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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Feb 26, 2017 - 1:04:29 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Is David P. Crayford correcto mundo, again? Is Neil Pugnose Keenan really dead? --- PART FOUR, Chapter 37
Feb 28, 2017 - 12:57:16 AM

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----- Is David P. Crayford correcto mundo, again?

Is Neil Pugnose Keenan really dead?---

PART FOUR, Chapter 37

"Give your servant therefore an understanding mind... that I may discern between good and evil..."

--- Testament's Book of Kings, Verse 9, in which King Solomon, just beginning his reign, asks God for wisdom.


As I placed my head down to sleep, I prayed the Lord my soul to keep, and I wondered if the above quote attributed to King Solomon might not apply today to our new U.S. President, and then the trail of the thought transcended into a wisp of a winged dream that began with...


Dear Intelligence Representatives of President Donald J. Trump,

I figured if you guys and gals were actually doing your jobs, or the jobs the President's spokesperson said you're supposed to be doing, then you will find this very important letter, and you will forward its contents to the President of the United States. He needs to read these words. Please send Mr. President my best regards as well. And to Melania. And especially to Yvanka. Would you please tell the President that I act as the unofficial spokesperson for the official spokesperson of the ITC. The ITC stands for the International Treasury Controller. He's the official Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. David P. Crayford and I like to just call it the GDF for short.

You see, the ITC is the legal owner of all the gold, assets, accounts, rare treasures, and interest that your American intelligence agencies and central banks are responsible for stealing from around the world, but most specifically in Asia. The wealth does not belong to Neil Pugnose Keenan, the CIA, or Keenan's fake Gold Dragon Society. That's the secret, fake Illuminati organization of mafia criminal terrorists and thieves Keenan calls family and says he represents, who are helping the Bushes help the Rothschilds in trying to take over the world through globalization, international terrorism, and wars, militarily and financially.

The truth is, from the beginning, your CIA was sponsored and financed by stolen ITC / Global Debt Facility gold. And the truth is, the ITC's pretty darned tired of it. Did I say darned? In fact, if you were able to determine another man's determination from one man's face, and that face belonged to David P. Crayford, then you would know that the ITC is going to get his pound of flesh, and he's going to get his gold back, one way, or another. And you, Mr. President, as Grand Poobah of the United States, stand in the way of a lot of that. You can also play a big part in setting it all straight with all parties concerned.

The Royal Families and Nations of the World have appointed the ITC, to do just that --- get their gold back. That's one big reason why Russia and China, militarily and financially, have been spanking your predecessor as Commander and Chief's as* all over the world. As it's been told to me, at the top of the Spiritual Pyramid of Existence, so to speak, there's God the Creator, right, not the fake Annunaki Gods of history, long conical heads, and Biblical lore. They're way down at the bottom, created by something else, dark and sinister, without soul or conscience. Then, back up at the top, right below Creator God, there's God's higher intelligence Beings, that Creator God created in Its own likeness, who ended up on other realms and planets, creating their own advanced civilizations. These Higher Beings are connected by God Creation frequency Bloodlines to certain legitimate (as opposed to illegitimate) "Royal Families" of the "World" that were seeded here on Earth aeons ago, and they're the ones who legally own all that wealth, some of it maybe from off world, that the CIA's been stealing for more than half a century to support it's out-of-control terrorist ways.

The Federal Reserve and Western aligned central banks have been stealing it twice that long. That's what the Federal Reserve Central Bank system has survived on after all these years of gambling away and stealing the true assets, while American intelligence assets and international government officials got rich from their shares of the booty that they helped to steal. And now here you come, here we come, because I am an American Lawyer, and I am one of us. I voted for you, and I am with you, so we need to get our Christian as*es moving to get us out of this mess your Luciferian predecessors have created for all of us, and stop the looting of the Divine Wealth. And, respectfully stating, Sir, you and your war hawk generals need to stop threatening all the powerful "Sovereign" nations of the world. We need to work together on all of this.

As I know you have been told, we really can't be isolationist across the board politically. We have to be "Sovereign," which is the new global catchphrase, so that's okay. Are we "Sovereign" as individuals? Are we a "Sovereign" nation? Have we achieved our "Sovereignty"? We will have to deal with the rest of the world in that regard. Being patriotic will only get us so far in the modern day geopolitical scenario. We are going to have to integrate our country's future into a system that has been created by a SOURCE standing far higher than the shallow grounds we tread upon. We want to be "Sovereign" as a country, but we will have to be globalist in finances.

The Fiat United Stated Federal Reserve Note (USFRN) is history. There has been a mandate, as I said, issued from places on high in the true global hierarchy, that said the Chinese Yuan, backed by gold, shall become the next global reserve currency. It is to replace the Fiat USFRN. It is a done deal. It's happened twice before in Western history when governments and banks ran amok in lock-step through Fiat banking. The global reserve currency was switched from the British pound to the American dollar after World War II, and the pound replaced the Franc as the global reserve currency back at the time of the French Revolution.

So we need to think clearly about what we're doing here. If powers greater than you, Mr. President, greater than Russian President Putin, greater than all the political and religious leaders of the planet, have decided there's going to be a new global reserve currency, what good will fighting that do us here in America? It might be patriotic, but it's short sighted, and it will hurt many people dependent upon the American dollar, especially here in the U.S., who would like to sell our goods and services to the Iranian, Russian, and Chinese markets, just to name a few. What's up with your attitude re China and again with Iran? Are you distracted while the war hawks have taken over our military? Have you not heard about the New Silk Road? How do us American businessmen and women get onto that road of prosperity? Not by threatening China's building some mile long islands on the other side of the world, in China's realm of interest and self defense, or, politically attacking Iran, a country that has already ditched the USFRN, tested weapons for self defense purposes, and barred American wrestlers from wrestling in Iran. We need to be smarter than that. Get the war hawks out of the White House, please. Pay attention to what is actually taking place in the new global gold-backed economy. Us Americans are dependent upon you to help us survive while the rest of the world gangs up on our dollar.

For the sake of repeating myself, I state with urgency that there is a global conspiracy to take down the U.S. dollar, and that is what we need to be focusing on. Working together, not threatening everyone. Leave that to the Nazi-Democrats. The petro dollar is already about dead. The USFRN will not be the global reserve currency much longer. Iran dropping the U.S. dollar is but one of many "Sovereign" nations who will do so in time to come. They will not accept the U.S. dollar anymore for their goods or services. They understand that the era of U.S. dollar funded global hegemony is over. That's what I was talking about above.

Now, the rest of the world isn't saying as much, or telling the media what they're really doing, but I am. I'm telling you right now, that I have it from really solid, inside information, the highest of intelligence sources, that the true global powers, and I'm talking about Creator God again, and what are referred to as God's representatives here on planet Earth, the Global "Hierarchy", and they've got their Higher Handlers, so to speak, who are unfolding Creator God's plan on this planet, in an effort to fix it, which you are an instrumental part of, as is the Eastern financial system that rises through Russia and China.

Americans are going to have to pay their debt as well. Americans are going to have to dig deep. So are Filipinos. Presidente Dirty Duterte has begun the amazing cleanup chore. That's what his drug war is all about. It's a start. Going after the CIA led mafia backed heavy duty drug trade that operates throughout Asia, and the world. That's a major source for CIA financing, domination of "Sovereign" peoples worldwide, and infiltration and control in the Philippines.

Now, you, President Trump, must do the same. You must become Presidente Dirty Trump. You must clean out the swamp of bad CIA factions. You must destroy their illegal drug trade that helps to support the Fiat Federal Reserve Central Bank system. Then you must deal with Russia and China, and Iran. You must smooth out our relations so that we Americans, your constituents, can some time within our lifetimes, trade on par, globally, with the BRIC'S countries, and those nations emerging through the new valuable asset backed global financial system that emanates out of the East. We would like to have the purchasing power that comes with owning valuable asset backed currency. We're going to need gold to do that.

Which means you, Mr. President, will then need to deal with the ITC. You will have to arrange for America to pay back our debt to the GDF. Only when that is resolved, and not until then, will America be allowed back onto the global financial gravy train, that will be fueled by the Chinese Yuan, as the new global reserve currency of the next era.

Eventually, down the road, when the world has finally achieved financial, political, and military stability, that will probably all change again, when a single global currency is introduced to the world. This is the truth as best as I understand it. You can trust me on this. I'm a lawyer.

David P. Crayford believes that America's debt to the ITC, for all of what the CIA / NSA / Fiat Federal Reserve central banking system has stolen from the GDF, will have to be repaid before America is allowed to return to global, financial prominence. That's prominence, not preeminence. Crayford says that debt has now reached one thousand trillion dollars. Is that a quadrillion, Mr. President? I don't know how many zeros that is, so I can't write it numerically, I'm a lawyer not a mathematician, but I do know it's a lot of money. Crayford also says that it can be done. The money can be paid back by America if she wanted.

That's when America would actually have to come together; to grow up and face her financial reality and responsibilities. That's what true accountability is all about. As David P. Crayford said, "That's why the Tzar of Russia had sent 75,000 MT of gold from the Collateral Accounts to America in 1913 to Finance the Federal Reserve." It wasn't just given to us to steal and convert. It was intended to back the launching of the gold backed Federal Reserve central bank system. Back in the days when the U.S. dollar was gold backed. It will all have to be paid back, as will the rest of America's stolen treasures. Only then, will America be allowed to be a part of the asset backed global economy. Only then will Americans be allowed to do business on the New Silk Road. Please, be wise when dealing with the World, Mr. President, we're dependent upon you.

In the name of our Creator God,

Yours truly,

American Lawyer


As the homeboys from the hood used to say, shut your as*, Peter Ulrich, scab CIA wannabe, working as Mr. ConFusion with the takeover crew at RMN, if you know what I mean. Philippines President Duterte would just give you his finger, or arrest you. Or worse. Just ask the drug dealers in the Philippines what worse is.

From a very reliable intel source, I have been provided with the confirmation that you, "Mister Fusion, aka Peter Ulrich, is from the Maryland/Washington DC area."

And your circle tightens, McFusion. We're all watching you. And we do know who you are, and where to find you. Some of us are writing about you.

We are also in the process of identifying Dumb as Schmidt Scuba, the illiterate reader and Winnie the Poo Shrout wannabe that you post at RMN. "As for Scuba," the intel report continued in pertinent part, "his name is Tom Brady/Brody/Bradley. I will follow it up."

Please do. This information will prove invaluable with regards to ultimate arrest of these thieving, criminal CIA assets.

"I hope this information is helpful," the intel report concluded.

You bet it is, I concluded. And thank you. And don't stop there. I'm still looking for ID confirmation on Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN. As for anyone else who needs to contact me, just send your communication addressed to American Lawyer c/o David P. Crayford's e mail address. Mr. Crayford has been very kind at forwarding my confidential mail to me.


U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the International Treasury Controller face one common set of enormous problems. It's called the CIA, aka The Company. According to this video...

...which is entitled, Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is made up of three factions, and Humanity's future rests with the results of our battle against these CIA Factions #1, #2, and #3.

The video breaks down the three (3) factions. All three have stolen assets from the Global Debt Facility (GDF) as their central focus of existence. They are:

1) Faction #1 - Original CIA, aka Gold Backed CIA (GBCIA), that has always lived off of gold initially stolen from Germany and Japan during and after World War II, who had stolen it from others (Royal Families and Nations of the World) before that;

2) Faction #2 - The Bushistas. Who understood wealth of GDF as well as fact GBCIA stole from GDF, so they formed their own faction, to steal their own gold, to be strong like GBCIA, and to have their own global power vacuum, backed by the stolen wealth;

3) Faction #3 - Former CIA assets, who knew all about GBCIA, Bushista faction, and Global Debt Facility, which they wanted to steal for themselves, because they knew it was out there, and personal fortune was theirs to be had.

I believe the ITC and David P. Crayford fight against all three factional elements. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on Faction #1, the original CIA, aka, the Gold Backed CIA.


The original CIA started many years ago, when the OSS, the original CIA, stole the gold and assets of the countries the U.S. was involved with during World War II. The gold of Germany and Japan, which had been amassed and stolen from many other countries during the war, ended up in the hands of the CIA, who couldn't openly admit they had it. It was illegal that they had possessed the oft stolen booty in the first place.

However, the CIA was not about to give back the largest file of gold that had ever been amassed outside of the true and original owners thereof. This gold was being held in massive quantities outside of the United States, in the Philippines and Switzerland.


To take a deeper understanding regarding the Philippines and Switzerland relationship to the GBCIA, and the massive quantities of wealth involved with the two stated countries, we look to a legal document entitled, Global Agreement.

This was the Agreement that killed former Philippines President Ferdinand E. Marcos. This was the final nail in his coffin. The intent of this Agreement was why the CIA had to take down M1 once and for all. This was why the global financial powers that be did everything in their might to kill the Global Agreement, which they did. It was never legally formalized. Today, it is legally nonexistent. Today the responsibilities written into the Agreement rest with the International Treasury Controller.

The Global Agreement of January 10, 1980, was Marcos' last great attempt to legally implement the gargantuan wealth that made up the global collateral accounts (GDF) into the world financial system; something to replace the murderous, thieving TTTGC, that had worked greedily for fifty years to shred the GDF apart, cut it into bite sized pieces, and steal as much of it as they could, to enrich themselves and dominate the world. The Agreement was executed by Marcos, wherein he was referred to as First Party, and it was made with "Foreign Counterparts", which were referred to as Second Party.

The Second Parties to this signed agreement consisted of The Chairman, representing the Royal Families and Nations of the World, the President of The World Bank Group, the Secretary General of The United Nation Organization, and the President of The International Court of Justice. The Heads of nearly 200 countries, nations, territories, republics, and the like signed the Agreement. The United States signed it. It just wouldn't allow the Global Agreement to be implemented.


As an example of the kind of tremendous wealth involved in Switzerland at the time, item #151 of the Global Agreement was stunning. It read in full:

151.) Central Bank of Switzerland with accounts no. 8ASM8172 - 91132 worth $ 800, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 sponsored by uncounted metric tons of ancient and century old green gold, uncut gold, diamond, platinum and silver and $ for a piece of Alpha --- Omega Ring with 12 small pieces of diamond and a large diamond in the center preserved during the early times of Adam.

That's 68 zeroes just in the Swiss account alone. That was just one country. How much were all the other named and unnamed assets in this account worth? Marcos, the President of the Philippines, as M1, was to oversee the implementation of the assets of the GDF, into the global economy, at first to rebuild the Asian countries destroyed through World War II. Switzerland and its central banking system were supposed to play a big part in all of this.

Much of the GDF gold assets had been stored in the Philippines. Much of the GDF, in assets and accounts, were held in Switzerland. That's why the CIA had to control finances in both the Philippines and Switzerland. All three factions became involved. For example, it was the Bushista Faction, Faction #2, that backed Keenan, Yamaguchi, and Watanabe with their push for attempted conversion of the stolen Federal Reserve Bonds through Chiasso in 2009.

As was the case with Chiasso, if the gold assets were to be brought back into America and added to the U.S. Treasury, it could have destabilized the dollar and world currencies. American politicians could not admit that they knew about this stolen loot so they had to politically ignore it, and let the CIA handle it. What a terrific choice this was for Americans...not. Either let the politicians deal with the secret, stolen wealth, that they wouldn't tell the taxpayers about, or let the CIA handle it. Flip my coin. Heads, they win. Tails, we lose. Slam head into wall.

Over the years, numerous CIA banks, corporations, dummy companies, offshore accounts, and secret vaults were created to hold and launder this gold, and assets, into what the public might perceive on the outside as being semi legitimate operations. The CIA called these operations The Company, and eventually The Company developed over three thousand holdings. Some of these banks and corporations are today among the largest in the world.

The CIA company became larger, wealthier, and more powerful than major countries. The operation was run on a strict need to know basis so that government officials could always maintain culpable deniability, something Paul Collin continuously wrote about in his observations of CIA / Department of Homeland Security (DHS) government operations involving those who would steal Global Debt Facility assets. These operations became independent, and after a while no one person was fully aware of all that the Gold Backed CIA (GBCIA) was doing around the world.


The Gold Backed CIA, or GBCIA, was supposed to operate outside the boundaries of the United States to protect American interests, but national markets of currency, bonds, and stocks all have an international impact, which was the domain of the GBCIA. Accordingly, the GBCIA infiltrated the U.S. Treasury and the Economic Stabilization Fund, ESF, which creates U.S. economic policy. The ESF has the ability to manipulate currency, bonds, and stock markets in America.

The Economic Stabilization Fund is the organization that tells the Federal Reserve System what to do. The ESF can order the Treasury to print trillions of dollars, which they recently did, and tell the Federal Reserve what to do with the money. The ESF is one of GBCIA's most useful tools for controlling U.S. national markets that subsequently affect international markets. The GBCIA essentially controls U.S. economy under the auspices of international security.


The GBCIA is greedy and is never satisfied with what they have so they continue to foment wars throughout the world to help establish central banking systems in all countries, to manipulate the creation of debt against the people of those countries, and to position themselves to be able to strip assets and to steal whatever they can from those host nations. Imagine thousands of ruthless operations around the world run by people who do not mind killing anyone who stands in their way. This is what happened to the Royal Families and Nations of the World who were wiped out during the Royal Purge. This is what happened to Dr. Ray C. Dam, the first International Treasury Controller, who was removed like Marcos, Soekarno, and Kennedy before him. This is what has been happening to us throughout our lifetimes.

This is where the International Treasury Controller, David P. Crayford, American President Donald J. Trump, and the true New America come into play today. This is where Russia and China stage their battle fronts. Russia and China operate in sync with everything I have said above. They operate in sync with the International Treasury Controller. This is their war against the CIA. This is the battle for humanity's freedom from CIA Factions #1, #2, and #3. As David P. Crayford recently wrote, "We are, unfortunately, attending to all of these factions within the Theft and Fraud of and against the GDF. They are all seriously involved with the Theft and Fraud, and have been since 1945 to start and then increasing over the years, coming to a crescendo after Marcos was deposed --- with the enormous assistance of one of those factions of the CIA."


"So maybe, if Fulford is right (???????) Keenan has died because of the Radioactive material poisoning emanating from the box -------------- CANCER."

--- David P. Crayford, October 21, 2016

Sam and I were skipping and hopping uptown down the Golden Brick Road. This was how everyone traveled up and down the Golden Brick Road these days. There were no cars, no buses, no scooters, no bicycles, no public transportation, just a hop, skip, and a jump from everyone. Everyone was Munchkins, though, except for Sam and I, and they were small, and so was everything that was built for them. Except for the gold bricks that made up the Golden Brick Road. They were big. This was the part of this world where the uppity, elitist Munchkins lived, far upstream from their poorer cousins down on the Yellow Brick Road, by the dead witch's castle, near where they said they had allegedly found Keenan's body, I mean puddle.

On the Golden Brick Road, everything basked and grew in the perpetual glow of a West Coast golden sunset, everyone had a golden tan, and everybody skipped and hopped their lives away. It was their way of life. It's what you did when you lived on the Golden Brick Road. Back Bay this was not. "We all saw the reports," I said, breathlessly, keeping pace with Sam's stronger skips and longer hops. Our strides were way bigger than everyone else's.

"But you still don't believe it's true," Sam said. "You think Keenan's like a cockroach or something. You can't kill him, you can only hope to contain him."

I liked Sam's football analogy. I said, "Which, according to David P. Crayford, was what the ITC did with Keenan, right. Chased him out of Europe and into Indonesia. Trapped him into hiding somewhere on one of Indonesia's 6,000 islands. They had him contained. Nearly had him nailed, but he slipped away. How did he do that? And I never did have it clear from Crayford whether they were there to arrest Keenan, or..."

"Or what?" Sam asked. Before I could respond, he cut his hop short and skipped a quick right up Crimson Clover Lane. I hopped right with him, every skip of the way. We hopped past the Happy Face Fudge Shop and we skipped past the miniature Polka Dot Balloon Wedding Chapel, and Sam said, "In one of his last videos Keenan claimed he was out of Indonesia, in Germany, somewhere, playing with his new doctors and his healing machine. The latest one said he was in Ireland, and then it appeared he was back in Indonesia. Playing with his healing machine."

"Ah, yes," I said, "Keenan playing with his famous healing machine. I'd been reading about that lately. Didn't seem to help him much, though, right. His feet and head were still swollen and ugly."

Sam laughed and said, "When he was alive you mean."

I smiled back and then we passed the Carnival of Candy Parade. I drooled like a Bernese Mountain Dog when I saw the front window display featuring a giant floor to ceiling red M & M. With three legs. I frowned and said, "I'm not sure I buy that routine either. Healing machine, are you kidding me? Ah, I don't know. Just because we haven't seen much of him lately, it doesn't mean that he's necessarily climbed the stairway to hell."

"What does it mean then?" Sam asked. "

"It just means that he's disappeared for a while," I said, "keeping it low. That's all."

Sam began to slow his pace and said, "He can't afford to disappear, Al. He needs to stay visible so he can keep hustling. He needs money. He's got no more financial backing. He's too desperate to disappear without a very good reason."

I knew what that very good reason was, I just wasn't buying it. Not yet, anyway. We stopped hopping. Sam and I had reached our destination. We were standing in front of the Mad Hatter's Herbal Tea and Medicine Garden Shop.

The aromas of fine herbs and teas wafted into a drifting cloud that made it nearly impossible not to just float away in the weightless wisps of brewed cinnamon, spice, and smoked medicinal herbs. Inside and out, the place was packed. This was a favorite Munchkin hangout, and by taking in my surroundings, I could see why. It was easy to admire all the gay festivities and lifestyle, the dancing, the prancing, all the smiles and happy little laughing round people. And here, now, as I felt and breathed the vibrating Munchkin helium energy, I could see why everyone was feeling so merry and gay. If my streets back home were made of shiny gold bricks and we had herb shops like this, everybody in America would be doing cartwheels and somersaults all day long too. The continuous drone of song and gaiety generated a perpetual vibrational hum, like a nuclear generator. Even Sam couldn't keep his ankles still in the golden light. This was no particular celebration. This was how these Munchkins lived every single second of their gold gilded lives.

The caves these Munchkins mined had been good to them. I imagined the miniature Munchkin gold mines and raided depositories stashed beneath the caves, and then the wind picked up, and blew Sam's kilt higher than we needed to see, and, almost as if exactly on cue, there was David P. Crayford, nattily attired, standing right next to us as if he'd just flown in on a stealth magic carpet, or been here with us all along.


A plump blue haired Munchkin with a banana squash hook in her nose took our orders. Crayford and Sam ordered the Silver Herb Tea of the Day, while I ordered a double Golden Fru Fru, with three cinnamon apple swizzle sticks, but no whip. I couldn't stop thinking about that giant M & M. My mouth watered, and then I remembered the three legs.

We carried our drinks through the noisy room loaded with Munchkin herbal smokers and herbal Munchkin drinkers, over to three small golden chairs centered by an undersized gold brick shaped table, and we sat down. All of our knees banged and squeezed tightly under the small table top. Our padded bottoms generously overflowed the seats of the small gold chairs. Six eyes gazed the room, taking in all the rapid chattering energy velocities. Blowing on his tea, Crayford said, "Do you know any of these people?"

All I could see were chattering, excited subhuman Munchkins, possibly related to the Aborigines. We three appeared to be the only full length humans in this establishment. We were giants. "I don't personally know any Munchkins," I said, "other than the church choir leader, who I told you about. And his daughter. The one with the three humps who confirmed that she had heard it through another witness that there was nothing left of Neil Keenan but a yellowish, brown, green, kinda purplish puddle of dripping, sticky...uh, she didn't want to call it slimy, she called it, what did she call it?"

"We shall see," Crayford said.

"Did you read the report?" I said.

"I read the report,"Crayford said. "And then I saw the latest videos. So, like I said before, I will believe it when I see proof of Keenan's demise and not just a dripping puddle of mess between two golden bricks."

Sam turned to me and said, "I think he wants a scalp."

"I'll give him your scalp," I said. I turned back to Crayford. "Did you see this?" I tossed down on the gold tabletop a copy of the Manilla Bulletin. It's headline read:


"I saw it," Crayford said. "There are many articles out there like that one."

I took a large, scalding gulp of my coffee. My larynx melted. My surviving taste buds told me this was the third best Golden Fru Fru I had ever had. I said, "Did you see there were a couple comments related to our articles. It's the first time I've ever seen that. The CIA usually scrubs anything positive anybody writes about us, or even any references to us, right away. They never let them stand. They're always scrubbing the Internet of stuff about you, David P. Crayford. But this time they didn't do it. Why? Maybe it's because things are looking up for us as far as getting the truth out about the GDF." I blew on my coffee, and said, "Someone named Jebb commented, 'This is not part of Philippine GOLD. This is part of Assets of Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Here is a message from one of the highly exceptional lawyer David P. Crayford. A lawyer who specializes in International Law, International Treaty Law, International Corporate Law and UK laws.' And he had a link for your article."

"Wow," Sam said, his expression growing wide. "How come nobody ever writes anything nice like that about you?"

My eyes narrowed. "Because I'm too special to write something that nice about," I said.

"Oh," Sam said, rubbing his bearded chin in thoughtful doubt. "That makes a lot of sense."

My eyes returned to Crayford. "Did you see this one?" I tossed a photo copied article onto the gold table. The headline read, 3,500 Ton Philippine Gold Bars Unlawfully Shipped Out, But for Whose Benefit?

It was a hybrid write up which included certain historical aspects of massive gold wealth tied into a narrow angle of Philippine lore. "It was a good piece," I said. "It covered the scandal involving Benigno Aquino III for having illegally shipped the 3,500 metric tons of pure gold out of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas vault. It talked about the $3 trillion worth of USD that was printed up by a Thai energy company. It mentioned the witness who is in custody but ready to testify about the gold hoard that was held up in Spain, with 'more central bank insiders' ready to supply additional evidence and stand as direct witnesses against those involved in the crime. Which is good. Hopefully, they'll prosecute them all, and work their way up the criminal chain, one link at a time, and get to the big guys in government and the banking hierarchy. But the best part about the whole article? It credited David P. Crayford for exposing the theft in the first place. It even printed the five documents you exposed. Congratulations, Mr. Crayford. Job well done." I reached over and shook his ham-sized hand

"Yes" Crayford said, his vice like grip, the sound of my bones crushing in his hand.
"it is a good start."


Sam grabbed my arm. "When will the American people wake up?"

"When will you wake up?" I said. I turned back to Crayford, "But you know, David, what bothers me most about this whole thing?"

"What is that?" Crayford said.

My swollen hand cut horizontally through the air. "The slant that the article took," I said. "This is not just the American people we're talking about here. We're talking about the Philippines people as well. What I mean is it seemed like the article was saying that all this gold in the Philippines was Marcos' gold, and that he had obtained it illegally, so therefore, now that he's been disappeared, Marcos' wealth belongs to the people of the Philippines. As if they were the rightful owners of it, which is just a bunch of nonsense. That's nothing better than what the Canadian thieves Jerky Bobblecockski and Benny the Fraud Fulford have been trying to sell. That's what the American con / terrorist / thieves like Keenan and his but*buddy Robert David Steele keep trying to sell. They all make up the excuse that the true owners of the wealth obtained it illegally through war and theft, and therefore the assets and accounts of the GDF were obtained through ill-gotten means, and therefore it really just belongs to the people, so let's steal it and divide it up, or some Schmidt like that. That's the kind of unjust enrichment that they think they deserve and it just doesn't make any sense. They're not entitled to anything."

Crayford's head bobbed in agreement. "I caught that, yes," he said. "There does seem to be a misunderstanding among some of the Philippines people regarding the true nature of the ownership of the assets."

"It's more than a misunderstanding," I said. "I think that's what they've been brainwashed into believing by the mainstream media."

"Of course," Crayford said. "What they believe is incorrect, but they do not know it yet. What was stolen was part of the GDF deposited in the Philippines under Ferdinand Marcos as Master Holder, not owner, of the GDF."

I turned to Sam, my hands in prayer. "He's talking about God's Holy Wealth, you know," I said.


I just happened to have an extra copy of the Phonm Penh Post with me as well. I pulled it out of my orange and purple marijuana leaf backpack and tossed it onto the golden tabletop.

I ran my finger across the headline that read, Inside the bizarre world of Ray C. Dam.

As insincere a headline as you'd ever want to read about one of history's most maligned and misunderstood individuals. Crayford picked up the paper, ruffled it, pointed a long accusatory finger at the headline, and said, "Is this just a coincidence, especially being six years after the demise of Ray Dam, or is someone very worried and posting articles to discredit us again?"

Sam peered over Crayford's long arm. "Personally, I think this is Scott at his dirty work again," Sam said. "Especially since this follows the article re the Ombudsman investigation in the Philippines. I'll bet Scott's getting more than a little nervous at the way things are progressing from a law enforcement perspective."

Crayford set the paper down and ironed it with his hand. "I agree," he said. "As for the Phonm Penh Post, Scott has many contacts in that organization, and it is, as you have stated in the past, a CIA assets / operation. It is published in English, not Cambodian so it is aimed at the minority English speaking persons in Cambodia of whom most are well educated in America, and there are Americans working inside the offices. That stems from the Vietnam war when America took in many refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia, then, as usual, recruited them as associate agents."

I took a sip of my Golden Fru Fru. It tasted of honey and nectar. I swirled my swizzle stick. It gave me cinnamon apple goosebumps.

Crayford said, "Scott is a major player, but like everything else, there is always someone above --- The Masters. The fact that Scott is trying to distance himself from the entire OITC affair is normal behavior for Scott. He would distance himself from everything if it got exposed and everyone was blaming him. That's his character. That's how he has been trained. If you could hear what his own family say about him you would understand him better. His own family hates him."

"That," I said, "is a charming quality to have."

Sam said, "That may be why he's starting a new family."

Crayford said, "As for him being a father, again, I wonder with which wife this is happening. He has a wife in the Philippines, you know. Laguna. Another one in Cambodia, Phonm Penh."

"And don't forget about the one in Laos," Sam said. "Vientiane."

I said, "I will never forget about Scott's wife in Vientiane." I winked at Sam. He slid his tiny chair away from me.

Crayford said, "This is common practice with CIA agents. It gives them Spouse Rights for visas - Marital Visas, so they can come and go as they please at all times."

"I still don't think it was Scott," I said.

"Then who was it?" Sam asked.

"Alfredo Sauren," I said.

Crayford waggled his finger. "Wilfredo Saurin," he said. "Yes, he is definitely involved in all of this, and he works for the Fed. Claims to be the Heir to the Sultan of Sulu, but in reality he is the result of an affair, an illegitimate person with no rights whatsoever, but of course the Fed have used him just as The World Bank used the Anthony Santiago Martin fiasco."

I pointed at the headline on the paper. "I believe that Dr. Soush Saroeun is Alfredo Sauren, aka, the Philippines Phantom, and he is overseeing what's coming out of The Phnom Penh Post. The Post is a CIA front, and the author of the articles, and everyone quoted in the articles, are CIA assets."

Crayford's head wagged. "Saurin doesn't operate under the name of Dr. Soush Saroeun," he said. "They are two separate people. I have met Dr. Soush Saroeun, many years ago in Cambodia. He...tried desperately to assist Ray Dam when he was in prison. It is also Dr. Soush Saroeun in the photographs with Ray Dam that I have seen. Saurin has always used his own name, or derivatives thereof, never the names of others and I have known him since the early 90's and met some of the people he has ruined along the way."

Crayford drank from his teacup and continued, "Dr. Soush Saroeun and Ray Dam were shareholders in the company API-OITC, a real estate company in Cambodia who operated out of the 4 storey building which had no commercial operating licenses, whereby it backfired on them and Soush and Ray Dam ended up getting arrested for that which was all a set up by Scott who occupied the top floor of that building. API-OITC had no legal connection whatsoever to the OITC. This was a private commercial operation only."


When we left the Mad Hatter's Herbal Tea and Medicine Garden Shop, our conversation shifted to Part Four of my 36 part series on Pugnose Keenan. "You know we haven't heard much from a live Keenan for the last couple of months," I said. "There were reports that said he's dead. There are other supposed eyewitnesses that say they saw Keenan being attacked by the Wicked Witch's sister, and she melted him, for a lack of a better term. He may have been trying to pick her up or something. But that's what I want to write about."
Crayford took off hop skipping south down the Golden Brick Road. Sam and I had to hop skip our but*s off just to catch up. "I have no objection," Crayford said, "to a small amount of content being attributed to that in Part Four, but I think we should be identifying many other issues to show that the crimes being committed against the GDF are numerous and enormous whereby one issue, no matter what issue it is, is just one of many parts the majority of which are linked together by the whole operation of theft and fraud against the GDF, which always starts / originates in America. Analysis over many years shows that 95% of all illegal activities against the GDF run right back to Bush, Cheney, CIA - worldwide operations - Blackwater, Haliburton, Vanguard, US State Department, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, German / Austrian Nazi connections, etc, etc, etc..."

"I can do that," I said. "I'd also like to write a little bit about the specifics of the CIA operation, as it applies to their perpetual parasitizing of GDF assets for their existence, and how you and the ITC have to deal with it on a daily basis. What else should I include?"

We reached the Lush and Bountiful Garden of Divinity and we stopped. We stood there, hands to our hips, admiring the breathtaking beauty of the park's lush makeup of jungle garden, where everything grew giant in size, basking naturally in the Eternal Golden Light that never went dark. Everything just multiplied into an endless garden display of sprouting floral delight. Sort of like my mind.

Sam skip hopped north through the thick foliage down the river rock path, followed by Crayford and myself.

"The other report I sent you," Crayford said, ducking beneath a low vine, "re: the $3 trill USD and 3,500 MT of gold is equally important, if not more so. That has gone viral whereby more of the truth needs to be brought out publicly on this matter. There was a Philippine General involved, who was a Custodian. He was informed by a politician in the Philippines that this operation would give the Philippines $3 trill USD for Duterte to use as he wished to develop the Philippines. He believed it, so he gave up the gold, and then got duped in a very big way. I now know the name of the General. He thought he was going to help the Philippines and Duterte. Instead he was duped by, i). the Politician who is one of those named within the documents, and ii). the CIA operation that surrounds this."

"I'll bet that happens often," I said, "The custodians and holders being conned right out of what they were supposed to be holding and protecting."

Sam stopped when we reached the vine covered sign that said Triangular Circle Path. Crayford and I pulled in behind him. "The money was printed," Crayford said, as we pushed forward, down the steep path. "Trillions of dollars. But none of it came into the Philippines for humanitarian purposes. Word has it - Yet to be proven - that the money, or a large part of it, was used by America to pay off a debt using Gold Backed Money because the Creditor would not accept Fiat U.S. dollars. In fact I am informed that dollar bills were not printed. Instead Gold Backed U.S. Treasury Notes were printed and delivered to the creditor. Any balance that was left was paid to the Kingdom Filipina Hacienda as the Sovereign Host Government, which is a CIA backed operation in the South of the Philippines which is supporting not only the theft of assets from depositories but also terrorists and their operations in which the Abu Sayaff Group and the MILF Group are involved. I would also make a heavily weighted guess and say that it supports the training of terrorists such as ISIS and others which is being undertaken in the South of the Philippines and Indonesia. The woman in charge of the Kingdom Filipina Hacienda refers to herself as the Queen of the South - Real family name is Legazpi - a well educated person who was partly educated in America, speaks good English, Muslim, has one son and holds numerous boxes of FRN's, FRB's etc dated 1933 / 34."

We stopped again when we reached the clearing. Before us stood my favorite aspect of the entire park. It was an immense playground filled with rides, games, and playground equipment for the young and old alike. Of course everything was built for Munchkins, but nevertheless it was a grand layout that attracted Munchkin clans the world over. In the distance, beyond the playground, we could see the main attraction, The Forest of Giants that housed The Giant Swings.

Crayford said, "The account that Leila de Lima, former Justice Secretary, and educated in America, has in Thailand, which is assumed by the Department of Justice and the Senate to contain money from illegal drugs, which she is also involved with, actually contains her commissions for her signature on the documents regarding the $3 trill USD and the 3,500 MT of gold. All the others received commissions as well."

We hop skipped through the playground to The Forest of Giants. Our jaws dropped at the magnitude of The Giant Swings. I said, "I'm sure that Wilfredo Saurin and Stomach Staples Scott, with their CIA cohorts, are somewhere behind all of this."

They were everywhere. Hundreds of thirty to fifty foot long thick vine ropes attached to the branches of giant trees on one end and tethered swings on the other. They were immense, they were gigantic, and they were made for Munchkins, some Munchkins obviously being larger than others, like maybe their Master Giants. "I am too," Crayford said. "And we will prove it. I have many other documents which appear to be connected to this, and also connected to what Jerzy Babkowski / ZAP has been talking about for years, and we are creating a conclusion toward the connection. It's there, but we need more than verbal proof, which is not acceptable for purposes of prosecution. The documents are connected to Alfredo K. Cardinez - Heritage Account Holder, Dr. Datu M.L. Santillano, Ret. Col. Ali F. Sharief PhD. Forty Four documents in total. Account numbers, Holders, amounts, name of bank, the countries the banks are situated in. All accounts being apparently 'Traded' through the Federal Reserve via a small number of top commercial banks."

We found three empty swings hanging from the same thick branch and we climbed aboard. Crayford grabbed the thick vine ropes with his immense hands and said, "This is the type of information we need to be focusing upon. With a little bit of storyline, so we get the truth out. Bring in the provable fact which people can check if they want to."

We kicked in and we were now swinging. "Well," I said, "then I need to get more provable fact to write about. I will have to ask my intelligence people to step it up."

The swings themselves were very cool, aerodynamically designed, wind resistant, and they provided for a fast, thrilling ride, if one were to choose fast and thrilling. Which was us, right then, 'haulin' huevos', as they used to say in the hood, kicking with powerful grace, Crayford in the middle, I to his right, Sam flying on his left.

On the high back swing, Sam said, "If I run into anyone who has more provable facts, I'll be sure to send them to American Lawyer c/o David P. Crayford's e mail address at"

"Thank you," I said, kicking hard to catch up on the back swing, "that's a big help."

Crayford kicked back on his upswing. "If it hadn't been for our previous articles on this subject," he said, "plus the public release of the four page document, none of this would have ever come out as it did. It would have died a natural death and the cabal would get away with it through lack of proof and credibility."

Crayford decided to show off now. As Sam and I gawked in amazement, the ninety seven year old Crayford let go of the ropes on the upswing, flew fifty feet straight up into the air, arms wrapping around knees, knees pulling into chest, and then he performed a near flawless reverse triple somersault, before coming down for a perfectly soft landing back in his seat upon the return upswing. Without missing a breath, he said, "Although our posts on the $3 trillion U.S. dollar situation were the first to draw attention and force international intelligence investigations, that is how our posts / articles should be, and should work."

He was talking Munchkin helium fast now, and we were swinging really high, and I was afraid we were going to just flip right over the supporting tree branch and wind up ourselves in a vine rope knot. I had to pump my legs twice as hard just to keep up with Crayford, but not too hard so as to fly over the tree branch. "Don't you think we should slow down now?" I yelled, "I think we're going to kill ourselves!"

Crayford waved me off, kicked his legs harder, swung higher, and said, "THAT'S NOT being critical of you Al in any way."

"I didn't think you were, sir," I yelled.

Crayford said, "It is what I am trying to achieve with our articles because sometimes people of all descriptions have to be pushed into learning and action regarding what is going on in the world, otherwise nothing happens. If the authorities will not take the initial action then revelations like ours must do the trick and force them into the appropriate action."

On the apex of the next upswing Crayford let go again, flying high into blue sky, performing the impossible quadruple axle, before landing with a graceful thwack in his seat.

"The Russian judge gave you a nine," I said, eyes wide like saucers.

"Very generous," Crayford said. "This whole situation, with the evidence of the one case against Aquino and De Lima coming to public life, and there are others, and it is really all gathering pace in the Philippines, and at the moment I am smiling quite hard." And then he gritted his teeth and he kicked even harder and bolted even higher than he did before.

I pumped madly to catch him and said, "I don't see you smiling at all, sir. It looks more like a frown."

Crayford's voice rose. "Oh I am smiling alright," he said. "Right here in my gut, Al. You know why?"

My consciousness returned to the now with the sudden realization of how high off the ground I really was. "Why, sir, is that?" I asked.

His voice softened when he said, "Because I am hearing the muffled sounds of panic by some in the Philippines' government and their past government down there and it is quite laughable as to what they are doing to cover their asses."

Sam and I both laughed nervously, because we'd never heard Crayford say asses before, and because of how insanely high we were swinging. I studied Crayford's face just to see if a true smile might erupt.

I was still studying when Crayford shouted, "I am pleased Al, that our hard work with this particular article, but not excluding other articles, has drawn such attention as it has and propagated such international investigations, so give yourself a good hard 'pat on the back'. Well done. And thank you for your support."

I smiled and said, "You're welcome, sir," and at the apex of my next upswing I reached back with both hands and I gave myself a good hard pat on the back, and then the next thing I knew, I had flown out of my swing, and I was fifty feet up in the air, and I had totally forgotten how to complete a triple axle...

American Lawyer

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