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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Mar 8, 2017 - 1:35:06 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Is David P. Crayford correcto mundo, again? How 'bout the 'useful idiot' Benny the Fraud Fulford? Is Neil Pugnose Keenan really dead?- PART FOUR, Chapter 39
Mar 11, 2017 - 1:30:16 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Is David P. Crayford correcto mundo, again? How 'bout the 'useful idiot' Benny the Fraud Fulford? Is Neil Pugnose Keenan really dead?- PART FOUR, Chapter 39


"...And facts were things that you could see, that you could touch, or you could in some way have a direct contact. Now from facts the problem of truths resulted in morality. Morality was really the moral interpretation of facts. It was a fact made alive and vivid through experience. The individual taking the fact and working with it discovered finally that it had within itself a meaning, a moral value. That it produced good consequences. That it advanced causes, whereas error nearly always destroyed. So little by little the truth factor came in. And after a long time with truth, the mind and consciousness began to ascend to a higher level. And this was reality..."

--- Manly P. Hall, Opening Doors to the Invisible


It was not so much a feeling of sadness as it was one of loss. The truth was I was going to miss Pugnose. Not in the way you miss someone you were fond of, or who was once famous, and you idolized him, but in the way someone who always does battle misses an opponent he likes to beat up on. And that was Pugnose and I. But Keenan was gone, now, one way or the other, and he could no longer defend himself.

Even if he was alive, he was dead, at least that's what they all believed in Weeble Land. David P. Crayford, however, wasn't much into celebration. He said there was too much work to be done, and he wasn't at all convinced that Keenan had taken the dirt nap. But everyone else, including all 100% of the Munchkins who were polled, agreed that Keenan had cashed in all of his chips. He had reached his journey's end. He had been liquidated, and it was time to celebrate.

It was so difficult for me to fully grasp the idea that all the good old days of Schmidts and giggles with Neil Pugnose Keenan were now over, but that's what all the facts appeared to indicate. It didn't really matter whether he was officially dead or not, because the world didn't believe him anymore. Whether Keenan was actually physically dead wasn't really the issue. His problem was, either way, Neil Pugnose Keenan was dead to the world. Nobody was listening. The world was a much smarter place now, and people were waking up and realizing that Keenan has been a fraud the whole time. In other words he's been exposed. So nobody was giving him money anymore. And that was the worst death of all. These guys had to scam to survive, and Keenan's days of scamming the world were over. No more retired widows were going to give him Schmidt.

Which, in a sorta way, was a shame. Because Pugnose and I used to have a lot of fun together, and I was going to miss a lot of that, sort of. It used to be such an intimate little group of old pals, that used to hang out together, toss around insults, accusations, and death threats. Just Pugnose, and me, and Crayford, and all of Pugnose's little but*buddies with the CIA and the NSA around the world, like Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and Benny the Fraud Fulford, but now, that's all been broken up. Pugnose is no more.

Crayford and I would no longer be able to strip Keenan down to his bare midriffs with accusations of international GDF theft and terrorism, supported by truth, documents, and facts, where Keenan would then come back at us by threatening our lives. Those were the good old days, I'll tell you. Just like the good old days before that, back when Keenan worked with Scott to take down Dr. R. C. Dam, the first International Treasury Controller.

You do remember those good old days, don't you Pugnose?

Here, it was all song and dance, everyone hopping and skipping and buzzing all up and down the Golden Brick Road, electrons whizzing by, everyone, that is, except for me, sitting on the bench, working desperately to finish my report, although it was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. Sam and Orbil, the round, pint-sized, weeble-shaped, orange and green haired leader of the Munchkin Towers choir, now standing beside me. Orbil wanting me to confirm final plans for Keenan's celebration, but first we had to reach some kind of a consensus that Pugnose was actually dead.

Orbil produced the jar of slimy yellow, greenish brown fluid gel that they said was Keenan, after his run in with the dead witch's sister, and we studied it. We came to no brilliant conclusions. I simply couldn't be sure if that was Keenan or not. Sam suggested we flip a Rhodesian Silver Ridgeback, which Orbil just happened to have. So we did, carefully, flipping that sucker seventeen times to be exact, keeping our limbs intact, and it came up tails seventeen times, snarling fangs and blood talons extended, and we agreed, at that moment a consensus had been reached. Keenan was kaput.

All of Weeble Land exploded in riotous gaiety. The entire patronage of well fed Munchkins hop skipping up and down the Golden Brick Road stopped in their tracks and broke out into a raucous unified chorus of, Ding dong the witch is dead!

It was absolutely stunning! It brought tears to my bad eye, and it wasn't even my funeral. But it was the wrong song, and it hurt my head just thinking about it. "That's not appropriate, man," I said. "That's Hitlery Clinton's song, and she's still alive as far as I can tell." I didn't tell them that I had prayed that Hitlery was still alive, and also her child rapist husband Wee Willie, because I wanted to prosecute both of them for their crimes against he GDF. Crayford had written that they were major GDF (Global Debt Facility) thieves who would fall under the ITC jurisdiction, and if the International Treasury Contoller had the evidence to prosecute them, and if he hired me to prosecute them, then I could send both of them packing, along with Keenan's yellow liquid remains, and off to prison in the ITC's new "Shark Tank Prison" system.

David P. Crayford tells me it's going to be vast. He says there are tens of thousands of GDF criminal thieve terrorists over the years just like Keenan and Benny the Fraud Fulford, people who are going to fill many ITC prison cells. Where the sharks swim. And right now the noise and the singing was driving me batty, so I jammed two fingers into my mouth and I blew the highest pitched, doggy-deafening, ear-piercing, heat-seeking missile of a whistle that melted The Big Brown Fudge House, dropped birds out of the Artichoke Mint Trees, and temporarily made me go deaf in my left ear. But, suddenly, everything was dead Keenan quiet. Just how I liked it.

I had the attention of all Munchkin eyes, no matter how many, on all Munchkin faces. For the first time since we'd been in Weeble Land, I could actually hear myself think. It felt good. I shook my head, cleared the rest of the ringing out of my ears, and said, "Do we have to be quite so merry and gay? And loud?"

Munchkin heads cocked as faces twisted and contorted at one another in thoughtful contemplation. I turned to Orbil. "And, yes, I agree. I like your idea about the choir on the hillside peak. But I think the miniature woolly mammoths juggling chainsaws while balancing on giant beach balls might be a little much. And maybe a little dangerous, so let's forget about that. And let's be sure to change that celebration song while we're at it, okay. Something a little more dead Pugnose Keenan...ish, thanks."


Back in the good old days, when Neil Pugnose Keenan was just an old, cantankerous, conman / terrorist-supporter who could still put up a good fight, and breathe air, not dirt, he and I did battle. It was usually my fist to his eye, but that's where I liked to keep all my close relationships. I liked to fight, for sure, and for me that meant keeping everyone within headlock distance. It was a safer way to fight. As Dr. Ray C. Dam once told Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. And in a headlock.

Generally we all got along much better that way. When you grew up with four largely insane brothers and two ornery sisters, that's what you did. You learned to do battle in close quarters, as a mode to survival, and as a tool to gain early morning access into the only bathroom in the house. But you always did it with a hockey smile and a cocked fist. Be ready to battle to the death, and let God sort out the good and evil in it all at the end. That was my family's mentality when I grew up. Which was what made my relationship with Pugnose Keenan so perfect. Because I was good, most of the time, and he was evil, all of the time, and I felt bad that that was now all over. The fat lady had sung.

Crayford had asked me to see if I could bring Keenan down off his public pedestal a bit, but I know he didn't intend for Pugnose to pay the piper as a result of my tenacious work. I wanted to prosecute Keenan, not kill him, but that's why I went after him so hard.


The story between Pugnose and I probably dates back in earnest to last June 28th, 2016, when Pugnose pis*ed me off by posting his shameless little self-backslapping NKU entitled, Ex-CIA Spy: A Global Open Source Revolution Is About To Begin...

What a bunch of horsesh*t it was. The article irritated the hairs on the back of my elbow from the moment I read the first line. "When Robert David Steele Speaks, People Listen," it said.

The article went on to paint this Robert David Steele as an ex CIA agent (whoopty Schmidt!) whose career exemplified what every American should imagine to be the consummate American spy story. Gag me with a spiked ball and chain. The man commanded attention, the article said, from the shadowy realms of military and intelligence the world over. This Robert David Steele guy was an agency icon, the article said, who called himself a "holistic strategic analyst and educator of individuals and organizations like governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and universities." Programming. Propaganda.

His bio said he was "a former senior intelligence professional for the USA." But what I wanted to know at the time was, who was he really? And what could this man possibly have to do with Neil Pugnose Keenan? The man was a human brain-washer, and I wondered if that was what Keenan needed. A human brain washing. I thought Pugnose had already been through all of that with the CIA / NSA / intelligence-backed, mind-control programming he had been subjected to.

Then I realized it was all about the gold, that's right. The Global Debt Facility gold.

That's what the article said. It was all about the little dwarf ex CIA midget wanting to finagle his share of fortune from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. For those of us who were keeping track of such things, which I was, Robert David Steele was CIA Faction #3. He was CIA out of the Australian office, and his territories included the Philippines.

When I finished reading Keenan's NKU, I wasn't sure who I disliked more, Pugnose or the bearded dwarf of an ex CIA agent named Robert David Steele.


As a tribute to America, on July 1st, 2016, David P. Crayford rocked the world, and the world didn't even know it had been rocked. As we wrote about in PART FOUR, Chapter 37, the world was just now waking up to what Crayford wrote about last year. In America, most of us are still napping through it.

David P. Crayford's classic exposure piece on corruption at the deepest levels of U.S., Philippines, and Swiss banking and government was called, WHAT THE HELL IS AMERICA UP TO NOW OTHER THAN ANOTHER ELABORATE OPERATION IN FRAUD AGAINST THE COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS. It can be found here...

This was where Crayford exposed the documents to the world that possessed "clear and indisputable" proof that:

a.) The United States was behind the illegal printing of $3 trillion in U.S. dollars (USD) in $100 denominations, in a foreign country,

b.) The $3 trillion USD was to be printed up by Centennial Energy (Thailand) Company Limited , an energy and mining company in Thailand,

c.) That America had subcontracted "to another 'Sovereign Nation' for the printing of the USD notes when it has its own printing facilities within the Federal Reserve",

d.) The USD notes were being printed against a Certified true copy of a Gold Bullion Certificate, claimed to be issued by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), covering 3,500 MT of 99.999 Gold in 12.5 Kg bars taken out of the Philippines and deposited in UBS, and,

e.) That UBS, as crooked as they may be, allowed the aforementioned gold bullion to be "used unlawfully as the collateral for the $3 trillion U.S. dollar notes."

The release of this article created a shit storm of controversy and speculation in international police, government, and banking circles, resulting in major investigations now taking place, the results of which promise to be felt continuously throughout international governmental and financial realms for decades to come.


Long before Pugnose went belly up he used to love to attack David P. Crayford. Pugnose's little pet love nickname for Crayford was Crayfish, the bottom dwelling scum sucker.

I noticed Keenan wasn't calling anybody much of anything these days, but when I informed Crayford of this possibility, that if Pugnose were truly dead, then that would mean nobody's going to call Crayford Crayfish ever again, unless, of course maybe it's one of Keenan's writers, like maybe the incomprehensible and reprehensible Dumb Michael Henry Dunn, who's been known to do Keenan's dirty work in words, play acting, and writing cover as if Pugnose were really still alive and operating the whole enchilada, and Crayford said, "That would be just fine with me. I have more important things to worry about." And I had to go with that.

On July 3rd, 2016, envy had gotten the best of Team Keenan, again, this time when they posted a total whiny attack piece aimed at Crayford, again, personally, and Crayford's brilliant July 1st expose. Keenan tried to steal the global thunder Crayford's piece had produced, while shifting the 4th of July reading audience spotlight onto himself.

In his NKU Keenan called Crayford's expose "an old story" and he misspelled OITC throughout the article, with possible malice aforethought, if not just the limitations drawn from a 3rd grade education. Team Keenan closed his total hack piece by accusing Crayford of blaming Americans for the whole theft and illegal printing of the $3 trillion USD, when Keenan should have been complimenting Crayford for attempting to wake up and alert Americans to the facts that the theft of gold and the illegal printing up of U.S. dollars had taken place in the first place, and that additional debt had been added to all Americans' tax / debt burdens. Team Keenan closed Keenan's piece with a photo of a bowl of crayfish and lemons, saying something about Pugnose and his gang eating Crayfish with relish and hot sauce!

I wondered how Pugnose felt now about the idea of having to eat six feet of dirt with his relish and hot sauce. I couldn't picture that. He probably needed lemons too.

4TH OF JULY, 2016

On the fourth of July, 2016, I finished, and had posted, a complementary piece to Crayford's July 1st blockbuster. My article was entitled, American Lawyer Applauds David Crayford For Exposing $3 Trillion Heist By U.S. Federal Reserve, UBS, Philippine Ministry Of Finance.... This piece would prove solid in supporting Crayford's wonderful expose, and it would help to chronicle for Americans and the world what the implications of the printing of the $3 trillion U.S. dollars really were.


I liked the way David P. Crayford, in his article, had unapologetically exposed the corruption involving, among others, the United States, the Philippines, Thailand, and Switzerland, their governments, and their banking institutions. I did not like Keenan's glory hound attempt to steal the credit and the spotlight from Crayford's piece. I also didn't like the fact that former CIA muckity-muck, putz'o'rama, Robert David Steele, had tried to promote Keenan and himself under Keenan's banner. In particular, I didn't like the way he drooled over the Global Collateral Accounts. They were none of his bearded fu*king business, if you know what I mean.

Keenan had been talking a lot of Schmidt for way too long about the OITC, The ITC, David P. Crayford, and the Collateral Accounts, and I had pretty much gotten sick of his whole scripted routine, and now Steele had stepped right into that negative feeling. He was now in the cross hairs of the spotlight of my anger at Keenan's antics.

So I decided to write, Why is the Big Bad Wolf so afraid of what David Crayford has to say?, Part 1.

I wrote this piece because CIA people had attacked Crayford so hard after he wrote his wonderful article. I went directly after Keenan and the bearded dwarf of a former CIA gnome, Robert David Steele. I called Keenan out for having "crawled out (of nowhere for this discussion) from under his woodpile to be heard."

I wrote, "Why does Fake Judge von Reitz or Pugnose Keenan even care about what David Crayford has to say? After all, David Crayford didn't have anything to say about Keenan. David Crayford's said all he's gonna say about Keenan (I knew this to be a tiny, white little lie, but I had to say it anyway) and his American Agency sponsored criminal activities. Keenan doesn't have anything to say, period, so why's he mouthin' off uninvited at David Crayford?"

Then I pointed my rage at the bearded dwarf. I summed up his participation with Keenan this way: "Robert Steele is trying to give a good ole professional CIA / Spy world entertainer's endorsement to Neil Keenan by comparing Keenan's role in the fiction Steele terms the 'global economic re-set' to those who reveal the truth behind JFK's assassination, the USS Liberty attack or 9 / 11. This is an unadulterated effort by Steele to bring intelligence / military world credibility to a terminally incredible Pugnose Keenan story. In American football terms it's called piling on. Too many on the dog pile. Why does the Keenan Team need this endorsement?"

The answer, of course, was obvious. Keenan at that time was desperate for funding, and trying to use Steele's reputation to bolster his own. Only, it didn't work. And I was telling the world this in my article. And apparently the CIA and Robert David Steele and those who operate Team Keenan, including Pugnose himself, didn't really appreciate what I had to say about them. They tried to come back after Crayford and I, hard, and that really didn't work for them either.


In an obvious sentimental ode to David P. Crayford, Keenan eloquently called his July 25, 2016 NKU, Crayfish The Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller Remains A Fool

Keenan, or Dumb Michael Dunn, or whoever wrote this piece, and I'm guessing Dumb Michael Dunn, wasn't being very nice. They started off with the usual politicking for superior position vis a vis ownership of the GDF by claiming that, "Canadian, Kathy Mattenson is the Chairperson of the OITC, and she received this title from Ray C. Dam whom she greatly assisted in his time of need. She laughs whenever she hears Crayfish keeps popping up with something more moronic to say."

Actually, She Man Kathy Mattenson is probably doing a lot of crying these days. We don't hear much from her She Man voice anymore. Keenan also tried to sic the whining baboons onto heroic former RMN agent igots2no, saying at the end of the NKU, "Crayford has been buried more than once, so let's see who first gets to Giorgif." This was a direction for a hit, mayhem or murder. Similar to Keenan's threats against Crayford and myself, Kobayashi, Candace, Jean Haines, and others. Keenan, or Dumb Michael Dunn, or whoever it was, was once again being totally out of line.

But this NKU was mostly about attacking Crayford personally, with the writer going out of their way to take me on as well. In reference to Crayford, the writer opened like this: "He is a fool who doesn't deserve a response... He has been kicked under the bus time and time again and goes away until he feels someone up above the brackish water line might want to listen to his bullshit... So he comes up on occasion and gets kicked once again when no one really gives a rat's ass about this guy called 'Crayfish' (Crayford). Also, there is no 'American lawyer".

There is no American Lawyer? Are you kidding me? Pugnose appeared so misguided throughout the entire attack piece, that Crayford decided to grab him by the scruff of his thick, fat, little neck and shake him a bit. Wake his as* up.


That's when on July 26, 2016, Crayford fired off his response entitled, DAVID CRAYFORD ---- HAS KEENAN FINALLY "FLIPPED HIS LID" AND SHOWN US ALL WHAT A COMPLETE ARROGANT LUNATIC HE IS

It was pure poetry in motion as Crayford lit into Keenan, iron rod straightening him out on several fronts, and for being the putz that he was. Regarding Keenan's claim that the Canadian She Man Kathy M. was the new Chairperson of the OITC, Crayford said, "That tells me what I always thought, that Keenan knows nothing, and his intelligence is way below zero, despite what he claims. Kathy Mattenson is definitely not the Chairperson of the OITC because despite what Keenan states, Ray Dam did not hold any power or authority to appoint a successor. The only power he had was to nominate an appointee which those who really do hold the power to appoint, disapproved of and rejected Ray Dam's suggestion, in the very same manner that they rejected Keith Scott's nephew, Matthew, as a potential International Treasury Controller, which was orchestrated by Keith Scott."

Crayford also made one outstanding observation in his write up. "After several weeks of investigation," he said, "I now am fully aware of whom American Lawyer really is, and it certainly is not igots2no. Following the information we have on American Lawyer I have to say that I have the greatest admiration for the person as a highly experienced lawyer and someone who has more 'Humanitarian' attributes in his little finger than Keenan has in all his revolting mass of Skin and Bone."

And I've got a big little finger, but I don't think Keenan ever really noticed. He was too busy conning senior widows out of their life savings so he could hire idiots like Dumb Michael Henry Dunn to write his lies and disinformation. He also threatened igots2no in a very direct and open way. And then he said I didn't even exist. What a putz! As far as I was concerned, that was it. The gloves were off between me and Pugnose. It was battle-to-the-death-time. Headlock lovey-dovey was over. There were no more fun and games between us. Our strained relationship was over, and David P. Crayford applauded the announcement.


On July 26, 2016, I too joined the fray at RMN with this piece, entitled, American Lawyer Responds to Neil Keenan

I had a few things to get off my chest, and so I did. But most importantly, I wanted Pugnose to know that in no uncertain terms, I was real, " as real as the Georgia summers are hot," I wrote. I told him that I was real like "an Aroldis Chapman fastball." Pugnose needed to be taught some respect, and I was to be his teacher.

I let Keenan know how I really felt about our relationship. As David P. Crayford would later say, It was a promise, not a threat.

"So if The International Treasury Controller, Russia, China, and the rest of the world, does in fact pull it off," I wrote to Keenan, "then you and I will assuredly soon, not now, but sometime in the not too distant a future, meet, American Irish eye to American Irish eye. You will then know my name. And I will then send you to the ITC's new 'Shark Tank Prison', where, I have been assured, there are lots of sharks."

It was true. I really did want to meet Pugnose American Irish eye to American Irish eye, and sentence him to the sharks, but, then, for some reason...


Keenan's July 30, 2016, NKU seemed to turn things for the worse. It was called, The OITC And Neil Keenan's Legal Battle Takes A Turn For The Better! and it was no more than Pugnose Keenan pulling down his trousers, displaying his power, flexing his muscles, and showing what he's got. If he were a flasher, Keenan wouldn't have had enough to get arrested...

The piece was a sheer smear campaign aimed at the two Davids of the ITC, David Sale and David P. Crayford. What a shock.

Keenan name dropped and acted like he'd exposed the world to a new and thrilling type of truth. He again had to politic his position as claimed superior owner of the global collateral accounts. His NKU opened with, "Ray Dam, Kathy M., and Neil Keenan have reached an agreement as to what, why, where, when, and how David Sale, an OITC employee, used Neil Keenan's (SKR Holder) safekeeping receipt of the Dragon Family's notes and twisted Daniel Dal Bosco's simple little brain into believing the OITC were the actual owners themselves rather than holders."

That line cracked me up, Keenan and his dragon fakes saying the OITC were merely holders of assets belonging to the Global Debt Facility. Yo, guys, hold this, and let's get something straight. Dr. Dam was, based on secret international treaty, lawfully considered to be rightful and Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of all Assets and Accounts, with interest, belonging to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. All of them. So if there really were a Golden Dragon Family, which there isn't, just a bunch of cons and thieves, the best they could ever hope for would be to be considered Holders or Custodians of certain aspects of the GDF, that would have been legally, by treaty or agreement, entrusted to them for safekeeping; to protect the assets and accounts from thriving GDF thieves like Pugnose Keenan, the bearded dwarf Robert David Steele, and Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP.

Then Pugnose went after everyone he knew. He wrote, "There is nothing more needed for further exposure of David Sale, Crayfish, and others, including Dimce Giorgif, Rumor Mill News, and any others supporting them. Perhaps there might be an issue here in terms of the obstruction of justice."

The only one he didn't mention was me, the only American in the whole group. Was it because he didn't know my name? Yo, Pugnose, my friends just call me AL.


Then in a separate side note on Keenan's NKU, signed by She Man Kathy M./'The Peacemaker', Kathy, with his / her manly, chest-hair-wig attitude and voice, said, "'The Peacemaker' Steps in and Straightened Things Out". She Man Kathy M. then accused the two Davids of stealing Keenan's notes, even though Pugnose had stolen them along with the Japanese crooks in the first place, and She Man accused David Sale of being David Righter, and She Man attacked Candace from Abundant Hope.

It was interesting that She Man Kathy M. would bring up David Righter. My notes on RIghter were very clear. The intel I received on David Righter did not mention anything about David Sale, or David P. Crayford. It said in pertinent part:

"David Righter is a financial specialist from Orvonton ... the superuniverse Earth belongs to. Righter and his lady are incarnated by method of created body not by birth thru woman. They have a child born, maybe... He worked underground in Asia at the time and now is mostly aboard ship, since most of underground was evacuated... Righter did much work on Rumormillnews and attempted to work some with Rayelan Allan. Hobie was keeping some lids on that... Righter was taking questions for a time but it didn't grow as it should... both because of RMN agents of the dark and the lack of understanding of their normal readers."

As for She Man Kathy M., she / he had turned into a Keenan clone, illogical and out of control. She Man, sounding more and more like Dumb Michael Henry Dunn, was now bosoming up to the name Ray C. Dam, as if she / he were Dr. Dam's confidente, and, as if the first ever International Treasury Controller had passed on his once amazing legal powers over to her / him, which was a joke. But the greatest She Man Kathy M. line was this: "OITC supports Neil Keenan..." What a joke! The ITC loves Keenan about as much as a crocodile loves boa constrictors; he loves them for lunch. With lemon, relish and hot sauce!

The reality today is that the only OITC left is CIA; a conglomeration of individual fraudulent financial corporations bearing the name of OITC (others don't), that all blend into the greater fraudulent center of international financial institutions, that are tied together by those who run the CIA. What exists now with ties to the OITC is CIA sponsored and owned, which was predominantly engineered by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott. The OITC related corporations have nothing to do with the International Treasury Controller.

As for the ITC, he's going to prosecute Keenan (if he ever shows up alive,) She Man Kathy M., David six hearts Rockefeller, Benny the Fraud Fulford, and all the others who steal from the GDF. But especially She Man Kathy M. I know this for a fact. If the ITC hires me to prosecute, I will most definitely be coming after She Man Kathy M., and her fake little OITC Chairpersonship!!!! And the English Twat too. I can't wait. Hire me. Please.

And, by the way, She Man Kathy M., did I tell you I got your Peacemaker right here? Yo! Check it out.


On July 30, 2016, Pugnose took his final shot over my bow. Like a child playing with kerosene matches, Keenan threatened my life in this video...

...and I waited. And I'm still waitin' for him.

Keenan threatened David P. Crayford as well. Keenan obviously really didn't yet understand the significance of what he was doing, or who he was dealing with, either with me, or with David P. Crayford. But if Keenan were to survive, he most assuredly would get the opportunity to find out. It was now my turn to breathe fire onto Satan and his little She Man and others for their own little Hell.


August 6th, 2016, was a day that would live forever in infamy at Rumormill News (RMN). It was the day of the final take down of Rayelan Allan. This was in response to when I tied together all the knots in my article called, Assassination, Intrigue, Gold, Global Finances, Mankind, Collateral Accounts, Keenan, A Fat Australian, the OITC ----- by American Lawyer"...

You can't even find my piece at RMN anymore; it created so much havoc over there. They took it down before banning Crayford and I from the Website, the same day the article was posted. It was so weird too because Crayford had been posting articles at RMN for many years. I had only started in 2016. But Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN had finally been ordered to orchestrate the final take over at RMN, and we were casualties of it. There would be...


It was now to be operated under the total control of CIA assets, headed by Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN. All of RMN's agents were now either 'useful idiots' to their cause or part of the cause of CIA / NSA sponsored lies and disinformation. Either way, they would no longer have anything to do with actual truth or truthful intelligence rumors, and Rumormill News would no longer be free to give out solid intelligence information to the world. It would all be disinformation, 100% CIA content controlled by Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN, and his CIA / NSA but*buddies, like CIA / NSA Mr. ConFusion at RMN. You could now read all you wanted posted by CIA disinformation specialists and GDF thieves like Benny the Fraud Fulford, CIA dwarf Robert David Steele, and ZAP / Susan / Jerky Bobblecockski / Jerzy Babkowski / Poof.

In the article, I tied everything together that anyone would want to know about the Keenan / Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott takeover of the original OITC, their attempted theft of the GDF, their assassination attempt of the first International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam, and I released top secret post-assassination-attempt e mails involving Keenan and Scott. It really pis*ed off a lot of people.

My article headlines included:


But most importantly to the piece, David P. Crayford said, was when I produced proof that Neil Francis Pugnose Keenan had been entered into the United States Bureau of Prisons. We could prove Pugnose was a convicted felon. Just type in Neil Keenan's name here...

My article lasted about fifteen minutes on RMN before it was brutally ripped down by Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN. He did the same to David P. Crayford's next post, and then he banned super-agent igots2no, Crayford and myself from RMN.

Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN then instigated the final take down of Rayelan Allan after that. Rayelan Allan has not been publicly heard from since.

The voice of Rayelan Allan that now comes out of RMN, usually begging for donations, is the voice of Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN, it is not Rayelan Allan.

Raye, David P. Crayford said to write to him if you are alive. Let him know it's you.


CIA favorite bag boy twerp-wannabe kauilapele posted this for his but*buddy Neil Pugnose Keenan in December of 2014...

The article would recite the beginning of the end of Neil Pugose Keenan's confused, Satanic, Illuminati, thieving, mind controlled life. Specifically, the article, written by Dumb Michael Henry Dunn, would recite Keenan's adventures into opening a box of gold he bought for $20,000 over in Indonesia. This, I believed, would prove to be the end of Keenan.

Dumb Dunn was king of hyperbole and the adjective when he wrote, "In a historic precedent of enormous consequence, Neil is the first Westerner to ever enter one of the bunkers. This one bunker (one of approximately 1,000) is a 16-acre, 4-level underground cavern filled with treasures deposited by the 'Family' over many years until the present day."

We then learned the most critical information from Dumb Michael Dunn. "They even found some entertainment with listening to the loud mating calls of the indigenous lizards," Dunn wrote. "Neil intends to use one of the lizard calls as a ring tone for his phone."

(*Quick note to both dead man not walking Pugnose Keenan and Dumb Michael Dunn, mating with indigenous lizards is not healthy. Same with children. Don't do it.)

Dumb Dunn then described the alleged contents of an apparent underground gold depository in Indonesia: "Neil and the team found were chests/boxes apparently filled with gold, jewels, museum artifacts, modern global currencies in all denominations (including 2015 US dollars printed by the Federal Reserve), and of equal magnitude, invaluable documents that detail the truth behind some of the atrocities committed against humanity. (These documents will be used to fortify Neil's lawsuit when it is refiled.) If that wasn't enough, there was even a full-sized helicopter stored inside."

If that weren't enough, Dumb Dunn then described the deal that would seal the deal on Neil Pugnose Keenan's ultimate demise. "Upon exiting the bunker," Dumb Dunn wrote, "Neil was rewarded for his determination and courage. The Elder gatekeeper presented him with numerous sealed and locked boxes which, as you will see in the video, required serious manual labor to break open." Those darned Elder gatekeepers will get you every time.

Dumb Dunn next described the specific contents of Keenan's impending death. He wrote, "In this one box were gold bars each weighing 1 kilogram (2.3 lbs) and worth approximately $50K. The ravages of time and humidity have created oxidation and mold on the bars, but there's no question about what lies beneath." The problem, of course, for Neil Pugnose Keenan was that by taking that box, he would be receiving much more than he had bargained for. It was called painful suffering before death.

Then Dumb Dunn got to the root of all that is evil with Neil Keenan's distorted, illogical financial world view hallucinations. "With these assets," Dunn wrote, "they are compensating Neil for some of his own expended funds and providing the backing to move forward with his operations to restore our world through humanitarian projects. These beneficent and wise Elders have given him a 'key' to enable the opening the Global Collateral Accounts. Never before has there been such definitive proof that the Accounts exist." The truth was the only beneficiaries for these stolen GDF accounts would be those sponsoring the theft thereof, who operate together and apart through a web of three CIA factions, corrupt government officials, and central banking representatives.

Dumb Michael Dunn exposed the truth of what Neil Pugnose Keenan represented, which was providing justification for being able to steal assets from the Global Debt Facility. A Neil Keenan NKU never provided greater truth about the reality of the world that surrounds us than what was spoken next by Keenan, or someone writing on his behalf. "While many people do not believe that there are Global Collateral Accounts," Dumb Dunn wrote, "this is because the Cabal and their cronies have gone to great lengths for the world to accept this as truth. They have everything to gain in perpetuating their programming that our destiny remains in their total control."


"The person who opened the box is already dead."

--- David P. Crayford, October 21, 2016

The above link to Keenan's NKU also had the links to the three videos Keenan posted on YouTube showing him opening the box of gold, dated November 22, 2014.


"...Reality is in a sense the higher octave of truth. It is something that is gradually built into our understanding as a complicated network of truths working together, and through their interaction, producing what we call reality. Reality is the final proof of the truth of a fact."

--- Manly P. Hall, Opening Doors to the Invisible


Last October 21, 2016, David P. Crayford predicted Neil Keenan's impending visit to Davy Jone's locker, in an article entitled, DAVID CRAYFORD ------ SO FULFORD CLAIMS NEIL KEENAN IS DEAD AND...

In response to Benny the Fraud's article where he suggested that Neil Pugnose Keenan might have been assassinated, David P. Crayford posted an article wherein he succinctly predicted the reason for Keenan's ultimate playing of the eternal harp. "The box of fake and tarnished Gold Bars that Keenan paid $20,000 USD for," Crayford wrote, "which was brutally forced open in Keenan's apartment and foolishly shown in a video. The base of the box was filled with very high radioactive material, which is normal to protect the assets against theft. The person who opened the box is already dead. Keenan was within a few feet of the box and would also be affected by the radioactive rays emanating from the box. So maybe, if Fulford is right (???????) Keenan has died because of the Radioactive material poisoning emanating from the box -------------- CANCER."

Radioactive rays emanating from the box. Yikes! He was talking about you, Pugnose. That's why your feet got so swollen just like your brain. DPC, as I like to call him, had hit the hammer-sore nail right on the toe.


Only in America, only in 1969.

It's all black and white now, Pugnose, can you feel us? We're all dancin' and singin' to you, Pugnose, can you hear us? It's rock and roll time, and this one's for you, Pugnose. Can you see us? Oh yeah, that's right. You can't feel, hear, or see. You're like Tommy by the Who.

But you must remember the year, right, it was 1969. It all seemed so surreal back then, didn't it. We were so young, you and I, but the song remained the same, totally relevant and appropriate. Groovy, man, I said to the Munchkins who made the right call this time. They picked the song for you. You remember when the bombs were dropping? Our troops were landing, naked bodies were running, screaming and burning. It was the war era, South East Asia. Of course, I was studying here in the States, working on becoming a future prosecutor to eventually come after your as*, and... but you're familiar with the territory, right? I mean, when you were alive, and you weren't just a melted puddle of glop in a jar, back then, we here in America were safely blowing the Schmidt out of people all over the world, but particularly in Asia. Remember? Why do you think that was? Why Asia? So the pedophiles could steal their children?

Here in the States Disunited we were jammin', remember? Me and the flower children were singing and dancing everywhere, fu*king everyone, just like the IRS and Uncle Sam, while America proudly displayed her bravery, power, and might over in Southeast Asia, blowing the fu*k out of innocent civilians, burning women and children, setting the world on fire, and stealing the GDF gold that was meant to benefit the world.

Now, it's just us up on a hill, Neil, dancing, for you. Me and Crayford, and Sam, and Norman Greenbaum, and all the Munchkins and fine babes and we're jammin' electronically, and we had our Fu Manchu mustaches, our long hair, and everything was two shades from gray. It was so psychedelic, not. But it was cool, man.

And the colors began to bleed out again. But it wasn't my funeral, Pugnose. I was just there to celebrate, this long haired overfed gnome, singing on the hillside, banging his drum. And then I was Norman Greenbaum, and it was now me singing goodbye, Pugnose. My hands clappin', asking everyone to join in, Sam and David P. Crayford just standing there, staring at me oddly as if I were this Tibetan Monk who had just set his hair on fire.

The irony of so many Munchkins celebrating you joining the Lord, and it being the same Lord Norman and I were singing about, was totally mind blowing. They were all gettin' down, hips gyrating, and the hillsides burning with golden flowing flowers.

And if I didn't know any better, I'd say I saw Scott Pollack, right over there, on the other ridge, and Paul Collin too, and maybe even Denise Ridnaur and Jean Haines. And they too were all waving bye bye to you with one hand while Dirty Duterte one finger saluting you with the other. It was awesome. They were jammin', swayin', clappin', while some cute chick wearing braids made from strips of peacock leather was dancing right there, clicking together the heals of those bright red shoes, and it was all like magic. Everything started flashing in and out, and our bodies were flowing in waves, melting into one, as we sang adios to you, Pugnose, holding in our hearts our deepest dead goldfish flushing down the toilet warmth and sincerity...


When I die and they lay me to rest

Gonna go to the place that's the best

When I lay me down to die

Goin' up to the spirit in the sky

Goin' up to the spirit in the sky

That's where I'm gonna go when I die

When I die and they lay me to rest

Gonna go to the place that's the best

Prepare yourself you know it's a must

Gotta have a friend in Jesus

So you know that when you die

He's gonna recommend you

To the spirit in the sky

Gonna recommend you

To the spirit in the sky

That's where you're gonna go when you die

When you die and they lay you to rest

You're gonna go to the place that's the best

Never been a sinner I never sinned

I got a friend in Jesus

So you know that when I die

He's gonna set me up with

The spirit in the sky

Oh set me up with the spirit in the sky

That's where I'm gonna go when I die

When I die and they lay me to rest

I'm gonna go to the place that's the best

Go to the place that's the best

Goodbye Pugnose, and good luck. You're gonna need it, man, where you're going. Can you imagine the spirits in the sky the nasty reptilians pray to? I can't. Nasty suckers I'm sure. Probably Annunaki, and they'll probably prey on you. Soap on the rope in the showers for you, buddy. And, you know what else, Neil? Crayford was so moved by your plight, that I think I nearly saw him smile. Almost. Or was that a frown?


In my dreams, sometimes, I too dance with Mr. D, did you know that, Pugnose? I'll bet you're dancing with Mr. D. right now as I speak, huh. I wanted them to play the smarmy, magical, Babylonian beat of Dancing with Mr. D at my funeral, but I haven't bitten the dust yet. As they like to say in Tijuana, No es mi funeral hoy. It's your funeral, and now I sing, to you. Who else would do that, other than maybe one of your ex wives? "I was dancin', dancin, dancin' so free, Dancin' with Mr. D." That was for you, Pugnose. Now with you apparently out of my life forever, almost beyond any reasonable doubt actually sleeping with the fishes, my whole life's intention has been all screwed up.

Without you, Pugnose, I would have to get a life. I'd have to shift my focus.

My programmed goal in life had become putting you, Neil Francis Pugnose Keenan, out of business for good, by prosecuting you, convicting you, and sending you to rot in the ITC's "Shark Tank Prison." I didn't mean to kill you, though. That was never my intention. But apparently that's all changed now if you truly are toes up. If you were truly perished, who could now possibly motivate me enough to continue this crazy adventure I'm on, out here where I operate, from Back Bay to the back pages of the classifieds, behind the animal obituaries, working to expose all those who steal from the Global Debt Facility? Who was I going to pick on next?

Jerky Bobblecockski / The House of Bob Kowski / ZAP / Susan / Poof? He's no fun anymore. Jerky's gone mute when it comes to the American Lawyer pointing out what a clown con thief douche bag he is. The slippery Canuck seems to be operating on depleted morale and spare pocket change these days.

Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott? Now that's somebody more my size? I wondered if he'd ever been pancaked though, by an angry former offensive lineman. As big and sloppy and non athletic as he was I doubted it. Plus he's 71. But I'd be working on him for sure. He had nowhere to hide from me.

Benny the Fraud Fulford? Nah, he was just a wimp, yesterday's news. He was weak, like his handler, David six hearts Rockefeller. They were no fun either. Hitlery Clinton? Maybe. I definitely wanted to put her away. Wee Willie Clinton? You bet. And like David P. Crayford said, the list goes on and on. So, maybe I will find someone else to motivate me, and then...


...I awoke.

And it all seemed like such a vivid dream. So real, so suddenly awake, and I couldn't be sure. I had no idea of whether my thoughts had possessed any reality, whether I'd really danced on a hillside with Munchkins, Sam and Crayford, sang In A Gadda Da Vida with Iron Butterfly, and ate a giant M&M with three wings, or not. It all seemed so strange, so surreal, so psychedelic. Like I was living this giant hallucinogenic hangover, and I had no purpose in life. And this weird chant just kept going off between my ears. "Where'd you go, Pugnose? Where'd you go?"

Please ease my mind, Neil, tell me it ain't so, prove to me you're still alive. That my ambition in life to put you away for life remains intact. I want that to be my legacy, you know, to put you, Stomach Staples, Benny the Fraud, and the rest of the gang away forever, so please help me out here.

Prove to me that it ain't true, Neil. Just get the Irish woman or some other new or old cameraman and a video camera to videotape you. Do it now, today, right this very minute, if you're still alive, and can prove it. Just look straight into that camera, and give me your best Duterte one fingered salute, and say, "This is for you, American Lawyer." Would you do that for me, please. Prove it to me and send it to me. And then I'll believe it. I'll know it's true.

Then I'll believe whoever wrote the report to me that said you had sustained a substantive negative outcome, and that you had turned into a gooey mess in a jar, had reached the wrong conclusion. Then I'll know Sam and the Munchkins were full of Schmidt when they said you were not alive and were now a clone of your original self. That's clone, not clown. Let me know that the game is still on between you and I, and the ITC. Then I'll tell Crayford to be sure to reserve that suite at the Shark Tank Gray Bar Hotel, just for you.

And by the way, Pugnose, if you are still alive, don't forget about Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, okay, would you do that for me. Just remember that photo you displayed of him way back when on your Website, when the first International Treasury Controller was in the hospital bed, with all those tubes jammed inside of him, fighting for his life, because of you. If you are still alive, Neil Pugnose Keenan, take the image of Dr. Dam being left for dead, and the memories of you and Stomach Staples Keith Scott trying to assassinate him, and what that must have felt like for Dr. Dam and his family, and sit on those memories, would you, and twist a little bit. Just for me.

Rest those memories well in your fat little swollen head and feet. And recover well. I want you alive. I want you, Pugnose, like you couldn't even imagine. Be alive, and don't forget to send me that message, okay. I want to know you're well, and you can trust me on that, because I'm a lawyer, did I tell you that?


American Lawyer.

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