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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 - 5:12:26 PM

AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller.......continued
Oct 8, 2017 - 12:48:17 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller.......continued

AMERICAN LAWYER --- Fake Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to take David P. Crayford's job (and The ITC spokesperson is not amused) and plagiarizes former M1 Ferdinand Edralin Marcos while he's at it; and you're in my cross hairs Angel Ferdinand Marcos and GIDIFA!

--- The Rule of Law is definitely back! And Imelda Marcos, Woofie Wolfgang Struck, and Karen Halloween Mask Hudes move up ranking on The ITC's TOP 100 WORLD'S MOST WANTED LIST!!!


Quick, this message just in off the wire for Philippines President Dirty Duterte. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Mr. Presidente! 

Dear Mr. Presidente Dirty Duterte of the Philippines,

Now that you and I the ultimate American, American Lawyer, are such good buddies all of a sudden, and you think our U.S. intelligence agencies are all nice because we're offering you stolen gold and funds that we found in the Philippines, let me give you a little bit of fatherly advise, okay. I'm feeling kind of edgy these days, so please, bear with my impatience because I really am sick and tired of the nonsense, so I suggest you listen up ... capische. Wow, I remind myself of David P. Crayford. You know who he is? Never mind. Anyway, I digress. My advice to you is to get your thumb out of your ear, pick up your International Hot Line, and give The International Treasury Controller a call. You really do need to do this. It's for your own good. He doesn't work for American or any other kind of international intelligence agencies. He is his own man. If he answers you might as well introduce yourself to him since you seem to be working with the American and global intelligence agencies and the Western central banks to squander what The ITC owns, which are all assets that belong to The Global Debt Facility. You know, all the gold in your country. And all the illegal gold money-laundering drowning your banks and government financial agencies. You know what I'm talkin' about, right? It's called Filipino corruption. It's smothering your country and the world.

Another thing, El Presidente Duterte, I will be writing all about what you and Imelda and Angel and GIDIFA are trying to pull off real soon with the Ferdinand Marcos memorial and The GDF gold. Remember this. I want you to get better, in all ways. I want you to get healthy. You could actually be valuable to Filipinos and all of global humanity, if you knock off the lip service for nationalism and become wiser to the truth. So let me help you a little bit on that. Remember, you can be a wise man by accepting my wise advice to you so that you see clearly and help your people in the proper and legal way.

The reason you need to deal with The ITC is this. What you illegally process now, will still come out of the Philippines hide, financially speaking, because it's not yours, it's stolen. No matter how many quadrillions USD we're talking about, every cent of it is stolen and your country is legally bound by International Treaty to actually protect the assets and accounts of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility that are located in your country, not loot or squander them away to the CIA sponsored Imelda Marcos hit squad. Okay, so be smarter than that, Mr. Presidente. Angel and all of Imelda's little Luciferian children all gotta go, you know it and I do, now, please, don't be a CIA dupe. They're on my list, and so are you. I'm now watching everybody. So, now go back to killing all your drug dealing children, while we return to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Thanks, American Lawyer.


Throughout history there have been many heroes in the world who have tried to do what was right to make a difference for humanity on a grand global scale and to raise the collective human spirit. They were selfless in what they did and they possessed the high frequencies to back their hard work for the benefit of all. Ghandi was one of those special people. He came to signify to the world the strength one person could pose through silent willpower and the ability to protest and raise awareness through a peaceful transcendent perspective. In America we too had a similar heroic light in Thomas Jefferson who nearly 250 years ago fought with great passion and clarity in an effort to bring into the New World a new country based upon freedom, a determined spirit, human heart and ingenuity. Today we might call this national "Sovereignty."

Some would call Greek philosopher Socrates a great hero for his wisdom and selfless practice in helping to awaken human consciousness. He helped to invoke greater wonder and thought from the masses who were programmed into regressive darkness. Gutenberg invented the printing press, for without which humanity might still be in the dark ages as it relates to reading, writing, learning truth and light and being able to think for oneself.

And what about Mother Theresa who was one of the truly greatest heroines of all time with her selfless, timeless dedication to comforting the dying and the destitute. Or Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, a former Soviet nuclear sub captain, second in command in the nuclear armed Foxtrot class submarine B-59, who was credited with preventing a Soviet nuclear strike, and saving the human race from annihilation while he was at it, when he refused an order to fire a nuclear torpedo during the October 28th, 1962 United States cowboy testosterone fueled nuclear confrontation with Soviet ICBMs called the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In a similar vain we just recently celebrated the passing of another Russian hero, former Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov, known by many as "the man who saved the world," which is no small nickname, and he is credited in 1983 with bravely calling a false alarm when all computer data told him the U.S. had launched nuclear missiles at the USSR at the height the cold war. "My cozy armchair felt like a red-hot frying pan and my legs went limp," Petrov said in a 2010 interview, about his refusal to fire a responsive strike. "I felt like I couldn't even stand up. That's how nervous I was when I was making this decision." As American President Trump performs the nuclear war dance with North Korean President "Little Rocket Man" Kim Jong-un, now poses a critical time for all parties to remember the heroic efforts through strength and restraint posed by a soul such as Petrov who truly goes down as one of history's greatest heroes.

One of my personal favorites of all time has to be inventor Nikola Tesla who is described by many as being the most important scientist of the modern age. Tesla is best known for his many revolutionary contributions and inventions in the fields of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The heroic scientist and inventor Tesla at one time worked for Thomas Edison, who was falsely credited with inventing the light bulb. Edison was simply the face put with the product by those who figured out how to eventually sell the light bulb, but it was Tesla who was instrumental in actually helping to create the working dynamics of the soon to be sellable light bulb. Tesla is also credited with being the true inventor of the radio, which Marconi was eventually given historical credit for.

Throughout history there were also those who were never given a true opportunity to succeed. They spent much of their lives working and developing their god given skills to assemble ideas and engineering mastery that would forever change for the better the well being of mankind, only to be cut down short in their work and in their lives by concerted negative forces.

Tesla for one was murdered by government intelligence black hats and all of his advanced work stolen due to his endless work on his technological advancements especially as they dealt with anti gravity devices associated with reverse engineering, flying discs and / or flying saucers. Government intelligence agents just had to put the kabash on Tesla's advancements that were being made through private funding that countered the dominant influences and controlling element of the military-industrial complex Men In Black. The dark forces had to crush the light. In that dark light, another hero who was taken out well before his time, and prevented from achieving one of the greatest projects ever conceived that would have benefited humanity in untold ways was, in my mind and my basis of understanding, the greatest "would-be-hero" for humanity of all time, former Philippine President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.


You say we're growing,

Growing heart and soul

In this age of grand illusion

You walked into my life

Out of my dreams

Sweet name, you're born once again for me

Sweet name, you're born once again for me

Oh sweet name, I call you again

You're born once again for me

Just because I believe, don't mean I don't think as well

Don't have to question everything

In heaven or hell

--- David Bowie, Word On A Wing


Woulda, coulda, shoulda... There is so much to be said about those heroes and heroines who were slain before totally achieving their ultimate destinies. What if? Men and women of all colors and nationalities would have been heroes to humanity but for the absolutely evil machinations behind secrecy and color of government. To many people, myself included, former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos was stitched from that magical mythological cloth of heroic proportion as he spent much of his life attempting to implement the financial and energetic effects of something called the Global Settlements Treaty

The Global Settlements Treaty 1980 was an intelligent, complete, and well structured piece of legal work. It was drafted by a brilliant legal tactician and financial wizard, a lawyer named Ferdinand Marcos, who at the time also happened to be the President of the Philippines. Back on April 14, 2016 I wrote about what former Philippines President Marcos had attempted to accomplish with The Global Settlements Treaty here...

If Marcos had been successful in implementing the Global Settlements Agreement in the 1980s, he would have effectively implemented gold backing into the international financial system utilizing the Divine Wealth that was and still is today called The Global Debt Facility. Collateral Assets were already in place in nations and depositories around the world. All the banks, like the principle central bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, and all the other interrelated global central banks, which would include the likes of The BIS, The IMF, The World Bank, and every other major central bank linked financial institution on this planet, had to do was what they were created to do, and that was to operate in a cooperative international financial environment corruption and fraud free and not poach from the accounts and assets of The Global Debt Facility, and the system would have become a reality. But, that just couldn't happen, could it. 

The Central Banks were supposed to utilize the gold and the documents (e.g. Federal Reserve Bonds, notes, etc...) proving ownership thereof which had been deposited in the banks of the nations around the world to work with the countries of the world to finance their rebuilding and redevelopment after World War II. The gold would be used to build strong currencies and stimulate nations' economies and trade amongst each other.

Marcos understood the actual dire state of the planet's financial system, and he was well educated and versed in the obstacles and the Satanic energies that were trying to defeat him. This included the United States, France, and Great Britain, the Allies who through fraud and corruption managed and administered the failed Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC) of 1945 - 1995, and the entirely new Post World War II restructured global central banking system.

In 1988, a year before he was murdered, Marcos predicted the global financial collapse we are slugging through right now. He tried to prevent this from happening by getting the signatures on a treaty of more than 175 Heads of State and Institutional Signatories, but the big boys of the West just wouldn't allow this global-human-life-saving treaty to materialize. They had a world to conquer, humanity and a planet to destroy. There was a world of suffering to spread to Earth's masses, in every country on every continent. So the Central Intelligence Agency, with the help of Marcos' wife Imelda, left Marcos to die in a Hawaiian hospital. His dream, and the battle for 'Divinity' through a spiritual gold backed financial system, would temporarily be taken with him. His idea though never died. The ITC #2 who is the new M1 carries on with the exact same heart and goals of the former Philippines President. And we as a species continue to battle the global central banking system in an effort to survive.


On March 31, 2016 David P. Crayford wrote about the tremendous benefits the Global Settlements Treaty would have provided humanity here...

In his article Crayford cited some eye popping statistics. Had the Global Settlements Treaty been implemented ALL COUNTRIES ACROSS THE WORLD would have received large volumes of money. 

Their currencies would have been backed by actual physical GDF gold to rebuild and develop their countries. "To give you a real example," Crayford writes, "America alone would have received 

$500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD fully backed by gold from the Global Debt Facility." That's a lot of zeros. 

Libya and Iraq would have each received $500,000,000,000 USD fully backed by gold of the Global Debt Facility.

Russia (Then the USSR) would have received 

$900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD, fully backed by gold of the Global Debt Facility. 

The UK would have received $900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0 00,000,000,000,000,000,000, USD fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

"Now, just look at those figures again," Crayford writes. "Yes, totally incredible and to most people, as I have stated above; a 'Pipe Dream' and unrealistic. Sorry folks, but it is as realistic as me writing this response." 

The whole Global Settlements Treaty was fully understood, agreed and assented to by 178 countries. It was executed by top dignitaries of those countries, for and on behalf of their country, including Kings, Queens, Presidents, Ministers, and Ambassadors. "Sealed by the U.N. and registered and recorded within same," Crayford writes. "If anyone believes such a Treaty, if it was a joke, would have gone through the whole U.N. process to recording, registration and filing, or, if any of the signatories would have signed it in the first place if they thought it was a joke, then they should think again. The answer is DEFINITELY NOT. IT'S NO JOKE. IT NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE."

The way it has always been with American politics is that you may promise the world, but you will never deliver. Same way we do business. Do the hard labor and we'll pay you in the future in worthless paper, if that. As Crayford says the joke, a sick one at that, is "What did this small group of people who executed the Treaty think they were doing when that very same group of people discarded and ignored it immediately afterwards?" 

More to the point, those who executed it and then discarded it were not acting in the best interests of their country or their people, which in Crayford's and my book is TREASON. In all, 178 countries executed this Treaty, which was registered and recorded within the U.N., and all of them, including their numerous dependencies / territories, would have benefited dramatically, but the central banks wouldn't allow it, and have never to date allowed it to happen. That time is about to change. The International Treasury Controller is working hard to make sure it does. So are many others in concert with The ITC.

The above are incredible financial figures which many people will just laugh at, but those are the figures as stated within the Global Settlements Treaty itself, executed by all the World's Nations and fully recorded and registered within the United Nations, so it was no "Pipe-Dream" as Crayford says and those who executed the Treaty know this. "Now just look at some of the leaders in power at the time," Crayford writes. "All former members of the TTTGC, which was America -- Ronald Reagan, U.K. -- Margaret Thatcher, removed and disgraced in 1995. France -- Francoise Mitterand. All Master Signatories to the illegal Mitterand Protocols and the illegal linkage of the Global Settlements Treaty with the Protocols. This alone shows that the above persons were willing to implement the Global Settlements Treaty if it was in their interest, or, in the interest of their geopolitical policies ----- but they cannot implement it for the benefit of their Nations or People." 

For those wishing to review a copy of the Global Settlements Treaty of 1980 it is made viewable by KAN DAEK and Christ here...


And now the fake Ernest Rauthchild makes a cheap fake imitation and mockery of the great work done by Ferdinand Marcos. And trust me when I say this, faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild is no Ferdinand Marcos. He's not even a Jerky Bobblecockski. He's not a Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, a Winnie the Poo Winston Shrout, or a dead as a doorknob Neil Keenan. Fake Filipino Ernest Rauthchild expects the world to believe that his band of criminal cutthroats who he refers to as ARF, The Ancient Royal Families, have now rightfully and legally taken back all The ITC's treasures as their very own. This is due to what fake Rauthschild refers to as a "global agreement".

What are global agreements? the fake Filipino asks. According to faux Rauthschild ARF manages the Keepers who manage The ITC's GDF gold with "70-year Global Agreement / Mandates used to manage the Keepership programs." Hah? as Sam would say. It says, "A global agreement is used to record the management of the Keepership programs." Now why didn't I think of that? I know they didn't. What an absurdity.

There is no 70-year agreement in existence. This is a totally fraudulent statement regarding a completely fraudulent document that is copied from the original Office of International Treasury Control, before the benevolent organization had to be disbanded after having been taken over by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and the CIA. The TTTGC agreement lasted for 50 years. It was over in 1995. These moron writers for Rauthschild are trying to connect the 50 years plus the years covered by both The International Treasury Controllers, the first one being Dr. Ray C. Dam who was appointed ITC of the OITC in 1995. He was removed in 2011 after Scott and dead Keenan had tried to assassinate him, after they had completely assassinated his character in the eyes of the global community. The Top Secret International Treasury Controller #2 was appointed in May of 2012 and as far as I know there is no end date to his appointment. This is the reality of the situation. This is the 70 years the CIA / NSA / Pentagon script keeps referencing in Rauthschild's fake document.

Faux Rauthschild writes the last 70-year agreement made between ARF and the Keepers "was in Bretton Woods Conference in 1944." What a joke. In reality it is a fake agreement that was made for the purpose of this disinformation operation in promoting the phony Mandate from Heaven which justifies the phony 70-year global agreement, which is no more than another intelligence agency false con job with no valid legal substance. None of these Rauthschild clowns were even around in 1944. Bretton Woods did happen, involving intense negotiations from many sides, resulting in many international multi-national Treaties, not just the one bearing the Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States location name, where the United Nations Financial Conference took place from July 1st thru the 21st, 1944, at the Mount Washington Hotel. 

The most important agreements were not in fact the ones reached by the recognized but inaccurate headcount of 730 delegates from 44 Allied nations. The most important agreements were fought out and hammered out on the sidelines, many involving Top Secret negotiations between private individuals and private entities. Much of this involved representatives of countries of the G7 as well as representatives of the Royal Families of the World.

Fake Rauthschild claims his faux 70-year agreement included the agreement to release funds into the financial system and major global development programs. In other words, fake Rauthschild not only admits that they have controlled the release of ill-gotten gains from stolen GDF assets -- which in fact they have done and they still do, thus their need to use the 70-year agreement to justify their continuous 70 years of theft -- but that they have laundered the poached The GDF assets through government oriented development programs and central banks that finance them.

The fake 70-year Global Agreement faux Filipino Rauthschild promotes also happens to maintain the two exact same principle responsibilities that have been attributed to The ITC since 1995, and long before that, including former Philippines President and former M1 Ferdinand Marcos, and appointed representatives of the Royal Families of the World have always been associated with The Global Debt Facility, and that appointed representative now is exercised by the Top Secret appointment of The 2nd ITC, who is the present M1, something David P. Crayford has been telling the world about for years. 


Faux Rauthschild claims the fake 70-year global agreement ended in 2014 with a temporary extension having taken place, having the last funds made available as of the middle of October 2015. "After which ALL Global Accounts were returned back to The Royals," fake Rauthschild writes about the total deception.

That's what this is all about. Justifying the theft of The Global Debt Facility assets by pretending that they are just returning them, all of them, to their rightful owners now that the 70-year agreement has finally run its course. How convenient. We are told that as of the beginning of January 2016, no new agreements have been made and no new releases have been affected, and, presumably, "ALL Global Accounts" are still in the hands of "The Royals". 

This is what's being investigated right now. It doesn't matter if they're called The Royals, The Keepers, Imelda Marcos, Angel Ferdinand Marcos, or the Galactic Councils, if what faux Rauthschild says above is true, then it is being done so illegally by whomever is doing it since there is no legally recognized entity in any legal jurisdiction in the world known as The Royals, and The ITC will prosecute each and every one of these fake The Royals who pretend to own the assets of The Global Debt Facility and continue to illegally process them through the corrupt Western central bank system, with associated bought out politicians of associated nations.


The Rauthschild fake Cease and Desist document claims that a new agreement is currently being put forward called "The Global Peace Treaty", details of which are being finalized before being presented to the Global Community. This of course is a bunch of crap which will be addressed head on by The ITC through David P. Crayford and myself and many others at the time any such document is presented to the public. This is exactly the kind of behavior The ITC is going to have to address and put an end to before a true Rule of Law can be recognized in the world. The ITC legally has the highest criminal legal jurisdiction on the planet. But it only applies to harm inflicted against The ITC and / or The GDF, and associated offenses, which, in essence, are one and the same. These dupes like Rauthschild, their lies and their disinformation, must be taken off the streets and shipped off to The ITC's Shark Tank Prison system, which is different from The ITC Shark Tank water cooler, (The ITC having one of each) which is where Sam and I and some very cool people who either do or do not speak English, I can't tell which, gather sometimes for work, coffee, and a one-eyed shark stare-down. 


In his faux Cease and Desist order the fake Filipino called Ernest Rauthschild asks, What are Keepership violations? Keepership violations are what David P. Crayford has been crying about for the last ten years. I can still hear him. He first started out as Whistleblower begging to alert the world about the tremendous crimes that were being committed by a many number of international criminal individuals working in a vast network of theft from the assets of The Global Debt Facility, and murder and terrorism that were financed by the stolen assets, all while pretending they rightfully owned it. Just think the specific crap put out by Benny the Fraud Fulford for the last six years. It's what I've been publicly writing about since early last year. These fake Keepers at the behest of fake ARFs are continuously stealing from The GDF, benefiting themselves, their handlers, and financing terrorism worldwide. Just think Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Sources say this sniper-assassin who just shot more than 400 people, along with his Filipina girlfriend had just pulled off a similar stunt in the Philippines, in Mindanao.


"O.K. Fine, but a little short on the aggression." 

--- David P. Crayford, upon reading my last article

I begged the coach not to bench me at halftime. Crayford said he'd let me know the coach's decision when halftime arrives. So I pick up the football and my attitude, hoping my aggression and five touchdowns will follow.

In his fake Cease and Desist order the faux Filipino Rauthschild says the thefts of which he addresses, as if he has legal authority over any assets that belong to The Global Debt Facility, which he does not, and what he calls "Global Assets" and "the Keepership system as a whole", has been going on since 1944, Bretton Woods, and it consists of 3 types of "Offences". Faux Rauthschild's 3 fake ARF offenses are listed hereinbelow • along with faux Rauthschild's fake ARF remedies --- followed by MY suggestions labeled as THE ITC PROSECUTION'S REMEDY.


• Fake Type 1 Offences - these are defined as "those who directly/aggressively come against The Royals and/or Assets."

--- Legally fake proposed ARF remedy is for "the complete removal of the aggressors and the forfeiting of their Keepership, as well as the removal of ALL others that have provided material / logistic support to them". 

THE ITC PROSECUTION'S REMEDY --- There will be complete and total arrest, removal of subject(s) from theft and / or illegal operations, and full prosecution will commence for each and every person associated with harming The ITC and / or The GDF, or associated laws, as prescribed by The ITC Law, as David P. Crayford has previously outlined in his writings. NOBODY BUT THE ITC has legal jurisdiction regarding all matters related to the ITC or the GDF outside of the legal jurisdiction that is The International Treasury Controller.


• Fake Type 2 Offences - are defined by faux Rauthschild as "those that have mishandled Royal Assets, like exposing the assets without Explicit Authorization." 

--- Fake proposed ARF remedy is the forfeiting of their Keepership, as well as ALL others that aided and abetted in these crimes. 

THE ITC PROSECUTION'S REMEDY --- First of all, show us proof. Prove there is a 70-year agreement to start with, other than your fake e mail. Secondly, read my lips. There will be total arrest, removal from theft and / or operation, and personal prosecution of each and every person / thing / alien, and / or Extraterrestrial member of Galactic Councils, associated with harming The ITC or The GDF or any asset, account, or interest related to said accounts as prescribed by The ITC Law, and this includes mishandling or exposing assets, ever, by any of the above stated individual beings, or anyone, under any circumstances, and these laws have all been specifically outlined by David P. Crayford in his writings.

NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN THE ITC has legal jurisdiction regarding matters related to The ITC or The GDF outside of the legal jurisdiction that is The International Treasury Controller. Period. No ifsands, or buts. And this means you as well who sits on his thumb and writes behind and pretends to be Benny the Fraud Fulford, who some sources say is definitely not the same person or persons previously identified as being a Benny the Fraud Fulford fraudulent identity reincarnation, someone who replaces and writes for the one who disappeared, which sources claim has now been as many as four (4).


• Fake Type 3 Offences - are defined as "those that have neglected their Keepership role, like neglecting the defense of the assets and / or not providing enough logistical support for their upkeep." 

--- Legally fake proposed remedy is the forfeiting of their Keepership and restoring the damage caused. 

THE ITC PROSECUTION'S REMEDY --- SHOW US THE AGREEMENT. We want to see it. We know you are lying, so we know you can't prove it by actually producing a legally sufficient 70-year-old agreement. Where is it? F*ck off! Read my braille. There will be complete and total arrest, physical removal from theft and operation, and prosecution for each and every person associated with harming The ITC or The GDF as prescribed by The ITC Law, and this would include those who neglect the well-being of all assets, accounts, and interest on those accounts, as they might relate to or be associated with The Global Debt Facility. The International Treasury Controller reserves all rights to seek 100% complete and total financial remuneration, with interest, jointly and severally, from each and every individual, banking institution, bank director, bank governors, legal entity, nation, or otherwise, that brings any related monetary loss or damage to any aspect of The GDF.


NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN THE ITC has legal jurisdiction regarding matters related to The ITC or The GDF outside of the legal jurisdiction that is The International Treasury Controller. Having said that, fake Type 3 offenders would most probably not fall under ITC jurisdiction, unless somehow that neglect directly resulted from an affirmative legal responsibility and / or fiduciary responsibility held toward said assets thereby affecting the physical and / or depriving material possession by The ITC of said assets of The GDF. The fake offenses as listed in and of themselves in item #3 above appear to have no direct harmful relationship with The ITC or The GDF. However, The ITC reserves all rights to change his position regarding potential prosecution of all The ITC and The GDF related matters.


Let it be clearly stated that The ITC will prosecute all fake Keepers, The Royals, The Ancient Royal Family members (ARF), Implementers, and / or Galactic Councils members, ET or terrestrial, who pose any direct or indirect threat or harm or who have ever posed any direct threat or harm to The ITC or any asset or account or related interest thereon as it relates to The Global Debt Facility at any time, anywhere, ever. 


So this fake Filipino Ernest Rauthschild is pretending to speak to all Filipinos as if he were The real ITC or David P. Crayford or as a little bit of both while issuing his pseudo "stringent 'WARNING'", fake "Cease and Desist" order, and faux "Imminent Declaration of Loss of Keepership", all in one nasty little pseudo, faux, fake document that possesses no legal substance whatsoever. There are no laws to back up this fake Filipino's pleas to deaf Filipino Custodians' or Holders' ears. 

But every point of his letter must be addressed by me for their fraudulent nature and intent against The International Treasury Controller and The Global Debt Facility, which is my specialty, and what I do hereinbelow right now because they are trying to commit such heavy fraud right in broad daylight by posting this phony order to begin with. Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and the entire CIA / NSA / CFR / rogue aspect of the Pentagon / Western central bank system complex must know that they are going to be confronted fist to nose, our fists to their noses, on every single lie and point of disinformation they try to spread. It's all going to be contested, and truth will be told as we speak. The Truth and The Rule of Law are both being reestablished on planet Earth, one painful step at a time, beginning with as much as we can right here, now.


Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild makes five (5) phony claims regarding stolen assets belonging to the Global Debt Facility. They are absolute disinformational lies. They must be addressed aggressively, Crayford says, in the vault trap of my mind. I can hear him shouting. In my mind. Echo, echo, echo

The five (5) Rauthschild phony ARF claims and responses are followed hereinbelow by MY responses as if I were The ITC, and I ain't messin' around: 

FAUX FILIPINO RAUTHSCHILD CLAIM #1 - that there are "currently gathering of forces" attacking ancient Royal Assets in both Syria and Iraq, as well as "others waiting in the wings" in readiness to join in the attacks. Rauthschild's fake response is that ARF views these attacks and these gatherings as directly coming against The Royal Assets and therefore are Type 1 Offences and violation of Keepership.


Like we stated before, there will be complete and total arrest, physical removal from operation, and personal prosecution for each and every person who is "currently gathering forces" or who considers themselves to be "others waiting in the wings" to attack The Global Debt Facility. If I can I will personally come there and kick the Schmidt out of each one of you, wherever in the world you might be found, whether it's Iraq, Syria, or Brooklyn Heights. The ITC will find you if you are in any way, shape, or manner associated with the harming of The ITC or The GDF as prescribed by The ITC Law, and that specifically applies to anyone taking part in operations in The Middle East, Libya, Ukraine, Turkey, you name it, or any other nation, territory, or country on this planet, The ITC and associated international law enforcement agencies will assure of it. This will happen. The bilateral Treaties that will legally tie all this together are in the making, albeit, this is an extremely slow process, sources tell me, with many treaties, countries, and entities involved. Governments take forever to do these kinds of things, especially when it takes multiple governments to work jointly, on complex, but not complicated issues.

And if you've noticed, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, to name five, have worked jointly rather nicely in a coordinated effort at cleaning The GDF looters, assassins, and terrorists out of both Iraq and Syria, who have been backed essentially by criminal assets of the Western Central Bank System, financed by assets stolen from The Global Debt Facility. NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD OTHER THAN The International Treasury Controller has legal jurisdiction regarding matters related to The ITC or The GDF outside of the legal jurisdiction that is The International Treasury Controller.

Having said that, The ITC is well aware of theft of assets and accounts involving The GDF in Marawi, Philippines -- which financed yesterday's Las Vegas, Nevada massacre -- and many other Philippines, Indonesian, Malaysian, South Korean, Japanese, and Chinese locales as well. They will all be prosecuted, each and every individual, one at a time, as soon as the global implementation of the Rule of Law is honored internationally across the board, and nations' intelligence, police, and military operations work in unison to identify corrupt individuals, investigate their illegal activities, gather evidence that ties them and their associates who aid them in committing specifically enumerated crimes; to arrest, prosecute, and punish these individuals in the appropriate court system and penal system, which is The ITC.

FAUX FILIPINO RAUTHSCHILD CLAIM #2 - Faux Rauthschild Claim #2 states that there are currently Royal Assets being exposed for either sale, theft or placed as guarantees in the financial system. Rauthschild's faux reaction thereto is that none of these sales or guarantees are authorized by The Royals or have the blessings of The Royals. "If, then please contact myself or the relevant authorities to validate these transactions," faux Rauthschild illegally writes as being the point of this whole deal. "The Royals regard these illegal activities as Type 2 Offences and violation of Keepership. This includes but not limited to the BRICS Bank, which has illegally used the guarantees of Royal Assets without explicit authorization." 


This is carte blanche Rauthschild is giving to all those out there who possess The GDF assets or financial documents on those assets to contact him, so he can get his piece of the action, or facilitate the sale thereof, and the attempted processing through The World Bank and associated Western central banks.

The Rule of The ITC Law applies to all of these matters as stated above. Any intelligence assets, persons, Keepers, white agency contractors out of Guam, Implementers, bank executives, politicians, ARF, The Royals, The Ancient Royal Family members, useful idiots, CIA / NSA agents, or any other international intelligence operational clowns that are found to be associated with the faux Ernest Rauthschild in any way shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed under The ITC Law for attempting to usurp The ITC's legal power and rights, in other words, for impersonating The ITC, and doing a very bad job at that. That's the worst part. You really suck. You don't even sound real.

ANYONE WHO POSSESSES GDF GOLD AND / OR HISTORICAL FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES OR BONDS or the like at home, in the garage, in gold depositories in your grandmother's jungle backyard, you are urged to please follow the law, don't help the illegal Federal Reserve Bank / The World Bank / Western central bank system, CIA or NSA, contact The International Treasury Controller through David P. Crayford at:

David P. Crayford <>

Mr. Crayford will sincerely explain the real law to you and how that applies to whatever assets and / or financial documentation to those assets your family might possess. Whatever you do do not feed the mouths of the clinically insane intelligence terrorist assets who operate on behalf of the CIA / NSA / Western Central Bank System complex by contacting them or communicating with them in any way. Like ZAP, Jerky Bobblecockski or Karen Halloween Mask Hudes. Angel Ferdinand Marcos or hair all over the back Woofie Wolfgang Struck, who both operate out of the Philippines. Don't do it. They are armed, stupid, and dangerous, and they could hurt you and your family. And make you grow hair all over your back like Woofie Struck. You don't want to look like him. Where do you think he got the nickname?

FAUX FILIPINO RAUTHSCHILD CLAIM #3 - Faux Filipino Rauthschild Claim #3 is that there are "currently authentic and tangible reports" of "Planet Earth" shortly to go through an extended period of severe "space-weather" events "affecting the lives and livelihood of everyone on the planet, as well severe disruptions to the normal way of life."


Fake Rauthschild responds that "the setup of contingencies for the general population and contingencies for ALL of The Royal Assets are hereby expected to take place by ALL Keepers," he writes. "ALL Keepers are to report back to The Royals their preparation plans for the overcoming of such events." 


We've already seen such a scenario play out with the Bush / Clinton series of engineered hurricanes and earthquakes that wiped out the Philippines, Indonesia, and Haiti, to name three, before the Bushistas, Clintonites, and U.S. military mercenaries moved in to the battered countries to rape, pillage, and loot, including feeding the live sex slave trade underground rat line the Clintons support, prey from, and help feed into the bloodthirsty global systemic, Satanic pedophilia network. Now we have the endless cycle of alphabet hurricanes to dominate the United States and Caribbean, which some sources say is actually military weaponry, this time used by Russia to show U.S. military brass and the Pentagon the precision and outright frightening capabilities they possess militarily.

So it appears we're well into this severe "space-weather" events scenario already, and The GDF looting continues unabashedly in a heavy unified offensive. Except that there is now a fierce united opposition being placed globally in front of those who would steal The GDF. That's why the banking / intelligence complex has had to adapt and change their public persona. They're getting their asses kicked, and the world is at war. And all that's being dealt with right now head on by global forces, unless of course faux Filipino Rauthschild is talking about the planned faked space invasion, the idea for which came from Nazi Germany, created to unite all fearful people in the world under one evil but protective government, then Nazi Germany, now, the United Nations. That hasn't happened in its entirety, yet, and sources inform me that it is still in the beginning stages of playing out, thus one reason we are witnessing so many mass sightings all over the world. This is part of the setup for the later payoff of the staged UFO invasion.

As far as The International Treasury Controller is concerned, he is solely and alone responsible for all assets and accounts that are associated with The Global Debt Facility. When David P. Crayford was done speaking to me rather loudly about the different definitions for the word "aggression" he spoke even louder about his annoyance at the mere idea that someone like the faux Filipino Rauthschild named Ernest would suggest that fake Keepers of assets of The GDF should "report back" to "The Royals" about what they're going to do to overcome the ET space-weather scheduled events coming up.

"If I was him I wouldn't even be thinking about it!" says David P. Crayford with volume. Crayford has now joined Sam and I in the ITC water cooler lounge. Crayford seems hopping-mad agitated at everything that is happening in the world, which is pretty much the way he's been all week, at least ever since he sent me the e mail. Sam and I are still working at our computer sofa work stations in front of the ITC headquarters fireplace.

I stick up my two hands in the air with two fingers on each forming peace signs. "I've addressed all of that, David" I say, quickly pulling up the file on my computer. I read aloud. "The ITC prosecution team will make sure to be complete with total arrest, physical removal from any space or weather operation, and personal prosecution for each and every person, Extraterrestrial, alien, or Keeper associated with harming The ITC or The GDF as prescribed by The ITC law, and that specifically applies to anyone who makes plans regarding any assets that belong to The Global Debt Facility, in any manner or aspect whatsoever, especially if they make those plans with a faux Filipino named Ernest Rauschild in the Philippines, and are part of the all out assault by white guys from Guam to the Philippines to match paper to gold, destroy paper, make new phony paper to match stolen gold, and process stolen gold through The World Bank and The IMF."

Crayford pauses for a short second his head slowly nodding while staring out into the ever darkening sky reflecting off the water line of the Atlantic. And then he turns to me, expectantly, waiting for me to continue. So I do.


I read to Crayford that the faux Filipino's Claim #4 states that there are currently "authentic" and "tangible" reports that "Royal Assets under the Keep of The Vatican" is reportedly under threat of "attack by other groups" as a "way of settling internal scores." Faux Filipino Rauthschild's fake ARF response is that The Royals view these potential attacks as disturbing. These attacks will be regarded as directly coming against Royal Assets. 

"Whoopty Schmidt and who gives a fat ZAP's as*?" is what I say. I look up as Crayford's face is stern but agitated like a man who's either about to have an enormous apoplexy or an outright epiphany, I can't tell which.


I clear my throat. Twice. "The ITC says the criminals of the Vatican are a bunch of pussies and he's going to kick their asses," I read to my audience of two. I can see Sam cringe and I pause momentarily waiting to see who says what, but when both Crayford and Sam play mute I continue reading aloud. "Well, that's not exactly what The ITC said, but that's what he meant. What I mean is that David P. Crayford thinks that The GDF stealing element of the Vatican all through the years have all been a bunch of pussies and thieves, and he's gonna get 'em, one at a time, and we're already all over that one too. Okay, maybe that's not exactly 100% what The ITC is quoted as saying, but I know in fact that's what he thinks. That's what we all think. We all join The ITC in fighting to get to you blood sucking Vatican thieves or Extraterrestrial parasites or whatever you are; those of you who have been found to be legally tied to the stealing of assets of The GDF and / or harming The ITC, period. You The Vatican have already been blacklisted by The ITC until you pay back what you stole which is a lot, so ..... NEXT!" 

FAUX FILIPINO RAUTHSCHILD CLAIM #5 says that "there are occasions when reports circulate of some Keepers preparing to use Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in their conflicts, to be in control of the situation," I say. Faux Filipino Rauthschild's fake response is essentially that any fake Keepers who blow the f*ck out of other fake Keepers by using WMDs is committing "Type 1 Offences and violation of Keepership." 


All I can say is "No shit Sherlock!" I continue reading aloud. "This claim by Rauthschild is a total red herring. It has nothing to do with the Global Debt Facility. Right?"

I look at Crayford and he says nothing. "I mean, we're not worried about some crazed Galactic Councils member or some Satanic Implementer who might want to blow up the world so they can take a million tons of gold off planet, right?"

I look at Sam and he's not even going to try to bite into that one. I look back to Crayford, who stands there mannequin still, finger-drum-rolling on the heated rock wall above the fireplace, staring out into the dark Atlantic abyss. He says nothing but you can tell he's thinking deeply, angrily about something, everything. And then out of nowhere comes that shark again. Swimming like a torpedo, before making a precision stop, right up against the glass, right next to Crayford. And that shark, with it's one open eye, and its ugly torn up shark snout, just stares at Crayford from behind the glass, like he knows him. Crayford's face suddenly stiffens with resolve. He turns to me and our eyes meet, assuredly, with conviction, as if he's telling me that he's right with me all the way with everything I've been saying. And then he breaks eye contact, spins away from one eye behind the Atlantic glass, storms off and heads down the stone tile walkway toward the kitchen area.


I chuckle and climb back into my computer. I hit the key and pull the fake Filipino back up on my screen. In his faux Cease and Desist order fake Filipino Ernest Rauthschild, acting on behalf of The ARF, next issues a dire warning to all Keepers not to steal The ITC's GDF, only again he fails to mention anything about The ITC or The GDF. Faux Rauthschild states that if violations continue then "The Royals reserve the full right to take any remedial Enforcement Actions necessary against the individual Keeper and ALL those who are supporting them."

I whistle loud enough to wake the starfish on the lava formations outside the thick glass that holds back the Atlantic. "This guy has totally climbed into The ITC's shoes," I say to Sam. "He thinks he is The ITC." I yell toward the kitchen area. "Did you hear that, David?"

I listen tightly but hear nothing at first. Sam stares at me uneasily and we both listen for but hear no response from Crayford. I know he's in there, probably biting his tongue into bloody gnashes with all this hard work being coordinated to take over The International Treasury Controller's domain, again. And the whole thing is getting me all excited as well, with Imelda Marcos, and Angel Ferdinand Marcos, and Karen Halloween Mask Hudes, and hair all over his back Woofie Wolfgang Struck operating straight out of the Philippines. And wondering what the hell has happened to my good buddy El Presidente Dirty Duterte, it all seems like a little too much.

So I yell to Crayford again across the tile floor. "What do you think about the faux Filipino saying he reserves the right to take any 'remedial Enforcement Actions' against GDF thieves he wants? Sounds a lot like The ITC lost his job, doesn't it?"

I smile an angst wink over to Sam because I know what Crayford's reaction is going to be; it's going to be a lot like mine, which hovers right around the repressed violent rage stage. Sam knows how Crayford feels about this and he knows his reaction is just not going to be pleasant.

Coming from the other side of the rock wall and up the tile path we can hear several audible gutteral sounds, buts it's difficult to make out exactly what's going on in there. These strange noises are followed by what sounds like several flying expletives bouncing off stone walls, which definitely sounds like Crayford, which are followed by the loud banging of several pots and a pan. 

There's a pause and then there's rustling ripping sounds like something or someone is tearing in half a thick bag of powder cement or a telephone book. And then several loud thwacks as if a head is being hammered off of a counter top and then a concussive bang. And that's followed by what sounds like something very big and expensive possibly shattering of glass, or it just sounds that way, I just can't be sure. And I don't want to imagine what it might be, other than to look over to Sam who remains unusually silent, a dramatic contrast from the other room where David P. Crayford sounds like he's very unimpressed with the faux Filipino's "remedial Enforcement Actions."

I throw my hands up to Sam. "I don't think he likes the remedial enforcement actions thing at all," I say.

Sam's head swags. "Not a chance," he says. 

I close my computer. "What do you think he's doing?" I ask. "Should I go in there?"

Sam frowns. "At your own risk," he says. 

We both wait another minute but hear nothing. Sam says, "Maybe you better go check. I don't like the sound of that silence."

I fold my laptop and rise from the sofa. "Me either," I say. "This would probably be a great time to get a quote, don't you think, Sam? You know, while he's excited. And passionate. And very quotable. Don't you think...?" With laptop in hand I quickly tap across the stone tile floor toward the kitchen. "I mean, after all, Sam, Crayford's not the kind of guy to stand for this crap for too long, you know what I mean," I say.

I try to speak loud enough so everyone can hear me. "Heads are about to roll, you know. So, Sam, maybe you better just stand behind me, because you know if you cruise with the Crayford blues you're gonna get bruised, you know what I mean. Maybe be the white one who ends up in a hospital bed in Guam. Or gets arrested forever, in the Shark Tank river. Or worse. Like packed in an urn, or a box with a yearn. Wow, I like that. I think I'll put that one in a song. Or an article."


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