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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 - 2:34:33 PM

Nov 26, 2017 - 10:12:39 AM

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------------ China, Russia, and India will gold back Russian Central Bank with The GDF gold!!! ..... and ......... Indonesia will use The Global Debt Facility to back their new currency ..... while America, Dirty Duterte, and the poor Philippines people will suck high and dry titty once again .......


“Yes, AL, when he was in Asia Trump was informed of the intent that next month, Putin and / or the Russian Central Bank will officially gold back their currency using assets from The Global Debt Facility - Gold held by Russia, China, and India.  And yes, it's also true that Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts to gold back their new currency.”

--- David P. Crayford at The ITC debriefing, November 18, 2017


I can feel the electricity pumping through my skin as Sam and Enrique whizz me through the round magnetically sealed door, where there is no actual door, just an energy field, down the hall and into the tubular elevator chute.  My heart settles slightly as Sam presses his finger to the green touch button keypad on the security panel next to the door.  "Tesla technology, you know" he says.  I nod sternly.  I like Tesla technology and all that, but this whole place is filled with it, and Sam says that every time we step into the elevator.  Enrique stands there towering over me with his porcelain smile.  I hate that.  Enrique's always smiling and there's something wrong with that.  Nobody smiles all the time, but Enrique does.  Perhaps it is just his demeanor, but it's annoying.  He's an incredible marksman though who protects my ass with his fifty seven and his one inch grouping of twenty rounds at twenty five yards.  Mind blowing stuff, is what it is.  Sam said he's never seen anybody shoot like Enrique and I'm lucky if I can get a ten inch group of one.

Things spun into motion this morning when I sent David P. Crayford FraudFord's Henry KissMyAs*inger / Evelyn Rothschild initiated desperately directed disinformation article regarding the CIA / global intelligence / secret society / Western Central Bank System complex's wet-dream false version of the reality of the global financial situation as it relates to The Global Debt Facility, Indonesia, China, India, the United States, and the Russian Central Bank.  One must remember when analyzing anything put over the airwaves and signed by Benny the Fraud Fulford that there is no real Benny the Fraud Fulford to start with.  It's all just a poor facsimile; smoke and mirrors; a CIA asset name promoted without any true physical personality behind it.  And there's no credibility to anything he writes.  It's all a prefabricated lie.  It's like a movie production of this fake individual they use whenever they have disinformation to pass out, which Fulford's article definitely is.

Fulford's job has always been to disinform the world re a certain global financial perspective the intelligence-financial complex shapes into our opinion.  Anything put out by Fulford should not be believed.  Sources tell me the first Fulford was in fact a convicted felon out of Canada, who was involved in at least one verified murder, who was looking at going to prison for the rest of his life, before he sold his soul to Rockefellow, who had worked with Fulford's Canadian politician father, who kept his privileged Jewish white ass son out of prison, where he was then sent to Japan to help Rockefellow puppets steal all they could from the Japanese people through their government and central bank system, while being protected by the thuggish Yakuza mafia overlords.  So now Rockefellow-based handlers out of CIA central control the script through this fake entity known at this time as at least the 4th Benny the Fraud Fulford.


President Trump definitely knows what's going on regarding The Global Debt Facility.  There are many reasons the U.S. President spoke of the calm before the storm back in early October 2017.  One of them is that his intelligence people had informed him of who David P. Crayford and I are, and what The International Treasury Controller --- who is The International Treasury Control, the "Sovereign" entity, who legally oversees, controls, owns, and administers The Global Debt Facility, every cent of every account and asset --- is all about.

Since I've been aboard, whenever possible, I have personally steered The Global Debt Facility conversation toward American ears, especially toward our new President and his intelligence staff, trying to enlighten America and Americans to The GDF reality and its long-hidden history, and what we would have to do to ever be able to benefit from it legally.  The GDF has a Divine history and function as it applies to humanity's past, present, and future.  Our present, past, and future have always been financed and defined by The Global Debt Facility, and whoever controls it, only we never knew about it, which has allowed us to become enslaved by it.  And we still are.  Just look at what is happening to the U.S. dollar and its purchasing power.  Down the drain with the swamp.  President Trump is no fool and he now understands the significance of The Global Debt Facility and how it would play in the overall destruction of the U.S. dollar and the Western Central Bank System, and how, once America pays The ITC back, we can then get gold backing for our future U.S. currency.

President Trump is all about uniting humanity everywhere and helping us humans to survive and to thrive, especially us Americans here at home.  The storm Mr. President referred to last month is the last major push by the intelligence / secret society / central bank complex to gain financial control of the planet, which we are witnessing taking place all over the world right now.  Because to do so, the Complex must control The Global Debt Facility.  To do that they must destroy Russia, Putin, and humanity.  To do that, they must start World War III.  So that's why in a rush last-ditch effort last week FraudFord released one of the world's biggest secrets, which, obviously, isn't such a big f*cking secret anymore.  That's why President Trump met with the Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian Presidents in the first place.


Regarding my President, and his trip to Asia, and the Assets and Accounts of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility, Benny the Fraud Fulford wrote:

“There is a lot more than the ‘the sideline meetings and brief handshakes’ that the media has portrayed. The three world leaders (Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping) met off the record.  President Jokowi [of Indonesia] was there as well as a representative of the Soekarno M1 gold holdings).  Trump was informed that next month, Putin and / or the Russian Central Bank will officially announce the new gold-backed currency.  It is backed by Russia, China, and India along with their gold holdings.  Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts gold to back the new currency.  This move will put a lot of pressure on the U.S. dollar and the global Rothschild banking system.”


My heartbeat accelerates as we rush down the elevator chute in fractions of a second.  I can't count fast enough in my simple human brain to determine if we just did twelve, twenty five, or thirty-five floors, and I am counting, but they won't tell me, so I can't be sure exactly how far underground we are, again, still.  I calculate somewhere between 150 to 300 feet, but I just can't be sure.  We're just moving way too fast.  But I do know it is a helluva plunge, way better than any Walt Disney World ride, or any Long Island death-defying roller-coaster ride, or my second to last ex wife, who took me for the biggest ride of all, and it's called divorce.  But I'm always happy when we finally do arrive in one piece at our subterranean destination.

I can tell right off though that something is different about this ride.  First thing, Sam and Enrique appear a little more intense than usual in the office.  It's like an excited intensity, like they know something that I don't?  Secondly, I can usually count one one thousand one, one one thousand two, and we're already slowing to a steady stop on the lounge floor, but this trip lasts just a split second longer than the others.  When we touch down to a complete stop, I gesture upwards.  "The lounge is up there," I say to Sam, as more of a question than a statement. "Right?"

Sam presses the keypad and the door opens.  "Very astute.  I could see you counting," he says, "You're learning very quickly.  Before you know it, you'll know your way around here."  And he exits.  I gesture for Enrique to go but my new "body guard" as Sam calls him just smiles down at me like he's this GQ surfer dude, gesturing for me to go first, as if he were the gentleman and I were his senior elderly date.  His personality is okay but that smile just bugs me.  It's impossible for anybody to look that perfect, at least in America, and I hate that.  It's like Ken and Barbie in human form.  Sam doesn't smile like that.  I don't.  Man wasn't meant to look perfect.  At least not any men that I know of.  Of course both Enrique and I know there's nothing I can do about it since he's the one guarding Sam and I, and I've been to the firing range with him and I saw him personally whip out his 57 putting twenty shots in a one inch radius of a target, from various angles at twenty-five meters.  He tells me he carries his F.N. fifty seven because it's "so light" and he likes the way it penetrates Level 3 bullet proof vests like a red hot Japanese sword penetrates soft butter, or Fulford's brain, which are essentially one and the same.  "Very accurate," Enrique says in perfect English, which I can't even speak.  "Just point and shoot."  And then he does.  Points and shoots, hitting the bulls-eye twenty straight times.  And then he smiles and says, "Gets right back on target fast."  Which I obviously had noticed.


FraudFord's article was a "total lie sandwich."  I wrote to Crayford that it was of my belief that the one essential lie, which I cited above, was actually covering the one big Truth, which was the whole point of the article.  It was all about the sideline meetings in Asia between U.S., Russian, Chinese, and Indonesian Presidents - world leaders including Presidents Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping.  It was about pretending that someone in their right f*cking sane mind would then inform White Dragon Society member Benny the Fraud Fulford what those Presidents discussed in private, which, of course, was Top Secret and all about The Global Debt Facility.  But the one bit of Truth FraudFord wrote about was huge.

The rest of the FraudFord's piece touched on major hot topic global and American issues with some veracity, sandwiching this huge above Truth entwined lie which appears to again directly counter or mix up the legal reality behind the true M1 / The ITC position with the old Soekarno fake CIA M1 story perpetuated by Fulford and like-minded disinformation specialists.  If FraudFord had just put The International Treasury Controller into that equation it would have been an essentially truthful statement.

That's why in my letter to Crayford I cited my concern over what FraudFord had said and the way the facts had been totally twisted around and the fact the Top Secret cat was now out of the bag about the Russian Central Bank.  The world was about to know the Truth, whether it was ready for it or not.

"I'm sure you saw FraudFord's piece yesterday here..."

... I wrote, complaining profusely about the fact FraudFord had claimed to have a mole (like the one on his a*s) who was actually at the meeting of Presidents Trump, Xi Jinping, and Putin in Vietnam.


Crayford responded quickly, succinctly.  "The KEY to both the question and the answer is quite clear," the spokesperson for The 2nd International Treasury Controller wrote.  “Yes, AL, when he was in Asia Trump was informed of the intent that next month, Putin and / or the Russian Central Bank will officially gold back their currency using assets from The Global Debt Facility - Gold held by Russia, China, and India.  And yes, it's also true that Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts to gold back their new currency.”

It was not only out of the bag but it was true.  And it was huge, and my mind had been blown once again. The world was about to witness the New World Order, but it was different than what we in America had been programmed to believe, and it was all about Russia, China, India, and Indonesia utilizing The Global Debt Facility gold to back the new currencies of the new global financial system.  This was the GCR or the RV that all the CIA puppet talking heads like FraudFord, Keenan, Hudes, and Bobblecockski / ZAP have been talking and writing about for years, but the world doesn't even realize it yet because the breaking Top Secret news story of the century had been broken by a con CIA fraud thief named FraudFord who doesn't even exist in real life.  How can you believe what he writes?

What Crayford wrote next sent goose-bumps down my left leg.  "I am going to be very careful here because of revealing too much information to the opposition and also to prevent divulging TOP SECRET, which is the Russian Classification, information."  And then he told me we needed to meet, because he wanted to tell it to me personally, and he wanted me to write about it; what all had been previously considered top secret in the highest echelons of government in the world's most powerful nations, was now to become public, as the secret to the global financial transformation was about to be set straight.


Crayford hated the fact the f*cking Illuminati Secret Society bullSchmidt artist FraudFord was the one to break the earth-shattering news.  And I agreed.  FraudFord needed to be put down.  People in the world, especially Americans, needed to be reminded that the only reason Benny the Fraud Fulford was still in public view is because nobody had yet killed the CIA intelligence persona behind his type-written lies.  Maybe that would change now that the United States Marines had raided CIA headquarters at Langley, to which, of course, Sam says, "Yeah, well, what about New York, and Stratfor in Texas?"  Which can be found here ...

I don't have immediate answers to his questions as I'm being hustled down the hallway by two badasses, fully armed, with questionable attitudes, and I remind Sam that FraudFord's true colors came out two weeks ago in his ménage à trois interview with CIA lackey Winston the Poo Shrout and Darth Vader in an iron lung who calls himself Cobra, and this CIA dyke intel operative named Louisa who laughs way too much to be taken seriously, which I found here ...

This was the setup piece where they talk about man's ascension which they directly tie into the success or failure of controlling The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility; where FraudFord admits the secret societies are at the center of the entire world-wide financial fraud.  "But definitely the Asian secret societies ... they are to play a big role," the Fraud says.


"The Black (White) Dragon Society reaches into intelligence agencies, governments, crime syndicates, financial institutions etc. around the planet."

--- Benny the Fraud Fulford, October 24, 2009

This recent null sphere of a brain FraudFord admission to his connection to the dark secret societies is totally consistent with what the bloated CIA Illuminati asset had portrayed back in 2009 with his proclaimed allegiance to his short-lived ultranationalist right wing Black Dragon Society that had been re started on his behalf by Rockefellow, which can be found here...

In announcing the resurrection of the corrupt mafia oriented secret Black Dragon Society, FraudFord notified us that like all good little evil Illuminated Secret Societies, his Black Dragon Society reaches into "intelligence agencies, governments, crime syndicates, financial institutions etc. around the planet."

Think about that for a moment.  From his first major appearance on the "geopolitical" scene FraudFord stated that his organization reached into INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, GOVERNMENTS, CRIME SYNDICATES, and FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.  That makes you feel real secure, doesn't it?  Who else does this, other than the planet-controlling secret society made up of hundreds of interconnected international secret societies loosely known as the Illuminati?  "Which is exactly what FraudFord represents right now with the White Dragon Society," Sam says as the three of us take a hard military right turn down yet another long well lit tubular corridor.

I have to step quickly to keep surfer dude from marching right over me.  "Which is exactly what The International Treasury Controller, David P. Crayford, you, me, and this blond German / Russian Greek God surfer special ops dude who walks way too fast are doing right now," I say.

I turn to surfer dude, "Can you slow down, please," I say, which he does, and so do I.  Sam just keeps marching really fast.  Enrique and I speed up to catch up.  "As you were saying Sam, it wasn't until a year later, in 2010, that FraudFord turned the Black Dragon Society into the White Dragon Society, which was a direct spin-off of Rockefellow's Illuminati secret society network and other Yakuza mafia b*ttbuddies, and it can all be found here ... "


As we march endlessly down the hallway I can't help but think of Maxwell Smart in the old 1960s Mel Brooks' Get Smart sitcom, right from the opening scene, where he steps into the phone booth and dials the number, folds his arms, and then slides down the chute to the secret underground Control headquarters, where he becomes the real spy, and meets with the Chief of Control.  Now, it's me meeting with the Chief's spokesperson, David P. Crayford.  Sam says that before now I'd just been this "White Hatted, Time Traveling, former prosecuting writer-lawyer" working my a*s off researching and writing about the state of Humanity's future as it is tied into The Global Debt Facility --- as it relates to the most powerful human being I know of on this planet, The International Treasury Controller, but now things were changing so very fast.

Even though I had never been permitted on any level in The ITC headquarters, other than the un numbered floor of the lounge and kitchen, the last few trips down here I had noticed there to be a growing number of bodies associated with increased activity and a sense of urgency.  Before now, I had never been allowed anywhere other than the lounge, kitchen, and restroom.  But now, something big appears to be on the verge of taking place, a shift in attitude, but I'm just not privy to what it is exactly.  I'm not allowed to write about these other bodies that we pass in the hallway; in fact I've been strictly told by Sam that I'm not even supposed to speak with any of them, about anything ever at all, unless notified otherwise, but that all appears to maybe be changing as well.  Sam's actually made a couple introductions which he normally would not do.  One, a female, an Eastern World high classed governmental professional type, who looks like she could kill me with any combination of her fists, her stiletto like heels, or her incredible good looks, and she wouldn't think twice about it.  I guess I wouldn't either.  I don't know who these people are but it looks like The ITC not only requires brilliance in knowledge, analysis, and application in who they hire, but a GQ or Vogue runway model international assassin look as well.

Sam dismisses this floor as basically "office space and conference rooms," but this is where the majority of The ITC work gets done.  This is the brain center of the World's Wealth, so to speak.  When one speaks of the Wealth of the World, or the Divine Wealth, what Crayford calls The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility, they are speaking of what takes place behind these doors that possess no nameplates or numbers, only green touch keypads.


In his response to me Crayford had called FraudFord's article a bunch of bullSchmidt and compared it to the B.S. that Fulford constantly preaches about the P2 Lodge.  "Fulford claims that the P2 Lodge is behind a lot of things when in fact the P2 Lodge was suspended in 1976, and disbanded / dismantled and criminalized back in 1982," Crayford wrote.  "It does not exist in the world of reality, but it does in Fulford’s mind because it was deliberately planted there. This is exactly the same as the statement above made by Fulford.  It has been deliberately planted in Fulford’s susceptible and inadequate mind probably by one of his intelligence contacts."


The meeting takes place in a small nondescript conference room with no underground windows and an annoying ceiling fan.  It's just the four of us, with Sam pacing thoughtfully and Enrique guarding the door with a smile, and Crayford playing lecturing professor with an edge, all for my benefit.  This whole meeting is for my benefit.  The ITC has to set the record straight, and his spokesperson wants to make sure I get the facts right.

Even though he never smiles, David P. Crayford is kinda really truly an amazing guy, and an imposing presence.  I mean, I'm a big dude, as I sit here at the desk, with my in better shape than ever body for an old man, but I don't compare in size to this German, Russian surfer marksman dude who speaks at least 4 languages fluently, that I have personally observed, and has the greatest shooting ability on a target course than any marksman I ever imagined exists.  And Enrique, who's got to be at least 6'5", with an Atlas-like chiseled 240 pound frame doesn't come close to Crayford's size.  Crayford's a giant.  Bigger than an NFL blindside offensive tackle.  A behemoth.  And he looks every bit of it right now as I sit in front of him.  I told Sam this a while back, and I asked him not to repeat it to anyone, but I felt pretty sure that Crayford was from one of those giant bloodlines derived from those advanced civilization races where they dig up fifteen to 20 foot skeletons all over the world.  And Sam didn't disagree.

During our discussion now in The ITC conference room I have steered Crayford's attention to the The Global Debt Facility and how it plays with the Russian Central Bank.  Crayford says:  "The truth of the matter is, and we know this for fact, that Russia knows the full truth about The Global Debt Facility, its real origin and its owner, and because of that they would not become involved in such unlawful matters."

According to The ITC spokesman Russia has spent considerable time investigating who really owns The Global Debt Facility and they know all the answers.  That is the primary reason why America and its Allies are now constantly attacking Russia.  That is why “Russophobia” and “It’s Russia’s Fault” is so prevalent right now, Crayford says.  The Americans and their Allies are totally “Sh** Scared” of what Russia may do with all the factual information, including official documents, they have in hand because such revelations by Russia will devastate the West entirely.

"As I have previously stated, there is always another story, the real one, behind the stories you read or are propagated for the benefit of the public," Crayford says.  "Therefore in the eyes of America and their Allies they have to have an enormous defamatory marketing campaign against Russia to 'lay / sow the seeds of doubt in people’s minds' so that these very people will discard what Russia states on the grounds of Russia are the evil ones and the liars."

I ask Crayford to give me a minute because I'm having a tough time getting it all down on my computer.  When I catch up, the professor continues.  "Even Teresa May (P.M. of the UK) has just this last week at the annual Mayor of London’s annual Ball stated that Russia deliberately interfered in the Ukraine situation and unlawfully annexed the Crimea to the Russian Federation," Crayford says, shaking his ham-sized fist.  "Sorry Theresa May but you are just another idiot who doesn’t know what she is stating and using confusion to distract from the fact that her husband’s business was named within the 'Paradise Papers'.  What about that Theresa May which, of course, you never mentioned in your speech.  You are no different to all the other P.M.s of the UK ever since Margaret Thatcher.  You are all liars and cheats and don’t want the people to know the real truth."

My fingers type furiously, mindlessly, with Crayford's sense of urgency.


Coming back to the Crimea, Crayford says Russia could see the dilemma for the people of Crimea, which was being dragged into Western Ideology against their will because of the “Colour Revolution in the Ukraine” which was initiated by the West and their Allies, including the CIA.  "Did the Crimeans want this?" Crayford asks.

I raise my hand.

"NO THEY DIDN'T," Crayford says, ignoring my raised hand.  "Crimea was always Russian territory with its own autonomy until after WW II (1946) when it was annexed to the Russian SFSR as an Oblast and that started the 'Tug of War' the Crimea has been in ever since.  The majority of Crimeans are actually Russian.  Crimea had been part of the USSR since 1783.  By 1991, though, the dissolution of the Soviet Union was well underway, the Crimean ASSR was restored for less than a year as part of Soviet Ukraine before Ukrainian independence.  Newly independent Ukraine maintained Crimea's autonomous status, while the Supreme Council of Crimea affirmed the peninsula's 'sovereignty' as a part of Ukraine.  The autonomous status of Crimea was limited by Ukrainian authorities in 1995."

The professor sips his water.  "So think about what President Putin did," Crayford says.  "He allowed it all to take place, without interference, the Crimeans to hold a FREE, OPEN, and DEMOCRATIC REFERENDUM in which they voted, overwhelmingly, that they wanted to be part of Russia, not forced into being part of the Western Ideology and Imperialism imposed by the Ukrainian Revolution.  The people of Crimea voted, which is their right, and based upon the Human Rights Convention Re: 'The Right to Self Determination', the people agreed in their masses that, as they were Russian, they wanted the Crimea to return to Russia, and so it did."


I raise my hand again.  The professor hesitates, but this time he actually calls on me.  "Yes, do you have a question?" he asks.  I look around the room.  I'm the only one with my hand up.  He is definitely talking to me.

"So regarding FraudFord's article last week," I say, "you think that whoever pretends to be Benny the Fraud is just delivering the message exactly as it was given to him, is that correct?"

Crayford's giant head nods decisively.  "Yes, getting back to the point of your question, AL," he says.  "Fulford is deliberately fed false information and because he is a complete failure at analytical analysis, he absorbs it like a sponge absorbs water, and it’s all true as far as he is concerned.  Fulford is just another 'link in the chain' of misinformation."


It is now time to zero in on point.  What is FraudFord's message really about?  Why did he write, “Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will officially announce the new gold-backed currency” and “Indonesia will use the Collateral Accounts gold to back the new currency”?  Why did he break a story that world financial and government leaders previously considered Top Secret?

"Was it to beat Russia in making the announcement?" I ask.

Crayford steps forward animatedly.  "I personally do not believe that Russia will announce any such thing," he says, "and our information is that what Fulford is stating is total and absolute B.S."

By not really answering my question Crayford answers it completely.  The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility are in play in ways that are unimaginable.  Crayford has confirmed FraudFord's point that The International Treasury Controller and The Global Debt Facility will be backing Russia's currency with assets from The GDF.  Crayford has also said that he doubted there would be any such public announcement made by Putin, Russia, or anyone else, so this is it.

I swing my head with a smile and type excitedly wanting to write directly to my buddies; Christian buddies who aren't really my buddies since we never met or spoke, but maybe in spirit, for they too partake in the public dissemination of a morally positive message with high value regarding global financial news and intelligent analysis, with constructive effort to achieve a positive outcome, new media studs like Greg Hunter at and gold expert Bill Holder and money manager Peter Schiff, who have all been supportive of our new American Commander in Chief and his efforts at cleaning out the American swamp, and for letting the world know what's really going on with the global financial situation.

I want to shove this breaking news down the throats of every American and international talking head who has disinformed the world about the Truth behind The Global Debt Facility, like dumbass Communist Democrat South Carolina Senator wannabe, Max Keiser, who sells Bitcoin from his platform with the crookedly insincere smile of a former Wall Street banker.  I want to kick one black boot of truth up disinformationist Clif must be stoned High and the other up the arse of his disinformation puppet, Nazi collaboration disinformationist Bix 'Bif' Weir, and the third leg of their public disinformation cryptocurrency scam, Jsnip.  Oh, yeah, Sam reminds me I'd need three black boots for that.


"So how does Indonesia play into all this?" I ask the professor.  "Will The ITC finance the new Indonesian currency?"

Crayford wags his head appreciatively.  "We know that Widodo of Indonesia is also aware of who owns The Global Debt Facility assets deposited in Indonesia and will not dare touch them," he says.  "One could ask why Widodo will not touch them.  In Indonesia it is all about Clans / Tribes.  Widodo is not from any of the Clans / Tribes entrusted as Custodians of Assets of The Global Debt Facility.  If Widodo touches one little bit of the assets of The Global Debt Facility he will be assassinated by the opposing Clans / Tribes, and he knows it."

Sam the Indonesian Secret Agent Man smiles with perked ears when he hears this.  Enrique just stands at attention at the door, smiling at Sam's perked ears.


Crayford's demeanor suddenly stiffens.  His voice rises and his words are concise, making sure I catch every syllable.  My fingers are exhausted.  I am typing major breaking news that bears significant global financial and international legal implications, but my hands feel like Plaster of Paris.

"Now let me reveal what we do know which only came to us a couple of weeks ago," Crayford says, about to drop another Top Secret bombshell.  "There are people working for the cabal in Russia.  One of them is the person in charge of International Banking in Sberbank (Savings Bank).  Sberbank holds 'Off Balance Sheet Accounts' of The Global Debt facility.  The above Sberbank person together with a Senior Officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation are attempting to implement a $50 trillion USD transfer from The Global Debt facility accounts held in Sberbank, to the Federal Reserve.  The purpose of this is apparently to use the $50 trillion as backing for a new International Currency (Not Gold Backed) by the Federal Reserve."

Sam steps forward.  "They're going to use it to fight Putin," he says, looking at each one of us.  "I'm telling you, they want to take him out.

I glance at Crayford who grimly nods his confirmation.  "This is similar to the operation in the late 80s and early 90s when they generated over $650 trillion USD from stolen assets of The Global Debt Facility, and used it to destabilize the Eastern Bloc and Russia to bring down Communism," he says.  "It worked and they believe a similar operation to take Putin out will work again."


David P. Crayford says that Sberbank has already received official notification and official orders from The International Treasury Controller and that they will be in "very serious trouble" if they continue with this apparent transfer, as The ITC will "Bankrupt Sberbank" and "ensure that the Chairman, one Germain Greff, and all Sberbank's Directors and Governors, together with representatives of the Central Bank and the Foreign Intelligence Services of the Russian Federation are brought to justice" for which, "if found guilty, the penalty is DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD and total confiscation of all personal / corporate assets / wealth."

I've never seen Crayford quite so animated.  Sam and Enrique both light up at the thought of death by firing squad.  Sam says that's his second favorite kind of death.  I need to ask him what was the first?  I know if he had his druthers Sam would like to use the living room of my apartment for the firing squad, but I told him that's a no go, we won't be lining up any corrupt deserving victims there.  I don't want Sam or Enrique shooting any of The GDF thieves or rogue bankers in my living room, unless it's with little wooden armies on a Risiko! board.  Where I dominate.  And there we can shoot all the corrupt bankers and con men we want.  We can bomb the Schmidt out of ZAP, shoot 'em with bazookas, I don't care.  On the Risiko! board I'm the world champion.  I am the Risiko! master.  I am the table board game world dominator and for now that's the only place we're going to line up and assassinate international banksters named Rockefellow.

Every time I kick Sam's and Enrique's asses at Risiko!, which is practically every night now, Sam pulls out his Mark 23 and sets it on the board, spins it counterclockwise and tries to remind me it's just a board game, and it's not the real world of geopolitics, and then he always says he really wasn't concentrating on the game anyway, and if we want to go settle it on the shooting range we can do that too.  I told him he'd better start concentrating because if The ITC ever does hire me as a prosecutor I am going to be dominating some evil people all over the world, and, "you, Sam, had better f*ckin' not misbehave."  I told that to Enrique as well.  He just grinned and then Sam said well you better get ready because from what David says that announcement may be coming out before you know it.  I stopped for a moment to think about that, and I'm still thinking about that.  I would really like to know who The ITC prosecutor is going to be and when he's going to start kicking some The GDF thieves a*ses.


Crayford is not finished issuing The International Treasury Controller's not so subtle threats of our banking and intelligence friends on the other side of the world.  "I very much doubt that President Putin and his loyal followers will allow the transfer to actually happen because President Putin knows that he, the Russian Government, and the Country can be held legally liable and responsible for missing assets or funds from any of the Depositories / Accounts of the Global Debt Facility," says The ITC spokesperson.  "President Putin is NOT a stupid person.  He is an intelligent person, a genuine person, does all his research before opening his mouth, and now knows what America and their Allies (which includes The World Bank, The IMF, The BIS, The Federal Reserve Bank, The US Treasury, the CIA, the UK and France), have been up to since 1945."


I massage my stiff fingers but Crayford is on a roll so I continue to hammer the keys to get every syllable down.  "President Putin would definitely not become involved in such a scheme, orchestrated by the Federal Reserve and their particular Allies," Crayford says.  "In fact he would probably warn all the other parties involved, as he did with Kissinger, not to become involved unless they wanted to be categorized as thieves and face the wrath of The International Treasury Controller.  Kissinger left Moscow earlier this year with his tail between his legs."

This is not a pretty image, I say.  "There is no escape for these crooks only continued theft of assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility and War," Crayford says.  "These crooks appear to be running both of these options in parallel with each other, the former being supported by an additional 2000 American mercenaries recently going into the Philippines from Guam, the purpose of which is to locate and steal as many assets as they can and ship, or fly, them out quickly.

"I can just imagine President Putin, with a big smile on his face telling these people how stupid and foolish they are to even be talking about such a thing, and then relishing the thoughts of their fears when leaving this so-called meeting that Fulford claims happened."


Crayford is gone now and my fingers have cramped and my brain has seized.  My thoughts spin trying to put everything in its proper perspective.  What I have just typed is profound.  Three major points immediately stand out after first glance at my voluminous notes.

First, David P. Crayford and I totally destroyed the credibility of the CIA assets who pretend to be Benny the Fraud Fulford and write articles in his name, like the one I have dissected above.  Like Crayford says, FraudFord is a "complete B.S. artist working with the Cabal.  Fulford was a researcher for Forbes Magazine many years ago, he was not a Senior Official as he implies.  His work for Forbes was inferior so they conveniently pushed him out.  Now he is just a 'Blog' writer working for the Cabal with a specially organized 'White Dragon Society' to provide an income for him."

Which pretty much explains FraudFord.  He is no better than Keenan, Scott, Hudes, Struck, Babkowski, Poof, ZAP, Susan, Casper, or any of the other The Global Debt Facility con men and con women, who have stolen from the mouths of the world's babes for more than a century.

Crayford actually laughed, but sarcastically, while referencing a report from FraudFord some years ago in which the Fraud openly stated that he could activate over one (1) million Ninjas around the world if he needed to.

"Did he?" Crayford asked.  "NO HE DIDN’T because it was all talk from yet another liar and con man."

There still is a need for one million ninjas world wide.  I can feel it every time I step onto the mean streets of New York.   Where are those one million ninjas when we need them, Benya?  And what ever happened to the Guardian Angels?  Maybe we need to go ask Clif must be stoned High.


A second very important point we learned is that Russia, China, India, and the United States, and, one of the most financially strategic countries in all the world, Indonesia, are working together behind the scenes to bring about a new global financial order based on the backing of the Divine Wealth of the World.  All those pallets of gold that have been illegally processed through the global financial system over the last hundred years all belong to The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility, and they are now in the process of being officially and legally applied to benefit the People of the Nations of the World, as they were originally intended to be, picking up from where former M1 Ferdinand Marcos left off with his Global Settlements Treaty 1980, one nation at a time.


A third important point I derive from Crayford's The ITC message is his directly issuing a threat to major Russian bank, Sberbank.  Crayford didn't mince The ITC's words.  The International Treasury Controller has for the first time on record directly threatened government and banking officials in Russia.

So who the f*ck is Sberbank to be the subject of The ITC's scorn?  On their Website here...

... Sberbank promotes themselves as being Russia's largest bank, established in 1841, claiming 70% of the Russian population banks with them.  They have 16,342 branches in all 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including 14 "territorial banks".

"Sberbank today is the circulatory system of the Russian economy, accounting for one third of its banking system," they say.  "The Bank provides employment and a source of income for every 150th Russian family."

Although Crayford is quick to praise Russian President Putin for his integrity and cooperation in helping to establish a financial rule of law in both his country and the world, Crayford specifically cites Sberbank banking officials for corruption and the death penalty.  He specifically names Sberbank Chairman, Germain Greff.  Sounds like another American.  Not.


To me this is the ultimate question.  Where did the story get leaked?  How did FraudFord's writer get the story in the first place of the Russian Central Bank and the new gold backed currency, financially backed by the countries of Russia, India, and China?  How did he find out about The GDF gold backing Indonesia's new currency?  Sam says it had to be a leak from either the Russian FSB or some high end Sberbank banking official or director.  He figures Russian banking authorities came down on the bank for corruption, and under pressure, a bank official passed it on, FraudFord's writer / handler creating the article around the information.  He also reiterates the fact that someone at Russia's FSB was involved.

There's been no follow up by FraudFord or any other CIA financial media personality on FraudFord's article claims, because they don't have any other new information to pass on.  That was it.  They know that the amounts of gold possessed by Russia, India, and China, per treaty with The International Treasury Controller, who was appointed legally, by Secret International Treaties, as Legal Heir, Legal Owner, and Sole Arbiter of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility, are astronomical in value and unfathomable in potential.  They know that Humanity has regained control of The Global Debt Facility for the first time in hundreds of years.


"People go down the Rabbit Holes and it leads to something."

--- Secret Agent Man Sam, The ITC lounge, November 18, 2017

Sam smiles with a beer in the lounge in front of the picture framed Atlantic.  It's late and he says he's got a feeling the leak came from FSB officials.  After all, they were involved in the $50 trillion dollar theft through Sberbank.  They had all the information.

Crayford made real clear The ITC's thoughts on the matter when he personally called out Sberbank Chairman, Germain Greff, "and all Sberbank's Directors and Governors, together with representatives of the Central Bank and the Foreign Intelligence Services of the Russian Federation"; all of whom The International Treasury Controller clearly wants to bring to justice, and reminded of the Death Penalty by firing squad.  Why not leak the country's most Top Secret story regarding their global financial scheme and see what happens?  Sam thinks the FSB might have just released the information to see where it leads.  To see who spins the story with its embedded signature errors, like FraudFord's P2 Lodge nonsense, and who reacts to it.  Like David P. Crayford says, FraudFord just repeats it as it's given to him.  So you let it out there and see where the bad guys take it.  Who acts how in what situations.  Surveillance can be a bitch, can't it.

Sam says maybe The ITC himself put it out there, so he could sit back and observe, see how the KissMyAssinger criminals who murdered the four workers for the Divine Wealth and humanity after the war criminal's visit to Russia, after his major denial and black boot kick of his tail in ass exit from Russia.  And now it's these Sberbank and FSB officials trying to steal $50 trillion, as if no one would notice, and use it to destroy Russian President Putin.  Crayford did mention the death penalty by firing squad, didn't he?  Enrique says yes he did.


When Crayford was done giving me the breaking story, he grabbed his sweater and started to leave, but first he cited an irritation he still wore from when FraudFord threatened to sue him three years ago for defamation and libel.  "I am still waiting, and waiting, and waiting," Crayford said,  "but nothing because he knows I am telling the truth and the truth can never be discarded as it always stands above lies and deceit."

I remember when Neil Pugnose Keenan tried the same little trick with his lawsuit back in 2011 / 2012, and it didn’t work either.  "Instead it back-fired and eventually Keenan was subjected to a Box or an Urn," Crayford said.  Pugnose sure was.  I killed dead Keenan with my writing.  If you don't believe me, just look it up.  It's true.  My writing can do that.

Crayford was very much at ease when he said it.  Of all the times I have met with him, of all the discussions and lessons and difficult exchanges of impossible ideas, he possessed a certain air of confidence, of knowing that, finally, everything was falling into its proper order.  There appeared to be a severe reflection of where the state of the world was, at that moment, from the eyes of The International Treasury Controller's most trusted confidant.

"One by one these crooks are gradually falling by the wayside, defeated through their own stupidity, lack of knowledge, greed, lies, deceit, etc.," the mouthpiece of the legal owner of all of The Global Debt Facility said.  "It will only be a matter of time before the world gets to the rest of them.  You do realize AL that the world is becoming a very small place for these rats.  Once The ITC puts all of his plans into full speed ahead there's not going to be anyplace for any of them to hide...  Right Sam?"

Sam understood.  At that moment, we all understood what The International Treasury Controller was telling the world.  He was saying that the rule of law is back.  He was saying that the meetings in Asia involving 4 world leaders means global security for the world is closer to becoming a reality.  Global security for the world means that the world's wealth in the form of The Global Debt Facility will be used to benefit the people of the world instead of war, terrorism, corruption, human slavery, and total domination.

Now, Sam laughs, drinking his lager brewed in Holland, talking about Nemesis orbiting our solar system for the first time in 36 million years, and Nibiru and its 26,000 year orbit and its twelve satellite planets that also happen to be flying through our solar system, and how that all might tie into this whole financial transformation taking place on this planet.  Or maybe it will destroy the planet or completely wipe out anyone living on Earth's surface.  Then what would happen to all the gold?   It's really hard to tell.  The bad guys are still trying like hell to wipe off 95 percent of the global population and be served by the remaining five percent.  No matter how you look at it, the war for humanity's survival is not by any stretch of the imagination over.  To add one more American cliche; the jury is still up in the air as to what will ultimately happen to us humans on this planet.  As for the accounts and assets of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility?  There is still tremendous recovery work of assets and accounts to be completed, decades worth of prosecution of international The GDF criminals, bi-lateral treaties to be completed with the world's poorest nations, and restructuring the administration of The Global Debt Facility to more better reflect the always quickly changing modern day global challenges.

When we think about it, Sam, Enrique and I unanimously agree on another important fact, to which we can toast two beers and a coffee mocha.  We agree that we're winning.  The good guys are winning the f*cking battle.  And we also agree that FraudFord, the CIA, Angel Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, the Bushes, the Clintons, KissMyAssinger, and all the bad guys internationally who have been stealing The GDF to dominate humanity, "Your days are over."

We toast and we laugh, and, damned if my coffee doesn't taste good.  Sam says I got whip cream on my nose, and I don't even care.  I laugh like smiley the marksman.

"You guy's are f*cked," we say as we toast again, raucously, not to be our last raucous toast of the night.  We pull out our guns, aim them at the bad guys, and yell, "You guys are, Rat f*cked!"  And we pull the triggers repeatedly, gunning the bad guys down.  But it's all cool because the guns aren't loaded.  Company policy forbids it at headquarters.  It's different of course for the security personnel, whose guns are always ready to fire, so we don't pull out our weapons and toast when they are around.

The rule of law is back, and we are slowly beginning to witness it in many ways across the world.  We have much to be thankful for this Holiday Season.  Let's keep working hard, together, all of us God Created Human Beings who believe in Christian Values, in America and the world, and let's see if we can't create tremendous positive change.

Happy Thanksgiving to America and all of the world from The International Treasury Controller, all his staff worldwide, David P. Crayford, Sam, yours truly, American Lawyer, and GQ surfer dude.

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