basis was ..... You see what we can do, now capitulate. Of course Malaysia did capitulate and the investigations into the downed flights were totally distorted and effectively buried to hide the truth.

d).        ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD, another Filipino as shown and identified within the Photograph below and who claims to be the Prime Minister of The Aboriginal Sovereign Government of The United States of North America, as well as the signatory for the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Financial Agency (GIDIFA) under the Seal of the United Nations as a Specialised Agency of same. The very same GIDIFA that is also represented by Filipino who refers himself as ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS.


ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD shown within the surrounding white box. This photograph

just shows how gullible the Police and Military Services are by teaming up with conmen and criminals.

The Address given for Ernest Rauthschild is: - 1701 Pennsylvanian Ave, Suite 499,                       Washington DC 20004 Phone: 202-417-8328.

Pennsylvanian Ave. in Washington DC is the road running parallel to the rear of the White House.

Again, elaborate investigations have been undertaken and revealed that there is no such person on record that was born and christened under the name of Ernest Rauthschild, whether in America or the Philippines.

I am intrigued with the elaborate name "Aboriginal Sovereign Government of the United States of North America."

The word "Aboriginal" relates to the people who have been in a region from the earliest of time, being the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region.

The word aboriginal impling as not having any known others preceding in occupancy of a particular region. That in itself cannot relate to the Native Indians of America because their original regions were taken by the British with the Native Indians being moved onto designated Reservations.

It usually relaters to the Aboriginals of Australia, but that is Australia not North America.

It could relate to the language spoken within a group of French Canadian Islands on the Western side of Canada

So what on earth is Ernest Rauthschild referring to when he states that he is the Prime Minister of the Aboriginal Sovereign Government of the United States of North America.

From investigations, such a Sovereign Government does not even exist within the United States of North America, and is certainly not on register at the United Nations as a "Sovereign" or "Sovereign Government"

A highly elaborate name for a highly elaborate SCAM by a duo of unconvincing SCAM ARTISTS ................ ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD AND ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS aka EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS a convicted Felon.

An interesting factor is found within this url: link which states, quote "Ndjamena has announced an international arrest warrant against a group of Filipinos for allegedly attempting to swindle the Chadian State.

Chad's Minister of Justice, Professor Ahmat Mahamat Hassane claimed on Saturday that the kingpin of the group has been unmasked as Angel Ferdinand Marcos who claimed to be the illegitimate son of the late Filipino president Ferdinand Marcos.

The Justice minister identified his accomplices as Bria Garriote, Mark Henderson, Jelle Braaksma, Eliseo Bicaldo, Thomas Hand, Jeffrey Waugh, Attorney Enrico Barin and Marc de Schutter.

According to the minister, in November 2016 Angel Ferdinand Marcos had presented himself to the Chadian authorities as a representative of the Global Infrastructure Development and International Agency (GIDIFA).

He allegedly told the Chadians that GIDIFA was a specialized agency of the United Nations capable of helping Chad emerge from its serious budgetary crisis.

"Taking advantage of the difficult economic situation in our country, these criminals during a meeting on 14 November 2016 between their declared representative and the Chadian President, Idriss Déby, proposed a financing plan to the tune of $10 billion" the minister explained.

Mr. Hassane said it was later discovered that GIDIFA is a fictitious organization created and used "by a notorious international financial criminal called Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplices."

The minister warned that Marcos using his criminal enterprise, introduces himself as the illegitimate son of Ferdinand Marcos, the tenth President of the Philippines.

"Ferdinand Marcos' name is also cited in other cases of economic crime, fraud, forgery with other countries including the United Arab Emirates, where he used the same modus operandi to scam his victims, most of whom are his own Filipino compatriots" the Justice minister explained.

A judicial investigation, he added, is currently underway as the Chadian government issued an international arrest warrant against Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplices.

"Were it not for the caution exercised by our authorities, these criminals could have successfully carried out their criminal enterprise against the Chadian state" Professor Hassane said.


The punch lines of this article are as follows and are a severe warning to all who come across GIDIFA, ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS AND ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD.

i).         "that GIDIFA is a fictitious organization created and used "by a notorious international financial criminal called Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his accomplices."

ii)         "Ferdinand Marcos' name is also cited in other cases of economic crime, fraud, forgery with other countries including the United Arab Emirates, where he used the same modus operandi to scam his victims, most of whom are his own Filipino compatriots" the Justice minister explained."

Filipinos have a bad name all over the world. They were, and are, trained in deception and propagation of false stories by the Americans. Additionally, they are considered to be some of the biggest liars and thieves in the world, next to Americans, and are not interested in the truth, only in what they can steal or con out of anyone, even their own kind.

Note the names provided by Chad's Minister of Justice, Professor Ahmat Mahamat Hassane, which are:-

Bria Garriote,

Mark Henderson,

Jelle Braaksma,

Eliseo Bicaldo,

Thomas Hand,

Jeffrey Waugh,

Attorney Enrico Barin

Marc de Schutter.

Chad may be a Third World country, but its citizens are far better educated than Filipinos, and certainly far more honest and decent.

Another interesting factor comes from another url link

Solon complains to PNP-HPG, LTO over fake diplomatic plates

Published August 7, 2016 4:38pm


A member of Congress on Sunday expressed alarm over the supposed proliferation of fake diplomatic plates and urged the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to take action on the issue.

Pwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) party-list Rep. Jericho Jonas Nograles said temporary and unauthorized diplomatic plates are being used by motorists to get out of heavy traffic.

Nograles said he has personally witnessed a convoy of vehicles blaring with sirens and blinkers and bearing only temporary car plates with markings "FOR REGISTRATION/DIPLOMATIC/ UN SPECIALIZED AGENCY GIDIFA" at the southbound lane of EDSA last August 1.

In a letter sent to PNP-HPG Director Senior Superintendent Antonio Gardiola, the lawmaker said the act was in violation of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 96 and Republic Act (RA) 4136.

PD 96 declares as unlawful the use of sirens, bells, horns, whistles or similar gadgets that make loud or startling sounds, including flashing devices on motor vehicles.

The same is prohibited under Section 34 of RA 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

Only motor vehicles designated for official use by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Commission, Police Departments, Fire Departments, and hospital ambulances are allowed to use such devices, Nograles pointed out.

The lawmaker further claimed that GIDIFA, which stands for Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency, is a "bogus agency with no connection to the United Nations."

He suspected that the vehicles were using sirens and fake diplomatic plates to force their way through EDSA's notorious traffic gridlock.

"This agency is a sham. The United Nations has no such specialized agency so I can only assume that this group is using the UN for some nefarious activities, including the use the fake diplomatic plates and credentials," Nograles said adding that he is now studying the possibility of filing a resolution to investigate GIDIFA


The "Punch Lines" of the above article are:-

i) The lawmaker further claimed that GIDIFA, which stands for Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency, is a "bogus agency with no connection to the United Nations."

ii) "This agency is a sham. The United Nations has no such specialized agency so I can only assume that this group is using the UN for some nefarious activities, including the use the fake diplomatic plates and credentials," Nograles said adding that he is now studying the possibility of filing a resolution to investigate GIDIFA

There are other articles issuing warnings and notifying of scams by ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD, and GIDIFA.

Notice to all Keepers, Custodians, Guardians of assets of the Global Debt Facility

Be very careful if you should come across any of the persons named above, or any person representing GIDIFA or claiming to represent any of the above persons / parties

Their aim is to steal the assets held under your Custodianship, primarily for themselves and their Masters / Handlers. They need these assets to allow them to continue their corrupt financial system and control of the masses around the world.

They have no legal right to any assets of the Global Debt Facility. They do not own them and they can not be used or utilized by any person or party, other than the true Legal Heir, Legal Owner, and Sole Arbiter, His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller, appointed by the Royal Families of the World and G7 Nations as successor Heir, M1, and Master Holder to Ferdinand E.E. Marcos following the full legal transfer of same to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of the UK in December 1988, 9 months prior to Ferdinand E.E. Marcus's death in September 1989.

Should any Keepers, Custodians, Guardians of assets of the Global Debt Facility, succumb to the claims and promises of the people or parties referred to above, or any person / party representing same, you will be coerce into Fraud against the Global Debt Facility and against His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller, for which there is no escape and you will be prosecuted in the Sovereign International Court under International Law and International Treaty Law for crimes against the Global Debt Facility.


I will not go on and on with this subject as this article is already far too long. It is plainly obvious that this is yet another fraudulent group of Filipinos and Indonesians, with a few Americans mixed in, created and organized by THE WORLD BANK AND ITS SUBSIDIARY THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, THE US TREASURY, AND THE UNITED NATIONS, all of them crooks in their own right and all part of the Global Cabal, who initiated the whole thing to allow the continuance of their theft and fraudulent activities against the Global Debt Facility.

This just shows the extent that these people, together with the named organisations above, will go to so that the real Legal Heir and Owner, The International Treasury Controller is hidden and kept secret, so that they can continue their crimes that have existed ever since 1945.

Below is a copy over of the last page of the Agreement duly executed by Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Ernest Rauthschild as proof of their joint relationship together in this enormous scam.

Please allow me to bring this article to a close with just a few more issues that hold no legal standing whatsoever and are completely fake, both in their presentation and their description.

i).         Global Treasury Supreme Trust. An Irrevocable Express Banking Trust.Org

This appears to be the overall Trust that is the collator of Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt facility.

Its main persons, once again are all AMERICANS which tells us a lot, namely:-

Irving W.  Jackson.                  Trustee, FED F.D.G. (Federal Fiduciary Deputy General)

William Ellwood                      Settlor and Common Law Jurist

Milton Hughes                         GTST (Global Treasury Supreme Trust) Trustee

Gary Heath                             Telecommunications Intel Officer.

Investigations are ongoing in respect of these individuals. We suspect what we will find from these investigations, will be no different to what we have found and exposed previously on others. However, we will not speculate at this stage, but the question must be asked that if these persons above are clean, then why are they associating themselves with a known convicted Felon, namely ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS aka EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS

ii).        The Royal International Courts of Justice.

There is absolutely no such thing as the Royal International Courts of Justice. Any Court must be an Authority of the Government of a recognized "Sovereign or Sovereign Nation" and registered within the United Nations. Note: A "Sovereign" may be recognized and registered within the United Nations but need not be a member of the United Nations.

There is of course, the International Courts of Justice, which is established by the "Sovereign" Nations of the World as members of  the United Nations whereby authority over the International Court of Justice is through the United Nations by its member "Sovereign" Nations.

This is yet another total FABRICATION by ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD and his GIDIFA group.

iii).       The Ancient Royal Families of the World. Not to be confused with the present Royal Families of the World.

There are of course, ancient Royal Families of the World, all long since deceased and no longer able to tell their tales. King Solomon and his family are just one of many, as with King David, Queen Elizabeth I, King Philippe of Spain, and so on.

The present Royal Families of the World are all descendants of same, so what on earth is ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD talking about. Is he claiming that he is actually talking to the Ancient Royal Families of the World, or they talking to him.

There are truly those in the world that are classed as Mentally Insane, but this guy ERNEST RAUTHSCHILD carries the World Title and is so insane that one could almost say that he has no brain at all.

It reminds me of a photograph of G.W. Bush back in the early 2000's showing Bush holding and speaking into a telephone, with the Caption, quote "I am talking to God".

What the hell. Have the majority of Americans gone completely insane or are they just living in a complete fantasy world of their own?


I won't go on with this, as it just sickens me. These people will eventually be arrested for their attempted theft and fraud against the Global Debt Facility, and that is when they will suffer for their crimes because the penalties on conviction are severe.

Time after time we see these individuals and groups rear their ugly heads making all sorts of totally ridiculous claims about the Global Debt Facility, all making out that the Truth is not really the Truth, but that their version of the Truth, which is generally a complete fabrication, is the Truth and nothing else matters.

The real problem is that these people are generally using the accounts of the Global Debt Facility to fulfill their quest of theft and fraud, and whilst that is happening the people of the world are suffering beyond the realms of reasonableness, and these people  don't care because they have their criminal activities to conclude and their personal wealth to take care of.

The real Truth is that there is only one person in the world that has, and holds, full jurisdiction over the Global Debt Facility and that is The International Treasury Controller, legally appointed by the Royal Families of the World and the G7 Nations, as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility. All neatly packaged and registered within the United Nations under Charter Control No: 10-60847, with "Sovereignty" status, full International Immunity and Protectorate, and even registered under the Great American Seal No: 632-258894 and whose "Top Secret" file is held by the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of the US Congress. NONE OF THIS CAN BE DENIED BY ANYONE.

Go and check for yourselves. You may be denied access to the "Top Secret" file but you will certainly be told that "It's Real and Genuine"

He and his team are working immensely hard to ensure that the Global Debt Facility and the Global Settlements Treaty as utilized professionally and correctly for the benefit of the people of the world and not one of them are Millionaires or Billionaires. They don't want to be, and do not aspire to be Millionaires or Billionaires either. The People of the World matter more than personal wealth to them.


David P. Crayford.

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