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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Aug 10, 2017 - 2:20:29 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER replies uninvited to David P. Crayford's response to Benny the Fraud Fulford's "MISINFORMATION" (or is it "DISINFORMATION"?)
Aug 13, 2017 - 2:16:41 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER replies uninvited to David P. Crayford's response to Benny the Fraud Fulford's "MISINFORMATION" (or is it "DISINFORMATION"?)

David P. Crayford's not one to mince words or get cute with his knowledge of the English language, which I happen to like to do, but Crayford likes to get straight to the point. He kind of sticks the surgically sharp blade into the rib cage of his target and circles it around until he finds the weak spot and then he jabs it in, hard. Which is what he just did with his latest article called, DAVID CRAYFORD ---- BENJAMIN FULFORD PROVES THAT HE IS, YET AGAIN, ........ JUST ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAIN OF MISINFORMATION.

My first thought is that Crayford's title mischaracterizes what I believe I might have been hearing from the Fraud. Crayford calls Fulford's article "MISINFORMATION". I would call Benny's fraudulent schpiel "DISINFORMATION". Now, maybe I'm splitting hairs or maybe the difference is that I just don't know what I'm talking about since Crayford's been doing this a lot longer than I, or maybe the issue is that you label the information at the point it becomes disinformation, and Crayford and I disagree as to the point of origin of the disinformation. I say it begins with the Fraud, but Crayford appears to believe it comes from higher above Benny.

My understanding is that the bottom line lie as created intentionally by the lie's creator and then sent off to be published and spread is called "DISINFORMATION". The intended purpose is to disinform the world, to sway us from truth, to confuse us. And that's what I call Fulford here; a disinformationist. Now once he sends this article off and some other dupe quotes Fulford or expresses an opinion based on Fulford's article that is "MISINFORMATION". That person is ignorantly spreading the lie, which is mixed with truth, believing it all to be true. So, therefore, I would say that Benjamin Fulford's piece is more "DISINFORMATION" than "MISINFORMATION". Fulford knows it to be a lie whether it originated in his mind or not.

Now, having said that, and say Crayford agrees with all of that "DISINFORMATION" versus "MISINFORMATION" argument, then he would be right in calling Fulford's article "MISINFORMATION" if it were based on something someone had sent to him, and he spread it believing it to be true, which I doubt. But if it were, then who would send Benny such a thing? Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott? 

Something tells me Crayford doesn't believe Scott is sending Fulford notes for his articles. So if not Stomach Staples then who might it be? Rockefellow, as Crayford playfully and repeatedly calls one of the reptile bloodline family members in his article. Could it be Henry KissMyAs*inger himself? Crayford believes Fulford has been directly following Henry KissMyAs*inger's directives, so it would be totally plausible that KissMyAs*inger has been directly supplying Fulford with his "DISINFORMATION" which would in fact make Benny the Fraud Fulford nothing more than JUST ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAIN OF MISINFORMATION, as Crayford so adeptly put it in his headline.


In his article here...

...David P. Crayford delivers a mini pocket-sized bite of alternative history which I believe happens to be true. It fills in a couple pieces to the puzzle as to how I believe history truly unfolded, versus what my propaganda private school and higher education history narrative has programmed me to believe. 

In his article Crayford explains to Fulford that, "There has always been a partially written historic rift between the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, whichever Pope reigns at any time; and Queen Elizabeth as Head of the Church of England." So that's where I have to begin rereading the paragraph. I hate admitting to myself that I truly didn't understand this fact before Crayford specified it in his article for my mind, but now it absolutely seems true.

First of all, please forgive me, because I have been highly educated in America but I had to relearn the truth regarding history once I finished law school and passed the bar exam. And after I completed all those continuing legal education courses. Back then I didn't really understand that Queen Elizabeth was Head of the Church of England. I don't think I had ever really even thought about it. But it does make sense now that I do think about it added to what Crayford says plus all the articles I have read that tie-in the close relationship between the Church of England and the Orthodox Church of Russia. It all makes sense now. I just never really realized they were talking about Her Majesty in all of that. 

This Holy alliance would naturally be antagonistic to the Roman Catholic Church, and that whole picture now falls clearer into my mind. I believe the Roman Catholic Church to be a major negative faction in the overall battle for major change on the planet, plus a major GDF thief. I believe the Roman Catholic Church to be my personal enemy, for many reasons outside of the GDF, involving myself, family, and friends, and the human race throughout history, which would then firmly place my beliefs and even my religious background in line with those of the Head of the Church of England as well as the Russian Patriarch. I believe us to be of the same Divine background of Christian Values, which has nothing to do with religion or ideology. It is purely 'Spiritual' in nature, frequency, and it is dimensionless.

In his article Crayford is upset that Fulford in his article had claimed that the unHoly bloodline he referred to included the Head of the Church of England. "At the same time, invigorated by the fall of their upstart US rivals, the European bloodline families have made a big push to fill in the Rockefellor, Bush vacuum," Fulford wrote. "Their top people are Queen Elizabeth, Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel." 

This line sent Crayford over the edge. He writes that Fulford's claim is totally incorrect and he likens Fulford's comparison to "trying to mix Oil and Water, which as we all know doesn't mix at all with oil floating on top of water in a similar way to the ancient feud between the Roman Catholics and the Church of England, jockeying for prime position of being on top."

The first thought of course that springs into my American '60s programmed mind is a sexual image but when that blows away I understand Crayford's point. As he stated, a good example of this at a more normal and visible level "is the problems in Northern Ireland which are generated constantly as a religious conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants." That's much of what my Irish forefathers have had to fight against throughout history and that battle has been ingrained into my genes. It is the genetic composition that makes up my Irish heritage.


I resemble that remark.

Whenever he gets the chance David P. Crayford likes to paint Americans in a bad light. I think he does it to inspire my writing. Maybe he does it to wake up Americans. Now he does it by equating Americans to Fulford and his phony White Dragon Society. Crayford states: "Then Fulford goes on to state, quote, 'The White Dragon Society is pushing hard for regime change in Japan as early as this fall. The aim is to force real regime change in the U.S., because Donald Trump's presidency is too little too late".

The whole thing infuriates me so I know where Crayford's ire comes from. However, I believe it to be misplaced, like Sam's aggression in life. But as Crayford always says, the situation needs to be analyzed first. So let's analyze this thing.

"So what exactly is Fulford saying here?" Crayford asks in his article. "In my eyes it is quite obvious that Fulford and his White Dragon Society are actively following and implementing the policies of the various American Governments since GWHB's term as President; and its Foreign Policy, which is REGIME CHANGE where necessary and where it is a so-called security threat to the United States."

There can't be any doubt that "REGIME CHANGE" is exactly what is being prescribed here by the Fraud. In reading his words Fulford does appear to be inciting regime change in Japan. He makes that clear when he says; "The White Dragon Society is pushing hard for regime change in Japan as early as this fall." Fulford is clearly illegally calling for regime change in the country he lives in, Japan. But is that all he's saying? 

I think it's clear from his words that Fulford is also calling for regime change here at home in the U.S. Only the fu*king little coward Canuck Benny the Fraud Fulford is an exiled Canadian - because he'd go to prison if he ever returned to Canada and the authorities there knew about it - and so the crazy Canuck is going to tell the world that my American President Trump, who I voted for, needs to be replaced? Fu*k you Fulford and that horse you road into the rice paddy on. Go drop another hit of acid and hallucinate another Henry KissMyAssinger fantasy parade.


In his article it is at this point where Crayford and I take different forks in the road of our interpretation of the unfortunate statements made by the crazy Canuck Fulford. "So the White Dragon Society appears to not only support Regime change, but is a tool of the American Policy, or I should say the American Elite Policy of REGIME CHANGE where necessary, so now we know for definite, whose side he is on," Crayford writes.

I don't think I'm real clear on whose side he is on here in this argument. See, this is where I don't think us average Joe AMERICANS really share any blame. In fact, my research indicates that the "American Policy" or the "American Elite Policy" do not even originate in America. My research indicates that the Bushes, and both Clintons are actually of pseudo British Royalty stock, that their families are European in blood, and were for all intents and purposes placed here in America as our Elite Selectees and they were the ones we SELECTED when we voted, because our elections are rigged, and these American Elite families are actually pseudo European bloodlines to begin with. 

We the American voters have never been given a true independent candidate of our choice, and we, as a people, as Americans, have never been given our own choice of leadership in this country. We always end up with the bastard British Royal Down-line called Bush or Clinton, either gender, or the African Boys of Brazil Obama twins, Barack and Michelle, who the Kinks used to sing about in the 60's hit Lola. None of them are American, and I didn't vote for any of them, so how am I responsible for any of this?


Crayford is not finished analyzing Fulford's cancerous statements. He's absolutely correct that Fulford is inciting riot in America. Fulford's been doing this ever since at least 2011 with his long-haired, drugged-out open calls for rebellion, which coincided with the former fat Australian Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's assault on the Global Debt Facility. "Fulford even fails to support Donald Trump's Presidency, saying it is too little too late," Crayford writes. "Irrespective of the fact that Fulford believes Trump doesn't have a Magic Wand, Fulford just doesn't understand how this 'Deep State' factor is so ingrained in America, and other countries as well, and that it is going to take a long time to eliminate it, if at all."

Fulford is obviously part of the 'Deep State' factor of which Crayford speaks. This is a criminal Canuck telling the world that we need new governments in Japan and the U.S. and now Crayford, an octogenarian from Europe, the spokesperson for the ITC, is telling the world but asking Fulford if we in America would like another import from British reptilian bloodline as our next leader, which is just what we need, another Clinton or Bush running the White House. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. "Would Fulford prefer Hillbilly Clinton or some other lame contender who just follows the line of the 'Deep State' and their collective of Kissinger, Rockefellow, Rothschilds, the Bushes, and the Clintons?" Crayford writes.

And again, I ask, what kind of choice is that? This is what the global planners have put in Americans' presidency Christmas stocking for as long as I've been alive. Yes, I got to experience "We like Ike" Eisenhower, but I was too young to understand what the "Military Industrial Complex" was all about. I got to taste President Kennedy leading my country when I was a teen. But I don't remember much of it with Daddy Bush taking him out so early. I got to taste President Nixon's policies before the puppet masters took him South, reprogrammed his mind, and destroyed him. Ronald Reagan bombed his way into my heart until he was rendered useless and mindless before his term was complete. I got to smell the candidacies of Independents like John Anderson and Ross Perot, but that's it, before they were removed from serious presidential consideration. The rest have been nothing more than a "collective of Kissinger, Rockefellow, Rothschilds, the Bushes, and the Clintons" as Crayford correctly puts it, and none of them are Americans. So it's not our faults. I've never voted for any of those clowns! Unfortunately, some of my family members have and the European bloodline clowns got put into American office.


"Fulford obviously doesn't recognize or practice Democracy, with all its faults and complex computations," Crayford writes. "It is obvious he is just a tool of the elite."

To Mr. Crayford, I respectfully say this. I agree with you 100% that Fulford is nothing but a "tool of the elite". However, we in America wouldn't really understand what you're talking about because we have never known anything resembling a true Democracy. We've never had it, with both major parties being hijacked and controlled long before I was born. My belief is that Democracy is not a good form of government for Americans anyway, and I believe a true Republic, as I understand the intent of that form of government, is what we need here in America. We need many new political parties. We need unlimited political parties, but the KKK and the Marxists and the Communists and Bernie Sanders can all go fu*k themselves. I don't care what the crazy Canuck Fulford says, and I don't care what any crazy Canucks might think, but in America I believe we're going to have to bring back some kind of true Republic-like government, where individual sovereignty and national sovereignty are fully recognized and respected by our government, before we can pull out of the financial and spiritual death spiral we are presently locked into. 

However, again, I'm not convinced Crayford understands my argument. Fulford is a Canuck. Rockefellow, the Rothschilds, KissMyAs*inger, Babkowsky and Scott are not Americans. It's not my fault.

"In my opinion, that makes Fulford as bad as America and their foreign policies," Crayford writes in disagreement. "I hope that the Government of Japan reads Fulford's article and have him arrested for Treason against Japan, plus have him deported so he is easier to get at without the support of the Yakuza."

Here's where Crayford's mind finally meets mine, sort of. Other than the fact that I want to be the one to prosecute and convict Fulford on behalf of the ITC, so I hope the Japanese government does in fact deport Fulford so Crayford can get his thick fingers on him and hand him over to me.


What Crayford writes about the government of Japan arresting Fulford is right on, and they should arrest him and put him out of everybody's misery, but the Fraud is a protected intelligence asset. And I still want to prosecute Fulford. I want to be the one to personally put him into the ITC's Shark Tank Prison system. I want to see Fulford dressed in his prison orange jumpsuit seated right next to the other crazy Canuck, Jerky Bobblecockski / Zap / dead Poof / Susan / Phony House of Bob Kowski / Jerzy Babkowski, who I also want to put away. I want to see those two criminal con Canucks growing mushrooms in prison with Wee Willie Clinton. I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun I would have prosecuting all three of them along with Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and others, so when David P. Crayford came over last night to show me a copy of his article and have some tea but no waffles, I told him all about my fantasy.

But first I offered him waffles. Crayford took a moment to study me as I licked the butter off my fingers, before he patted his stomach and said, "No, tea will be fine, thank you." I asked him if he's sure he doesn't want to try just one, because they're really good, but Crayford assures me he's not into buttered fingers. I laugh and tell him "I meant the waffles." I want to see Crayford loosen up a bit, get butter on the fingers of his life and enjoy my waffles, which I just happened to have a lot more of. I had made low-carb batter out of organic almond flour earlier this morning, and I made a ton of it. It was only the second time I had ever made them. I'm trying to get the carbs out of my diet. I would like Crayford to prove that my low-carb batter recipe is a success, but he's not biting. So I dip the next waffle in butter, and I ask Crayford how the ITC is doing with GDF business.

Crayford says there's really not much he can say at this point. It's all strictly Top Secret. "However," Crayford continues, "I can say this. The countries the ITC is presently dealing with have researched all of this within their archives very deeply indeed which has finally enlightened them to the real situation from which certain government heads have given the decision to go ahead. Think about it, Al. You're the one who's been writing about it." 

My head shakes as does the scalding coffee in the cup from which I now drink. When I'm finished melting my tongue, throat, and esophagus, I set the Make America Great coffee cup bearing Donald Trump's determined face down on the table. "Writing about what?" I say. 

The truth is I don't remember writing anything about government heads searching through archives for their confirmation of GDF history, but if David P. Crayford says I've been writing about it then, well...I believe him. What I do know is that certain countries and their leaders are literally battling cabal backed Heads of State and banking leaders for control of those countries assets and banks. That's the war that strangles the four corners or our planet.

Crayford checks his watch and says, "You realize that is also why Kissinger was in Moscow a few months ago and why he returned to the U.S. with his tail between his legs. Russia is fully aware of what has been happening with the GDF accounts over there over many decades and also now realizes how the U.S. are paying for all the wars they create. Unfortunately, and as the adage goes 'There are more ways to kill a cat than kicking it to death' as Kissinger is using all means and all angles possible to create problems in many countries around the planet."

I don't like the idea of Henry KissMyAs*inger killing cats in Russia, but I do understand all too well what Crayford is saying about stolen GDF assets and accounts being used to finance wars, global terrorism, and human control and domination. I've been writing about that my entire life. What's new here is what Crayford is saying about Henry KissMyAs*inger and the cabal, whom Fulford operates for, doing whatever they can to delay some countries from becoming the global financial powers that they are destined to be and will be once they free themselves from the tentacles of the cabal led Federal Reserve banking system.

One of my biggest problems, which is a huge problem with all of us Americans, is that we've still got to get the Henry KissMyAs*ingers of the world out of America. Yes, he does represent the cabal as it is intertwined throughout American government and politics, however Henry KissMyAs*inger is about as American as Rockefellow, Fulford, and Babkowsky, who are not American at all, and the Rockefellow protege and former U.S. Secretary of State does not represent true Americans in any manner, other than he heads the "American Elite" as Crayford terms it. That's why we have to become aware of the truth and rise, tell Fulford to fu*k off, protect our President while he cleans out the swamp, and help him get rid of foreigners like Henry KissMyAssinger who actually run our country and many other countries dependent upon the American dollar. 

"So what is the ITC doing about getting these foreigners like Henry KissMyAs*inger out of American government for us helpless Americans?" I ask.
Crayford waves his hand in dismissal and responds quickly and decisively. "Nothing, it's not our job," he says, his tone sharp like a knife. "It is up to the Americans. We do not become involved within the internal affairs of any country. We are completely neutral with the likes of Politics and Religion."

Crayford is obviously irritated by my question and doesn't hide it. He finishes his tea with a perturbed slurp and sets the cup loudly on the end table. He crosses his legs and I watch as the thick fingers of his left hand massage the shiny stones on the gold ring that adorns the ring finger on his massive right hand. I imagine the huge indentation the precious stones would make on someone's forehead if he were to ever lose his temper and just haul off and punch someone.

"I can inform you that the pressure is on people like Kissinger and the Royal Family team are really pushing very hard with their investigations and operations, and they too understand how important, but also how difficult their task is," Crayford says with a deep sigh as he unfolds his leg and lifts his massive frame from his chair. "Whereby if I can say it once again, Al, All the problems stem / originate from America and do go back to before 1945 and the Bretton Woods Treaty. The 'Dark State' takeover was well planned as a long term strategy but now the truth is out it is beginning to break down, albeit slowly."

I knew sooner or later we'd get back to it being the Americans fault for all the world's problems, but I just smile and I nod and I pick the waffle out of my back implant and I tell Crayford that "We Americans have got broad shoulders and soft beer bellies, and lots of low-carb waffles left, and we can bear a lot of fault."


I walk the spokesperson for the ITC down the hallway and to the backdoor. The afternoon has been pleasant and complete. I've had so many waffles I need to take a long walk. I hand Crayford his hat, coat, and walking stick. I grab my Red Sox cap. I open the backdoor and Crayford steps out. He turns to me. I look up when I face him. Although his weary face is etched in dull shadows I can see many lines of worry. They are firm and relentless. "Back during WW II collaborators were put up against a wall and shot dead," Crayford says. "Their allegiance was not to their country, but to their masters who had invaded their country. The real people knew who they were and soon exposed them for what they were, eventually removing them from this planet of ours and from causing more problems."

I recognize the words. Crayford's thinking about Fulford again. But I wonder if he isn't speaking directly to the soul of Henry KissMyAs*inger. In his article Crayford has told Fulford that his "unwarranted invasion / intrusion into the realm of the Global Debt Facility / The International Treasury Controller, financed partially by Kissinger, amounts to TREASON against the Global Debt Facility and International Treasury Controller under International Law and International Treaty Law, and the 'Sovereign' Laws of the International Treasury Controller."

Crayford has singled out and targeted the malignant cancer in the body of America that is Henry KissMyAs*inger. I imagine what it might be like to prosecute the mass murderer / GDF thief / eugenics proponent. I would get such delight in convicting him and watching Henry KissMyAs*inger grow vegetables on the east side of the ITC's Shark Tank Prison. Crayford tells me they'll all be growing lots of vegetables, Wee Willie Clinton and Hitlery Clinton, Daddy Bush and his idiot U.S. politician sons, and the sellout Muslim ideologist African who is America's former President, and ZAP and Fulford and Scott too, and they'll all be growing vegetables "or they will starve to death" Crayford says unapologetically. "It's that simple." And a rare as a full eclipse of the sun revealing of teeth descends upon me and I know that's as close to a smile as I will ever see from this man who goes by the name of David P. Crayford.


In his article Crayford promises, but he doesn't threaten, Fulford one last time:

"Like all others ..................... You have been warned and you will not be able to hide from us. Keep looking over your shoulder because we are still there, watching. I wouldn't say it is the best comedy or spy thriller we have seen but it sure as hell makes one want to vomit the indigestible misinformation you try and preach." 

First of all, Mr. Crayford, it's a BLOCKBUSTER spy thriller! 

Secondly, I admire David P. Crayford for his poetic rage and ability to out ZAP ZAP with his use of the English language. I pray as I step out and lock the backdoor behind us, as we descend the stairs, that Japanese or international law enforcement finds Benny the Fraud Fulford before Crayford does because I want Fulford alive. I want to prosecute Benny, and I want to convict him, and I want to see him growing mushrooms with Rockefellow, Henry KissMyAs*inger, and ZAP, without too many disfiguring indentations on his forehead from Crayford's heavy ring.

American Lawyer

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