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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up 'The English Insider's terrorist a** - PART TWO
By American Lawyer
Nov 20, 2016 - 1:42:14 AM

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KAN DAEK: I cannot thankyou enough American Lawyer for this piece.. its memories.. its well written everything in it and in particular the last portion on the fake oitc copy organization and that history of Dr.Dam. This has been a wondrous emotional few days for me for various reasons and the truth coming out just keeps making me shed tears of joy. All this is the beginning of the real new world for which so many have struggled for. There is even some truth appearing in the media.. not enough but it's coming.

God is beginning to indwell this world. He's in the house.


AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up 'The English Insider's terrorist a**.


In Part Two of this series we're going to nail the door shut on Neil Keenan's hors d'oeuvres dog fingers. We're going to prove, once again, that not only is Pugnose an international fraudster, but that he operates in criminal lock step with the world's top terrorists, international banksters, NSA / CIA intelligence complex, and U.S. and world government officials. We're going to have a laugh and a cry as we explore the latest Neil Keenan Website production, where comical international terrorist, fraudster, thief, 'The English Twat,' issues mighty threats to Keenan and his network of bankster criminal operatives, attempting to whip them into line, and direct them on what to do next in their efforts to steal one million tons of gold. What's that all about, you ask? Read on, and you shall find out.

As you may remember, when Keenan was last seen, he was playing fake assassination games with his fellow crony clown terrorist con, Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford. They were doing this to buy time, because Pugnose was desperate. He'd become useless to his handlers. He was weak, not a high, trustworthy, public persona anymore, and he was having problems getting people to do what he told them to do. Keenan's problem was simple, people just weren't buying his Schmidt anymore. Nobody was giving him money. The fraudulent deals he'd been working so laboriously on weren't coming together. The players who used to play with Pugnose were now capitulating, and many stopped returning his calls. Pugnose had become but a shadow of his former criminal self, and nobody around him had the time or patience for his failures.

His Website messages reflect this. After our little brawl in August, Keenan came back with his threats to David P. Crayford and myself, and then, in another time buying gesture, Pugnose filled his lame-a**ed Website with fake messages from ignorant Asian impersonators, probably the same one who, this time taking on a European accent, is posing now as 'The English Twat', again, all just to buy time, to make new plans. Then to add insult to injury, President Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines tells Keenan to fu** off, along with all of his American intelligence, military, and corporate associates. Get the fu** outta the Republic of the Philippines, President Duterte said. No more stealing gold and legacy bonds from the Philippines. And with China and the ASEAN countries tightening their borders to counter Western terrorism on Eastern soil, Keenan's got less room to run and hide than a frightened child on Jeffrey Epstein's "Sex Slave Island," with Bill Clinton flying in. Pugnose is going to get poked, there's no two ways about it. They all are. The banksters and the corrupt politicians as well. They're all going to eventually be picking up soap in international prison colonies. They're going to be picked off one by one, slowly. Arrests are being made and suicides are being implemented and those numbers are only going to multiply big time. Bankster ranks are going to continue to thin. Some are making last minute back room deals, packing bags, getting ready to flee with the stolen loot. And they're all facing a lot of deadly pressure from within and without.


You've got to start just by looking at the panicked expression coming from an other than cool 'English Twat'. In Keenan's November 2nd Website piece, Keenan was nowhere to be found, but, instead we were bludgeoned with the stressed jargon of 'The English Twat', who delivered a cryptic, multi-layered industry blood piece, entitled, Mark Carney, You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave, wherein 'The Twat' directly issues subtle threats to banksters in general, Mark Carney in particular.

It seems that the nest of vipers, to which 'the Twat' obviously belongs, have pulled off a tiny little scam involving a million tons of gold, and there seems to be problems with the deal. Apparently it involves high government officials, in America, Malaysia, and elsewhere, banksters, and protected international terrorist fraudsters, like Keenan. But there are problems with their deal. It's not happening as quickly as they'd like, and people are turning to authorities for protection, and everybody's more than a little nervous to see how it all plays out.

What we're going to do here, in Part Two of this four part series, is expose Neil Keenan's criminal terrorist ties and operations that are sanctioned by the United States government. We're going to analyze exactly what's going on here with Keenan and company, and how their problems affect us. We're going to determine exactly what it is that the comical 'English Twat' is trying to say. And who is 'The English Twat? We know he associates with criminal fraudster terrorists, or he wouldn't have access to Keenan's Website in the first place. So why is this criminal fraudster terrorist sending this upside down message to Keenan, Mark Carney, and the rest of the criminals who are trying to steal one million plus tons of gold in the first place? Why is Neil 'Pugnose' Keenan on the receiving and not the sending end? And, more importantly, what does all this have to do with American voters and taxpayers? Let's see...


If you're gonna sit there and read through 'The English Twat's freakshow, you'll see a man whose trying to be cool, like he really might be somebody important in British politics, or banking, or both. He begs for credibility, but right off the bat, we buy none of that. In fact, we think it's a fat Australian doing the talking. Maybe it's not his voice, but it's Keith Francis Scott's thoughts and plan. The fat Australian sets the shrill, agency, panic ringing through 'The English Twat's words. Scott is a major player in structuring the actual procedure behind the theft of the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility across the world. He is a major player behind much of the illegal action. He has a large down line of criminal operators, worldwide, who steal and scam under the banner of illegal financially related businesses, including banks.

Keith Francis Scott has been doing this for many years. He and Keenan have been a tag team in theft and murder going back to the early 2000s. The English Twat is no doubt echoing specific threats and instructions from his perch, delivered to him by his handlers to send to Keenan, and it all appears to be the work of Keith the fat Australian Scott, who once attempted to murder the first International Treasury Controller, who was the first ever "Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility." Scott figured if he killed Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, then there'd be nobody left to protect the Global Collateral Accounts from Western banking, military, and intelligence aggression. He assumed, just like his CIA handler, Michael McNight, that the dens of gold and financial banking bonds would still be out there, the world over, to steal, and to use to finance global terror, war, and the elite's escape from justice. Boy, were they wrong. So now, they're sweating.

Keith Francis Scott, just like the rest of the global thieves, is deeply concerned about the fact the global powers who are tired of watching American government and Federal Reserve agents stealing wealth out of the Far East, are doing something about it in a major way. Russia, China, the Republic of the Philippines, and many other Asian countries and elsewhere are working together to defend their people and assets from theft by America, her allies, and the Western Central Banking System, led by the Federal Reserve Bank, with operators like Keenan, Scott, Fulford, and the English Twat.

So now we have forces that are involved in global policing, that have put a crimp into this one million tons of gold heist that 'The English Twat' says includes the Rothschilds, the Bank of England, Mark Carney, Dr. Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Bank, and international terrorist Alfredo Sauren, who, according to multiple intelligence sources, goes by many aliases, has been around much longer than renowned terrorist spy Carlos the Jackal, and is known in international intelligence and police circles as the "Philippines Phantom".


In his blood sweat piece, the comedian English Twat lays it out how the Cabal feels. "Mark Carney fu** up big time," is what he's really saying, and everybody's sweating it out. The Twat opens with,"Whatever has happened to our Mr. Mark Carney? He was apparently all ready to resign and abscond awaiting the progenitor of all payouts from the 'One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal' (the clamps came down immediately and he was found with a packed bag - ready for immediate departure). Rather, he was ordered by the Rothschilds to stay right where he was and *not* to cancel his 'central bankers' membership' nor to take any extended vacations."

First of all, we got to consider the nature of our source. No question the English Twat is a CIA / NSA, mind controlled / programmed asset, speaking on behalf of his handler(s), who is / are sweating hemorrhoid splitting silver bullets over the whole thing. So like when reading the mass media, you have to start by reading the opposite into whatever it is you believe the lying thief is trying to tell you. Here, we know they're upset about the delays happening to this 'One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal', and the fact Mark Carney was ready to quit, cash in, and run. And someone's not happy about it, thus, this mafioso, gangster threat, issued thru the English Twat:

"As one might assume, once one has gained entrance to the 'hallowed halls of banksterism' and swears allegiance to the 'money gods', one has taken a blood oath forever, and not only pertaining to the blood of their immediate person, but also to the blood of their brethren."
So never forget your fellow criminal when signing the blood oath. I'll remember that, Twat, thanks. So this Mark Carney's apparently some banker, who was ready to quit his responsibilities, abscond with his share of the loot revolving around one million stolen tons of gold, and then he was going to disappear. Which all brings up the question, Who exactly is this bankster Mark Carney, who seems to have forgotten all about his money hungry, bloodthirsty brethren?

Wouldn't you know it, he's that Mark Joseph Carney, the one born on March 16, 1965, in Canada. According to Wikipedia, and we know Wikipedia always tells the truth...not, Mark Carney is stated to be a Canadian economist who currently serves as Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the G20s Financial Stability Board, a global forum for national regulators, financial ministries, and central banks. Hmm, big time, that says a lot. But here's the clincher. Carney's first job out of school was with Goldman Sachs, where he spent thirteen years learning the trade of banksterism, from Japan to New York to Toronto, before joining the Canadian Department of Finance. Carney then served as the Governor of the Bank of Canada from 2008 until 2013, when he moved to his current post as Governor of the Bank of England. He intends to serve in his role until June 2019, or so it says.

Okay, no harm no foul there. Obviously Carney is part of the Federal Reserve / Central Bank financial conspiracy scam. He was educated and groomed for his position. He was reared in high company thru his time in banking in Canada, and he was placed into his position to control the Bank of England and the financial aspect of the G20, and steer all parties in the direction his handlers taught him. And he was set to leave in 2019, for a possible political run back in Canada. Again, total Central Bank shill, right. So, what's the problem? Why's the English Twat got his knickers in such a tight, panic-filled twist? What else has Mr. Carney done to piss off his criminal blood elders? Oh, yeah, that. He did sign that blood brother pact, didn't he. But that was then, this is now.


I believe this piece pretty much tells it all

Ironically, it features Mark Carney, who just happens to be talking about how dishonest bankers are threatening a new financial crisis. Wow, where did that come from? But when you think about it, he would be the one to know, since that was why he was put into that position as Governor of the Bank of England in the first place. To do exactly what he is telling the world is being done by others. The article doesn't even mention the old financial crisis, just the new one. The one that's been going on for many years, at least since the last financial meltdown in 2008. The above linked piece was dated August 31st. Just the headline of the article alone is enough to make people sweat. Maybe it means Carney's turned government witness against potential prosecutors of banking crimes, and maybe he needs witness protection. Maybe that's why he packed his bags and he wanted to leave. Maybe not. Let's see what else the article has to say?

"The incidence of financial sector misconduct has risen to a level that has the potential to create systemic risks by undermining trust in both financial institutions and markets," said Mark Carney. Hmmm, really? I think we all know that by now. So is this why the English Twat is so excited about Mr. Carney? When the Twat talks about Carney packing his bags, is he referring to Carney's play in Brexit? Or has Carney just quit his London Bank blood brother criminal responsibilities in securing the English Twat's return via the one million tons of stolen gold scam they were trying to orchestrate, but now seems to have gone south?

Either way, the proof is in the criminal pudding. Carney probably isn't forgetting about anyone, rather he's concentrating on what's important to him, like saving his own ass, his children, and maybe the family dog. He knows he's in the hot seat for being Governor at the Bank of England, which for many years has been at the epicenter of the global financial fraud taking place. He's from Canada, whose banking, intelligence, and corporate agents have worked hard in conjunction with American, European, and Asian intelligence and corporate agents in stealing accounts and assets from the Global Debt Facility. That's how Western banks stay afloat these days, steal someone else's valuable assets to capitalize your own corrupt, asset less, financial institution.

A lot of people were supposed to get major payouts from the "progenitor of all payouts from the 'One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal'', according to the English Twat. But now that's changed. The Twat knows he's not going to get paid up, as does his handler, and his handler's handler. There will be no pay off from this stolen one million metric tons of gold scam, I can promise you that. David P. Crayford has promised me that. The world's police are getting closer to the meat of the bone on Global Debt Facility theft and conversion, and that's why the English Twat, Keenan, and especially Mark Carney are sweating. Did anyone notice that the numero uno guy at Interpol these days is Chinese, and a Russian now holds the number two post? GFL, English Twat. Good fu**ing luck, bad guys. The English Twat understands all of this when he says, "Mr. Carney now has many eyes scrutinising him after his musings became public. He may be their weakest link, and security is awfully tight while all players are facing a good, hefty jail term."

They're all watching, trust me. All the participating criminals. They need the money. The banks need the money. They're desperate. So the English Twat tries to make it out that the Rothchilds own the Bank of England, not the English people, and that Keenan's team was responsible for publicly exposing the theft plot in the first place, and that the deal would keep the Rothschilds in control of planet Earth if it were consummated. What the English Twat did not say, however, was that he actually works for the Rothschilds' banks, the very criminals he pretends to demean.

"Ponder upon Mr. Carney's current predicament," the English Twat muses. "Such an accomplished man with 'personal circumstances which I have to manage' can be forced to carry on with tasks of an unlawful, immoral and 'globalist' nature that make provision for the reinvigorated financial enslavement of mankind."
The entire hierarchical order of Western Central Bank global domination is in a state of collapse. These guys aren't able to steal as much as they used to, therefore they are having a much more difficult time keeping their black ops / war / terror apparatus financially lubricated, and they are having a difficult time paying themselves off. This one million ton gold heist of Global Debt Facility assets was supposed to be a major payday for many criminal conspirators, going all the way up line to the Rothschilds and their banks. But now, it's not going to happen, and Mark Carney has some really important decisions to make, and the English Twat agrees, telling us not to be "too harsh on him, he may be at a moral impasse; he must be seriously aware of the ramifications of his role in this malignant fraud. His arm is being twisted and it shows that it is too much for him to bear - which is written on his face".

See my finger and thumb. The finger violin is playing. Poor Mark Carney.

It can only be assumed that the English Twat, err, Insider, is emulating a Bank of England financial insider when he describes how the stolen million tons of gold scam is supposed to come down. "It has emerged that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has been ingratiating herself with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, as their component of this now-not-so-concealed 'One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal', is still being undertaken behind closed doors."

With a hint of envy in his voice, the English Twat is concerned that Dr. Janet Yellen "will surely be reaping a fortune from this dirty deal too, and she will be watched closely to ascertain whether billions of US Dollars make their way to Dubai to join Hillary and Barry in their sand castle palaces."

Who's Barry?

So the English Twat continues to let everybody know that they're being "watched" and "scrutinized", all suspected of taking their fair share of the loot and not sharing it with their blood brothers. Whom will do what to whom or what? And who squeals on who first? The English Twat then tells us where the process of the attempted gold theft stands, and he gives explicit directions as to what the down line criminal terrorist players are supposed to do next.

"While Mr. Najib is in the United States with Dr. Yellen and Mr. Sauren, all applicable documents have been processed, including origin free and clear, distributions of commissions, legal paperwork, approvals at the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, the relevant Ministries and the Malaysian Bank Negara. All that remains to be completed are the seven-year tax immunities."

The Twat then butters our bread, tying it all together in a neat little organized crime knot, telling us that Keenan, the English Twat, Benny the Fraud Fulford and all the other psychotically outrageous members of Team Federal Reserve / Bank of England / Central Banks, and other longtime idiot terrorists, are actually all working together, although independently. As the English Twat admits, "The broker Alfredo Sauren is the cement in this deal. Mr. Sauren brings it to life and makes it perform for the many world leaders. He has shown confirmed gold certificates to Bank Negara officials, as well as to Mr. Razak."

Who the fu** does "The broker Alfredo Sauren" think he is? Fu** Alfredo Sauren, that's who. The Twat continues,

"Mr. Sauren additionally claims to be one of the four Trustees for the Committee of 300 that handles Asia. He has been living in the Royal Compound in Bangkok (originally under the protection of the recently deceased King). Resultingly he has direct access to Thai gold. Notwithstanding, this does not mean that the gold belongs to either himself nor the Committee of 300 - but most likely to the Golden Dragons."

Oh, yes, but of course, another onion layer full of lies, but these English Twat lies bleed deeper than most. First, Alfredo Sauren is no Trustee of legacy gold reserves. He's an international criminal, terrorist, con, fraud, and identity thief. He lives in Thailand, protected by the Thai mafia. Let's call the bit** out for what he is. He's a bit**, just like the English Twat. Alfredo Sauren is totally protected by the U.S. government, his financial, terrorist, global operations kill many people and harm many nations and are sanctioned by the United States government, and he has been operating many years, and he needs to be put out of business. Secondly, there's no question that there is gold there, in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Republic of the Philippines, and elsewhere, and, lots of it, maybe a million tons or so, probably more, available for the stealing by the strongest, most powerfully organized American, Canadian, Asian, and British criminal government conspirators, because the gold can't just defend itself.

So now these guys are going to manipulate a deal revolving around U.S., British, and Malaysian central banks, a Malaysian Prime Minister, Thai gold, and one long time international terrorist, known as the Philippines Phantom, aka Alfredo Sauren. And here's where the concern really lies for all the up line banking handlers and reciprocal handlees, that the English Twat speaks so exasperatedly for, "From my standpoint, it is apparent that Najib Razak is playing both sides and will pocket as much personal gain as he can, regardless as to whomever closes the deal first."

He's concerned and upset. Not about the affect this stolen gold will have on the global economy. Not that there might actually be owners of this one million tons of gold. All these criminal terrorists for whom the English Twat speaks, and all the other handlers, and all the CIA / NSA brass, they're all worried about one thing and one thing only. Will their fair share of the profits from the stolen gold being washed through the central bank system be there for them when they're ready to make their escape, as Mark Carney appeared to be, from eventual arrest and prosecution? And to make matters worse for the blood brother criminal terrorist cabal, Prime Minister Razak probably wasn't even thinking about them. He probably just forgot all about his blood brotherhood oath with the Satanic banksters and the English Twat, just like Mark Carney forgot about them. The Prime Minister probably packed his bags, too. Not to mention Dr. Yellen. Can you imagine how much baggage she's got?

"They're all too busy thinking about how the hell they're going to keep from going to prison," David P. Crayford said.


The English Twat says, "The broker Alfredo Sauren is the cement in this deal." Excuse me. Are you kidding me? This international scum sucking terrorist bu**buddy of Neil Keenan that the Twat refers to can be seen with Pugnose here (Photo of Saurin with Keenan)


Alfredo Sauren needs to be put to sleep. He's an international terrorist. They all are, working together in an international network of organized crime, sanctioned by the American, Canadian, and certain Asian nations. I'm blown away that English Twat says that one of the greatest international terrorists of all time is meeting with the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, to consummate an illegal theft and conversion of one million tons of Global Debt Facility gold, and nobody has said a word about it, or shuts the English Twat's mouth for him, or puts Alfredo Sauren or Neil Keenan to bed. International government policing officials just turn a blind eye.

What the English Twat is doing through the utilization of Neil Keenan's Website is such a blatant out in the open act of criminal fraud and terrorism, that Interpol and national governments the world over need to wake up. They need to work together to solve these out in the open grand thefts. Interpol needs to interdict and arrest somebody somewhere sometime. Like how about here, now? Let's nab Keenan and put him away in a stinking foreign jail and talk things over with him. He needs to be stopped.

We know the U.S. is behind it all, and they protect these criminals like the English Twat or Keenan or Sauren, who never seem to get arrested, but when they do, they're freed that night by their many political, military, intelligence and police connections all over the world. So this operative who calls himself the English Twat is allowed to, on open Internet, conduct business by telling Keenan to get the stolen million tons of gold deal done. Only the English Twat says it in reverse. "The time is upon you Neil Keenan and Group K - to take abrupt and decisive action to stop the fraudulent leveraging of a million metric tons of gold. This request comes from within the Parliament of the United Kingdom. "The English Twat"

Again, the direction from the Twat is to Team Pugnose and all the criminals out there in the theft network to hold on to what they got, and don't get crazy and sell, or steal, the stolen assets, cuz the price is going to go up on the global financial marketplace, and there's big profits and extra zeros for everybody:

"Addendum: Certain circles within Indonesia have become rather quiet of late, however it is known where the muted voices hide. What those within these circles in Indonesia should be aware of is that the gold they hold will soon be worth substantially more than it is currently. Certain people should show wisdom rather than desperation."

As soon as I saw the name Alfredo Sauren I knew we were in business. I had not only seen the name on intelligence reports, but Paul Collin had talked about him in his writings in several different places. According to my reports, Alfredo Sauren goes by many aliases, including "Wilfredo S. Saurin" and "William V. Morales," (aka) and more commonly within the intelligence circles, he's referred to as the "Philippines Phantom."

According to one intelligence operative with more than forty years experience in dealing with large quantities of valuable precious metals and bullion, and we'll call him 'Sam', Sam says that Alfredo Sauren "is a real terrorist and big time player in the international financial banking instrument community." He's been around forever, according to Sam, operating mostly out of Southeast Asia, but he's believed to be of Philippines' descent. One intelligence report I read said back in the early 2000s, Sauren actually operated under another name, in the United States, under the blue, sun-infested skies of Orange County, California.

At that time, secret teams of U.S. government agents were also operating, secretly tasking undercover assignments brought to them from other federal agencies. Some of the cases these federal agents worked involved secretive efforts by the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration Customs Enforcement, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and a small group of operatives, male and female, to combat international bank paper / instrument fraud worldwide. That's what these men and women believed they were doing. However, at no time did any of these American government secret operations ever deal with agents targeting counterfeit manufacturing and / or distribution of these banking financial instruments. These agents also apparently paid no (zero) attention to real or legitimate government and central bank sponsored financial bonds and notes that were also being processed and cashed out at the other end of the central bank system by criminal terrorist government operative thieves and financial institutions.

"Much of the time they (U.S. government) would even sanction it," said Sam. "Especially if they were dealing with Federal Reserve bonds. Just like the one Keenan tried to push across the Chiasso border. These things are actually valued at tremendous amounts of money. At one time they were backed by gold, many of them to back American currencies, for amounts in the billions and trillions of dollars. A lot of the gold found overseas, like in Indonesia, for example, was supposed to be used to back foreign currencies. I've heard there are some (bonds or notes) that are even worth in the quadrillions. Keenan's bond in Chiasso, with the two Japanese men, was earmarked for (Daddy) Bush and Cheney. Many billions of dollars. ($134.5, to be exact). Imagine just adding that to the American economy, all those dollars. That's what these guys do. Over and over again. One scam or theft after another. And Americans wonder why the U.S. dollar is going down the shitter. It's being watered down by all these scams, and all this money, and all this counterfeit money, in foreign countries, that's killing the global economy. That's backed by the U.S. dollar."

It's no wonder why there are so many of these international criminal fraudsters working out there. Economic times are tough, and there's a lot of clowns trying to make a buck, some real money, as the American dollar won't buy you much, and so they play the banking financial instrument and counterfeit currency bond and note and other financial paper game frauds. They can get away with it, and the U.S. mafia government plays the game with these criminals, and the U.S. dollars involved are in the billions and higher. More people than ever are being allowed to play these financial games by U.S. government intelligence agencies, who then play the game right along side of them. So long as they toe the correct line, they stay in business. When someone becomes a competitive entity against the U.S government interests, they are taken down. It's that simple. People are arrested, and businesses are taken over by government agents.

These agents and players of these high value financial scams and related terrorist associations make a living at this. This is what the players do for their livelihoods. They play economic fraud games. It's a matter of life or death to most. Legitimate, international businessmen and women get involved in trade financing deals that just didn't exist for them before. They become front men, or faces. They set up company fronts. Usually the government enforcement and policing agencies only act against them when big money is going to be exchanged. Federal agents will then interdict, and the agencies, and agents, and proxies, will split the 'big money' after they take the entity down, and, ultimately, those billions and trillions of dollars enter the global economy, watering the dollar down for everyone who uses it. Thanks Uncle Sam.

U.S. federal law enforcement agents will not tax limited budget resources chasing around the world after foreign nationals, rogues, or "Phantoms", who are "big players behind international bank paper / instrument / document artwork (counterfeiting) or passing it around (distribution) to see if any of it sticks and makes them some money in return," said Paul Collin's former Website at Unwanted Publicity Intelligence.

Today, the technical aspect and the face of those who steal government / central bank bonds, whether real or counterfeit, appears to the public as young, energized professionals. They're everywhere. The faces that the public sees and develops a relationship with. Behind the scenes, however, researchers busily supply master international brokers with mountains of useful information which allows them to commit criminal fraud and theft at the highest of international banking levels. This is how the fat Australian Keith Francis Scott got started, and for what he was trained by Michael McNight. This is how the NSA / CIA intelligence complex chronically conducts the theft of global collateral assets from around the world. This is how the crooked banks of the Western central banking cabal collateralize themselves. They have thousands of agents everywhere, who operate just like the "Philippines Phantom," and nobody's there to stop them. If someone like Alfredo Sauren gets arrested, which they do, and which he has, as we shall see down below, they are secretly released from custody that night. Arrests are meaningless because prosecutions don't exist. Except as show, or against competitors of the fraudulent financial fiat central bank system.

To make matters even more difficult for U.S. or international law enforcement officials, the criminals behind the theft and fraud of high value banking instruments are backed by criminal organization like precision, in this case, supplied, sponsored, and sanctioned predominantly by U.S. government intelligence agencies, and supported immeasurably by Canadian corporate and banking interests. The brokers of these instruments, that sometimes are worth billions and trillions of dollars, are using so many aliases that it's difficult for international law enforcement agencies to line up who's who, and who is really stealing what, where, from whom? The mythological legend in this instance is named the Philippines Phantom, who has been identified as none other than one of Pugnose Keenan's best bu**buddies, by none other than the English Twat.

The 'Philippines Phantom' is difficult to arrest for many reasons. Not only is he a protected U.S. asset, but he uses many aliases. It is also believed that other U.S. sanctioned international financial banking instrument fraudsters operate under Sauren's shadow, using several of his aliases for their own nefarious purposes. These international fraudsters operate under the presumption that nobody is going to pursue let alone prosecute Sauren (the Philippines Phantom), so they feel secure in using his alias. They'll hide under his alias with him. He has been a protected terrorist for the U.S. government and proxies for many years.


There are many levels or classes of these international fraudsters that operate with the high value financial banking instruments. There are the masters like Michael McNight, and his fat Australian protege, Keith Francis Scott. And then there are the ones who need to learn what to do, or in Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof's instance, told what to do, in their efforts to defraud U.S. and foreign investors. Neil Pugnose Keenan is now somewhere in between. He's been schooled by Scott and other masters, and he also schooled others. Now, he's just being taken to the wood shed, slowly, painfully.

Many of the master CIA bank instrument fraudsters 'handle' entirely 'new faces' as their new 'representatives', who act as 'middle-man' or 'broker' for the master bank financial instrument fraudsters. This allows them to spread their fraudulent international banking financial instrument scam into multiple directions. Each new scam creates new opportunities to manipulate unsuspecting victims with different approaches to what in essence amounts to the 'same old financial scam.' Just think how Jerky Bobblecockski, as Poof, failed to make the PPP scam profitable for his handlers. So he had to stage Poof's death and begin anew as ZAP and Susan (he plays both personalities, now, the psycho that Jerky is), and now he promotes the fake Humanitarian aspect of Landa China Global, Humanas, and whatever other fraudulent humanitarian organization he might be representing this week.

In the meantime, Jerky Bobblecockski, week in and week out, begs continuously as ZAP / Susan for oxygen bottles for poor Mary. Set this woman on fire, already. Put us all out of our misery. When the money's here in two weeks, of course. And, tell me, Jerky Bobblecockski, what exactly is the difference between the Prosperity Programs, the Humanitarian Programs, and the RV / GCR, all of which you have promoted under alias personalities? They're all the same old shell con game, aren't they. And you're a fraud, and we're on to you. Go back to prison, which is where you belong, and where you soon shall be. Or worse.

By altering old frauds, U.S. government sanctioned cons like Jerky Bobblecockski and Dougie Boy and Wee Willie and their fraudulent three ring circus at Landa / Humanas, can bring in a brand new story line for defrauding victims anew, when the opportunity suits them. Just think of what Neil Pugnose Keenan did to Jean Haines, and what PTSD Bailey did to Denise Ridenaur, and what Pugnose is trying to pull off now with the English Twat and the Philippines Phantom. And they're all going to split it like a bunch of smelly terrorist jackals. Total terrorist cons playing the age old shell game under a new name. You can't win, but they do. The Federal Reserve central banking system launders the stolen loot, the bank stays afloat, and the clean new monies are used for terror, war, global financial domination, and to enrich Hitlery, 'six hearts' David Rockefeller, the English Twat, and the like.


Sam says "the difference between a spy and a terrorist is what's in their heart."

I said, "Really?"

Sam also said he's worked for two M1s in his career.

I told him I had twenty M & M's for breakfast.

Sam passed the bowl and continued, "As I was saying, a spy is trying to gather intelligence, and he's doing it for all the right reasons. Or at least that's what he believes. That's what's in his own mind and heart. To do what he can, gather what information is available to him, through his channels of information, to use in some way, to help make the world a better place. A terrorist, on the other hand, has malice in his heart, and he has no compassion. He doesn't care who he hurts, all he cares about is getting his payday. That's the way he's programmed. They're programmed psychopaths in that way. Each and every one of them."

I thought about that. I asked Sam what he thought "about the Philippines Phantom, and all these master brokers operating out there?"

Sam agreed that Alfredo Sauren is not the only psychopathic, terrorist out there using many aliases, working for the CIA. "There are many of these, thousands, maybe, of these master brokers, or these middle men, who operate like Keenan and Fulford, individually, and collectively," he said. The aliases used by these master brokers are then later reused by other thieving international fraudster terrorists, who again are sanctioned and protected by governments sponsored by those nations' central banks. According to Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the operations are then conducted with organized international crime precision and sophistication, exercising "indirect criminal subterfuge, tradecrafts used spy or international criminal mastermind." And lots of U.S government operatives.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence likens Alfredo Sauren, the Philippines Phantom, not as the "rogue spy", but "more as a terrorist akin to the clever but infamous Carlos Illyich Ramirez-Sanchez (aka) 'Carlos The Jackal', believed skilled in intelligence tradecrafts and used by the legacy Soviet Union KGB." There's no question that Alfredo Sauren has been operating under many false aliases for decades. He's not your run of the mill international bank financial instrument fraudster terrorist identity thief, either. The fact that the Philippines Phantom has been allowed to remain aloof and at ease for so many decades, absolutely free to run dangerous, murderous, and very financially lucrative scams without ever actually getting caught by law enforcement agencies worldwide, all of whom are supposedly in the business of chasing international Asian terrorists, speaks volumes as to the strength of the criminal operation and sophisticated intelligence and support backing him up.


"Some old timers believe it got so hot during the Cold War that nations were tripping over their own spies," the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence report said. Today, it's probably even worse, with all the government sanctioned banking financial instrument fraudsters, identity thieves, and terrorists running all over Asia and the world, pulling one scam after another, bilking individuals and nations out of their money and assets.

The Master Broker's forte, and the true focus of Federal Reserve / Central Bank's NSA / CIA agents, is to steal tons of gold, valuable treasures, and authentic financial banking instruments that belong to the International Treasury Controller and convert them for their own nefarious usage. The Western central banks are bankrupt. Each and every one of them is desperate to stay afloat. They possess no valuable assets or reserves. To do so, they must capitalize on other people's valuable assets. Taking on debt is not working for them anymore. The problem with the recapitalization plan through stolen Global Debt Facility treasures is, that those Global Collateral Accounts and Assets actually belong to someone not called a criminal. His name is the ITC. The second ever appointed International Treasury Controller, the one who legally, per Secret International Treaty, was appointed by the global "Hierarchy" to locate, oversee, monitor, and administer to every asset and account that legally belongs to the Global Debt Facility.

The International Treasury Controller is the only true Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter for the Global Collateral Accounts. All of them. Each and every item and account and red cent. And he's being robbed blind by these international terrorist banking instrument fraudsters and thieves, backed up by the U.S government, and sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank, via the Western central banking system. These thieving terrorist criminals all work as free agents, so to speak, not CIA or NSA spies, but as independent contractors, so when it's time for someone to shut them down, arrest them, try them, and put them in prison, the U.S. government can continue to plausibly deny knowing them, and do nothing about their thieving, terrorist ways. So these guys keep going, and they keep getting away with it. It's all done with a wink and a nudge. No valuable spies are used out front anymore. It's now all NOCs, non official covers, who act as foreign intelligence agents. This is how Keenan, Scott, Fulford, Alfredo Sauren, and the English Twat are allowed to work together, and independently.

If it weren't for personal intelligence dossiers, database files, and other information supplied by international intelligence worldwide, there would be nobody out there capable of telling the public what's going on regarding international terrorists like Alfredo Sauren and their operations with the CIA, on behalf of the Federal Reserve central banking system. Thank god for "personal intelligence dossiers, database files, and other information."

One agent posted an interesting scenario on the obstruction of intelligence coming out of the Philippines, several years ago, by an organization called the PCGG, the Presidential Commission on Good Government. Apparently PCGG had a representative named Gerry Ledonio, who was being handled by a New York City law firm "that was arranging secret PCGG meetings with the southern California Filipino man nicknamed 'Cowboy', who was also very much an international bank paper trader. He held a plethora of fraudulent international bank paper financial instruments, i.e. bank guarantees, certificates of deposit, stand-by letters of credit, safe-keeping receipts, etc., accompanied by a whole host of support documents." Amongst many others, there was one where "the now-late former Philippines President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (aka) Ferdinand E. Marcos was seen named within a Letter of Instruction naming his sidekick to be 'William V. Morales,' an alias used by 'Wilfredo S. Saurin' (aka) the 'Philippines Phantom.'" The Philippines Phantom's fingerprints were all over the Global Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility then, as they are now. Just ask Alfredo Sauren and Keith Scott.


One of Alfredo Sauren's earliest recorded aliases was Wilfredo S. Saurin, who U.S. Federal government intelligence agents found to be supporting Asian terrorists. He also supported a man by the name of Alexander Mann, another international bank financial instrument fraudster. Saurin and Mann teamed up with another Orange County, California businessman terrorist fraudster who went by the alias of "Tony Nguyen," who claimed to be the chairman of an organization called the Government of Free Viet Nam (GFVN ), a fraud money political front for an Asian terrorist splinter group garnering support from aligned nations, with U.S. covert funding, coup based assassinations, and other destabilization efforts to overthrow the Republic of Viet Nam.

The report on Unwanted Publicity Intelligence expands on this claim. Immediately, it brings in the Office of International Treasury Control. "The GFVN was headquartered right across the border in Cambodia where U.S. Federal intelligence operatives found the 'Philippines Phantom' acting as Wilfredo Saurin leading the Chea Dam Group of Companies (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Asia Real Property Co., Ltd. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), ARP-OITC Group Co. LTD. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) and The Office of International Treasury Control (Washington, D.C., USA) formerly led by Ray Chhat Dam (aka) Diem C. Ray (Cambodia) and Keith Francis Scott (Australia)."

When U.S. Federal agents tracked and studied the Philippines Phantom's early movements, they not only found Alfredo Sauren to have strong martial arts skills, but they found a man who possessed unique "tradecrafts of spying as a foreign agent adept at the arts of infiltration and creating insurrections." Alfredo Sauren was a leader of a tight knit group of international criminal Asian terrorists, who were directed by U.S. government intelligence agents to utilize a "legacy U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) / Viet Nam war time era counterfeiting operation, that manufactured a cross-border (Viet Nam / Cambodia) air lift infiltration air drop of billions in counterfeit money (i.e. currency known as 'dongs' - North Viet Nam government dollar)."

The 'dongs' were used to manufacture GFVN currency, "which was then sold to Vietnamese in Orange County, California, USA," said the agent. From there, the counterfeit Vietnamese currency was used to design, print, distribute, and sell various forms of "fraudulent but official looking paper monetary currencies, international bank paper, and related support documents, identities and more," the Federal agent said. In this instance, these counterfeit currencies were used in black-market sales for up-front advance fee schemes, which was only one of many fraudulent collection practices used behind the scenes by U.S. intelligence assets to secretly fund international terrorist activities, that were aimed primarily against specifically targeted assets (holdings) of the Republic of Viet Nam and its government administration. This CIA funded terrorist group was known as the Free Vietnam Revolutionary Group (FVRG), and at the time they had strong ties to its political action arm in Garden Grove, California, USA, the Government of Free Viet Nam.


The Philippines Phantom is much more than just an international bank financial instrument fraudster, terrorist, or spy. He is America's prototype of what the key operators behind global terrorism, war, and financial domination should work like. This is also how banks keep themselves alive, by recapitalizing themselves. The banks, through the U.S government agency assets and American laws, and outside the law, will do everything within its network of federal agency powers to keep people like Alfredo Sauren alive and on the streets, working for them, producing billions upon trillions of off the books income. Sauren works with Asian terrorist group extremists who harvest others to advance American intelligence agency terrorist / subjugation causes.

The Federal Reserve central banking system, operating with and thru the U.S. alphabet agency groups, has created a terrorist network composed of many master broker international banking financial instrument fraudsters, who generate tremendous amounts of black, illegal money to conduct terrorist operations the world over. These master brokers are Philippines Phantom clones; hard line, politically driven criminals who operate outlandish schemes, manipulating others as their representatives, to do their dirty work, to get arrested for them. They conduct "a cornucopia of creative deceit techniques bordering on psychological treachery for victims," the agent added.

Here is but a partial list of aliases used by the the international terrorist known as the Philippines Phantom, Alfredo Sauren, the one the English Twat says is the cement for the illegal one million ton gold deal with Dr. Yellen of the Federal Reserve Bank:

Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin (also known as)
Wilfred Saurin (aka)
Datu G.L. (aka)
Wilfredo S. Ramos (aka)
William Morales (aka)
William V. Morales (aka)
Joseph E.S. Daraman Jr. (aka)
Joseph Eutiquio Severino Daraman Jr. (aka)
Joseph Daraman (aka)
Joseph Teo Hui Kiat (aka)
Johannes Riyad (aka)
Yohannes Riyadi (aka)
Saroeun Soush (aka)
Wilfredo Serion (aka)
Dr. Saroeun (aka)
Soush Saroeun


Examples of Alfredo Sauren having been arrested and released, just like a rainbow trout too small, can be found here


Remember, Paul Collin, who started Unwanted Publicity Intelligence some time ago, says the CIA / NSA complex took him out of his own Website and blog, and took over his Website / blog from him in 2012. They've been running it ever since, he says. Just like Hobie and the CIA / NSA did to Rayelan Allen at Rumormill News. Only Bad Man NSA / CIA Hobie of RMN disappeared her completely. Presumably, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence has been scrubbed clean of any important information, and there's just useless, already public material there for further duplicate public consumption. But the truth is, there's stuff there I had never seen before. So when it's appropriate and relevant, I cite it here, in my writing.

For instance, there's a copy of an April 21, 2001 newspaper article depicting an arrest of one of Sauren's aliases. The article says in pertinent part, "THAILAND, Bangkok - A fifth person (William Morales) has been arrested and charged with the multi-billion dollar U.S. bond fraud while other gang members are believed on the run but still in Thailand." A special law enforcement task force was formed to capture them.

"William Morales, a Filipino, was taken into custody on Thursday night at the Town In Town Hotel located on Rama IX Road ( Bangkok, Thailand )," the article said.

Now is where the U.S. alphabet agencies move to change the tide of arrest and prosecution. The U.S. government does its part here in getting everybody off. The Thai authorities' legal grip on the captured terrorists begins to slip.

A later article says, "THAILAND, Bangkok - The investigation into the counterfeit U.S. bonds case took a bizarre twist yesterday when investigators conceded they might not be able to take legal action against any of the five suspects they have arrested."

Was there ever any doubt? Of course they wouldn't be able to take legal action against the Philippines Phantom and his four bank financial instrument terrorist associates, who were all charged with forgery and fraud. The U.S. needs this money to conduct illegal terrorist activities in neighboring countries. These guys will be kept out on the streets to perform. The American government calls upon them.

One Federal government agent pointed out that Alfredo Sauren, operating as Mr. Wilfredo S. Saurin, was, at that time, sending out gold offers related to gold bullion in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Only problem was, none of those addresses he used actually existed. They all asked the ignorant investor to "place funds in a bank designated, by Mr. Wilfredo S. Saurin." Due to currency restrictions, and other financial difficulties, the buyer would usually end up finding that his funds had somehow gotten stuck in the designated bank. With no available remedy or recourse.


In the early 2000s, the Government of Free Viet Nam was essentially ignored by most neighboring Asian countries simply because they had way too much on their plates to begin with. Terrorism issues on their front doorsteps. Failing currencies in their own national economies. Crime, poverty, government infighting, the same issues governments were dealing with all over the world. There simply weren't enough government financial resources available to go after all the foreign bad guys who landed or crept upon their soil. They didn't have time to worry about the GFVN or Alfredo Sauren.

Thailand, Cambodia, and the Republic of the Philippines, on the other hand, did. This triumvirate of countries saw the GFVN, an organization that resided in Garden Grove, California, USA, as the political action arm of international terrorists that it was, one that was "secretly supported and funded by aligned nations with the U.S. and covert financing coup based assassinations designed to overthrow the Viet Nam government administration." These three countries regarded the GFVN as an "Asian revolutionary government," gaining political support from a few Western (USA) aligned nations, although the GFVN was never officially recognized "with any distinct foreign policies concerning it." The key government assets were being followed, they just weren't being stopped.

GFVN's Tony Nguyen and Alexander Mann, who we talked about above, formed and used an entity named CSI AG, which was not surprising to David P. Crayford. CSI AG was run by another international fraudster named Gary Poindexter (aka Gary Pearce) --- "Yes, the son of John Marlan Poindexter a retired U.S. Naval Officer and Department of Defense official and Deputy National Advisor for the Reagan Administration," said Crayford. "He was convicted in April 1990 for multiple felonies as a result of his actions in the Iran-Contra affair. More recently he served as Director of the DARPA Information Awareness Office for the George W. Bush Administration."
CSI AG was also known to have claimed gold reserve holdings in Chile. CSI AG further claimed to be backed by bullion assets of former Indonesian President Soekarno, through PT Galaxy Indonesia Trust. They claimed they held bank paper certificates of deposit and bank guarantees from Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as well as gold and platinum bullion accounts that were alleged to have been tied to Soekarno's Last Will and Testament. These were all assets of the Global Debt Facility. Former President Soekarno was but a holder of the assets, one not authorized under any legal circumstances to deed them away, in any manner or respect. That job at that time belonged to former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, who was the true M1. That was before he moved on, thanks to U.S. intelligence, and, according to David P. Crayford, "before his power over the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility was ultimately transferred to a renowned and highly reputable Royal Family / Head of State, and then, in 1995, to Dr. Dam, the first International Treasury Controller."
To help financially support GFVN soldiers of fortune Tony Nguyen and Alexander Mann, CSI AG issued "Government of Free Viet Nam Gold Reserve Certificates", which were earmarked for China, to be sold to unsuspecting Chinese suckers, as a means to develop covert financial injection capital that would be used to support clandestine GFVN mercenary terrorist missions. Tony Nguyen was earmarked to become the GFVN representative to serve as the next Prime Minister of Viet Nam, once Viet Nam was free of communist leadership, which of course was supported on that end by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.


When dealing with the history of gold, or stolen gold, or stolen central bank financial bonds and notes, and associated fraudulent and criminal activity, the name of Dr. Ray Chhat Dam will undoubtedly, at one point, or another, come up. In his time, Ray Chhat Dam was the only one in the world that was legally entitled to control the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The only one. Of course his biggest problem beginning back in 1995 was the fact that those who run the banks of the Federal Reserve central banking financial system wanted to steal it, all of it, and convert all Global Collateral Accounts and Assets to their own nefarious purposes. So it would not be surprising to see Dr. Dam's name all over gold related history, world wide, all of it, in one way or another, as it all relates to the Global Debt Facility, and the assets and accounts related thereto. So don't be surprised to find Dr. Dam's name, in one form or another, added by some U.S. government agent, either maliciously or with proper intentions, to the end of that agent's piece regarding Alfredo Sauren, the GFVN, and their ties to funding Asian terrorism with gold and financial instruments. Dr. Dam's name will be there. And we'll get into those agents' motivations later in this series.

Intelligence reports I have read indicate that key members of the Government of Free Viet Nam, at that time, operated out of Bangkok, Thailand. According to David P. Crayford, this was "in conjunction with another CIA affiliated agent known as Fred Kirkpatrick, the self claimed 5 Star U.S. Military General. Hmmm, not bad for a cook in the Catering Corp of the U.S. Military."
However other intelligence information said those agents "proved" the GFVN set up operations near the Cambodian border, "the Phnom Chhat mountains where Diem Chhat Ray (aka) 'His Excellency Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, MJC, PhD' later claimed to be the Advisor for Khymer Senate Chief Samdech Chea Sim who on March 2005 left Cambodia under a heavy contingent of security and was reportedly taken to China for 'medical reasons', however intelligence believed an imminent coup based assassination attempt was what forced his temporary un-seating as Chief of the Khymer Senate." Again, how do you prove this stuff? What happened to Khymer Senate Chief Samdech Chea Sim? Did CIA assassinate him? Where is he now? If you advised him, did that make you CIA? To how many of the aliases attributed to Dr. Ray Chhat Dam does this particular set of accusations and associations apply? Any of them? All of them?

Other U.S. government intelligence agencies who tracked Dr. Dam tied him to using the aliases Ray Chhat Dam, (aka) Ray C. Dam , (aka) Diem Chhat Ray, and (aka) Diem C. Ray, all claiming to be Chairman of the Board of these financial companies: Chea Dam Group of Companies (1999 - ), Consolidated Credit Bank Limited (1999 - ), Dam Foundation (2003 - 2004), The New World Investment Trust (TNWIT - 2004), The Office of International Treasury Control (TOITC / OITC / ITC ) ( 2003 - ), and The International Monetary Reserve (TIMR) (2001 - 2003).

The International Monetary Reserve turned out to be an entity registrant of The Dominion of Melchizedek, "as were the others," this agent noted, "and believed to be an offshoot of The International Monetary Reserve that became known as The Office of International Treasury Control, that was directly led by Ray Chhat Dam and Keith Francis Scott." This entry seems very revealing in detailing Dr. Dam's attributed aliases' early associations with the fat Australian, Keith Scott.

It was through all of the above Chea Dam Group of Companies where Wilfredo S. Saurin appears to, for the first time, become involved with Dr. Dam and the OITC. In 2004, the Philippines Phantom rose from being the Chea Dam Group of Companies Vice-Chairman to Acting Chairman. Soon, he promoted himself into the seat of Chairman of the Board, succeeding Dr. Dam, who had been previously listed as Chairman of the Chea Dam Group. The address for the Chea Dam Group of Companies was, House No: 34 B, St. 240 Ext, Okhna Chhun Sangkat Chaktomouk, Khan Daun Pehn, Phnom Pehn, CAMBODIA.

So it was now all one big old incestuous ratfu**. According to these intelligence reports, everybody was sleeping with everybody in the banking financial instrument fraud terrorism / business, including Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, the first International Treasury Controller. International bank instrument fraudster Alexander Mann (aka), Alex Mann, was reportedly promoting an earlier Switzerland bank certificate of deposit for 120,000 MT (metric tons) of gold bullion that was believed to have been held, at that time, by a "Singapore man claiming to be Administrative Sole Arbiter holding a 'Legal Right to Decadency to Heir' under what was labeled as "a suspicious auspice identified as: UN / FED No. RCD 1088, Control No. 10-60847, Right to Compel Guarantee Clearing Code No. UNRD I.D. 006197." This 'Legal Right to Decadency to Heir' language is somewhat similar to language attributed to the second International Treasury Controller, who is not a "Singapore man." This "Singapore man" is obviously an individual who was pretending to maintain the powers that were, at that time, legally, by Secret International Treaty, bestowed upon Dr. Ray C. Dam.

The report zeroed in on specific claims made by many master brokers of high-value financial banking instruments, bonds, notes, and the like, where, "supposedly cloaked under veils of secrets for decades," the master brokers of these fraudulent banking instruments and metric tons of gold scams "claim to be ‘rightful', by whatever means of 'official looking', but 'not' really 'official', international bank paper and seemingly accompanying support documents (e.g. Mandates, Insurance Guarantees, etc.). Their method of operation is to manufacture, by whatever means necessary, the appearance that they, the master broker, or their "Attorney-In-Fact", are ‘successors' or ‘heirs' to either the former ‘holder', ‘heir' or former ‘administrator' to whatever assets or accounts they're representing, so that their fraudulent but convincing impression can be conveyed (by whatever 'other fraudulent means' necessary)." To whomever necessary to complete the fraud and payoff through the banking system.

These criminal terrorist fraudster master brokers' (or their agents) goal each and every time is to, "obtain considerable sums of money or other valuable considerations by wrongful and unlawful means by preying on unsuspecting fraud victims believing these fraudsters have control over billions or trillions of dollars worth of precious metal bullion deposit holdings in bank accounts linked back to a variety of international leaders such as the now-late former Indonesia Premier Ir. Soekarno, the now-late former Iran Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlevi, the former Panama President Manuel Noriega, the former Cuba Presidente Fidel Castro, et al."


There's a wonderful description of the types of incredible wealth attributed to former Indonesian President Soekarno, who was only the legal Holder of assets, never the M1, and never was he legally entitled to dispose of any of them. However, there were those who would try on his behalf, to claim ownership therefrom. For example, Union Bank of Switzerland's Soekarno Family Estate deposit has an account file that carries a code-name of "Danarasa." It describes in detail how each depository warehouse vault is unlocked by "matching precious metal bullion identity key sets, one (1) of two (2) keys within each key set." This consists of the "Family Heritance" identity key, and all the key sets are believed to be "engraved and poured into bullion bar flats from matching the precise type of precious metal bullion (i.e. platinum bullion deposit sees 2 platinum bullion engraved keys, gold bullion deposit sees 2 gold bullion engraved keys, silver bullion deposit sees 2 silver bullion keys)." According to this report, there is "an Authorized Holder Agreement that named the now-late former Indonesia Premier / President Ir. Soekarno" as "Holder" of very specific numbered multiple bullion deposit accounts.

There's no issue the gold and banking instruments were legitimate at one time, and were legally tied to former Indonesian President Soekarno. What all these master holders, the Keenan's and Scott's, the English Twat and Alfredo Sauren, all end up doing, one way or another, is make claim to being the "rightful" 'Holder', 'Administrator', 'Successor' and /or 'Owner' to these "precious metals bullion deposit accounts." This is where the battle for ownership of the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility is taking place today. This is where the master brokers, the international bank financial instrument fraudsters, stake their claims and choose their marks. They must find their victims. They must get a portion of what they earn from what they manipulate through investors, theft, conversion, and other fraudulent means. They are financial parasites. Stealing other people's money is their mode of operation, and their only way to obtain their lifeblood.


The above code-name "Danarasa" person also called himself "grandfather". As "grandfather", code-name "Danarasa" claimed he could no longer fulfill "Soekarno's wishes", so he was forced to transfer the 4,500,000 kilograms of gold into "bank paper certificates", naming the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation ( HSBC ). Imagine that, would ya. Now HSBC could do what all bankers love to do, give their money away to the poor for humanitarian purposes. Old "grandfather" was really thinkin' on this one, wasn't he. That's just what Soekarno would have done. Give it to HSBC. They can be trusted...not. So all of this transference of wealth was then passed to a "Singapore man" who bore the "Legal Right to Decadency to Heir", while claiming possession of bank guarantees and certificates of deposit entitling him to many billions of dollars worth of precious metal bullion assets, most of which, of course, would be washed through the magic computer system at Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation, and help to balance their sheets. Sounds like another one of Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof's scams. Could this be the 'grandfather he's always referring too as being the bearer of his future fortune, that's never going to materialize? Sorry, Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof, but "grandfather's" done, and so are you. Bye, bye.


In the mid 2000s, U.S. intelligence sources "identified a New Zealand resident", who they believed was working out of Australia at the time, by the name of H.E. Ray Chhat Dam, also known as Diem Chhat Ray. In 2005, this Ray Chhat Dam was listed as Chairman of the Consolidated Credit Bank (CCB). The fat Australian was listed as President. Their attorney was one Andreas Jawurek, who operated out of Switzerland. At that time, U.S. federal agents were also all over Wilfredo Saurin.

On March 16, 2005, agents found Saurin to be operating under a whole new slew of personalities, including W.S. Saurin and Wilfredo S. Ramos. He had begun utilizing new names while raising the dead as well, so to speak, in stealing the identities of dead people, like William Morales, Tiburcio VT Marcos, and others. Saurin was living in Thailand at this time, and his operation of multi personalities and stolen identities was protected by the Thai mafia. He was not living on any Royal Family compound. According to David P. Crayford, "He was in fact living at Sun Apartments, Soi 4, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok."

In the meantime, the Dominion of Melchizedek was confounding U.S. federal investigators, who reported that individuals tied to that nefarious organization seized control of at least one small U.S. bank. "I'm told they have control over three small banks in the United States, but I've not confirmed that," the agent said. "The banks are small and are actively operating in the U.S. A European bank(s) relationship was sought through at least one of the small U.S. DOM-controlled banks." What he described was typical for how the fat Australian and the Philippines Phantom had been tasking their operations. The federal agent continued:

"One 'insurance wrap' on the contract salvage project was followed-up on in Europe. The vig ( vigaro ) . . . To obtain a draw-down on the European bank loan and thereby provide bridge funds but 'only to key players' in that deal. The key players will then run like bandits from a bank - using their previous deal as a template - and do the same thing with yet another deal." Boilerplate Scott. Ipso facto Alfredo Sauren and Pugnose Keenan as well. This is what they do, and how they operate.

"Kiting" or "spring boarding" is what they call it, a financial business tactic, and one of the favored methods of doing financial business, and it's used over and over again, "on yet others and others." Then, when the investors' moneys are seemingly gone, down the drain, out of sight, after these con fraud terrorist parasites have drained the life blood money from their victims / marks, they will dump the stock of whatever business adventure was invested in in the first place, so that it appears to the investors that, due to the losses incurred, all their investments have swirled down the drain as well. Sorry, old chap, too bad. Your lifetime investment is gone forever. Your family too is out on the streets.

The Dominion of Melchizedek (DOM / TDOM) was one of those operations. They too had aligned themselves underneath and in between the Office of International Treasury Control (ITC / OITC / TOITC), an organization that had grown quite the negative reputation with U.S. intelligence agents at this point. The Philippines Phantom and the fat Australian had brought "His Excellency" Ray C. Dam along with them, soiling his reputation along with theirs, while they all developed the reputation for being "players" who are "infamous for doing that routine and screwing-over their financial business partners." Then the agent noted with irony, "but DOM and OITC financial business partners are waiting in line to become new victims because there is 'no inside news' being leaked to the public. Even if it was, DOM and OITC silver-tongued devils could talk their sucker members into giving them the shirt off their backs and those of everyone else they know."

The U.S. federal government has no incentive to intercept these NOC operations, because they can just move right in and rake the investment dollars into their own pockets for the government's own nefarious purposes. Another way for the federal government to offset American tax cheats.


By July 1999, the fat Australian, Keith Francis Scott, had taken over New Zealand, where he was spending a major amount of time setting up the running business entities. One operation was found in the 2000 Annual Return for Octakiwi Management Limited. Their business address, as of 10 November 2000, was The Office of Glaister Ennor, Norfolk House, 18 High Street, Auckland, New Zealand. Listed Corporate Directors addresses included Auckland and Christchurch New Zealand, and Victoria, Australia. Keith Francis Scott bore a Philippines address with a Cambodian fax number. Ray Chhat Dam was credited with an address at c/o Chea Dam Brothers, 34b, Street 240, Sangkat Chaktomouk, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Shareholders of this corporation were listed holding 5,000,000 shares, with John Mcilwaine Howse of Auckland, New Zealand being credited with 3,750,000 shares, and Soh Chin Teck of Christchurch, New Zealand at 1,250,000 shares.


Another item from within these private intelligence files dates back to 2005, when OITC was identified as having offered to fund a California businessman named Heinz Klostermann, who admitted having met one "David Korem", who was one of the many alias names used by Mark Logan Wellington-Pedley, who for decades was the operating brains behind The Dominion of Melchizedek. That's how Klostermann became acquainted with Dr. Michael Van De Meer, who introduced Klostermann to Keith Francis Scott, and his nephew Matthew Scott. The fat Australians claimed employment with, who else but, the Consolidated Credit Bank, Ltd. and the Office of International Treasury Control. That's when Klosterman took his business to China in December of 2005.

Miraculously, in early 2006, Heinz Klostermann seemed to have solved all of Clean Energy Inc.'s immense financial difficulties; gone, just like that; disappeared out of the thin blue. The formula was not that complicated. Through the advice and funding of the Office of International Treasury Control fraudster family, Mathew Scott and Keith Francis Scott, those affiliated with The Dominion of Melchizedek's global crime family business network took, "through a series of 'grey market stock exchange' Pink Sheet stock exchange corporate mergers / takeovers, stock transfers and manipulated sales of convoluted stock share offerings, involving monetary losses to both United States and foreign investors," the intelligence report read.

Federal government agency reports also claimed that "global mastermind fraudster kingpin Ray Chhat Dam and his 'fraudulent global business investment' front-man representative Keith Francis Scott and other promoters of The Office of International Treasury Control and their 'global crime family business network' continued to work hand-in-hand with fellow 'global crime family business network' mastermind fraudster kingpin Mark Logan Wellington-Pedley of The Dominion of Melchizedek, and his Filipina front woman Elvira Grace Gamboa and her multiple corporate stock juggling Canadian sidekick front men."

In 2010, Wellington-Pedley and Gamboa were shamefully exposed for fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, that, for a time, completely shut down many Pink Sheet grey market stock exchange stock manipulators.

What's unbelievable, is that all the rest of these players are still at work, doing the same thing today federal alphabet agencies saw them doing a decade ago. Two decades ago. Nothing's changed, except that now the economy is more desperate than ever, and there are more master brokers with their pretty faces and attorney representatives and fake businessmen representing their interests to the public. Whenever you see someone selling one of these scams, or trying to process one of these stolen bonds, assets, or accounts, you know there's people pulling their strings, behind them. Right, English Twat?

You and your handlers and your master brokers drive your wagon trains filled with false promises and fraudulent packages, and you continue to get the backing of the U.S. government to build their 'global business and trading fraud network', which allows you and them to continue defrauding both 'U.S. and foreign business financial interests', which has heavy negative financial implications for all of us, affecting the global market trade financing. You do this through yours and your cronies' fraudulent joint venture stock brokerage assessments of how valuable their corporate stock deals appear after having been 'insurance wrapped' with inflated values'. And when you do this, time after time, in a different package offered by new faces, you steal and defraud multiple millions of dollars away from both U.S. and foreign investors. And then you money launder your ill gotten gains, money and other valuable properties, like pi** through a German beer brewer, through a network of 'financial institutions' around the world, that are run by a bankster network run by organized crime, sanctioned and backed by the U.S. government.

The U.S. government intentionally keeps these guys on the streets. A perfect example of this is Mark Logan Pedley, whose long term family business operation crashed in 1910, thanks to fine work by law enforcement officials. Mark Logan Pedley was his name prior to his father having entered his entire family into the U.S. Marshals Witness Protection Security (WPS) program. That's when he changed his birth name away from Mark Logan Wellington, aka David Korem. Federal investigators reported that Wellington / Pedley / Korem has essentially followed "in his father's footsteps" as an international "agent in-place" source "secretly used by U.S. intelligence agencies to combat terrorist financing and money-laundering." In a poignant followup, the agent noted that someone in Pedley / Korem's shoes, and any 'associates' of someone in his shoes, would get paid for their work through retention of a "portion of all the monies they derive from their fraudulent deals."


There is an entire body of U.S. government alphabet agency research and reporting that says that Ray Chhat Dam was in actuality the former Chief of Intelligence for the Government of Free Viet Nam (GFVN). The reports further indicate that it was set up by and 'definitely was organized on behalf of' the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The entire GFVN operation was but one of many "U.S. intelligence agency tools" made operational in order to "destabilize the former Viet Nam communist government regime during the Vietnam War". After that, it was used to "root-out Khymer Rouge aging hard line commanders".

As a rule, 'U.S. government agencies' engage in what are known as "business contracts" with 'U.S. persons living abroad', said Unwanted Publicity Intelligence. Uncle Sam focuses on 'foreign nationals', who are designated with the moniker of U.S. foreign intelligence "agents in-place".

What a U.S. foreign intelligence agent in place does is 'foreign clandestine intelligence' work for his government. This allows the U.S. government to plausibly deny any association with that person, while at the same time offering such individuals 'tokens of appreciation' that could be worth millions of dollars, and would include the granting of U.S. Citizenship status, which is what this agent's report says is what happened to Ray Chhat Dam, "when he escaped from Cambodia and entered the American Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand."

According to one unnamed U.S. government agent, Ray Chhat Dam's initial reward for being a U.S. foreign intelligence agent in place was to be provided a top job at U.S. Steel. According to this report, Dr. Dam admitted as much. The agent goes on to say that Ray Chhat Dam, under such an arrangement with the U.S. government, along with his business associates, was to "retain a portion of all the monies they derive from their fraudulent deals." So Ray Chhat Dam would be allowed to live in Bangkok, Thailand, and run the OITC related business enterprises in Cambodia, that include Asia Real Property Co., Ltd., out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, ARP-OITC Group, Co., Ltd., that supposedly had merged with The Office of International Treasury Control.


In 2007, the Federal Reserve called out Alfredo Sauren, who at that time was scamming them under his Wilfredo Saurin and /or Yohannes Riyadi aliases. The Federal Reserve's November, 2007 news release stated:

"The Federal Reserve is aware of a fraudulent scam involving individuals using the names Yohannes Riyadi and/or Wilfredo Saurin, or persons claiming to be representatives of these two men. In a typical version of this scam, Mr. Riyadi and/or his delegates falsely claim that they have on deposit with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York several U.S. Treasury Checks issued to Mr. Riyadi amounting to billions of dollars."

Just like the one million tons of gold theft the English Twat is trying to pull off with Alfredo Sauren and Neil Keenan, this theft involving Alfredo Sauren was valued in the billions. Imagine adding that deal to the already watered down American and world economies. The news release continues:

"The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been contacted by several brokers and financial institutions worldwide inquiring about the validity of this fraudulent account documentation, which is being offered as collateral for lines of credit or other types of asset based financing. The fraudulent scheme includes multiple documents which purport to have the signatures of various Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Ben Bernanke."

This release very much reminds me of the World Bank release denying any association with Karen "Halloween Mask" Hudes and her fraudulent misrepresentations about being involved with the Global Debt Facility, that David P. Crayford exposed. Every now and then, central banks will do the right thing. When it stands to benefit them.

The release went on to state that there are instances where individuals involved in this fraudulent scheme claim to have met with Federal Reserve officials and claim to have verified that the alleged account is in order. Saurin's fraud also included the purchase of certain documents. It sounds just like what he's trying to pull of with the English Twat and Keenan and Janet Yellen now. The same old con, new victims.


One very interesting piece came over the wire on June 18th, 2009, before being immediately taken down, scrubbed from history forever. That info can be found here

It regards speculation as to who Keenan's stooges really were regarding the two "Japanese" men who were hoping to cash the big bonds, after crossing the border in Chiasso, Italy. The $134.5 billion dollar bonds, with daddy Bushista and Dick Cheney tied in as profit recipients, the deal of which was orchestrated by Pugnose Keenan, to get those bonds across the border and into Swiss banks for collateralization. So the question at the time truly became, Who are these two Japanese guys? Why are their names being kept out of all news accounts? Well, this Website says that one news story, the one that was immediately yanked off line, "identified one of the 'Japanese' as a notorious con man from the Philippines named Yohannes Riyadi, a.k.a. Wilfredo Saurin, whose associates in international crime are fairly well-known. The other guy may have been his comrade Joseph Daraman. These two men are the right ages, and they both could pass for Japanese. They've been trading in fake documents from the Federal Reserve for years."

On November 26, 2009, a NY Times article was written that shed much light on how the CIA / NSA operative, the Master Broker of master brokers of high-value banking financial instruments, Alfredo Sauren, was operating at that time. The article was entitled, Cambodia Warming to Idea of Foreign Ownership. The whole pitch behind the article was to highlight and support a law coming into force in Cambodia that would create another vehicle for the powers that be behind America to launder what they were stealing from the OITC and the Global Debt Facility, so that they could generate more funding for their usual MO of mass terrorism, war, central bank domination, and loose pocket change.

Here, in Cambodia, "Just 30-years after the downfall of the Khmer Rouge, a deadly regime that left behind little notion of private property," a new Cambodian law was about to spring into existence, that would allow foreigners, for the first time, to buy certain kinds of real estate. It was a law that saw much wrangling and U.S. wrist twisting in backrooms to get the Cambodian government to agree to, that in essence would enable the small nation of Cambodia to sell to CIA / NSA operatives, acting as foreign businessmen and real estate agents, their land, their businesses, and their souls. The real estate industry could be very popular and there was much money to be made by foreign companies. Much money to be pocketed by bankster sponsors. There were probably many Cambodian businesses that they would soon be able to buy or takeover through covert operations, using Foreign nationalists as strawmen.

The CIA controlled New York Times article took the angle that if assets of the CIA / NSA complex bought real estate in Cambodia, it would provide a "general boost for the country (of Cambodia), which has been struggling..." The New York Times quoted CIA field agent Daniel Parkes, to prove their point. The intelligence shill Parkes, who claimed to be country manager for the CB Richard Ellis real estate company, said, "What it (the new law) is doing is making investment in Cambodia more transparent and easier." Transparent was just a throw in. The operative word here was easier. Much easier for Federal Reserve Bank / CIA / NSA complex operatives, acting as American and foreign businessmen and real estate agents, who were going to plant themselves in Cambodia so they could steal all the Cambodian natural and financial resources from up close. This was pure Western intelligence operation in overdrive.

"Before there was so much investment from developers in China and South Korea," said Soush Saroeun executive director of Asia Real Property Co.LTD. ( ARP ) aka ARP-OITC (aka) Asia Real Property Co., Ltd. - Office of International Treasury Control, a Cambodia real estate agency. Soush Saroeun said prices in Phnom Penh's most affluent neighborhoods had fallen to about $3,000 per square meter ($280 a square foot) from around $4,500 per square meter in July 2008. High-end real estate in Cambodia is generally valued in U.S. dollars. He would know. Soush Saroeun got paid big U.S. dollars by his U.S. handlers to know these kinds of things.

After the interview, Saroeun smiled. He even had to stifle a chuckle. He smiled because he knew he was going to be a very rich man. He was going to have more money than he would know what to do with. Their operation was so smooth, and here he was operating on house money, processing high-value banking financial instruments, and he dealt in large quantities of precious metal bullion, as well, and he was going to buy lots of real estate. Soush Saroeun also liked something else. He was running OITC Cambodia. He knew how important it was to tie in to the OITC. Not only to destroy the organization, but to hide under it so he could help steal the tremendous wealth that was associated with it.

It looked really official what they had done with the office. It said, The UNOITC, a UN Chartered Institute Vide Charter Control 10-60847 (aka), The Office of International Treasury Control. And it even had a U.S. address on the true avenue of the stars: 1133 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 USA. Yes, indeed, operating effortlessly, really, under the OITC moniker, Soush Saroeun, also known as Alfredo Sauren, or the Philippine Phantom, was going to make a financial killing. They all were.


Soush Saroeun now appeared to be running a parallel company to the actual lawful OITC. It was set up and in place. Saroeun advertised as ARP-OITC Group Co. Ltd., a Private Limited Company, Cambodia company register no.: 2097. The office was located at 277 Norodom Boulevard, Bassac Commune, Chamcar Morn District, Phnom Penh. There was a phone number and a fax line, and four cell phone numbers, along with the following Internet possibilities: E-MAIL:, E-MAIL:, E-MAIL:, everything in the name of the Philippines Phantom. He had his own Skype address - SKYPE: Dr. Saroeun, and all the Website addresses were completely controlled, here WWW: <>, and here WWW: <>.

Hijacking the OITC Website by stealing the codes and the server was one of Keith Scott's greatest accomplishments ever. This allowed the CIA / NSA intelligence complex to control all aspects of OITC marketing to the public. The fat Australian, fresh off his run from runt of the litter on the country farm to entering "the game" through the kaleidoscope of the CIA's Australian office, and then being trained to steal everything he could of the identity of the Office of International Treasury Control, which then enabled the U.S. intelligence operative community to completely control what the public saw and was told about regarding the history and true nature and intentions of the real Office of International Treasury Control, as it was supposed to be run, originally, by "His Excellency," Ray C. Dam.

Alfredo Sauren, operating as Soush Saroeun, under the banner of the OITC, the organization that was originally created to end the starvation and suffering of humanity caused by Western central banking aggression, domination and war, was already set up and marketing his wares to the public. "Come office with us, and you'll find our commitment to excellence will serve you well," his marketing pitch began. "In our commitment to provide you with convenience and superior customer service, ARP-OITC Group proudly announces the opening of Cambodia branch. Enjoy our full range of innovation business and banking solutions, and day and night service that will make your life easy and Cambodia successfully."

To get us to join his CIA / NSA circus, Saroeun's ad pitched for us to "Please come and experience: World class banking instruments, at: ARP-OITC Group ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia )." Then of course he had to give a nod to his NSA / CIA complex of criminal operatives, when he said, "We warmly welcome foreign and national companies and business travelers to come and do business in Kingdom of Cambodia." Dr. Saroeun Soush wanted to "wish them a lot of success. And look forward to serving and may god blessing well."

For a doctor, or so he claimed, Alfredo Sauren had no understanding of English grammar, but that didn't matter to him, or the rest of his CIA / NSA handlers or associates. Because even though "His Excellency Professor Dr. Ray C. Dam" was listed as "Executive Managing Director, Chief Property Development Officer and Member of the OITC Cabinet, and Private Assistant to the Chairman," there was actually no sign of him to be found anywhere. It was as if the Philippines Phantom was free to operate, a kid alone in the fudge factory, with zero oversight whatsoever.


It was time to take care of business. December 20, 2010, was the day the Schmidt hit the fan for real for the Office of International Treasury Control, and the world still hasn't recovered from it. Most of the world doesn't even know about it, yet. Unless they read David P. Crayford or American Lawyer, then they might know. This was the day Neil Pugnose Keenan and the fat Australian had been working for and planning behind the scenes with their criminally insane associates. It was a major step in the forward direction for the criminal organized network of international operatives, who were sanctioned and protected through plausible deniability by U.S. intelligence organizations. They were going to eliminate who they believed was the only one overseeing their activities. Once he was gone, they believed, all the riches and accounts and assets of the Global Debt Facility would be there's, forever. Or, so they believed.

Dr. Dam had no idea what was about to happen to him. When it was all said and done, as the newspaper article read, "Ray Dam and Soush Saroeun were arrested on Saturday." "Ties to HSBC Bank," were alleged, after the arrest of the "chairman of ARP-OITC Group Co., Ltd." The newspaper article made sure to tell us that "OITC officials have previously been implicated in financial scandals in Ecuador, Fiji, and United Kingdom." Of course the CIA generated article didn't mention that it was all thanks to the fat Australian. The article did tell us that (Dr. Dam) was "accused of forging documents and using forged documents to claim he has assets of roughly $500,000,000 million ( USD )."

So "two foreigners were arrested", and I guess this is what happens to nice foreign businessmen who buy real estate in Cambodia. No Holiday for them on this day for sure. Now, it gets even more interesting. The article also mentions that two other "foreigners has been arrested as well," and that they did not "have their passports when they were apprehended and their nationalities could not be confirmed." And so, like all good responsible authorities, when someone is arrested, and the focus of that arrest is in custody, let the other CIA / NSA associates and businessmen operatives go, which is exactly what they did.

Then, of course, the CIA operative who was writing the newspaper article covering Dr. Dam's arrest telephoned the OITC "chief of cabinet", the fat Australian, Keith Francis Scott, to ask for his response. Which, of course, was totally predictable, as the fat Australian was ready to hammer the lid to Dr. Dam's coffin shut. Scott said he was "not involved in ARP-OITC operations in Cambodia." I mean, after all, it was Dr. Dam's name as chairman that appeared on the ARP-OITC Group Co., Ltd. letterhead and promotional material, that was controlled by and run by the Philippines Phantom, or was it Alfredo Sauren, or, maybe, oh, yeah, Dr. Saroeun, so how could I have possibly known about any of that? I'm too busy setting up fraud and theft in New Zealand and Australia.

Either way, Scott, Saroeun, and Keenan knew the job had been done. "His Excellency" was now in custody. It was now only a matter of time for the really dirty work - the witness had to be quieted, for good - but that could wait. Now, it was time to celebrate. Dr. Saroeun knew he held the key to the funhouse, and, now, there was nobody who could get in their way. They now could take down the OITC, and take away from the OITC everything that it had owned, which was the Global Debt Facility, and convert it completely to the Federal Reserve / Central banking cabal, who would use it to fill their reserves, keep them in business, and expand their resources so they could continue to drain the Global Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for everything they were worth, forever. In turn, this new billions and trillions and quadrillions in income that they would generate anew could be used to rage more terror, war, starvation, and financial domination through a debt based fiat currency financial system that was destined to take away the last vestiges of mankind's freedom.


I remember dozing through a pathetic Youtube interview the fat Australian did a couple years back, watching him describe his relationship with Dr. Ray Chhat Dam. Although, the truth was, Keith Francis Scott had no business then or ever being on camera, the man could barely get a sentence out without stuttering, and they don't call him the fat Australian for nothin', but he did say something that day, which I cogitated on for the longest time, and now it bears the fruit of meaning. "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer," Dr. Ray C. Dam told Keith Francis Scott.

I wondered if it was with that mentality that Dr. Ray Chhat Dam, ITC of the OITC, the first International Treasury Controller in the history of the Office of International Treasury Control, and the world, the legal Custodian of the greatest collection of riches under one ownership the world has ever seen, had a pyramid of shell corporations, stretching from Cambodia, to New Zealand to Australia, throughout the Asia Pacific region, while associating with the world's greatest terrorist CIA assets, including from the CIA Australian office, Keith Francis Scott, and, from the Philippines, Alfredo Sauren. According to Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, Alfredo Sauren, Keith Francis Scott, and the first International Treasury Controller had been doing business together since the 1990s.

I turned to Secret Agent Man, and I asked him, "How could that be?"

"You saw how it happened," Sam said. He sat down and sunk deep into the plush chair. "I believe that Dr. Dam knew what was happening. I mean, they surrounded the man. I believe Scott and Michael McNight and the other aspects of that CIA contingent knew what they were going to do about all the gold before Dr. Dam did. McNight had been running operations since before Dr. Dam was even appointed as ITC. Remember, the U.S. had been stealing the Global Assets and Accounts for fifty years. So they probably knew more about the assets of the Global Debt Facility than Dr. Dam did. They probably knew more than he did the whole time, because they were on top of him from day one."

From everything I knew, it appeared Sam was right. Dr. Dam never really even had a chance to get started, because the TTTGC had made such a mess of the accounts and assets to start with. Dr. Ray C. Dam was well qualified for the job. He didn't need anybody else. And then there was Scott, right there, in his face, right from the beginning, coming right out of the blue.

"But that still didn't mean Dr. Dam wasn't CIA, right?" I asked. "He could have been, and just not told anybody, right?"

Sam's head shook and I couldn't help but thinking his jowels looked like udders on a cow. "That's not true," he said. "I don't believe that for a second. Dr. Dam was from a Royal Family bloodline, he was from the same bloodline as (Ferdinand) Marcos, and other high European Royal Family members, and he was specifically educated and prepared for this job. Specifically, for this job. It took them years to groom this man for this position. He was a world class, top notch banker. He was the gold signatory for the G7. I mean, this man breathed wealth and...class. He was the real deal. The Royal Families and Nations of the World didn't take all that time all those years, after watching the TTTGC steal countless trillions from them for fifty years, they didn't just decide to then give it all away to the CIA."

I felt good about what he was saying, and I wanted to make sure that he was right. "So you don't think Dr. Dam ever worked for the CIA?" I asked. "Ever?"

"What does that mean?" Sam said, udders jiggling. "I mean, really, what does it mean to be, CIA? Because you talk with them. Does that mean you're CIA? Because you have lunch together and discuss finances? Because you work for a bank, and there's CIA assets all over the banks you do business with. Does that mean you work with CIA? Maybe. But, again, you've got to remember who Dr. Dam was. This man came from a high line of Cambodian Royalty. He truly was Royal Family material. He didn't need no stinkin' CIA badge. He was the International Treasury Controller. He was his own legal jurisdiction. He owned the Global Debt Facility. He was a 'Sovereign' entity unto himself."
A sovereign entity unto himself. That was really cool. "So you don't believe the reports that say he ran the GFVN (Government of Free Viet Nam)?" I asked.

"I've seen the reports," Sam said. "I've seen all the reports. I can't tell you how many reports I've seen. And they all say the same thing. Yeah, sure, what do you expect them to say. You've got to really understand what we're talking about here... We are talking about the wealth of the world, right. This is what the past and the future and the present is all about. This is the juxta - this is where it all comes together. With the Global Collateral Accounts. It's about our futures. Everybody's futures. Well, at the rate things are going, it's probably going to be more about our children's futures. But we're dealing with it right now. You and me, us, we're dealing with it. We're talking about it. There's discussion going on. So what we, the ITC, and the world, do with the assets and accounts of the Global Collateral Accounts right now will have a strong bearing toward the outcome of ours and our children's and our grandchildren's futures. I mean, do we steal them? Do we protect the second ITC? Do we help him get his assets and accounts straightened out? What are we going to do about that, now? And in the future? And we're talking about the Global Collateral Accounts, and the wealth and the history they carry, which is tremendous. Thousands of years for some of these items."

"But Dr. Dam is tied to being an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency," I said. "It's still in the records. How do you reconcile that?"

"Dr. Ray C. Dam was the ITC. He was appointed by the global 'Hierarchy' to be, in 1995, to be the one to bring the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility...home. It was his job to make an accounting of the accounts, so to speak. To see what was left. To see what the U.S. hadn't pilfered. To recover the stolen assets. To recoup everything that had been taken from the wealth, that belonged to the Royal Families and Nations of the World, that was in these trusts and foundations, and it was supposed to be used for a very specific purpose."

"That purpose was not to be stolen by American and foreign terrorists to commit more terrorism, war, and domination," I asked him.

"No, no, definitely not," Sam said, and he reached into the green bowl of M & M's.

It was out of my reach. My mouth watered.

Sam said, "Dr. Dam was the legal custodian to the greatest, let's call it, 'cache,' of wealth ever accumulated under single ownership. Remember, the United States, along with Great Britain and France, was first given the opportunity to handle the legal responsibility behind the purpose and intentions of how the Global Collateral Assets and Accounts were to be utilized. They represented the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC), for fifty years. From 1945 to 1995. All they did was plunder the wealth and assets, and never applied it to its intended purpose. So that's what Dr. Dam's job was. He was the first ITC. The CIA never gave him a chance. They were all over he and the ITC from the beginning. They took over Dr. Dam. You saw the pictures, right? They tried to kill him."

I nodded. I had seen the picture of Dr. Dam, who barely appeared to be alive, on Neil Keenan's Website. Keenan was bragging about it like he was really proud to say, this is what happens to people like Dr. Dam, who don't do what we tell them to do. It was as if Neil Keenan were delivering a depraved graphic message to the world, on behalf of his handlers, to warn everyone out there that if they oppose what Neil Keenan is trying to con them into doing, then this is what will happen to them. I personally believe it was also a specific threat to David Sale to back off, and stop opposing what Keenan and the fat Australian were attempting to pull off on behalf of the Federal Reserve, fraudsters, and CIA / NSA complex.

"They tried to kill Dr. Dam, once they had everything in place," Sam said. "It was all calculated, right from the very beginning. Right when Keith Scott went over to Asia. He'd been trained by his CIA handler, William Michael McNight, and sent over there (to Cambodia) to infiltrate the OITC, and take it over. Dr. Dam was collateral damage. He had to be taken down. He was maligned the whole way. They created a paper trail of false Dr. Ray C. Dam aliases all over Asia and the South Pacific, and trailing American agents put it in their reports. The reports are false, at least that part. Dr. Dam never worked for the CIA. And he was never a CIA agent. He was specifically groomed for an important job (ITC), and he was taken down because of it by cheap U.S. assassins like (Keith Francis) Scott and (Neil Francis) Keenan..."

I encouraged Sam to keep talking, and I asked him to "pass the green bowl of red M & Ms." He did. I reached down and grabbed a fistful. I wiped my hands on my jeans. I'd worry about the red fingerprint stains later.

There's enough red stains of blood on all of this as it is. But, we should be thankful for the fact that the new International Treasury Controller is determined to stop the CIA mercenaries, contractors, assassins, crooks, thieves, fraudsters, conmen, terrorists, and their associates. "Even if they start to run for cover, time is not on their side," ITC spokesman David P. Crayford said. "Also, let it be known that the new International Treasury Controller is no fool and he has several contries already standing behind him in support."


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