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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 6, 2017 - 4:31:36 PM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo again; American boots off Philippines' ground and up Neil Keenan's terrorist a** - Part One
By American Lawyer
Nov 12, 2016 - 1:05:43 AM

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KAN DAEK:  As Chair and CEO of AbundantHope... please read the copyright statement.  Please send an email to for permission to publish


AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo again; American boots off Philippines' ground and up Neil Keenan's terrorist a** - Part One


This article is fully protected under all Copyright Laws of the United States of America and all other legal jurisdictions nationally and internationally, and all other applicable laws and legal protections, globally, and otherwise. I do not give my permission to any government asset of any nation, NSA asset, NOC, CIA contractor, agent or affiliate, Website owner or operator, news organization, individual person, corporation, business entity, blog, blog site, video site, YouTube, or any other periodical recording, video recording, or audio recording, of any kind, in any manner, shape or form, or to any other person or business entity of any kind, to copy or transcribe this written piece in any manner whatsoever, other than Abundant Hope.

Abundant Hope may do with this article by American Lawyer as it wishes. Under no circumstances may this article be reprinted without the express written consent of the author of this article and owner of Abundant Hope, whose intellectual property this article has now become, by all applicable laws of the United States and worldwide. The Author of this article does hereby grant permission to and encourage the powers that be at Abundant Hope to take any legal means necessary to protect their copyright of this article, and their intellectual property interests in its content, to help insure that Abundant Hope is the one and only information site legally entitled to display American Lawyer's pieces of truth.

Otherwise, any spiritually devoted and Divine individual may copy this article to disseminate by e-mail or text or the like, above exclusions being applicable, to family members, friends or enemies, in an effort to enlighten them as to the true nature of our collective global financial plight.


"The truth is coming out so strongly now that it can appear to be ruthless, but this only happens where ruthless is required....and sometimes it just is. ...This new level of truth-telling has been really hard to tame. What I noticed thru many failed attempts is that we can apply our spiritual mastery and utilize the art of compassion by doing our best to beautify, or soften the truth & deliver it with love...but the truth is that some truth is just not soft or beautiful or graceful...even when it is delivered with love. No matter, time to tell the truth anyway. ...

"To this we say, the time is now to unwaveringly speak your truth, to flow with your cultivated wisdoms and to allow others in to see the glimmer of hope for a new way."

--- Seven Sisters


It's good to be back. It's not like I really ever went anywhere, I've just been hanging kinda low, being cool, with a taste of Manhattan refreshment thrown in. Observing. Studying. Kicking back in stealth mode. Taking care of business, as David P. Crayford might say. Collecting evidence, watching the rats scatter; shifting their shapes, morphing, restructuring what it it is in their tiny little brains that they think they're trying to do.

We've got the Hildabeast in destruct mode, as the weight of the world comes crashing down upon her, on a daily basis, now, and rightfully so. And then there's her coup against the American government. We've got the Donald, gleefully pouncing on every err made by the Hildabeast, pouring it on her like molasses on fritters on an almost daily basis, while exposing for the world to see his own brand of unbalanced ego, spoiled-child temperament, and true global, financial, economic ignorance. And the rest of America? We're about to get taken to the wood shed, stuck between American coup and counter coup. We roil and rumble, grumble and shift, confused and panicked, fighting to understand what is actually happening to us and how we could possibly survive it, whatever 'it' is. The mainstream media is a propaganda machine that destroys everything in its path, distorting truth with programming, lying to us across the board on every subject they touch, making us believe it's all going to be okay, lulling us into a dream state of false security integrated with deep hopelessness, preparing to take from us the last of everything we own.

The coming American election is a sham, and there are going to be consequences to that sham. Does anybody really know what they are? Does anybody care about how it's going to end for us? Will it be a complete catastrophic global meltdown? Or are we going to experience eternal spiritual bliss, forever, with a rough stretch here and there? Or will it be something in between? Or will our reality spin away, out there, beyond what we can even imagine in this programmed and mind controlled lifetime?

It's difficult to say. We are being told one thing, while experiencing another. We read that something called predictive linguistics, data, and computer analysis toward trends and patterns of our immediate future read for nothing but hardship and confusion in our immediate and distant futures. America will be confused.

We're told that we're already in a depression, financially and emotionally, and that it's going to get worse immediately following the November 8th election. And that's when confusion will reign deepest amongst the populace and the deep state, and the deeper shadow state. We're all going to feel it, even the controllers. They tell us Hitlery will disappear, whether by death, politics, or magic. They say Trump will win the popular vote by an historical populist landslide, but the deep state will impose a disappeared Hitlery onto the White House. But she's disappeared. So who's going to lead the country? And then deep confusion will reign. The world will no longer trust America or her government. The rest of the world will completely stop using the American dollar and the costs of consumer goods are going to rise outta sight in a hyperinflationary period. Real estate and auto prices will plunge, while food, household items, and the cost of living will skyrocket out of sight. Those who own enough gold and silver should survive. Those who do not might not.

So what then? If the Hildabeast is out of the way, for good, but she wins the presidential election anyway, and Trump is never actually allowed to take the White House, because he would prosecute the bad guys, then what are we Americans going to do? Who's going to be our fearless leader(s)? Who's going to prosecute Hitlery, Billy, the two Georgie's and the rest? What will the world do in response to our impotency as a nation? How will the world react to America's political treachery and oppression of its own people? Will America ever really recover financially or otherwise?
Whether we realize it or not, the rest of the world, outside of America's sphere of influence and domination, is doing business with each other at an unprecedented pace. They're also working hard to try to do business with those nations that are controlled by America as one of America's interests. Just think China and the Republic of the Philippines, China and Japan, Russia and Japan, Russia and Turkey, Great Britain and the AIIB, BRICS and Greece. The rest of the world, again, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, is working at breakneck speed to turn America into a third world country, and they're doing a very good job of it.


It's not the globalists who are winning the battle for America's purse strings and pocket books. It's Russia, it's China, it's BRICS, it's the new gold backed financial system that has crept onto global consciousness and built a toehold into the world economic forefront. That's what nobody had even addressed in the American presidential debates or the mainstream media, let alone come up with an actual solution for. As I've written about in the past, and as David P. Crayford has written and yelled about, the $19 Trillion dollar so-called U.S. National Debt is only America's stated debt, an arbitrary number that's never been legally confirmed by anyone of substantive stature that we, and I mean Americans, might actually owe it, or that it might be a legal obligation. It's what the propaganda machine and the corporate mass media tell us we owe. But truly, what is the National Debt?

And what about all the undeclared debts that have accrued to the scaly backs of the unconstitutional, corporate United States of America, Inc., run as an imaginary, parallel America on America's and Americans' behalf. How uncool is that? A shadow government running USA, INC., steering a path of war, terror, greed, debt and domination on behalf of the Federal Reserve and all of its banking associates, cronies, and proxies. The Federal Reserve continues to print more debt with no end in sight, which is only going to get bigger as the hole to keep the system alive continues to grow deeper, as the controllers continue to rob and plunder, fill their growing financial needs for secret deep state budget and black operations / space and military programs.

And then there's the greatest debt of all, beyond imagination. The $1,000 Trillion USD, and that is one thousand trillion dollars, that David P. Crayford says America owes the International Treasury Controller, for 100 years of America sponsoring the Federal Reserve Bank's poaching and stealing assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility from around the globe. Really, tell me, when will America ever get out of debt?

Wake up, America!


While America burns and cries, the Republic of the Philippines has become the center of global consciousness for what true national Sovereignty is all about. China and Russia hold Philippines' hands high with pride. The Philippines has been set free. The chains are off. The colonial master has been sent home, burning and crying. Firebrand Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte has cursed and finger flipped his way into the center of world consciousness for what his words represent. Hope. Freedom. Financial prosperity. Food and jobs for the impoverished. Like I've said before, like even knucklehead Georgie Bush once said, the Republic of the Philippines is the wealthiest nation on the planet. I said that here

That's what hides front and center behind the dramatic changes we are experiencing here on this planet right now. The people of the world are truly, albeit slowly, being set free. The Nations of the world are being set free, as is the Divine Wealth of the People and Nations of the World, also known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The world can learn from President Duterte and his fellow countrymen how to set themselves free of the many tentacles of the plethora of parasites that have been sucking them dry.

President Duterte also told Neil 'Pugnose' Keenan, Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford, Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof, Dave 'Dumb as' Schmidt, Karen 'Halloween Mask' Hudes, Bad NSA / CIA Hobie of RMN, and Fake Judge Agent Provocateur Anna Banana von Reitz / Riezinger, and, all the rest of the chimp minded international criminal fraudsters and thieves, to go fu** themselves. Duterte said, You're outta here! No more stealing natural resources, human resources, or the World's Divine Wealth, from the Philippines, South China Sea, Southeast Asia, Asia, and the world. Fu** you America, is basically what he's trying to tell you. Fu** you, Neil Keenan, is what that High Spirit of a man named Rodrigo Duterte said with a flip of his finger. And I agree with him. Fu** you, Neil Keenan.

For seventy years the American military has dominated the Philippines, occupying its islands, and parasitizing their country of most of its wealth and natural resources. Agents of America's military, intelligence, and corporate worlds, are continuously used as Federal Reserve Bank assets, who poach accounts, gold, treasures, bonds and other high value (legacy) financial banking instruments from the Philippines and the world, and process the stolen wealth into the complex web of a corrupt Western Central Banking system, which has been living off the Wealth of the World since at least 1910, and began in formation as far back as 1896, following the Masonic crisis. For 120 years, these criminal, thug, alien bloodline gangsters and cutouts have conspired and worked toward stealing the wealth of the planet to utilize it in an effort to control the world's masses through central bank financial manipulation and fraud, wars, and terrorism.

But that's over now. There's a changing of the guard taking place on planet Earth. Yes, for the time being, we're going to suffer. Some of us are not going to make it. The world will burn, and Obama and Soros will be standing over there in the shadows holding their gas cans. They're joined at the hips by the rogue aspect of the Pentagon, the out of fu**ing control Federal Reserve Bank, and the rogue global intelligence and military and corporate networks that operate in unlimited directions, worldwide, and a bunch of other mafiosos and unwieldy characters globally. That's who represents Americans and a good portion of the West.

On the other hand, China is outspending the Western central banking system into oblivion. The West can't print enough money. China will recover. The West goes to 3rd world status. Don't believe what the mainstream media tells you about China's financial future. It's going to be brilliant, but it will take time as well, because they will continue to outspend the West. And China will continue to invest quadrillions into the world, buying up all assets of value in all valuable asset marketplaces, which will all increase in value as the new global asset backed financial system hums toward overdrive, and participating nations reap the benefits of strong national currencies. Talk about currency backing, jeesh.

Russia protects the world, and her people and its Nations, with a dominating military capability stretching from the Middle East to Moscow to the Arctic and the skies. Hidden beneath shadowy underlayers of all of the above, swirling in the maelstrom of murky world shadows, global war is being fought on the financial battlefield. China demands repayment and sovereignty. The United States threatens China, but impotently stops short of actually doing anything about it militarily. Russia demands peace and sovereignty and financial cooperation and responsibility. America rings Russia with nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and empty threats. While total clown jerkoffs like Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford and Neil 'Pugnose' Keenan play mind control spook games through their alternative Internet media Website network to the world, telling us it's all going to be okay, because, well, after all, they're in charge of it all, and they're going to make the global financial system better through their lie-infested master plan and trusteeship. And Neil Keenan may or may not be assassinated.

But things are changing for them too. Reality is settling in for them in a big way, whether they admit it in their writings or not. Their collective trough has run dry. There will be no more payouts for any of them, no matter what to the contrary they keep telling us. Just two more weeks, right Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof? Fu** you. These criminal clowns don't know how to admit those American boots that Duterte has kicked out of the Philippines, were American boots, and they're now flying up Keenan's and Fulford's asses as we speak. And they're running scared, and that's why they're playing fake assassination games. Neil 'Pugnose' Keenan and Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford are running out of places to hide. How secure you think Fulford feels in Japan these days? Real stable, right? Just like the yen. And what about Keenan in Indonesia? The noose is tightening there real fast, if it hasn't already. Unless radiation poisoning from the boxes of fake gold bars doesn't do him in first. Pugnose is showing signs of that kind of illness, if you haven't noticed. Neil Keenan looks very bloated and gaunt on his videos. Compare that to past Pugnose Keenan videos. Look at the one where he threatens my life back in the first week of August. He looked like Schmidt back then, and looks twenty years older just three months later. Bye bye Pugnose. He's running out of time. Duterte has kicked him and the American military, CIA, and Federal Reserve agents in the a** and out of the Philippines. The world of escape for global criminals is shrinking. Keenan needs a new plan. He's desperate and ill. That's why he and Fulford pretended Keenan was assassinated; to buy him time to find a place to hide, but there is none. The world knows he's a criminal international fraudster who needs to be put to sleep...for good.

For those out there keeping track, this is my first published piece since early this past August. That's when all hell broke loose on Rumormillnews (RMN). That's when David P. Crayford, with my help, kicked Keenan's ass all over the parking lot, blood and guts and everything. You could hear Keenan cry. My piece that instigated the free-for-all can be found here

After that was posted Pugnose threatened my life in his video. He threatened David P. Crayford's life. He's been doing that for many years. Then the crybaby, coward Keenan begged for help to all his little global crime syndicate terrorist bu** buddies, and got help from, among others, Keenan's best bu** buddy, Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie of RMN. The same Hobie CIA / NSA operative who removed my piece from Rumormillnews, banned me from RMN, and banned David P. Crayford from RMN. Hobie fu**ed with all 12 of my posted pieces in all ways. He'd distort my article, or cut it off. Then he'd attach his host of little ghoul CIA /NSA bu**buddies to attack my piece. Post knucklehead, illiterate CIA / NSA operatives fake readers and attack or deminimize or ridicule my pieces. He'd do the same thing to David P. Crayford's pieces. Every one of them.

Then the coward NSA / CIA operative Hobie of RMN locked the stud RMS agent igots2no out of RMN forever. Poor igots2no. He was great. And then corrupt, con, coward Keenan threatened igots2no's life. He did so on several occasions. Keenan threatens igots2no for posting David P. Crayford truth pieces while promising Hobie, who stole RMN from Rayelan Allen and the free world, a job if the NSA / CIA gig doesn't work out. Keenan is weak and pathetic as is NSA / CIA Hobie of RMN. They're bu**buddies.

RMN is totally controlled, 100%, by NSA / CIA Hobie.

NSA / CIA Hobie rigs the readership count for all the different posted articles on RMN. So if he doesn't like what you post, he will manipulate lower readership numbers than those pieces should have earned. If the piece is posted by a fellow NSA / CIA contractor operative, someone like Keenan, Fulford, or Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof, then NSA / CIA Hobie will manipulate outrageously high numbers for that piece. Again, just think Fulford, Keenan, China Landa Global, Dave dumb Schmidt, and all the controlled disinformation pieces re fake PPP, Humanitarian programs, RV / CVR pieces.

Now, CIA / NSA Hobie controls it all, and, all the RMN agents better beware of this, especially if you're not a CIA / NSA operative, as if there are any RMN agents that don't work for the NSA / CIA intelligence gathering network. We'll all pretend.

One intelligence report that was sent to me states that "Hobie was Team Leader responsible for immobilizing Rayelan Allen and RMN, removing Igots2no from his position as agent at RMN, and attacking all attempted postings on RMN by David Crayford and then American Lawyer." Hobie, working at the behest of Neil Pugnose Keenan and his merry band of government alphabet psychotic bandits ultimately took the Truth away from the world in the first week of August by condemning American Lawyer and David P. Crayford, and banishing our writings to the back pages of the Siberian Classified section of cyberspace, and banning us from RMN forever. Too bad for you, Hobie, we were the best contributors RMN ever had. You suck.

The report further states that Hobie, the Bad Man CIA / NSA asset, "stole RMN from Rayelan Allen." Rayelan Allen and her husband had founded RMN many, many years ago, to allow for an open forum for intelligence gossip and factoid to survive, percolate, and thrive in the global intelligence marketplace. A test tube from where truth had a chance to surface into the consciousness of those who knew where to find it. But that's disappeared now, and so has Rayelan Allen. She's nowhere to be found. There are no sounds from her to be heard, according to my information, as Bad Man CIA / NSA asset and Keenan bu** buddy Hobie has taken over RMN, Rumormillnews, and Rayelan Allen's life.

And then some dude moves in with Rayelan Allen, supposedly to help her, but in the process taking over her personal life, all about the same time Hobie completes his takeover of Rumormill news. Small coincidence? I doubt it. It was a covert NSA / CIA sponsored takeover of Rayelan Allen's person as well as her true baby, Rumormillnews. It was an intelligence operation and takeover.

NSA / CIA Hobie, I flip you Duterte's finger!

Thank you Raye, for everything you ever gave us, which was a lot, and we know you gave us all you had, for as long as you could. We know they took your phone lines, your e-mail accounts, and all communications away from you with those who love you and tried to save you and contact you. That's what the reports that have been sent to me say. They say you let Hobie take you and RMN over, but I know you didn't let them, the CIA / NSA is a network of nasty operatives, criminals, and intelligence thugs, of which Hobie NSA / CIA is one, and they're powerful. And they took you down. And God Bless you, Raye.

For more details on scum sucking rats take a look at David P. Crayford's terrific expose of NSA / CIA Hobie of RMN, stationed in Atlanta, Georgia here


American Lawyer debuted on RMN and Abundant Hope back on March 31, 2016. It was at that time that I finally decided to try to play the game and talk with David P. Crayford. I had been following Crayford's articles for years on RMN, Abundant Hope, and elsewhere, and although I hadn't always understood what he was talking about, or often times raving about, I did learn a lot from him regarding the true nature of the global financial system, both old and new. He talked a lot about an alternate global financial history of the world. You can't talk reality of global finances without taking into consideration what the Combined International Collateral Accounts are truthfully about. Of all those out there writing about Global Collateral Accounts and Assets, David P. Crayford was the most consistently truthful in what he had to say, as far as what I knew and could understand. His words harbored rationality and logic. He tried to teach the world the truth of what he knew and understood, and that frequency touched my heart as if it were truthful information. At least that's how I look at it. So I've continued to follow him and learn from what he has to teach ever since. But he doesn't write so much anymore, so I need to get busier. So I write. And I research. And I learn.

I understand what David P. Crayford has said about the International Treasury Controller, and I'm trying to get Americans, in particular, and the world, in general, to wake up to the reality of the coming age of the new financial paradigm in world banking. Crayford also shares an emotion of experiencing the theft of treasure more valuable than imaginable that had been designated by the global "Hierarchy" to help end suffering to all of humanity on this planet. They've tried to accomplish this for many years. Those efforts have been completely thwarted by the Federal Reserve Banking system, which operates, through, in part, the American military, intelligence, and corporate interests, who have colluded to steal the Global Collateral Assets, rather than allow humanity to reap the benefits therefrom. I believe what David P. Crayford says about the history behind the assets and the thieves who steal them. And I believe Americans need to wake up now to the reality of the International Treasury Controller having blacklisted the United States from legal access to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Forever. He hates America for it's thieving ways of Global Debt Facility assets and accounts. He can't stand the fact Americans are really so stupid in their understanding of true global finances, but, in particular, to Americans' absolute apathy toward the suffering America has caused humans around the world for so long. And America, and I mean Americans, have to wake up to understand all of this. We have to understand that if the ITC never financially backs the prevailing U.S. currency at that time, anytime in the future, who will? Russia? China? Iran? India? BRICS? The Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS, The World Bank, and all the other central banks of the Federal Reserve chain will be out of business or controlled by Eastern banking, corporate, and national interests. Who else could possibly afford to back a new U.S. currency, and provide it with the strength, confidence, and balance that would attract business and government leadership from an international community? Who would do that? In what fantasy? Who?

That's why I write. One day Americans are going to have to intelligently answer these questions I pose. The piece you now read can be considered Part One of my four part series, a sort of overview of where we stand right now in the world, financially, politically, socially, and how it all relates to the pathetic Neil Pugnose Keenan. I personally promised Neil Keenan that I would write about him until his death or arrest here

and I intend to honor my promise. Hence this Four Part Series. And the readers are going to like it. You will learn a lot of interesting information, while, I bury Neil Pugnose Keenan, personally, for good. He won't need to fake assassination again, because he'll be gone. Neil Keenan's a very bad man. So I write this four part series, and inform the world about things it knows nothing of. I do it for Jean Haines. I do it because Neil Keenan is but an intelligence gathering component of a very bad unit of very bad men who conspire and actualize the stealing of the world's wealth that was legally by international treaty signed by America and all Western countries operating central banking operations tied to the Federal Reserve Bank, to feed and house and clothe the people of the world destroyed by Western aggression in World War II. Yet these same countries, lead by the U.S., violated the treaties right after signing. This is standard American government policy which completely vitiates any potential clarity regarding the letter of the law of any land, anyplace, anytime.

Russia and China now work to bring back the letter of the law to national and international jurisdictions across the planet. Eventually, they will bring law and order back to the international playing field. It will be then that the International Treasury Controller will be able to feed the Global Collateral Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility back into the body of its rightful and designated purpose; to feed, house, and employ the world's poor. The Global Debt Facility was not intended to be stolen and run through a corrupt American Central banking system, to be washed and converted into global terror, war, and financial domination.

Part Two of this series will allow us the opportunity to prove once and for all that Neil Keenan is an international terrorist working with the greatest international terror organization on the planet, the CIA / NSA complex. We will explore the latest Neil Keenan Website production, where comical international terrorist, fraudster, thief, 'The English Insider,' issues mighty threats to Keenan and his network of bankster criminal operatives, with cheap movie cliche, newspaper fish mobster lines like

"As one might assume, once one has gained entrance to the 'hallowed halls of banksterism' and swears allegiance to the 'money gods', one has taken a blood oath forever, and not only pertaining to the blood of their immediate person, but also to the blood of their brethren."

Is this a threat to Keenan? Or those he works with? Who will be assassinated? Who will live? In Part Two we will find out. English Insider, for you you scary clown of a human being, we find President Duterte's finger. Sit on it. I'm sure it'll feel right. Part Two will find us exposing Neil Keenan's relationship with one of the biggest terrorists on this or any other planet, none other than the "Philippine Phantom", also known as Alfredo Sauren, who also goes by Wilfredo S. Saurin, with an alias of "William V. Morales," (aka) the "Philippines Phantom,"and his relationship to Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Part Three will find us examining, analyzing, dissecting and critiquing, and complimenting, a series of investigative articles and YouTube videos done by Scott Pollack, Chief Editor of The Critical Post - Chicago. We will find out if Pollack, who says he did the series in response to Keenan stealing $330,000 from retired, widow, blog writer Jean Haines, whom Keenan just abused mercilessly, is a sincere white knight or a government disinformant.

In Part Three we will also learn who alleged whistleblower 'Charlie' is, and whether 'Charlie' actually has a clue regarding the secret intelligence information he says he provided to Pollack. Supposedly, 'Charlie' contacted Pollack after seeing Pollack's series regarding Keenan begin to appear on the Internet air. 'Charlie' says he contacted Pollack with specific deadly accusations and alleged proof of crimes committed by Keenan. Was 'Charlie' correct? Was he really an honest to goodness whistleblower, like David P. Crayford? Or does 'Charlie' actually maintain deeper and darker motivations underlying his seeming appearance out of nowhere to steer Pollack and the world into greater light?

Is 'Charlie' actually a government agent spreading sheer disinformation as part of a covert government intelligence campaign to steer Pollack's conversation into a specific direction, while misleading the world on all the important aspects of what they speak? And what about Scott Pollack? What really does he care about Jean Haines? Who is Jean Haines really to Scott Pollack? Is Jean Haines actually an intelligence operative filling our airwaves with her version of reality, while collecting intelligence? And is Scott Pollack motivated with the desire to protect other government assets while throwing Keenan entirely under the bus? What motivates these people? What is it they're trying to tell us? Should we listen?

In attempting to answer the above questions, we will be identifying even deeper who Neil 'Pugnose' Keenan is, what he really does, and who he associates with. We will answer important questions like why the Cabal, in this case, the Federal Reserve Bank and its cronies, manipulated Keenan "coming onto the global scene" in 2009, following the 2008 Global Financial Collapse and the 2009 arrest of Japanese Mobsters Yamaguchi and Watanabe, with the $134.5 billion in fraudulently obtained bonds.

We will also examine Fulford and Keenan and their working relationship with each other, and the criminal network involving operatives like David 'Combover' Wilcock, the fat Australian Keith Scott, the NSA, the CIA, and others, who have all been working together pulling off this Schmidt for way too long.

In Part Four we will make every effort to expose these criminal parasites on the butt crack of mankind for who they are and what they do and their association with the "Illuminati", secret societies, and government mind control application. We will expose the fake White Dragon Society for what it is, exposing it's step by step creation by Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford during his initial mass deception campaign. We will expose how Keenan, the fat Australian Keith Scott and Fulford worked together as government protected operative blood suckers expanding an illegal intelligence network that feeds off of the weak, hopeful, and the elderly. We will reveal how Keenan, worked with the fat Australian Keith Francis Scott and Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford to destroy the OITC and David Sale, and steal the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. We will explore how criminal operatives impose CIA / NSA / American military and intelligence programming and mind control techniques in a structured and well thought out plan on what these operatives tell the masses and what they will get from us in return.

American Lawyer


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©2005-2017 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller.......continued
AMERICAN LAWYER --- Faux Filipino Ernest Rauthschild pretends to be The International Treasury Controller; The Rule of Law is back; Imelda Marcos, Wolfgang Struck, and Karen Hudes make ITC's TOP 100 WORLD'S MOST WANTED LIST!!!
AMERICAN LAWYER --- 911, the BIG LIE; and Happy Fu@&ing Birthday CIA / NSA Hobie, you made the ITC's TOP 100 MOST WANTED LIST!
AMERICAN LAWYER --- Benny the Fraud Fulford passes U.S. dollar paper torch to Clif and Bif, new global digital financial system, IMF, SDR, World Bank, Crypto World, without tongue.....
AMERICAN LAWYER replies uninvited to David P. Crayford's response to Benny the Fraud Fulford's "MISINFORMATION" (or is it "DISINFORMATION"?)
“AMERICAN LAWYER ----- How to save millions of Americans caught in the 'Collapse of the Capitalist Wall' ----- Part 3 of 3
“AMERICAN LAWYER ----- How to save millions of Americans caught in the 'Collapse of the Capitalist Wall' ----- Part 2 of 3
“AMERICAN LAWYER ----- How to save millions of Americans caught in the 'Collapse of the Capitalist Wall' ----- Part 1 of 3
AMERICAN LAWYER ----- Hotdogs, fireworks, and apple tea with David P. Crayford and Secret Agent Man Sam and an explosive Happy Birthday to America!!!
DAVID P. CRAYFORD .................... IN DAYS OF OLD.
AMERICAN LAWYER - Hunting the world's biggest (not as big anymore) terrorist.....