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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020 - 5:05:40 AM

Will COVID-19 End The Fed ?
By Ron Paul with comments by Ron
Mar 30, 2020 - 8:29:34 PM

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September 17, 2019 was a significant day in American economic history. On that day, the New York Federal Reserve began emergency [Ron: electronic fiat debt token so-called] cash infusions into the repurchasing (repo) market. This is the market banks use to make short-term loans to each other. The New York Fed acted after interest rates in the repo market rose to almost 10 percent, well above the Fed's target rate.

The New York Fed claimed its intervention was a temporary measure, but it has not stopped pumping [Ron: electronic fiat] money into the repo market since September. Also, the Federal Reserve has been expanding its balance sheet since September. Investment advisor Michael Pento called the balance sheet expansion quantitative easing (QE) "on steroids."

[Ron: In effect, the Fed is being forced to hold trillions of USD in bad debts.].

I mention these interventions to show that the Fed was taking extraordinary measures to prop up the economy months before anyone in China showed the first symptoms of coronavirus.

Now the Fed is using the historic stock market downturn and the (hopefully) temporary closure of businesses in the coronavirus panic to dramatically increase its interventions in the economy. Not only has the Fed increased the amount it is pumping into the repo market, it is purchasing unlimited amounts of Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities. This was welcome news to Congress and the president, as it came as they were working on setting up trillions of dollars in spending in coronavirus aid/economic stimulus bills.

This month the Fed announced it would start purchasing municipal bonds, thus ensuring the state and local government debt bubble will keep growing for a few more months.

The Fed has also created three new loan facilities to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in credit to businesses. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has stated that the Fed will lend out as much as it takes to revive the economy.

The Fed is also reducing interest rates to zero. We likely already have negative real interest rates because of inflation. Negative real interest rates are a tax on savings and thus lead to a lack of private funds available for investment, giving the Fed another excuse to expand its lending activities.

[Ron: The Fed and the commercial banks it serves depend on charging interest (usury) on their so-called lending of fiat debt tokens. They have no other means of maintaining their parasitic existance. Once interest rates are at ZERO they lack an income as well as a reason to exist. Arguably the Fed and the commercial banks will cease to exist as such after the Covid-19 operation completes the elimination of the Talmudic global control cabal; and sovereign nations start to issue their own money instead of pretending to borrow it from banksters and paying them interest on it.].

The Fed's actions may appear to mitigate some of the damage of the coronavirus panic. However, by flooding the economy with new money, expanding asset purchases, and facilitating Congress and the president's spending sprees, the Fed is exacerbating America's long-term economic problems.

[Ron: The Fed doesn't create money it only creates fiat debt tokens. The community via its governance arrangements is the monopolist creator of money for use by the community. Accordingly  the Fed isn't facilitating a spending spree it is merely acting as an agent for the US government which is doing what any legitimate governing organ of the US nation must do, namely ensuring that all members of the national community are able to survive in a time of crisis and that manufacturing and other infrastructure vital to community welfare is preserved for use after the crisis is over.' That preservation is avoiding an existential problem. Calling it an economic problem misleads the debate.].

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to end these emergency measures after the government declares it is safe to resume normal life. Consumers, businesses, and (especially) the federal government are so addicted to low interest rates, quantitative easing, and other Federal Reserve interventions that any effort by the Fed to allow rates to rise or to stop creating new money will cause a severe recession.

[Ron: I disagree. The alleged "addiction(s)" referred too, were created by the fraudulent Talmudic credit creation and usurious fractional reserve, global  banking system organised and controlled by banksters. That system is a criminal PONZI scheme which the Trump Adminstration is eliminating and replacing with a US Treasury controlled usury free, real money creation and distribution system.  The result will enable US and global societies to flourish. Recessions and depressions resulted from corrupt governments granting EXCLUSIVE free licences to banksters to enable them to pretend to create and distribute money and to charge, and vary, interest on it, AT THEIR SOLE DISCRETION. As a result, the banksters routinely created recessions and depressions by alternatively flooding societies with too much fiat currency followed by limiting and even withdrawing some of that currency. Regulated issuance of real money and proper management of its distribution by legitimate, properly audited government authorities can eliminate entirely the 'boom bust' cycles used by banksters to control, enslave and impoverish the US and the global population.].

Eventually the Federal Reserve-created consumer, business, and government debt bubbles will explode, leading to a major crisis that will dwarf the current coronavirus shutdown. The silver lining is that this next crisis could finally demolish the Keynesian welfare-warfare state and the fiat money system.

[Ron: I disagree. The welfare-warfare state and the global fiat money system is being demolished by the Trump Administration and the Covid-19 operation NOW. They will eliminate the fraudulent and hence unlawful debt bubbles created by the Rothschilds' organised global usurious central banking system and establish the basis for a global debt Jubilee.].

The Federal Reserve's unprecedented interventions in the marketplace make it more urgent than ever that Congress pass, and President Trump sign, the Audit the Fed bill. This would finally allow the American people to learn the truth about the Fed's conduct of monetary policy. Audit the Fed is a step toward restoring health to our economic system by ending the fiat money pandemic that facilitates the welfare-warfare state and the unstable, debt-based economy.

[Ron: Arguably President Trump has already forced the Fed to reduce interest rates to ZERO and to begin buying up trillions of USD denominated debt. That process is already eliminated the debt unlawfully inflicted upon the US nation and its citizens.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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