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Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent)
By Los Alamos National Laboratory
May 10, 2014 - 10:40:48 AM

Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent)

This 11' 20"video was published by RestrictedData on 6Feb, 2014:

Publisher's comments:

This silent film shows the final preparation and loading of the "Fat Man" bomb into "Bockscar," the plane which dropped the bomb on Nagasaki. It then shows the Nagasaki explosion from the window of an observation plane. This footage comes from Los Alamos National Laboratory. I have not edited it in any way from what they gave me except to improve the contrast a little — it is basically "raw." I have annotated it with some notes on the bombing and what you can see — feel free to disable the annotations if you don't want them.

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