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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Mar 2, 2017 - 8:57:32 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Is David P. Crayford correcto mundo, again? Is Neil Pugnose Keenan really dead? Is the Pope a Japanese pedophiliac alien? - PART FOUR, Chapter 38
Mar 5, 2017 - 8:53:37 AM

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Neil Pugnose Keenan: Dead, or alive?

"Intelligence said he's kicked the bucket," Sam said, louder than my afternoon without coffee deserved.

I demanded to see the report. I didn't see Sam's smiling face anywhere on those pages. All I saw was simple intelligence gobbledygook, and I had questions. "How can you ever fully trust an intelligence report, you know?" I said, sifting through the pages, while seated on the undersized, baseball glove shaped street bench in front of the Famous Apple Strudel Exposition, on the Golden Brick Road. Sam was seated next to me eating a Pineapple Strudel Burrito Extreme. We hadn't seen Crayford since the crevasse portal debacle back at The Giant Forest. "Trust can be such a difficult application to the everyday reality we pass off as life," I said.

"Wow," Sam said with a mouth full of pineapple strudel and black beans, "it's awfully early in the day to get so existentially philosophical, isn't it?

I flipped the page. "No," I said, "I'm serious. I've always believed trust to be of the utmost importance in conducting any kind of business. It's the cornerstone to any kind of relationship. You either fail or you succeed in your relationship at the point of trust. And then the person has to do what you have entrusted them to do. So when the report says that Neil Pugnose Keenan was pushing up daisies, do I trust it? Do I trust my source? Or do I just pass it off as the results of another drunken tryst? Foggy memories and bad directions? A misguided understanding as to the true reality of Pugnose's condition by the agent who penned the report?"

Sam pointed to the report in my hand and said, "You're saying after reading all of that you still believe he's alive?"

I set the report down. "First of all, I saw the video," I said, "and he looked alive to me. Ugly, but alive. On the other hand, I got your intelligence report. And another one that was recently handed to me that said they had received a communication from someone unnamed that said, 'Congratulations, the water has been splashed on the Wicked Witch of the West, and he melted into the Yellow Brick Road. And nobody's shedding a tear.' 'So what's the evidence?' I asked. 'Ah, let's look,' I answered. 'Maybe we need to go to the Yellow Brick Road and investigate,' I said."

"Who wrote that report," Sam asked, "a Munchkin?"

"Maybe," I said.

"You don't need me here," Sam said.

"I don't?" I said.

"No," Sam said. "You're now taking both sides of the conversation, do you realize that? You're asking the questions and answering them. That's like problematic. That's schizophrenic. Judges don't like that in the courtroom. They'll think you're Fruit Loops. I think I'll just go play with the Munchkins."

My shoulders sagged. "I don't blame you," I said. "If I had time to go play with the Munchkins, I would too. I wish I had time to play with Munchkins! But I've got work to do, Sam, don't you see? I have to figure out if Keenan's alive or dead. The evidence thus far is contradictory. I believe he's still alive. So does Crayford. You, and the intel reports tell me otherwise. And Orbil, the Munchkin Towers choir director, has everybody ready to sing. They're like you. They're convinced Pugnose is gone. I think it might have been you who convinced them. But I've got to be sure before I can give the okay."

"The 'okay' for what?" Sam asked.

"For Pugnose Keenan's celebration!" I said. "What do you think? The problem is just as Crayford had described earlier. There has yet to be an actual verification of Keenan's death. Only Munchkin rumors and unverified intelligence reports, and this jar of yellow, brown stuff that's supposed to be Keenan." I held up the yellowish stained jar of Keenan's alleged remains. It was not pretty.

Sam pinched his nose and winced. "No scalp to prove it?" he asked.

"No," I said. "This is it." I swirled the jar. It was thick and murky and...

The truth was, at that very moment, while I was sitting on that Munchkin bench, in front of that Munchkin cafe, holding up that odorous yellow jar, situated at the intersection of Golden Brick Road and Silver Coin Lane, I really didn't believe Neil Francis Pugnose Keenan was dead. In my heart I believed it was a trick, of some kind, maybe pulled by Keenan himself, that would make it look like he was dead, when in actuality he would just disappear, under the shadows, escape into the darkness to avoid capture, evade arrest, and skip the prosecution train that would carry him all the way to the ITC's "Shark Tank Prison."

The state of the evidence appeared to be leaning Pugnose's way. But you couldn't tell the Munchkins that. They'd been terrorized by Keenan and his international CIA cohorts trying to steal their gold. They'd been bullied by CIA assets who convinced them to open their vaults to the bad guys, in an effort to steal and sell off the precious treasures they held. The Munchkins were collectively convinced they had personally seen Keenan kick the oxygen habit. There was no doubt in those rapidly beating Munchkin hearts that they believed Keenan was feeding the sharks at sea, one crusty bite at a time.

There were anxious, dancing Munchkins and festive balloons everywhere, to prove it; a signal as to the celebration that swelled toward fruition. The all female Munchkin Golden Brick Band played their little hearts out. They believed the big bad witch was gone. As the day grew longer, and the golden sunlight drew heavier, there was a palpable thickening of the air of excitement emanating from everyone. Did they truly know something that I did not? Or was it just hallucinogenic day dreaming? Wishful thinking? Could the celebration officially begin? was the question that I still needed to answer.

The intelligence report had talked about Pugnose not actually being seen in public "for more than two months." But that was before his latest two video release. The intel report talked about Keenan's claims to having escaped Indonesia, to then residing in Dusseldorf, Germany, and to claiming that he'd been healed by the magic of the healing machine. But Where's Neil now? the report screamed time and time again.

Dying, I mean, living in Germany, then Ireland, and back to Indonesia Pugnose appeared to be telling a confused readership from the sporadic productions launched from his Website. But what if you didn't believe the words of a habitual liar? Especially if it was Keenan telling the world he was all better, although you observed that his public looks and actions spoke otherwise. And Pugnose needed to shave, and shrink his smug head. And you had to examine all the evidence that was available, and make your deductions therefrom.

The counterpoint to all the evidence, would be the lack of evidence, which could lead to deductions that might lead one to conclude that someone had just walked the plank, or not. In this case, the evidence was unconvincing as far as actually presenting a healthy Neil Pugnose Keenan to the world, other than his latest videos, which some have questioned. Not that he looked healthy, but, to me, he looked alive. Which was important for him to present to the world. After all, nobody was going to give money to a dead man. Keenan had to show he was alive. Which I was sure his handlers appreciated.

"So what did that all mean?" I asked.

"What did what all mean?" Sam asked.

"What were Keenan and his handlers really up to?" I said. "Other than possibly joining their ancestors. Was this all an act to sell healing machines?"

Sam said, "Keenan's lifeline to communicate to the world is his Website, which posts the Neil Keenan Update (NKU). You don't really see much of him anymore, do you. Who was that person representing himself as Keenan in those videos? And when were they done? And, really, if he's alive, where is he right now?"

"Back in Indonesia," I said, although I was still trying to figure that one out too. I knew Sam to be right about another thing, as were the intelligence reports. What Keenan said or didn't say would speak volumes about where he was, what he was up to, or whether he had just plain old flatlined.

I began by studying the report summarizing Pugnose's last three months of posts at Neil; Keenan's last communications to the world.


On Pugnose Keenan's Website, he posted items (blogs, articles, videos, lies etc...) that he called the Neil Keenan Update (NKU), which were filled with pointed CIA-direct propaganda, most of which was probably scribed by Dumb Michael Henry Dunn. On November 21, 2016, Keenan's NKU was entitled, The Wait Is Over: Healing Computer Video Part II.

I couldn't find a Part I. There was no sign of a living Pugnose anywhere in the 11/21/16 NKU. There was a hobo photo of a down and out looking Pugnose, looking as if he had just gotten shortchanged at the local church soup kitchen. The short piece opened up with an unnamed 3rd party writing, "Neil Keenan has been in Germany being treated for numerous medical problems for the past few days and has finally been cured of the issues initiated by the demented 'establishment'."

My first thought was to believe the opposite of what I had just read. That's how I approached all propaganda, whether it was the deceptions applied by The New York Times, The Washington Post, or Pugnose Keenan's Website. And then I would analyze it from there. This meant, a.) I did not believe he was in Germany, and, b.) I did not believe he had been 'cured'. Keenan's above writing would also establish a continued theme Keenan's writings would perpetuate and attribute to his physical downfall --- being "poisoned" by the demented "establishment."

Could this have been a reference to the radioactive materials David P. Crayford had been referring to as having been responsible for Keenan's ultimate fatality? Is that what the writer of Keenan's NKU meant by the "demented 'establishment'"? Or was it a cruel joke being played on Keenan by the CIA, who through Uncle Sam, had convinced him that he could scam for gold, steal the box, open it, and survive long enough to spend it?

The theme was repeated further on in the NKU where it was written, "...that his body at this time has been cured of various problems, mostly brought on by poisons dished out by the 'establishment'." Again, trying to convince us that he had been 'cured', while blaming the establishment for poisoning him. The rest of the NKU focused on the healing machine. Pure sales pablum. No sign of life from Pugnose, but very obvious salesmanship.


Keenan's next Website update came on December 2, 2016, and it was entitled,Introduction / Overview: The 'Healing Computer' Technology. Again, great piece if you happen to be desperate and in the market for a healing machine, but no sign of a healthy or living Pugnose anywhere. The closest thing to a living Keenan was an undated photo, with the title of, Keenanstein, that depicted Keenan sitting in an apparent doctor's office, or reception area, with a balding Asian man, a computer, and Keenan not looking so good, wearing an electrode halo that looked like it was hooked up with clamps to a car battery. Or a computer. Keenan looked natural in his Frankenstein electrode halo. But when was that picture taken? Keenan did not appear to be dying while posing for the Keenanstein photo.

The unnamed writer of the NKU said Pugnose needed money if he was to return from Germany back to Indonesia for more stolen booty. In all bolds he wrote...

The situation is extremely serious now and Neil & Co. cannot return to Indonesia without sufficient funding for security and an array of other necessary items in order to complete that final stage safely and securely.

Pugnose needed money. He needed a safe haven to hide in. He needed to get better, as the NKU unambiguously represented that Keenan was not doing well. "But even then," the NKU said, "with everything in place, how is he supposed to trek through the jungle with feet like these? Yes they hurt, and no he doesn't complain. His feet were previously so swollen that he could not wear shoes!" Do they have jungles in Dusseldorf, Germany?

There was an undated photograph of nasty, swollen feet attached to a nasty, swollen Keenan. The words above it told of a man desperately seeking life saving treatment: "You might not be able to see it in these pictures but he has been in a lot of pain for many months now..."


Keenan's next NKU was published on December 6, 2016. Titled,'Healing Computer' Testimonial, again this NKU had zero evidence to prove Keenan was alive and well. The whole piece consisted of a letter to Neil from someone by the name of Neesham of Auckland, New Zealand, thanking Keenan for helping them acquire the healing machine.

We still had no sign as to whether Keenan's healing machine had helped him at all, but the theme of all of Keenan's Website writings over the last three months centered around the promotion of Keenan's healing machine. Was it all just an act to sell healing machines?

Of course the question all the Munchkins were holding up signs and chanting to was, Forget the healing machine, where's Pugnose?

Four days later, on December 10, 2016, Keenan's NKU was nothing more than a healing machine sales pitch. Keenan's team appeared desperate to find money. Zero sign of Keenan, alive or dead. So we had to begin to presume the worst about his fortunes. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Keenan really had left the building with Elvis.

Bearing the title, Answers to: 'Healing Computer' Technology Treatment Question, the NKU opened with, "I have just finished a call with Neil and the primary developer of the ‘Healing Computer' technology (Walter) who are both right now in Germany ready to receive those wishing to purchase a ‘Healing Computer' prior to Christmas."

All you had to do was send Keenan your check before Christmas, the NKU said. They were waiting to receive your checks at Team Keenan. The only other sign of Keenan was another undated photo of a dumbas* Pugnose wearing the electrode halo and an idiot grin. There was nothing else on that page that would have made one believe Neil Pugnose Keenan was actually still alive. There was no date on the photo, and no evidence to make one believe that it had anything to do with Pugnose being in Germany. In fact, there was zero evidence of Keenan ever having left Indonesia.

There wasn't any evidence of Keenan even being alive in Indonesia.

Keenan's December 12, 2016, NKU was more of the same. Titled, 'Healing Computer' Technology Testimonial #2, the NKU was another shameless attempt by someone other than Keenan to sell the healing machine. This NKU wreaked of desperation. Nothing there to show Keenan was alive. It began with a testimonial from a German man with "unique experience of the ‘Healing Computer' technology."

This German man claimed to have "met Neil Keenan personally on December 10th, 2016, and talked with him for a long time. Neil has asked me to provide an account of my experience with this high technology."

This again was where my intelligence called bullsh*t on Team Keenan and their handlers. Putting the date of December 10th there stood out like a hammer-sore thumb. This appeared to be a thinly veiled effort by NKU to say that on December 10th, 2016, Keenan was alive and well and long winded. But they provided no evidence whatsoever to indicate as much, other than what some unknown German purchaser of Keenan's famous healing machine supposedly said.

Curiously none of Keenan's stooge fake fans in their comments to the NKU mentioned anything about Keenan's health. How come? Didn't anybody actually read the NKUs and know he'd been really, really sick? All they posted was the usual comment pablum, with no intent of communicating anything substantive to Keenan. Everything was sugar coated, sanitized of any critiques. Did they all know he was fine and it was all just an act? Or was it time to call the Munchkin choir leader to tell him to get the choir ready for Pugnose's celebration? Maybe Keenan really had ended up as a cloudy yellowish puddle. In a jar.


The December 25, 2016, NKU carried the unique and stunningly provocative title, Merry Christmas.

What a brilliant title, Neil! I thought. I didn't know how he did it! But, again, Neil didn't write the title. Someone unknown at Team Keenan did. Maybe it was Dumb Michael Henry Dunn.

The written content of the NKU was minimal. The written words answered the next million questions. "We have experienced some delay in getting our next post completed," the NKU read. What kind of delay was that, Neil? Like dead as a dodo kind of delay?

However it's going to be a blockbuster! the NKU told us in bold. "The next post will be finished shortly, in the interim we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and compliments of the season."

No sign of Keenan anywhere. But there were 57 comments. People were all over Neil on Christmas, even though he wasn't there, and there was no sign that he was even alive. Hmmm. Who were those people? And who did they think they were writing to? Keenan's Christmas NKU had more comments posted under it from more people than I had spoken to in over a year. But not one mentioned his health. Or tried to communicate personally to Neil. Not one. I couldn't understand what was the matter with Pugnose's readers. Just a bunch of alphabet-agent / useful idiot, Christmas / New Years pitter patter pablum. No substance. Either no one really noticed that Keenan NKUs had been saying he was very ill and in Germany with his little electrode halo healing helmet, and that he was in desperate need of money, or they were all on a government sponsored mind control program that had programmed out Keenan's health, or they knew Keenan was already dead, and they were going to pretend he wasn't, or they thought he was faking being ill in hopes of selling more machines, and they gave no thought to addressing that. Have I missed anything?

"Where's Pugnose?!" the Munchkins continued to chant in the background.


"However it's going to be a blockbuster!

--- NKU, December 25, 2016

Keenan's New Years NKU was dated December 30, 2016. It was his last post of the year, and it was entitled, The Final Battle Lines Are Being Drawn. There were several interesting features regarding Keenan's NKU, but a blockbuster it was not.

First, it had two parts, an article and a video, which, at the time of the posting of this article, was the next to last video Neil Keenan had ever posted, to date, with his actual physical living appearance. The YouTube posting date on the video was December 28, 2016. But it could have been recorded much earlier, we just didn't know.

The second peculiar aspect of Keenan's New Years posting was that it sounded a lot like the raving lunatic psychopath we had come to loathe. A living Keenan was always relentless in his pursuits of connivance and deception. This NKU sounded just like that. The focus of Keenan's vitriol centered on nemesis old and new, alike, in this case Daniel Dal Bosco and Yoshiaki Kobayashi.

The Keenan Team's desperate con / ad search for buyers for his famous healing machine also continued unabashedly. All evidence up to this point said that Keenan had been too unhealthy or inanimate to be seen live on video, but there he was.

The written article closed with this cryptic line: Further amazing developments will soon be released. Guess who you can thank for this? The Globalists! Why? Because if they had not poisoned me, I never would have ventured into these things.

Again, the Globalists did it. Was it all part of his act? Or did 'The Globalists' poison the greedy little bastard leprechaun by making him steal the pot of gold and get poisoned by the uranium in the box that it came in. Brilliant! Why hadn't I thought of that?


The video was dated, 12/28/16. Judge for yourself.

The video opened with Pugnose not looking so hot in dark sunglasses. "Hello, uh, yeah, I'm not too bad today," Keenan said. "Better than I was yesterday. I have my eye half closed, three quarter closed. I thought I was going to have a black eye, and, you remember the story I told about my toe. My toe has opened up. And I went to Dusseldorf. And I get on the healing computer...."

The never ending sales pitch. Keenan said his toe was miraculously healed by a computerized healer. He talked about the eye issue and the bump on the head, and he removed his dark sunglasses, and his eye was still swollen, just like his head.

As he did in the written portion of the NKU article, Keenan went off nonstop about Kobayashi. Keenan was so angry about Kobayashi that he couldn't even keep the Japanese businessman's name straight. Then Pugnose would have to deal with his throat full of phlegm problem, and the continuous swallowing, and the man looked very ill. As did his backdrop which consisted of a fake plastic Christmas tree smothered in cheap, oversized donated decorations that you would be embarrassed to use on your ex-mother-in-law's doghouse. This assemblage was surrounded by a plastic forest of fake trees and - Voila! Christmas in Indonesia, I mean Dusseldorf, I mean...


When we were back on the swings, after my little mishap, after Crayford had leaped out dramatically and miraculously pulled me back and saved my life, after we were back on the swings at a much more reasonable altitude, I had asked him about Keenan's attack on Kobayashi, where Keenan had accused the Japanese man of trying to purchase everything, using the Federal Reserve as his front.

"I don't think that's relevant," Crayford had said on the now slower back swing. "I can't believe he's still trying to pull that one."

In the article, Keenan had said, "Mr. Yoshiaki Kobayashi is currently attempting to steal the bunkers in South Korea. He is working with the Japanese Imperial Court and is the Emperor's right hand man in this attempted theft."

Then Keenan accused Kobayashi of telling the truth. "They move along making outrage claims such as that the Dragon Family does not exist, and that they are working with Trump while having his blessings."

Keenan then demonized the Japanese Imperial Court in typical Keenan fashion. He claimed the "depositors" owned the gold in the South Korean bunkers, and that the "depositors" are the Golden Dragon Family. Wouldn't you know it. The fake secret organization Keenan pretends to represent. Very similar to Benny the Fraud Fulford's claimed representation of the Illuminati cult known as the White Dragon Society.

"You must remember," Keenan's December 30th NKU said, "we are talking about the Global Collateral Account money which is meant to be used only for humanitarian projects worldwide... In fact it all belongs to the Dragon family, the family that Kobayashi says does not exist."

It appeared Kobayashi had spoken the truth about Team Keenan and his cutthroat CIA handlers, and the bad guys didn't like it, and so they threatened violent revenge, through Pugnose. In the video, the date of which we didn't know for sure, Keenan said, "Kobayashi, I want you to know I believe the Yakuza, and I know the Yakuza, is part of the Dragon Family, even though they're Japanese." Dramatic pause by Pugnose, then he said, "And I suggest the Yakuza pay you a visit, because you'll be hurting them too. And you'll be hurting the triage as well, and I suggest they also pay you a visit."

That was a lot of visits. I wondered if Keenan was asking them to set a date with Kobayashi to make arrangements for "the visits", or was he just telling them to get up and go visit good old Yoshiaki Kobayashi, or was Keenan just trying to scare Kobayashi directly? Keenan continued with his mafioso threat. "You need to be taught that you can't do what you want," he said.

This was Keenan's attitude with Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, back when Dr. Dam was ITC and he had tried to keep Stomach Staples Scott from stealing the global collateral accounts. Keenan, Scott, and their handlers had decided to teach Dr. Dam for good that "you can't do what you want." So that was when Keenan and Scott had conspired to murder Dr. Dam. You mean 'do what you want' like that, Pugnose? Is that what you mean? Huh, Scott?!?

"Other people own those assets," Keenan insisted in his NKU. "They're called the depositors."

So Keenan was sicking the Yakuza dogs on Kobayoshi. The same Yakuza dogs that Clif High, when talking about Benny the Fraud Fulford, had referred to as "Japanese crime syndicates...who are criminals, and don't make any bones about it."

On the swings, when I had asked David P. Crayford his thoughts on Keenan going after Kobayashi so violently, Crayford was not short of words or breath. "Keenan's character is a shadow of Scott's," he said. "They are both liars of the highest order and their lies are very plausible even though people cannot verify anything. They both prey on the lesser educated people - and there's a lot of them over there - and of course people will believe because they think 'at last, we might get something out of this'. Keenan, if you have noticed, always attacks the people who never bother to respond to his attacks."


I had been so intrigued by Keenan's continued attacks on a man whom I understood had started off actually trying to help Keenan, after Chiasso. "Is that why Keenan keeps going after Daniel Dal Bosco?" I asked Crayford. "Keenan talked Schmidt about him in both his December 30th article and his December 28th video. He's always talking a lot of Schmidt about him."

In the article, Keenan wrote, "In Indonesia we can expect some action, and always knew it was coming ever since the meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel with the World Economic Forum. THAT'S RIGHT, the ones who stole my notes with Dal Bosco and the UN!" And then in the video Keenan said, "And the whole economic forum, they just so happened to be the people that worked together with Daniel Dal Bosco, in the United Nations, in stealing the assets that were stolen from me."

"Why does he say this stuff, David?" I asked. "You think it's because Dal Bosco doesn't respond to him? I mean these are continuous, totally unprovoked attacks. They've got to affect the man's reputation."

Crayford said he believed Daniel Dal Bosco would never publicly respond to any of Keenan's attacks, and he doubted Kobayashi would either. "You and I will, so Keenan doesn't regularly attack us," he said, "because he knows we will respond back in an aggressive manner towards him which he cannot tolerate because he has no answers, only more and more false rhetoric."

Sam said, "It's the classic coward bully mentality of the CIA."

Crayford nodded in agreement. "You should also remember that Keenan attacked Scott at one time even though he was working with Scott," Crayford said. "Keenan will attack anyone, he just has that type of character."

"You mean psychotic," I said.

Crayford said, "He's an Irishman..."

"So am I," I said.

"...who can never be told anything," Crayford said, "and always thinks he knows better when in fact he knows nothing."

Crayford was either staring right through me or past me, I couldn't tell which.

Sam said, "I think he's talking about you."

"He is only being used by his Masters," Crayford said, "and one day he will realize it to his own detriment."

Sam said, "He is talking about you."

I said, "But what if Pugnose is dead?"

"That would be to his own detriment," Sam said, "I would think."

"I'm glad to know you would think," I said.

Crayford cleared gravel from his throat and said, "You know, that whole Keenan quote that you read, about the Shangri-la Hotel and the World economic forum ---well, I very much doubt that the people from the World Economic Forum ever held a meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel in Jakarta. For them it would be, 'You want a meeting with us, then you come to us,' not the other way around."

I said, "Why does Keenan try to tie in the whole World Economic Forum thing with Daniel Dal Bosco? What's the connection? I don't get it."

Crayford paused, held up one finger, took a deep breath, leaped from his seat, and performed a sweet little one and a half somersault from the pike position before landing smoothly back in his swing. "Daniel Dal Bosco," Crayford said, slightly out of breath, "has no connections to anyone at the World Economic Forum. He knows of them but has never met any one of them. Keenan also refers to Daniel as a Banker with the Vatican Bank which is definitely not the case. Daniel Dal Bosco does know someone in the Vatican because of family connections but even that person is not connected to the Vatican Bank... Daniel works for a small financial investment company in Switzerland and knows a few Bankers there and that is about it."

"But still," I said, "Keenan thinks Dal Bosco ripped him off. As I read it, Keenan says he dropped the package of bonds off with Dal Bosco, and then never got them back. That Dal Bosco contacted you and found out the ITC really owned them. So I never understood the truth behind Keenan's bullsh*t. It didn't make sense. Just one side of the story, his. Why don't we ever hear Dal Bosco's side?"

"Why should we?" Crayford said.

"Well," I said, "so we have some balance to the story. Maybe so the public gets to the bottom line truth of what really happened with Chiasso, Keenan, Dal Bosco, and the bonds."

Sam said, "Because it's top secret, that's why.

On the back swing, I said, "Thank you counselor." On the upswing I asked Crayford, "So why did Keenan give Dal Bosco the bonds?"

"It goes back to Fulford, 2006 to 2007," Crayford said. "Everybody listens to Fulford and they think what an idiot he is. He makes up a lot of stories. But back then, some unnamed person, we'll call him Person A, went and tried to help Fulford, that led to Fulford then talking to Daniel."

My eyebrows raised. "Fulford talked to Dal Bosco?" I asked. "I didn't realize that. So, so Dal Bosco was considered by everyone to be some sort of a financial expert in all this. And that's why Fulford contacted him?"

Crayford nodded. "Yes, in 2007," he said. "Fulford was trying to get this Person A to help him with Keenan's bonds, and this person knew nothing about bonds, so he passed Fulford and Keenan to Dal Bosco. That's how Daniel got caught up with Keenan. Keenan introduced Daniel to another person unnamed, Person B, who was dealing with Yamaguchi, who told him he was working with Japanese businessmen in Japan. And that was it."

"And then what happened?" I said.

"We're now to the summer of 2009," Crayford said. "This all took place after the Chiasso incident. That is when it all got passed off to Daniel. That's when Keenan went back to Daniel. Daniel had been in Zurich and elsewhere meeting with people who were dealing with boxes of Federal Reserve Notes (FRN), and other types of financial instruments. Daniel was never personally involved with dealing financially with the notes, but he did have meetings to basically understand more of what it was all about."

"But he was considered an expert?" I said. "And everyone was referring Keenan to him, right?"

"Yes," Crayford said. "And Keenan introduced Daniel to this yet unnamed Person B, who Daniel realized was a good person who had been caught up with a bad person named Yamaguchi who was dealing in what they were calling historic bonds. So Daniel had a meeting with this last unnamed person, after Chiasso, in the summer of 2009, and Daniel tried to help him out with the bonds. Daniel brought in another unnamed man who worked with the Italian government in Rome."

"Person C," I said, waving three fingers over at Sam, "in case you're not keeping track."

"That man," Crayford said, "with contacts to the Italian government, did his research, and then contacted Fulford and Keenan. But, apparently, that man couldn't help Keenan with the financial aspects either."

I said, "So that happened before Daniel actually met with Keenan and got the bonds. Wow. So Keenan was trying to unload the rest of the bonds that were in the same package with the bonds that were captured in Chiasso, and that's why he was going to meet with Dal Bosco?"

"Yes," Crayford said. "That all happened before Daniel even went to Zurich to meet with Keenan, which took place in December of 2009. Keenan knew Daniel had some good contacts in Rome, so he believed Daniel could be of help somehow with finding the right banks that could accept the notes he had in his possession, which came with the same batch Yamaguchi had during the Chiasso incident. They both received those notes from Yamaguchi, apparently."

I said, "So how did Dal Bosco actually end up with the rest of Keenan's notes then? The ones Keenan's always crying about? And I guess so are Bush and Cheney?"

"Keenan had to leave Zurich for Christmas for some reason," Crayford said, "so he dropped the notes off with Daniel. While he was in Zurich, Daniel had meetings with Keenan and others who were dealing in similar instruments. One of them was a blind man from Thailand who claimed to be related to the Red Dragons. Daniel was also shown by Keenan a bond on OITC letterhead with the name of a South American person on it. Daniel watched Keenan call the number in Thailand on the OITC letterhead when they were in Zurich."

I smiled when I asked, "Did Wilfredo Saurin answer?"

Crayford's head shook. "No one answered," he said. "But the point is that Daniel tried to help Keenan. He was trying to be of service. So all this hot air Keenan keeps blowing is just that. Daniel wasn't out to steal anything."

I scratched my head and asked, "So why did Daniel end up keeping the bonds and not returning them to Pugnose?"

"He was like you," Crayford said. "He did his research. He found my articles on the Internet and started reading them on RMN. This confirmed in his mind that the ITC / OITC was real. Daniel had been told this by others as well. I'm the one who told him to open up the package so we could both see what was inside."

"Cheney and Bush," I said, smiling at the irony of their names being on the package of bonds. "So Dal Bosco actually had nothing to do with the Chiasso incident, or setting Keenan up. Keenan is blaming him for setting Keenan up, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, and Dal Bosco didn't even come into the story until after Yamaguchi and company got busted."

Crayford said, "The bonds / certificates Keenan left with Daniel came from the same batch as the Chiasso bonds, but they were in Keenan's possession, not in Yamaguchi's possession, at the time. That is significant. Yamaguchi and Watanabe were not in Switzerland anymore when Keenan got in touch with Daniel."

I said, "So all of this nonsense by Keenan against Dal Bosco is just sour grapes? He's just upset that Dal Bosco turned the notes into you rather than returning them to him. That's why Keenan keeps bringing him up and attacking him."

"Keenan is just sore," Crayford said. "In fact he is very sore, worse than a bear with a sore head. He always has to blame someone, just as he did with this Jean (Haines) woman who financed him for a while and he never paid her back. Keenan also produced, in one of his articles, a letter from someone allegedly connected to Anonymous which praised Keenan at the time. I know someone who is deeply connected to Anonymous and his comments were that no one in Anonymous would ever produce such a letter.

Their task is to expose crooks, not praise them, so the letter was likely a complete fabrication, but of course no one, yet again, can verify whether that letter was genuine or otherwise so it was more than likely a fabrication by Keenan to keep his funders / supporters happy, and that is all. Keenan is just a very bad loser no matter who he comes up against. That is the Irish in him."

"I resemble that remark," I said. "Did I tell you I was Irish?"

"Also, remember," Crayford said, dismissing me with a flip of his wrist, "and this was your research, Keenan should be in prison but he was recruited and escaped prison so he cannot go back to America."

"Especially if he's dead," I said.

Sam said, "I also understand his wife has divorced him, so he really has no one and is stuck in Indonesia."

"Especially if that's where he died," I said.

Crayford adjusted his perfect posture in his swing seat and kicked hard. "One thing you should always analyze with these people," he said, "which is, Where are they getting the money from to do all of this? Because such efforts and all the expenses involved are not cheap by any means. Then you will realize that somewhere in the background is a person / party who is the funding source. No different to Scott. Scott was always pleading poverty and borrowing money from anyone he could find who would support him. Now, tell me how a person like that can dress in hand-cut suits and shirts when they plead poverty and rob many other people --- Fools who get sucked in with dreams of wealth beyond their dreams in the process. Typical CON-ARTISTS, and there are thousands around the world just like them."

I thought of Benny the Fraud Fulford, Jerky Bobblecockski, and Dave Dumb as Schmidt just to name three.

Here, now, in Keenan's December 28th, 2016 posted video, Pugnose was alive at the end. That much we knew for sure. What we didn't know was the date that video was made. It was posted on December 28th, 2016. But it could have been made a month before that, we just couldn't be sure.

Then, on the video just as with the article, Keenan went back to hocking the healing machine. As the intel report read, "If he's not dead, he may be using this opportunity to lay low, to one day literally spring back to life. Born again. A whole new man, so to speak." Healed by the incredible healing machine. Come and get 'em, while they're hot. Two for the price of three. Right now, get 'em while they last. Step right up!

Pugnose, we're all dying to know. Did the machine really work? Give me a sign.


By the time this article went to print, Keenan's next to last NKU posted on Pugnose Keenan's Website, and anywhere else in the world on behalf of Keenan, was dated, January 5, 2017. Still no sign of a living Keenan anywhere to be seen. The title of the piece was, And They All Come Tumbling Down. It was written in third person, as if Keenan were listening to its words, as if he were still alive, but unable to speak.

The article began,"Let me tell you a story about a young man whose real name is unknown to Neil - but he calls himself Anthony Santiago Martin." The piece was all about the fake Anthony Santiago Martin. Which was so bizarre because David P. Crayford had just covered this subject in great detail, with supporting documentation, twice. In essence, all Keenan's team was doing was stealing Crayford's information, because Crayford had covered it all, and Team Keenan had nothing new to say, so all they could do was tie Crayford's information into their overall script of disinformation as if it was their own.

In Keenan's piece, he talked about this fake Anthony Santiago Martin, with a photograph of someone he said was Alfredo Sauren, who we know from David P. Crayford works with Scott and the U.S. intelligence. Crayford said that Wilfredo Saurin is deeply involved in the theft of GDF assets, and that he works for the Fed. Saurin "claims to be the Heir to the Sultan of Sulu," Crayford told me, "but in reality he is the result of an affair, an illegitimate person with no rights whatsoever, but of course the Fed have used him just as the World Bank used the Anthony Santiago Martin fiasco."

In Keenan's next to last NKU it was written that Alfredo Sauren / Wilfredo Saurin / The Philippines Phantom "works with the most influential financial people and concerns in the world including the Queen of England and the Committee of 300."

This was again where I had to call bullsh*t on Keenan and his handler's writer of the day. Keenan may not have known his real name, especially if Keenan fell into the big sleep, but we did --- and it was Alfredo Sauren. The article said Keenan didn't know Alfredo Sauren's name, but the real fake Anthony Santiago Martin "rubs elbows with QEII." Yeah, right, I believe that. And I've got two pet Draco Reptilians living in my basement. And they're hungry, Pugnose. If you got any of that big toe left.

In his first written revelation regarding the real story behind the fake Anthony Santiago Martin, David P. Crayford described how The World Bank and their cohorts assassinated the imposter. He published the article back on May 12, 2016. Where were you, Pugnose? Didn't you read Crayford's piece? He was in the middle of telling off Jerky Bobblecockski / Jerzy Babkowski / ZAP / Susan / Poof here...

...where Crayford wrote, "By the way, the World Bank, in conjunction with the Committee of 300 are very good at setting up people to do all their dirty work. All paid for of course, unlawfully from the Collateral Accounts. One only has to look at the farce with how they established the fake Anthony Santiago Martin out of the Philippines, whom they used for many years and then dropped him when things got 'Hot' for them."

Crayford had the documents to substantiate his claims. He wrote, "In fact we have a written document from the World Bank / Committee of 300, which denies Anthony Santiago Martin and refers to him as an impostor. The real Anthony Santiago Martin died approximately 3 years before the claimed death of Ferdinand Marcos in September 1989. However, that is irrelevant as such because the names used by Ferdinand Marcos were all Code Names only and usually the names of his enemies. Quite a unique way of identifying your enemies to others, don't you think."

Pugnose, this was where your handlers who poisoned you by making you steal the box of gold and opening it for the world to see let you down a second time, and made a sham embarrassment out of your January 5th posting.


On Friday August 5, 2016, David P. Crayford elaborated. He posted all of it, a full article chronicling the murder of the fake Anthony Santiago Martin, with supporting documents, including copies of multiple fake ID's here:

Where were you, Pugnose and Stomach Staples Scott, and your handlers and writers when Crayford was busy waking up the world to murder at the hands of those who call themselves World Leaders? Your handlers now have obviously no news to tell anyone, so the best you can do is to steal material from another writer and attribute it to Team Keenan.

Crayford said you, Stomach Staples Scott, are a brainchild behind all this disinformation coming out. Paul Collin said the same thing. He said you feed Keenan and Fulford their bullsh*t lines and script verbatim. So again, I ask, why are you copying an old man like Crayford? The guy's like 97 years old. Can't you guys think up anything new on your own? Is it because groundhogs are now delivering Keenan his mail?


The central focus of his article was...


Crayford used his all CAPS and bold for this one so you knew he meant business.


The intelligence report summary that now sat on my lap concluded that, "Keenan was too desperate with need for money to support his habits and lying to the world, so he needed to lie to the world more, so the world could give him more money so he could keep lying and begging them for more money. And he couldn't afford to stop now. He needed money."

That's why Keenan was supposedly back in action on February 16, 2017, by posting his NKU bearing the title, The Revolution Begins: Quantum Experts State The Healing Computer Stands In A Class Of It's Own.Keenan appeared to need money.

The NKU opened up with a very cool video of Beatles singing Revolution, and then it all went downhill from there. His pathetic article wasn't about Revolution so much as once again a shameless promotion of his healing machine as well as his claimed legitimacy in stealing the global "Collateral Accounts" of the Global Debt Facility.

Pugnose also posted two videos. In the first, Keenan tried to parallel his thieving terrorist work to the work of our new U.S. President. "Donald Trump has stopped the transportation of the gold, or movement of the gold from South Korea and other Asian nations," a bearded Keenan said, appearing as if he were reading from a teleprompter. Camera expertise was being exhibited, with special zoom ins and closeups of the bloated Pugnose.

Keenan then elaborated on his justification for his CIA sponsored terrorist thieving from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility with yet another in a long series of patch-quilted and stitched-together talking points. "Which is working in behalf of us, or working together, doing the same thing," he said. "So we're getting to where we want to be, on that front, which is Asia, which is the Collateral Accounts. Maybe not even the Global Collateral Accounts, but the Collateral Accounts, which will belong to the Depositors of the gold, the Depositors of the Assets...will also help us do everything we want to do in our country."

Shameless sales into machines. Conscienceless conniving to steal GDF to fund global terrorism. Then Keenan introduces three clueless women, including one from Beverly Hills, California, and another from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who were there to help Pugnose plug his machines.

Video two took place from an entirely different location. "Looks like he's in Ireland," Sam said when we watched it, citing the mountains in the background, the green rolling fields, the rain, the lakes and the McGillicutty ranches as evidence.

"I'm here to put together the new technologies," Keenan told the camera, nearly drowned out by the sputtering of rain, "the financing from the Collateral Accounts so that you could have medical treatment all over the world, using the new technologies."

Sam noted that Pugnose almost appeared weary from begging for money, as if he had come up with a new way to finance his terrorist supporting thieving ways. A woman behind the camera spoke with an Irish accent, and then there was a rough cut to Pugnose now on an indoor couch, saying it was February 8th, and that he'd just returned from overseas. "Now, understand something," he said, "you're all under the wrong impression about the accounts, first of all. Almost all of you. You all think the accounts belong to the world. The accounts belong to the Depositors." Again, referring to the fake Golden Dragon Family, his CIA / Illuminati band of cutthroat terrorists.

Keenan next tried to buddy up his image by again paralleling his work to American President Trump's efforts to drain the American swamp. "He's not going to be pro steal," Pugnose said. "I'm very close to getting into the accounts, and I have been for a while, even when I was sick."

Pugnose proceeded to claim he was working with Trump to stop the stealing, even though Keenan represented the biggest GDF thieves of them all. What a hypocrite!!! With Trump going in and stopping the stealing of the Assets, Keenan claimed, it would give him the chance to open the Accounts, which Pugnose linked to the release to the world of the modern healing technologies. It was all about the machines, with Keenan preying on the multitudes of sick people around the world who were so desperate to heal, desperate enough to consider buying Neil Keenan's healing machine.

Keenan's bottom line --- "I'm trying to get the financing for the machines...many clinics, all over. Trump's not letting them steal the accounts. We've been traveling all over Europe. I may go to Korea, if they need me."

Don't worry, Pugnose, they won't.

Begging on the air was Neil Pugnose Keenan's only mode for survival, now, and he was back, it appeared. But was he still alive? And how old really were those latest videos? Or was that just a bearded clone of the former Keenan, as some have suggested and written? The answer to these questions, and many more like them, needed to be found before I would be able to approve the celebration of Keenan's timely demise. I was going to need to again speak with the Munchkins. I was going to have to review the evidence. I was going to need to tell Orbil that it most probably was not yet the right time to celebrate, maybe, possibly.

American Lawyer

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