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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

“AMERICAN LAWYER ----- How to save millions of Americans caught in the 'Collapse of the Capitalist Wall' ----- Part 3 of 3
Aug 9, 2017 - 1:45:35 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- How to save millions of Americans caught in the 'Collapse of the Capitalist Wall' ----- Part 3 of 3 ----- Also, got my sombrero on andthere's a secret 4th Amigo in town, and he's telling you the financial score for real.


"We should try to shut down its recruiting, shut down its finances, and then work to fight battles of annihilation, not attrition, but annihilation against them; so that the first time they meet the forces that we put against them, there should basically be no survivors."

----- U.S. General James "Mad Dog" Mattis on Defeating ISIS

Could this be the developing ITC strategy to be used against GDF thieves? I read the above quote again and I close my eyes and I try to relax. I think about what "Mad Dog" has just said. I can imagine the ITC adopting a similar if not exact same strategy as he continues to arm himself, generate treaties with allies that he can count on, and prepares for all out war against those who destroyed the OITC, the 1st ITC, and have stolen the GDF from the mouths of humanity.


"On a final note, Khazarian mafia agents are trying very hard to shut down this newsletter. All our income from this subscription blog has been taken since March by the Japanese tax authorities in a provable case of double taxation. However, even this bogus tax bill was starting to be paid off so now Paypal is preventing subscribers from paying for this subscription blog. The result has been to reduce this writer's income by 80%. Now, in the latest twist, after our new IT guy set up a system whereby people could pay using crypto-currencies, a bunch of used tampons and a headless, bloody teddy-bear were dumped on his property. That shows what kind of sick, evil people we are writing about. However, we will not be deterred and the IT guy is currently working on upgrading the website and implementing a new credit card based payment system."

----- Benny the Fraud Fulford, July 17, 2017

Sick, evil, people, yeah, got you, Benny, right. Sick. And evil.

When I first read what Fulford posts I wonder what kind of a moron his IT guy must be. Why would the person give out his address to people who would throw "a bunch of used tampons and a headless, bloody teddy-bear" onto his property in the first place? And why exactly did they throw that particular stuff? Did they not know where the trash dump was? Was it because the IT guy worked for Fulford? Or was it the fact he set Fulford up to be paid by cryptocurrencies, since they had already shut down his PayPal account? Oh those damned IRS agents and their wacky tricks.

"Who's wacky what?" Sam asks.

"I'm not talking to you," I say.

Sam looks around at the empty court. Who else would I be talking to? It's too hot to be playing basketball outdoors so we're the only fools out here.

It's earlier in the morning now, before we started playing game one, and Sam and I are still shooting around and warming up, and I haven't even broken out into a sweat, and I haven't broken the Stephen Curry signature specials out yet, and I am trying to tell Sam that I think it all sounds like a Fulford setup coming out of his article here...

I tell Sam that I'm trying to read the opposite intent into everything the Fraud tells us in his article. So my belief is that if Fulford is saying that he hates using cryptocurrencies, the truth is he actually likes it. Like Jerzy Babkowski actually likes to dress up like ZAP for Guido the prison masseuse, who specializes in the old rope-a-dope for two with soap-on-a-rope.


The article is signatured as a "Message from Ben's IT Team". I had to think about that for a moment. Benny the Fraud Fulford no longer just relied on one IT guy to handle his trash for him, now he has an entire IT Team take it out? That seems to be a little extreme. After reading the Fraud's earlier post regarding his IT guy I know for sure that the T in IT for Benny's guys stands for trash.

"Hi, All," Benny's IT Team says in a familiar tone to all of us on July 10, 2017, here...

"It is clear from the comments below that the proposed cryptocurrency donation system is not going to work for everyone," Benny's IT Team writes. 

So Benny is going to have to go back to a monthly payment based system, but he won't be using PayPal anymore. But there is a greater caveat to all of this. "All readers of this blog should be aware that the existing financial system is a highly corrupt enterprise extending from the owners of central banks all the way down to credit card companies and local banks," Benny's IT Team says.

Gosh, where have we heard this one before? Here we are again having our problem explained to us. This time by the crazy con Canuck's IT Team. We can only give thanks to the Lord and praise Allah and be grateful to Benny's IT Team for communicating to us about the financial realities of the world, and to bring solution to our problem. Now all we have to do is have Benny the Fraud Fulford's IT Team explain to us exactly what our problems are.

"Those who noted that cryptocurrencies are beginning to offer liberation from this system are correct," Benny's IT Team informs us. "However we acknowledge that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is still in early days and does not yet offer the same conveniences as the existing system. In fact, credit cards were also once viewed as a strange new technology that would 'never catch on'. The White Dragon Society strongly believes that cryptocurrency is poised to disrupt the entire financial system. Ultimately, the largest disruptions may come in the form of gold-backed cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned to Ben's blog for more updates on this and other financial system related matters."

When we were done warming up Sam and I agreed we'd shoot free throws to see who takes it out first. We call it having home court advantage, even though this cracked with a couple weeds and uneven blacktop that gradually rises up the avenue at a slightly unreasonable slant is not really home to either one of us. This isn't my home neighborhood. We just come here to get down and play. To be men.

Sam shoots and makes his free throw. "You know what he was saying, don't you?" Sam says.

My head shakes. I shoot mine and make it. "That was signed the Fulford IT team," I say. "How do you know who wrote it?"

Sam holds the ball at the free throw line. "It doesn't matter who it was who actually wrote it," he says. "I'm sure it was Fulford, either way. What matters is what he's saying." He shoots his free throw and misses.

I rebound the ball. I make my free throw. "My outs," I say. "So he's saying he doesn't trust the dollar anymore, and the IRS has seized his account for not paying the money he made through his newsletter, and now he wants to be paid in real assets like cryptocurrencies."

Sam dribbles the ball to the end of the baseline and says, "He's really saying that they're dumping all the converted stolen gold into cryptocurrencies."

I reach for the ball but he won't give it to me. "That's not what he said," I say.

Sam bounces the ball hard off the asphalt, catches it with both hands. "What he's saying is that the White Dragon mobsters who he represents are putting what stolen gold they have behind the cryptocurrencies," Sam says. "I'll bet he even talks to those friends of yours."

My look says I'm perplexed. "Who are you talking about? What friends? I don't have any friends anymore."

Sam gestures with his head toward the car parked on the street. "The guys you were going to go hat dancing with?"

Finally my shoulders fall in understanding. He's talking about the sombrero he saw in the back seat of my car on our way over here. That's when I explained to Sam my plan. I was going to become the new 4th Amigo, but in secret. Well, the truth is, I had already become the 4th Amigo in secret, but I was thinking of coming out of the closet, and that was my routine with the sombrero. We got to the school, I got out of the car and put the hat on, and I modeled it for Sam.

He looked at me dumbly and said, "Where's Steve Martin?"

I knew he was referring to the very funny comedy called the "Three Amigos", starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. But that's not what I was talking about. I would not have looked good in those stupid little black vests they wore anyway.

I told Sam to "get serious", that there were things I needed to accomplish, and waking up America was one of the things that topped my list. The world was eventually going to go on and leave America and Americans and anyone who remained tied to America's currency alone, broke, hungry, and cold. I had had to change my name to AL just to be able to go out into the world and give my opinion, and try to warn Americans and the world what is really about to happen to them. 

People will read me and wonder why they should believe what I have to say, there are so many other voices out there to choose from. Thanks to riding on David P. Crayford's back, though, mine has become the voice that the world has grown to know as being filled with truth of heart. I'm the one who connects the dots of good and bad, and financial global power struggle beyond what anyone else is willing to write or talk about, or carry on a conversation regarding, questioning what the financial status quo is really about, and what we can really do about it. I discovered the writings of David P. Crayford and through many years of analysis I realized that his was the one consistent story being told, and he was the one consistent story teller still standing to tell his consistent story.

And years later I discovered the three Internet financial personalities who refer to themselves as the 3 Amigos. Actually, I had discovered Clif High first, last October during a Greg Hunter interview. I had discovered Bix Weir and his bizarre road to rutabaga Website many years before that but Ben Fulford chased me away from Road to Roota. I didn't know Jsnip from parsnip until he joined the 3 Amigos. He seems to be the easy personality of the three.

And I saw something else. These three guys were becoming rich and famous.

"Profiteers," Sam says not with a smile.

I wave him off. Clif High, Bix Weir and Jsnip got together and formed the public trio in an effort to promote to the world their experiences and insights regarding cryptocurrencies and how the phenomena relates to their views of today's financial world. And this is what I was telling Sam. "Don't be jealous of all the money they're making," I say. "They're smart men who are ahead of the time. You know as well as I do that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. China's on board. The Japanese government is on board. The Jamaican stock exchange is carrying at least one cryptocurrency. You know the U.S. banking system and Department of Justice are really studying the issue."

Sam again bounces the ball hard off the blacktop catches it and stares at the ball. His gaze is so intense and so fixed that I believe he might try to take a bite out of the ball. "Look, man," he says. "Why do you think that cryptocurrencies have taken off all of a sudden like they have? Why are Clif High and Biz Meyer..."

"Bix Weir," I say.

"...on the Internet every day of the week?" he says.

I shake my head. The answer is too complex to give quickly. Before I can say anything though Sam gives me my answer.

"The Federal Reserve Note is dead," Sam says. "All the money is going to leave the dollar soon. All over the world. All the insurance companies and the hedge funds, and they're going to dump their money into something of value. So what have you got now? You got these Three Musketeers who..."

I put up three fingers and say, "Three Amigos."

"...come out of nowhere to tell the world all about how they can make so much money on Bitcoin and Ethereum," Sam says. "Well, where's all that money now? Everybody they've talked to lost money."

I knew what he was talking about, and yes, Sam lost money and I lost money, but not everybody lost money. Some people made tons of money.
Sure, the value of certain cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin bit the dust but it was all tied into the fact that Bitcoin was about to split. Ethereum has become very valuable as a technology that to my simplistic understanding of things is like this new smart contract scripting kind of software fuel that can be built upon and used to create other software related things. Bitcoin is different. It is strictly valued as kind of an international currency, and a block on the blockchain of its underlying technology is like a recording of the continuous history of all the transactions ever involving that block, a technology which can be applied to many new industries as well, but it has become too slow of a financial process, and now it appears as though it is going to split into two distinctly different cryptocurrencies, much as Ethereum had done before. "So that's why everything's taken such a dive price wise," I say.

Sam cradles the basketball in his arm at his hip. "You don't really believe that, do you?" he asks.

I must have looked like I did believe it by the way I could only shake my head at the ferocity of his question. I grab the ball off his hip and cradle it on my hip.

"They manipulated it, Sam says. "You're not naive enough to believe the prices just fell because of fear generated by a Bitcoin split. That's what Clif and Bif want..."

"Bix," I say."

" to believe," Sam says. "But now comes all the big money from the banks, right. All the criminal money Fulford was talking about is now coming over to the cryptocurrencies and completely taking over the industry. And it's not just in Ripple, and I don't care what they say."

My head is shaking again. "Not all cryptocurrencies are corrupt," I say.

Sam gawks and laughs cynically. "How do you know?" he asks. "How in the hell would you know that they're not all completely controlled by mafia / CIA money?"

I think about that but my head is still shaking. "I don't agree," I say. "They couldn't be. Not all of them. Most of them, maybe, but not all of them. They'll get it worked out once they figure out how to regulate it, especially when moving money internationally. Most of them are going to go under, I agree with you. But not all of them. That's why Bitcoin is set up like it is. It's a decentralized system, and that's one of the most attractive aspects about it. It can't be controlled from the central bank perspective like the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the ECB. They're all set up so all financial aspects are controlled from the top, like a pyramid, which is what we see in Western banking. You can't do that with Bitcoin. You can't do that with Veritaseum. You can't do that with the other tokens that are connected to the decentralized platform."

Sam's eyes widen. "How do you know that?" he asks. "How can you ever truly be sure. Technology is pretty advanced these days you know. That's what they tell you, but how can you be sure?"

"Because I know, okay," I say. "I've done the research. That's how it's set up."

"What have you researched?" he asks.

"Everything," I say. 

"Tell me," Sam says. "What have you researched that proves to me the entire cryptocurrency industry isn't somehow completely controlled from inside? How do you know that for sure that the CIA doesn't control all of it with backdoor technology?"

I take a deep breath and sigh. I can see this disagreement might take a while. And the sun is beating down really hard, and I just don't think I have any chance of winning this discussion now. So I squint and say, "I've researched everything I could get my hands and eyes on."

Sam opens his arms wide. "On the Internet?" he asks.

"Yes, Sam," I say. "On the Internet."

"Where you found Clif and Bix and Parsnip..." Sam says.

"Jsnip," I say, and I bounce the ball off the blacktop. I grab the basketball with two hands and I bite into it.

I get Sam's point loud and clear. Sam is saying the message that I have been getting off the Internet is controlled, fixed, and not accurate. What Sam has implied is that I have fallen for the wrong message as it comes to cryptocurrencies. What Sam is saying is that I was like someone who might go to the Internet to find out the truth about something financial regarding Prosperity Programs and then they come across Poof, and latch onto him. Sam is saying that is what happened to me when it comes to Clif High.

I shake my head. "That's not true," I say, weakly. It is true that I do believe that cryptocurrencies are the wave of the future and provide for an immediate opportunity for some people to get financially healthy real quick right now. I know there are a lot of problems associated with the whole system as well, and that a lot of people are going to lose money through the ICOs and other valueless cryptocurrency and token investments."

"You're the one who told me that you didn't trust Bif," Sam says.

"Bix," I say. "And I didn't say I didn't trust him. I just said I really wasn't sure what to think about him."

Sam's head shakes excitedly. "No, you said he cited Fulford as a source of how much gold was present in the world," Sam says. "You said you had to question the credibility right off the bat as to anyone who would cite Fulford as a factual source for anything. You said that man had obviously not done the research, and you wondered if he might be a conduit for Scott's message."

My brow wrinkles into an arch as I think about the fact that yes I did say all of that. I did say that Bix Weir blew it a long time ago attaching Fulford's name to his Road to Roota Website, but that was back when he was just promoting gold and silver. That was back before I, and apparently before Bix, discovered Clif High and cryptocurrencies. "But that doesn't mean I believe that Bix works with Fulford," I say. And the truth is I'm not sure about that one either.

It is a strange existence as Sam says right now with everyone in the world who's in the know out there trying to get a hold of all the assets with value that they can to replace the near worthless currencies of most nations that sit lifeless in our wallets and bank accounts, especially if that nation's currency is pegged to the U.S. dollar. It could be true, Sam could be right about the whole thing, and maybe the 3 Amigos are just a creation of the rogue Pentagon think tank looking to soak up as much wealth as they can before the really big money begins to dump into gold and silver. Because when the gold and silver disappears off the market, there will be no more.

Sam leans over his right leg and stretches his calf. "We talked about the blockchain white paper," Sam says. "We talked about how that could have come right out of the CIA laboratory. In fact, it probably did. You saw how the whole thing seemed set up right from the beginning. They get the white paper out, and then all this investment money comes in, and all of a sudden the blockchain technology is out big time. "

We had also agreed that Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, based out of San Francisco, California, was probably CIA controlled. All the money is in Coinbase. They have taken in billions of dollars worth of value from all over the world. They have strict controls re opening banking and credit card accounts. They have been known to not return people's Bitcoin after it was purchased and stored in their Coinbase wallet.

My theory was that if you were going to try to take the steam out of the Eastern gold and valuable asset backed financial system that will be sucking up much of the Western wealth after it all leaves the U.S. dollar, then creating a new digital global financial currency system to replace it might be a good place to start. We knew the Federal Reserve Note, of which the United States is completely dependent upon, would be experiencing the slow and painful death spiral toward non existence, which we're stuck in at the moment.

We knew the asset backed financial system was rising slowly out of the East, involving such global financial giants as China, Russia, and the BRICS banking alliances, with countries like Iran and Greece working their way towards full membership. And we knew that gold and silver and other precious metals that had been suppressed for so long through the global domination of the U.S. dollar by hidden hand controllers, would eventually take on most of the wealth that had once been invested into the dollar, but who would have ever thunk that cryptocurrencies would appear out of the blue to fill the financial investment void like that so quickly, with so many billions suddenly being poured into it?

And now is that time. Major money is dumping into the cryptocurrency industry sending it into shock waves. It reminds me totally of the stock markets of the world. The cryptocurrency marketplace is free trade at its wild and wooliest. It is an unregulated market where anything goes and international bankers and law makers are studying it intently trying to figure out how to exploit it, and as far as the politicians are concerned, how to control it. How to keep the illegal, ill-gotten gains invested by criminals out of it. 

In the process, though, some people are going to get painfully rich. Like Clif. Bix, and Jsnip too. A lot of people got in at the right time, and a lot of credit has to be given to them. It's like the neighborhood pyramid schemes back in the 80's. Get in early and cheap, and ride the late money investments into personal riches. The late money investors usually ended up losing their late money investments. That's going to happen to a lot of people when the cryptocurrency crunch gets weeded out.


After Sam had told me outside the car how stupid I looked in my sombrero I explained to him that all I had really wanted to do from the beginning was form some sort of telepathic secret connection with the 3 Amigos and see if I could get them to help me tell the world what was really up with the global financial situation. A lot of people were going to be hurt by what was coming up.

He looked at me oddly. "I think you would have better luck uniting the warring Martian extraterrestrial factions than connecting with those three profiteers," Sam said.

And Sam might be right about that too. He is right about every point he makes at this morning's shoot around but that still doesn't mean I can't accomplish what it is that I'm trying to do. All I want to do is tell my three secret American Amigos brothers in spirit the truth. We're all Americans, from what I can tell. I feel Clif knows his stuff, although I do not agree with everything he says. Assuming his public personality is sincere, which I believe it is, and it isn't a contrived, controlled message, which Sam apparently believes it is, then I believe ultimately a very intelligent man like Clif High would understand the truth of my message. Maybe. Or maybe he's too smart to believe what it is I am trying to say.

I believe much the same for Jsnip and Bix. I believe Bix is not controlled, but that he went down the wrong path to a very confusing Rabbit Hole. It's easy to do and I've scuttled down many a wrong path, in trying to find the light down the very dark Rabbit Hole. My belief is that Bix Weir did not do his research. He did not find the truth of his baseless source and he cited Benny the Fraud Fulford in his work. Bix Weir cited the Fraud as a credible source on his Website. Bix Weir was and is mistaken badly when it comes to using Fulford as a source of his knowledge and expertise in finance or true understanding about world gold holdings.

But that does not mean that Bix Weir is tied into Fulford and in turn works for the rogue aspect of the Pentagon at that point where the CFR and Kissinger and all their global international corporate allies intersect as it is handed down by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott and his script of disinformation. I can't say I have as strong an opinion of Jsnip, the quieter, maybe more cerebral 3rd Amigo who appears to program computers and latched on early to what Clif High was saying. Apparently Jsnip understood Clif's language and has introduced many a computer geek to Clif High and if they bought into cryptocurrencies early they may have made a Schmidtload of money.

But there is nothing, in anything I have read, researched, or listened to that makes me believe that Jsnip or Bix Weir have a clue about the true nature of global economics or political history. In fact, I do know that Bix has at best provided much global disinformation as to what he understands to be the true reality of the global political and economic spectrum. That's why I write about what Weir has been saying. Bix Weir is dead on in what he says regarding gold and silver. They are going to explode in value. You can trust me on this. I'm a lawyer.

The question remains, though, as to whether Bix Weir has a clue regarding cryptocurrencies, really, although we know he caught the wave, probably made a Schmidtload of money on his investments, both in precious metals and cryptos, but he has been selling to us his expertise in what Clif High has been selling to the world. What the 3 Amigos sell is Clif High's understanding of his linguistics data as interpreted through his Webbots, as I understand it. Clif High writes a cutting-edge financial report, which appears to be dead on in many aspects of identifying strong investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency realm, and Bix and Jsnip tell the world about it.

But Bix is also telling the world that Trump can't be trusted and he just lumps all the bad guys together in one big politically unintelligible basket and it drives me nuts. I want Bix and Jsnip and Clif to understand that they need to identify better the true nature of our reality on this planet in their public presentations. They need to understand the true nature of history of global finances, and how it applies today. How it really applies today.

My secret 3 American Amigos Brethren have become international Internet sensations in the financial realm of present day market information dissemination. Many thousands of people from all over the world tune into what these three men have to say, as a trio, but even more so on their own as individuals. Clif High has become a financial Internet star. Even those who make big money dealing with financial information and selling it to the public have to hear and read what Clif High has to say first.

But with this newfound fame comes tremendous responsibility. Bix Weir needs to understand you just don't throw all American Democrats and Republicans into a bowl and say they are all the same. That kind of mentality displays a lot of ignorance. It shows a man who just regurgitates what the mainstream media and controlled alternate media tell him the party line is. I want the 3 Amigos as individual, American, human beings with consciousness and spirit to read what it is I have to say. What I tell my 3 American brethren of financial information is that we do have a common interest, and that is America's well being. And understanding the fact that as a country we are going to be third world when it's all said and done. What will that mean to us?

No matter how much money any individual makes during this shifting of the global value into new hidden hands what happens to the rest of us? Some people will make a lot of money preying off of others who are less fortunate and way more ignorant of the financial turbulence that swirls around them. But there's going to be many losers. We've got a major devastating disaster coming onto our hands. I've heard Clif High talk about this. He does cover this aspect very well.

What we don't hear enough of is something Crayford touched upon during our 4th of July barbecue. There is a controlling hidden hand that is still playing our global financial markets on our behalf. That hidden hand has been working for a long time to control mankind. It all begins by controlling all financial markets, as broken down into specific regions of the world.


"One also has to understand the actual International Policy that America is following," Crayford says. This is what Trump and Putin and Assad are fighting wars against right now. The actual policy that America is following. China is fighting this war too in that there is an inside war going on for control of the country against the Communists, and then there's the war to balance the turbulent international financial waters. But it's all about finances, and controlling the world financial system, and trying not to destroy too many people in the process. The U.S. is going to be taken out. Its plan is going to be stopped. The international community is determined.

Crayford elaborates regarding the financial plan the Masters of the U.S. have been attempting to implement on the planet. "It is one of centralizing areas of the world," Crayford says, "initially into regions and then finally from regions into a One World Government / One World Order. It started with South America back in the 80s where most of the South American countries commenced using the U.S. Dollar as currency. It failed badly and countries like Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela got into an awfully big financial mess, to an extent that they still are. Then it moved to Europe with a Euro Dollar which is now standing on a precipice. Then you have the 10 countries of Asean for which the Asean Dollar is already printed and in storage in China. Then it is the Middle East which is currently being subjected to the same American policy / philosophy." 

This is what America and its followers refer to as the Global 2000 Agenda, Crayford says, because the initial stages --- Regions --- were supposed to be completed by the year 2000. But what's happened is that the rest of the world has fought back, while we the American public continue to sleep in a programmed hypnotic state through the entire process.

Crayford blames it on our upbringings under the national wealth squeezed out of the stolen wealth of the GDF, which was used to control and program us national citizens under the control of the U.S. dollar, who, in America turned out to be a bunch of spoiled little rich mostly white kids who actually believed we were entitled to our first world status and that we were better than people of color or not from the rest of the world. Crayford says that we were programmed into our little make believe world of MTV, 30 minute sitcoms, and Boston Celtics basketball and that we were so caught up in our own fat reflections in the mirror of life that we didn't have the time or interest to observe that the rest of the world is suffering tremendously. The American military bombs foreign villages into smithereens, we witness on TV children and women running on fire, and then we pour our next martini and change the ballgame with the remote. We bomb and kill with drones by remote. Our understood truth of the rest of the world is controlled through the remote. And the rest of the world starves and dies from our bombs and bullets while we're busy hitting our remote. That's what Crayford thinks of us.

"Fortunately for the rest of the world, the Global 2000 Agenda is not complete and appears to be on the decline as the pressure upon America increases," Crayford says to me on the 4th. "The American policy still exists and is still foremost in the eyes of many, but the forces against such a policy are increasing against the uni-polar policies of America, but would accommodate a multi-polar policy."


"There are of course other minor factors involved, but the above are the primary factors. All in all, no one can save America --- only the people of America. No one else anywhere in the world is going to offer, as they have in the past and have been shunned to the maximum. We (International Treasury Controller) certainly will not get involved based upon our policy of not becoming involved in the internal affairs of any country, and being totally neutral in religion and politics. It is up to America and for America to show the world it means to change."

----- David P. Crayford, July 4th, 2017

So how does all that play out for us? How many currencies will us Americans be forced to burn through before that's a reality in our minds. What we are seeing take place in the global financial realm, which includes banks and hedge funds, national currencies and cryptocurrencies, gold, silver and other precious metals, is about moving great amounts of money fast, across international borders, and / or stopping others from doing the same. That's what regulations and laws will address in a big way in the future world of cryptocurrencies. But it does not solve Americans' long term financial derailment.

People will not have money. We still can't invest in high tech companies with global prestige and international value in Russia or Iran. We are still not allowed to invest in the Italian company investing in Crimea. Imagine the value to be made in the system of a country like Russia, with their prosperous currency, which American laws preclude us from investing in. Now China's going through very similar pains as are we because they are still cleaning the Rothschild institution out of their financial system. Communism is a tool of the Rothschild banking control and domination scheme. Communism is being used as a tool to control global wealth. Ultimately, we will be helping the Chinese eliminate the corrosive Communist control of certain financial sectors in China, the U.S., and elsewhere. Bye bye Bernie Sanders. Take a hike.

So where will Americans go for value when there is no U.S. dollar? If we're not invested in cryptos already, and then there is no money coming in, how do we ever get to take advantage of what is happening now in the exploding world of cryptocurrencies? How much will Bitcoin be worth then? Will we even be able to afford it? Will the international value peg even be in American dollars, or will the FRN be gone?

Again, so where do Americans go for money and food? Where do those people living in those countries whose currencies also died because they were pegged to the U.S. dollar go? How do their countries get rebuilt? Who's going to keep printing up fiat currencies in that country, and what other country would possibly take that fiat currency? What in the world are we Americans going to do?


Crayford believes Americans are hampered by not only our collective arrogance but the fact we don't really even know anything. He says we're totally ignorant of true history and he puts very little hope out there that we will ever learn the truth. He believes when we do we will have a chance to change our financial fortunes. But we must first understand how our mistakes affect others before we can understand how it has affected ourselves.

"Let's quickly look at other angles which the world does not like," Crayford says. "America lays down the rules and everyone had to abide by them, except America. No country is allowed to print currency in excess of a specific limit. America on the other hand prints currency as if it grows on trees contrary to the rules that all other countries have to follow ---- WHY?"

Of course the reason why is to give America the machine unfair financial advantage across the world. America's policy has not been one of share and share alike, but one of total and complete financial domination and control, and the dictation of terms to everyone else.

"Every country needs to play on the same level playing field," Crayford says. "America uses their position as the International Reserve Currency in a political manner over all other countries of a strategic importance. However if other countries do likewise, America and its Allies bitterly complain and forcefully object. Take the situation with Russia and Crimea. Crimea has always been Russian territory until after WW II when it was taken from Russia in the re-writing of borders, etc."

The situation involving Russia and Crimea is an affair that has gone on for hundreds of years. But it is financial in nature, and Crayford was involved in it in that the ITC lost many gold reserve assets when the Rothschild backed Nazis took over the Ukraine, which at the time was playing out part and parcel with what was happening in Crimea.

But Crayford says maybe the greatest historical lesson Americans can take home with us to study, to help us prepare for our future, would be to study the "Collapse of the Communist Wall in 1989." Crayford says Americans must understand what happened to the millions of people caught under the crush of the collapse, because that's what's about to happen to us.

"Take the 'Collapse of the Communist Wall in 1989'," Crayford says in dark ominous tones. "That was America using its financial power and unlawfully using the GDF to bring down communism, in the tune of $665 Trillion USD through trading of GDF assets. Many American collaborators within the affected countries of the former Eastern Bloc and Russia benefited financially from this whilst millions of others suffered. Also take the situation that America executes Treaties and then discards them immediately, or, alternatively, ensuring that such Treaties are placed on the 'Back Shelf' and duly forgotten. The 'Global Settlements Treaty' is a good example of this. One which would have benefited the world, but shelved, and instead the shelving led to the problems we have today in the world. America has a lot to answer for and until they do, they will suffer. Please do not expect any sympathy from me towards America, because it just isn't there. America has to be stopped. That's what we're going to do."


"Please do not expect any sympathy from me towards America, because it just isn't there. America has to be stopped. That's what we're going to do."

----- David P. Crayford, July 4th, 2017

Think about how many speculators are going to make money right now in the game of transition in the world of cryptocurrencies. Crayford calls them "American collaborators". Sam calls them "war time profiteers." All I can think about are the millions of Americans and people from all over the world who are probably not going to make it. Where is their food going to come from? From where will the jobs they need to work to earn the money to buy food to feed their families come from?

The collapse of Communism is but one of many lessons that have to be learned by America and the world if we are going to pull out of this great financial transformation. The assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility are in the process of switching hands. They have forever been in the process of switching hands, but now it is going back to the hands that will feed the poor. That's the essence of what the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility is all about. The gold and assets have been used illegally to finance the dollar since 1944. It actually started long before that, but we'll just go back to that date for the purpose of this discussion. 

That wealth is switching hands as the new financial system takes over global security they take over control of the assets and accounts that comprise the Global Debt Facility. That's what global security is all about. Protecting valuable assets. Keeping Western intelligence agents and the terrorists they finance out. Think about Dirty Duterte in the Philippines now being joined by President Joko Widodo of Indonesia who has ordered his military to shoot to kill all drug dealers who resist arrest in his country. This is a direct attack on the terrorists' financial supply lines into Marawi, Philippines and the spreading of the demonic Islam ideology in the South East Asian region.

One nation at a time is able to take care of its personal finances because it is legally and properly employing the intended purpose of the assets and accounts that make up the GDF.

These assets are leaving America's hands. Americans have been living off the tit of the Divine Wealth that was intended for the whole world, and now America and the West must give that up. We must move over and find a new system that is not dependent upon stealing the Global Debt Facility, converting it to our financial system that rewards the elite while it controls the rest of us, and give in to the new system that will include everyone. Everyone now gets a bite at the new financial tit, not just America, who is now last in line for her next bite. Just ask Crayford. Just ask the second International Treasury Controller in human history, at least this last recorded version.

We need to do the research to understand who the ITC is and why David P. Crayford holds out no hope for America. Maybe somewhere hidden in the answer to that is what will heal America's ills. "Based upon the five years in different hands since the demise of Ray Dam," David P. Crayford says, "I believe the ITC has done exceptionally well, albeit slowly. Ray Dam achieved nothing in 15 years because people like Scott destroyed it all deliberately. What the ITC has achieved since then is enormous in comparison, even though it is small in the sense of the whole world being covered." 


"What the ITC has achieved since then is enormous in comparison, even though it is small in the sense of the whole world being covered." 

----- David P. Crayford, July 4th, 2017

Just that line is huge when you look at it. The ITC has been prevented by America and ignorant Americans from implementing the 'Global Settlements Treaty' that dates back to the '80s. Does anybody remember former Philippines President Ferdinand Endralin Marcos? He's the one who drafted the 'Global Settlements Treaty' and risked his life attempting to have it implemented. He was removed from office, character assassinated, and then physically assassinated as a result of his work.

Representatives of the United States of America signed that Treaty, and then forever prevented it from being implemented. Same with France and the French people and the British people and the U.K., where were you when Marcos tried to implement the 'Global Settlements Treaty' that was signed by representatives of your countries as well? The Americans, French, and the British people all failed the world when it comes to the Global Debt Facility benefiting all of humanity. Will any of us ever learn our lessons? David P. Crayford doubts it very much.

"Al, to answer your question," he says, "I am holding out no hope for America until they start to change and the rest of the world, including the ITC can start to see that change. I believe what you are doing by putting out the information like you do through AH and previously RMN, is helping the situation. You are doing what I tried to do. What I am still trying to do, but the learning curve for Americans is still pretty much running flat at this juncture. Whether this is because the Americans are slow learners, or whether it is because not enough see and read our articles, or whether it is because people like Fulford contradict the truth in favor of their own misinformation, whereby in respect of the latter, people tend to look through Rose Tinted Glasses and believe more in Fulford's misinformation, than in the truth put out by you or I. You say 'what will we have to do to save our children and grandchildren, who didn't have anything to do with stealing any GDF, which most of us never even heard about?'

"Al, with respect, it is the past and current voting population that votes these so called American idiots into power. It is not us or any other country. When Americans vote do they actually think about their children or grand-children? If they did, they would analyze, think and vote differently. Unfortunately, they do not think because they work on a 'short term' philosophy, and that is the fault of the education system and the banking system ---- Work for today and forget tomorrow until it comes, or as others analyze it ------ Make money today whatever it takes, as tomorrow may be totally different. That type of policy only works short term and eventually collapses a country. Babylon and Rome are good examples of this."


I'm up by two, my ball, game on the line. I rock on my left pivot foot. I've got Sam totally off balance. I've got the world totally off balance. Who the hell do I think I am? I am nobody but I speak for everyone. I have a conscience and I am of consciousness. I hang with bad mofos and you can trust me on that, because I'm a lawyer. I've been doing this for a long time. Although I may not be smart like the 3 Amigos my intelligence manifests itself in different ways. I know the 3 Amigos are smart because I watch and study them and I've seen them accrue nice amounts of personal wealth. Of course some of that got stolen from them this past week by the financial powers that be that manipulate the cryptocurrency markets but these three guys definitely know how to ride the new tide regarding the real global currency reset.

I am smart because I know how to find deep hidden truth in a real world where truth is difficult to find. And I know the truth about the ITC, and I'm trying to share this truth with you. Don't count on the NSA / CIA multi-layered multi-formatted disinformation machine which will basically deny the existence of the ITC and mischaracterize the nature of the GDF all together.

And I'm not talking about the OITC. That's history. Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott destroyed that. I know what the true history behind the GDF is as well. How many people do you know have ever even heard of the Global Collateral Accounts? Clif High will say he does, but I'm not so sure Clif High really does know the hidden, secret truth, which does involve an entity called the Royal Families of the World and the original G7 Countries of the World. I know Mr. High has a serious problem with all Royalty. Just like all politicians, all Royalty can't be lumped together. There's good politicians and there's bad politicians. And the same with Royal Family members. This is a reality Mr. High is going to have to get his head around or he's going to miss a very important point in building his basis for historical financial truth.


I'm not trying to sound spooky here but the ITC is a secret position. The cabal has tried to destroy ITC number 2 just like it destroyed ITC #1, and the mainstream media just doesn't tell us about it. Clif High knows Ben Fulford is the Fraud, but does he know so for the right reasons? Other than Fulford's phony claim to bring the Japanese mobsters the Yakuza out of the dojos and into the world scene to help implement a new financial system.

In my most humble of American opinions I truly do hang out with the absolute most badassed dudes on the planet centered in military intelligence. Old fu*kers who have seen it all and know the truth. Some say they've dealt with aliens. 

I could be Clif High's older brother and he and Secret Agent Man Sam, the baddest of the bad, are probably about the same age. This is the kind of group that Clif High probably likes to play and spar in the Octagon with. All of us could probably have fun in that arena. I know a trick or three and when we're done sparring, when I have absolutely been worn out, Crayford could step in my place. He's like 87 but he still looks like he's in good shape and can handle his own business, if you know what I mean. I'm not a small man, being the former offensive guard I was, but Crayford towers over me. My big right paw disappears in shakes with his right hand. But, I don't know about Sam. Nobody really wants to mess with him. He really has been affected by America. He's just that kind of cat, a little edgy, still works out religiously, his body fighting lien like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, and they've both got that same mystical Asian inner disturbance about them, 24 / 7, asleep or awake. Dead or alive.

But Sam's my boy. We've been doing this for a long time. He's like the brother I wished I had had. I have been blessed to have the right people train me for my purpose in life which is communicating right now to you. Now is my time to put these words into your ears.

I will never be able to reveal who I am. My voice will always be heard through the written word. My choice for survival requires this. But one thing stands firmly clear --- I will forever try to help Americans save ourselves from ourselves. I will forever try to help us learn the truth, and that truth includes the reality that no one is looking out for us. Our country has been totally invaded and taken over going all the way back to the Nazis and Operation Paperclip. We have lost touch with our reality. We have lost touch of our future. Imagine if we all understood the truth regarding the strength of the opposition of our President, which is the same opposition to humanity that stole our future by stealing the Global Debt Facility under our name and our watch.


We need to stop opposing everything our President does. We need to learn the political and economic truth regarding globalism and how negatively that battle impacts humanity. President Trump is draining the swamp and he needs our help. He doesn't need to be maligned in writing all the time from everybody. When we spread ignorant doubt about Trump we are damaging his efforts, which is damaging America, which is imperiling our grandchildren's lives. Sam considers those who espouse such ignorance as disinformation sluts. Add that to a badly structured claimed basis of understanding as to the real world status regarding amounts of gold, and then using paid, disinformation specialists like Benny the Fraud Fulford to perpetuate the lie. 

But now Fulford's been reduced to begging for donations. Don't give him anything. Do not feed the animals.


Crayford says 25 to 50 years ahead. This is what the Russians do. Now, of course, we're Americans. Americans don't do what Russians do. And I say, BullSchmidt! Americans will learn to do what it takes to survive, and then, maybe with a little bit of smart planning, we will once again learn how to live. But it will be in the distant future. We will need to first change our political system. Get rid of the two parties. But this will be after we get the cabal out of the Pentagon. Which will be after we get the cabal out of President Trump's White House. We will need to vote people into Congress and the House of Representatives who are not bought off by the same cabal that starves us and is now taking our financial system away. We will need to learn to plan ahead.


One day we're going to need to get a grip of the fact that military families are not the only ones who need to be employed. We need to give up our military bases overseas, and put that money to domestic use, creating jobs here at home. America needs to be rebuilt here at home. 

Not only are we going to have no real currency that the world will accept to trade for foreign services or goods, we won't be able to print enough of the new currency to keep these obsolete overseas military bases open. We're not going to be able to afford to surround Russia and China. We probably won't be able to afford to just surround one of them. We're going to actually one day want to be able to afford to build roads, and other vital infrastructure necessities here in America. 


Mis amigos, they are systematically raping our children. The fallout from the pedophile rings that plague our international political, economic, and social structures is being dismantled piece by piece. Generations of American children and children the world over where America's military might has been have been caught up in a Satanic ratline of child slavery, child sex slavery, and child sacrifice. This goes on right under our noses here in America (think JonBenet Ramsey), and we import child sex slaves from the Philippines, the Sudan, and every other corner of the world where these military practitioners of black magic bomb and conquer.

The Clintons and the Bushes have been tied to these rings, particularly both Clintons. Besides the sexual destruction and degradation of our children, this complex web of secret societies controls all aspects of global economics, politics, and military. With the Bushes think great wars, child and human sacrifice, the Kennedy assassinations, both father and son, and major drug running. With the Clintons add the major pedophilia and rape networks, human body part ratline network, drug dealing, assassinations and sacrifices, Clinton Foundation, and all the chain of secret societies world wide it is tied to.

We must lose the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, Skull and Bones and the like. They must be outlawed, and they must all be replaced by morally incorruptible personalities who will not nurture a Satanic, Secret Society-like non transparent organization that feasts on secrecy, and allows the controllers to manipulate it in an effort to starve, exploit, and control humanity.


David P. Crayford calls them "American collaborators" and they profited tremendously manipulating fraudulent stolen GDF accounts regarding the fall of the Communist Wall. Who is fraudulently manipulating the Western debt based financial system as it is about to collapse now here in America and the West? Which American collaborators are set to collect great riches, and will there be any way to avoid millions of us Americans and the world over who are dependent upon the U.S. dollar from starving to death when it does collapse?

We must not forget history. This collapse of the U.S. dollar is true and inevitable. Who is watching out for us the people the world over? We need leaders here in America to recognize these international realities, and then deal with the administration of our national financial resources based upon this stronger understanding of global history and operating structure of the new asset backed financial system that backs national currencies. We're going to one day want to do business with the ITC, we just don't know it yet. That's why...


During our explosive 4th of July celebration, I asked David P. Crayford why the world doesn't know more about the true history of the Global Debt Facility. I told him that the problem was our kids and grandchildren had never heard of the Collateral Accounts, the International Treasury Controller, or the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission, so it seemed like such a shame that they were destined to never realize the benefits from the GDF in their lifetimes. Crayford understood the dilemma quite well.

"As for not hearing about the GDF," he said. "That is the same all over the world. It is a subject never taught in universities, so the question is WHY? Because this subject is a very important subject in the world of Macro Economics and Finance, but it is not taught. The only reason I can put behind this is that those in power did not want the subject of the Trust taught because it is easier to teach what they want you to know, and forget the truth and reality."

I thought about how wonderful it would be to be able to tour the world teaching such a subject. I know Crayford expressed a desire to do so but I doubt his busy schedule would ever allow for enough time to include a world tour to teach the truth and history behind the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. This is something I am trying to do now through my writing but I can only do so much. I came out under identity secrecy which shall always remain so there's really only so much I can do, and this is about it. I write. But I've been told that what I do has had a tremendous impact in helping to inform America and the world as to the true nature of reality as it exists in the international world of economics, politics, and domination and control of humanity, as it is all tied into the Global Debt Facility. That's why the history of the Global Debt Facility is so important.

I imagine the fame and fortune my three new amigos in spirit could utilize to help learn the true nature of global wealth, and how that really ties into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Veritaseum, and all the other cryptocurrencies and tokens, and how all this could be utilized to teach the world how to survive the collapse of the capitalist wall. Maybe quite possibly we could all work together in spirit in that we are truly Americans at heart and we want to help wake up humanity to its future devastating reality. Allow us to survive, and then, at some point, prosper like never before.

In particular, this is where mis tres amigos come even more clearly into the picture that my mind has framed. I speak unofficially on behalf of the official spokesperson for the International Treasury Controller. The identity of the ITC is a secret that I believe will never be unveiled. The ITC is the only Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of every asset and account and interest generated from every account that comprises the Global Debt Facility.

That is wealth "worth a lot more than fifty-one (51) zeroes following a one (1) or any other number up to nine (9)," David P. Crayford says. Write it down. Look at how many zeroes that is. How many zeroes in a quadrillion? That's a thousand trillions, right. And then add thirty something zeroes to that. The GDF includes all the gold going back to the Aztecs, the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, and King Solomon's mines. Have you ever heard of the Alpha Omega ring? This goes back maybe a thousand years. I cannot estimate how many ounces of gold and silver we buy from the precious metals marketplace that illegally derived from the Global Debt Facility. The same stolen assets that carved through Western banking institutions and into the global economy of precious metals has now deeply bought into the world of cryptocurrencies. Now global governments and banking security operations are trying to figure out how to stop this mass influx of illegally gotten monies.

What I speak of are secret treasures that go back thousands of years that even Clif High has never spoken of publicly. Sam claims some of the wealth and gold comes from off world and that there are ancient artifacts involved that have been buried deeply and hidden under guard, lock and key. That that is all part of what the cabal and its henchmen hunt for in the Philippines and Indonesia along with other GDF riches. Historically, there have been tremendous amounts of gold stored in the Grand Canyon, for instance, but that has been relocated, and it did all originate from the Trust referred to as "Foundation Divine" and "Heritage International Trust", or commonly referred to as the Global Debt Facility.

It's time for America to wake up to the true nature of currencies versus cryptocurrencies versus all those who do not have anything, time, or intelligence to invest in the real way finances are playing out. We need to inform the world as much as possible and stop the misinformation. Finding financial truth and reality in today's Internet realm is a very difficult task that requires a tremendous amount of grit and determination, perseverance, and discerning intelligence. We must feel the truth within our hearts. Read my backlog of writings, my friends. I go after the bad guys right from the start. You'll see I don't mess around. This thing is getting real serious and you guys can talk the truth that Clif High's spiders, Webbots, and linguistic data do not reveal. I play this game because I did the research, and I encourage you to do the same. 


We are going to have to show we have the ability to change. We are going to have to prove to the world that we have actually changed. We're going to have to learn how to prove to the world that we care about the rest of the world. We're going to have to do this through investing in the people of this planet. We're going to have to begin this investment in the people here at home, in America. We are going to have to learn how to invest in the world as a whole and a collective of humanity, not creating and financing wars. This is where the public voice of reason must take the responsibility of actually doing the research and not just uttering the party line because that's what they've been coached into or because it's easier to sell to the world through a smile and a morning slurp of coffee.

America will need to join the world. I invite my amigos to look into a new direction that encompasses greater ideas than immediate self gratification. What I'm talking about is really what will help keep the most from starving and freezing to death. How many Bitcoin or Ethereum can we put away that will actually make a difference to all those who will have none and they'll have zero American dollars to go with it? It's about to happen. Most of the people just didn't catch on.

Mis amigos have the world's attention. Your opinion is valuable to a great number of people. There are those out there who abuse such a privilege, and I'll name David Combover Wilcock, Benny the Fraud Fulford, and ZAP / dead Poof / Susan / Jerky Bobblecockski / The Phony House of Bob Kowski / Jerzy Babkowski, as three of the paid disinformationists who do the world tremendous harm. These guys are not useful idiots as the term has recently been used. They are convicted felons who must play the game to be allowed to stay alive and on the streets. They must program you into the lie just to earn the right to then steal from you to support their habit. They are who competes against mis amigos who try to communicate financial reality to the masses. Mis amigos can't disappear through the back door of Ethereum. We must be real. We can't be as one intelligence report suggested, "internationally intelligence backed cardboard 'pied piper' like cutouts." Those were the actual words the report used about you guys. I don't believe it's true.

I invite all Americans to join us who fight on the front, in plain sight, hidden in the crevasses. It's much safer now politically to speak about the truth. Disclosure is huge and financial disclosure regarding the realities associated with the history and presence of the Assets and Accounts that make up the Global Debt Facility is what I will continue to provide. This is what David P. Crayford does. This is the cloth from which I create this series. I'll just go on my way and continue to be American Lawyer, the secret 4th Amigo, and I'll really tell the world what's up. Because I have the most unique financial perspective on the planet and I study the Global Debt Facility and I understand the history behind both ITCs.

I'm a student of true global financial wealth and history. I'm an expert on true global financial wealth and history. The Collateral Accounts are our future. The Collateral Accounts are our past. The struggles we deal with here in America and the world reflect our present relationship to the true conduit of energy behind all global currencies. You can trust me on all of this, I'm a lawyer. I'm an American Lawyer.


As I dribble up the blacktop I can feel in my loin that this baby is over. It's history. The fat lady is about to sing. Sam's lights are about to go out. He doesn't know it yet but our seven game series has now come down to its final shot. True, we never made it past game one, but that's okay. Game one has nearly stolen three and a half hours from my life and I'm now breathing so heavily that I feel like I'm about to join dead Keenan right next to Elvis and Michael Jackson. Game one has been an intense battle from the beginning.

Sam thought he could just dribble up and down the court in circles and wear me down, and he was right. He dribbled up and down the court in circles and he totally wore me down, but I fouled him a lot to compensate for my lack of youthful athleticism at this stage of my game and the event has been nearly a draw, a nip and tuck life struggle to the end. 49 to 47 my lead, I'm about to score and win by four, and then it's over. Then I'm finished. Sam can go fishing or wherever losers go and I will wear the championship belt and maybe keel over. Sam wouldn't bet me this time. So I don't care what he says, I don't care how much he whines, there will be no game two. This is it.

So here I go. I dribble him down to the top of the key and do my not as quick as it used to be old white guy stutter step. In my mind I'm awesome and the fans are going crazy. I don't lose Sam, but I feel young and drunk with hallucination, and I hesitate, and Sam lunges for the ball. I see a vague opening and I go for it. I crossover the ball from my right hand to my left and I drive toward the basket. I dribble low and push hard. Sam lunges again across my body at the left elbow of the free throw line and I drop my right arm to protect the ball. Unfortunately, my elbow catches Sam flush across the side of his head. My bad. He flails back as if he's been shot by a Howitzer but he seems to recover quickly, and I can see him running back toward me.

Now here's where everything kind of goes crazy and our version of events would differ drastically afterwards. In fact we would spend a lot of time heatedly debating this exact issue. This is where someone literally pulls the lights out from under me. The video cameras would be turned off in the end, because no one really wanted to see this. I wished I hadn't been a part of it.

So I'm dribbling hard toward the basket and I go up for what should be the game winning left handed layup, and I'm high above the crowd, about as high as an old guy with white man's disease can get, when everything goes all herky-jerky. And I'm still not sure exactly what happened. But I feel pretty confident that it was all accidental, because I know Sam would never intentionally low bridge me when I'm up in the air like that, totally vulnerable, and take my feet out from under me, even if he is unhappy with Americans and cryptocurrencies. 


As I'm tumbling back in a spinning out of control free fall, miraculously, somehow, I can see it's like everything has slowed down into slow motion. And I could think clearly that I won the game. The shot's going in. Which doesn't really help of course when everything speeds back up into real time and I'm in a violent backward free fall and I can hear the ball bouncing down the court as Sam races after it, trying to keep it in bounds. And I've got this light feeling of helplessness and then my body slams violently back first into the asphalt. My head bounces off the unforgiving black top like a cracked melon. The thud is sickening and can be heard for blocks. Through blurred and dazed vision I look over at Sam and I can see he's grabbed the ball and he's dribbling in for an uncontested layup.

I feel feint with a certain lightness of being and the belief that I'm about to join Elvis, the King of Pop, and dead man Keenan. I've never been hit so hard in all of my life in all of the stupid football plays I've ever made. Even when I ran head on into the concrete block wall trying to catch a football, I didn't hit my head this hard.
As I lie there motionless, the next to last thought that bounces out of my head that bounced off the North Street Elementary school playground is that this series should be overAnd I won

And then the last sensation that touches my prone and helpless body, with consciousness and possibly life rapidly slipping from me, was that this burning asphalt feels really hot to the touch of my skin...

And that was definitely a foul on Sam!

American Lawyer

KAN DAEK EDIT. Our first piece with the former OITC (now ITC) started on September 15, 2009. This is the link to that piece which will be useful in understanding some the later material referenced above. If some of you have never seen this.. you are going to the St. Germain Trust in the chart . It was the beginning for ME of a wonderful new time in learning and exploration of something I never heard of before. I had been told by CM in advance something was going to happen that we would become involved in. I exchanged many letters back and forth with then with David Crayford and Dave Sale. We had a question time where our readers submitted questions also and these are on the front site. My contact with David Righter began not long after also. I went thru the issues with Ray Dam with the 3 of them when he was arrested.

Christ L and I transcribed the Will of Marcos and that 1980 Global Agreement from copies sent to me by David Crayford at that time. I need to find the links.. or perhaps Christ L will add them here when he posts it to the front site. I have a date with those above tonight.. got to get off the computer

CL Edit: Last Will and Testament of MARCOS:

Global Agreement:

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