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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford's idiot a** - PART THREE A
By American Lawyer
Dec 5, 2016 - 10:31:48 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford's correcto mundo, again, American boots off Philippines ground and up Benny 'the Fraud' Fulford's idiot a** - PART THREE A

***This is a warning. You may not like this. In fact, you probably won't want to read this. Our Four Part series is being interrupted by this really important public announcement, herein, down below, in Part Three A, of my four part series. If you're a bad guy, you definitely don't want to read this. If you are a thief, of any kind, of the assets or accounts or interest of the Global Debt Facility, don't let the door slam you in the a** on your way out. Because you're definitely gonna want to leave the room. We're gonna be talkin' about you in a very bad way in this article, I promise. If your name is the English Twat, Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof, Neil Pugnose Keenan, the fat Australian Keith Francis Scott, Karen Halloween Mask Hudes, Dave dumb as Schmidt, Bad Man NSA / CIA Hobie who stole RMN, Benny the Fraud Fulford, Wee Willie and Dougie Boy of Landa / Humanas, David Combover Wilcock, PTSD Bailey, and / or the Fake Judge Agent Provocateur, Anna Banana von Reitz / Riezinger, you had better close your eyes and plug your ears, and hide the children and the old folks, because I'm gonna make you cry.

Everything we write down below applies to you. Because, you see, this article hereinbelow, the one I was talking about above, is filled with screaming blood rib bursting rage, and, like I said, it's all for you. No, I mean, I'm - did I tell you how angry I am? I'm raging insanely, splitting at the seems, that kind of anger. Can you tell? My temples have burst with blood and rage. It's all over the place. It's a mess. A raging angry mess. I have set the seat on fire, the floor explodes beneath my chair, and I am going to rage all over this page, at you, you thieving, defrauding, terrorist bit**es! You have blood on your hands. Each one of you, collectively, and independently. And you too, David 'six hearts' Rockefeller. Who did you steal all those hearts from? I hope you take this personally, because I bit** slap you across the old, wrinkled face, with the back of my cold, wet hand. The thought of you is included in everything I say hereinbelow.

But in this new, bonus episode, Part Three A, the spotlight of my focus pours, not onto you, but onto Benny the Fraud Fulford and the useful idiot, David Combover Wilcock. Oh, don't worry, David 'six hearts' Rockefeller, and you other clowns, we haven't forgotten about you. You're turn will soon come, see, you can trust me on that, because I'm a lawyer. American Lawyer! And I'm fired up! I'm angry! And I'm not the only one. Even David P. Crayford and Clif High are angry, for different reasons, but they're totally fed up with Fulford and Wilcock's bullsh**. In fact, Part Three B, which was going to be Part Three, but I had too much info, so I had to split Part Three in half, which is coming up next, wherein we analyze with a fine tooth comb claims by and motivations of Scott Pollack and "Charlie", in a series they produced last year, regarding Pugnose Keenan's fraudulent ways, which will also feature a lot of discussion involving you, Fulford, Wilcock, and fake "Whistleblower", PTSD Drake Bailey.

David P. Crayford just rages when he thinks about you dorks and what you've reported and done in spreading Keith Francis Scott's total disinformation regarding the real OITC, the first ITC, and the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. He rages, blindly, as does the ITC. They rage, together, and apart. These guys just blow gaskets thinking about the quadrillions of dollars you Federal Reserve asset programmed drones have stolen from the wealth that was to be used to back global currencies in an effort to create one spiritually fuel induced cohesive and comprehensive global financial system where all peoples in all nations and countries of the world benefit, not just you a**holes who steal it. Fu** you, President Duterte tells me to tell you. Fu** you --- and the horse you rode in on, he said.

You are why the International Treasury Controller is building the most powerful laws and prison system on this planet, to prosecute and imprison you for your crimes, with no impediment from inferior courts like the I.C.C. or the I.C.J., or any American or Western court. He just rages, I'm telling you. He's like the Incredible Hulk. Remember, when he would just sit there, as this meek human, and then he would see something unjust in the world, and he would explode with violent rage, and turn green,, and these muscles would expand and flex out of his back and shoulders, and they would burst through his shirt, and then he'd have to go kick the bad guys' a**es for real! Remember that? Well, that's the International Treasury Controller now. You know, human one second, the next thing you know, massive Divine thunderbolts of lightening and rage flying out of his green ears and a**, setting villages afire below, blowing Thunderbolts right between the eyes of those who would steal from the Global Debt Facility.

Right now, I'm that rage, because I'm the ITC's and David P. Crayford's conduit, their rage exploding through me, and hereinbelow into my words, which are aimed at all of you. But like I said, you coward chickensh**s that I named above, and the new ones I name down below, you're probably not gonna want to read this, so go ahead and slither unnoticed right out the back window...


"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful."

--- Edward R. Murrow

What's going on? What is really going on here? Is there any truth going on out there, anywhere, in here, anywhere? People seem to really want to know the truth, but they're having a hard time figuring out where to look. Like maybe they need an introduction, because most people are so unaware. People searching for truth, coming up with wrong answers or empty tanks. Some come up with programs and lies, or worse, Dave dumb as Schmidt. And even if we are lucky enough to have a clue as to what kind of truth it is that we're looking for, where do we go to get it?

Here, from this page, from our perspective, we do our very best to provide just that, in giving you what we believe in, regarding all that surrounds the Global Debt Facility, as it relates to mankind's future, which does include the future of our kids, as that relates to the rising dramatic conflict surrounding our future of global economics. That's what David P. Crayford and I talk about, on that rare opportunity that I get to talk to him these days. That's all we talk about, when we talk, because that's all he does. So that's what this article is about. Which is why I write. But no matter how good our collective view is, or my view, of reality might be, or may not be, it should still be remembered that what I have to offer, what any communicator has to offer, is but one POV, and it is from my perspective.

Crayford and I are not the schleps out there making up this Schmidt as we go, or making lots of money from donations, like all those other knuckleheads are doing. They're the ones whose story line is inconsistent and illogical, as Clif High believes Fulford's and Wilcock's to be. They're the ones who act like the sociopathic bullies. Not us. We are the good guys, trying to interpret what we know to be true in our lives that equates to relevant truth in your lives, as it all intersects with the Global Debt Facility. The Bad Guys are the ones who need to follow the script, a very specific script, which is created through central intelligence. Through improvisation, it is they, the Pugnose Keenans and the Benny the Fraud Fulfords, and the Jerky Bobblecockskis of the world, who tell us what that script told them to tell us. The lie is from that script, and those who prepared that script. That's how the useful idiots, the international fraudsters, and the state sponsored terrorists know what truth they're supposed to tell us, so they can know their parts in the play. The lie on that script they read is their truth.

And the bottom line lie that they tell, the one they will tell until we drop or they disappear, is this:

Trust us. Don't think for yourself, and don't worry about it. Just do what we tell you when it's time.

What our handler's script tells us to tell you. What the program tells our handlers to tell us to tell you.

David P. Crayford and myself go by no script. He intuits it. I just work my a** off, day in and day out, 24 / 7, and try to stay as up to speed and relevant as possible. And I meditate a lot. Crayford, just keeps his nose clean and focused on the grindstone, doing his work; legal and economic knowledge and support to the ITC. Day in, day out. Every now and then, he drops by for morning tea, when he feels like it, and he informs us as to the state of the Global Debt Facility. It's top secret, and he doesn't always tell us a lot, but whatever he does tell us, is from his POV. Because, that's all he's got. That's all David P. Crayford can be sure about. That's all he can control, and that's enough for him, which has always been good enough for me. In my search, he became that truth. The other guys, the Keenans, the Wilcocks, and the Fulfords, they emerged as the lie. It just took me a little while to figure it all out, to be able to discern the difference. We've talked about the truth versus the lie with each other, David P. Crayford and I, and we've written about it in our articles here on Abundant Hope. His POV. My POV. That's why I invite him over for morning tea and conversation.


Truth is something that is best if analyzed from within. Real truth is of the heart space; it resonates to the heart. You don't think truth, you feel truth. The heart is where you understand what that truth is. But you have to have a truthful heart frequency to be able to understand the frequency of truth. To be able discern truth from fiction.

Free truth is the lie. At least what is normally acceptable as truth. But it's free, and that's why they give it to us on bus benches and billboards and People magazine. That's what the newspapers, the 5 o'clock news, and Youtube is all about. That's what the mainstream media, religion, and the idiot ignorant blogger will give to us. It's for the top of our heads; really low frequency truth, from their POV, because they don't know the truth other than what is written up for them and then sent to them. It's the lie, which is the only truth the programmed government asset or useful idiot understands to be true. Because that person just doesn't have the heart frequency to understand or to learn, and it must be given to them, programmed into their little reptilian brains, which is as much as they can handle.

You can spend a few bucks, and buy a deeper form of truth. You can buy a book, rent a documentary, go to a lecture, and you can get a more informed and detailed perspective of that person's or those people's truth, whomever is teaching it, at that time. But, what if that person's a liar? Or a complete schizophrenic? Or, what if he / she is just simply misinformed? Then where does that leave us? Our truth becomes his or her misinformation, which leads to psychotic, goopy meltdown, or America as it is.

So maybe we decide we'll try to do better than that for our kids. We'll save up enough money to buy our children the best education money can buy, to fill them with educated, book written, professor taught truth. Maybe we never went to school, or got that higher education for ourselves, but we're going to make damn sure our kids get it. And so we buy them higher truth.

So our kids went to a wonderful American University, and then the best law school our money could buy, and they're all full of college born truth. Now, they will be able to teach it to others. Spreading our children's recently learned higher education truth to our family and friends. To your family and friends. That truth will now become an agreed to truth between you and them and all of us, a wink with an understanding, because our university taught it to us and / or our children, so it must be the truth. They will never teach anyone about the M1, because that's taboo, and we're not allowed to know about that, but we know boxed in, limited truth, for whatever that might be worth.

But, what if the University or the law school that we sent our children to had a different agenda than to teach me or my children the ultimate truth that money can buy? What if there were some hidden agenda behind our country's educational program? Then what would we do? Is such a thing even possible? Or was that so-called truthful education actually something else? Like a higher layer of deeper programming. Sort of like CNN on LSD, but in a law book, fried into our brains. Warped vision and cracked skull. And then our new higher truth has become nothing more than an expensive programming of our computer self, a cellophane overlay of memory, another aspect of our altered personality.

For decades, higher education has been passed off as truth, and our parents, and then us, bought into that micro engineered truth. After all the years of education and professional practice, some of us end up right back where we started. Reading morons like Combover Wilcock, Benny the Fraud Fulford, and Pugnose Keenan, and all the absolute horsesh** they try to pass off as the ultimate learning experience, because we lived the life that barely left us vibrating, and we can't really tell the difference between their truth, dog Schmidt, or a sharp stick in the eye. Or lower. We're all slugging it out, often times battling against unseen opponents, creeping along on the low frequency hamster wheel of em-battlement and life. We are the one that will remain on the Old Earth. Because we will have bought into their program. And we'll still have to pay off our student loans. Because we didn't learn any better. Because that's what the program told us to do. Because we are confused.

Same holds true for our kids, who are now our cute little millennials, protesting into the face of potential positive change, exposing to the world how stupid and vacant of reality they have become. Now, that's buying into the program. That's the frequency the schools and churches and parents build into us, our futures. That's what paid for university educational truth can do to us. That's why we read Fulford's bullsh**, and some of us still believe that it's real.

I didn't need law school to understand higher truth, I needed to meditate more. I needed to hug bigger trees, for longer time periods. What law school did was help to introduce me to practical concepts, and how to use them, and how to think at a higher level, deeper, with stronger reasoning, research, and writing skills, but it did not teach me a thing about truth finding. It fact, if anything, law school taught me how to find the lie, and how to hold it close to the vest. I then learned how to use that lie my advantage as a sword, even if I had to stab someone else with it in order to win. Which is like capitalism, in a way, which, when I look back at it, is how you're supposed to practice law in America! Darwin had nothing on us American lawyers.

It took me decades to understand that if my heart operates at the higher frequency, continuously, for long enough, then I will have learned how to sift through the rubbish that life offers me, while filtering out the truth for purposeful usage. This allows me in life to recognize a gem when I feel one, one which might be tarnished, but hidden with truth, of the highest frequency, which is how I believe I ultimately found David P. Crayford. He is someone who evokes a sort of trust and an inspiration to invite us to come in deeper to see what he's all about, and to not be too afraid. It's okay to be a little afraid, because he does bite, but we know that that truth is going to come from the POV of his heart, which is where he keeps his truth, which is a safe place to keep it.

It took me years to vibrate to the frequency of being able to distinguish David P. Crayford's truth from all the others who talk about the Global Collateral Assets and Accounts, their history, their purposeful intent, but as I learned how the global financial intelligence economic spiritual game is really played, who the high frequency winners are, as my heart grew in frequency from a type of spiritual understanding that I was personally experiencing, I could then begin to understand how significant it was what he was saying. Once I understood that, which I must admit took me a long time, through lots of studying and learning, I eventually gained the wisdom on how to expand upon it.


Unless you experience it, unless you've really been there, and seen it, you will never know about it, for sure. Otherwise, you live in a box. In life, we must get out of that box, that we are initially programmed into, or we shall forever find ourselves with a view of nothing more than cardboard, or so it has been told. Sometimes we climb out of the box, stay out for a while, but then we fall back in. Or we climb into or are forced into a new box. Then, again, we must find a way to climb out.

For me, it was all personal. Yeah I had to get out of the box, because I was young, and stubborn and ignorant. I didn't understand hardly any real truth at that time. People very important to me got hurt. People went down. And it all took place out there, outside of the box I was in, so I had no idea what was happening out there. I didn't understand who hurt them or why. I had no idea there were those places that they traveled to, or that the treasures they sought were so elaborate or real, or belonged to the Global Debt Facility. It didn't make sense to me then, because that stuff didn't exist in the box from where I came. Well, those people got old, and so did I, one of them died with secrets to tell, one got knocked off by bad guys, and the other spent years getting his a** kicked by the bad guys we talk about here, but he survived. Many years later, he told me what had happened to them all, and I climbed out of the box. New information about the way the world really operates can have that affect on a person. It was at that time when, for real, my search for truth had begun. For real, this time. In earnest. This is why I come here to you now. This is what led me to David P. Crayford then.

When I was young, I had no idea that there were Global Collateral Accounts or Assets, or an M1; and I had always wondered why Imelda had so many pairs of shoes. When I was young. Watching mainstream media news made me aware of the shoes. But who was going to tell me about the history of the Global Collateral Accounts and Assets or the M1?

Years later, it was the secret agent man who told me about David P. Crayford. He had spoken to this man, and that's when David P. Crayford's truth became my reality, or, at least, his information and knowledge became important to me. I wanted what he said to be the truth, it would give me so many answers, and help me understand my past, when I was in the box, and they were out there, treasure hunting. So I set out to prove David P. Crayford wrong. And in a way, I won. I couldn't do it. No matter who I talked to, or what I read, I was not able to disprove the truth he expressed.

By not being able to prove him wrong, I was able to prove he was right. Which makes us all winners. Because it also proves that all those a**holes attacking him (and me) were the ones who were wrong. All of them. And I figured that out. That's why my desire to bring harm to those who believe it's their god given right to steal from the Global Debt Facility, which includes all the a**holes I named above, is so virulent. I will bring harm to them. Each and every one of them. You. One day. Here, now, with my writing, hopefully later with my prosecuting. I can only beg. I've sent a formal request, through Mr. Crayford, to the ITC, basically begging him for confirmation of his new court and jurisdiction, and applying for a job as prosecutor at the same time. I want to be the one to present my evidence to the three judge panel, and watch a manacled fat Australian brought into court to rebut my case against him. I fantasize about that. I wonder if the ITC will have Public Defenders for indigent ITC defendants. I have wet dreams of putting Keenan away for life!!! In the International Treasury Controller's new "Shark Tank" prison system. And Hillary Clinton too. I figure Trump won't prosecute the Bushes or the Clintons. He'll try to use them to help get to the really big, bad guys; Clintons' and Bushes' handlers' handlers. I'm hoping David P. Crayford and the ITC will then prosecute the Bushes and Clintons, and everyone else who was big on the planet, because to get big, they would have had to partake in some aspect of stealing from the Global Debt Facility. And that's where I would come in. My years of trial and prosecution experience would be vital. Crayford has already told me I'm the only American the ITC would even consider for such a job. But the ITC still hasn't gotten back to me.

So I write. Because I'm done playing. And I'm gettin' real serious. And I'm going to hurt somebody, some very bad people, through my writing, while I await the final verdict as to my destiny from the International Treasury Controller.

Some very bad people will soon pay dearly for their crimes against humanity, which is the Global Debt Facility. And I'm not even talking about what the ITC is going to be doing to these very bad people. You know what I mean, English Twat? You will pay. I'm talkin' about you. And how 'bout Jerky Bobblecockski / ZAP / Susan / Poof? I hope you are listening. I hope you stayed around, didn't let the door slam you in the a** on your way out. Because, you, especially you, will, most certainly, pay. Big time! I promise, you, Bobblecockski. Talk some more Schmidt you turd! And Pugnose!!! You and your bu**buddy, CIA / NSA Hobie, who stole RMN and Rayelan Allen's existence, both of you are gonna pay, dearly, I double promise you. I am going to personally take it out on you, do I still sound angry?! Yeah, you better believe I'm angry. And you know who's even angrier than I am? David P. Crayford, that's who. And you wanna know who's even more pissed off than David P. Crayford?

Yep, you got it, that's right. The International Treasury Controller.

David P. Crayford read my piece last week, and he loved what I had to say. But he didn't think I went far enough. David P. Crayford never thinks I go far enough when it comes to attacking the bad Americans. In fact, he thinks I'm still stuck inside the box I was telling you about. I didn't ask him whether it was the kind for a refrigerator or a wristwatch. I hope he knows Fulford is actually Canadian.


Mark Logan Wellington Piddly assed Pedly will go down too. We'll just call him Piddly Pedley for the time being. He's the fat Australian's guy out of New Zealand. By the way, first of all, this would probably be a good time to take a moment to congratulate the fat Australian, Keith Francis Scott. I've been told you're not fat anymore.

From here on out, the fat Australian Keith Francis Scott shall no longer be referred to as the fat Australian Keith Francis Scott. According to David P. Crayford, and these aren't his exact words, they're close, but they're mine, I'm interpreting for Crayford, but, from now on, Keith Francis Scott shall be referred to as "Stomach Staples."

Confu**ingratulations, Fat Man. Way to go. You're still fat in my eyes. But, anyway, I hope you like the name change. It took me seven spins on the name change roulette wheel before I came up with that. Crayford liked it. In fact, here's what Crayford had to say about ole Stomach Staples Scott's identity alterations:

"Oh, by the way, Scott has had an operation to remove all that fat he carried. He is now tall 6' 6" and slim. That must have cost him a fortune as such operations are not cheap, so I wonder where he got the money from considering he was always begging for money from many, when he was with the (real and original) OITC, because he couldn't afford to pay his apartment rent, his internet bill or even to buy food (Not bad for a man who always used to wear Hand cut suits and shirts), still, I suppose conmen are conmen and they will always find the gullible ones in society."

Sounds like David P. Crayford knows you well, "Stomach Staples" Scott. By the way, did I tell you one of us is going to put you away? And I really do hope it's me. I want you Stomach Staples Scott, and I don't care how svelte or Twiggy like you've become. You are mine, dear sir. You, Piddly Pedley, and that whole New Zealand crew, are going down. Oh, wait, hold on, a quick note from David P. Crayford's a** to your lips.

And another thing, Piddly Pedley, I got your license plate number. And I'm taking names. Like you, "Ms. Pearly Asian, a Filipino Female living in America," as David P. Crayford put it. I got your number too. As Unwanted Intelligence Publicity put it: The "Filipina front woman Elvira Grace Gamboa and her multiple corporate stock juggling Canadian sidekick front men." Only in America. Living in America, and I do have your number. You might want to move, again.

American criminal thieves.

"Aren't they always," I can hear David P. Crayford blaring into my ear, once again, over and over, until the cows come home, and then one day, I topple into my grave.

Yo, Piddly Pedley, did I tell you I got your license plate number too? I just wanted to remind you of that. Here, in America. And did I tell you how badly the ITC wants you? Did I? I forget. He definitely wants you more than I do, but not as much as he wants the fat Australian, er, Stomach Staples, which is even more than he wants Pugnose, but barely. I can't tell you how badly the International Treasury Controller wants to take care of Stomach Staples Scott for good. Did I tell you that? He really does. That's what David P. Crayford says. He's going to remove Keenan and Scott and you from circulation for all the bullsh** you pulled. From what David P. Crayford tells me, Piddly Pedley, you are the one who "organized the shadow / ghost ITC and OITC for Keith Scott out of New Zealand from the Dominion of Melchizedek." And you will soon be history, for that, and more, as, I'm sure you know, the ITC told Crayford who told me.

By the way, this just hot off the press. Republic of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte just sent me this line --- "Fu** you, Pedley."

I think he said it in English, so even the Twat could feel it. You and the piece of Schmidt Stomach Staples Scott pulled the old CIA / NSA rug out from under the first ITC / original, real OITC, and I think that is terrible. You and the former fat piece of Schmidt Keith Francis Scott defamed, defrauded, and character assassinated the real Office of International Treasury Control, and the first International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam. What you and the fat piece of Schmidt Australian did was try to assassinate Dr. Ray C. Dam and the OITC. And you failed miserably on both accounts, you two pieces of Schmidt. Because both the OITC and the ITC actually, theoretically, still do live, don't they!?!

Dr. Ray C. Dam was taken out, sure, no question about that. Angels kept him alive, though, and got him out of the hospital, took him away for isolated rehab and healing. He was removed from the picture, other than your demeaning, controlling communications with him, and your further manipulation of his name and reputation, the world over. He's toast, as far as his past involvement with the real, original OITC is concerned. While all this was going on, however, a man lurked in the shadows of the murky world that separated and overlapped the real and original OITC, and the NSA / CIA / Stomach Staples Scott's "Ghost" OITC group of companies, which had taken over the functioning heart but not the soul of the real OITC. This hidden man in the shadows had been sent in by the "Chairman" of the global "Hierarchy" to see what was going on with Dr. Dam and Keith Scott, and he nearly witnessed an assassination, Dr. Dam's, and then his own. But this unnamed stud survived to fight off Stomach Staples Scott, Piddly Pedley, the terrorist "Philippines Phantom" Alfredo Sauren, Pugnose Keenan, the CIA and the NSA, and he lives today, in total secrecy. And he works with David P. Crayford. And he works with the new ITC. And they all rage from within. He is the one who, along with David P. Crayford and the ITC, has rebuilt, under a strict blanket of security and secrecy, what had been destroyed by Keith Scott, working on behalf of the Federal Reserve central bank system / CIA / NSA complex.

The OITC, the real original entity, the one that had been created back in 1995 in yet another attempt to put the Global Debt Facility to its intended global purpose, is dying now, taking its last breaths, lying face down in the dark ally gutter of global, financial despair, the last drops of blood squeezing through it's brain. It's been declared brain dead, and you killed it, Federal Reserve central banking system shills and assets. But the Phoenix of a new and stronger structure has risen from the ashes to take its place. The second ITC has made sure of that. This second ITC is back, in full raging fury, and vengeance, but you just don't realize it yet, you can't see it, but you can feel him. You continue to read me. The new International Treasury Controller, who has resurrected the new ITC into a financial powerhouse to be reckoned with, shall soon be unleashed. Much stronger than what you have just about killed. So you kill the OITC, but you fail to kill the first ITC, or the 2nd ITC, and, like I said above, somebody's gonna pay dearly, take a real a**fu**ing kicking, if you know what I mean! So what're ya gonna do? Debt Facility thieves!? Keenan? Scott? Pedley? English Twat? All you other a**holes?

"Now I know they were all effectively working for the shadow ITC / OITC at the time, not the real ITC / OITC," David P. Crayford said in hindsight and resignation. "I don't believe that even Ray Dam knew this factor."

Crayford said there's no question Piddly Pedley works hand on throat with the CIA, and he travels a lot, peddling his wears of deception and fraud. "(The ITC) has been trying to get real hard evidence in respect of Pedley for many years, even when Ray Dam was in charge, without success," David P. Crayford said, "But now, everything seems to be making more sense than ever."

Everyone who worked with the original but now near deceased OITC with Dr. Dam believed they were working under the banner of the Office of International Treasury Control. But as it turned out, all the meetings, and negotiations, all the contract and treaty drafting and travel was actually done under the shadow of the corporate octopus that was Keith Scott's fraudulent OITC group of corporations.

"Scott had this all under control," Crayford said. Scott's job was to discredit Ray Dam and the legitimate ITC / OITC which he did through his work under the shadow /ghost ITC / OITC.

"What a devious, unscrupulous bastard Scott was," and I had to agree with David P. Crayford once again. It was pure unadulterated truth. When the man is right the man is right.


I told David P. Crayford that I believed the ITC had to be as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning about the prospects of burying Pedley, Scott, Keenan, Fulford, Bobblcockski, Hobie, and all the other thousands of baddies I named above, and others unnamed, through the impending creation of the ITC global jurisdiction.

Crayford cleared his throat, and said, "Something like that." He was obviously titillated with excitement from my question.

I knew what it was going to be like. Crayford had taken the time to explain it all to me. These guys of whom Crayford spoke were the top bananas. They were the good guys. The new big dogs, head honchos, the Golden Cadillac in a black and white TV show on global "Sovereign" law, wealth, and financing. David P. Crayford said the The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World actually gets his lines from the ITC. As I understood the explanation, the bottom line goes like this. The ITC, by International Law, International Treaty Law, Schweitzer Conventions, and the ITC's own "Sovereign" laws, will soon have the highest "Sovereign" legal jurisdiction in the world. This was signed into Treaty law many years ago. By the United States, as one of hundreds of international signatories.

When the letter of the law is finally established and recognized across the planet, which is happening as we type, the signing nations to the treaties will honor them. The ITC's global legal jurisdiction will override all other existing law. Countries are now going back to recognizing and honoring international treaties they signed many years ago.

The International Treasury Controller is not a part of the U.N., the I.C.C., the I.C.J., Human Rights, W.T.O., W.H.O., or similar. "In fact we stand a hell of a lot higher than all those organizations," David P. Crayford said. Then he showed me how the legal hierarchy on the planet really works.


We begin with us, we the people, you and I. The only things we the people are higher than on the legal global hierarchy is the birds, the bees, animals, flora, running creeks, and dirt. We are even below organizations. Which means the IMF, the World Bank, the I.C.J., the I.C.C., and the W.H.O., just to name a few, have higher legal standing than we the people do, as individuals, or collectively. What is wrong with that picture?

Standing taller than organizations of the world are the 207 Nations of the World, both as a collective, say as registered under the UN, and as individual Nations. So I guess that means Burundi is bigger than I am. But I am still bigger than dirt. Hmm. I guess the Vatican is too. So, Crayford's telling me I'm somewhere down here, with the rest of humanity, on the global hierarchy, at a place somewhere between raging creeks, Antigua and The Creator.

On the next highest rung of the legal global hierarchy comes the individual Royal Families of the World, "Whose Power lies solely within their own Countries / Nations," Crayford said. Legally, according to International Treaty Law, above them, comes the International Treasury Controller.

"The International Treasury Controller was appointed by the Royal Families of the World, as a Collective," Crayford said. "He was given, by International Treaty, which the United States is a signatory to, certain international legal responsibilities to protect the assets of the Global Debt Facility."

There would have been no other way to legally protect the Global Debt Facility assets, accounts, and interest, Crayford said. Ultimately, because of this, the law of the land will be reestablished on planet Earth. That's when law and order will be reestablished on planet Earth. Duterte in the Philippines throwing the U.S. out of the Philippines is but an example of this phenomenon taking place right now. Duterte is bringing the Republic of the Philippines back in line with International Treaty Law. Trump will do the same, eventually, with the U.S., as will other world leaders who actually want their nations to prosper economically, and who will need their countries to become internationally acceptable as a sound financial investment opportunity to foreign corporations, banking institutions, and governments.


The Hierarchichal order of global class standing, as explained by David P. Crayford, is as follows:

a. The Royal Families of the World as a Collective / Group (assets of the Global Debt Facility to be used for benefit of the world);

b. The International Treasury Controller (appointed by Royal Families of the World as Collective);

c. The Individual Royal Families of the World (Power lies solely within their own Countries or Nations);

d. The 207 Nations of the World, (both as a collective as under the UN, and as individual Nations);

e. Organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, I.C.J., I.C.C., W.T.O., W.H.O., and the like;

f. The People of the World;

g. Dirt, flora, squashed bugs on the windshield during harvest season, etc...


According to Crayford, one of the very reasons the Royal Families of the World (The Collective) designated the wealth of the world (for humanity) to which they were the beneficiaries of, at least until this wealth was all combined under Foundation Divine, "was because those parties within sections d). and e)., and even some of c). (above), have been found to be totally corrupt, inept, inefficient, greedy, and only too willing to rid the world of the Royal Families so that d). e). and some of c). can take their place and their power and do as they please." It's all about ridding the world of the Royal Families. Just ask Fulford and his White Dragon Society. Kill them off, steal their identity, assume their massive wealth. Who needs to feed the people. This is what Benny the Fraud Fulford actually proposes.

This is what those corrupt members of world organizations such as the I.C.C., or the 207 Nations of the World, or of the Individual Royal Families of the World, call modern day democracy, which is an ideology only, and of which there are many distorted forms, many of which use the basis of Control as we experienced in the 1300 - 1700's. "In other words," David P. Crayford said, "going backwards to come forward to complete and total servitude of the majority to a minority"

This fight has been going on for centuries in the same way as the fight for the Global Debt Facility has been going on for centuries. One equals the other. Two sides of the same coin. Control of the majority by the minority. All linked to the Global Debt Facility. If the minority controls it, they control the majority. If the majority controls it, we get global enterprise, prosperity, true global economics, which would include legitimate, uncontrolled, free market trade, accessible by everybody.

David P. Crayford made no additional comments regarding option "g." above, "Dirt, flora, squashed bugs on the windshield during harvest season, etc..."


David P. Crayford doesn't like my attitude. He's not the first to have told me that. I told him it might be from eating too many red M&Ms. He said the M&M's had nothing to do with it. It's bigger than that. "All Americans," he explained, for what seemed like the eleventh time, "appear to have a big attitude problem which eventually gets them into trouble."

I told him I hadn't had any trouble until I stopped eating red M&M's and I started this conversation with him.

He said, that's exactly his point. Americans like to "force themselves upon others and dictate what has to be done."

I thought, well that really is America's problem, isn't it, it's not mine. I said, "Well, that's what America's military is for."

Crayford said, "In the majority, Americans care little about anyone except for themselves."

I couldn't really argue with that. All I really cared about at the moment was my next M&M, so I just stared at the blue bowl. Filled with yellow M&M's. Not a red one is sight.

Crayford recognized my discomfort, and said, "Additionally, the way Americans do things is totally not acceptable to me."

I felt even more uncomfortable, but I could find no argument with what he said. Although I tried. I searched for an argument, but it wasn't there. And he wasn't done. Which meant, neither was I. "At the same time, I no longer trust the average American," he said, and I swear he was staring straight through me. "Generally they are out for themselves only and couldn't care less about others," he said, and then he just sat there, smiling, sort of, expectantly, as if awaiting a response.

I had none. So I just sat back into the plush couch and relaxed into the idea that he was just getting started, and there were no more red M&M's in the blue bowl.

When I said nothing, he continued, "I have personally seen and experienced this attitude and I have been to America several times in the past and consider that Americans just live in a fantasy world which is financed by other countries. So no more Americans."

I broke out of thinking about the Road Runner cartoon reruns I had watched that morning, and I breathed in the sudden rush of dread that filled my head, thanks to Crayford. It was about my application to the ITC, where I had asked to be able to personally prosecute Keenan, Scott, and Bobblecockski, in the soon to become reality International Treasury Controller criminal court. I so very much wanted to prosecute those clowns into life terms on "Shark Island Prison," wherever that was. Top Secret, according to Crayford. But I was afraid maybe the ITC hated Americans attitudes even more than did David P. Crayford, so the ITC might share Crayford's "So no more Americans" attitude, and so much for me prosecuting Scott and Keenan and Hillary Clinton. That whole concept could be nothing but smoke rings. Pretty right now, but, poof, they'll be gone.

I focused on my breathing and wondered if my increased anxiety was caused by too much sugar, or not enough.


I was old and American, and I had a blue bowl full of yellow M&M's staring right up at me, but I needed to go on a diet. I needed to do a lot of things, but I had started with no more red M&M's. My decision. I had also decided to just pass on the yellow ones, period. Red or dead, I said. There was just no comparison in flavor or aftertaste. So, I was going to have to try something new. I was now going to have to give up M&M's altogether, for a little while. I didn't know how long, but, one thing at a time. So I'd just sit there, for the moment, and cover my growling stomach with the Peruvian fringed pillow. David P. Crayford had a lot of morning tea and he was feeling quite energetic and very talkative. So, all was cool. I just had to shut up and listen for a change, and I did. I was less American, and more Bohemian. David P. Crayford appreciated the attitude adjustment. I told him thank you, grabbed a fist full of yellow M&M's from the blue bowl, and I just squeezed them, like a stress ball, or, in certain circumstances, someone's throat. Either way, it relaxed me.

He said: "As I have stated, the ITC has no intention to work within the existing systems otherwise that will 'Control' us, which is not the purpose behind the ITC's structure and the Royal Families of the world know this, hence why we (at the ITC) are what we are, and why we have and hold the enormous Powers and Authorities that we do."

He sat there staring at me expectantly, as if I might have something brilliant to say, given birth to brilliance, as David P. Crayford might say, but, no. I had nothing brilliant on my mind, other than, again, all I wanted to know was how we the People were going to move our way up the human chain of global hierarchy. I said, "I know dirt has no chance for ascendency, but we the People deserve better.

Crayford looked at me very kindly, a professor being very polite, while his student appeared to be suffering a reality breakdown right in front of him. But I was serious. I knew Crayford could care less about what I thought about the people or dirt, and our places in the global class system. But that was important to me. The 'people' of the world was who my family and friends and neighbors and everybody else in the world was.

I nervously grabbed a left handful from the blue bowl. Now I had one fist and one hand full of yellow M&M's, but I was cool. I wasn't sure he had noticed. I just needed to hold them, to feel secure. I acted nonchalant, and tossed one up in the air, and when it came down I tried to catch it in my mouth. But I missed. It bounced off my front tooth and ricocheted over to Crayford, bouncing off his chair, rolling onto the floor and then under the couch. And my tooth hurt like hell.

He looked at me like something you might see on glass under a microscope, and I could see him zooming in for closer inspection. He certainly looked unimpressed, and he said, "You know, we are able to change things in a way that benefits the people and the elite end up behind bars for what they have done to the world over many decades. We are a 'Sovereign', and just like any other 'Sovereign Nation', we enact laws to protect ourselves in conjunction with the Powers and Authorities granted to us, which were not granted for fun, but so we can protect the assets and accounts from the crooks and allow the world to benefit."

I understood everything he was saying. I had done the research. Former Republic of the Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos was of like mind and body, back when he was still alive and operating. He was the one true and only M1, as successor heir to the previous M1, who just happened to be from the Chinese Royal Families. Marcos had been appointed M1 then, around the time of World War II, just as the second ITC has recently in the last several years had happen to him. Trying to protect the assets of the Global Debt Facility is what led to M1 Ferdinand Marcos' demise. It was the same reason behind the inglorious character assassination and murderous fall of Dr. Ray C. Dam. It is what the second ITC / M1 now fights against, from a position of total security, seclusion, and secrecy. It's all about controlling the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. It is the battle Russia, China, Turkey, Syria, and the Republic of the Philippines, among others, are fighting right now on a global scale. I stared under the couch, like I had lost a best friend.

Crayford stared at me, like maybe I had lost my mind under the couch too. He said, "You know, The Global Agreement, known as the Global Settlements Treaty was Marcos's way of freeing the world from Financial Slavery by the Elite."

"I know that," I said. "That treaty was Marcos's death warrant."

Crayford looked like he was impressed. I, an American, had responded intelligently. Five points for the American. I was going to show him not all Americans know nothing about true history. I said, "Marcos had to go because of that treaty. So did Soekarno and Kennedy. They had to go as well."

He said, "Same with Ray Dam. Once he freed himself of Scott, he saw the light and worked towards it, so he had to go. That now leaves the ITC. And now you can see why the family of Royals didn't want the same negative actions of the Elite being imposed upon them. Hence why they pushed it side wards and the second ITC ended up carrying the Banner. What happened in the past is not going to happen to this ITC, I can assure you of that. The Elite are on the run and we must use that situation to our advantage and then changes can happen."

I was really fired up, now, and I wanted so much to eat all those yellow M&M's in my fist, hand, and that blue bowl, but I didn't know what to do about the one under the couch. I had to think. I was really confused for a second. I had to fight the urge to just scarf them all, mindlessly, but it would kill my diet.

David P. Crayford acted like a man who cared not about M&M's of any color, in any location, period. With pinkie in air, he took another sip from his teacup, set the cup back down, nodded, and said, "What we are creating right now is a simple system but, a definitive one, whereby whether one steals a cent or one trillion dollars (of Global Debt Facility assets), it is theft and so you shall go to jail. Not being religious but spiritual, remember the 10 Commandments, 'Thou shalt not steal' ----------------"

God's Law. Simple, but very explicit. No ifs, ands, or buts for lawyers to spend time in courts arguing over the definition of words because of the difference between simple English and Legal English. The ITC Law to be similar to the ITC Court in structure. No need for expensive structures or complex operations. Simple, straight forward systems which people understand without questions. And my eyes opened wide with delight of that idea. What a great environment to prosecute Scott, Fulford, Pedley, and Keenan to. I dumped hand and molded fist of M&M's back into the blue bowl, and wiped my hands on my jeans. I wondered if you could become addicted to blue bowls? I fell to my knees, and looked back under the couch.

David P. Crayford studied me oddly and said, "The only way to achieve this is to come right out of the box and then look back and see and fully analyze what you've been working with over the years."

My ears perked up because I knew he was talking about me again. I heard the word 'box'. David P. Crayford liked to make sure I understood that I was the American of whom he spoke. I wondered if he knew any other Americans. He thought I represented the typical American politician, lawyer, or simple layman, whoever it was at the moment who happened to be an American with a narrow understanding of truth or reality, and a tremendous need to jump, leap up if necessary, and out of the box of narrow understanding. Yep, that was me, at all times, according to David P. Crayford. And we're not talkin' Jack in the Box, here, we're talkin' about an AL jump out of the box, and it was time, David P. Crayford was telling me, for someone to wind up my box so I could jump out for good. I, like America and Americans, needed to come to realize the true state of the reality of the world, is what he was telling me without saying it.

I forgot what I was doing, got back up, dusted my knees off, and I reached back for the blue bowl, but pulled away at the last second. I thought, yep, for sure I might have had enough, but I wasn't sure, but I thought so, I was on a diet, and I knew I could win this battle. I also thought, maybe, once I got outside the box, I'd have no need for yellow M&M's, that the world really would be different. A difference I desperately needed to learn. But I would take the blue bowl with me, just in case. A kind of security blanket.

Then I came back to reality, and I heard David P. Crayford say, "Then, and only then does one realize how pathetic the current systems are and how they are used to control and manipulate the entire world for the benefit of a few. The same is applicable to Treaties that are structured in a complex manner, something America is very good at; the complexity mixed with Legal English is what causes all the problems and has allowed smaller, weaker Nations to be controlled by the stronger wealthier Nations, and generally there is always an ulterior motive behind it."

I knew that in many cases, this involved the theft of the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

"If you take Hawaii," he said, "conned by the Americans with a Treaty they didn't really understand even though they signed it and ended up becoming a State of America."

There was a huge movement going on in Hawaii, right now, fighting that very issue. I said, "Hawaiians seem to want out of the raw deal they were given by America, fake Muslim President or no Fake Muslim President."

Crayford nodded in agreement. "Yes," he said, "they want to cede from America, but now they have difficulties in finding the right way because of the Treaty and its complexity. The TTP and TTIP are very similar. It all benefits America and eventually Europe will be totally controlled by America under those Treaties."

This is why the older about dead OITC has been replaced. This is why the original OITC was created in the first place. This is why the TTTGC was originally created. This is why former President Marcos was bestowed with M1 status. This is why we the People and David P. Crayford and the ITC have no choice but to work together to 'free Nations from the Financial Chains and Constraints imposed upon them by deviousness and control of the present systems.' David P. Crayford smiled, and handed me his teacup. It needed to be refilled. I shot up and refilled the man's cup of morning tea. There was no time for napping now, for him or I.

"We have to think totally differently and come up with simple solutions," he said, as I walked into the kitchen.

"Give them all their financial independence," I could hear him say, as I turned on the burner and heated up some water. It was cold. I thought about how amazing the world was becoming. Nations were freeing themselves from the 'Financial Chains and Constraints imposed upon them' by world tormentors. Examples of this battle for national freedom and sovereignty could be witnessed all over the world, from Syria, to Ukraine, to Turkey, to Vietnam, to Greece, to The Republic of the Philippines. But there was still so much work to be done. Americans had to wake up to the fact our country was becoming a third world relic, with every governmental agency at all levels in total disarray, controlled by cronyism covered by dilapidated, wasteful bureaucracy. And we're still in trouble. They, the new rich system, over there, in the East, hate us. They're going to bury us. Americans had better wake up to the new global financial reality. Before we are swamped because of inattention and naivety.

"So let's all jump out of the Box and start afresh," he said as I walked back into the living room and handed him his cup filled with tea.

And I knew he had been talking about me, again. I handed him his tea.

"Thank you," he said. He was teetering with energy, and I felt I could intuit what he was thinking, or so I thought. This was a man who still had much work to do. David P. Crayford was no spring chicken. He wasn't going to be doing this forever. He had to have some kind of family somewhere. I knew his background to be top secret, because I had scoured the universe looking for the answer to who he was and is. He sat there in front of me, but how did I know that was even him. I researched David P. Crayford, and tell me you can find an independent, verifiable bio on who he really is. It doesn't exist. Nothing about him exists other than what he has written about himself. And what I've written about him. Who was this man who sat there before me, intent on putting things back the way they should be, in a global hierarchical way? David P. Crayford is all business when it comes to the Global Debt Facility. He has to be. There's thousands of state sponsored criminals and terrorists stealing it from around the world, and using it to sponsor terrorism, war, and greed. The ones I named above are part of that. They create a false public perception of what the Federal Reserve central bank system / CIA / NSA complex is really trying to accomplish. They are a cover for the truth.

David P. Crayford understood all of that. He set the empty cup on the table, and stood up. He grabbed his hat off the sofa and turned to leave. My time was up. This lesson was over.

He stopped at the front door, turned and smiled. "I am not an activist or financial terrorist by any means, I hope you understand that."

"Of course I understand that," I said. "If you were, you wouldn't be here." I let a smile cross my lips.

He smiled back, and then sighed, as if resigned to one last very important unstated fact. "What I am is a realist. And we have a job to do. A very important job. A big, dirty job. But we will get it done, by God, whatever it takes."

I watched him walk out and I closed the front door. I knew he was serious. The ITC was going to get his ounce of flesh. Payback would truly be a bitch.


"It will be a dangerous day for American broadcasting if we ever reach the point where they who have the most money are allowed to dominate the marketplace of ideas."

--- Edward R. Murrow

If you don't yet know Clif High you soon will. He's definitely the latest wildfire to hit the immediate relevancy scene, in pretty much any and every important category the Internet talking heads are talking about. Clif runs a Website called Half Past Human, and also posts a very timely, state of the art, socially prescient roughly monthly newsletter that anybody who cares about what specifically might happen in reality, time, or space, will want to read.

"If you're the smartest dude in your group, it's time to find a new group."

Someone told me that a long time ago, and I've been group shopping ever since. First I climbed into higher group standing with Sam the secret agent man. Sam gave me great, meaningful, deeper understanding of many esoteric aspects of life, spirituality, gold, fine Asian women, and global finances. Others in our group offered similar values regarding reality and life. Eventually, Sam introduced me to David P. Crayford. I'm still climbing, slip sliding, really, trying to get over the lid and outside the cardboard box, so I can join David P. Crayford's group for real. But I'm not there yet, as he constantly reminds me. And I feel the same way about Clif High. He's that brilliant. One day, I'm going to join his group too, whatever group that might be.

I discovered Clif High through Greg Hunter this past October. Clif introduced me to his world of Web bots and spiders. But it was his predictive linguistics which drew me into near compliance. I liked what Clif had to say in his interview with Greg Hunter re American politics, finances, and the price of gold. Clif was authoritative, knowledgeable, and rational. He believed he knew precisely of what he spoke regarding world affairs, and he had a very interesting methodology utilized in his approach to what in essence amounts to coming as close as anyone I've ever seen to predicting the future. He reminded me of Frank Zappa. Through words. And emotional resonance and content within those words. Hence, predictive linguistics.

I started gobbling up everything I could find on Clif High, putting my own mental dossier together. Clif High has a very interesting perspective and I can see where he has come up with the particular POV he offers.

Two other people I try to follow regarding the information they put out which helps blend into what later becomes my personal understanding of life, are Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair of These two bonafide financial experts possess opinions and thoughts that I want to understand, to take into consideration as I make my daily life's decisions. They are financial information experts. When I read them last month regarding the fall of the American dollar and bartering, I came across a piece on their Website that talked about Clif High, and the perspective and information he provided through his Youtube videos and at his Website at Half Past Human, regarding economics, financing, and precious metal valuation. This confirmed what I had already believed about Clif High offering solid, practical, and timely information. I continued my deeper search for informative Clif High videos, and that's when I struck the proverbial jackpot. Clif High had done interviews with Red Ice Radio in 2012, where High did not hold back in his blistering of David Wilcock and Ben Fulford, and their information / disinformation campaign regarding a new financial system and major mass arrests of corrupt politicians and banksters.

These videos were so good, in fact, they made me interrupt my Four Part series here, where I've been going after the criminals, thieves, and terrorists who steal the assets and accounts of the Global Debt Facility. I should be doing Part Three now, but I needed to cover my morning tea with Crayford's new take on the Global Debt Facility state of affairs, and I needed to interject Clif High's thought processes regarding two shill public disinformation mouth pieces, so I split Part Three into two parts. I believe you understand why. I know the bad guys do. Right, English Twat?

As you will see below, Clif High was outraged by what Wilcock and Fulford were doing. He reminded me of David P. Crayford and myself, in that regard. Clif High has a military background, but has never served in the U.S. military. His father was a lifer in the service, and the man had a profound affect on Clif High's upbringing, and his outlook on life. Clif High was also greatly influenced by another dramatic matter in his life. Personal family and family members were destroyed by the Federal Reserve Banking system. It affected Clif High in a very profound and dramatic way. That intensely focused outlook that resulted is displayed in all of his videos, but it manifests in different ways. He was really angry in 2012. So was I. So was David P. Crayford.

This may be another of my tie ins to the information and perspective Clif High provides. Not only do we both exactly agree on what we believe about Benny the Fraud Fulford and David Combover Wilcock, and their mass scale of deception, but we share an essential deep emotional basis of why we independently feel as we do about many things in life, where, for one, we both hate all aspects of the Federal Reserve Financial System, and the mass destruction it and its agents have reaped upon humanity over many years, in one form or another, throughout the world, through financial domination, manipulation, and control.


Clif High is famous for his development of an internet bot software program or a web spider that originally was designed to predict stock market trends. Now it's claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords on the web. That is good enough for me. Try to prove that wrong. I tried. I read up on and studied as many Clif High Youtube videos as I could before writing this piece. I read everything I could find written by him and about him. I studied his Website material. Back in early 2012, for instance, Clif High got really angry about the nonsense that particularly Fulford was trying to peddle across the world through the Internet. Two main aspects of fuel for High's anger then were Fulford claiming that, a., Asian martial artists were going to unite around the world to essentially protect the creation of a new financial system that was going to replace the old Federal Reserve banking system, and, b., the one that probably sent High over the proverbial cliff, was that Fulford said that Fukushima didn't really cause any major environmental damage in America or the world. High knew Fulford to be full of Schmidt on both ends.

He spent an enormous amount of time destroying Fulford's take regarding Fukushima. Clif High is a serious treehugger, and Fulford was talking Schmidt about Fukushima not posing any serious harm at the same time High's Geiger counter was going berserk in America's Pacific Northwest. Fukushima had turned the world into a radiation catastrophe, and Fulford the central banking shill was lying about it. Clif High caught him in the act of many lies.

Because of his rising rage, at that time in 2012, Clif High wrote and posted on Half Past Human a piece going after Fulford's perspective about Fukushima, the Yakuza, and lying. High had been getting a lot of e mails on the subject, with friends and strangers asking him his take on what was being said by Fulford, Wilcock, and PTSD Drake Bailey on the Internet. Red Ice Radio saw the piece written by High and posted on Half Past Human, so he contacted the author / linguist and asked for his opinion about Fulford's and Wilcock's claims of mass arrests and a new financial system. As expected, Clif High did not disappoint. The man has opinions to express, and he did so, in a very intelligent manner. His opinions are supported by the data his spiders feed his computer-like mind.

Also, it's important for everyone to understand that what Wilcock and Fulford had proposed, was merely one aspect of a highly complex underlying story line. It only touched the surface of the true nature of the circumstances surrounding it. At the time, it was an important story, for sure, and people were asking questions, but it still only provided a narrow glimpse of the overall significance of these Federal Reserve idiot shills, and what motivated and who manipulated their operations. Everyone prays for the day there will be mass arrests coming imminently for corrupt banksters, but it never seems to actually happen. But that's exactly what Wilcock and Fulford, along with PTSD Drake Bailey, were announcing to the world was about to take place, imminently.

It was such a significant event at the time that many people covered it, asking the same questions. Our piece in Part Three B covers the very same story, but from an entirely different perspective, one provided by, first, Scott Pollack, Senior Editor at The Critical Post - Chicago, then, "Charlie," the undercover government agent who interdicted himself into Pollack's rage series against Neil Pugnose Keenan and Keenan's international fraudster associates. Their series focused more on Neil Pugnose Keenan's specific involvement, as it also related to the fat Australian Stomach Staples Keith Scott, where the Clif High with Red Ice Radio interview isolated the discussion more toward how Fulford and Wilcock, with PTSD Bailey, played off of each other in their mass deception campaign. Did I tell you Clif High is not afraid to express his opinion? His POV.

From Clif High's perspective, his response to the whole situation originated from a genuine emotional basis. His work in linguistics, which specifically involves, in great part, analyzing the emotional intent behind the use of language on the Internet, also played a big part in the way he responded.

In the interview, Red Ice Radio opened up by pointing out to High something that should have, when this PR campaign first came out, set off alarm bells in everyone's minds, that this was nothing but a hoax being played out by these banking, governmental asset dupes. "Author and speaker David Wilcock has been talking with a whistleblower and alleged insider by the name of Drake - about the U.S. military and the top military brass in the Pentagon, and their secret plans to arrest people in high places. Corrupt politicians, bankers, etc.," Red Ice Radio said. "Basically all those who have been subjecting people to financial tyranny."

This was an important opening statement as it set up what would turn out to be an informative and emotion driven interview, and it presented the theme that the bad guys were trying to spread like a virus through our minds --- "Financial Tyranny." It was the name attributed to David Combover Wilcock's disinformative book. Neil Pugnose Keenan was propagandizing the same theme.

Red Ice Radio's above statement also made another important point. Could you imagine PTSD Drake Bailey actually being anyone's whistleblower about anything? He was unceremoniously discharged from the military as an E1, he possessed a terrible radio presence, and he displayed obvious signs of PTSD while he was on the air. He once admitted to enjoying torturing the enemy when he served in Vietnam. Besides that, he was being fed a script of disinformation. Once PTSD Bailey's controlled personality and perspective were finally exposed to the world for what they truly were, his credibility was shot. His financial support was cut off, for good. This should have begun the collapse of the group's collective credibility, as well as their house of cards fake story line. But it wasn't.

When doing a legitimate critical examination of what Benny the Fraud Fulford, formerly of Forbes magazine, was really about, Red Ice Radio knew the discussion had to include the 'Yakuza' and the White Dragon Society, and their supposed opposition to the Western Royal Family, and the Illuminati. That's where this discussion began. Fulford's entire premise posed the scenario where the Japanese mafioso organization, the Yakuza, along with his secret White Dragon Society, set out to destroy the history and family lines of Western Royalty, as well as to steal their wealth. That is one reason Fulford incorrectly sided the Western Royal Family with the Illuminati in his propaganda. Fulford's scriptwriters and Fulford were spreading disinformation, for, if the truth were to be told, which it is here and now, the fact is they, Fulford, Scott, Keenan, Wilcock, Federal Reserve central banking group, NSA / CIA, and the rest of the baddies, were and are the ones who actually worked for the Illuminati and play with black magic. We'll see more of this tie in later in Part Four.

For Clif High, what probably drove him craziest about Fulford's approach was the way he downplayed the severity of Fukushima on the global environment and the world. Clif High immediately saw through Benny's fraudulent misrepresentations. He found a major crack in Fulford's week story line structure. When the credibility of a person is broken, the truth is, it's difficult to trust what that person has to say after that. Fukushima was just the beginning of that trust being broken down between Clif High's belief system, and the bullsh** that had entered his brain, via Fulford's mouth.

For Clif High, Fulford's story went back well before 2012. "The story actually goes back several years now with Benjamin Fulford's, I would say, creeping development of the story beginning with his initial attacks on the powers that be," he said.

He first became aware of the whole Fulford saga through his devotion to martial arts, and its tie in with his work at Half Past Human. "On a personal level I have flags in my spiders that bring me new and interesting stories about martial arts," he said. Which is probably way better than having bats in your belfry, or monsters in your colon. What High witnessed through his spiders was "New language combinations relative to martial arts," he said. High thought it to be odd that Fulford was claiming "there were ten million dojos on the planet, with a hundred million fierce martial artists ready to go on out and stomp the shit out of the powers that be."

Clif High had been a martial artist for many years. No dojo he'd ever been in, with any of the people he'd ever been involved with in the dojos he frequented, "would stir themselves to attack anybody on the orders of any of the powers that be in Japan, that Benjamin Fulford was claiming were on his side and were going to do this."

There's no question this is a complex over all story, with many side paths and hidden layers, but, according to Clif High, it can be broken down to basically looking at it on two different levels. You can drill in on all the details which are spun out of the mind of Benjamin Fulford, which are then amplified by the inaccurate conclusions and accepting mind - uncritical mind of David Wilcock - and add to this cocktail the pumped in information "from the powers that be by Drake, because they discovered in their terminology that Fulford and Wilcock are useful idiots, and are good mouthpieces for information that they want to have out there with a certain level of emotional histrionics involved."

And Fulford and Wilcock deliver. What High doesn't realize is that the pumped in message he referred to is actually derived from the CIA / NSA intelligence complex, as supplied by the fat Australian, Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott, by and through Neil Pugnose Keenan. This is part of a much greater scaled assault by Western civilization, which is used as a cover for the Elite powers that be, who run their power structure through the Federal Reserve banking system, which controls the White House and the Pentagon, which, along with the U.S. military structure around the world, operates in an organized, precise manner, to methodically, through war, terror, and financial manipulation, control the stealing of the Global Assets and Accounts and Interest of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, which is washed, and laundered through the Federal Reserve central bank octopus, to convert into usable currency to pay off themselves, the Federal Reserve central bank / multinational corporate / NSA / CIA complex elite controllers, and to wage war, terror, and global financial hegemony against the world in an effort to repeat the cycle; to repeat the cycle of global domination. We shall delve deeper into analyzing all of that later in our series.

Regarding Benny's fraud, Clif High said you have to first understand that beyond shear misinformation regarding Fukushima and radiation poisoning and fallout, Benjamin Fulford's house of cards story begins to totally fall apart when one delves deeper into his claims to fame, which Fulford uses as an attempt to claim expert status. As a result of that fame, High claimed, "Benjamin Fulford is saying because he worked for Forbes Magazine, he is an economics expert."

High disagrees. There was no expertise at all gained from Fulford's alleged Forbes magazine experience. Personalities were featured. It was a photo spread magazine geared around pimping up and promoting rising fake pretend shills of interest and financial personalities. It had nothing to do with financial expertise.

High elaborated: "So Ben Fulford, all he had to be was a personality spotter, not in any way an economics genius. So it's not surprising that the scheme or idea that he's presenting in my mind is grossly inaccurate in its view of reality, because he is not an economics genius, in my opinion. And the information he's presenting... I'm going to encapsulate it in a nutshell... His idea is that there's a Yakuza, the Japanese crime syndicates, that are honest criminals, honorable men, who are criminals, and don't make any bones about it, are going to get together all these ten million dojos and force the powers that be to accede to being arrested, and there are tens of thousands, and their whole money scheme is to be replaced by this giant gold backed money scheme run by the Yakuza and parties that are unnamed, but go by the name of, the collective name of the Dragon Family."

There you have it. In a capsule, what Ben Fulford is all about. I could not have stated it better. I'm not even sure David P. Crayford could have. According to Red Ice Radio, that basically describes the "White Dragon Society."

"Correct, correct, exactly," High said. But the details are immaterial. "They do not matter because the whole thing is fictional," he said. It cannot happen because there aren't enough truth cards to keep the house of cards lies from crumbling into the dirt. According to High, Fulford's idea centers around the concept that "one money scheme, the current global petro dollar euro transnational, Forex managed scheme, will be replaced by another one in which money will rain down upon the masses of the people, and the powers that be will disappear over night." That kind of a deal.


Clif High believes that in 2012, Fulford, Wilcock, and Bailey pumped into public circulation nothing more than "another external savior myth." Which is what they always hook us humans with. Doesn't matter if it's religion, science, philosophy, whatever, if you look deep enough, inside the programming fishing hook, you will find someone in there promulgating the idea that something outside of us is going to save us.

Which is exactly what Clif High does, as the linguist, in analyzing Fulford's bullsh**. High said of Fulford, "You'll find that throughout his entire message for the last couple of years has been the idea of this external savior coming to save us, and he is sort of like the 'Prophet' of all of this. Now, what has occurred is a relatively common phenomenon, and that is that someone with an uncritical mind, and also a certain amount of fame, and that is David Wilcock, has latched on to Ben's story."

That was the Combover Wilcock I always remembered. Uncritical. His approach "seeks for success" as High would say. Wilcock had said he was the one who vetted PTSD Bailey. Yet, there was no critical analysis by Wilcock of who might be backing the information coming from Bailey's fraudulent persona. Wilcock set out to prove PTSD Drake Bailey was exactly who he claimed he was, not the other way around. As soon as he accomplished that, as soon as he found the first piece of evidence that validated something in David Wilcock's mind that Drake Bailey was who he claimed to be, he stopped. That was good enough for Combover.

"You don't stop at the first point that proves your theory," High explained. The whole point in vetting someone - the vetting process - is to disprove them.

High said, "If you set out with the idea that you wish to disprove them then, if you fail, you succeed. Because they were legit. But if you succeed, you succeed, because you've proven that they are a fraud. Or, that you're theory was fake. Or it was an invalid way to approach reality. This in my opinion is the approach of a rational human being in reality. You set out with the idea of saying, I can't trust this."

High believed Combover Wilcock always set out with the idea of validating, or using or finding the evidence to validate his opinion from the onset. That there's never any actual critical analysis involved, at least as it applied to Drake Bailey. So he did not attempt to vet PTSD Drake Bailey, nor did he ever vet Benny the Fraud Fulford. "All he did was find something that he could pin in his mind that said they were legitimate," High said.

There's no question High's a skeptic, but he's right in what he says. He's made a critical analysis of a man who knows nothing about critical analysis. Clif High says that being a skeptic going through life makes it a lot easier because you will rarely run up against that huge wall of disappointment that you get into with these cults in personality, which is basically what's developing here at the moment.

"We've got Fulford claiming that this Yakuza," High said, "and the ten million strong dojos are gonna force a particular kind of an outcome. That's absolutely bullshit, and bogus to begin with. There's no such a thing as a coordinated, global dojo society that in any way is central authority. So there you go. There's Fulford citing that one central authority - this Yakuza controlled central authority - is going to take on another central authority, to save us."

In his propaganda, Fulford never did explain how the Yakuza were to benefit from working to free humanity from financial enslavement. In the end, all Fulford or Wilcock were ever really offering, was that they were going to save humanity.

How? "Yet another central authority imposing a money system on the rest of us," High said.


Clif High felt it was an offer right out of a Who rock and roll song: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

High elaborated on the same old idea being proffered by Fulford and Wilcock: "Remember, their idea is that one corrupt system, will be replaced with another corrupt system. And bear in mind that the people Fulford is holding up as his examples, the shining light of everything here, are backed by the Yakuza, and the White Dragon Society, both of whom are criminal organizations."

It is the anti hero approach for sure. Bad people stealing from even worse people and giving it all away to the poor. Where have we heard that one before? It's another bad script. But nonetheless, the whole point of it all is - one corrupt system is being replaced by another corrupt system. So even if Ben Fulford is accurate one hundred percent, High does not buy into this new system any more than he buys into the current Federal Reserve / powers that be system, that dominates American life in every conceivable way.

High also doesn't like the fact that Fulford's savior myth, the external savior from the Yakuza and the White Dragon "Tong", doesn't really manifest until some unknown date in the future. No date given, it's just there, to happen, open ended. It's all too vague as to when it's going to occur, for High's liking. "It's all going to happen, but yet it's not really materializing."

The elite are deliberately crashing the system. "Which we could go into the cycle of that," he said. "Every twenty years they - you poor fellows in Europe should have wised up and seen our experience twenty years after we let in the Federal Reserve. They crashed it, and they raped the country. You know, so it was a BOHICA. Bend over here it comes again time for ya'll." It sounds painful, but it's the financial reality we're all starting to feel here in America, again, ya'll.


Bend over, here it comes again.

Clif High continued to castigate those nice folks down at Federal Reserve Central: "And so you know if we let the central bankers get into the Middle East, twenty years from now they'll rape the Middle East and own all of their land. As soon as the central bankers get into China in a big way, twenty years later there won't be a Chinese thing left there. It'll all be owned by somebody in Israel."

High's rage seemed to be rising, and again I took mental notes of how many times he reminded me of David P. Crayford. Good thing I was such a calm harbor among such raging seas of volatility. Reading Fulford and Wilcock could have that affect on people. Clif High felt that the economic structures available on either side of Fulford's equation, whether by the Yakuza and the White Dragon Society and the Illuminati grouping on one side, or the powers that be Federal Reserve central banking system on the other, were a losing proposition. Neither system was sustainable. But it was the money for nothing offer that pushed Clif over the high. "Now what I find interesting about the whole problem with Ben Fulford and the other part of that stew is the offers of money for everybody - free. He's actually used terms like, you know, money would rain down on Europe. It would solve the Greek problem."

I wish money would rain down onto my neighborhood, and solve my Greek problem.


High then got into talking about one of my favorite subjects outside of Rubinesque plump and roundness. He said, "There are trillions of dollars of bonds, U.S. Federal Reserve bonds, supposedly secured by gold that were indeed legitimate."

He compared what he was seeing Fulford and Wilcock trying to pull off in 2012 to the same scam that hit Germany in the 1920s. Nearly one hundred years apart, same scam. When the German central bank crashed then, there were all sorts of bonds that were suddenly appearing out of nowhere that people were trying to cash. Basically, according to High, the scam went like this, "The Federal Reserve Bank goes over to China at the time of a war that they engineered, going on World War II. And they say to all these rich Chinese, you know, you're going to be overrun by the Japanese here. Uhm, we know for a fact you're going to lose all your property. And you're going to lose everything you've got. But we will loan you all of this money based against the gold and we will secure your freedom in a Western area where you won't have to worry about being shot as a Warlord. Or, you know, as a domineering bastard. And have all your goods taken away from you."

That's the kind of financial terrorism that makes David P. Crayford hate Americans. This is exactly what he's observed America pull in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc, etc, etc... And he's sick of it. And I thought about climbing back into the box, but I wasn't the one telling the Federal Reserve or the American government what to do. I was powerless, like most ignorant Americans.

Clif High continued to castigate the bad guys, telling it like it really is. It's called truth. "And so they get all the gold from the locals, they take it back over to the Federal Reserve, just as Ben Fulford and David Wilcock are suggesting, and they give them these bonds. To be redeemed at a later date when the whole world has settled down. And, oh, and by the way, when you give us your gold, we'll promise to give you back more gold, because we're going to make a lot of money with this. And that itself is a scam. What everybody fails to recognize is, okay, let's stop and state that Ben Fulford at one point is actually saying that the Federal Reserve is an honorable institution. Which is bullshit. Because Ben Fulford and David Wilcock are saying that the Federal Reserve stashed this gold."

It is High's contention that Fulford and Wilcock believe that all the gold that the Federal Reserve stole from all the Asians in World War II, especially the gold stolen out of the Philippines, is stashed somewhere in big caves. And that they're willing to listen to anybody that says that they have in fact "been in those big caves" and they've "seen these caves." Because they want to believe it.

"The real fact of the matter is the Federal Reserve had that gold," High said. "It did issue those bonds. And, what it did was it sold that gold. As soon as it got it's greedy little hands on it."

High now understood what it was like to be the International Treasury Controller. The only thing he lacked was the specific secret data as to what the truth was surrounding the accounts and assets of the Global Debt Facility. "And then later on it conned somebody else that it sold that gold to out of that gold and sold it all over again," High said, probably realizing that's how they operate today as well. "And that's part of how it works. And that's their whole banking scam. And, if you'll note, there's a specific tonnage of gold on the planet and all it does is change hands. Now, so they do have accuracy. Getting back to the original idea of, do they have evidence? Well, yeah, there is evidence. There are these bonds. But then, to a certain extent, they're saying, uh, yeah, there's evidence that the Feds are crooks, but we know they're honorable because they stash that gold that really exists somewhere. And that's where it all breaks down. Those bonds will never be honored. Just the way they were never honored in the 1920s. And you can actually find a lot of economists that will argue that it was the phony bonds surfacing that triggered the hyper inflation in the crash of that economy."

Just as we are having right now. It's all so very curious.

Clif High believes that there is a component to all of this. "Okay, Fulford and Wilcock are claiming that there's a lot of guys in the military that are gonna run out and arrest banksters and politicians," he said, "and throw 'em all into basically what amounts to some kind of a trial. And we'll have show trials just like we did with Stalin, and this kind of thing. And it's going to all happen without a revolution. And it's going to all happen, and these individuals are going to tell Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, specifically, ahead of time so they can inform the rest of us..."

And say, stay calm it's all alright, it's okay, Red Ice Radio says.

"Exactly. Well, that's all bullshit too. My dad was a lifer in the military... ...Ben Fulford's lying."


Certain personality types are targeted as easy marks. This is why, in the intelligence realm, they are identified as 'useful idiots'. David Wilcock, according to Clif High's critical analysis, has been pegged a useful idiot. They can feed him virtually anything. And if they feed him quasi supporting evidence, he'll come to the appropriate conclusion, something that he thinks he actually concluded. And that's the beauty of all of this. "They show you a structure, and they never call it a barn," says Clif High, "and they show you the paint and the wood and all of this, and they want you to come to a conclusion that it's a barn. And they let you come to that conclusion, and that's exactly what has happened here."

But, here, we have so much more than a barn. It is a very deep, ancient, complex, long winded story about wealth, greed, and Creation. It is a story that requires many useful idiots spinning various interrelated tales of deception to cover up the true nature of the actual events underlying the bullsh** smokescreen being spread by the likes of Keenan, Fulford, Wilcock, Scott, and the rest of those who supply cover for those who would steal from the Global Debt Facility. Smoke and mirrors. Magic.

"And so these people have made certain conclusions that they then have such an intense emotional conviction of that they can sell it," Clif High says.


We are one gigantic planet inhabited by one extremely dysfunctional family. Clif High believes we need to face this reality at a personal level if we're ever going to make a substantive and healthy change as a race of beings. One of his heroes in 2012 was Michael Tesarian. One of the major reasons High appreciated the new age and truth movement proponent was because of Tesarian's view that, "The only thing you can do to save the planet is to mold your consciousness on a daily basis, continuously."

For Clif High, that comes down to honesty, and one's ability to be honest with oneself. To do that, he takes the Bruce Lee approach. "Say, you know, the hardest thing on the planet is to be fucking honest with yourself. The second hardest thing is to express yourself honestly."

But when it comes down to the bottom line, Clif High understands that change is difficult, and truth is elusive. That life isn't necessarily what we grow up believing it to be. What Edward R. Murrow was saying above.

When he was young, Clif High's father had this saying. "Life is shit. Anybody who tells you different is trying to sell you something." Admittedly, that was after his father's third tour in 'Nam', and he'd seen some stuff he'd rather not have seen. But his bottom line was the bottom line, from his perspective, and life was shit. And Clif High never forgot that. That's why he said it's going to take some long, deep, inner consciousness molding for all of us, on a personal level, if we're ever going to change what needs to be changed on this planet, in this country. Bruce Lee understood this. So does David P. Crayford. So I can live with it.. And I too can learn. And climb in or out of a box. I can do handstands. And, where's my blue bowl?


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