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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up Mr. ConFusion at RMN's CIA / NSA as* - PART THREE C
Jan 13, 2017 - 11:54:40 PM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up Mr. ConFusion at RMN's CIA / NSA as* - PART THREE C

Opening lyrics from Dancing with Mr. D...

"Down in the graveyard where we have our tryst
The air smells sweet, the air smells sick
He never smiles, his mouth merely twists
The breath in my lungs feels clinging and thick
But I know his name, he's called Mr. D.
And one of these days he's gonna set you free
Human skulls is hangin' right 'round his neck
The palms of my hands is clammy and wet

Lord, I was dancin', dancin', dancin' so free
Dancin', dancin', dancin' so free
Dancin', Lord, keep your hand off me
Dancin' with Mr. D., with Mr. D., with Mr. D..."

--- by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards


Our regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted for this important public service announcement by David P. Crayford. We will resume our regular programming upon its completion.

On December 22, 2016, The Rumor Mill News Reading Room posted a piece that had been written by David P. Crayford, and previously posted here, on Abundant Hope. It was entitled, David P. Crayford relates a story of individuals who tried to breach a gold repository of the ITC Global Debt Facility.

Crayford's piece on RMN was posted by Mr. ConFusion. Mr. ConFusion then posted a follow up hack job below Crayford's piece entitled, Reader wonders if ITC really has rightful claim to the gold.

The Reader's response read in full stated:

Frome reader Scuba:

Or is it ITC is trying to abscond with a gold repository which they have no claim to?

I have been witness to other groups that have tried to do the same, so I find little to no credibility to any claim that ITC lays on such gold. Perhaps you know the names C W Wright and Kelby Smith. I rank ITC right along with them?


David P. Crayford responded to Reader Scuba through me. Crayford's letter reads:

Dear Al,

I hope the Holidays have been good to you, and I wish you and your family a very safe and Happy New Year. I would also have to ask for you to do an important favor for me. As you know, now that RMN has been taken over by CIA / NSA, I will never again post there. However, it appears that certain supposed RMN Readers need to be taught some truth.

Would you please be so kind as to share the following message with Scuba.

Scuba......It appears that you are still walking in darkness away from the truth.
I will not respond to RMN articles anymore following ‘Hobie's' unwarranted actions and lies in conjunction with his unscrupulous friends which happen to be our enemies and the very people who are stealing the majority of assets.

You can be absolutely assured, both legally as morally as it is my duty to inform you, that the ITC does legally own all the Gold and other Assets that are secreted away in numerous countries around the world, whether you want to believe it or not, the latter being solely on your and your family's shoulders. In fact if you want a wager on it with all your own and your family's financial worth, I will take the bet because I know you will lose and lose heavily.

You can be further assured that the ITC has all the relevant documents on this, including the real maps, location records, total amount of assets per depository, and all other pertinent information / records, including names of the Elders, Custodians, Guardians, etc , and it's all official with seals and signatures which have been verified.

Furthermore, for your information and possibly others, the ITC holds more power and authority in his hands than what you could ever possibly imagine, and he is using it. Such Power and Authority supersedes National Laws at all times, and although Governments of varying descriptions deliberately deny same at times, they are starting to have the truth thrown at them, and they are coughing very badly. Soon they will be crying or trying to commit suicide.

That is how serious we are applying the powers and authorities, so that no one, no matter who it is, escapes in the long term. In that last statement I refer to people like Keenan, Scott, even some Royal Families, Government elected officials and bureaucrats, and just some ordinary people who try and escape the drudgery of everyday life and living on the breadline.

If you have been part of these thefts, past or present, I suggest you own up and cooperate with us, which may be to your benefit in the long term. You can write to David Crayford at ......... ............. With a full explanation and willingness to cooperate fully with the ITC, your choice.

This stuff is not Marcos's Wealth or Yamashita Treasures as the myths state it is, and that is exactly what it is, deliberate false stories to lead people away from the real truth, and you, amongst many, have believed it all, so you have stolen assets for your own financial benefit. May the Force of the ITC be wholly against you.

That's all I will say except go to and read my next article, you might just enjoy it.


David P. Crayford.


Now, back to our...


...David P. Crayford briskly disappeared down the path, beneath the canopy of Norway maples, and out of sight. I could empathize with the man tremendously. I could feel his fatigue. I knew what it was like to move in that altered state of reality called total immersion and exhaustion from over workload. It was a parallel universe of operation and I had been there, done that, and it almost killed me, twice. When I was prosecuting, I worked the endless hours because I had a mission to complete. I worked tirelessly because I believed so much in what I was doing. I was a virtuously righteous pompous ass whose Schmidt didn't stink, and I had an attitude that went with the badge I carried, and there were a lot of really bad guys out there, and, well, I took it upon myself to put as many of them away for as long as I could, no matter the cost. And there were costs. And I was good at what I did, and that tenacity won me a lot of awards. It also led to my ultimate prosecutorial downfall.

Hubris, the university professor once called it.

For David P. Crayford, that state arose from an entirely different kind of motivation, but for the same underlying humanitarian based purpose; his was getting money, backed by the gold from the Global Debt Facility, to the people. David P. Crayford worked selflessly because he wanted to end mankind's suffering, I truly believed that. In fact, there was no doubt in my mind. I could feel it in the man's frequency. It was deeply spiritual. Regardless of who he actually worked for -- some say the Nordics -- David P. Crayford was dedicated to completely immersing his soul and mind and body into bringing the Global Debt Facility, via Secret International Treaty, through the International Treasury Controller, to the people of the Nations of the World, in the way that it was originally intended (original intent) to be, by the global "Hierarchy," by God, and that's what David P. Crayford was going to do. If it killed him. And everybody around him. And I didn't know how he kept it up. But he did, ceaselessly, for many years, and it motivated the hell out of me.

I knew Crayford to be fatigued, because his job requirements called for it. There were no vacations or weekends off in his line of work. And it was work, the type of deep thought provoking, mind straining, logic defying work that wore the body down. It was Spiritual work, with the deepest most intense kinds of responsibilities that the average mind could not even fathom. Crayford, David Sale, and the ITC, the Senior Global Envoys, the Senior Officers, and whomever else was working with the International Treasury Controller, had to all be working like crazy, and completely consumed by their tasks in monitoring, recovering, and implementing the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

They were a global top secret organization, that was forced to the surface of public exposure just to be able to survive. They had to let the world know they even existed before they were wiped off the face of the map of history for good. The ITC had decided that the world had to know who they were and what they were trying to accomplish, before their long history had been completely erased. Crayford was charged with doing that and he had to come out publicly and begin to tell the world that the original members of the original OITC were real, and alive, although the CIA tried to assassinate, bury, and replace all of them. And this included Keenan, Fulford, and Scott. And Combover Wilcock.


So Crayford continues relentlessly into sleepless nights. Interminable research, document drafting, thousands of e mails, gold asset depository analysis, intelligence analysis, intelligence reports deep into every night, thinking about what the ITC had just discovered, or what he would need to do the next morning to face the new challenges the day would bring. David P. Crayford didn't get to go home at night, he got to go back to work. I didn't know where they all went at night, but if you worked for the ITC, home became a vision of the past. A relic. A casualty to their present day reality of responsibilities.

So was family. Contact with family would be out of the question. Too dangerous for all parties involved. Who knew who your family knew, right? Could get you killed. Could get them killed. So family too became a casualty, a vision of the past. Which made everything easy, because without family or home, there was nothing left but work.

I was feeling triple espresso wound up just thinking about it, and I was ready for a mugger or two, to make my day. I got up off the bench, and stretched, and punched a powerful left / right combination into the air that would've taken down the Klitschkos. Both of them. One, two, bam, bam, the sound of two Ukrainian giants striking ground.


While doing my Muhammad Ali backward shuffle down the path past the maples, I remembered that total turd ball Mr. ConFusion at RMN. He had no business posting David P. Crayford's piece on RMN (and I hope Abundant Hope let's them know it), after the hassle we went through with Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie of RMN, who took over RMN, and destroyed Rayelan Allen, and kicked me, Crayford, and the too cool Igots2no out of RMN. Any letter or article Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie posts on behalf of Raye is fraud.

Rayelan Allen, formerly the owner of RMN, was taken down by Hobie, and now Mr. ConFusion of RMN not only posted Crayford's piece on the gold depository break in, to be attacked by the disinformation intelligence dark ghoulies who are now free to roam behind the scenes at RMN, but then Mr. ConFusion posted some fake former E1 PTSD Drake Bailey wannabe, who sounds a lot like Winnie the Poo Winston Shrout, or Staples Stomach Keith Francis Scott, or both, take your pick, but calls himself SCUBA, who can't spell worth a Schmidt. Scuba opened in pertinent part:

"Frome reader Scuba:" Yo, first off, E1 Scuba, the word From does not have an e in it. Either does the word moron. Or the word I.

And another thing, E1 PTSD and illiterate Scuba, who asked for your opinion anyway? Like someone really cares what you think. You're a dumb agency hack, that's it. There's no importance to that. Your opinion is irrelevant and worthless to humanity. You're a disinformation specialist, and you're a joke. And, quick, wait, one more thing, PTSD and illiterate Scuba --- you and CIA / NSA Mr. ConFusion of RMN, this joint communique just in from President Duterte and President Elect Trump:

Fu*k both of you, morons!!! No e. Double raised middle digits for both of you.

Now, let me go ahead and further recite this. Quoting from Crayford's latest rant: "The International Treasury Controller... but to exercise his Powers and Authorities, together with all legal activities, which were absolutely necessary in this situation, and under the circumstances that existed."

Let me interpret that for you. Crayford's talking about the gold depository break in, but he's referencing the supreme law of the world, in case you didn't know, and it's the ITC, which will soon be in full force and effect, globally, and how the ITC will curtail all illegal activities against the GDF, including the continuous slander, libel, and disinformation you pose against Crayford, the ITC, and humanity. And you will be prosecuted, you turd balls. You are part of the fraud and the underlying global terrorism that we fight against.


Regarding the gold depository that was broken into, Crayford said in part, "The Minister of the Department of Justice, The President of the Country (Who had already verified the ITC through two different sources....)."

That means the ITC's getting closer to you two turdballs, CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN and Mr. ConFusion at RMN. See, the ITC is now working with and through Presidents of countries, and your world is shrinking, you too Scott and Keenan, because it will soon be the president of the country you operate out of. How long do you think you will survive under Trump, you chumps? Duterte's ready to smoke your as* out now. Neither one's into your CIA bullsh*t, you know what I mean.

Let Crayford tell you about the applicable laws. "Failure to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Vienna Convention 1961, usurping the Powers and Authorities of the International Treasury Controller (which is a Criminal Offence under The said International Laws and International Treaty Laws), and finally, Treason against The International Treasury Controller (a Sovereign) and the Global Debt Facility."


Treason against the International Treasury Controller and the Global Debt Facility... a Criminal Offence! He's talkin' to you two global turd balls, CIA / NSA Hobie at RMN and Mr. ConFusion at RMN.


And I repeat Crayford's latest dire warning. He even pulled out all his CAPS for this one!



Yo, CIA / NSA turd balls who've taken over at RMN, and this specifically includes Bad Man CIA / NSA Hobie of RMN, CIA / NSA Mr. ConFusion of RMN, and E1 PTSD illiterate Reader Scuba, Crayford's talkin' to you. There's no law in the world that can protect you from the ITC. And you had better hope that he doesn't hire me. In fact, if I were you, I'd be praying to my lesser gods. All of them. Because you will need them, god bless your spineless souls. And, you know, if Crayford does hire me --- well, you might as well go burn that piece of toast. Real black. Because that will be you. You too Bobblecockski. Just call me the toaster.

A promise, not a threat, David P. Crayford confirmed.


As a place for living and hiding, surviving while getting thinner and in better shape, and to use as a base while writing and planning on how to save the world while I was at it, the Back Bay was ideal for me. For the last several months I had been living in a quiet apartment, that was no more than a few minutes stroll or a 30 minute amble to anything that I needed, at all hours of the day or night. My apartment was in a quiet residential neighborhood, tucked in between another quiet residential neighborhood, on one side, and Boston's main bustling shopping district on the other.

The Back Bay is traversed by five main east-west corridors: Newbury Street, Commonwealth Avenue, Marlborough Street, Beacon Street, and, my personal favorite, Boylston Street. Boylston Street was famous for its shops, bars, restaurants, and for being the finish line for the Boston Marathon, which was what I felt like I had just finished. If you came to Boston, and you wanted fashion, Boylston Street was your destination. I went to Boylston Street for the tasty food, the fine ladies, and Starbucks, which was where I was headed to now.

Some of Boston's tallest buildings call Back Bay home. I was studying the stunning architecture of the of the Skywalk Observatory on top of the Prudential Towers when a business across the street intercepted my attention. Boston Rings, Gems, and Precious Metals, the sign read. On the building's front window was a design of a woman's gold ring with a giant gem on top, the type of which I couldn't identify. It wasn't diamond. Beneath that, to the right, was painted a deep stack of gold bars. That was an odd ad. I wondered if they sold stolen and converted Global Debt Facility gold or other precious metals, that were once deposited in the Philippines, stolen by CIA foreign intelligence assets, shipped to Switzerland via the U.S. military, deposited into and processed through USB, and then converted into digital trillions of U.S. dollars in Federal Reserve related central Philippines' banks, and then printed into trillions in $100 denominations USD by a foreign energy company in Thailand. That's how they do it these days. Just ask David P. Crayford. He exposed the whole scam earlier this year. He produced the documents supporting the stolen Global Debt Facility gold stolen out of the Philippines by U.S. foreign assets, and converted into $3.5 trillion USD in Thailand.

Then Crayford sent me the confirming e mail with a clear message and a link confirming that it was all true. The article he had written with the documents he had exploited, and a corresponding article I had followed his up with, which were both posted on RMN and Abundant Hope, had gone viral across the world wide Web. A couple Filipino lawyers had picked up on the profundity of what Crayford's documents said, and so last Friday lawyer Fernando Perito and former Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) examiner Rogelio Cantoria filed plunder and graft complaints against former Filipino strongman and President Benigo Aquino III, former Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary and now Senator Leila de Lima, former Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Manuel Roxas II, and Senator Franklin Drilon. Also charged were current BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr., former Department of Finance (DOF) secretary Cesar Purisima, and Treasury Department chief dealer Lorelei Fernandez

All those involved in this gold theft have been linked to the $3.5 trillion USD fraud, and they are now under official investigation in the Philippines. I was as excited as my granddaughter was on Christmas morning. It was the best stocking stuffer I'd ever had. A government was actually involved in investigating this matter rather than being on the opposite side of the fence and just trying to steal it.

David P. Crayford's e mail proved to me that what we were doing was working. Those 5 documents that Crayford exposed had gotten the job done. As Crayford said, "The crooks in the Philippine government and Central Bank were now on the Back foot and well and truly boxed into a corner."

David P. Crayford's July 1st, 2016 article is here

My July 4th, 2016, follow up article to Crayford's piece is here

The January 6, 2016 Manilla Bulletin is here


Years ago when Sam first came back, during a political discussion he told me that all wars were "being fought on behalf of the Global Debt Facility." At the time, that seemed like a very narrow statement, and I really didn't understand what he meant, because I thought drugs and oil were what supported global wars, so I didn't necessarily even believe him. But then he introduced me to David P. Crayford, who gave me greater perspective on everything GDF, and I better understood what Sam was trying to tell me. He was right.

What is so special about the Global Debt Facility? I had asked Crayford at that first morning tea.

The first thing Crayford did was correct me. "They're actually called, The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility," he said. "And to answer your question, they are special because of what they are made of. They are an accumulation of reserve funds, physical assets, various Financial Securities and interest accumulated in interest bearing accounts over centuries. This includes assets that date back thousands of years, primarily curated from 1850 to the present day."

The significance of what he had said was mind blowing. Financial Securities and interest accumulated in interest bearing accounts over centuries, including assets that date back thousands of years.

Are you kidding me? I said. We were talking about wealth that had accrued since King Soloman's time, and even before that. It had the Knights Templars' fingerprints all over it. The GDF was made from wealth that people had died to protect for thousands of years. Wealth that had caused nations to go to war for thousands of years.

As I headed down Boylston Street, I focused on the significance of how that applied to the world as I knew it today. The world is literally on fire with war. Terrorist acts have become a common everyday international occurrence. And the U.S. dollar is about to be worth nothing, but the mainstream media isn't telling us a thing about that. The mainstream media tells us our economy is improving. And then we've got the knuckleheads Jerky Bobblecockski, Pugnose Keenan, Benny the Fraud Fulford, and Stomach Staples Scott, just to name a few, who continuously disinform us as to their true intent regarding the stealing of the ancient GDF wealth, as well as their fictitious story of the global state of financial affairs. They weren't admitting as much in their words, but they were key players in creating a global public distortion as to the true nature of the global collateral accounts. They were critical thugs in intelligence gathering as it applied to the looting of these ancient priceless assets Crayford referred to.

Jerky Bobblecockski / Jerzy Babkowski / ZAP / Susan / Poof liked to talk about the high realm banking accounts at HSBC that they were all going to be paid off from. Where did they think those accounts came from? They were hijacked by the TTTGC, supported by the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Treasury, and other financial banking rats. How much had they actually stolen from those accounts? And who was keeping track?

The English Twat had made similar claims about what he, Mark Carney, Janet Yellen, and the Philippines Phantom, Alfredo Sauren, were up to in conspiring to convert the stolen Indonesian GDF gold and accounts for their own personal / Federal Reserve central banking system use. All the banks in the Western financial system are stealing what valuable assets they can find in an effort to stay afloat. They're all bankrupt, and possess nothing but debt and imploding derivatives. They have no value on their books other than what they can steal. Wait until they begin their huge foreclosure surge on American mortgages later in 2017. Americans are going to get eaten alive when the banks begin foreclosing on them to raise badly needed capital. It promises to be devastating.

Same thing with the 'ghost / mirror accounts' Crayford had written about in the past, that tied into the Panama Accounts, and then just recently he described the 200 jars of gold coins he had uncovered. What kind of coins might those have been? How old were they? How much were they worth? How much would they have fetched on the black market to support international terrorism? And then there were the vast financial securities and wealth that Crayford said had been "set aside historically, under numerous Trusts and Foundations, by Royal Families, Nations of the World, and concerned wealthy individuals," for the sole benefit of the People of all Nations, which is under the "sole control" of the appointed second International Treasury Controller, but which Scott, Keenan, Fulford, ZAP, and others were all trying to steal, while lying to us about it.

"The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility," Crayford told me, "is the title given to the facility provided by all the assets and accounts to aid in the efforts to eradicate, to the fullest extent, the suffering, burdens and debt of the People and their Nations, and to encourage the stable economic growth and expansion of All Nations of the World."

The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were intended to benefit all peoples of all nations of the world. They had been deposited around the world for such purpose, where, Crayford said, "they were curated and administered historically by various legal bodies and / or custodians." They were deposited in Trusts, Foundations, Institutions, and Corporations, which were then legally placed, recorded, and registered under an umbrella Trust and a Foundation. Which are still being looted by Keenan, Scott, CIA / NSA, Federal Reserve central banks associated therewith, like USB, The World Bank, and The IMF.


I asked David P. Crayford if it was alright to call the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, GDF, for short?

"That is perfectly acceptable," he said. "Of even more importance, Al, did you know that the GDF is an accumulation of assets and wealth that goes back to earliest recorded history. It includes interest accrued while being held within various banking and financial institutions, over long periods of time."

That's a lot of interest, I said, and history, of course, would change all of that. Turning upside down everything affecting the assets and wealth that went back to earliest recorded history, and the earliest Royal Families and Nations on the planet. In one respect, all of recorded history would end up being recorded in an effort to cover up the true nature of the Global Debt Facility assets, because everything ever generated through Western Central banking was based on stealing those GDF assets. The entire Western military, central banking structure (including Wall Street), and dominant corporate empire, was built on stolen assets, accounts, and interest from the Global Debt Facility. This includes all of the mass media and major global corporations, going all the way back to Nazi Germany; bought up through stolen global collateral accounts and assets. The wealth of the Western Elite didn't just appear out of nowhere. It was stolen from those they murdered and went to war against, and then rewrote their histories. Those who wrote history were those who controlled the GDF throughout history; stolen assets that were continuously used as the basis to wage war for global domination and starvation, without ever telling the people the GDF even existed, or that it was really intended for the benefit of the People.

As David P. Crayford had stated before, "The subject of the GDF is not taught in any university anywhere in the world. It is a taboo subject, you are not even allowed to know about it. If you don't know about the GDF then you have no idea about the theft and fraud against the GDF that has been undertaken over many decades because the GDF doesn't exist as far as you are aware and if it doesn't exist then there can be no theft or fraud, can there."

The veil is being lifted from one of the greatest mysterious secrets in the history of mankind; a deeply hidden truth of our history, deliberately kept from us, covered with layers of lies, deceit, misinformation, myths, and distortions, to keep us blind and ignorant, allowing the thieves of the world to continue stealing and undertaking fraud without anyone ever saying or knowing anything about it. An unbelievably simple strategy, and if you ever saw it in a court of law you'd have to cut it off at the knees, immediately, and expose the lie. Bring it to air.

Like the history of Luciferian practicing bloodlines, some of which were referred to as Reptilians, who would marry into Royal Family bloodlines, and the bloodlines and the visions of Royal Families and the world would be changed forever. Families and Nations would split violently. Allegiances would be torn apart. Democracy was to be honored at all costs, and World Wars would be declared. Democracy would be implemented on other Nations and their people, all over the world, whether they wanted it or not. Titanic changes would take place in the global financial and political structures, world wide. Wars would be planned in an effort to steal assets of the GDF. Royal Families were to be slaughtered. Royal Family survivors feared to suffer the same fate, which was a result of being legal owner and / or Custodian of the accounts and assets that made up the Global Debt Facility. These Royal Families and Nations feared civil wars, insurgence, and the like, which would be imposed directly upon them by the armies of the Satanic bloodline complex, through the guise of fiat central banking, arms sales, and national military domination. Royal Families betrayed Royal Families.

"Where assets were not already deposited into Trusts or Foundations," Crayford said, "they were placed under the same, whereby such Trusts and Foundations remained outside the scope of National Treasures or National Assets and were then held under legal ownership, thus protecting the assets from theft, transfer, or misuse of intended purpose, which are even protected under the Hague Treaty (1968), thus allowing use, in the past, by the Trustees or Foundation Managers."


Having learned from hundreds of years of wars like World Wars I and II, and in an attempt to avoid such further global conflicts, the Royal Families and Nations of the World had attempted to incorporate the wealth that made up the Global Debt Facility into a model global financial system, on several occasions. Examples included Jekyll Island, the 70,000 metric tons of gold from the Russian Tzar in 1919, to help the United States implement the Federal Reserve as their central bank, the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, and the Treaty of London of 1921, all the way up to the Gold Act of 1933. But the idea and reality of such a concept was always thwarted by opposing global powers and financial forces, who battled to own and control all financing the world over.

With the world blistering from World War II, the Royal Families and Nations of the World would once again attempt to implement the global collateral accounts into the global economy. Their goals were multi pronged: the valuable assets / accounts of the Global Debt Facility would be injected into the global economy; treaty signing nations and financial institutions would protect these valuable assets / accounts held under their custodianship; all people and all nations of the world were to be a part of it on an equal basis; and to settle all world wars once and for all, in a globally equitable, just, and noble manner.

This would be achieved, to a certain extent, behind the scenes, through many layers of secret multi channeled negotiations. The planet's financial houses were all at the brink of bankruptcy and destruction at the time, and many negotiations were needed in an effort to find solutions to many global and national problems, with many multifaceted players involved, several possessing hidden agendas. Many side agreements and international treaties were negotiated and signed. Many of the negotiations were conducted in secrecy, and many involved the U.S. and her two key war allies, Great Britain and France. When all the agreements and treaties were added together and taken in their totality, one of the main accomplishments to come out of the intense negotiations was the creation of a body of global governmental financial banking structure, which was called the Trillenium, Tripartite, Trilateral Gold Commission (TTTGC).

The original agreements that created the TTTGC were finalized after WW II was over, after the Bretton Woods Agreement had been effectuated. This was the time when the IMF was born, to service the GDF, and the IBRD was restructured and renamed The World Bank, for the same purpose. They were global central banks to be responsible for custodianship of certain assets, accounts, and documents of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The TTTGC's only legal purpose for existence, the reason it was created by and through the Royal Families and Nations of the World and the governments representing the nations of the United States, Great Britain, and France, was to take the tremendous responsibility of overseeing the actual implementation of the intended plan behind the Global Debt Facility, as it applied to ultimately backing all Nations' currencies on the planet, and the rebuilding of those Nations destroyed by World War II. That's it. Nothing else. No mas. No more purpose.

The Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (TTTGC) was to be made up of the Allied Nations, America, France, and the UK. The Commission was to hold a term of fifty (50) years (1945 - 1995). The specific objective of the Commission was to utilize the assets of the Global Debt Facility to assist ALL countries that had been devastated by the effects and actions caused by WW II. The key proviso to the function of the TTTGC, a major control mechanism for the entire agreement, was that such assistance was to be authorized and approved by the then M1, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Ferdinand Marcos was the true M1. There was only one true M1, as is the case today. Today, that person also wears the hat of the International Treasury Controller.

As for the administrators of the TTTGC, the idea was that if they proposed a project in any particular country, or one that would involve any particular GDF banking account or securities or assets, and if Marcos did not sign off on it and stamp it, the project would not be authorized, and it would forever be deemed illegal.

At the time, the establishment of the Commission, and its objectives, had to be commended. But that positive vibe would change quickly, Crayford said. "Unfortunately, what was supposed to be just failed to happen, whereby only the Allied Nations and their friends benefited from these objectives. Many Nations were left to their own devices to rebuild their Nations from the devastation of WW II, using their own resources."

Which left the war torn regions orphaned, helpless, and broke. There was nobody out there in the stormy post World War II world that could help a country rebuild after the tremendous destruction the war caused, except the predatory Western central banks and nations. Today, the nations devastated by WW II are still deeply indebted to these same predatory banks and nations. This is what Russia, China, and their allies are fighting against now with global wars on multiple fronts, and the U.S. FRN is going to die a very ugly death as a result thereof. Their abusive days of global hegemony are over.


The reality was that the TTTGC stopped working with Marcos the minute the ink dried on the treaties the representatives of the U.S., G.B., and France, had just signed. To those who operated the TTTGC, the TTTGC was not created to protect and administer the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility, it was created to steal them. The TTTGC was but a cover for the commission of the crime of the century by the central banking system that was set up to operate through the administrations of the United States, Great Britain and France.

Ferdinand Marcos, as M1, was totally ignored by the TTTGC, which meant that all ensuing acts that were undertaken by the TTTGC were unlawful and illegal. But that didn't stop administrators of the TTTGC. Nor did it stop The IMF or The World Bank, which were supposedly, pursuant to international treaties, institutionalized at the time of the Bretton Woods Agreement, but had instead found themselves joined at the hip with the criminal operations of the TTTGC administrators. "They were secretly ordered / forced to abide by the decisions, directives, orders, etc of their masters, America, France, and the UK, the three parties (Allies) of the TTTGC," Crayford said. "These international financial institutions still abide by their masters directives today. The unlawful and treacherous acts of the TTTGC, one of which was the 'Brady Bonds', continued throughout the fifty (50) year term of the TTTGC, much to the dismay and anguish of the original beneficiaries."

The original beneficiaries still held the legal power to appoint the Administrators and Managers of the Global Debt Facility. But back then, they had been denied access to the GDF for the full fifty year term due to the complete takeover and control by the administrators of the TTTGC, who totally ignored the original beneficiaries, and tried to murder them whenever they could.

The reality was the members of the TTTGC, The IMF, The World Bank, and The BIS, had structured the Global Debt Facility operation to suit their own purposes, which David P. Crayford said included, "fraud, embezzlement, deception, fiscal abuse, financial support for specific Heads of State and Governments of 'friendly' countries around the world, or those countries with whom it was easy, by the use of monetary favors, to covert, by means including 'Black Ops' in support of oppositional groups in such countries. Does Libya, Iraq, Syria, or Ukraine ring a recent bell?"

There are accounts of the Global Debt Facility that were introduced to the world by the TTTGC, The World Bank, and The BIS, such as the Spiritual Wonder Boy Allied Forces Account, Spiritual Wonder Boy Allied Account, and so on, that don't actually legally exist. They were not created by the legal process of the Global Debt Facility, as it was stated in the signed international treaties.

Besides, it's illegal to use the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for war or terrorism. "Per international treaty, the Accounts / Assets of the Global Debt Facility cannot, and must not, be used / utilised for any form of Military means, even the manufacture of Military equipment," Crayford said. "That factor was written into the International Treaties and Treaty Agreements, but totally ignored by the TTTGC, The World Bank, and The BIS."


The 1980s witnessed a change in the landscape for international connivance and thievery. Instead of one organized financial structure backed by three crooked allies, those who would steal the Global Debt Facility expanded their operations to include international intelligence operatives, posing as foreign mining and energy corporations and financial institutions, who would then invade the Philippines. An international army of corporations and their operatives. Why the Philippines? As David Crayford explained, "All assets / accounts, Certificates, etc held in depositories within the Philippines is the legal property of the Global Debt Facility." Which meant there were a lot of "assets / accounts, Certificates" to be stolen by agents of the NSA / CIA Federal Reserve central bank system complex from the Philippines. This was why America was in the Philippines now. This was why America had always been in the Philippines. It had nothing to do with Muslim rebels or deep sea ports or the defense of America or the Philippines. This is what the American military did from the U.S. military bases in the Philippines and the greater region. They stole GDF wealth and used it to fund terrorism in the region, the world, and at home.

Foreign mercenaries would battle each other, and U.S. government / intelligence backed Muslim rebels, to locate the vast amounts of GDF wealth that had been deposited in the Philippines for safekeeping over hundreds if not thousands of years. That war has now been met head on by Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte, who is being backed by China and Russia. "But the bandits continue to steal from there," David P. Crayford said. "And Billary, and their compadres, the Bushes, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the BIS, the CIA, the Vanguards, the Blackwaters, the Banksters, and many corporations under their control, are all well and truly part of the mastermind of the group."


By the 1980's, the original Beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility had had enough with the TTTGC, and the international intelligence operatives, and the phony U.S. sponsored Muslim terrorists. They needed to put an end to all the theft and all the wars. That's when they decided they would not, under any circumstances, ever again, renew, or extend, the fifty (50) year term of the TTTGC. As David P. Crayford said, "This policy was strictly and most urgently adhered to." On the 31st of December, 1994, the position of the TTTGC was forever and completely terminated, with all of its powers revoked. And they still weren't done. The fact was, the original beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility had just begun to counter all the damage caused by the TTTGC and its benefactors in stealing the GDF, by taking one very big step. But this would be only one step in a war that would go on for many years to come. Those who control the GDF would control the planet.

David P. Crayford explains: "The TTTGC and their rogue Agents believed they had won when Marcos was murdered. Just imagine - well, you don't have to imagine too much - what would happen if the wrong people got hold of this wealth, as they did in 1945 with the TTTGC. There was so much, in fact an enormous amount of fraud and theft going on, that even GOD's chosen one, Ferdinand Marcos, couldn't fully control it. He ended up dead at the hands of America and the CIA. The TTTGC created an almighty mess of the whole thing and they were removed. Now it is back in the hands of GOD's chosen ones and the mess created has to be cleaned up."


In regards to Ferdinand Marcos as M1, he had enormous problems with the TTTGC, and eventually came under tremendous pressure, thanks to the CIA. We are all aware of what happened to Ferdinand Marcos after 1986. "What most people don't realize," Crayford said, "was that Marcos, knowing that he would not escape what the Americans had in store for him, legally passed the M1 position, and the Alpha - Omega Ring, to A Royal Family member, who draws immense popularity and respect from around the World. The said Legal passing of the M1 position was undertaken on 20th December 1988, just 9 months before Ferdinand Marcos' death."


The Trilateral Trillenium, Tripartite Gold Commission was replaced by the appointment of the International Treasury Controller, who became the next man to assume Ferdinand Marcos' target on the back. To replace the TTTGC, the original beneficiaries to the Global Debt Facility had decided to appoint one of their own. His name was Dr. Ray C. Dam, who was a descendant of the Cambodian Royal Family. Dr. Dam was an experienced Central Banker, who had been groomed, educated, and trained specifically for this job. He was the former G7 Gold signatory. Dr. Dam was appointed on January 20th 1995 as the International Treasury Controller (ITC). By Secret International Treaty, he was named to be Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of all assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were transferred to the control of the first ITC.


Dr. Dam, as the International Treasury Controller, was institutionalized as a "Sovereign", with its own Jurisdiction, under UN Charter Control No: 10-60847. This was to ensure total independence of the International Treasury Controller, so that he could perform his duties, free from any molestation, interference, impediment, political or religious influence, or otherwise from any person, group, institution, Sovereign Nation, or otherwise.

The International Treasury Controller still is a "Sovereign" legal entity, under International Treaty Agreements, between Nations. He is the only individual in the world to legally possess the full knowledge of all accounts of the GDF. He is the only man in the world to legally, per international agreements and treaties, have full authority over all accounts of the GDF. But these were only legal protections afforded the ITC and the GDF. They did not apply to runaway criminal rogue Nations like the three Allies who utilized gunboat diplomacy on anyone or any nation who dared to disagree with their tactics. Like Sadaam Hussein, for instance. Or Manuel Noriega. Or Muammar Ghadaffi. They would soon be doing the same thing to Dr. Dam.


Crayford elaborated on the major element provided by Dr. Dam that led to the OITC's ultimate downfall: "It was the International Treasury Controller who, in 1995, endorsed the 'Blocking' of accounts accessed and utilized by unscrupulous TTTGC elements, and it was the replacement International Treasury Controller who, in 2012, further endorsed the 'Blocking', issuing and enacting 'Sovereign Decrees' covering such matters in their entirety."

This was why the OITC had to be destroyed. Legally, the Global Debt Facility had been transferred to Independent Control with the ITC, from its Beneficiary Control at the hands of the now defunct TTTGC, and the Western Central Bankers were fit to be tied. They could no longer make up their own laws and rules and, under their laws and rules, control the Global Debt Facility, and the world. The ITC had become a work in action, and the predators couldn't stand the opposition to their thieving, global dominating, profiteering ways.

That's why in December of 2010, Dr. Dam's term as International Treasury Controller, came to an abrupt and violent end. "It was performed by a joint operation between the persons surrounding Dr. Dam in Cambodia and the CIA," Crayford said in an article written after the incident. "Dr. Dam was arrested and imprisoned without charge on issues not even related to the ITC. These issues were to do with a commercial operation in Cambodia in conjunction with his Nephew. Whilst he was in prison, an attempt to poison him occurred, for which Dr. Dam was transferred to the hospital. We now know that the poison used on Dr. Dam is one which seriously affects the body organs, liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart. As a result Dr. Dam was medically assessed in August 2011 / September 2011 by a team of experts engaged by the original beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility. Dr. Dam was removed from his position in September 2011, with all his powers and authorities immediately revoked."

In May 2012, a new International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility, was appointed. That person's name has never been publicly revealed. It has been withheld for the purposes of security and safety. That is the person who now legally owns the Global Debt Facility. It is not the World Bank, the IMF, USA, or any other person, party, or rogue nation, regardless of whatever unwarranted claims others might make.


What are the goals of the present International Treasury Controller, I asked Crayford.

"To ensure the assets and wealth of the GDF are utilized correctly and professionally for the beneficial interest of all Nations and People of the World," he said. "To ensure that the asset base is not dissipated but used appropriately and professionally to generate funds / interest that will be utilized to the benefit of all Nations and People of the World. To ensure that financial corruption is eliminated from all aspects of financial assistance and economic growth engendered by the bi-lateral efforts of the ITC and its investment recipients. To foster changes that establish more equality and stability within the Financial World." As opposed to what the Federal Reserve Central banking system / CIA / NSA complex (that included the TTTGC) is accomplishing now world wide.

The Global Debt Facility is still dispersed through many financial and other institutions around the world. David P. Crayford said, "Over the years there have been many custodians of these accounts and assets, whereby the assets and the interest accumulated were so extensive. The BIS, The IMF, The World Bank (the International Finance Corporation - internationally Structured Development Banks), Federal Reserve, Central Banks and various Commercial Banks around the world, now act only as the custodians of all assets and interest bearing accounts under legal ownership of the ITC." Now, the key is for the second International Treasury Controller to free up the accounts still being manipulated and diverted by the above mentioned Western Central Banking institutions. Any assets under custodianship have already been removed and stolen, and are being applied again to the world controlling mechanism of global terrorism, and the resulting control and domination of people and nations.


Body and mind were wasted as one. The adrenaline was all that propelled my heavy legs down Boylston Street, that and my determination to get some coffee, with a splash of superfluous fluffery. I would find a way.

My shoes and socks were soaked and my feet were cold and numb. I had felt that way all day, from the moment I awoke this morning, just cranking up the heater, the lure of the glowing blue light from my computer and the idea of more work to be done, pulling me in. I got lost again in all my drama; whether I'd actually make it out of here alive. As far as I was concerned, my problem was simple. I knew too much. I was a threat to the state. The state liked you dumb, and programmed, but I had simply discovered too much information about too many illegal operations of the United States government, and I had the documents to prove it. I had discovered that the U.S government acted as a proxy agent for the Federal Reserve. That the American alphabet intelligence agencies were acting as this multi tentacled outfit, where one tentacle, or aspect, of its overall operations, was to steal wealth from the Global Debt Facility, from nations around the world, and to protect those who would do so; the stolen wealth to be used to finance terrorism, on foreign soil, for sure, and on American soil, I absolutely believed. So did Sam. So did David P. Crayford. We all agreed that the American government was stealing Global Debt Facility assets and converting them into domestic terrorism operations, and they had been doing so for decades. 9 1 1 being but one example.


We also agreed that Neil Keenan had worked his way up to being point man of an international team of Federal Reserve central bank system / NSA / CIA complex protected and supported international government agents, whose job it was to control and convert assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility for their own nefarious use. This was the new incarnation of the Satanic central bank system complex, and Keenan, Fulford, and Scott were key present day players. This is something those who controlled the Federal Reserve had engineered going back to late 19th Century, before Jekyll Island. They were the pre Jekyll Islanders. Today, Keenan, Fulford, and Scott are the zombie cutouts stitched together and hypnotized to perform the actual sleight of hand deception, that is at the core of the banking / GDF / intelligence fraudulent magic and coverup.

From the beginning, these banksters behind the Federal Reserve knew, to control the world, they had to control the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. World Wars I and II were directly attributed to facilitating control over vast territories, which contained vast amounts of Royal Families' wealth, and Royal Family members to murder.

All of America's and Europe's war pattern from the last hundred years would support this concept. Countries would fight each other for that wealth, so the politicians and banksters could split the spoils of the wars, and young men, women, and children from all over the world would shed their blood for the parasites to absorb. It was multifaceted in intent. Motherless children would be swept into the pipeline of pedophilia and ritualistic sacrifice. American invasions of South East Asia, Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere, are directly attributable to Global Debt Facility assets being there. So are the war regions involving Turkey and the Ukraine today. And let's not talk about the riches and wars of the Middle East. How much gold did Muammar Ghadaffi really have to support Libya's independent, non Federal Reserve aligned financial system?


Neil Pugnose Keenan, Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, and major international terrorist, the Philippines Phantom Alfredo Sauren, were working hand in mouth with the Federal Reserve central banking system / U.S. government / CIA / NSA complex. They were illegally utilizing "Trade Financing" and "money-laundering" to help finance the terrorism. According to Paul Collin, these high end financial scams were coordinated with affiliate "money-laundering mules", who were used by "affiliates" of the "Master Traders", which, in many cases, but not all, involved certain "philanthropic financiers" of black-market international export trade companies.

These black-market international export trade companies claimed to accommodate humanitarian relief Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). But those humanitarian relief NGO's had "Export Trade Managers" running them. These "Export Trade Managers" were actually in the business of arranging various types of black-market 'shipments' of terrorist support supplies. Collin said these shipments included "weapons, munitions, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) improvised materials, i.e. irradiated wolfram targets from medical X-Ray machines, bovine anthrax strains from veterinarian laboratories, plus a helluva lot more."

When Collin was communicating with Keenan, he warned Keenan about all of this. So what did Keenan do? All of it. Keenan was involved in all aspects of the terrorist trade that Collin had been studying. Collin had the e mails to prove it. Collin observed Neil Pugnose Keenan to be the poster child for U.S. intelligence sponsored global terrorism. Keenan and the former fat, Australian Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, who's still trying to hide his identity. But ugly is ugly, no matter how you try to cover it up.

The rain had started again by the time I reached Starbucks. I had passed at least twelve of these corporate chemical coffee franchise giants on my run this morning, but this was the only Starbucks Sam would ever meet me at. He said he really liked the contour and energy of the patio space, where he liked to people watch from the upper tier. I knew what he meant, because it really could be eye popping, when the sun was out, and it was hot, and the beautiful lost young people were drinking chemical coffee lattes with a smile, and the buzzing little secretaries weren't afraid to wear those short skirts and tank tops, and display the kind of ankle jewelry that could make aging men lose track of time and get concussions from running head on into lampposts.

But now, it was raining. There was nobody on the patio, upper tier, or lower, or anywhere. No secretaries, no tank tops, only torrents of water running down stairs.

I pressed my cold face up against the wet glass above the gold Christmas ornament painted onto the Starbucks window. I breathed deeply and fogged up the window. I wiped it off with my wet sweatshirt sleeve. My view was now foggy, wet, and streaked. I could see there were a ton of people in there, maybe 257, but, other than that, I couldn't see for Schmidt. I didn't see Sam.

I glanced at my Mickey Mouse waterproof watch on my left wrist. I never carried cell phones. I hated cell phones. Mickey's long arm was straight up, and his short arm dipped on the eight, sharp. It was nine a.m. Mickey was an hour slow. I grabbed my left shoulder and grimaced, while my arm windmilled in a circle. The pain was excruciating, as usual. My life's story. That one was an old football injury. Torn RC. My junior year in high school, when I was still a quarterback. Before I changed to offensive guard, so I could chase down my brother and pancake him. My brother was a middle linebacker. He was the original Manimal. He used to chase me down, and play kill the quarterback. I suffered a myriad of assorted bodily injuries on his behalf, that's when I decided to change to offensive guard. So I could hurt him. Be the hitter instead of the hittee. It was weird.

I pulled the hood up over my head and the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses out of my left hoodie pocket, and I stuck them on my face. It was no time for me to be recognized by enemies known or unknown. Totally incognito for moi. I took one last glance at the weathered age of my rainy reflection in the door glass, pulled my shoulders back, sucked in my gut, stuck my chest out, stopped slouching, opened the door just in time to let not two but three knockout young Asian professionals walk briskly out the door and past me, giving orders and taking distractions on their cellphones, as oblivious to my reality as I was to theirs, and I stepped into Starbucks.


Speaking of oblivious to reality. Starbucks was early morning buzzed with it. Electrified. The type of rampant hum that goes only with coffee houses, train stops, and cheap vibrators. I could hear Michael McDonald's I Heard it Through the Grapevine playing over the speakers. People needed to watch themselves, because I thought I just might break out in song and dance. That song was my life's anthem. Especially in the olden days, when canned beer, painkillers and antidepressants would allow you to dance your life away, where you wouldn't even feel it, or see it slipping away from you. If I let loose now, I'd probably end up breaking tables and smashing hearts, which is how it always used to be when I let loose.

But I just couldn't help myself, now, so I joined Michael. I heard it through the grapevine, babe, I sang, badly, gyrating one arthritic hip, and then the bad one, How much longer will you be mine. Not much longer. That had been my song, "our song", for every single wife I had ever had. Even two of them I never officially married. And all the mothers of all my children, whether I married them or not, and whether I knew they were mothers of my children, or not, this was our song. That's how important Michael McDonald had been in my virtual world. Because, that's how it always ended up. Michael McDonald would seal the deal with some romantic candlelight swoon, she'd get pregnant, we'd get married, she'd have a kid, or three, we'd settle down, I'd work hard, then I'd catch wind of some knockout secretary moving in down the hall in the District Attorney's office, and I'd lose my focus. Slide my wedding ring into the left rear pocket. And then that wife would sing I heard It Through The Grapevine to me, hire an expensive divorce lawyer, become my ex wife, and get in line to take her share of my garnished wages.

I stepped inside, and I straight armed my way across the room to the end of the ridiculously long order line. I had always hated this place. But I couldn't stay away. Starbucks and its hyped up crowd of self-flatulating cocoa bean consumers and Tom Brady sycophants was not my favorite cup of early morning tea with David P. Crayford. I actually preferred the Ma's Donuts and Coffee crowd. But I was addicted to Starbucks. I couldn't wait to get my beantown Starbucks mug, oh boy. I cranked my neck to the left, and three vertebrae cracked. I could feel the fire from the pinched nerve shoot down the left side of my back into my leg. Another old football injury.

I ordered my extra double fru fru cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, mocha special, with two shots of whole bean Christmas espresso, no whip, I didn't need the calories, "thank you," and then I bullied my way over to the pickup line. The place was still jam packed and there wasn't anything even close to resembling an empty stool, table, chair, or lap to sit on. They called my name. Java Joe. I grabbed my double grande, walked over, and began hovering over several young what looked like high schoolers. Less than a minute later, they began picking up books, appearing to have collectively decided that going to class would probably be a better idea than watching me anxiously hover over them. They got up, and I pounced on the table like a yuppy mother pounces on Black Friday.

I dropped the soggy documents onto the table. I gently fingered through the paperwork, until I found the one I was looking for. The document bore the headline, Investigation


I sipped my cinnamon mocha fru fru, and my angst immediately subsided. The document I was looking at was the opening to the Summary I had prepared for my meeting with Sam that never happened. I began to read:

According to Paul Collin, he started the Website Unwanted Publicity Intelligence as a sort of marketing / information / and intelligence gathering tool used in helping him run his own undercover intelligence operation, which, ultimately, led to him becoming an expert witness and high level private investigator in search of high value legacy financial banking instruments. Through his work and his Website, Collin was also able to gain contact with and the trust of Neil Keenan.

Keenan, at the time, was working on Chiasso, and he worked hard to build up his relationship with Collin. They exchanged many e mails and communications. Keenan began advising Collin as to the specifics of what Keenan was doing, his operation as it related to high level banking instruments. What Keenan didn't realize at the time was that the reason Collin had so much information regarding high level banking instruments was because Collin was also working with the U.S. government, only Collin was on the law enforcement side. Paul Collin was a government agent working from the opposite side of the U.S. governmental agency coin that Neil Pugnose Keenan had been working.

According to Collin, he was "accelerating duties for U.S. DHS ICE HSI OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones." What specifically was Collin's operation? "Providing raw bits and pieces for Homeland Security Intelligence about a foreign and domestic terrorist network," Collin said. Collins was an information / intelligence sponge. He had gathered so many "bits and pieces" of information, that he developed a pretty good picture of what was really going on.

Collin had identified the terrorist network using what he called "intelligence pretexts targeting an Islamic fundamentalist cleric" and "sudative e-mail account." Collin said this e mail account monitoring revealed close members of a terrorist network, who had been operating out-of several different countries, many of whom would end up meeting with Neil Francis Keenan.


This prompted Collin to check in with his handler, DHS HSI OSI S.A. Nicholas Jones, regarding Keenan's relationship to the criminal terrorist operative network. Nick Jones' responding e-mail confirmed in Collin's mind what he already knew - that Neil Keenan was in fact a U.S. government operative, who had been trapped in a sting by another U.S. government operative.

Collin knew it was just like what had happened before with Neil Benjamin Gibson, when the CIA forced Collin to take Gibson's information off the Internet, and then took over Collin's Website completely. This time, it was Neil Francis Keenan. Collin could prove that two (2) Non-Official Cover (NOC) intelligence assets of the U.S. government were involved with stealing high value legacy financial banking instruments, and he could tie them to international terrorists, and prove that the U.S. government alphabet intelligence agencies were protecting them.

Collin noted that this also confirmed another important point. That what Keenan had admitted to him earlier was true. That Keenan did in fact work for the U.S. government, something Benjamin Fulford had been the first to publicly reveal. Keenan simply laughed it off at the time. But the joke was on Collin, and then all of us, since Keenan nor Fulford mentioned it was the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) who Keenan worked for.

The bottom line was that Collin was a direct witness to the fact that Neil Francis Pugnose Keenan, although having been identified by United States law enforcement officials as being a "Person Of Interest" regarding the theft of high value banking instruments and an associate of violent international terrorists, was officially no longer a "Person Of Interest" to the U.S. government law enforcement agents, even though Keenan continues to this day to be a thief of high value banking instruments and he associates with violent international terrorists. Just ask the Philippines Phantom Alfredo Sauren, Janet Yellen, and the English Twat. Neil Keenan was and is a protected asset of the highest U.S. governmental order.


All law enforcement agents world wide would have a "Hands off" of Neil Keenan mandate. Neil Keenan continues to this day to be a protected international terrorist. Although the situation didn't make sense to Collin at first, he continued to provide his handlers with exclusive intelligence about Keenan; after Keenan left his wife in Bulgaria, after he settled in Indonesia, after he began working with suspected terrorists. These were the same terrorists that Collin had specifically identified to U.S. DHS ICE OCI Special Agent Nick Jones.

In response, Jones said he was going to contact these certain individuals operating in and out of Indonesia who Collin had identified as having ties to the terrorist network. Collin made it clear to his handlers that Neil Keenan was tied to the international terrorist network, but nothing ever came out of it.

To rub salt into Paul Collin's already gaping wounds, not only did the U.S. government completely dismiss his sensational work in his sting operation with Keenan, Collin's U.S. government handler failed to pay him for his work. It might have had something to do with Collin being too good at putting the pieces together and then asking all the wrong questions, or maybe it was Collin calling out S.A. Nick Jones for being "less than truthful" in his dealings regarding Keenan.

According to Collin, Jones had lied about "Keenan cutting a business agreement with the U.S. government supplied 'information' as to 'whom' all Keenan's 'new contacts' became overseas, which began with the secret police in Bulgaria." Collin was telling his handlers that Keenan's contacts reached the highest echelons of involved foreign governments, intelligence, military, and law enforcement.

As a result, Collin would not be paid, and his efforts for DHS, ICE, OSI would be disbanded altogether. There would no longer be any DHS, ICE, or OSI oversight of the criminal activities being conducted by the CIA, Neil Keenan, or affiliate international terrorists, involving Paul Collin or anyone else. Move along, move along, nothing to see here. No persons of interest here. Nobody to identify persons of interest here...


Indonesia holds a population that is nearly as large as the United States, but its people are dispersed throughout 6,000 islands. These islands continue to be what has become known to the the U.S. Intelligence Community as a melting-pot of Islamic radical militant fundamentalists. This is where the GDF wealth is stolen from, and this is where the global terrorists are bred and from where they spread their terror globally today.

According to Paul Collin, they are led by Muslim clerics, most of whom are terrorist "sudatives" and students who are schooled in "politics and study means by which authoritarian control and legislation their forefathers 'violently objected to'." These youthful "energetics" are leading the terrorist surge worldwide today. "It doesn't take many student movements to overthrow stable economies of third world underdeveloped and / or developing international regimes," one intelligence report said.


One key instrument to enable the U.S. government to protect the likes of Keenan, Scott, Fulford, the Philippines Phantom, and other international terrorists overseas, is something Collin calls "client investigative relationships." Most people are unaware that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Special Investigations, has "client investigative relationships" with many organizations within the United States. These "client investigative relationships" extend domestic protection to the United States' government's federal client's clients overseas. Keenan is one of these client's clients receiving domestic protection overseas.

This is done to the extent that foreign support nations and assets like Keenan and Scott are considered to be "key-critical" to the stability of the socio-economic U.S. infrastructure worldwide. Which means international terrorist criminals like Keenan and Scott are protected by U.S. intelligence agencies because they are deemed "key critical" to U.S. global policy. That is one major way the U.S. government protects those who facilitate the international terrorism it sows worldwide.


For Keenan's part, Chiasso was merely one piece to a long and twisted puzzle. It was neither the beginning nor the end. It merely was. In 2009, Keenan, Scott, and other international intelligence operatives believed they had removed all opposition from within the original OITC. They had character assassinated and nearly murdered the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam. They believed they had destroyed the original OITC, and eliminated all personnel from the original OITC office. They had created Scott's octopus of fake OITC organizations, with the Philippines Phantom operating out of the Cambodian office, and Scott operating out of Australia, and Mark Logan Wellington Piddly assed Pedley concentrating on New Zealand. They figured the $134.5 billion Federal Reserve Note theft and conversion through Chiasso was a done deal. It was just the beginning, they believed, to the total rape of the Global Debt Facility, and the continued usage of said converted riches for global terrorist social control means. Then Chiasso happened, and everything changed. The two Japanese criminal mobsters got busted, and the bonds were confiscated.

This was a huge blow to the Federal Reserve central bank cabal. That money was counted on. Somebody had tipped off the authorities, and everybody wondered who had done such a thing. Maybe cashing out these bonds wasn't going to be so simple after all. Although the gnashing of teeth could be felt all the way up to Dick Cheney and Daddy Bush, their public demeanor was kept cool. But underneath, bodies were burning. Somebody had to be punished. A lesson had to be delivered. Dr. Dam and whomever else was responsible for trying to protect the GDF from the wolves had to be sacrificed as an example to others; that you don't mess with the Federal Reserve central bank system NSA / CIA complex without paying a severe price. Dr. Dam went down. The hunt for Sale continues. The bad guys still haven't found Crayford.

Pugnose would then file his frivolous lawsuit, which would end up going nowhere; thrown out of court for a lack of jurisdiction. It was merely a distraction, a look up, while I bite your ankle kind of snake move. Remember, at this point, Scott and his handlers still believed there were no forces within the OITC, original or fake, that could impede their access to the accounts, assets, and banking instruments that belonged to the Global Debt Facility. They believed they had totally hijacked the GDF through the TTTGC. Chiasso was a fluke, and they just needed to be more careful. Keenan's frivolous lawsuit was now the big rage everyone had to talk about. It would be a transition piece.

As part of their future global public promotional campaign, they would now produce the next segment of their overall script, and it would be called, Financial Tyranny. They would continue to exploit the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility on behalf of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system complex, in new and devious ways.


In his Chiasso follow up published report, reportedly written by mini me Pugnose, Dumb Michael Henry Dunn, Keenan wrapped up his fanciful Chiasso tale by reminiscing chronologically about his failed exploits. He also expressed a large sigh of relief on behalf of all the Federal Reserve Central Bank system / CIA / NSA complex criminal terrorist operation, that they were dealing with the real thing. Dunn wrote, "...Neil's Team investigated all this and when he found the notes were real he started to breathe a little easier seeing that his notes were from the same package held by Yamaguchi and Watanabe." The Keenan Team would continue working the other valid banking notes from the same stolen package, attempting to convert them by washing them through the corrupt Western banking institutions, like the UBS. Keenan's lawsuit would continue to provide distraction to the crimes being committed underneath.

In his fare thee well, Keenan, through Dunn, gave special thanks to specific associates. In a last little menage a trois but*buddy fling, Dumb Michael Dunn wrote, "Neil needs no thanks nor does he ever ask for any but thanks to Benjamin Fulford for bringing this (Keenan's lawsuit) first to everyone's attention and making the statement that this could be the case that 'ENDS FINANCIAL TYRANNY'".

The baton had been passed. David Wilcock would then immortalize the concept with his work of fiction entitled, Financial Tyranny. Knowing what Crayford has written about and what Collin discovered regarding The Chiasso Bond Incident, it was easy to see that the story Combover Wilcock would take credit for writing was a pure disinformation campaign. Collin noted the book Financial Tyranny focused on nothing more than "fanciful stories designed by Benjamin Fulford to Neil Keenan who enlisted the fraudster story-teller of them all, Keith Francis Scott." It was all a made up CIA / mind control / Keith Scott fantasy. It was all a diversion. A look up, while we steal the gold that was intended for you type of snake move.

Keenan, through Fulford, had enlisted the promotional services of Combover Wilcock, who in turn, used the ghost-writing talents of Dumb Michael Henry Dunn, who Keenan financed, thanks to the monies provided by Jean Haines, to fly to Indonesia, where he was fraudulently schooled by Neil Keenan, who, before that, had been fraudulently schooled by Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, and --- 'voila!' Wilcock's so called "book." As Collin eloquently wrote, "We eventually saw Wilcock become Fulford's sucker by-proxy Michael Dunn who was 'Communications Director' of the now-infamous 'Keenan Team' Show."


The irony to this whole saga was that long before Dumb Michael Dunn ever went to Indonesia, before Keenan had even bilked Jean Haines out of the money to send Dumb Michael Dunn over to Indonesia, Keenan had solicited Collin to write Financial Tyranny. Collin could have been a famous CIA author. But Collin said no thanks. He didn't have the time or inclination, because Paul Collin was a busy man, with his own tasks; single handedly operating a sting operation against the world's most notorious international terrorists and intelligence operatives, on both sides of the global political spectrum, and he was not really into participating in the high level GDF theft, government psyops, and terrorist fraud that he was trying to expose to his U.S. alphabet agency handlers in the first place.


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