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Current Financial exposures ---- how do they affect you??
By WhistleBlower (David Crayford)
Jul 21, 2012 - 3:20:46 AM

Dear Candace,

DS requested that I look at this and write an article for AH on same.  This I have done and apologise for the slight delay in submitting this to you. Please refer below which I trust you will find acceptable:-


(Candace: I wrote to both of them and suggested some teaching writing around the current financia chaos.)

Current Financial exposures ---- how do they affect you???

With the world’s financial crisis of 2008 continuing, and we are now in 2012, its’ grip on peoples lives and the suffering it has, and is causing, the public are at last becoming increasingly concerned.
Many people will remember that in one article I wrote, I stated that we (that is the OITC) did not expect a satisfactory resolve of the financial crisis until 2014 at the earliest, and possibly even up to 2018. Here we are in 2012 (4 years on) and we are still seeing more and more incompetence, greed, unprofessional and irresponsible actions of the world’s top banks and the Politicians being exposed.

There was Lehman Bros (Bankruptcy), then the Euro crisis (unserviceable debt and banks receiving bailouts). Recently revealed we have HSBC (Money Laundering) and Barclays (fixing of Libor Rate). What can we expect next?  

In our opinion much is still being hidden from the eyes of the public whereby, as pressure builds and the financial system continues with its’ decline, we will see more serious questionable and unlawful acts by the banks being exposed. What we have seen to date resembles just the tip of the iceberg. However, how does all of this affect the people around the world.

I will only focus on one issue, that being Barclays and the fixing of the Libor Rate as this factor affects everyone around the world who borrows money whether a Mortgage, Car Loan, Credit Card, Commercial or Industrial Loan and even Loans made to Governments. The Libor Rate is fully international and affects all borrowers no matter where they are situated in the world. 

Allow me to explain.

Many years ago (in fact decades ago) the Libor Rate, which stands for LONDON INTER BANK OFFERED RATE was not so prominent as it is today. In fact it was not a benchmark rate but an unofficial rate (known as the International Exchange Rate) issued as a guide to banks by the Bank of England. It didn’t mean much because banking was far simpler then, with less exotic banking and financial products than there are now, but at least it was a guide.

In 1984, it became apparent that an increasing number of banks were trading actively in a variety of relatively new market instruments, notably interest rate swaps, foreign currency options and forward rate agreements. While recognizing that such instruments brought more business and greater depth to the London Inter-bank market, bankers worried that future growth could be inhibited unless a measure of uniformity was introduced. In October 1984, the British Bankers' Association (BBA)—working with other parties, such as the Bank of England agreed a Standard or Benchmark for interest rate swaps, or "BBAIRS" terms. Part of this standard included the fixing of BBA interest-settlement rates, the predecessor of BBA Libor. From 2 September 1985, the BBAIRS terms became standard market practice.

Libor rates are calculated for ten different currencies and 15 borrowing periods ranging from overnight to one year and are published daily at 11:30 am (London time) by Thomson Reuters. Many financial institutions, mortgage lenders and credit card agencies set their own rates relative to it, that is to say LIBOR rate plus their own margins. At least $350 trillion (Yes, $350 trillion Dollars in comparison to the World’s total GDP of approximately $60 trillion Dollars) in derivatives and other financial products are tied to the Libor. 

The previous paragraph indicates how it affects you, the general public, so, if banks are fixing rates to a higher position than what would be referred to as normal rate, or benchmark, for a 24 hour period based upon actual circumstances then you as the consumer will pay more for your loans. The primary loan of any person / family will of course be a mortgage to enable you to purchase your home. However, even a 5 year Car Loan will become more expensive. Of course, rates go down as well as up, but they do go up more than they go down.

A Mortgage Loan will be the “Killer” for many families because its term period is usually 25 or 30 years on average and its interest rate is compounded. Now imagine what you thought was a Mortgage Loan based upon 5% interest suddenly increases by 0.25% because the Banks who fix the LIBOR rate decide it is in their interest to work outside the box and fix their own Inter-bank Rate which is higher than the LIBOR Rate. You will now have to pay more in Mortgage payments per month which means less disposable income to pay the Credit Card bills, the Car Loan, all of which have also increased because of the banks self imposed actions of charging a greater interest rate than the LIBOR Rate plus their margin. You now have a situation of LIBOR Rate + 0.25% + the banks own margin.

In addition to that, your employer, or in certain cases, your own business, has now had its own budgets thrown into disarray because it / they have to pay extra interest on their loans from the bank. At this stage, people start to lose jobs, especially if the market for their product is weakened by other economic factors, or, wage / salary increases are placed on hold.

All of this will be applicable to all types of financial loans so no one escapes, and I mean NO ONE. Even if you do not borrow any money and have no Mortgage, you do not escape the unjustifiable activities of the banks and their self imposed interest rate setting outside the LIBOR rate. You need to buy food and clothes all of which are produced somewhere by some business who are also subjected to this self imposed interest rate setting by the banks, so your cost of living increases again leaving you with less disposable income for other things. It doesn’t matter where your food comes from or where your clothes are made because all countries would be subjected to the same increase in interest rates, wherever they are in the world.

It is a vicious cycle which you as a member of the general public can not escape from. It is what has been referred to as “Casino” economics and there is only one winner …… the Banks. You are just the unfortunate people who are forced to succumb to the higher interest rates because you really do not have any option. 

This whole situation is a mark of non-regulation or deregulation within the financial systems of the world today. Whilst the banks are free to undertake such unscrupulous activities they control and the public are the controlled, totally subservient to the decisions of these unscrupulous banks.

If you think that a 0.25% increase in interest rates is nothing, think again, because interest is calculated, not on a simple interest factor, but on a compounded interest rate factor whereby the compounded interest factor, especially over 25 – 30 years as it is with Mortgages; becomes your nightmare and possibly your destruction but do the banks really care …………… NO because they are only interested in them selves, their bottom line, and their own survival. 

This Interest Rate Fixing scandal by Barclays, and many other Banks around the world, has a serious “Knock on” effect throughout the world and towards every single human being. 

The other banks involved and being investigated are, apparently, 16 of the top western banks, so I would expect to see the usual names amongst those being accused of fixing the LIBOR rate. I would also expect to see many more investigations currently being undertaken into the banks and their activities with more and more being publicly revealed in due course. Let’s wait and see but in the meantime we must not forget how the banks have screwed us because of this fixing of the LIBOR rate by these unscrupulous banks.

Our opinion is that such rates as the LIBOR rate must be set by an independent body and the banks must be forced to comply by specific regulations, and heavily penalised for failure towards same.


Whilst writing this article and on a completely separate issue I need to advise readers reference to the threats we have received from people like Neil Keenan.

Readers will be aware of these threats and the so-called law suit.

I can advise that NO Court documents have ever been served on any one person within the OITC or within the Italian Government, Police or any authority thereof. Additionally, Mr. Sale, and Mr. Dal Bosco have never been arrested and are still free men able to walk around and conduct their daily lives in the same manner as that before these ridiculous threats were issued by Keenan.

Furthermore, we are aware that the Court documents submitted to the Sothern District of the New York Courts by Keenan and his lawyer have been thrown out on the basis that the Court holds no jurisdiction in this matter, which is something I stated regarding jurisdiction right at the beginning. Keenan attempts to throw fuel on a deadening fire with his actions, but all he has done is thrown water onto the fire. He really hasn’t got a clue what this is all about or what he is doing and that is because he foolishly believes everything that has been told to him by Scott and Yamaguchi. I’ve met a lot of fools in my years on this planet, but this one beats all of them and stands on top of the pile. 

As for the so-called liens, this was a court application for exercising a legal charge against the assets of the Federal Reserve, not the lien implementation as people were led to believe. We understand this has also been thrown out of the court on the basis that no evidence was submitted with the application proving the right to lien the assets of a third party. 

All these people have provided to the public is absolute misinformation, and that is all, just to get the people agitated and feeling aggrieved. The same applies with Drake who is now saying that the Militia will not undertake the arrests so instead he is asking the people to do it.

Don’t even contemplate it because if you make a civil arrest without any proof, which is proof that is legally beyond reasonable doubt, then you could be sued by those you arrest for false arrest and defamation of character amongst other things. Who will support you then????????? Certainly not Drake or anyone else because they will deny conspiracy or any involvement as it is your decision to undertake such legally delicate actions and you will take the blame and bear the brunt of it, not them.




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