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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017 - 1:12:25 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller; The Rule of Law is back; Imelda Marcos, Wolfgang Struck, and Karen Hudes make ITC's TOP 100 WORLD'S MOST WANTED LIST!!!
Oct 2, 2017 - 1:08:29 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller; The Rule of Law is back; Imelda Marcos, Wolfgang Struck, and Karen Hudes make ITC's TOP 100 WORLD'S MOST WANTED LIST!!!

.... Could dirty Duterte be next? Or will cancer bite him before the ITC prosecutor does?


In this age of grand illusion You walked into my life Out of my dreams I don't need another change Still you forced your way Into my scheme of things
--- David Bowie, from Word On A Wing


Sam and I peruse the news and attempt to strain the truth from fiction. The world is obviously just going crazy and the mainstream media and the alternative press here in America are there to disinform us about it every step of the way. On one page my embattled President Trump is skewered by the 'fake news' media for being a self-styled Nazi White Supremacist who in 10 highly destructive months has divided our country down the middle, black and white. We are told My President is supposedly working on policy that will lead to the implementation of Martial Law, leading to the ultimate Balkanization of America into at least 6 distinct "Districts", each with its own new government. 

Overseas, President Trump's having a rough time with the Chinese Nationalists / Communists / Technocrats that are running roughshod on the high seas that is China on steroids, and cryptocurrencies, while their government continues to ignore the cries of their masses' growing needs. In South America, President Trump appears to be siding with big oil's interests in working former big oil CEO of the previously biggest energy company in the world, ExxonMobil, which has since been passed by Gazprom, and now U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is surrounding Venezuela and threatening their government's sovereignty. 

The U.S. has already levied heavy sanctions against Venezuela which have crippled their economy and left the masses with little money or hope. U.S. big oil has a watering of the mouth while digging toward Venezuela's vast oil fields, which some claim are the largest in the world. This is not good and I disagree with this corporatist-oligarchical-imperialistic outreach by Washington, although I understand why they are doing it. This is how the American economy operates. It always has during my lifetime. Imperialist nations must keep expanding at other nations' and people's expense to survive. Washington and their ties with international big oil and big banking make Venezuela a must have asset. This is why China and Russia have buddied up to Venezuela by providing major loans and they will make sure no U.S. military intervention will take place. It would be another black eye like Syria for the U.S. should Washington invade Venezuela.

The next page tells us just the opposite, that My President is finally doing something right, something that this country so desperately needs, making headway here at home against the 'deep state' simultaneously on many fronts, while prosecuting systemic pedophilia, zeroing out the Federal Reserve Bank in a less painful and disastrous way to the masses, and flushing Hitlery Clinton's crimes against humanity to the surface of public consciousness which will ultimately lead to her prosecution, as well as many other big money players on the political and banking stages.


But what blares from the front page of every single bloody news and sports page in America is eye-popping in its distorted mind bending out of balance proportion. Pundits and commentators alike continue telling us in bold headlines how politically inept our President is and how he doesn't understand how Washington really works. Of course the maggots of mass media forget this is the man who pushed aside and is about to bury both the Clinton and the Bush dynasties, and he has a strong support base here at home, including many of us here in the New England area who are amassing in tremendous percentages, and we are all willing to fight and die for our President if 'deep state' ever tries to bring him down. Yet the mass media seems to ignore all of this instead choosing to try to incite hysteria and riot. In fact, I got riot right here on my mind. Quiet riot! And I'm thinking about you Jerky Bobblecockski. And you too Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie who stole RMN and Rayelan Allan's life.

They're trying to bring riot about by driving a wedge through conservatives, liberals, blacks and whites, alike, everybody, in fact, by splitting the sector of the population and rendering us politically impotent. It's an old trick. Caitlin Johnstone via says that "wedge politics" can sometimes be used to sow division within a rival party, but "in America it's far more common to see them used to neuter anti-establishment sentiment within both parties simultaneously." Which is exactly all what we're experiencing right now. Everybody's fighting everybody and actually getting nothing done that would improve our economy, get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank's stranglehold on us, or give us jobs that pay enough to enable us to be able to take care of our families the right way.

Wake up America. Remember who exactly the establishment is, here, and you'll learn it's not President Trump. Again, begin with the Federal Reserve Bank, and go from there. Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? It sure isn't Americans.

We see American professional football players, coaches, and owners putting on a show of solidarity of ignorance of global proportions toward true world events and history, which is a cover for an even deeper truly dark nature that envelopes the entire National Football League. All of the owners belong to their own secret society networks that enables them to own professional sports franchises to begin with. Eventually Mr. President is going to bring them all down, and this is just the beginning of that political chiseling process.

We're also going to see fans stop buying season tickets to NFL games. Professional football in America could very well be on its way out. The U.S. Congress could lift the NFL's antitrust exemption, then where would they be? One Louisiana lawmaker has already threatened to take government subsidies away from the New Orleans Saints due to their players' lack of respect for the American flag.

"Disrespecting our national anthem and flag in the name of social injustice is the highest form of hypocrisy," Kenny Havard said. "Our free society made possible by our fighting men and women has made available free education, free lunch, housing and free healthcare and is now be considered socially unjust. It is time the taxpayers quit subsidizing protest on big boy playgrounds. I believe in the right to protest but, not at a taxpayer subsidized sporting event. Do it on your own time. There are plenty of disabled children, elderly and veterans in this state that would appreciate the money."

This is all evidence of major social change taking place in America that will benefit all of the world one day. But, for now, it's a painfully slow process and I fear we'll be forced to continue to see uneducated multi-millionaire professional basketball players disrespecting the President I helped to elect because of their false leftist indoctrination that's a by-product of the social engineering made possible through the mad scientists and mind control programs that began in Nazi Germany and now control America all thanks to something called "Operation Paperclip". Learn about it. Have a clue.

We see owners of professional sports franchises who all have their own dark network linking arms of solidarity with their exploited millionaire gladiators on NFL sidelines, while countering Trump's demands for the owners to fire the "son of a bitches" who protest during the American national anthem. I'm on Mr. President's side of this issue. Many of us are, especially the veterans of U.S. wars. If they can't at least stand for what the American flag represents, then FIRE THE SONS OF ALL THE BITCHES!


This is all being done to keep us in America fighting one another, and we're obliging. David P. Crayford says welcome to the experience because this is what America brings to the world. I say this is what Washington has brought to America. A Washington controlled by outsiders and the Western Central Bank System. I know it's made me want to stick my scarred up college football helmet back on, buckle my chinstrap, and go to an NFL sideline and line up against any one of these ignorant bleeding heart knuckleheads and show them what's what. And I'm an old dude. 

I would pancake his protesting ass and bury his protesting little heart on the 30-yard hashline of history and say let's talk politics now clown, down and out. They'd have to give me a fifteen yard penalty because I'd teach him why we really went to Vietnam. And why we're still in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, The Sudan, Ukraine, and various other ports of death and looting around the world. I'd ask him if he knew how older Russians truly felt about the Bolsheviks.
Do you have a moment? I'd say to the NFL linebacker I just buried, Why don't you and I talk a moment about your ignorance of historical reality and the fact that Obama in his 8 years in the oval office created the militarized police versus innocent blacks societal scenario play out that has emotionally scarred many of us, not just you ignorant athletes, and now your former Democratic Communist American President Obama actively encourages violence against our President Trump who's trying to stop it and turn our country right side up. So what are you whining about, you big babies? Go research Hitlery. When does she go to prison?


"I don't know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that's providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year ... when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year."

--- Alejandro Villanueva, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2016

As I sit here burning my Steph Curry signature basketball shoes in the ITC headquarters fireplace, because Steph Curry is the true bum, I watch Sam cry because he had to pay for the shoes that go up in flames because he lost the bet to me. 

I lost respect for Steph Curry and his professional athlete ilk. The next time I kick Sam's butt on the basketball court he's going to have to buy me a new Alejandro Villanueva jersey. Alejandro Villanueva is my new American hero athlete. He has replaced Tom Brady even though Brady threw for five touchdowns this past weekend. 

Just like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones almost replaced New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft as my favorite professional sports franchise owner this week. Jerry Jones, I thought understood the importance of united patriotism versus socially engineered civil division, but then he goes and kneels in protest along with his team. Alejandro Villanueva knows the difference between being a spoiled professional athlete brat making millions and being like the rest of us who don't make millions. Or worse. 

When back in 2016 the 'deep state' recruited and convinced former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who reportedly had been converted to Islam ideology by his Muslim girlfriend, even though he denies it, to decide to sit during the national anthem at NFL football games that he played in, beginning the racial protest movement among sports teams, Alejandro Villanueva said: "I don't know if the most effective way is to sit down during the national anthem with a country that's providing you freedom, providing you $16 million a year ... when there are black minorities that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for less than $20,000 a year." 

So why are we still sending black minorities to Iraq and Afghanistan to die? Can you answer that for me Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin? How about you, Lebron James? Can you tell me what Hitlery Clinton who I bet you voted for had to do with Libyan U.S. Ambassador Stevens being brutally murdered, the murder of their Libyan President, and the overthrow of their Libyan government and their independent gold backed Libyan banking system? Can you tell me that please, Coach Tomlin, the next time you keep your team in the locker room while we who pay your salary honor our country, our world, and our freedom.

My new American hero football playing athlete whose jerseys are now the top seller in the NFL Alejandro Villanueva can be found here...


Lebron James blames the President for dividing the nation. I blame Lebron James for being a hypocrite. All he and Steph Curry are doing by their actions is dividing our country further. They and all the other protestors are not bringing us closer. They're working on their own superficial solution to a deep, complex, and very old problem, and they represent a tiny minority, but they are role models for countless tens of millions of youthful minds across the world who are being infected by their expression of social, political, and historical ignorance. They never really ever touch upon the issues that could bring about positive change in this country. If you want to help us then learn the truth of why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan to start with. If you can even spell the words. 

There is a tremendous backlash building against Lebron James for ignorantly twittering my President Trump a "bum" and it's going to create tremendous blowback before it's all said and done. It's going to be immediate, it will slowly build, and it will bring about social change. Lebron James is going to feel the heat. Professional sports and the mass media are going to take a tremendous beating. The major entertainment networks depend on professional sports and particularly American football for the incredible income it generates. Wait til the advertisers feel the sting of the public outlash against the protest sponsoring NFL and the NFL is going to feel an intense financial fall.

I hold my tongue in what I would call Lebron James but I will say this much. You have a lot to learn, young man. You need to learn to respect what our American flag historically stands for, not just for your very narrow political beliefs, and not for what international criminals who have invaded every single facet of our society (learn about the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, etc...) in every form and manner tell you is the truth through the totally controlled programming and social engineering provided by our mass and alternative medias. You need to do the research and you need to learn the truth. And then you need to work with My President to change the world that surrounds us. You need to research the true history behind the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. You need to put deep pocketbook down for a second and learn what 'deep state' is. 

If not, Lebron James, after my Celtics dispatch you in this year's playoffs, I hope you go to the Los Angeles Lakers next year as a free agent. And I hope your Lakers beat Steph Curry's Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals. Then my Celtics will sweep your protesting as* right out of the finals on their way to winning the world championship just like Bill Russel and my old Celtics used to do. Or maybe you could just move to The Sudan. Either way it's called perspective, of which you appear as though you could use some.


Another page tells us that the purpose of CERN in Switzerland is to actually create the collapse of alternate universes into the frequency of the one in which we presently live, where the Illuminati have already gained near total control, and then they could control those universes as well. The theory goes that the Illuminati is tapping in through the vortices by deciphering the frequencies of those alternate realities and merging them into the low frequency of the one in which we live. But somebody called the Kuiper Belt Beings are supposedly sabotaging all of this, not for the sake of humanity, since nobody's helping us but us, but for the survival of all of Creation, as the story unfolds, according to one undercover CIA operative who covers as an Exopolitical expert.

From another flip of the mouse we are told that the thirteen Illuminati families are seeking to destroy the 14th Illuminati family, which is, of all things, the Japanese Royal family, because, the justification goes, they are not European based. For some reason my brain feels a vibration of truth to this claim, that I believe could tie into the ITC and the battle the Royal Families of the World have had just to survive long enough to attempt to reimplement the Global Debt Facility into the world's financial system for the benefit of all of humanity in all nations.

And then there's this idiot who pretends to be the representative of the Royal Families of the World, who at one time owned the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, and who by treaty have put the International Treasury Controller in charge of said Assets and Accounts. In other words, this clown is pretending to represent the ITC. In concise words, he's pretending to be doing David P. Crayford's job. Now I know why Crayford sent it to me, although I still have no idea what it has to do with America. Unless Crayford thinks Winnie the Poo Shrout is behind all of this, and he's definitely an American.


So I had checked my emails and I got this one from David P. Crayford telling me that this clown who calls himself Ernest Rauthschild is issuing a "Cease and Desist" order to "ALL Keepers of the Royal Assets". My first question was who are the Keepers and what Royal Assets did they refer to? And I know that's a compound question.


Dear Al, Take a look at the video below. All I will say is "Once again, it originates out of America".

I take a look at the link Crayford provides. There's a September 4, 2017 posting date by the cowardly Lion who works RMN, and is obviously looking for trouble. Above the video, the cowardly Lion at RMN writes, "The 'smartest guys in the room' have been quick to dismiss this document as fake propaganda for obvious reasons. But then, those claiming to be the smartest guys in the room usually are not." I am the smartest guy in any room I walk into and I'm telling you right now cowardly Lion at RMN what you write is outright nonsense and the document in the video is a total fake. So is your room and so are you, cowardly Lion at RMN. You're an agency shill posting disinformation in the name of Ernest Rauthschild on behalf of the Central Bank dominated 'deep state' that tries to confuse readers as to who actually owns the Assets and Accounts that belong to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. And that's the ITC. He's the International Treasury Controller. One bad dude according to David P. Crayford, referring to the one and only Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of all of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.


I then receive a follow up e mail from Sam as I'm sitting here next to Sam. I open it and it reads: Dear David, I tracked down the location and possibly a picture of the person Ernest Rauthschild photos attached. Another imposter want to be ruler of the world and looks like Filipino Again: 1701 Pennsylvanian Ave, Suite 499, Washington DC 20004 Phone: 202-417-8328 There is no Pennsylvanian Ave. in Washington DC and the name Rauthschild is not right. Anyway this kind of thing is very frustrating and criminal. Sincerely yours, Sam

I smile at Sam and give him a thumbs up. He glances over at me like he has no idea what I'm talking about, as usual, and yawns.


I scan the video Crayford sent me and it's nothing but a re-creation of a fake Cease and Desist Order issued by a fake person named Ernest Rauthschild. Sam says he believes he's Filipino. So we'll just call him a faux Filipino. Sam knows a faux Filipino when he sees one. The fake document the fake Filipino Rauthschild produced is titled, THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH AMERICA THE FAMILY OF NATIONS 1721-Present. The fake document is dated, 20 August 2017.

The fake document claims to originate "From the Desk of: H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Ernest Rauthschild The United States of North America, The Republic of North America AND: Chairman of the Royal Imperial Federal Reserve System", and it regards Re: ICJ/ICC Asset Settlements. This faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild is not His Excellency and this entire presentation is but a misdirection to confuse the readers as to who really owns the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Would somebody please tell me what the heck a Chairman of the Royal Imperial Reserve System is? Does that position have an office here on Earth?

The fake Cease and Desist notice is addressed To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets and it claims to be "an update from the perspective of The Ancient Royal Families (aka "The Royals")". First of all, the truth is that the higher ranking and globally respected members of the Royal Families of the World hate the term "The Royals". It's disrespectful to them and it doesn't properly identify who they really are in the legal stratosphere of the planet. Secondly, The Ancient Royal Families is not their legal name. Their legal name is the Royal Families of the World. That is the legal entity that made treaties with individual G7 nations such as the United States, France, Great Britain, Russia, and China, and others, regarding assets belonging to the Global Debt Facility. Those historical tasks were not performed by a fake entity called The Ancient Royal Families.

Third, not "ALL Keepers of the Royal Assets", which is also false terminology, since they're really talking about Custodians or Holders of assets relating to the Global Debt Facility, but most of those claiming to be members of The Ancient Royal Families actually have nothing to do legally or otherwise with the Royal Families of the World. Or for the few who do, they are considered to be disgruntled members of the Royal Family of the World, who have joined the dark side in trying to reclaim the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility which had originated through the Royal Families of the World. Any true Custodian or Holder of assets or accounts of the Global Debt Facility is bound by International Treaty to the ITC, although they usually ignore that legal obligation, so some phony schmoe Filipino baloney seller named Ernest Rauthschild can pretend he speaks for them, and can control and process the GDF assets to which they have access.

This misleading document by the fake Rauthschild name-drops references to serious world events that are unfolding in the Middle East and in "The BRICS countries", which is another misdirection, since those who back Rauthschild's fake document are one and the same with those who financially back the "serious world events" of which he refers. Fake Rauthschild then segues into "the concerns" The Fake Royals have "regarding the behavior of the Global Community towards The Royal Assets and concerns over their Keepership in general." This is the balancing point of the teeter totter of discussion. This fake Filipino faux Rauthschild knows our reaction and our reaction is that he is a fake and a fraud representing the dark side. However, for him, this is the perfect lead in for the implementation of the Hegellian Dialect formula in his presentation to the world and attempted cover up of the true nature, work, and intent of The 2nd International Treasury Controller.


The phony cease and desist order poses the perfect Hegellian Dialect framework. First, we are presented with our problem, our thesis. Here, it's the issues surrounding the false terms of "Keepers" and "Royal Assets". That is our problem. What the Keepers and others in the world are illegally doing with the "Royal Assets". There's foul play to be addressed. After all, "Royal Assets" equals stolen GDF. So we have now been presented with our problem, even though before reading this fake document we had never heard of Keepers or Royal Assets. 

Then, we have presented to us our antithesis, which is our reaction to our problem. The antithesis is being told to us in the framework of how the The Royals are reacting to the "the behavior of the Global Community" towards what the writer references as "The Royal Assets", and "The Global Community's" concerns over who's doing what with these assets, which are in fact still legally owned by the ITC. But the fake Cease and Desist order does not mention the ITC. The fake writer pretends he speaks on behalf of an ITC that he pretends does not exist.


Now we have in the fake Filipino Rauthschild's fake order a well presented two polls of ideas in which to frame their discussion. The first poll of discussion, we'll call it the one on the left, is that it's okay what the Keepers of the Royal Assets are doing in all the thievery and connivery associated with their dealings with the assets that actually belong to the GDF. That is the thesis. The antithesis, is the other poll for discussion, and we'll say this one is on the right, and it is The Royals', and the world's, reaction to the theft of GDF assets involving Keepers and others. 

The fake Royals are now tied into the discussion for solution to our problem with the "Global Community's" concerns. They are our antithesis on our behalf. They represent our interests, they say. They're the only other option we're given. We must now work between the two polls -- Keepers looting Royal Assets versus The Ancient Royal Families, who they say represent the community's concerns, doing something about the theft by Keepers and others -- because that's all we know, because that's all the information they've given to help us come up with our new synthesis to solve our problem.

You will notice how nowhere in this document is there even a discussion as to whether the Ancient Royal Families or their Keepers are real or not. It is presumed that they are. They make no issue of it. Nor do they make issue of who owns all of the stolen assets. They claim all of the assets and accounts belong to the Ancient Royal Families. It's not even up for discussion that someone else, like the GDF and ITC, might actually be the legal owner thereof. They never tell us about the ITC or the history of the GDF that goes back over 200 years. So now we are thrust into a discussion as to what the synthesis, or solution, to our problem and reaction should be, based on a very narrow scope of information.


This phony document again portends to address the legal issues that in reality pertain solely to the International Treasury Controller, but faux Rauthschild is substituting himself in the ITC's place. "Who are the Royals?" this fake Rothschild asks.

Now comes time for our solution as presented by faux Rauthschild. But before we reach our synthesis there is a history lesson that must be preached to us, so we can then put their solution for us in better context. What does the fake Ernest Rauthschild tell us about who the Royals are? Well, first, he acknowledges that calling members of the Royal Families of the World "Royals" is like calling a medicinal herb like Cannabis marijuana. He calls it "negative association" which creates negative imagery in one's mind. I say just smoke it dude and STFU.

Mr. phony Ernest Rauthschild then again applies a disrespectful misnomer to the Royal Families of the World. He calls them "The Ancient Royal Families" - who are "not to be confused with the kings and queens of the current day or the Dragons one hears about - are hardly mentioned in the news and that is how it is supposed to be. The Royals for millennia have been looking after the planet, its treasures, its land and occupants under the covenant known as 'Mandate from Heaven'".


Okay, so now we have gotten into the dangerous territory Crayford warned me about in my last article. It's the CIA / NSA / Western Central Banking complex issuing their good old covenant known as the 'Mandate from Heaven' in the form of claimed Extraterrestrials that reside upwind from "The Royals", who operate from a higher control platform, somewhere unnamed out there. Rauthchild's "Royals" are answerable to the Galactic Councils only. So now we have The Royals who operate under a 'Mandate from Heaven', and have done so for millenia, answering to the Galactic Councils. What will they think up next?


These are some weighty claims being made by faux Filipino Rauthschild. Depending upon which sources one reads, the Galactic Councils are either an elaborate intelligence-scam-like loosely affiliated shadow organization that applies misdirection and disinformation to many different social subject matters, this one being the control of the land of planet Earth, thus the control of all the gold which belongs to the ITC which can be found under land on planet Earth, or, sources say, the Galactic Councils are one of the negative Extraterrestrial related groups that Sam and I have been debating about for many years, which may have their own faction on this planet with any number of objectives, again, none of it benevolent toward humanity, and in this case, to control and steal the Assets and Accounts that make up the GDF, all of which is legally owned by the GDF and ITC, whether the thieves, ET or terrestrial, want to acknowledge it or not. 


Ernest Rauthchild claims his Royals "own the title deeds of ALL of the lands" and are "the ones who own the title of the 'Public Land', all the remaining land as being under 'Fair Use Keeping' and are the backers of ALL currencies in the system." What a claim. 

According to this phony representative writer of a made up entity called "The Ancient Royal Families", his claim to association with the Global Debt Facility results from a phony recitation of some sort of law that is not on any legal books in America or anywhere in the world. It is made up law; some sort of cosmic or galactic law which permits Rauthschild's Royals to own the gold, because they own the land the gold is found on, all of it, just ask them, it's in their mandate from hell. We were just never told any of this when we bought our homes in the countries next door, homes on land apparently owned by the Keepers for the lands owned by The Ancient Royal Families who answer only to the Galactic Councils. This is why it's important to learn about the true nature of the Global Debt Facility applied to what its true and intended purpose was and still is. Then nonsense like Rauthschild writes won't be taken seriously be anyone ever.


This faux Filipino Rauthschild says that as stewards of the planet, "The Royals" sublet the land to "Implementers" who look after the running of the land for the benefit of its upkeep and that of their occupants. 

I readjust my reading glasses. "Implementers, huh?" I say. "Who look after the running of the land for the benefit of their occupants. I bet they do. Let's go back and summarize all of this if we can, okay, Sam." I go back to my screen and I scroll down. "So as I see it this fake Rauthschild guy has made up this fake story trying to cover up the true story that Crayford and I have been writing about regarding the true nature of the GDF and the Royal Families of the World that used to be responsible for part of it. All this guy is doing is taking Crayford and my box of information that we've been providing to the world, and he's rewriting it. He's turning it into his twisted and perverted truth. What an idiot."

This fake story I read is about what this faux Rauthschild calls The Ancient Royal Families, "So I think we'll call them ARF for the purposes of this discussion, okay," I say. Sam's sitting on the plush sofa next to me at ITC headquarters, overlooking the fireplace embedded in the wall beneath the Atlantic size Shark Tank water cooler. This is where we have started to gather to work and think these last several days. It's more comfortable than my cramped apartment and antique wooden chairs back in Back Bay. Besides, the ITC mini fridge is always stocked with healthy, nutritional goodies.

"Faux Rauthschild says for millennia ARF has been looking after the planet, its treasures, its land and the occupants under some covenant he has named the 'Mandate from Heaven'," I say. "So he's saying ARF owns all title deeds to all land on Earth, you understand that, right?"

Sam nods and remains glued to his laptop screen.


"And these disgruntled Ancient Royal Families are answerable only to the Galactic Councils, got that too, Sam?" I ask. "ARF is only answerable to the Galactic Councils. And in case you're wondering ARF backs all of the world's currencies. Did I tell you that? Did you get that? What a coincidence. That just happens to be exactly what the GDF that is actually owned by the ITC does. Well, I think that just about covers it, doesn't it, Sam? I hope you got all of that. What do you think?"

Sam sighs and removes his tortoise shell reading glasses. "I think Ernest Rauthschild is a complete idiot," he says.

I nod my agreement and go back to typing notes into my computer. "I think he's Winnie the Poo Shrout," I say, "which is even worse. So they own all the land on Earth, they own all the gold on the land, and they back all the currencies in the world. I guess they own us too."

Sam puts his reading glasses back on. "They may own you, but they don't own me," he says. "You know who theyare don't you? Who ARF really is?"

I set my glasses down. "They are the reject members of the true Royal Families of the World who are making claim to the GDF they never wanted to let go of in the first place," I say, "and they disagreed when the treaties were signed assigning the assets they possessed into the Foundation and the Trust that make up the GDF that is currently owned by the ITC. And now they're trying to steal it all back. This fake document here says these malcontent ARFs sublet the land I guess they own because they bomb the inhabitants into oblivion so they can take over all the land on the planet and those they sublet to are called Implementers. 'The implementers look after the running of the land for the benefit of its upkeep and that of their occupants', it says."

Sam frowns and scratches his irritation into the side of his pulsing brown temple.


"So now faux Ernest Rauthchild has fake 'Ancient Royal Families' subletting to and becoming 'Implementers' and if Implementers use force and coercion, then they are termed as 'Dragons'. Got that, Sam?" I say. "A 'Dragon' is an 'Implementer' who uses force and coercion. Man, I remember that movie."

"Hah?" Sam says.

"For example, according to this fake document, Queen Elizabeth II is an Implementer and not part of The Royals," I say.

Sam looks up. "Hah?"

I shake my head. "According to this document. And, Sam, you sound very Chinese when you say, 'Hah?' like that. That's not proper English. We don't say 'Hah?' in America. New York is still America, you know that, right? In this part of New York we say, Huh?"

Sam cracks the knuckles in his left hand. "I understand," he says. "Huh?"

"I said it says here that Queen Elizabeth II is an Implementer and not part of ARF," I say.

Sam's brow creases as he thinks about that. He hits a key on his computer and pulls up the fake document onto his screen. "The Queen is not part of The Royals," he says. "Well, in reality, that's true. She's part of the Royal Families of the World. That's an important distinction. What an idiot this guy is. David's not going to like him very much."

"No he's not," I say. "Neither is the ITC."


I go back and study what I have just read. So we've got ARF who answers to the Galactic Councils and sublet the land they own to an Implementer who is someone who looks after the running of the land for the benefit of its upkeep and that of their occupants. Sometimes other Ancient Families become Implementers and if Implementers use force and coercion, then they are termed 'Dragons'. Queen Elizabeth II is specifically identified, singled out, and demonized here as being a "Dragon" which would result from her being from Ancient Royal Family who became an Implementer who uses force and coercion. And in this context it can only be considered as being used to steal assets of the Global Debt Facility, which Crayford has assured me is "totally ludicrous and another American absurdity."


Here's where the ambiguity gets huge, and where specific disinformation and programming are evident. "Sometimes they are given to groups or parties to form governments and therefore use their Central Banks to manage some aspects of the interface between The Royals and the Implementers," Ernest Rauthschild writes. "In recent history, The Committee of 300 was used for this interface, but now this organization is no longer in operation and a new one is in the process of being setup."

Again, another loaded paragraph. Deliberately vague and ambiguous, but loaded. The faux Filipino Rauthschild has fraudulently misstated that the assets and accounts of the GDF, which are owned by the ITC, are given to "groups" or "parties" to "form governments" and therefore "use their Central Banks" to manage "some aspects of the interface between The Royals and the Implementers". 

This can only be interpreted to mean that this is the illegal processing system for theft of the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. By what legal mandate do they operate from? Oh yeah, the made up 'Mandate from Heaven', of course. This would legitimize the practice of someone stealing the assets, processing them through the totally corrupt central bank system and then applying the profits to overt, covert, and black operations throughout international governments, fraudulently elected politicians, and oppressed populations the world over. This fake statement is merely a support backup to the corrupt practices that operate today and are being addressed and attacked by those who want to put a stop to it, which includes The International Treasury Controller.

The "Central Banks" the faux Filipino Rauthschild speaks of are the same corrupt banks that have illegally washed and laundered stolen Assets and Accounts of the GDF for many decades. They include The BIS, The World Bank, The IMF, and all the Federal Reserve Banks and related central banks around the world. And now this fake Filipino Rauthschild wants to say these same corrupt banks will now work in place of "The Committee of 300" who "was used for this interface" between ARF and the Implementers, but is no longer in operation and has yet to be replaced. Yeah, right. 


And so What are Keepers? the fake Filipino Rauthschild asks in the fake document I read on my laptop computer, while drinking Starbucks coffee out of my coffee mug without sugar or aspartame. According to this phony Cease and Desist Order from this phony CIA / NSA asset calling himself Ernest Rauthschild all of those who work on behalf of The Royals as Implementers are also called 'Keepers'. "Got that, Sam?" I ask.

"Got what?" Sam says while typing into his laptop.

I continue reading aloud. "Keepers have the obligation of the upkeep of the assets under their remit, including looking after earth, heaven, natural resources, water and air, as well as the living beings therein and the people who are benefiting. I think that means they also get all the ITC's gold."

Sam nods his understanding. "As David would say that sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me," he says. "So tell me more about idiot Rauthschild's Keepers lies."

I say, "They are also responsible for the safety of the treasures stored in the land and are not to touch them or handle them without explicit consent."

Sam looks up at me. "We are talking about the ITC's GDF, right?" Sam says. "Who do they think is supposed to give them that explicit consent? The ITC, or Satan? Which works for them? What idiots."

I'm pleased to see Sam's brighter personality has finally surfaced and joined the shadow of my one-sided conversation. My mind wings in circles with this nonsensical yet very informative fake order. "Now here's where it gets kind of freaky," I say. "Part of these treasures are those held for the future of humanity and others are brought from outside of the planet for safe keeping on behalf of the different Galactic Councils. That's a mouthful. So now the Extraterrestrials want their gold back too. Wow! I hope the ITC is reading this. And, so he says 'Governments' are Keepers looking after the land called 'Countries' and their people on behalf of The Royals. For The Royals to manage these countries, then corporations - with the same name as the countries - are used to manage the accountability of such Keeperships; and their Central Banks are then associated with these corporations and their accountability for us feeble people who can't account for ourselves. Got that?"

Sam removes his reading glasses. "You know what he's saying there, don't you?" he asks.

I mindlessly chew on the already chewed up arm of my black rimmed reading glasses. "Yes, I do," I say. 

Sam sticks his reading glasses back on and stares straight into the fireplace. "He's saying what David (P. Crayford) was telling you not to say. He's tying the Global Debt Facility in with the different Galactic Councils which probably are just that. And they want GDF gold. And that has nothing to do with Divinity, humanity, or the ITC's purpose for the GDF."

My head nods in agreement. "I know," I say. "First off, faux Rauthschild's not even calling the GDF by its right name. He calls it the Royal Assets, which they are not. They are the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Secondly, he's shifting the actual legal hierarchy of the Royal Families of the world. He's saying that the Galactic Councils are tied into the ownership of some of the Global Debt Facility. He's literally bringing the ETs into the ownership game. And he's also apparently making reference to Galactic Councils being tied into Countries, and presumably their elected officials, as overseeing Governments, and he seems to be making reference to the central banks as well, who he says essentially acts as their own Keepers of gold and GDF assets on behalf of the Galactic Councils, or they act as interface between Keepers and ARF, who look after the land the stolen gold is located on. Then he seems to be saying that the elected government officials who run the countries the gold is in, work in conjunction with the Central Banks of that country, which are all crooked and tied into the criminal Central Bank strangulation of humanity, and they are the real safe-keepers of all the Accounts and Assets of the GDF, that apparently now goes off planet. Did I get that right?"

Sam nods as if impressed by my recitation of Rauthschild's antics. "I think you got most if not all of that right," he says.

I sit here not believing what I have just said. Sam seems to be studying his memory as well, accounting for all of what this faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild appears to be trying to pull off here in tying the Keepership of all the accounts of the GDF to the governments and each nation's central banking system. It sounds totally like something Winnie the Poo Shrout would make up. 

It sounds like what Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott's been promoting the whole time. Only now they're tying the whole Extraterrestrial element into it. They're tying in the whole Galactic Councils' connection, which Winnie the Poo Winston Shrout continues to promote on his own to this day, when he should otherwise be in prison for the rest of his life. 

"You know why they call Winston Shrout 'the Poo', don't you?" I ask.

Sam frowns. "Yes," he says. "You've asked me this a million times."

My lips purse like sour lemons. "Well here's a million and one," I say. "Winston Shrout is called Winnie the Poo because he makes huge messes wherever he goes."

Sam nods and I join him and we nod our agreement at each other to the point I can't stand it anymore and I go back to reading the utter nonsense Rauthschild wrote. I hate to do it, but it's my job. 

"What are Global Agreements?" I ask.

Sam's shoulders shrug and his head shakes. "I'm lost without understanding, Al," Sam says. "Please, tell me what are Global Agreements?"

I smile. "I'm about to tell you a story, young man, well you're not so young anymore, are you, but you look kind of young," I say. "About the greatest Global Agreement ever written but never allowed to be implemented, by one of my favorite heroes of all time." I grab my I Heart The ITC coffee mug filled with what is now cold Starbucks coffee and I get up and head over to the murky frame that is the ITC Shark Tank water cooler . "His name is Ferdinand Marcos," I say. 

As I approach the water cooler I am mesmerized by what I see beyond the thick glass enclosure and the sheer depths of energy of the Atlantic, and all the beauty and grace and sheer deadly power of what's got to be the second biggest danged shark I've ever seen.


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