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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER - Hunting the world's biggest (not as big anymore) terrorist.....
Jun 5, 2017 - 7:07:06 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER - Hunting the world's biggest (not as big anymore) terrorist, Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott; David P. Crayford says Scott and Ray Dam could be arrested by Interpol


"One has to ask the question as to what these crooks are trying to achieve with their lies and deceit."

--- David P. Crayford, May 28, 2012

There's a group of them. Bad men, like CIA / NSA Hobie of RMN, Peter Ulrich, the scab CIA / NSA wannabe who operates as McFusion at RMN, and the rest of the chumpsquad who run Rumormillnews, all had it wrong. And Lymerick too, who posted it on May 27, 2017, under the heading, Currency Reset - Bankers Arrested Secretly Worldwide The Positive Side of 2012 VIDEO. It didn't say anything about the OITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, the International Treasury Controller, and it was all a lie. And even though they tried to hide it from us, we found it. And we responded.

David P. Crayford says he was inundated with copies of the video, so many in fact, it actually forced him to watch it. Which was painful, I know. It was for all of us.

Sources tell me Crayford went apoplectic after he saw it, and jumped all over Scott's bullSchmidt like white on rice, busy fingertips hammering computer keys. I wasn't far behind. The video disgusted me as well.

We digested the absolute nonsense that was portrayed by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and Tom Price and we independently decided to refocus our collective attention onto the true nature of reality, that it is Keith Francis Scott, and all of his criminal three letter cronies, that should be going to prison with the banksters.

Crayford's response to the video was brilliant. It can be found here:

My response can be found hereinbelow...


It's Tom Price's video, and on the RMN link he sounds like a lost little girl begging everyone for directions home, or, in this case, to...

***** Please Subscribe to our channel **** We provide proof that 2012 is happening now in 2016 & beyond. We provide classes to ready and train you for this imminent transition. We provide the relevant news. OUR WEB PAGE: OUR YouTube CHANNEL: The Positive Side of 2012 FACEBOOK:

I figure it to be another in a long series of Agency wannabe rogue Websites, begging for donations, and acting as a billboard for any semi related disinformational story that might help generate some name recognition and income. 

David P. Crayford agrees. "Another Website seeking subscriptions to finance their rogue operations," is how he sees it. "So they have to tell people what they want to hear to keep bringing the money in."

Tom Price became a misinformationist just by posting it, whether he realizes it or not. In fact, if he knew that he was spreading Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's total disinformation, then he too would become a co conspirator with Scott in spreading disinformation.

Scott, sources tell me, is one of the best in the disinformation business. Crayford believes Scott is the one who devises the entire marketing campaign behind the fake attack by Scott and fellow rogue Pentagon puppets, like Karen Halloween Mask Hudes, Woofie Wolfgang Struck, Dave Dumb as Schmidt, Dougie Jones, Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP, and the late Neil Pugnose Keenan, who left the building with Elvis, against the so-called Cabal, which includes the acting American government, and the U.S. financial system.

What Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott failed to tell Tom Price, or his video audience, was that Scott is the Cabal. Scott is a major CIA player, which he so much as admits in the at least two year old video clips, as outlined below. But what has infuriated Crayford the most, sources tell me, is this particular lie put out by the very ignorant (but not for long) Tom Price:

The Office of International Treasury Control has secretly ARRESTED and prosecuted BANKERS worldwide, reviewing 50,000 banks and in remote areas, getting ready for the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET - the GCR. Here is the inside story - - by the key Insider.

I laugh at Price's outrageous hyperbole, and I jokingly congratulate Crayford for a job well done. After all, if there were arrests to be made by the OITC, Crayford would undoubtedly be right in the middle of them. Crayford isn't laughing back.

"All of that is a load of BS," Crayford says, "because Scott is not the OITC. Neither Scott or Ray Dam have any authority or power over the OITC and if anyone has been arrested it is the very people they are working with, which as you will probably agree, would never happen. The only person who can authorize arrests is the new International Treasury Controller as a 'Sovereign' under an Official Order to the Local Law Enforcement Agency and in conjunction with Interpol."

Tom Price's whole point for the 30 minute video presentation featuring a bad two plus year old interview with Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott was that arrests were in fact being made, right now, and in the past, albeit in secret, by those who work with the OITC. David P. Crayford knows who holds the authority to implement and order arrests and it certainly isn't just anyone within the OITC. It is all down to one man, and one man only and that is the International Treasury Controller.

Just watch the video. It promotes something called: The Planet Daily Website. This Website appears to be attached to the overall "story" scheme that is being promoted by Stomach Staples Scott, through the rogue aspect of the Pentagon. 

This Website promotes the slogan, "The Positive Side of 2012". This also just happens to be the same year Combover David Wilcock and Benny the Fraud Fulford first began promoting the scheme to instill a new American government and financial system to replace the Federal Reserve, and arrest bankers, and to end "Financial Tyranny." That's when Pushin' up daisies Neil Keenan and Stomach Staples Scott had their coming out party, and they and their collective story lies were introduced to the world. 

Here's the RMN piece posted on May 27, 2017 by Tom Price:

This is the original Scott interview with Ethan Fox, that has a publication date of September 5, 2015, entitled, An Insider's Look At The Global Financial System, 9.5.15, from which the Tom Price video was edited. You can see it's the exact same interview, only the full version, and Scott's wearing the exact same atrocious tie. Watch Scott's eyes bounce around in both videos searching for copy of his script.

Here's Stomach Staples Scott commenting on presidential candidate Trump. The production date of the video is May 16, 2016.

Scott with the same tie, with the video having been edited from Scott's 2015 interview. It appears Scott must have touched upon some point being made about Trump, the political candidate, since the video excerpt is part of the above 2015 interview, which was conducted before Trump was elected President. Again, all three links cover the same interview by Scott, same outdated tie, same series of lies and manufactured story line.

What Scott and Tom Price have achieved in their video presentation is to further twist the facts regarding the rewriting of the history of the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility (GDF). Personally, I am offended and royally irritated at what Scott and this Tom Price have presented below. My polka dot knickers and emotions have been twisted into an unforgivable knot of grand proportion. 

In Price's 2017 edition you will see an edited and restructured presentation of Scott's 2015 video interview with Ethan Fox. They present a new timeline re non events they've termed events. None of it makes any sense in reality, but it fits their new story line, to coincide with their timeline of events, which coincides with their version of taking over control of the Global Debt Facility.

Intelligence sources have provided a complete transcript of the video, many relevant portions thereof of which I have cited hereinbelow. I have commented where appropriate. 


"This video is about people being prosecuted in the financial world for violating international laws and international ethics in banking."

--- Tom Price, May 24, 2017 

Like cream in a Hollandaise sauce, Tom Price's naivete rises to the surface. Price is trying to tie everything Scott is saying into the spiritual hype surrounding 2012. It's a theme with Price's overall presentation. Scott intentionally launched his rogue public marketing campaign back in 2012 to coincide with the spiritual aspect of the Mayan Calendar event. In reality, there is no relation between the two. Just as Scott has nothing to do with the original OITC, it's intended or stated purpose, or legal possession of the wealth attributed to the GDF, Scott's much publicized "takeover" of "the Cabal," the allegedly rogue aspect of government that runs the United States, and the world, is all in theory with zero intended substantive reality. It doesn't exist. Not for the benefit of Americans or the world. It was all about Scott taking over the OITC. That's what Scott is all about. That's what he's always talking about. That's what everything he presents is a cover for. That's what Staples Stomach Keith Francis Scott has always been about.

It's all in an effort to legitimize the continued theft of the assets and accounts of the GDF. The rogue Cabal / Pentagon / CIA / NSA / Central Banking System has already taken over the global financial system, as it relates to the USD, and they did that a long time ago. They continue to control the system, doing so in the form of stealing from the GDF, washing and monetizing the stolen assets, accounts, and interest through the corrupt Federal Reserve Central Banking System, resulting in the continued production of quadrillions of additional U.S. dollars, much of it off the books, thanks to the continued CIA total control of the Economic Stabilization Fund, adding additional digits to our astounding financial system debt weight, and dragging the entire world closer to total nuclear destruction, while satisfying their personal greed, and need and ability to control us.

The U.S. FRN has very little if any purchasing value left anywhere in the world. We can't afford the printing up of quadrillions of more stolen U.S. dollars on the Elite's and Scott's behalf, it will simply wash the U.S. Federal Reserve Note out of existence, which is what's happening right now. That's criminal, treasonous conduct being committed by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and now being promoted and pandered about by Tom Price. Price has entered the criminal culpability realm in more eyes than just my own. He'd certainly better hope the bad guys win the war, because if they don't, he could find himself in bed with a lot of trouble.

Price introduces the video with a welcome to "The Positive Side of 2012". It's the out with the bad guys and in with the good guys schtick. It means we're getting America back, he tells the desensitized and compliant audience that we are. We're getting our world back, we are told, because we wouldn't know we had lost it without him telling us.

"This video is about people being prosecuted in the financial world for violating international laws and international ethics in banking," Price tells us, the tone for tonight's talk having now been set. So this video will enlighten us as to what's really going on in the world, not the lies that multiply in the crevices of our minds as told by CNN, but the real truth. The Pentagon's truth.

"This is a fascinating interview," Price says, enthusiasm growing with every word of Keith Scott's fantasy. "So fasten your seat belts. Some really incredible history is discovered here. And this is recent history, the last few years. And that sets the stage so that then we can talk about the arrests. So here it is. This is a story of two people and here is one of them speaking."

The elixir bottle has been opened, and the opium has been passed around the den. TV dinners sit before us on TV trays, and our programming channel has been set. We don't even have to think about it anymore if we just hit the button on the remote. It's all being told to us right here, now, as we speak. Our nightly dosage. Here is the truth switch which "sets the stage" so that we can begin to talk about all "the arrests" that have been happening, whether they really have been happening or not. It confirms in the backs of our minds the niggling notion that bankers are in fact going to jail, that Scott's story is based in fact and legitimacy, and that the Pentagon's continuous plunder of global wealth for murderous, greedy, terroristic opportunities is completely acceptable.

We've been told what to think. We don't have to ask any questions. No need to ask questions such as, Okay, so, like, who's actually been arrested? Where? And by whom?


We've already heard about the $3 trillion USD printed up in $100 FRNs, by an energy company called Centennial Energy Thailand, which Randy Kaiser <> is a part of, that led to an international criminal investigation. This was all exposed by David P. Crayford here:

Global news has confirmed what Crayford alleged; that major players in Philippines' government and American and Thai business are the subject of major law enforcement investigations. 

"The Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with TSOCO established that those whose signatures are affixed to the documents I previously published," Crayford wrote. He identified Philippine Senators: "Minister of the Interior -- Mar Roxas, House of Senate President -- Franklin Drillon, Minister of Justice -- Leila De Lima, Minister of Finance -- Ceasar Purisima, Philippine Central Bank Governor -- Amando Tentangco, Chief Financial Operation, Treasury Department of the Philippines--Loreleis Fernandez, Centennial Energy Thailand--Randy Kaiser and Malik Hughes Brookes."

Crayford alleged that those conspirators held Bank Accounts in Thailand that contained "substantial commissions gained from this illegal transaction of $3 Trillion USD." But I don't think anyone's talking about arrests just yet.


Keith Francis Scott is very difficult to listen to. He fidgets and searches for script as his eyes bounce and roll up and he hunts for the memory of his next ill rehearsed line. He doesn't know his script well enough and you want to throw your shoe at the computer screen just to shut off the drone of his voice. It's that painful. As he delivers his program and stutters through explaining "some of the things from uh our background" you get the glimpse of a man who's only trying to tell you the story as someone had once told it to him. It's fantasy and myth rolled into one, but the only problem is Scott is a programmed storyteller, and a bad storyteller at that.

He informs us that he's worked in the criminal spy business for "almost thirty years". He spent many of those years working in an organization "uh which we won't discuss but through that period uh I was put through a number of very intensive training areas and I learned about many different things uh related to banking to finance and to certain global issues." 

He certainly didn't learn how to speak. When he first started on all this spy work, of course, Scott didn't understand quite where it was all taking him or what his ultimate purpose would be, which was true agency policy. He was on a need to know basis, and at that time, all he needed to know was that his training had finished at the CIA polishing school and field office in Australia, and it was now time for the 'fat Australian' to move on to America.


"Eventually in 1989 I met up with a gentlemen in United States called Michael McKnight," Scott, appearing as a man who rarely misses a meal, says in the video. Michael McKnight was well familiar with the Global Debt Facility. He had been involved in asset thefts and corrupt bank processing of historical bonds for many years. He had made a lot of money for himself and the Company in the process. He was a lifetime Company man.

"And Michael uh brought me into a company called Mid America Development and Management Corporation," Scott says. "And uh they were involved in some rather peculiar things."

Of course they were, Stomach Staples. Aren't all Agency companies involved in peculiar things? McKnight's company happened to specialize in one very important aspect and link in the chain of stealing vast amounts of global wealth and treasure. "Uhm one of our things was moving money," Scott says. "Uhm I learned a lot from them on how to process unusual transactions."

Scott insists there was nothing sinister in what they were doing. After all, they performed these transactions for a number of governments around the world. And then Stomach Staples (although he was known as the Fat Australian back then, before the weight reduction and alteration surgeries) was sent from there to Cambodia, the next stop in his parasitic rise to the top of the global terrorist chain, somewhere near where the "fifty aliens" used to hang out.


"Again, I was not told why I needed to go to Cambodia," Scott insists. He was just told he needed to go to Cambodia, so he went. "I, uh, when you get there you will meet this particular man," he was told, "and you just wait there and the right people will eventually contact you." Which they did.

The introduction was to one of the world's best kept secrets; the most financially powerful man in the world; the Heir apparent to former M1 and Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos; the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of every Asset and Account of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility; the first ITC. "And then through this I met with His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam who had been appointed back in 1988 as the International Treasury Controller," Scott says. 

Here's where Scott becomes confused regarding the specific facts behind his sales pitch and lie. He doesn't have down correctly the dates involved or the actual name of the organization that was originally set up to manage and administer the wealth associated with the Global Debt Facility following World War II, the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC). 


The Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (1945-1995), which was made up of the United States, France, and the UK, (The Allies), was required by law to administer and manage the Global Debt Facility under one very important proviso and built in safeguard. M1 Ferdinand Marcos was to hold the final authority, by Signature and Seal, of any acts by the TTTGC to spend assets from the Collateral Accounts. But of course the Allies wouldn't allow that to happen. War, murder, and the near complete takeover of the assets and accounts of the GDF ensued and has been going on ever since. This is the global battle going on right now. It is literally about who will control the GDF.

"And at that time what was operating was the Tripartite, uhm, uh Gold Commission, which operated in the Hague," Scott stutters. "He was uh, had been a Commissioner on that uh on the Commission. And later the Commission was wound up in 1994, uhm having served his 50 year term from 1944 until 1944...uh, sorry, 1944 til 1994. And then he was appointed as the Sole Arbitrator on the Global Accounts."

This again totally exposes the fact Scott is struggling with the specifics of his script. Dr. Dam was not only the former first International Treasury Controller, before that he was the G7 gold signatory. Dr. Dam had nothing to do with the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission. The Royal Families and Nations of the World were out of the legal loop and control of the GDF from the TTTGC years of 1944 through 1994. Royal Family members were being hunted down and disappeared the world over by terrorist assassins of the Allies who represented the TTTGC, America, Great Britain and France. The assets and accounts of the GDF were being systematically looted, and Royal Family members were desperate to get the entire situation back under their control.


Another fascinating note is to watch Scott read from his script off his computer screen. This can be seen clearly at 5:04 of the video, and you can see the white brightness of the computer screen reflecting off of Scott's reading glasses. It's hilarious to watch a great example of a total psychopath searching for the words of the next lie to tell.


"When it comes to gold the only name that matters in this world is Dr. Ray C. Dam. That's the only name that matters."

--- Michael McKnight, longtime CIA operative, GDF nemesis, and Scott mentor

Scott claims to have met the first International Treasury Controller in February of 1997, after he had arrived in Cambodia. At first Scott was reluctant to believe what the people were telling him about the first ITC, because, to him, it just didn't seem logical that you'd find a man of such tremendous global wealth and responsibility, as the first ITC had possessed, in Cambodia. But that's where Dr. Dam was. 

Scott was stricken by the fact the man was Cambodian. "He loved his own country," Stomach Staples Scott says on the video. "He didn't see why he needed to work in New York or Geneva when he could do the same job in Cambodia."

Therefore, as an unknown face to the intelligence world and a psychopath in the making, Scott was Agency trained in Australia, polished with financial skills in America, and then sent off to Asia to take over the wealth of the original OITC. Only they didn't tell him as much, not at first, anyway.

Scott's eyes return to the script on the computer screen he reads from. "So, uh, over a period of time we got to know each other."

Scott's first meeting with the man he would soon try to assassinate was at first, admittedly, "very strange." The CIA assassin in training elaborated. "Uhm, he asked me some questions, what I would do in certain circumstances, and I responded to that. And then he came a question and he said then what would you do with the money? I said you need it tracked or do you need it moved, the money without it being tracked? And he said, without being tracked. So I said to him, okay, uhm, this is what we would do. And, I explained to him about a situation where we would move money from Philadelphia to, to uh the Bahamas, and what the process was in the Bahamas. Then how the money moved from there without any trace on it. And he then asked me the name of the company, and I told him the name of the company. And he said well what do you know about this company?"

Scott's story construct regarding the beginning of his relationship with the most important man in the world centered around the precept that Dr. Dam was meeting with Michael McKnight protege Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott to learn where and how he could move large amounts of money. Scott then zeroed in on one question that may or may not have actually been asked, but Scott was ready with his prepared response.

"And I told him that I, this company is controlled by a particular group of trustees and I named who the trustees were," he said. "And at this time I noticed there was a bit of a glint in his eye."

I tried to imagine Dr. Dam's eye glinting at anything Stomach Staples Scott might have to say, now, then, or ever. Although Dr. Dam had no idea that Scott would eventually try to murder him, and then use his name and reputation to take over and destroy the OITC, he was on the defensive. David P. Crayford has maintained to this day that Dr. Dam was always on the lookout for financial predators, assassins, and frauds, and that there was no chance Scott caught him unaware.

Crayford believes that Dr. Dam never revealed anything specific to Scott about the OITC over the fifteen years that they worked together. That it was mostly Scott snooping around everything, stealing anything that wasn't bolted down, and then stealthily using the OITC name in a parallel financial business structure that would eventually bring global ridicule to the OITC, lead to the character assassination of Dr. Dam, the theft of quadrillions of U.S. dollars worth of assets, accounts, and interest from the GDF, and the planned destruction of the OITC from it's original benevolent foundation. So Scott continued to work the good doctor Dam.

"And he was looking at me very intently and he said to me, okay, well who controls those particular trustees?" Scott says Dr. Dam said. "And I said, well, uh, they're controlled by the New World Trustees. And he said, what do you know about the world of the New World Trustees? I said, well it's interesting because nobody seems to know...who the New World Trustees are."

Okay, so what are the New World Trustees? Who are the New World Trustees? Google and other sources say there's no such thing. But the name sounds big, and if you believe Scott in the first place regarding him being in charge of the global wealth, and you believe that he speaks on behalf of the first real International Treasury Controller, then you too might swallow the Coolaid granules that say there were such a thing as New World Trustees, with Dr. Dam being King of those Trustees.


Scott continues to apply the spin. "And he said, uhm, hmm, he said beside you there's a little box, sitting on the table. Very highly polished little rosewood box. He said, open that box. So I, I opened the box. He said, take out one of the cards...and read it to me... ...Dr. Ray C....Chairman...the New World Trustees."

Here's where the Agency lie pulls us deeper into conspiracy and the Rabbit Hole. You can see at the 8:00 minute mark it sounds and appears as if they have messed with the video of Scott, specifically the audio portion. It sounds garbled, missing words, where the completed connection of words appears to read, Dr. Ray C Dam is Chairman of the New World Trustees.

Of course there's no telling if there's any truth to anything coming from a pathological liar like Scott, one who has alienated much of his family on a deep, personal level, let alone whether there was a polished rosewood box or whether Dr. Dam ever gave him a business card, but if he did, it would have been as the representative of the OITC. There has never been a New World Trustees to anyone's knowledge outside of old Stomach Staples Scott's imagination.

"So... that was my introduction to Dr. Dam," Scott says, a banner reading, Currency Reset - Bankers Arrested Secretly Worldwide, stretched above the image of the long, blurry bloat of Scott's face on the computer screen. "We discussed things for over a number of days, and, uhm, he asked me to check some accounts."

Another doubtful aspect of Scott's twisted version of facts. If reality were to be considered, why would Dr. Dam ask Scott to check anything? Dr. Dam was in charge of the accounts. He had been educated and schooled in global finances. He was one of the most knowledgeable persons on the planet regarding global finances and the GDF, so why would he give a phat rat's as* about what Scott thought about any of it?

The answer? He wouldn't. 

The reality was that Scott most probably got as much information as he could from Dr. Dam, and then he stole the rest, including, somehow, something regarding specific code numbers for specific accounts. At least that's how Scott makes it sound. But then he moves forward to confirm the information that he has taken under false pretenses.

"I went to, back to my old friend Michael McKnight," Scott says with no stutter, no looking up into that unknown void in the sky, no reading from computer screen notes, just confidence with an aspect to the story that stands true: Scott's relationship with Michael McKnight. "And he went into the Chicago Fed, and I had given him the codes so that he could open the screens and check certain accounts. So he went in and opened the screens and he came back and he called me. It was two thirty in the morning when he called me.

"And he said to me, this world is full of flakes, but your dear Dr. Dam is not one of them. When I opened that screen he said he would not even know one percent of the accounts in his name, controlled by him. He wouldn't know one percent. He couldn't. He said they're in the tens of thousands. And let me tell you, he said. When it comes to gold the only name that matters in this world is Dr. Ray C. Dam. That's the only name that matters. That for me was a complete confirmation of exactly why I was sent to Cambodia."


"Now let's attend to Keith Scott, the well known, unpopular, notorious liar who was the former Special Global Envoy and Executor to Dr. Ray C. Dam, a position which was terminated in March 2008 when he left the OITC without telling anyone until he sent an email 3 days later saying that he had left. What he doesn't say, or tell anyone, is that his antics involving the demise of Dr. Ray Dam and the OITC had been exposed and he was no longer credible." 

--- David P. Crayford, May 29, 2017

Tom Price just can't be stopped. He continues to fill in the holes and plug in the gaps of Scott's Fantasyland story. He continues to lose his credibility. "Okay, so try to get a picture of what's going on here," he tells us, as if we still haven't gotten the picture. "This is in the 1990s. The Cabal is in full power with the Reptilians and all of that. And 911 is right around the corner. And in the middle of all that, right smack dab in the middle of all that are these guys. Now these are good guys."

Again, associating the bad with the good. At 9:49 of the video, a noble picture of Dr. Dam flashes on the screen. Back then, he was the good Dr. Dam. "And there is no doubt at all that this is the light alliance at work," Price reassures us. "Now what these guys did was when a bank wanted to transfer large sums of money from one bank to another, Dr. Dam did it." 

This is a total outright fabrication. There's no evidence whatsoever that Dr. Dam transferred large sums of money anywhere. If there were any transfers of large sums of money, it was done by Scott, posing as an agent of the first ITC, not by Dr. Dam acting as the ITC.

Although David P. Crayford suspects Dr. Dam to have slipped to the Dark Side to join Scott and what he terms the Cabal, back in the mid to late '90s, the first ITC was trying to do the right thing. He just had no luck freeing up any kind of wealth, because the Banksters and the Cabal, acting behind the TTTGC Allies, militaries, and controlled banking institutions, had totally stymied Dr. Dam, thanks in large part to Scott, and tore apart the assets and accounts of the GDF, like the Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz did in pulling the inner stuffing out of the Scarecrow. Assets and accounts were strewn everywhere, hidden and torn apart from the very fabric that was the GDF.

On the computer screen, a questionably legitimate Soekarno document flashes. This is where the mythological story of the GDF is rewritten by the bad guys. Scott and American intelligence have attempted to rewrite GDF history through their Financial Tyranny mantra. They say that Soekarno was the M1, and that his legal down line, through the fictitious Dragon Family, had passed along the rights of the GDF to Scott and Keenan.

On the flip side of that coin, David P. Crayford has shared what he knows to be the true history re the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, the secret history that the Western control of media in general and the mainstream media in specific have covered up and helped to rewrite, one that says that former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was the actual M1, Holder of all GDF Assets and Accounts, and that Former Indonesian President Soekarno was not the M1, merely a Holder of certain GDF Assets under the control of M1. That Western intelligence took hold of Soekarno's legacy, and rewrote it to appear as if he once owned all GDF Assets and Accounts, which is not true.

"He had signature authority for tens of thousands of banks worldwide," Price says about the first ITC. "This is like different mafia gangs exchanging money. Can you imagine how dangerous his job would be? I mean the threat of taking bribes et cetera."

Just ask the new ITC, the second International Treasury Controller in history, how dangerous his job is. Avoiding assassination is the primary thought he breathes every second of every day. He still has not been publicly identified due to the need to keep his identity and whereabouts secret.

Price then zeroes in on the false history he and Scott perpetuate. "Now pay attention to the dates," he says. In 1963 Kennedy was "assassinated". In 1981 "Reagan was given a warning shot". Both of these were because they were trying to get the money system out from under control of the bad guys. "Now fast forward to 1988 on the chart," he says, "and that is when the first Basel Accord was passed, setting minimum standards for banks. Stating that essentially they just can't print money and lend it out. In 1988 that too was when Dr. Ray became the International Treasury Controller. So, suddenly, there's a new kid on the block trying to manage the money."

Again, Price, on behalf of Scott, has become confused as to facts or reality. The fifty year agreement between the Royal Families and the G7 Nations of the World and the world, as represented by the Allies, the U.S., the U.K., and France, terminated in 1995. The "Hierarchy", on behalf of the G7 Nations of the World and the Royal Families, had already selected the successor to the TTTGC, and that was Dr. Dam, long before the TTTGC Agreements had even run their terms, and it was only made official in 1995.

Again, more Tom Price misdirection. "Now, meanwhile, you've got the Bank of International Settlements, which essentially does the same thing that Dr. Dam is doing, except that the Bank of International Settlements, the BIS, was run by the Rothschilds."

Lies mixed in with facts. The BIS was established in 1930 as a corporation but based upon some serious shenanigans its operations were suspended. It was supposed to have been liquidated prior to WW II but even that liquidation was suspended and never implemented. Just after WW II the BIS was brought back into operation / reestablished and its mandate amended to accommodate the reparations of WW II, and to accommodate the requirements of the restructuring of the financial system to comply with the Bretton Woods Treaty, specifically to utilize assets of the GDF in an effort to reboot the global financial system, and to benefit all peoples of all nations of the world. It was created as part of the intended global central banking system. And, yes, it was "run by the Rothschilds," so to speak, only because "the Rothschilds," through murder, deceit, corruption, and war, took it over, along with most of the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The ITC still works valiantly toward rooting them out, and putting the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility back to its intended purpose.

Price calls the BIS a very biased organization run by the bad guys, and he paints Dr. Dam as butting head to head with the BIS. Head to head with the Rothschilds. Which was true, at that time, but no longer. Dr. Dam has been out of the picture since 2012, when the global "Hierarchy" notified him that his services were no longer needed.

"And next on the list you see 1997, and that is when Keith went to Cambodia to join Dr. Dam," Price tells us.

And again, the lie deepens. "So now you have these two guys taking on the BIS, Bank of International Settlements, and trying to bring some honesty to the international banking system. Next on the list is the nine eleven (911) attack, which occurred in 2001. And that was the last straw. That is what determined the timeline for taking out the bad guys."

What Price described is exactly what the second ITC is doing now. Taking on the BIS. Bringing honesty to the international banking system.

According to Price and Scott's fantasy story, 911 was what triggered the Pentagon to take global matters into their own hands, and to install a new American government and central banking mechanism, which is, of course, TREASON! And David P. Crayford believes everything Price is saying is a lie. He writes that Dr. Dam was the only one who battled the BIS, Scott having accomplished absolutely nothing but destruction and theft in his decade and a half as an OITC agent. 

"Scott spent 15 years as Special Global Envoy achieving absolutely nothing in those 15 years," David P. Crayford writes. "Even Dr. Ray Dam told Scott four times at a Cabinet meeting in November 2007 that he could leave right now if he wanted to, as Ray Dam didn't care. In those 15 years Scott carefully did everything possible to destroy the OITC and Ray Dam and he had no qualms about it either. There were very few inside the OITC at the time who trusted Scott. Three of those were Walter Kok - Intelligence (now Deceased), Andreas Jaruwak --- Swiss Lawyer (now Deceased), and of course David Sale --- Special Emissary (still Alive and healthy), who Scott deliberately, wrongly and maliciously blames for everything. There again, criminals always tend to blame someone else."


"So, in 2002 is when the light alliance took out the fifty aliens at the top, and the power structure of the bad guys began crumbling from that point forward... So 2002 was a very important date. Now let's get back to the conversation..."

--- Tom Price, May 24, 2017

Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott says, according to their timeline, 2003 was important as well for their scheme, but for different reasons. "...In 2003 we changed the name of the office," Scott tells us, in another nose extending statement. "I'd met with some three letter agency people in, in the U.S. And after a long discussion with them it was decided that we needed to change the name from the Office of His Excellency Ray C. Dam, uh, Dr. Ray C. Dam, to the uhm Office of International Treasury Control."

So why is Keith Scott meeting with three letter agency people in the first place? Oh yeah, he works for them, at war against humanity. So he's not hallucinating on opium after all? Maybe. First of all, Dr. Dam did not have an office under his own name after he was appointed ITC. Secondly, Scott, nor any of his but*buddies at the three letter agency, had anything to do with any naming rights for the "Sovereign" entity that was at that time known as the OITC.


"Dr. Dam says, if you take the devil's money then you are bound to do the devil's bidding. Now those of you familiar with this channel, you know that I've insisted that the fifty aliens at the top of the bad guys is indeed the devil talked about by Jesus in the Bible. And that devil was removed in 2002. So Dr. Dam sounds like a very special person."

--- Tom Price, May 24, 2017

Tom Price now presents us with a visual chart and timeline on his video, which first depicts 2002 as when the Light Alliance intervened. In 2003, the office name was changed from the Office of Dr. Ray C. Dam to the Office of International Treasury Control.

"So they were obviously putting on their seat belts and getting ready for the next level of confrontation with the bad guys," Price tells us, his nose growing. "And, low and behold, in 2004 comes Basel Accord II, with even stricter banking standards. So now if you step back and look at that chart as a whole, you can certainly argue that it's the Light Alliance implementing one thing after another in their plan to take the money system back from the bad guys. And the ultimate goal of that would be the currency reset that everybody's so interested in these days."

Okay, so if I understand Tom Price correctly, the Light Alliance, who first appeared on the Earth scene in 2002, have joined Stomach Staples Scott and Dr. Ray C. Dam to implement the currency reset on the planet, by taking our money system back from the bad guys? Hmmm, why didn't I think of that?


I know Clif High didn't think of that. On his Website here...

...Clif High specifically addresses the issue of "currency reset," although he terms it, "the global reset", and he explains it in a completely different manner than does Tom Price. High writes:

"As we are all too clearly aware, the financial system of the planet is flawed. The flaw has reached the point of ongoing failure. For years now, the creeping corrosion has led the mass consciousness into anticipation of what has come to be termed 'the global reset'. Those who considered the idea of a global financial system reset have speculated that we would be seeing a 'new bretton woods', and likely subsequent announcement by the G7 at some theatrically appropriate setting. 

"It was not destined to happen that way. 

"In fact, the global financial system reset is happening now, started in earnest in January of this year, and is picking up pace. There will be no G7 announcement that is meaningful. By the time of any formal proclamation by the global political figureheads, the reset will be nearly global, and an emergent reality. Indeed, by the time that the G7 figureheads are even made aware of the reset, it will be complete."

Yo, Clif, I am so with you on your take regarding the global reset. You make it sound so simple. The capital flight of the one percent who own the 99%; moving it out of near worthless U.S. FRNs, and into cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

And regarding Antarctica? I can't wait to hear it disclosed. And while you're at it, please reserve me a seat, near your group, in Antarctica. Where it's sunny and nice and warm and green, with crystal blue living rivers, right next to the ancient pyramids. 


The violin is playing and tears have been planted on cheeks. "The work that we did," Stomach Staples Scott tells the dimly lit bulb of an audience that is us, "was not to use the accounts and never to take anything for our own benefit, and we never ever did."

This is a totally self serving statement, that Tom Price would later latch onto. Although, technically speaking, Scott may have been right. He nor Dr. Dam ever took a salary draw from the OITC in their entire time working together. I believe the records would reflect this. But that wasn't the point for either man. Dr. Dam had money. He had been groomed by his high input education and training as a Central Banker and by the Cambodian Royal Family to fill the seat of ITC, and to properly execute the functions of the original Mandate of the World's Royal Families, in its effort to recover and re implement the assets and accounts of the Global Collateral Accounts into the new global financial system, on behalf of all peoples of all nations of the world, that arises out of the East, is backed by precious metals, and winds through Russia, China, their Allies and Partners, BRICS Banks, and elsewhere. This is something America was supposed to help the ITC do a long time ago.

Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, on the other hand, always claimed to be broke. He showed up at important business meetings in shorts and t-shirt and penniless. He was groomed by CIA warlords, acting on behalf of the banking / Rothschilds / Rockefeller / financial empire, the Cabal, to seize, take control of, and illegally process all the assets and accounts associated with the Global Debt Facility. This, in turn, would allow the Cabal to keep control of global finances. It's part and parcel to the global war taking place right now. On behalf of the Pentagon, and their intelligence apparatus and allies, they knew the true history behind the Royal Families and G7 Nations of the world and the GDF, which were under siege by the Allied Western Banking Cabal and their Cohorts, and they were going to rewrite it.


"...We were required uhm issues that we felt were wrong, and what, when we found people doing things that were wrong, uhm, our job was to report that to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Urban Housing and uh, sorry, Banking, Finance and Urban Housing," Scott lies. "And that was what we did. And each case that, that actually occurred the people who were involved were removed from their office. Uh, and an actual fact lost their bankers' licenses. So that's where uhm, that's really the background to OITC."

This is the whole thing. This is the whole premise of Tom Price's video, and the purpose behind Scott's participation therein. Their whole purpose is to make us believe that arrests are being made, by Scott, on behalf of the OITC, and here is their evidence. I hope you got that.

As for Dr. Dam, as was the case with former M1 Ferdinand Marcos, both Holders of GDF assets and accounts, he possessed tremendous responsibilities toward those assets and accounts of the GDF. Part of those responsibilities included accounting for lost assets or accounts to the hands of the Cabal as represented by the Pentagon / banking complex - the same one that backed Scott in the first place - to make sure there was no foul play associated with said assets. If there was, Dr. Dam was to follow specific procedures in dealing with law enforcement agencies as well as Interpol. And, then, theoretically, arrests would ensue. As confirmed by David P. Crayford in his latest article, Scott had absolutely nothing to do with this process.


"So this has been going on for a long time, and these arrests, as he said, have been very secret, and quietly done."

--- Tom Price, May 24, 2017

Tom Price has got Scott's fantasy totally figured out. Not. But he acts like he does. "So that's what these guys did," he disinforms us. "They not only transferred the money, and in doing so made sure that the money was good money, they also reported to the U.S. Senate Committee on anything that they saw that was suspicious. So that was 1988 and beyond..."

So I guess that means it's all official, now, according to Tom Price, on behalf of Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott. Scott and Dr. Dam are working with the U.S. Senate to catch the bad guys. Of course, we just never hear about it, we never read about it, but according to Tom Price, it's been going on forever.

"So this has been going on for a long time," Price says, "and these arrests, as he said, have been very secret, and quietly done. So these guys, Dr. Dam and Keith, are just two people out of many who have put their lives at risk on behalf of mankind over the past years, and others have done so for the past hundreds of years in order to get us ready for this transition. And they've all been protected by the Light Alliance."

Okay, so it's time to ask the next all too important question. Who exactly the fu*k is the Light Alliance?

And the second question that needs asking is, Who's been arrested?

I know I keep looking out for signs that the corruption is ending, and arrests and prosecutions are being made. But who else is talking about arrests being made, other than Stomach Staples Scott or Tom Price? No one, that's who. Nada. Zip. Zilch, nil.

That's because no arrests are being made, not yet. The furnace isn't burning red coal hot enough, yet. But it will, and when it does, arrests will be made.
Tom Price is passing along total disinformation regarding his representation of Dr. Dam and Stomach Staples Scott. Crayford believes Dr. Dam has already secreted away to the Dark Side, joining Scott. So that part is true. But there's no chance Price or Scott had anything to do with arresting anyone for anything, ever, on behalf of the OITC or not. "With Interpol knowing that Ray Dam and Scott have no authority whatsoever and are not in any position to order anything under the banner of the OITC / ITC, Interpol would definitely not be interested in taking any action whatsoever on their behalf," Crayford says. 

Another important point being made by Crayford here regarding Price's and Scott's claim that secret arrests have already been made. "Such arrests and prosecution would be public." 

It would be in world leaders' better interests to let the people of the world know that they have become tough against financial corruption. The literate world begs to read the headlines such announcements would generate. But we never get to read it. The arrests never happen.

Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott nor Tom Price have produced any public records to prove their point: that arrests are in fact being made. Crayford explains what those records, if they existed, might look like. "If there were any records it would be clearly shown that the Plaintiff would be the International Treasury Controller. The new and real one, not some conman."


Tom Price now closes the deal, tying it all in with the big "guy running the show," which, ties it all into Winnie the Poo Shrout, who we'll be talking about in great detail very soon. There's no question that the ITC and GDF have deep spiritual background. It just has nothing to do with Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's version of events.

"...Now this guy Dr. Dam is obviously very much an advanced soul," Tom Price concludes. "He's a soul who knows what unity consciousness is. He lives it. And there's no doubt he came here specifically to assist in this effort. And many others have as well as I've stated. Now, at the top of the currency reset, the guy running the show is St. Germain..., I have no doubt whatsoever that Dr. Dam is in direct contact, via telepathic communication, with St. Germaine. And the odds are too that some of his bosses were likewise connected. Among all the dark governments, there was this good government forming in the background. And that quote unquote government is what's taking over in order to get us through this 2012 transition successfully.... And I hope I've made you aware people have been working on this currency reset, among other things, for a long time."


"You can jump into the fire but you'll never be free."

--- Harry Nilsson, Jump Into the Fire, 1971

Crayford too believes that arrests will be made in due time. He says that evidence is still being gathered, that more criminally culpable "associates" are finding the light behind cooperating with authorities, and they are beginning to talk about others who are pulling the strings above them. The passage of time will lead to arrests. 

Crayford makes another important point, and that is that the only one who will ever be responsible for those arrests of international criminals who are global terrorists, that have anything to do with criminal acts upon the GDF or ITC, is in fact the second ITC. The International Treasury Controller will be the only one to issue the Official Arrest Orders to local law enforcement officials and to Interpol, regarding these criminal terrorists.

And here's the kicker. One day, international law enforcement authorities will get it right. They will work in coordination with each other and corruption free, and real members of the Cabal will be arrested and they will be tried. And therefrom, the irony grows.

"In fact they may even seek the arrest of Scott and Ray Dam," Crayford says, with more than a taste of irony, "for purporting to be something they are not for the purpose of fraudulent activities against the legitimate new International Treasury Controller."


What David P. Crayford is just too polite to say is that one of these days, if he hasn't already, the International Treasury Controller is going to in fact issue that arrest warrant. And then when international police agencies do their duty, they will arrest Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott. At that time, one of the world's biggest terrorists, although he's not as big as he used to be before the lyposuction surgeries, will be in ITC criminal jurisdiction. And if the ITC has hired me to prosecute his cases, as I've begged him to do, then I just might get to prosecute Scott. 

Then it will be my blue Irish American eye pressed into Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's dull, shark black Aussie eye, and we're gonna see who blinks. And I just may have to teach him the prosecutorial equivalent of the football pancake, like I used to have to teach my clinically insane brother, the middle linebacker, on and off the football field. 

Flat was flat. Didn't know what hit him. That kinda thing. 

Know what I mean, Stomach Staples?

American Lawyer

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