David Crayford and the ITC
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I am referring to their latest video / url:

At the 1.09 mark, Fulford states that the Chinese Nationalists took a lot of Gold with them when they left China and went to Taiwan (Formerly Formosa).

DC Comments: One only has to look at the London Treaty 1920 / 1929 to realise that the Chinese Gold is not held / deposited in China or Taiwan, so Fulford's take on this is totally wrong. When The Global Debt Facility was structured, which was in the late 1890's through to the early 1900's; all the treasures and gold of China was not secreted away in China or Taiwan. It is the same with all other countries. The Treasures and Gold of each country was purposely secreted away in different countries around the world. Those countries became the Custodians, on behalf of The Global Debt Facility; of Treasures and Gold which came from many other countries. This was to prevent any country ever attempting to reclaim their treasures / gold at any time, and also to control the wealthier countries from using someone else's Treasure and Gold to start and finance wars. This was later confirmed within the 1920 London Treaty which was based upon the premise of isolation of treasures / gold to other countries and a design of secretion and responsibility structured by Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Your wrong Fulford. The Gold secreted away in China and Taiwan is not the Treasures / Gold of the Chinese or Chinese Royal Families, and does not belong to them. They are only the Custodians of Treasures and Gold from other copuntries across the Globe, on behalf of The Global Debt Facility, secreted away in their specific countries. The very same rule applies to the Treasures of all nations right across the world.

Anyhow, some of the Treasures and Gold in Taiwan was secreted away on the Island of Formosa (Now Taiwan) well before the Chinese revolution, so they didn't take it with them as you claim.

At the 1.14 mark, Fulford states that there is a very famous Museum in Taiwan and that there are some hills behind the Museum (He implies that the Treasures and Gold is secreted away in those hills). He further states that every year they change the displays within the Museum with Artifacts and Antiquities etc, from the depositories within those hills.

DC Comments: That process is very common and known all over the world with most of the applicable Museums, especially Government owned Museums, of which most are Government owned. These Artifacts and Antiquities are priceless whereby no Museum, or Government, can afford to purchase same, so there is an agreement in place where Governments, via their Museums, can place such Artifacts and Antiquities on display for the public to view same and learn about the history of said Artifacts and Antiquities. One of the conditions is that each Museum must cover all Artifacts and Antiquities displayed, including all transport / shipping to and from the Museum, with 100% insurance cover.

To purchase any Artifacts and Antiquities would absolutely bankrupt any Government.

At the 2.25 mark: Fulford states that part of WWII was a grab for these Treasures and Gold.

DC Comment: For once Fulford briefly, and I say briefly, is telling the truth. Yes, WWII was about the Treasures and Gold in part (a large Part). Hitler was doing it, as was America, U.K., Japan, and many other countries. In most cases the Liberators of occupied countries turned out to be not only occupiers, but thieves of the highest order, hence why after the war a Reparations Commission was established, headed by the B.I.S. to establish who owned what and ensure that Treasures and Gold was returned to the specific owning countries. Where establishment of ownership could not be determined such Treasures and Gold was automatically transferred to The Global Debt Facility, with the agreement of the countries concerned.

What was established at the time was applaudible, but the results of same where not beneficial to the smaller or weaker countries of the world because the B.I.S. was heavily weighted with persons from the larger, stronger, and more wealthier Nations of the Planet.

At the 3.02 mark, Fulford states that the Western Powers (Western Oligarchs) plans were to take all the Gold of this World, out of private hands, starting in the 1930's. The Jews didn't want to give up their Gold which is one reason they were rounded up and sent to concentration camps, and the Asians didn't want to give up all their gold which is why they sent the Japanese army to go into China and take it.

DC Comment: What a load of BS for which Fulford should be ashamed of himself for making up such stories. The agreement of 1920 between the Royal Families of the World and Nations of the World, regarding the secretion of Treasures, Gold, and other assets, and utilised as a base to stabilise the world economic system, had already been agreed under the London Treaty 1920, and was well under way, even throughout the war years. Unfortunately for the World, there were quite a number of very greedy dictators, politicians, and persons questing for power over all, around the world, and those, irrespective of legal Treaties wanted all these Treasures and Gold for themselves so that they could control the world (Note the saying that whoever controls the Gold of the World, controls the World .............  and that dear Readers is legally The International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir and Owner of The Global Debt Facility who is heavily impeded at this time from carrying out his mandate; who having executed the agreement, sometimes via their forefathers, were not prepared to adhere to the agreement (America, the U.K. France, Japan, Germany, etc,) and discarded it to the garbage bin which the Allied Powers were very good at, and still are, hence WW II and the possibility of WW III.

At the 3.44 mark, Wilcock states that Roosevelt (and some people still may not know this if they are that ignorant), and the Federal Reserve confiscated everybody's gold. Even if you had it in a Safe Deposit Box in the Bank, they looted your Safe Deposit Box and took your Gold away, correct?

DC Comments, And that is just how ignorant of the truth that Wilcock is.

The real reason for the Gold Confiscation Act in America was that America, through its "Fiscal Irresponsibility" over many years / decades, was Bankrupt, and the great depression of the late 20's and early the early 30's just made things worse.

They went with the "Begging Bowl" whereby The Global Debt Facility agreed to loan / assign Gold to America so it could get itself out of a fiscal mess. One of the conditions was that America should confiscate all Gold in America and dispose of it (Sell it) to assist in paying back the loan from The Global Debt Facility and balancing its books.

America had to issue Bank and Government Bonds to secure the Gold assigned to them. Those Bank and Government Bonds are the 1933 1934, and later issues of FRN's, Wells Fargo, American Dreams, the TOV's, and so on. Those Bonds are secreted away in the Philippines and in China.

By consistently stealing these Bonds from the depositories they are effectively, but not immediately, destroying them, which reduces the debt that America has with the Global Debt Facility on the basis of ..........  No evidence or security, therefore no debt ...................... but only after they have utilised these stolen Bonds within the Federal Reserve Trading Programs to generate funds not only for "Black Ops" but also for their own pockets and for corrupting Politicians and Governments around the World.

Wilcock's assessment of this situation is so way out and fictitious it is unbelievable, and that is from a man, who knows very little of the subject even though he claims he knows a lot; that travels the world giving speeches about the Wealth, Gold, Treasures, of the world, for which he fraudulently receives large payments. I would not refer to him as an illusionist or magician. He is just a Joker who knows very little but neatly packages it up with misleading information. He is totally, and I mean totally ignorant of the truth. Unfortunately, people believe him, especially Americans, preventing them from understanding and realising the real truth and the mess that their country, America, is in.

Neither Wilcock or Fulford hold or carry any security clearance whatsoever so they will never know the fullest possible story, even though they profess that they do, and what they claim to know is very little truth and a hell of a lot of supposition, speculation, and false stories passed to them.

As anyone can see from the video, these two are just ill-informed people exchanging information, with Wilcock showing remarkable naivety on the whole issue. Most of the information is incorrect and they don't care whether it is true or false. They are like a couple of women over the garden fence after hanging the washing out, whoops, hang on a minute while I pick the washing up which has blown off the line. Hopefully it hasn't been dirtied. Guys, make sure you are keeping your underwear clean as that is what is protecting your brains.

Oh Dear, Wilcock  looks so bewildered in the video picture, and Fulford is "Rabbiting" on about things he knows very little about, concocting stories from what he has been fed to him by others, and it wouldn't surprise me that some of Keith Scott's lies, along with Keenan's past lies, are in there as well.

On that latter comment, I notice a video has appeared recently purporting and showing that Keenan is alive and well. That video is now being analysed by our people whose initial comments, after 3 days, are that it is a structured (By specialists) video to give a false impression to the public that Keenan is still alive, when he is in fact DECEASED and his body was cremated because of the radiation poisoning that actually killed him with painful CANCER.

At the 04.15 mark, Fulford starts to talk about the history where he states that, quote "The Gold that wasn't controlled by the West was taken out of the market. It was Blacklisted and hidden in caves, or buried in sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean".

DC Comments: What utter BS from Fulford, which shows he knows nothing of the history.

This is what Fulford states in his latest article posted to RMN under the url:

Quote: The Zionists are also going to keep trying to use computer graphics to spread disinformation and propaganda. The latest example is another fake Neil Keenan video.

Notice that the Keenan in this video is wearing a Jewish skullcap, while the real Keenan was a Roman Catholic. My CIA contact in Indonesia, who speaks the language and has been there for 20 years, has confirmed that the Indonesian authorities have no record of a Neil Keenan entering their country. He notes that this latest video and posting came out to coincide with the circulation of real bonds laying claim to 91,173 tons of Indonesian gold. "This is another way the [bankrupt] Rothschilds are trying to access the [gold] bunkers, but it won't happen," he says.

Well, at least he appears to be agreeing with us on the Keenan situation, that Keenan is actually deceased. That is a start to his redemption as a Journalistic Reporter.

Back to the Video. The first point on this matter is that the unregistered Gold was never taken out of the market as it was never recorded in the commercial market. This was privately owned Gold which in fact is referred to as unregistered Gold. In fact it is recorded privately and is separate from registered Gold whereby only a few people in the world know exactly how much unregistered Gold there is in the world .................. and it is a lot.

The second point on this matter is that it is this unregistered Gold that supported the majority of countries who hadn't got enough Gold to support their currencies, and as the figures show there was 7,043,276 MT of it, yes 7+ million tonnes, that The Global Debt Facility supplied in various quantities to all countries of the world, even America. Without that Gold it would have been impossible to sustain any of the Gold backed currencies around the world, or the expansion of international trade between countries.

In fact, and in conjunction with a colleague in Europe, who is a Precious Metals analyst and adviser, we did some figures on all of this some time ago and have pleasure in copying and pasting part of my colleague's article with the specific figures below, so that people know the truth on this issue:-

Copy over:

I have to say that the subject matter, "WHAT HAPPENED TO HR 5404 - AND THE GOLD BACKING OF AMERICA'S NEW CURRENCY? dated 17th September 2018, really caught my eye.

The reason is that this is a subject which I am involved with on a daily basis, and a subject likely to become a highly contentious issue as time moves on as the "Gold Backed Currency Lobby" gains far more traction.

If I may, I would like to explain various factors to your readers / clients which always appear to be overlooked as the existing narratives are of a general nature only for which the public are completely unaware of the "Deep Rooted Factors" surrounding this subject.

Prior to August 1971, all currencies around the world were fully backed by Gold and Silver. That factor alone determines that there was more Gold and Silver available in the world than stated by The World Gold Council (WGC) who estimates that all the gold ever mined totaled 187,200 metric tons in 2017, with an estimated 52,000 MT yet to be mined.

Below are some valid points, both historically and presently that never appear to be mentioned anywhere, so the real and highly applicable factors of Gold are never available to, or seen by the public.

In accordance with official records, approximately 100 years ago a total of 7,043,276 MT Gold was assigned to the countries of the world for backing of their currencies. This Gold was legally owned by a Trust which is, and has been since the early 1900's, part of what is now referred to THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, being Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust plus the thousands of Trusts and Foundations legally owned by these two Primary units that make up The Global Debt Facility.

Surprisingly, the WGC states that currently there are approximately 165,000 MT of Gold in the hands of Central Banks, private investors, and the public, the latter as Jewellry, Collectors items, and Commercial operations for such items as printed circuit boards, electronics, etc.

However, Gold has been mined for over 6,000 years whereby accurate records of production have only been kept for approximately 150 years, so there is bound to be a discrepancy, quite a large one, in the figures stated by the WGC whereby 187,200 MT ever mined would be a very, very low figure in comparison to actual figures. The difference is not held by Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Jewellers, Collectors, or Commercial operators. It is owned and held by THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY which is owned by the Appointed Legal Heir, Owner, THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER.

Prior to August 1971, all countries were required by law to back their currencies with Gold. There are over 200 countries in the world, so if we divide 165,000 MT of Gold (World Gold Council figures) by 200 it equates to an average of 825 MT of Gold per country. Of course many countries will have less than that figure and some countries will have more than that figure.

Now let's take an average Gold price per Troy Ounce over 31 years (1940 - 1971) which = 36.314 US Dollars per troy ounce

Let's now multiply that by 26524370 troy ounces (825 MT) which = $ 963,365,118 - 40 UDS, or simply stated as $963.37 million USD.

That is not a lot of money to back a nations currency, even the currencies of some of the smaller Nations of the World, nor is it sufficient to facilitate any increase in international trade, so the question arises as to where did all the Gold come from to back all currencies and allow the countries to expand their economies.

THE ANSWER IS -------- THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY. A facility that owns the wealth of the world, not America or the Federal Reserve, or anyone else, only THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, legally owned under international treaty by THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER as Legal Heir and Owner.

All that Gold assigned to the countries of the World to back their currencies became unencumbered as of 15th August 1971, when the Gold Standard was officially removed by an act undertaken by President Richard Nixon, and returned to THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, except the Gold which was assigned to America who used, illegally, to pay off some of its debt.

Assuming, which is highly doubtful; that the World Gold Council figures have some degree of accuracy, of which the word "assuming" is something that I / we very rarely use to avoid inaccuracy; and based upon published figures as above, and again assuming that they are accurate, as of September 2017 (Refer:,

America only had 8,133.5 MT of Gold, which in Troy Ounce terms equals 261,482,021.84 Troy ounces.

Let's now multiply that figure by today's (21st November 2018) market price of $1222.00 per Troy Ounce = $319,531,030,688 - 480 USD

America --- With a published National Debt (21st November 2018) of $21.4 trillion USD

America --- With a Gross National Product (2017) of $19,61 trillion USD

America --- With a Gross Domestic Product (2017) of $19.39 trillion USD

The USA only has $319.531030 billion USD in Gold Value as part of National Reserves, which is intrinsic value / real value against a real asset, and that figure is based upon all Gold being 999.9% purity and of Good London Standard as per the 1994 regulations.

The USA cannot even pay off its debt even if it wanted to because it hasn't got the reserves it needs to pay that debt and keep its economy going.

Let's now take a look at the US Dollars in circulation, as stated by The US Federal Reserve as of 26th September 2018 = 1.69 trillion USD, which is grossly under-stated, probably deliberately.

Please Note: The Federal Reserve figure I totally dispute because I / we are aware of 8 trillion USD, largely in $100 USD denomination, being printed illegally, outside of America, against Gold Bullion Certificates that neither the Federal Reserve or America own or hold legal title to, so I am going to use the known and accurate figures, although most of it is illegal; on our records, being $9.69 trillion USD in circulation, not the $1.69 trillion as stated by the Federal Reserve.

That actually means that the extra $8 trillion USD in circulation is NOT recorded on the records at the Federal Reserve -------- WHY? Is it to avoid liability at some future date when other creditors call on the debt?????

In addition to the above there are the Federal Reserve "(Secret) Trading Programs" that generate an awful amount of money from thin air, so even the figures I have available to me ($9.69 trillion) may be grossly understated.

Back to the calculations, -------- 1 Troy ounce = 31.104 grams

So, a $1 USD Note would need to be backed by -- 0.02545335515 grams of Gold, or, 0.0008183443707489318 troy ounces

With a $100 USD Note backed by ---- 2.545335515 grams of Gold, or, 0.081834437074893 troy ounces.

Such collateral backing with Gold would ensure that the US Dollar is actually worth $1 US Dollar based upon today's Gold Price of $1222 per Troy Ounce.

With $9.69 trillion USD in Circulation, and that is assuming that there isn't more US Dollars in circulation that we know about, and not accounting for US Dollars created by "Trading" America would need --

254,947,606,050.266 Troy Ounces which equates to $319.078754081 billion USD value of Gold just to back their own currency, at today's figures.

Based upon the above, America does have, but only just; sufficient Gold to back the US Dollar notes in circulation. However, there is nothing left to collateralize the printing of more US Dollars in the future, so no sustainability or stability, and certainly no expansion of the US Economy after 2018. However, that leaves nothing in reserve after 2018, and those very small figures of differential could be taken up by paying off, in part, the US Debt.

The next question if the US back the US Dollar with Gold is, "Will it exchange its Gold Backed US Dollars for the "Fiat Currency" of all other countries"?????

Now that would be suicide for the US as not one of the other countries of the world have sufficient Gold assets within their National Treasury to back their currencies with Gold in comparison to the amount of currency in circulation in their countries.


Taking all the above figures into account, we have to assume, probably wrongly, that all the Gold the US legally owns is of 999,9 purity because Gold is priced in US Dollars per troy ounce of 999.9 pure Gold and in full  compliance with the London Gold Standard. Anything other than 999.9 % purity, or the London Gold Standard, has a much lower market value.

As there has never been a full definitive audit, including purity analysis and DNA testing, once again it has to be questionably assumed that it is all 999,9 purity, and in compliance with the London Gold Standard, which is exactly what America would want us to believe. The question is can we assume that this is correct. NO WE CANNOT, NOR SHOULD WE.

We need to remember several factors here because there are no full analysis / audit figures ever produced by the Federal Reserve or US Treasury, so the information which is put out by these organizations maybe totally false, which I and many others truly believe it is.

What we now need to know is:-

What type, or specification, of Gold does the US have. It is:-

Gold (Fake with Tungsten or Lead)

Gold Nuggets

Gold Dust

Gold Dore

Gold at 75% - 95% purity

Non-London Gold Standard Gold.

Gold at 999.9% purity

Stolen Gold

All of the above have different market / commercial values with the first 6 qualities all requiring specialist refining to obtain 999.9 % purity and the present day market price at $1222 USD per Troy Ounce. Refining, in itself is very expensive and requires a registered Hallmark, stamp of the Refiner, registration number, the Purity, and full documentation, all guaranteed by the Refiner, whose costs, based upon figures provided by the Refiners are a minimum 19% of market costs approximately. It should also be noted that a small amount of Gold is always lost in the process of refining.

What we also need to know, and remember, is what amount of Fake Gold does the US have. On this point we should always remember that America sent a substantial amount of MT of Gold to China, in settlement of Debt, both in the time of William Clinton and Barack Obama. China, not being the fools that people believe them to be, undertook a full analysis of the Gold upon arrival and found it to be Gold Plated Tungsten. It was returned to America as unacceptable, the debt remains outstanding. A similar instance occurred with South Africa back in the 1990's, again in William Clinton's time as President.

We are also aware that America has established small unregistered refineries in several countries in the Far East for refining stolen Gold into 1 Kg Bars, with a claimed purity of 999.9%, and fake documentation. The Gold has been, and still is being, stolen from depositories of The Global Debt Facility, all of which derive from the 1920 London Treaty and 1929 Amendments to the London Treaty, executed by all the Royal Families of the World and the Allied Nations.

Therefore, there is a very big, in fact an enormously large question mark, as to the figures presented by America reference to their Gold Holdings, and those presented by The World Gold Council, which only a full accurate audit can determine.

Personally and corporately, I / we have more realistic figures showing that the amount of 999.9 London Gold Standard Gold held by America, which is unencumbered and free to use as Collateral behind a Gold Backed US Dollar is in fact slightly less of 2,000 MT of Gold. Even then, there are debts payable in Gold by the US that still exist from before August 1971 when the Gold Standard was removed.

On that point we are all aware that prior to August 1971, the US Dollar was redeemable in Gold, whereby many creditors demanded payment of the debt in Gold rather than US Dollars. This actually led to the demise of the US Dollar because in 1971 America did not have sufficient Gold in their Treasury to pay their debt to other countries. Hence why the Gold Standard was craftily and deviously removed, blocking any Creditor from demanding Gold and having to settle in US Dollar "Fiat Money". That was all undertaken without any consultation whatsoever with any other country on this planet.

Let me now attend to the question of HR 5404.

I very much doubt that HR 5404 will ever be approved / adopted by the US Congress or the Senate on the grounds that:-

1.               The potential Gold backing of the US Dollar is unsustainable over the medium and long term because there is, based upon the above figures and the claimed 8,133.5 MT Gold held by America; only sufficient Gold to back the current amount of Dollars in Circulation, that is if all currently published figures are correct, which they are not. This means there are no Gold reserves left in America for the future expansion of their currency or further expansion of their economy.

2.                 There are enormous questions as to exactly what Gold America has, whether any of the specifications listed below, which is very important in determining its value and actual availability:-

Gold Stolen

Gold (Fake with Tungsten or Lead)

Gold Nuggets

Gold Dust

Gold Dore

Non-London Gold Standard Gold.

Gold at 75% - 95% purity

Gold at 999.9% purity

3.               Existing Creditors have no trust in America or the US Dollar and would therefore demand payment in Gold, reducing the US claimed Gold Reserves of 8,133.5 MT to a negative figure, or at the least a near zero taking America's high debt factor into account.

4.               Countries across the world are removing themselves from the US Dollar International Reserve Currency for many reasons, three of which are:-

1.    International Politics is now tied directly to the US Dollar. The US Dollar has been weaponised and politicised to the detriment of the whole world.

2.     The current value of the US Dollar is manipulated so much that the published figures of value of the US Dollar are generally considered to be highly over-rated and manipulated at the expense of all other Nations of the World. One could consider the current US Dollar value as being 25 cents maximum.

3.     Nations of the World now understand that there are far better alternatives than the US Dollar which gives Nations the control of their own destiny rather than giving America and the US Dollar control over their "Sovereignty", "Economic Development", Currency, and Economic Affairs.

4.     Treasury Assets of Foreign Currency cannot be used, or hypothecated / levered as collateral behind a Gold Backed Currency because once again it is all "Fiat Money" with no intrinsic value whatsoever.


In fact the current financial system, based upon "Fiat Money" is rotten to the core and it is monopolized by the Federal Reserve and America. They know it, the world knows it, whereby it is very possible that all this talk of backing the US Dollar with Gold, which is completely hypothetical, is in fact a ploy to calm everything down to a manageable level until such time as it uncontrollably explodes, bringing the whole world to a complete and absolute financial and economic standstill and possibly WW III.

There is only one solution and saviour to the world's financial and economic problems ----------- Get rid of the Federal Reserve Fiat Financial system and allow THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY THROUGH THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER to use its vast asset base to create a new financial system, one which is far more balanced and a fully independent financial system. However, the latter has been frustrated, ridiculed, and demonized over the last 25 years or so as if they are a fraudulent operation, which is in fact totally and utterly incorrect as THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER is fully legitimate and as real as Trump, Macron, Merkel, Putin, and everyone else on this planet.

All a deliberate act of course by those currently operating and controlling the present system, but THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY / INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL is the only organization in this world who can reintroduce a very sustainable Gold Backed Monetary System, for which I understand from a recent article, and a confirmation of all facts, that the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER has already set aside $500 trillion USD in Precious Metal assets to back / support / collateralize, structure and control a new International Currency and complementing financial system for the whole world.

The US Dollar is effectively dead so those many institutions holding US Dollars, in false hopes, should be moving from paper into real assets of intrinsic value, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, which in our assessment is the future of the Global Economy and Financial systems.


End of Copy over:

So Fulford and Wilcock, learn from those who know, not from those who know nothing.

I also remember Fulford, some years ago, asking us to join him in his quest, whereby he was informed at the time ...........  Why, so you can control us. No way.

His knowledge, article, comments, etc, since then clearly informs us that he knows very little, which in fact is another reason why we would never be joining forces with Fulford or any other similar person.

We should also remember that Fulford has had strong associations in the past with Keenan, a convicted felon in America given the chance of freedom by the CIA provided he worked for them but he could never go back to America at any time. Then there was Keith Scott, a real conman and CIA field agent listed under the Australian Field Office. Then there was Yamaguchi and Watanabe, both are convicted criminals in Italy, who avoided a 3½ year prison term by jumping bail. That is not a very good association list and makes Fulford look extremely bad.

At the 06.05 mark, Fulford carries on to say that in 1955 the 77 non-aligned Nations ................. and these Nations had the historical rights to most of the Asian Treasure.

DC Comments; Oh, come on Fulford, get your head out of your lower orifice, and stop "snorting" whatever it is you are snorting.

The 77 non-aligned Nations never held any rights to the Asian Treasure. That was entirely held by THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, and only THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY which at that time was solely under the Master Holder, Controller, Legal Heir, Owner, President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, from 1932 - 1988

Now you can probably see and understand why Ferdinand Marcos had to be taken out in 1986. He was the most powerful man in the World and the Western countries running everything in the world just didn't like it and would not accept it. They wanted control of The Global Debt Facility for all times not just for 50 years, and to date they have never achieved it despite the take down of Ferdinand Marcos, Pres. Soekarno, Ray Dam, threats to QE II, and even the latest International Treasury Controller.

FACT, real FACT, so get that into your head Fulford and Wilcock because you can never change the truth. You can only delay it being fully revealed, but eventually it will come out right around the world, so be careful you are not listed among those who will hang from the lamp-posts.

At the 07.05 mark, Fulford continues by saying that they (meaning the Western Allied Powers) wanted to finance a "Marshall Plan" for Asia and Africa to modernise these regions, and they pooled their treasure to finance this. This was accommodated by the Hilton Green Memorial Treaty. He carries on to say that the signatory to all this money was president Soekarno of Indonesia.

DC Comments: For the second time, Oh, come on Fulford, get your head out of your lower orifice, and stop "snorting" whatever it is you are snorting.

Starting from the latter statement above, it was not the Hilton Green Memorial Treaty, it was THE GREEN HILTON TREATY AND AGREEMENT, which was between President Soekarno and President Kennedy to bring the Gold deposited in Indonesia in to the system to finance the printing of further US Dollars for the expansion of International Trade between Nations by printing more Gold Backed US Dollars to accommodate this.

The actual Treaty and Agreement derived from President Kennedy's Executive Order 11110, dated July 1963 was executed in November 1963. Unfortunately, 10 days after executing this agreement, President Kennedy was assassinated and President Lyndon Johnson, then Vice President, was sworn in as President just minutes after the declared death of President Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson's first act, whilst still in the Hotel room in Dallas, Texas, was to rescind / revoke the EO 11110 of President Kennedy, which, as a derivative of the E.O. The Green Hilton Treaty and Agreement was rendered totally void and legally ineffective.

Any Gold Backed currency of the US, printed and placed into circulation at the time, which were the $1 and $2 US Dollar Notes were quickly withdrawn from circulation. The $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 US Dollar notes were printed but never placed into circulation. All these $ Notes were eventually destroyed.

That event above was the precursor to the "Fiat" currency which came into effect in August 1971 when Richard Nixon removed the Gold Standard which was less than 8 years after the assassination of President Kennedy.

America and its Allies did not want the "Gold Backed Currencies" because such currencies kept the Banking system, and Governments, under control. They wanted "Fiat" currencies which they could control without restrictions, and that is exactly what they got to the detriment of the whole world.

In respect of the Marshall Plan, such a plan was declared illegal from day 1, and it is still illegal because no authority was ever granted to utilise The Global Debt Facility for such a Plan, which was actually a guise for corrupting foreign Nations around the World. However, that didn't matter to America and its Allies, they would, and did, just as they wanted to and their "Marshall Plan" became operational. The German Marshall Plan is still operational, from America, and still unlawfully utilising assets of The Global Debt Facility. Several other countries around the world are now linked in and aligned to the German Marshall Plan, all receiving illicit funds from America via Germany. The problem is that the majority of funds are not used for that of which it was intended. Instead such funds are used for corrupting countries and politicians around the world.

Fulford claims that President Soekarno happened to be related to most of the Royal Families in Asia. That statement by Fulford is highly questionable as history proves otherwise. President Soekarno was a descendant of the Royal Family elements that fled the communist revolution in China, and went to Formosa, now renamed Taiwan. President Marcos was a descendant of the Qing Royal Dynasty in China. Two completely different Royal Families.

Contrary to what Fulford states that President Soekarno was signatory and custodian only to the assets of The Global Debt Facility deposited in Indonesia. There is however a little twist in the tail with all of this which is that Custodians, Account Holders and Signatories never held any powers or rights over the assets held in their respective countries. That rule still legally applies today. That is because all assets are held under the legal ownership of special Trusts and Foundations called PIFS or PITS (Private Investment Foundation / Trust) in which the actual beneficiaries made the decisions and held all the powers, not the Trustees or Foundation Managers, or the Custodians, Account Holders, or Signatories.

The power and legal right of decision and signature over all assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility belonged only and solely to President Marcos, the Master Holder, Legal Heir, Owner, and Controller, and subsequently all successor Legal Heir and known as The International Treasury Controller.

As for Fulford's statement about the US sending a man to the moon. Yes, but all financed illegally by The Global Debt Facility and has been ever since. Now that NASA has been demoted a little, organisations such as SPACE X have taken their place but still unlawfully financed by The Global Debt Facility.

You can see how people like Fulford and Wilcock gain snippets of information and then put their own stories around these snippets to make the whole story sound very plausible when in fact very little of their stories is the truth. It is, in the majority, all false or fake news by these 2 Jokers who gain lots of money from naive people around the world who buy their books and provide subscription money to keep their web sites going and their livelihoods reasonable.

At the 09.14 mark, Fulford states that Kennedy got gold from Indonesia and he put out Kennedy Bonds and US Notes that were controlled by the US Treasury not the privately owned Federal Reserve Board.

DC Comments: President Kennedy DID NOT get any Gold from Indonesia. I really don't know where you got the piece of rubbish from but it is totally incorrect. The reason why it is incorrect is stated above, which is that on the 22nd November 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated and within minutes of the declared death of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President and he, in his first act, declared the E.O. of Kennedy, rescinded and void of any legality. The E.O. and the Green Hilton Treaty and Agreement were DEAD at that point and held no legal status whatsoever.

No Gold from Indonesia, either under E.O. or The Green Hilton Treaty / Agreement, was ever used by the US or given to the US at any time or for any purpose.

Having stated that we are fully aware of approximately 300,000 MT of Gold is in the process of being stolen from Indonesia.

There are some that say that the Gold in Indonesia automatically, under The Green Hilton Treaty, passed to the US upon the demise of President Soekarno. That is an absolute and total myth. If one looks at The Green Hilton Treaty / Agreement (The real Genuine Treaty and Agreement, not the various fakes that are in circulation) as well as the E.O. of President Kennedy, there is absolutely no clause or article within either of same that states that the Indonesian Gold passes to the US upon the demise of President Soekarno.

Even if there was such a clause, the E.O. and Treaty / Agreement were rescinded by President Lyndon Johnson on the 22nd November 1963 whilst still in the Hotel Room in Dallas, Texas: and declared void of all legal status, so legally the US could never claim that the Gold was theirs under either the E.O. or the Treaty / Agreement.

Just another big con by America to get their dirty little hands on Gold and assets that actually belong to The Global Debt Facility.

Oh, and a little bit of truth from Fulford for a change. Yes, the proposed Gold from Indonesia to back the new US Dollar Notes to support increased International Trade was supposed to have been controlled by the US Treasury, as Fulford has stated, not the Federal Reserve. Kennedy, like other Presidents of America, wanted to remove and dismantle the Federal Reserve so that the US Treasury and Government were responsible for printing the American currency, no one else. Unfortunately, and like several others, President Kennedy suffered for it, and America keeps rolling on using criminality as its main operational component.

At the 10.18 mark, Fulford states that they have Soekarno's nephew who has signed over the rights to them now ........

DC Comments: I Love it, I love it, it gives me such a laugh it is unbelievable. It is the best comedy act I have seen for many years.

Fulford and Wilcock please take note. "You have Soekarno's Nephew who has signed over the rights to us now". Boy, oh Boy, you really are living on a cloud aren't you. That must be some good stuff you are snorting.

Let me inform you of the following. Soekarno designated his successor some time before he died. That successors name is on record as being approved by the Royal Families of the World. At a later date, the successor nominated his successor whose name is also on official record. The first scuccessor eventually died, passing everything to his successor. The second successor died in December 2017 without naming a successor, which should have been his son, but because of the dangers, his son refused to take up that position, so The International Treasury Controller became the successor heir on a temporary basis until a suitable person could be found, which is actually dependent upon the Royal Family descendants in Taiwan, who have yet to nominate for approval, a person of their family. That is currently in progress. Until finalised The International Treasury Controller holds the position that Pres. Soekarno held and he certainly has not signed over anything to you or your cohorts. You don't appear to realise that such positions can only be held by descendants of the World's Royal Families, not some loopy group of people who think they know better than everyone else.

In fact Fulford, by stating what you have stated you have actually acknowledged your illegal and treasonous activities against The International Treasury Controller and The Global Debt Facility, for which that video containing your statement has now been passed to our Judicial Department whereby the charge of Treason will now be added to your summons / indictment.

It is what is referred to in law as "Self Confession" and you have well and truly put both feet in your mouth, saving us a great deal of time and expense.

The truth is out there for most people to see, but you still deny it and carry on on your own little way with your own little stories made up of snippets of information passed to you by persons, unknown to us, but in your words, CIA, MI6, the Rothschilds and some members of Royal Families, all of whom have a very large axe to grind, and you absorb it just like a sponge.

As for Wilcock, well I don't really know the right words to describe him so let's just say an extrovert whose quest for money and recognition is prominent, and with his "Stone Cold" eyes will get what he wants irrespective of what he has to do to get it. See you in Prison, sucker, and by the way, don't bend over in the showers otherwise you might get more than you bargained for and you will not be writing about it.

At the 10.33 mark, Fulford states that in 1958 they (meaning the Cabal, GHWB, Kissinger, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the people behind the assassination of Kennedy, etc), a fake signatory ....... They forged the rights to use that money (I believe he actually means assets) for the basis of issuance of currency, creating Dollars. They claimed the historical rights for 85% of the World's Gold that was owned by the Asians, but they faked the rights with forged documents which claimed they have the rights......... some of the assets were laundered by BCCI, Chase Manhatton Bank, Black Eagle Trust, and a few others of these groups, and with the money from this laundering they financed such things as "Black Ops", you know.

DC Comments: Fulford, the cabal that you refer to have been setting up "Stooges" of this nature ever since the 1920 London Treaty and they are still doing this kind of operation today. For example the very, very fake Tubercia Villamor Marcos (TVM). The Fake Bong Bong Marcos, the original one died at a very young age. The Fake Angel F. Marcos who was / is part of the illegal GIDIFA group. The Fake Sultan of Sulu, when the original is still alive and living outside of the Philippines. The Fake/s Anthony Santiago Martin. The list is very long and it gets added to year by year.

As you will also be aware, or you should be. Fake documents are not legal at any time, so it actually amounts to fraud against The International Treasury Controller and The Global Debt Facility, and they will be brought to justice for their illegal activities and probably given the Death Penalty for their crimes against humanity.

You will find that most of these illegal activities originate from America, as we have always stated. One only has to look at Keenan, a convicted felon in America with 10 years in prison in front of him. Given a chance to work for the cabal in return for his freedom but could never return to America. He chose Bulgaria as his base and married a Bulgarian girl so he could get a marital visa.

Fulford, you know Keenan as you colluded with him. Now he is deceased but they are still trying to make it appear that he is still alive. Just another Fake / Fraud orchestrated by America and the cabal to steal assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility, and you, by your own admittance are part of it, not only by association but by playing an active roll in their game.


That's enough for now. The saga rolls on and on. Players come and go. Lies and Myths are in abundance, but the truth will always last and eventually be known by all, then watch the fireworks, the lynching, the murders, and those who run to abandon the sinking ship just to save their own filthy and soiled skins.


David P. Crayford

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