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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 1, 2020 - 3:57:57 AM

Why Zionist Jews Are Supporting MAGA
By The Rebel of Oz with comments by Ron
Feb 29, 2020 - 1:23:54 AM

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February 28th 2020

It looks a bit suspicious, doesn't it? Why would Israel-first Zionist Jews support Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda? Does it mean that Donald Trump is just another Zionist puppet and his MAGA rhetoric is just that, rhetoric, to get elected? Adding to that suspicion is that Donald Trump is surrounded by die-hard Israel supporters, most notably his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Imagine how different things would be for Donald Trump if he did not suck up to Israel and its lobby at every given opportunity. He already has large portions of US Jewry up in arms against him because Jews are highly over-represented in the swamp, like everywhere else in US establishment. Without Israel-first Zionist Jews being convinced that Trump is good for Israel, he would have all of World Jewry ganging up on him. If you don't know what that means, read or watch Hellstorm.

[Ron: To make it easy for you here's a HELLSTORM reference: PART 11 OF 11:HELLSTORM THE DEATH OF NAZI GERMANY...CRIME OF THE AGE - ].

Trump's background

When assessing Donald Trump's relationship with Jews, you need to consider the following. Donald Trump is a New York businessman and he is intelligent. Anyone with half a brain and who knows anything about doing business in New York must realise that the more Jew-friendly your reputation, the better for business, especially if your business requires large amounts of capital and most of your clients are Jewish or rely on Jewish goodwill for their line of business.

Donald Trump has been playing for decades with the idea of running for US President. That means it was even more important for him to be perceived as Judeophile as possible.  How did he go about it? He strictly followed the motto, "If you can't beat them, join them". He had as many Jewish friends and associates as possible. He even let his daughter convert and get married to an observant Orthodox Jew.[1]


The Trump feel-good effect

So how exactly did Donald Trump convince Israel that they are better off with him in the White House? To start with, he has a trusted Israel-first handler, his son-in-law, making sure that whatever he does is "good for the Jews". What is more, Trump keeps making grand gestures that reassure Israelis about him, things like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

While the Arab world is up-in-arms over this gesture, it's just symbolic. In day-to-day life, it makes absolutely no difference for Palestinians. It's not like the embassy has been built in the occupied part of town and as far I can tell Palestinians are not worse off at all. If anything, they are better off because there are more job.

With Syria's occupied Galan Heights, things are a bit more complex. Business interests aside, Israel feels certainly safer militarily speaking with the Galan Heights under their control. In other words, recognising Israeli ownership makes Israeli feel better. However, as many critics said, which right does the USA have to recognise Israel's annexation? Exactly, they have none, so their recognition is inconsequential, apart from its feel-good value.

Israel's strategic interests

Benjamin Netanyahu is not stupid. He knows that what Trump is doing is mostly cosmetics and that he is a true patriot at heart who will put America always first, just like Netanya will always do what's best for his country. Netanyahu makes the most out of the situation. He supports Trump for strategic reasons.

World Jewry is divided over how to reach their common goal, Jewish supremacy. Zionist Jews aim to achieve this by increasing Israel's power militarily and by way of deception and Internet technology, that is spying for blackmail purposes and stealing secrets. Diaspore Jews, to a large extent, aim to achieve the same goal by working towards a one-way world government. They use client states that they control to work towards that goal. Until World War I, that were France, Britain and Germany; then it became the United States and - more recently - China. The advantage for the Jews of using client states is that the Goyim are doing all the dying when engaging in military conflicts. Jews are too valuable to lose in a military conflict because there are just not enough of them to rule and control the entire world. Even Britain, with a three times bigger population, was heavily reliant on Indian soldiers and policemen to rule over its Empire.

Globalism is a strategic threat to Israel because a Jews-only nation station is incompatible with a one-world government. It makes no sense to support both a world without borders and a Jews-only Israel. Even Liberals get that.


In summary, the reason why Zionist Jews support Donald Trump against the globalist Jews is a) because he is so nice to Jews, b) he is very generous with his support of Israel and c) by pushing back on globalism he gives Israel more time to establish its stranglehold on the rest of the world.



[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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