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David Crayford and the ITC Last Updated: Nov 8, 2017 - 6:57:09 PM

AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford flips the double-barrel, dirty Duterte one-fingered salute to ………..
Nov 11, 2017 - 10:34:45 AM

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AMERICAN LAWYER ----- David P. Crayford flips the double-barrel, dirty Duterte one-fingered salute to ...........

............ Ernest Rauthschild, Imelda Marcos, Angel Ferdinand Marcos, the CIA, the NSA, TU-E Capital, and GIDIFA ......................
................. A box or an urn? Choice is yours

"It is time to put these bastards in their rightful place .............. a Box or Urn .................... Prison would be too good for them despite its basic, anti-human conditions."

--- David P. Crayford, October 4, 2017


Ouch. But what do you really think about Angel Ferdinand Marcos who was a known convicted criminal going back to at least 2002, David P. Crayford? Don't hold back your opinion about Woofie Wolfgang Struck and his Nazi gold-stealing games playing out in Malaysia. Don't be afraid to express yourself regarding Karen Halloween Mask Hudes and her work with embattled CIA puppet Imelda Marcos. Tell us what you really feel about those who orchestrate Tu-E Capital Berhad and U.S. Capital Private Bank and them being financed 100% with stolen The GDF booty. And tell me how I can help you put all of these f*ckers including the fake Judge Anna Banana von Reitz / Reizinger away forever. Ahhhh, but I will try to relax into the feeling of what this article is really all about? I sure have been making a lot out of this faux Rauthschild fake and desist order, haven't I? 

You bet I have. It needs to be aired out. We've got jokers to the left of me and clowns to the right who are imitating The International Treasury Controller, taking a major offensive at stealing the assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility as we speak, while confusing the world about the true history behind what are legally termed The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility. It's an all out offensive blitzkrieg. Rauthschild's whole fake Cease and Desist order works in conjunction with Angel Ferdinand Marcos in creating in Filipino Custodians' or Holders' minds the idea of cashing in on something that isn't legally theirs, and making them believe he's the actual representative of a fake organization called The Ancient Royal Families, or The Royals for short. Or ARF for real short. This works hand in hand with what Imelda Marcos and Angel Ferdinand Marcos are attempting to pull off with GIDIFA, Tu-E Capital Berhad, the United Nations, the CIA, El Presidente Dirty Duterte of the Philippines, and the Malaysian central banks. It's all old chicken shit repackaged as chicken salad. It's all a coordinated offensive on The GDF gold. It's a desperate last shot at survival for all of them, and they're all eventually going down, trust me, I'm a lawyer.

This totally fictitious organization faux Rauthschild has labeled as The Ancient Royal Families attempts to usurp and exercise the rights and powers bestowed upon one person legally and that is The International Treasury Controller. The ITC is the only person in the world who can seek legally corrective punitive measures directly against individuals on behalf of the Assets and Accounts that make up The Global Debt Facility. He's his own body of law, higher than any other body of law on the planet. 

As I listen to the sounds of my shoes excitedly tapping across the stone tiled floor at The ITC headquarters I read from my laptop screen. I know Crayford's just going to love this next one. Not. My questions are tough but that's what it takes to get the important answers I ... I ..... 

... as I approach the kitchen my olfactory senses and my mind pregnant with global-political-financial convolution are intercepted by what amounts to be a smoky cloud possessing the greatest cacophony of smells I have ever inhaled in my life. I breathe in deeply. My eyes close as for the briefest of moments I can imagine myself having died and now I'm going to heaven and these smells are part of my reward there to greet me, and all I need now are the 200 dancing Princesses and ... or maybe I've just drifted into one of New York's many incredible Italian restaurants. My taste buds swirl in a delectable alchemy of garlic and freshly chopped herbs and the distinct aroma of olive oil. I open my eyes and I'm back to The ITC reality of my life's work. Back to dealing with ZAP / Jerzy Babkowski, Benny the Fraud Fulford, the fake judge Anna banana von Reitz, and Karen Halloween Mask Hudes in my mind. But I can feel the pull and myself drifting between dimensions into another reality of dazzling aromas and a smile, because when I round the kitchen corner I witness a sight I could never have imagined; David P. Crayford working the kitchen food line at a dizzying pace, scurrying back and forth, like one of those old time black and white movies where everybody is moving three times faster than reality. He's wearing a red and white apron that says I Love The GDF and he appears to be putting the final touches on some kind of miraculous looking food display. I pause to admire his speed and craftsmanship --- and those aromas.

And Voila! There it is. 

Crayford wipes his hands on his apron, pulls it off, tosses it on the counter, and picks up the silver tray and walks towards me carrying one of the most appetizing looking displays of food I've ever seen. And I've seen some really appetizing looking silver trays filled with food in my time. He's got a neatly arranged cheese display featuring what looks like crumbled Roquefort and maybe some chopped herb seasoned feta and some white cheddar cubes. He's got tomato and herb Crustinis and miniature sandwiches that make me salivate. I can smell the freshly brewed coffee and Crayford's favorite Raspberry tea, which are also crammed onto one corner of the tray. It's really quite stunning and I'm totally impressed. I knew the man was multi-versed with many talents but I had no idea they transcended into the kitchen as well. It looks like we've got ourselves a fiesta, folks.

I pivot and we walk back into the lounge where I begin reading aloud from my laptop. "Accordingly, fake Rauthschild says, this shall serve as a legal notice to All Keepers," I say, "that the Royal Families directed that all asset settlements shall be processed and sanctioned by the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice (ICJ), Royal Imperial International Criminal Court (ICC), The Royal Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Royal Sovereign Government of The United States of North America - The Republic of North America."

Crayford sets the silver tray of gourmet down on the side table next to Sam. The secret agent man must have read this as a cowbell call to an American prairie cowboy breakfast cookout because Sam immediately reaches for the tray filled with delectables only to have his hand slapped away with a good loud thwack by me. "Did you wash your hands?" I ask like a second grade school teacher. 

Sam throws me a wide-eyed gawk and licks his fingers.

To Crayford, I say, "Rauthschild's finally given us reconciliation to our issues in his fake Cease and Desist order. I want to know what your thoughts are regarding this all out offensive against the assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility."

Sam yanks on my sleeve. "Can I at least have my coffee?" he asks like a whimpering five-year-old.

Crayford obviously feels sorry for the kid and serves Sam coffee from one of The ITC mugs on the tray. He serves me my coffee and takes a seat on the white plush chair opposite our sofa. 

I stir cream into coffee and take a sip. It's hot and energizing which is something the moment could use. I take my seat on the sofa facing Crayford. Sam is to my right. The frame of the Atlantic is to his right. 

"So what do you think of faux ARF Rauthschild's solution to our problem?" I ask. "The synthesis to the dark side's Hegellian presentation to the confused masses, all on behalf of one fake Filipino named Ernest Rauthschild, courtesy of the NSA / CIA / CFR / Central Banking system complex?" Wow, what a great question, I think. Maybe I should host an American game show.

Crayford has been unusually reserved for quite some time now, which is quite unusual for David, because he is no blushing flower as he has no opposition to speaking exactly his opinion, of which he has many, whether it's asked for or not, and he's never shy about making sure you understand him even if it takes his speaking louder and repeating his point with finger-stab-into-the-solar plexis kind of emphasis. But now, he sits there intently staring out into the murky Atlantic, methodically stirring his Raspberry tea, a seeming volcano ready to explode with nuclear enthusiasm, and give me some good sound bites for my article on really what he thinks of this Titanic battle between good and evil, depicting The International Treasury Controller and The Global Debt Facility on one side versus the CIA / NSA / Western central bank system complex that's trying to erase The ITC from world memory and steal all his gold, on the other.


"Putting 'em in a box or an urn is a great idea by David. Can we include Anna Banana von Reitz in that? If so, tell him Enrique and I would like to help."

--- Message from Secret Agent Man Sam, October 14, 2017

It is at this point that I know Crayford is more than ready to call bullSchmidt on the fake Filipino. This is the time in faux Rauthschild's fake Cease and Desist order where he offers the pre-designed solution to our problem. It is time to solve what the 4 pages of the faux Rauthschild's Hegellian presentation all add up to. This is where all Filipinos and all Malaysians and related Islamist peoples and everyone else who's paying attention are put on notice, and this is where you are told what to do with The GDF assets or associated financial banking documents you or your family might possess but not legally own. 

This is what Rauthschild's been working on the whole time. This is what the Rothschilds have been working on this whole time. This is the summation of the solution offered to us by the Federal Reserve Bank and CIA assets like Imelda and Angel Ferdinand Marcos, GIDIFA, U.S. Capital Private Bank and Tu-E Capital Berhad working with Dirty Duterte and the Philippines government finance agencies, The World Bank, and the United Nations; all working in concert to try to pull off the last of the thefts and laundering of The GDF assets and accounts through the governments of the Philippines, Malaysia, and associated Islamic peoples and banks. If you have in your family what are referred to as Historical Bonds, or large scale Federal Reserve Notes, sometimes in the billions of U.S. dollars, or if you have depositories of precious metals and other valuables referred to as Heritage Assets on your property, then this fake Rauthschild is attempting to get you to send them to him. This is pure Jerzy Babkowski / ZAP / Susan / dead Poof / China Landa Global-like skullduggery, only it's presented in a whole new package and this is part of the offensive now throwing all available bodies in in a desperate last ditch effort to steal the remaining gold that has been left unprotected from the banking and intelligence predators, before they can't get to it anymore. Before The Rule of Law actually becomes an international reality. Before the fist of The ITC climbs in their f*cking faces for good! Before Sam begins work on his 'rendition' act. Before The ITC Prosecutor begins officially prosecuting. I'm talking to you fake judge CIA asset Anna banana von Reitz, intelligence agency fraud-b*tch!!!

This is how dead Keenan used to operate and how Stomach Staples Keith Francis Scott still does, and with urgency. This is why Karen Halloween Mask Hudes and hair all over the back Woofie Wolfgang Struck are working so hard right now in the Philippines on orchestrating the theft, and matching up stolen Bonds and notes to caches of precious metals, while posing under the Tu-E Capital banner. They are backed by CIA / NSA / rogue Pentagon / CFR handlers out of Germany who live off the stolen gold assets to finance their global military and terrorism control network and banking system. And I wouldn't leave out the Mossad. They work hand in hand with the central banks who have controlled the accounts of The Global Debt Facility ever since the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite agreement of 1945.

This is the latest moment David P. Crayford has been waiting for. It's again his turn to take front and center stage in this whole fiasco on behalf of his boss, The International Treasury Controller, for whom he speaks. So what does David P. Crayford have to say on behalf of The ITC when he hears faux Rauthschild say, "THEREFORE, all Keepers are hereby instructed to process all assets and accounts under their guardianship for settlement, by and through, the Royal Imperial International Court of Justice"? 

That's quite a contemptuous and cocky statement for faux Rauthschild to make. The statement presumes there is an overriding international legal body that oversees the assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility, and that governing body is not The ITC, and yet Rauthschild still commands all Keepers to process the stolen assets through his pseudo ICC and ICJ. And so what exactly does David P. Crayford think when the fake Cease and Desist order declares, "There shall be no other entity nor governmental agency sanctioned nor licensed to receive nor redeem global assets and collateral accounts without the sanctioned authority of the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice. The ICJ Licensed Sovereign Royal Judges shall have full authority over all global assets and collateral accounts." And what exactly does The ITC think about being directly addressed by Rauthschild and dismissed as being immaterial in this outrageously blasphemous statement?


Sam tells me David P. Crayford performs internal backward somersaults with rage when he reads what the fake Filipino Rauthschild who works hand in hand with Angel Ferdinand Marcos writes. Now Crayford's fury pulses through me into The ITC responses to faux Filipino ARF Ernest Rauthschild's bottom line solution to our problem, which is essentially to contact him and his white intelligence based representatives from Germany through Guam, that Crayford of course says are all Americans, who now reside in heavily armed upper floors of those resorts in the Philippines and Malaysia, there to act as hired guns to help collect the stolen GDF gold, banking notes, bonds, and related financial instruments, or take three bullets each to the their heads, whichever might occur first. "May you RIP, b*tches," says the world's baddest intelligence secret agent man Sam, while cocking his HK Mark 23.

I tell Crayford I've got three specific issues I'd like him to provide responses to, "If you would be so kind." They regard three orders Rauthschild makes that in essence summarize his solution to our problem, as the CIA / NSA / Western central banks make a major tactical move to once again attempt to remove The ITC from history and take over his job responsibilities. This fake Cease and Desist order displays to the world the justification for the final move, the last take down, and the claimed fake ruling legal entities, as expressed by this particular individual named Rauthschild, on behalf of he and all his backers and their associates, a major offensive to get the assets processed and out of the country before the Rule of Law grows enough teeth to bite them and put the faux one and his ilk out of work and into their The ITC prison jerseys forever. Or worse. 

"Make it much, much worse," Sam says, taking aim with his military 'offensive' pistol.

Crayford says, "I am ready for your questions, AL."


I hit the button on my computer. "Fake order # 1 says," I read aloud from the screen, "THEREFORE, all Keepers are hereby instructed to process all assets and accounts under their guardianship for settlement, by and through, the Royal Imperial International Court of Justice." I look to Crayford. "What is your response to that?" I ask.

The ITC spokesperson leans back in his plush chair and crosses his right leg over his left. The teacup looks like a child's toy clasped in his immense hands. "This Ernest Rauthschild you speak of is yet another stooge set up by either the World Bank or the CIA," he says. "I am not sure yet which one of those two it is but it will be established in due course. This also may be somehow connected to Karen Hudes who has been in the Philippines and appears to be supporting Imelda Marcos who is working for the CIA following an agreement she executed when she was in Hawaii, for her freedom from prosecution. Whatever, Ernest Rauthschild is a Filipino who has lived in the United States and is a total fake with no power or authority whatsoever over the assets or accounts of The Global Debt Facility that are secreted away within the Philippines. All known Keepers, Guardians, Custodians have been advised to completely ignore this person and any statements he makes, as there are NO SETTLEMENTS as he claims and there is NO SUCH ESTABLISHMENT / ORGANIZATION as the Royal Imperial International Court of Justice.

I pause to reflect on what was just said and where it might fit in the overall picture of the dire situation regarding the theft of the Divine Wealth, while imbibing on our beverages. My coffee carries the buttery sweet taste and aroma of South America, maybe Peru, and I'm impressed by Crayford's choice of brew. Impressed but not surprised, as Crayford's work in the kitchen appears to be as impeccable as his professional demeanor and work ethic on behalf of The Global Debt Facility. 

When Crayford is finished sipping his tea he says, "This whole scenario is a replica of the Fake King of Kings in Indonesia who also claims power and authority over the assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility. If you review the various videos produced with and about this person in Indonesia you will see a grey-haired, narrow eyes American sitting next to the Indonesia person who refers to himself as King of Kings. That grey-haired, narrow eyes, American's CIA and is now living and operating in the Philippines."

Now I understand why Crayford pins this whole thing on Americans. Not that I wouldn't expect him to blame it all on Americans, which I will always argue against, and not that there hasn't always been a major American influence regarding all The GDF theft, at all times, but here Crayford seems to have specifically targeted the bulls-eye of one more in an endless series of American intelligence assets handling others, like the Americans who handle the likes of faux ARF Ernest Rauthschild or the Fake King of Kings of Indonesia, providing aid in their efforts to extract their fine share of The GDF assets for their own intelligence related international companies or central bank based handlers. 

Sam coughs obnoxiously into his fist, temporarily scrambling my thoughts. I watch as Crayford throws Sam some kind of gesture with expectation, but Sam just sits there and squints, hang-dog, mouth open. 

Crayford picks up on Sam's pitiful starving-dog eyes and says, "Sam, please, go ahead and eat." Sam obliges instantly scarfing like a man who's starved for nutrition which is a normal state of reality when it comes to Sam.


I hit the button on my computer. "If I may continue," I say. "Fake Rauthschild order #2. There shall be no other entity nor governmental agency sanctioned nor licensed to receive nor redeem global assets and collateral accounts without the sanctioned authority of the Royal Imperial Sovereign International Court of Justice." I look up to Crayford. "Which means you and The ITC are out of work unless the Royal Imperial Sovereign ICJ sanctions you. What do you think about that? Are you ready to look for a new job?"

Crayford uncrosses his leg and heavily sets the teacup on the stone and glass coffee table that rests on the plush, richly patterned red and black Persian carpet between us. "Just another load of BS," he says with angry emphasis. "I will repeat what I stated before, quote 'there is NO SUCH ESTABLISHMENT / ORGANIZATION as the Royal Imperial International Court of Justice.' And 'Ernest Rauthschild' is a Filipino who has lived in the United States and is a total fake with no power or authority whatsoever over the assets or accounts of The Global Debt Facility. There is only one person / organization fully authorized and with the power over The Global Debt Facility based upon the fact they the person is the Legal Heir, Legal Owner, and Sole Arbiter of The Global Debt Facility, and has been since the demise of Dr. Ray C. Dam, The first International Treasury Controller; whereby The second International Treasury Controller's name is being kept secret for his own protection and safety whilst he brings The Global Debt Facility into order after 100 years of abuse by the Americans and other parties of the former TTTGC. Both The first ITC Dr. Ray C. Dam and The second International Treasury Controller were appointed under International Treaty by the Royal Families of the world and the G7 Nations which is registered and recorded within the United Nations. Additionally, The International Treasury Controller was bestowed with 'Sovereign' status and protected under International / UN Immunity and Protectorate level 3 - 5, and under the Great Seal of America No: 632-258894."

Again, Crayford's words loom in bold large print. He argues adamantly that The International Treasury Controller has been sanctioned by International Treaty by the Royal Families of the World and the G7 Nations, and it has been recorded with the United Nations, yet they all continue to ignore it and try to replace it, as if The 2nd ITC just doesn't exist, nor do the records at the U.N. that recorded it. It's just like when the Allies signed former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos' Global Settlements Agreement 1980 only to completely ignore the fact afterwards. And the same thing with the TTTGC international treaties. Sign it but ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist. Which comes in handy sometimes when dealing with ex wives or bought off third world politicians.

"There is another very important factor in all of this which actually was established in International Treaties prior to 1900," The ITC spokesman says, "which is that the person who is appointed as The ITC, Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter, must always be a descendant of a contributor Royal Family to the Global Debt Facility. One of the reasons for this is that the Royal Families were the original beneficiaries of the Wealth of the World until it was designated by the Royal Families to be utilized for the benefit of the Nations and People of the World. Ferdinand Marcos was a descendant of the Chinese Qing Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth of the UK Royal Family, Dr. Ray C. Dam is a descendant of the Cambodian Royal Family, and The new ITC is a descendant of a European Royal Family."

Again my eyes shoot full blown wide. My heart races with understanding of the significance of the fact The International Treasury Controller is a descendant of a European Royal Family. It is a Royal Family of the World who contributed directly to The Global Debt Facility at its creation. I did not previously understand that the Royal Families of the World were the original beneficiaries of the Wealth of the World. I wonder what that really means. Crayford says the Royal Families of the World then designated The GDF to be utilized for the benefit of the Nations and People of the World. This entire scheme has been copied over and stolen by the CIA / NSA / rogue Pentagon intelligence apparatus and fed back to us as Ernest Rauthschild and TU-E Capital Group, almost as if they run parallel to each other, and The ITC does not exist. This is who Rauthschild, Keenan, Scott, Fulford, ZAP / Babkowski, Angel Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, the U.N., The World Bank, and all the other GDF thieves have been trying to make claim to being. That they represent the descendants of the Royal Families of the World, but in their cases it's the make-believe Chinese Golden Dragon Families, which they claim represents all the different Chinese Dragon clans wrapped into one neat little Dragon Family Clan package, which of course does not exist. 

Crayford stands with his teacup in hand and walks over to study the picture-window framed Atlantic. "Ernest Rauthschild is a nobody," he says. "Just a plain and simple Filipino being used, and no doubt being paid, by the Americans --- World Bank, United Nations, Federal Reserve, IMF --- to gain unlawful access to The Global Debt Facility. Just like they did with Anthony Santiago Martin, the person who claims he is King of Kings in Indonesia, Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, Keith Francis Scott, Babkowski, Keenan, Casper, Poof, etc, etc, etc."

David P. Crayford appears to be speaking from another 'zone'; a place where mind and spirit have left the body to look down at the world from a different perspective presenting an alternative, omniscient analysis of everything. And then I notice and I'm not sure he does, that out of the depths, and we must be down somewhere between 200 to 300 feet beneath sea level, and from all the open ocean out there, and the great contours and rocky outlets, in the distance I can see, oddly enough, some kind of a distinctly darker shadowy rapidly approaching object that seems to have shot out from the oceanic depths and is torpedoing straight in our direction. 

"All I can say is that the work of The ITC over the last 5 years has caused serious damage to the efforts of the Americans," Crayford says, "and they certainly don't like it, so they keep coming up with these stooges in the hope that some will believe them and the assets will again start to disappear with no respect whatsoever for anyone else involved or the people of the world. When America stops telling lies and propagating myths about The Global Debt Facility, the world will be a far better place to live in for everyone."

Sam listens to Crayford intently but they both appear to be totally unaffected by what is unfolding before us. I stand up uneasily to better study the rapidly approaching object. It appears to be honing straight in for our Atlantic window and I find myself breathing heavier than I would like in complete awe of the fact I might have less than ten seconds more to live.

Crayford pivots away from the window and looming disaster to set his teacup on the silver tray. "We should all remember what Ferdinand Marcos attempted to do with the Global Settlements Agreement 1980, where every country in the world was allocated finance from The Global Debt Facility to develop their nations for the benefit of their people. That Agreement has never been implemented and was blocked and "Back-shelved"in the UN after Marcos's death by the members of the former TTTGC using their Veto vote."

"Unf*ckingbelievable," I say. 

Crayford turns back toward the window as flashbacks of my childhood and all my loved ones race through my mind. It's bewildering that the United States and her Allies would block the implementation of the Global Settlements Agreement 1980, especially after signing it, just like it's hard to believe we are about to be blown up into billions of tiny little particles, as I alone watch the torpedo approaching, and then, just like that, I realize it's not a torpedo at all.

"Since then, the world has become a far more volatile and dangerous place to live in," Crayford says. "No one is effectively safe at this time, migration is out of control and there has been an enormous increase in poverty throughout the world. The new ITC is implementing the Global Settlements Agreement in a slightly different manner so that the former TTTGC members can not, at any time, place a Veto vote against implementation. The decision over anything to do with The Global Debt Facility rests solely with The International Treasury Controller, no one else."


"The new ITC is implementing the Global Settlements Agreement in a slightly different manner so that the former TTTGC members can not, at any time, place a Veto vote against implementation. The decision over anything to do with The Global Debt Facility rests solely with The International Treasury Controller, no one else."

--- David P. Crayford, October 12, 2017

The missile from the abyss turns out to be old one eye the twenty foot long black great white shark who if I didn't know any better has come out of the depths of nowheresville, at a very rapid speed, to listen to Crayford's halftime speech. "The Americans and their Allies must be very worried," says David P. Crayford, "and it has been stated at the highest levels of world's society that the only way for America and its Allies to save themselves from the financial and military destruction they have caused is for them to start WW III."

The significance of what David P. Crayford has just said and what I have just witnessed do not bypass me. Western central banking / NSA / CIA complex needs war to manipulate the global financial marketplace to control their theater of survival in a quickly changing world. It's their only chance to ultimately survive the global financial and military realities that are coming to be as Russia, China, and BRICS launch the new global financial system into its gold and valuable asset backing, away from the U.S. dollar. I've been watching Russia avoid a nuclear confrontation with America since before Putin ordered the Russian military into Syria two years ago, while Trump still dances the nuclear exchange with North Korean strongman 'Little Rocket Man' Kim Jong-un. Who's trying to start what where? And then one eye the black great white shark does a drag strip stop on a dime with parachute precision right up next to Crayford, behind the glass, separated by 18 inches, maybe, as if he were standing at attention waiting for Crayford to issue him another command. I'm waiting for Crayford to reach out and pet him first, call him by his first name. It's obvious they've got something going on that I probably am incapable of understanding. 

Crayford asks, "What is your third question, AL?"


"Someone is watching our postings, that is yours and mine, AL, and then raising the alarm bells, so the opposition are forced to do something to counteract what The ITC is doing. If the opposition, being America and their Allies, knew what else we were doing you can be sure they would come up with something illegal to counteract it quite quickly. Boy oh boy, are they worried."
--- David P. Crayford, October 12, 2017

I scroll down my computer. "Faux Rauthschild's fake order #3 says that The ICJ Licensed Sovereign Royal Judges shall have full authority over all global assets and collateral accounts," I say. "Do you agree with that, Mr. Crayford?"

The shark takes off as if he'd been given his telepathic command while Crayford re pours his tea from the silver teapot on the silver tray. "There is NO SUCH ESTABLISHMENT / ORGANIZATION as the 'Royal Imperial International Court of Justice', and therefore there are no such Licensed Judges," Crayford says. "As a point in question, IF this existed at all, who has licensed the applicable Judges? If this is referring to the existing International Court of Justice, I can say without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever, that the existing ICJ as it is known holds no power or authority whatsoever over The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility."

Crayford takes his cup of tea with aggravation and sits on his chair. "The present ITC, as a 'Sovereign' whose powers and authorities that were bestowed upon him and granted to him by the Royal Families and G7 Nations of the World, stands above and beyond all other 'Sovereigns and Sovereign Nations'," he says. "This is the very reason why The ITC has now instituted the 'International Court of Law' under the 'Sovereignty of The ITC' whereby it is the only Court of Law in the World that can adjudicate on anything, any case, or any person in respect of The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility. That is fact and it can not be changed, extinguished, revoked, rescinded, amended, voided, set aside, or similar by any other person, party, corporate, institutional or otherwise, anywhere in the world."

Sam reaches over and offers me a tomato and fresh herb Crustini from Crayford's tray. I demolish it. I quickly reach across Sam and grab two more off the tray.

"I will say one other thing," Crayford says. "Have you noticed, because I have, how following your own articles AL which strongly mention The ITC Court and the fact that you would like a job of prosecuting lawyer, the opposition have quite quickly come up with yet another stooge and story which effectively debunks your statements about an ITC International Court. Not surprisingly, this always happens every time we mention something new which The ITC is undertaking to solve the existing problems and bring The Combined International Collateral Accounts of The Global Debt Facility into order after 100 years of abuse and fraud. Someone is watching your postings and then raising the alarm bells, so the opposition are forced to do something to counteract what The ITC is doing. If the opposition, being America and their Allies, knew what else we were doing you can be sure they would come up with something illegal to counteract it quite quickly. Boy oh boy, are they worried. Ray Dam was controlled by CIA operatives, Keith Scott being one of them; around him and nothing was achieved. The new ITC is far more determined and holds a more formidable character than what Ray Dam ever had, and it is that which is now being used as well as the 'Sovereign' factor to bring about the necessary changes to bring The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility back into order and utilized correctly for the benefit of the people of the world."

Crayford stands determined and walks over to the silver tray and sets his teacup on it. "Are you gentlemen finished eating?" he asks.

"No," Sam says quickly. 

I've had three bites and my stomach still growls. I'd reach over again and grab another Crustini but I think Sam would bite my arm off. "Wouldn't want to miss a chance at a free meal would you Sam?" I say.

Sam issues a mouth-filled chewy scowl and punishes me by obnoxiously digging into the cheese display.

Crayford refills his teacup. "It is a financial war all on its own whereby the truth will eventually win over the lies and myths, theft and fraud of the opposition," Crayford says, turning to face Sam and I, teacup in one hand, silver teapot in the other; a two-fisted, tea-totallering, cowboy gunslinger if I've ever seen one. "The opposition think they can wear us down and ultimately destroy us. Think again boys because you have no chance in hell of destroying The ITC. You may try and try hard, but eventually you will totally regret what you are doing and fighting for your own lives. That is a promise."

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