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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

Why Gen-Z'ers And Millennials Support Socialism
By Jacob G Hornberger with comments by Ron
Sep 14, 2019 - 12:41:01 AM

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Public-opinion polls reflect that large numbers of Americans in their 20s and 30s (i.e., Gen Z and millennials) support socialism. When one considers the indoctrination to which these young Americans have been subjected in their state-run educational systems, their preference for socialism actually makes sense.

From the first grade, American students are indoctrinated with the notion that they live in a free country, one that has a free-enterprise economic system. By the time they graduate from high school, students have no doubts that this is true. The notion is refortified in those students who go on to college. By the time Americans start their careers, their mindsets are set in concrete: They are grateful that they live in a free country. Many of them continue reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which they learned in school and which they were expected to recite every day, a pledge that confirms that in America there is "liberty for all."

Now, look around you. Examine the society in which you live. There are crises, chaos, and mayhem everywhere. Social Security. Health care. Immigration. Federal spending and debt. Monetary. Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria. Korea. Russia. China. Drug war. Forever wars. Secret surveillance. Assassinations. Death. Destruction. Bombings. Terrorism. Mass killings. Tribunals. Torture. Indefinite detention. Militarism. Invasions. Occupations. Coups. Regime-change operations. Trade wars. Sanctions. Embargoes. Police states. Alcoholism. Drug addiction. Homelessness. Poverty. Suicides.

It's not a pretty picture, is it? It's a picture of a quite dysfunctional society.

In the mind of the Gen Zer and the millennial, that is what comes with freedom and free enterprise. Given such, it's perfectly logical to want something else, and that something else happens to be socialism. It even makes sense that so many young people decide to check out of life early through suicide. They're thinking, "If this is freedom - if this is the best there is - no, thanks. I'm leaving and hopefully going on to something better."

Conservatives and liberals

Moreover, it's not just people in their 20s and 30s who believe this. Conservatives and progressives (i.e., liberals or leftists) believe the same thing. They all fervently believe in the words of the Lee Greenwood song, "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free." That's why whenever they see a U.S. soldier, they go out of their way to thank him for "his service" in keeping America free. They have absolutely no doubts that they live in a free country, one that has a free-enterprise economic system.

Ironically, however, conservatives and liberals divide into two camps: Conservatives decry socialism and defend what they are convinced is America's free-enterprise system. Liberals decry what they too are convinced is America's free-enterprise system and want it replaced with a socialist system.

It's all one great big confused mindset, one that is the direct result of state [Ron: And MSM] indoctrination.

The libertarian breakthrough

What distinguishes us libertarians from non-libertarians is that we have succeeded in breaking through the state's system of indoctrination.

The truth is that Americans are not free and they don't live in a free-enterprise system. What the state ingrained in during those long years in the state's education system was a lie from the start. Americans lives their lives as serfs on a giant [Ron: Jew bankster controlled] government plantation, one that is based on the [Ron: demonic, Talmudic] statist principles of [Ron: atheistic materialist,] socialism, interventionism, militarism, and imperialism.

America's system is based on massive [Ron: theft, masquerading as] mandatory charity. Through such programs as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education grants, farm subsidies, foreign aid, and thousands of others, Americas are forced to be good, caring, and compassionate.  There is no way to reconcile that type of system with freedom. Freedom necessarily entails the right to make charitable decisions on a purely voluntary basis.

America's system is also based on control, regulation, and management of peaceful activity. The drug war is a good example. President Trump's trade wars and unilateral impositions of tariffs, sanctions, and embargoes is another. America's system of immigration controls is another. There is no way to reconcile such a system with the principles of a genuinely free society. A free society necessarily entails ingesting whatever you want, no matter how harmful, traveling wherever you want, and doing whatever you want with your own money.

America's system is also based on a national-security state, a type of totalitarian government structure, one that comes with assassination, torture, coups, invasions, bombings, sanctions, embargoes, wars of aggression, occupations, indefinite detention, military tribunals, death, suffering, and destruction. There is no way that such things can be reconciled with the principles of genuinely free society. A free society necessarily entails a limited-government republic type of governmental system.

Thus, we libertarians lament the dysfunctional state of American society, just as many Gen Xers, millennials, and leftists do. The difference is that they think that the dysfunctionality is the result of freedom and free enterprise and, therefore, want socialism to replace it. We libertarians, on the other hand, realize that the dysfunctionality in American society is owing to the [Ron: Jew bankster ownership of the US Inc. and their control and exploitation of the US population that has] created [the demonic] socialist, interventionist, militarist, and imperialist system under which we live, which is why we favor a genuinely free society, a genuine free-enterprise system, and the restoration of a limited-government republic.

[Ron: For some background on the current US situation see eg: Dr. John Dee: Occultist Behind the British Empire and Judaic New World Order -].

The hope for America

Given the popularity of statism among Gen Zers, millennials, conservatives, and liberals, is there much hope for putting American back on the right track? Of course there is! Since we libertarians have succeeded in breaking through the indoctrination to which the state subjected us in its educational system, so can others. We libertarians just need to keep speaking the truth and sticking to our principles. That's the best way to help others achieve the same breakthrough that we libertarians have achieved.

[Ron: I disagree. USans also need to be told the truth about what has and is happening to them and why.  President Trump and his supporters are currently doing this. Because the Talmudists have amassed authoritarian police state powers that have almost become totalitarian, the Trump Administration must also use the military to restore the Republic. This is being done. USans need to support the Trump Administration and pray for the success of his actions to take back the USA and the rest of the world for humanity and the Creator.].

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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