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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jul 13, 2020 - 7:34:34 AM

Trump vs The Ivy League
By Mike King
Jul 13, 2020 - 1:28:01 AM

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JULY 12, 2020

NY Times Headlines:

* Trump Visa Rules Seen as Way to Pressure Colleges on Reopening

* Harvard and M.I.T. Sue to Stop Trump Visa Rules for Foreign Students

* Ivy League Suspends Fall Sports Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

* As Universities Seek to Block Visa Rules, Trump Threatens Tax Status


Marxist Academia's organized War on Trump is out in the open now, and that's a good thing. As university presidents and Communist teachers' unions attempt to influence the fall election by keeping schools closed or oppressively regulated for "safety," Trump is firing back by calling them out as Leftist propagandists and threatening to withhold tax exemptions / Federal funds.

Leading the pinko pack in this subversive drive to keep the Stupid-19 scare alive and the economy dead is the united front of the Ivy League Council of Presidents -- which recently cancelled all fall sports for the eight elite universities which constitute the hallowed and historic "Ivy League." The "concerned" council's statement read:

"We simply do not believe we can create and maintain an environment for intercollegiate athletic competition that meets our requirements for safety and acceptable levels of risk."

It remains to be seen how many other Marxist universities and lower level Red school districts nationwide will follow the lead of the high & mighty Ivy League.

Now, when most folks think of the exclusive northeastern universities of the Ivy League, an image of immensely wealthy, often snobby, "old money" male WASP's (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) reflexively comes to mind. This perception is due partly to historical reality, and partly due to the deliberate media perpetuation of the myth that old White men run America's elite institutions. One would expect, therefore, that a meeting of this "Ivy League Council of Presidents" would resemble something akin to that famous portrait of George Washington presiding over the Constitutional Convention, right? Not exactly.

The centuries-old universities of the Ivy League were once White, male, Christian and truly "elite" in terms of providing world class instruction and well-rounded classical education to the young men who attended. But this ain't your grand-daddy's Ivy League anymore.

Surely, veteran readers of the Anti-New York Times already know where we are going with this (cough cough). Let's have a look at these eight tyrannical presidents who are suddenly oh-so-concerned over the safety of their students - even though 20-somethings are absolutely invulnerable to this glorified cold virus.




Lawrence Bakow

Peter Salovey

Christopher Eisgruber

* Born of a Jewish mother -- He self identifies as an Atheist Jew (here)

Lee Bollinger


Martha Pollack

Christina Paxson

* Converted to Judaism in 1981 while engaged to her future husband, a Jew. (here)

Amy Gutman

Philip J. Hanlon


Surprise -- surprise -- surprise ---- Count em'! Six out of the elite eight headed by a chosenite -- and the only two Whites are known to be Demonrats obediently presiding over Jewish-loaded faculties and student-bodies. Not much "diversity" TM in the leadership ranks of that bunch -- is there now?  No sir. The Ivy League is now the "Oy Vey League" -- and the Jewish domination of so many other elite and non-elite universities nationwide, from their presidencies to the down-level deanships / department leadership is just as pervasive.

Our research turns up some more Jewish-Demonrat presidents of other universities generally rated among the most "prestigious" in the United States:

  • Stanford: Marc Tessier-Lavigne (cough cough)
  • MIT: Leo Reif (cough cough)
  • Northwestern: Morton Schapiro (cough cough)
  • University of Michigan: Mark Schlissel (cough cough)
  • Johns Hopkins: Ronald Daniels (cough cough)
  • University of Wisconsin: Rebecca Blank (cough cough)

Lavigne / Stanford

Reif / MIT

Schapiro / Northwestern

Schlissel / Michigan

Daniels / Johns Hopkins

(of Covid-19 "death graph" fame!)

Blank / Wisconsin

And that, boys and girls -- and with all due respect to our small handful of righteous Jewish fans -- is why "higher education" -- as well as middle and lower "education" -- as well as Hollywierd, the news-media, book publishing, psychiatry, medicine, politics, music, the "arts," sports, law, banking etc. has all turned into Marxist / Globalist shit.

Trump's attack on "left wing" education cartel has really smoked these red rats into rabidity mode. Soon after Trump's tweets, the Libtard Twittersphere lit up with shrieks about "dictatorship," "censorship," "academic freedom," and, of course, "McCarthyism." When it comes to critique, the hallowed eggheads of "education" are not to be touched.

Speaking of St. Joseph McCarthy and the Left's familiar whine about "academic freedom TM," in his 1952 book, "McCarthyism: The Fight for America," he wrote something really prophetic and fitting for the current situation:

"The education system of this country can only be scrubbed and flushed and swept clean if the mothers and fathers, and the sons and daughters of this nation individually decide to do this job. This can be your greatest contribution to America. This is a job which you must do if America and Western Civilization are to live.

I warn you, however, that the task will not be a pleasant one. When you detect and start to expose a teacher with a Communist mind, you will be damned and smeared. You will be accused of endangering academic freedom. Remember, to those Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means THEIR right to force YOU to hire THEM to teach YOUR children a philosophy in which you do not believe.

To Communist-minded teachers, academic freedom means their right to deny you the freedom to hire loyal Americans to teach your children. We cannot win the fight against Communism if Communist-minded professors are teaching your children. We cannot lose the fight against Communism if loyal Americans are teaching your children."

Tell it, Senator. Tell it !

McCarthy was right when he summed up the long-term danger that "education" posed to America back then; just as Trump is right about the problem today - only it is much worse today.

1 & 2. "Congratulations my young goyim! Now, go forth and spread the mental and moral diseases which we poisoned you with here at the Oy Vey League!"



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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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