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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Trump's Big Victories at the G7 - Part 3: The Power of Melanias wardtobe
By SerialBrain2
Sep 17, 2019 - 5:18:08 AM

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September 12, 2019

Do you like fashion and beauty?

If you do, you’re in for a treat!

I had the opportunity in previous articles to mention how the First Lady made her clothing choices through the combination of beauty and powerful symbolism. In this article, I walked you though the coded messages hidden in Melania’s Hermes Birkin bag when she and POTUS visited 10 Downing Street on June 4 2019. I told you how it was connected to her Ralph Lauren “Smooth Criminal” look in Giza or her Celine shirtdress when landing in Ghana and gave you the real meaning of the pith helmet she wore in Kenya and about which she was criticized by the low IQ Fake News.

Today, we will go further.

In part 2, I told you how POTUS freed France from the Cabal during his first meeting with President Macron. After this exchange, those who follow French politics have seen Macron’s surprising and spectacular 180 on the retirement age and this is only the beginning of a long list of positive changes. If something that explosive could have happened a few minutes before the Maestro started his G7 meetings, can you imagine the magnitude of what happened during the G7 and when it ended?

I showed you in this image the significance of Macron wearing the Awake Watch, his water being on the floor and how it connects to WATCH the water in Q847. Did you take it further? Do you remember the Trump/Pence “water episode” in June 6 2018 when POTUS and FLOTUS held a meeting at the FEMA NRCC? Watch how the Fake News reported it: video.

As you can see, with Macron’s confirmation, the water-under-the-table episode has a… rippling effect.

Did you notice Melania’s pick was a Celine trench Coat? Where else did she wear it? Yes, when visiting 10 Downing Street on June 4 2019. Look: Img1

If you notice her belt went from light brown to black and know some martial arts, you will see this change symbolizes progression, advancement or increased power as mentioned in the decode about the Maestro’s victory in the UK and its connection to Melania’s Birkin bag: Img2

Now that we have made this amazing discovery, what do we do? We build a timeline starting with the FEMA meeting on June 6 2018 and passing through the 10 Downing Street visit on June 4 2019. By doing so, The Plan manifests in all its glory and displays markers of military precision in POTUS’ fight for freedom: Img3

And when all these markers were secured on his political timeline, the Maestro went back to FEMA on Sept 1 2019 to give an update while VP Pence was representing him in Poland. Do you know why? What if I told you this was a planned “choreography” to provide the confirmation that the Storm has arrived and that we should trust the Plan? Look: Img4

With this example of the power of Melania’s wardrobe, we can now fly to Biarritz and try to decode all the messages she sent us and how they are related to major world events. From her departure from DC in Aug 23 2019 to her return on Aug 26 2019, she made 7 fashion picks to send 7 messages: Img5

Let’s start with outfit 2. POTUS and FLOTUS have just landed in France. Did you make the connection between Melania’s yellow dress and the Yellow Vests? I gave you a hint in part 2 when I said: “Since then, it (the Yellow Vest movement) blew up the French deficit and, like a termite, has begun to gnaw at the French economy”. The keyword was “termite”. Are you familiar with the Purple Termite flower? Here is the solution: Img6

Then, when Macron received his cold shower from POTUS, FLOTUS chose a beige Gucci dress with a front belt chain. She tweeted about Frances’s coming changes and coded in the image sizes messages confirming it was freed from the Cabal: Img7

After this conquest and the announcement of the house cleaning process, Melania walked with us in the streets of Espelette and tweeted 4 images to let us know that the final stage of this process is to bring God and Family back to center stage: Img8

She later confirms her thinking with her next tweet in which she reports on her interaction with the French youth. This time, because of the exclusive spiritual connotation of the message, she chose to use the Jewish gematria system: Img9

The next day, FLOTUS tweeted a 51 second long video summarizing her activities during the G7 and coded that in addition to the fight to protect the youth we went through earlier, another one, more subtle, also needed to be fought. Let’s see if you can spot it. Read the tweet and watch the video: link

Did you catch it?

FLOTUS gave us a hint at 28’ where the video shows an open door to a garden. That was the door you needed to take to solve her riddle. Look: Img10

You know why she turned her head away right? She was showing lack of interest just like the Maestro did when Macron was talking at their first meeting: until 2:42

Now we need to go to the 26’ mark in the video. We see performers dancing a jig. Value for JIG? Yes: 26. Coincidence? Then, we notice 26=7+9+10 and if we go to the 7’, 9’ and 10’ marks of the video, we see the Rock of the Virgin is invariably shown. Look: Img11

As you can see, it’s time to investigate this iconic Biarritz landmark. From this article, we gather the historic data and using other picture angles, we can decode Melania’s message: Img12

We can now analyze the tweet further and decode the capital letters and the video length: Img13

Now is the time to decode the red Alexander McQueen dress Melania dressed for the G7 evening’s festivities on August 25th 2019.

For this, we need to analyze the context and recap. We are at the evening of the second day of the G7 and the trade war with China has reached a tension threshold never before reached as illustrated here: video.

And while China is stuck with these new tariffs and has to deal with the Termite play in its Hong Kong variation as seen in Img3, the Maestro scores string of diplomatic successes for example here in trade with his friend Abe from Japan: until 1:35, or here with is friend Boris Johnson strategizing for BREXIT and a historic trade deal: video or here with Canada with a defeated Trudeau made to sit by the US flag: video and the list goes on.

As to France, as said earlier, the termite message was sent and received through Calvin Klein, Macron was defeated though Gucci and the next day Melania walked in the streets of Espelette in Calvin Klein with her spoils of war in a Hermes bag much bigger than the Chanel bag she was last seen with when taking off. Do you see the pattern? She alternated Calvin Klein with other designers. These messages were perfectly read by the Cabal which, after realizing that they had just lost France and that the world was willingly or unwillingly uniting around the Maestro, had to spend the night decoding Melania’s beautiful red Alexander McQueen’s dress before things get really ugly!

Do you see it? Melania set the early alternation on Calvin Klein to send the message to the Cabal that after her Alexander McQueen dress, chances were very high that she would wear Calvin Klein the next day. The Cabal had to simulate that possibility and analyze what it meant.

If you’ve identified this Calvin Klein alternation and run the simulation, you get the following explosive message: Img14

As you can see, as the world was falling apart in front of their very eyes, China received from FLOTUS a very simple question: “do you want things to escalate? If yes, I’m Calvin Klein-ready”.

Well, that very night after the Biarritz festivities, China called and officially stated that they hoped for a ‘calm’ resolution to the tariff war. The Maestro tweeted about it and it made the headlines of those who report the news: Img15

Then, when asked about China’s new stance and their use of the word CALM, here is the Maestro’s response: until 12:30.

Do you know why the Maestro liked the use of the word ‘CALM’ and why he and China emphasized it? Because it made FLOTUS change her initial Calvin Klein choice to Alaia. Read very carefully: Img16

Now, I have a question for you:

Are you tired of winning yet?!

We can now gather Melania’s 7 outfits with their corresponding decodes in a synthetic image. Enjoy: Img17

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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