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True US History
Apr 14, 2021 - Financial Tyranny: Footing The Tax Bill For The Government's Fiscal Insanity

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: We're not living the American dream. We're living a financial nightmare.

Ron: That financial nightmre is about to end. The Trump administration and the Triodity and its global alliance supporters have ended the Fed and the globalist banksters' usurious Central Banking system.

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: We're paying more than $300 billion in interest every year on that public debt, not including what COVID-19 just added to the bill. That breaks down to more than $2400 per household.

Ron: ALL debt allegedly owed to the globalist banksters that owned the now defunct Federal Reserve System (the Fed) which was a privtae corporation, were accumulated as a result of fraud by the Fed and were therfore never lawfully payable. Nor was the interest paid thereon lawfully payable. The Trump Administration has bankrupted the Fed and recovered from it any monies and assets it had at the time of its liquidation. Accordingly US households are not liable for any of the said fraudulently created national debt.

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: Clearly, the national debt isn't going away anytime soon, especially not with government spending on the rise and interest payments making up such a large chunk of the budget.

Ron: As mentioned above, I disagree.

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: If you have no choice, no voice, and no real options when it comes to the government's claims on your property and your money, you're not free.

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: If you have no choice, no voice, and no real options when it comes to the government's claims on your property and your money, you're not free.

Ron: Private banksters and their corporations have defrauded USans for 200 years and enslaved USans and gradually most other humans on this planet since 1913. See eg: Democracy, Deception, Deceit - they're all the same

The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See:

An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz

Money Imperialism -

John W. & Nisha Whitehead: Where we lose out is when we fall for the big-talking politicians who spend big at our expense.

Ron Most of this dissertation is misguided. For my comments on the real situation see eg: How The Nation's Central Bank Is Covertly "Nudging" Americans To Accept Digital Money & The Great Reset -

True US History
Apr 12, 2021 - How The Nation’s Central Bank Is Covertly “Nudging” Americans To Accept Digital Money & The Great Reset

Bill Sardi: The nation's central bank, the Federal Reserve, fears deflation (stuff becoming more affordable) far more than inflation (stuff costs more to buy).

Ron: The Federal Reserve System (the Fed) was created to empower private banking corporatists to create almost all US currency (aka 'money') on a fiat basis and to charge interest (usury) on its distribution. Charging interest on loans (which are virtually the only way that currency is created and enters into circulation) necessarily creates inflation because banks NEVER create any currency to pay the interest demanded on loans. So usury automatically creates inflation. WHY? Because the banks that "create" currency out of thin air NEVER create any currency to pay the interest they charge. THAT necessarily requires the banks to continually create more currency via loans since loans are the only way they can create and put into circulation the currency needed for borrowers to meet outstanding interest payments. BUT, as the banks charge interest on all new loans used to create currency, the need for ever more currency to pay that interest keeps growing. That process results in ever more currency being fed into the economic system via loans, which INFLATES the currency (money) supply. THAT process constantly reduces the 'value' of all currency (money) in the monetary system.

THAT is what is meant by INFLATION. It is a necessary outcome of the banksters' charging interest (usury) because more and more currency is put into circulation but production of goods and services cannot keep pace with the increasing 'money' supply because increasing loan interest payments to the banks keep reducing the 'money' available for productive purposes. In effect interest payments syphon off more and more currency to pay interest to the banks instead of fuelling productive activities.

However, eventually borrowers simply cannot pay any more increased interest for loans and so they cease taking out ever more loans and the system collapses. Currently banks are trying to keep the system going by reducing some interest rates to near zero or even dictating that negative interest rates will apply to currency they hold for depositers. This means that depositers must pay the bank to hold their 'money'.

The Fed (and the banks generally) also create(s) deflation. That is done by restricting the amount of currency in circulation by issuing fewer loans or calling in overdue loans. Banks can also deflate the economic system by increasing interest rates so that fewer borrowers can afford to take out loans. These actions reduce the volume of currency in circulation which reduces producive activity resulting in what is euphemistically called "austerity". Austerity impoverishes the general population but enriches the banks and their shareholders because the banks are able to foreclose on property loans and take possession of mortgaged properties for pennies on the dollar. This is what complicit banks, governments, commentators and the MSM tell us is an inevitable and unavoidable Boom and Bust business cycle. It isn't. It is an artifact of the usurious creation and distribution of currency and it is deliberately used to defraud and impoverish the general population.

Bill Sardi: The wealthy benefit from inflation as the value of their assets (property, investments) rise. The poor benefit from deflation because necessities are cheaper to buy, effectively giving them what they perceive as a pay raise.

Ron: I disagree with the suggestion that the poor benefit from deflation. Deflation is caused by a contraction in the currency (money) supply which reduces economic activity and creates business failures, unemployment, austerity and increased poverty in the general population. The poor become poorer! Many people lose businesses,  income and even their homes and property as they cannot afford to repay loans and interest charged thereon. If necessities and other goods and services "become cheaper" it is only because "the poor" have less currency (money) to pay for them. THAT is NOT a benefit!

Bill Sardi: Because of all the free money, the economy is a farce

Ron: Because of the usurious private banking system the so-called economy has been a fraudulent farce for over a century.

Bill Sardi: The nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has become a farce. It is now a measure of welfare rather than productivity.

Ron: GDP was never a true measure of productivity. Rather it has always been a measure of the steadily decreasing value of 'money" and continuously increasing INFLATION in the cost of goods and services.

Bill Sardi: In the current situation where pandemic stimulus money is being created out of thin air and being distributed to the masses directly, as citizens use the newly created stimulus money to purchase commodities (food, gasoline, other necessities), or worse, pay down debts or stash it in savings, there is little or no impact upon the consumer economy (buying household appliances, autos, houses, etc.).

Ron: The difference in the current situation is that free fiat currency is being given to the general population as well as to MEGA banks and corporations. The nett effect is simply an acceleration in the devaluation of fiat Fed debt notes mislabelled as 'money'. The reason for this action is to cushion the effects of the COVID-19 scamdemic on the general population and to ensure a smooth transition to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) during the bankruptcy of the Fed and the global Central banking system, preparatory to the implementation of the QFS.

Bill Sardi: The central bank's effort to stimulate cannot only fail, but instead can result in a rise in the cost of living as prices of raw materials and necessities may rise due to increased demand.

Ron: Appearances are deceptive and this author's assumptions are misguided. The Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their Alliance supporters around the world have eliminated the demonic globalist bankster led cabal and the usurious banking system that gives rise to this author's obsolete monetary concepts and analysis. The Trump administration has bankrupted the Fed and hence the global Central banking system and moved the US money creation and distribution system into the US federal Treasury. Under Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Realm global Quantum government arrangements and its associated QFS global monetary system being currently implemented under the auspices of the Office of the International Treasury Controller, demonic usury and its associated mind controlling concepts like inflation and deflation, scarcity, poverty and want will cease. See for instance my comments in The Myths Of Green Energy -

Bill Sardi: Zang quotes an International Monetary Fund (IMF) Working Paper that advises how to get the public to voluntarily give up their cash and replace it with digital money. It appears bankers have been planning this since at least 2015 (see date on IMF report below).

Ron: The IMF is just another demonic globalist corporation that is being abolished and can have no effect upon our global future.

Bill Sardi: Prospective homebuyers can still qualify for a mortgage with low interest loans that simply creates a housing bubble (propped up demand). And now that interest rates are about to go up, there is yet another rush to buy homes before interest rates rise, making the bubble even worse.

Ron: Once President Trump is publicly recognised as the 19th president of the representative Republic of the united states of America the QFS will effectively eliminate usurious banking and interest rates will cease to be relevant. Income taxes will also be eliminated and provision of housing and all the necessities of life will quickly become abundantly available to everyone.

Bill Sardi: Zang says the current stimulus bill is akin to the Universal Basic Income (UBI) concept. It is being ushered in under the Childcare Tax Credit by starting to send a monthly check.

Ron: Arguably the stimulus bills in the US are a temporary mechanism to assist with ameliorating the effects of the COVID-19 scamdemic and to ensure a non-violent transition into the QFS. A Universal Basic Income (UBI) is NOT a solution to anything. See my comments in A Universal Basic Income Is Essential and Will Work at

A UBI avoids the underlying issues. A UBI would be a giant government dole that more and more people would have to rely on. Why? Because already a handful of mega corporations control global banking, finance, communications, manufacturing, construction, transportation, healtcare, pharmaceutical,and food production and distribution. Increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots and technology will increase unemployment and exacerbate the dominance of those privately owned MEGA corporations.

A UBI would become welfare for capitalists as people could drive for Uber and work for Task Rabbit and Amazon et al for even lower wages than currently because UBI would subsidise the meager pay cheques of everyone especially those in the the sharing economy. The Tech companies and mega corporations generally could keep increasing their profits while facing even less pressure to pay living wages to what will increasingly become 'non employee' employees. UBI proposals are a symptom of the problem. It is NOT the solution. The QFS is the solution and it will eliminate inflation AND the banksters; and the process will initiate local popular control of corporations.

Bill Sardi: Zang says the globalists have to remove all value, get rid of all of the debt. That may mean all debts are cleared, but then no one owns anything. Which is why Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum out of Europe proposes the abolishment of private property and private enterprise. No one will own anything and everything will be rented. What you owe on your home mortgage will be forgiven, a kind of Day of Jubilee, in exchange for loss of privacy and control of your own life.

Ron: This is absurd shtick! How stupid do the banksters and the demonic globalist controllers think we are?! IF you own nothing and must rent everything, SOMEONE MUST OWN WHAT YOU RENT and get paid that "rent"! WHO doya think that will be?!

Bill Sardi: Gold and silver coins are undervalued, purchased at the speculator's manipulated low price (~$24/oz for silver, ~$1700/oz. for gold as of March 31, 2021). Physical silver and gold are scarce, are in great demand, there are reported shortages, and therefore warrant much higher resale prices than the quoted spot price.

Ron: Gold and silver and other forms of wealth are abundant on this planet. What's more, gold and silver et al can be manifested alchemically from silicon and iron etc. Moreover, the International Treasury Controller (ITC) controls the wealth in trusts that hold the accumulated wealth of this planet and the ITC is responsible for its equitable distribution.

As I understand it, President Trump used the Central Banksters' inflation bubble to pump as much currency into revitalising the US economy as he could before the bankster's fiat debt token (Fed debt note currency) system implodes. When the crash comes the banksters will try to somehow blame Trump for it but Trump has sought to educate USans to understand that a crash was the inevitable result of the banksters' usurious fiat money PONZI scheme system which usually only lasts about 45 years and so it is already past its 'use by' date.

President Trump and the Alliance have preparing for the ending of the Petro dollar fiat "money" system and Trump has eliminated the Federal Reserve System (the Fed). At the same time the Bank of international Settlements (BIS) and the Rothschilds' controlled Central Banks around the world will also be abolished and responsibility for money creation and distribution will be placed in the hands of appropriate governance authorities on a national (localised) basis everywhere.

Universe Management introduced the Millenial Realm here on 5 February 2019 and the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi and other Christed agents are in the throes of eliminating the demonic global controllers and their privately owned global banking system; replacing it with genuine gold backed, nationally organised and controlled monetary systems. This transition will be a managed RESET involving a debt Jubilee and efforts will be made to limit the hardships that have attended such monetary system transitions controlled by banksters in the past. At the same time cosmically unlawful personal income taxation systems will be abolished with the result that our world will quickly experience abundance and the elimination of the widespread poverty created by our current global bankster controllers.

Presumably every nation will establish and administer its own money creation and distribution mechanisms and be responsible for the value of the monetary units spent into circulation. I expect that the International Treasury Controller will oversight this process and support, as appropriate, the various national Treasuries using the wealth available from the International Collateral Combined Accounts of the Global Debt Facility (Collateral Accounts).

The Collateral Accounts are under the absolute dispositional control by an unnamed duly appointed International Treasury Controller, as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter who succeeded H. E Ferdinand Marcos, QEII and then H. E. Dr Ray Dam. The current Controller of the Collateral Accounts is unnamed for security reasons. It is illegal (and cosmically, ie divinely, unlawful) for any Government, Government Authority, Agency, or Banking Institution whether Central Bank, Commercial Bank, or International Financial Organisation, to appropriate, sequester otherwise take or use these assets, impede or restrict movement of assets, or similar, unless such action is initiated by the International Treasury Controller. The 1995 and 2012 International treaties, plus the "Sovereign" Laws of the ITC enacted 2012 and 2013; totally removed/rescinded, from 1945 -1995, any powers or authorities held by the former Trilateral, Trillenium, Tripartite, Gold Commission (TTTGC), together with all agreements, appointments, decisions, directives, or similar issued to Third Parties working in conjunction with the former TTTGC, for the purpose of preventing the furtherance of fraud, theft, deception, or other criminal activities that were so prominently operated by the former TTTGC during their Fifty (50) year term - 1945-1995. See eg:

Arguably the dream of a global economy of abundance was destroyed looong ago by the Rothschilds' led banksters when they instigated free range serfdom to replace chattel slavery during the American Civil War. See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. -

They followed that with WWI, the Great Depression, WWII and the Bretton Woods Agreement and then arranged for the US, UK and France to control the TTTGC and the Collateral Accounts. The US, UK and France then abused their trust by stealing from the Collateral Accounts which were meant to be spent on elevating the economies of EVERY nation after WWII. See eg: Money Imperialism -

A Senior Consultant to the OITC advises that:
The structure of the Collateral Accounts is not as complex as people would imagine. The complexity comes into how the security of the assets allocated to each Trust, Foundation, is arranged and operated, which is an issue that can not be disclosed for asset security reasons. What I can say is that each Trust, Foundation (of which there are in excess of 30,000 throughout the world) would be Custodians of assets for the Collateral Accounts.

The Diagrammatic view in Every Bubble Eventually Finds Its Pin, at gives a a basic diagrammatic example of the structuring of Trusts / Foundations under the Collateral Accounts legally owned by The International Treasury Controller. The diagram should be construed as an example only and for the purpose of simple explanation.


True US History
Apr 11, 2021 - ‘Huge Debts:’ Millions in Earnings Failed to Satiate Hunter Biden’s Hunger for Crack, Prostitutes, Luxury Cars

True US History
Apr 11, 2021 - 'Woke imperialism strikes again': CNN Faces Backlash After it Defends Keeping US Troops in Afghanistan by Citing Women’s Rights

Russia Today: CNN argues that "a precipitous withdrawal" would have spelled doom for "hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan."

Ron: The bullshit never stops! The US didn't give Afghan women ANY gains, in fact the US has destroyed their rights, lives and nation. Afghanistan was already a reasonably modern, progressive nation in 1979 before the US unleashed its covert terrorist, mujahideen puppet army on that hapless nation. In fact female education was widely available and females enjoyed lifeRstyles akin to those in Western nations. See eg: From Afghanistan to Syria: Women's Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA -

Contemporary Liberalism Is Mental - -

This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe:

Afghan men and their women of all religions have the US to thank for their misery due to barbaric terrorists and their ideologies foisted on Afghanistan by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the US. See: CIA Was Aiding Afghan Jihadists Before the Soviet Invasion -

Unknown to the US and global public, the US prepared Afghanistan for a US organised, funded, trained and armed jihardi puppet military invasion and occupation by spreading the teachings of the Islamic jihad in textbooks Made in America, developed at the University of Nebraska: The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books.

Be aware also that the US was responsible for a US puppet terrorist invasion cum insurgency attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected Afghan government in 1979; and for over 40 years of continuous war and destruction of Afghanistan ever since! The US organised and arming a Jihardi puppet terrorist army to invade Afghanistan in mid 1979, ie looong before the Soviet intervention and over 20 years before the public US military invasion and occupation in 2002. The LIE used by the US for THAT invasion was that the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. in truth the Soviet Union DID NOT INVADE AFGHANISTAN! It was invited by the elected Afghan government to assist it to fight against the PRIOR covert US proxy terrorist invasion of Afghanistan authorised by US President Carter. In fact the US was responsible for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by US proxy terrorist armies in 1979, followed in 2002 by the US military, and for the bloodshed and destruction they caused. See eg: The CIA's Founding of Al Qaeda Documented -

Zbigniew Brzezinsk has said publicly that on 3 July 1979 'president Carter signed the first directive for the secret support of the opposition against the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.' He also said: 'on the same day I wrote a note, in which I explained to the president that this support would in my opinion lead to a military intervention by the Soviets.' In other words the Soviet Union did not INVADE Afghanistan but was invited by its government to assist it to fight against a PRIOR covert US proxy terrorist invasion of Afghanistan just as subsequently occurred in Somalia, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, Sudan and other countries.

The People of Afghanistan Have Had Truly Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism -

'Woke imperialism strikes again': CNN faces backlash after it defends keeping US troops in Afghanistan by citing women's rights

True US History
Apr 10, 2021 - Doctors Call for Hospitals to Discriminate Against Whites as Form of “Medical Restitution”

True US History
Apr 10, 2021 - What Clarence Thomas Gets Wrong about Big Tech

Jeff Deist: Rothbard's strict paradigm for what ought to constitute actionable force, especially as discussed in part II of The Ethics of Liberty, requires some kind of physical invasion of person or property. In doing so, Rothbard necessarily distinguishes between aggression (legally actionable) and the broader idea of "harm." The former gives rise to tort liability in Rothbardian/libertarian law; the latter is part of the vicissitudes of life and must be endured.

Ron: I disagree. Universe law requires that we "DO NO HARM"

True US History
Apr 10, 2021 - Turned-Off Viewers Turn Off 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' After BLM Propaganda

True US History
Apr 9, 2021 - US Embassies and the Pride Flag

Vasko Kohlmayer: As you may know, the flag represents the so-called LGBTQ community. The letters in the acronym stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. As such, this community encompasses persons who identify themselves as homosexual, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, transvestite and queer among others.

Ron: Arguably LGBTQists are NOT a community. They are a 'polyglot' ideological cult of disperate, disfunctional personalities cobbled together by Talmudist funding and organisation. Without Talmudist co-ordination, assistance and funding, and covert judicial and governmental support LGBTQism would not exist.

Vasko Kohlmayer: There is also a paradox in this. This policy is being pushed by those on the political left who normally praise the virtues of multiculturalism. Why do they not practice what they preach in this instance? Since nearly all cultures have rejected the LGBTQ ideology and lifestyle - and that, for the most part, in the most resolute terms - why don't we respect this fact? Why do we go into foreign lands and unnecessarily provoke indigenous populations in this way? Flaunting LGBTQ is, indeed, a most un-multicultural thing to do.

Ron: LGBTQism is also racist and sexist as it is virulently anti-white male. That makes it anti-diversity since it vehemently denigrates and excludes white males as well as ALL others who are NOT either LGBTQ or supporters thereof. In particular it is violently anti-rational, anti-spiritual and opposed to all white Christian culture. Ironically, like their Talmudic organisers, LGBTQists can only exist within a real, cohesive culture that has real spiritual values that enable the majority to work together to survive, thrive and provide for parasites like the Talmudist and LGBTQ cults. LGBTQists could NOT exist in isolation from a productive society. For starters, if seperated from a real society LGBTQists could not reproduce themselves let alone provide adequate food, shelter, healthcare and societal infrastructure for cult members. LGBTQism performs as a societal incubus.😀 It is the detritus of a crumbling erstwhile productive society. It could not exist let alone thrive except within a viable real society. And like any parasite, it will eventually kill its host if not removed.

Vasko Kohlmayer: This contradiction exposes the hidden agenda of [Ron: Talmudically organised, funded and driven] multiculturalism which is to undermine western societies. Western [Ron: cultural Marxist organised] multiculturalists are especially eager to import and adopt those foreign mores which run contrary to our ways of doing things. At the same time, however, they reject those wholesome customs and values that are actually compatible with and could strengthen our own culture. To call such people ‘multiculturalists' is inaccurate. ‘Domestic cultural subversives' would be a much more accurate label.

Ron: In other words Western cultural Marxist organised multiculturalists are a societal incubus on Western Christian derived societies! 😀].


Human/Animal Rights
Apr 7, 2021 - 255 Transgender Prisoners Request Transfer to Women’s Prison Under California Law

True US History
Apr 7, 2021 - Biden Builds Annex At Texas Border Facility As Overcrowding Continues

True US History
Apr 7, 2021 - NY Times: White Evangelical Resistance Is Obstacle in Vaccination Effort

True US History
Apr 7, 2021 - Biden’s Easter Message: ‘We share the sentiments of Pope Francis ... getting vaccinated is a moral obligation’

Health and Nutrition
Apr 7, 2021 - Dr. Ryan Cole Blows The Whole COVID-19 Propaganda Away

True US History
Apr 7, 2021 - Ron Paul Divides Social Media After Urging Americans to ‘wake up’ And Reject Vaccine Passports

Ron Paul divides social media after urging Americans to ‘wake up' and reject vaccine passports

True US History
Apr 6, 2021 - Before Lecturing The World On Democracy, the US Should Allow its Territories The Right to self-determination or Statehood

True US History
Apr 6, 2021 - Why Is The Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine To Attack Russia?

True US History
Apr 6, 2021 - Supreme Court Justice Thomas Suggests Facebook, Twitter Could Be Regulated Like Utilities

True US History
Apr 5, 2021 - Yes, America Is On The Verge Of Yet Another Toilet Paper Crisis

True US History
Apr 4, 2021 - Democrats Demand I.D.s For Everything But Voting

True US History
Apr 4, 2021 - Sidney Powell Speaks Out On The Tough Questions We’ve All Been Asking…

It appears that President Trump has given us all a lesson in how the puppet masters control the most powerful seat in the world which is the seat of the President of The United States. So, with that in mind... wait and see what takes place. The only way to end the corruption was to end the cabal. That is where the fight is and always has been.   Dianne Marshall

True US History
Apr 4, 2021 - Gaslighting: How Leftists Demonize And Demoralize Their Opposition

The communist [Ron: ie Bolshrvik Jew dominated which was supplanted by Christian communists in the mid 1970s. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26 ff] Soviet Union was notorious for gaslighting the public with propaganda that suggested anyone who defied the will of the state and who demanded freedom was "mentally ill". The [Ron: Bolshevik created] Cheka secret police and the KGB had special hospitals set aside for political dissidents called "Psikhushkas". People of any prominence who were critical of the status quo were immediately disappeared and sent to these facilities after being accused of mental instability.

These are the tried and true methods of [Ron: demonic Talmudists and their enabling] psychopaths. If you ever wonder why abused spouses or family members stay with and even defend their abusers, it is because psychopaths use gaslighting to disarm their victims. [Ron: Arguably though, to be successfully victimised by gaslighting an individual needs to either have weak THINKING ability or a weak personality and will or both] If you are crazy or subconsciously treacherous, then maybe you aren't being abused at all. Maybe, you are being saved from yourself, and maybe society is being protected from you?

The capitol building protest is a perfect example. Millions of law abiding Americans have been abused and oppressed by the establishment through lockdowns and censorship, while groups of leftists like BLM and Antifa are allowed to run rampant across the country looting and burning as they go. Conservative Americans reacted with a protest after the election, seeing that such abuses were likely to be aided in the near future by the federal government under Joe Biden. They raided the capitol building, without armaments, to make a point. Then, they peacefully left.

Ron: I disagree. The "raid" on the capitol was organised and effectuated by Deep State elements NOT conservative USans. Once Antifa with the assistance of their Capital Police accomplices had enterred the capitol some conservatives followed them peacefully,  virtually as tourists.

True US History
Apr 3, 2021 - City Refuses To Prosecute Victimless Crimes Like Drugs, Sex Work – Crime Rate Plummets

True US History
Apr 2, 2021 - Ever-projecting And Never Going Away, Hillary Clinton Invents New Rights to Take Away God-given Ones in Latest anti-gun Campaign

There are countless examples to show that such a limited ban wasn't the endgame for Democrats, but one that suffices is a quote by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), who sponsored the 1994 law and proposed another such ban in 2013. "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it," Feinstein said in a 1995 ‘60 Minutes' interview. - Tony Cox

True US History
Apr 2, 2021 - Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists

Philip Giraldi PhD: A successful fighting force is a cohesive one, one where all members have respect for each other's diversity and dignity. Holocaust revisionism has the potential to destroy that respect."

Ron: Really?! How many Jews actually serve in the US military and what percentage of the total force do they represent. Jews constitute less than 1.8 % of the US population and arguably many US domiciled Jews who want to join the military prefer to serve in the armed forces of a foreign entity, namely the Israeli military. Also, HOW does forcing US soldiers to believe in the Holohoax make the US military more cohesive? The truth is that the Holocaust is a gigantic BLOOD LIBEL of the German nation and a total HOAX. See eg: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE II -

Philip Giraldi PhD: Holocaust guilt is also promoted extensively in the United States to counter any criticism of what Israel and Jewish groups are up to, as they use their wealth and access to power to corrupt America's governmental institutions and drive the country to needless wars. Lest we forget, the holocaust industry operates everywhere in America, to include the taxpayer funded holocaust museums that appear to spring up like mushrooms and more particularly in the education system. Eight states already have laws mandating holocaust education (California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan) and there is considerable pressure to make it universal in the United States. An alarmed World Jewish Congress (WJC) is urging required holocaust education for everyone everywhere "citing statistics from a 2018 poll revealing half of millennials can't name a single Nazi concentration camp."

Ron: Arguably a major reason for eliminating the globalist cabal is to rid our world of this mindless Judaic bullshit about suffering Talmudic Jews who somehow manage to kill hundreds of millions of gentiles withourt any comeback from the stupid sheeple.

Philip Giraldi PhD: A Department of Defense training manual that has been prepared in response to the discovery of "white supremacy" identifies Catholics and evangelical Christians inter alia as "religious extremists," presumably because they hold traditional religious views that are unacceptable to the implementers of the currently fashionable woke culture.

Ron: Actually the real reason is that woke culture has been created and promulgated by cultural Marxists who are organised, funded and supported by plutocratic Jews and assisted by US governments and judiciaries that are beholden to Talmudic banksters and corporatists. In other words International Jewry is responsible for the mayhem and misery so visible in US and Western nations today. No surprises there. They were also responsible for the Coups mislabbelled as the French and Russian Revolutions, the American Civil War, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII and all the other wars and revolutions in the last 250 years. In fact they have been covertly doing this for millennia.

True US History
Apr 1, 2021 - Pentagon Reverses Trump-Era Policies That Banned Transgenders From Serving in Military, Will Issue New Rules That Broaden Their Access to Gender Transition

Cristina Laila:The Pentagon will also issue new rules that will broaden transgender people's access to medical care and gender transition surgery.

Ron: Arguably governments have NO right to bless, let alone spend tax monies on assisting individuals to mutilate their bodies with drugs and surgery for the purpose of effecting superficial physical alterations to their appearance for personal reasons. Moreover, legislating or formally accepting and financially and otherwise accomodating and assisting superficial gender changes in the military or in any other government institutions is inappropriate. Such action is harmful to the individuals concerned and society generally. The subjective feelings of individuals that are contrary to objective reality in relation to their sexual orientation or anything else are not a valid and proper reason for community approbation and financial or other support. Arguably encouraging individuals to pretend that they are the opposite biological sex is especially problematic in specialised institutions like the military.

Cristina Laila: Stephanie Miller, the director of military accession policy, told reporters "the number of service members who self-identify as transgender could range from 1,000 to 8,000, including those who may not seek treatment. Other studies have said the total could be as high as 14,700." AP reported.

Ron: Query whether the US military is prepared to fund, assist and accomodate physical gender change reversals in individuals who subesquently change their mind and seek to revert to their actual biological sex identity? Also will the Pentagon be funding individual members who wish to cosmetically alter their appearance in other ways as for example by using plastic surgery to enhance their perceived attractiveness or whatever?

Moreover, why stop with funding soldiers' physical self mutilation for gender alteration purposes? Shouldn't the Pentagon apply the same principles to alleviating the angst of soldiers who FEEL that they are born in the wrong skin colour, culture, location or nationality etc? Shouldn't soldiers also be assisted to change any and every state of mind that causes them negative feelings? This initiative opens up vast vistas of future governance intervention for the benefit of military members.

True US History
Apr 1, 2021 - Biden Left With Egg On His Face as Facts of Capitol 'riot' Wind Through Courts

The evaporation of these charges through, is bad news for Biden and there's a reason he's been clinging to them: Biden is in office by fraud, and for months, he's been diverting attention from that sorry matter by yelling about the January protests. Now that the threat he's been claiming is going away with these minor protest violations, it's bad news for him, because election fraud will come back to the forefront. Already many election integrity measures are winning in courts and in Georgia, its legislature. Without the shield of the Capitol riots, Joe has no defenses. Eventually the truth will come out that he's there by fraud and it's going to get known.   Facts are stubborn things, as Rush Limbaugh used to say. Watch them eventually strip away Joe's invisible emperor clothes and for history, take Joe down.    Monica Showalter

True US History
Apr 1, 2021 - The Supreme Court: Cowards, Crooks, or Compromised?

Ron: Arguably the US Supreme Court was appoined by the executive of the defunct US corporation and as such it no longer has authority or jurisdiction to hear and decide any cases brought by individuals or States of the revived representative Republic of the united states of America.

True US History
Apr 1, 2021 - The States Must Resist the Federal Takeover of Elections

True US History
Mar 31, 2021 - Facebook Banned President Trump Interview

Health and Nutrition
Mar 31, 2021 - Govt. Stats: mRNA Vaccines Already Killed More People in 3 Months Than a Decade of Inoculations

Most vaccines are tested for about 20 years for safety, before they are used for pregnant women, babies, children and teens. These new mRNA Covid vaccines just came out of the laboratories this past summer and fall. There has been little to zero clinical trials taking place, just some unverified claims about 95 percent accuracy and mild side effects. Well, if dying is a mild side effect, then what are major ones ?   S.D Wells

True US History
Mar 31, 2021 - Americans… ‘Know Your Enemy’

Many may consider the "win-win" thinking described above to be merely idealism. Americans are rightly cynical when a government professes good intentions. But let's examine the evidence. China in the last few months has signed the two biggest trade deals in history- one with the EU and one with A.S.E.A.N group. This co-operation has pushed America to 3rd place among China's largest trading partners. More significantly, the Belt and Road initiative involves 140 countries across four continents. In each country, China has a different arrangement specific to that country's needs. In some they are building not just high-speed rail, but dams, power stations, roads, telecommunications with more to follow. In other countries they are just building transit routes (for now). Financing is provided by the Asian development bank, in some cases with 100 year interest free self-paying loans. How could this have been achieved if not through the Chinese way of mutual benefit, or win-win thinking? It could not.           Eamon McKinney

True US History
Mar 31, 2021 - Vilifying Religion

Trey Blanton: Marine reservist Michael Berry challenged this policy in a House Armed Forces Committee hearing, saying, "And the U.S. Army produced training materials that labelled evangelical Christians and Catholics as 'religious extremists' alongside Hamas and Al-Qaeda - never mind the fact that evangelicals and Catholics continue to comprise a majority of those serving in uniform today." ...Lecia Brooks, chief of staff for the discredited leftist organization Southern Poverty Law Center, also spoke on recommended policies to target conservatives and Christians: "The military has a growing problem with white supremacy and extremism - because our country does."

Ron: No it doesn't. Demonic Talmudists and their well funded treasonous cultural Marxist minions in the Southern Poverty Law Center and throughout the US government, judiciaries and Deep State do.

Trey Blanton: In California, a bill is being considered which could prevent Christians from serving in law enforcement.

Nessel sums up leftists' national priority: "The threat of extremism is just as significant when it is based on domestic, political, religious or social ideologies as it is when it's based on violent jihadism."

Ron: Family, political, religious and social ideas based on the values taught by Christ Jesus are NOT violent or contrary to US foundational values and culture. Jihadism IS. Demonic cultural Marxists are seeking to destroy the spiritual essence of US society by criminalising the expression of genuine Christian values.


True US History
Mar 30, 2021 - The January 6 Prosecutions Hit a Speed Bump

True US History
Mar 30, 2021 - Federal Judge Calls Left-Leaning Media a ‘Threat to U.S. Democracy.’ So Who Will Tell the People?

True US History
Mar 30, 2021 - Supreme Court Rejects Efforts to Depose Hillary Clinton over Email Server

In an unsigned order issued with no comment, the justices denied an appeal from the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, mainly keeping in place a federal appeals court ruling from last August which stated that Clinton could not be forced to sit for a deposition. - Katherine Rodriguez

True US History
Mar 30, 2021 - The Chauvin Defense? New Research Shows Alarming Increase In Fentanyl Abuse And Deaths

Baker also told investigators that the autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting Floyd died of asphyxiation. The toxicology report on Floyd's blood also noted that "in fatalities from fentanyl, blood concentrations are variable and have been reported as low as 3 ng/ml." Floyd had almost four times the level of fentanyl considered potentially lethal.

That level of fentanyl will be tied to Floyd complaining about being unable to breathe. Floyd stated that he could not breathe while sitting in the police cruiser and before he was ever restrained on the ground. That is consistent with the level of fentanyl in his system that can cause "slowed or stopped breathing."   Notably, the report shows that Floyd had both fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system.

That is the combination discussed in the recent study (and past studies) as a commonly lethal combination. Jonathan Turley

True US History
Mar 29, 2021 - Trump, Bush Appeals Court Judges Rule in Favor of Professor of ‘Christian Thought’ Who Refused to Call Students by Their Preferred Gender Pronouns

True US History
Mar 29, 2021 - Political Economy Versus Federal Fairy Tales

Mar 29, 2021 - The Decline of the West: American Education Surrenders to ‘Equity’

Philip Giraldi PhD: Others will stop teaching altogether when confronted by political correctness at a level that prior to 2020 would have seemed unimaginable. The actual quality of education will suffer for everyone involved

Ron: The absurdity of Critical Race Theory and so-called "equity" teaching 'to ensure equitable outcomes' is evident in the fact that it is inherently RACIST itself. See eg: USA TODAY RACE & INCLUSION EDITOR FIRED FOR ATTACKING WHITE PEOPLE! -

The shambles that IS education in the US today was begun by John D Rockefeller and his brethren in before 1900. See eg: Who's Miseducating America's Elites? -

Dumbing Down US Education: Part II  Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance -

General Education Board, Occasional Papers, Issues 1-9, New York, 1913, 6,

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full. - rica-Part-1-Full.shtml

Dumbing Down US Education: Part I Background -

Health and Nutrition
Mar 29, 2021 - Using Herd Immunity Excuse For Gene Therapy Vaccine On Kids

Ron: IF you want to GROK how Fauci created COVID-19 to ruin your life and our world please read this article and WATCH the video included in it.

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