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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020 - 9:46:25 PM

“This Is America And It’s A War Zone” Cry Slams Into “There’s Not Going To Be An Election Night” Reality
By Sorcha Faal
Aug 4, 2020 - 9:35:30 PM

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August 3, 2020

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A disquieting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming that Russian intelligence and law enforcement officials are preparing to meet with their American counterparts, says the main focus of these discussions will be centered on how to best mitigate what is likely to be an outbreak of civil war in the United States in the coming months—a civil war whose dimensions of are currently unfolding in the socialist Democrat Party stronghold city of Portland-Oregon, where radical mobs are now burning Christian Bibles—and where after the Associated Press released a horrifying account of the mass violence occurring in this socialist city, it was followed last evening with socialist mobs targeting police with high-powered lasers and over 150 shots being fired at fearful residents, that led to one of them fearfully crying “This Is America And It’s A War Zone”—an actual war zone being prepared for by socialist Democrat Party leaders such as US Congressman Jim Clyburn, who after saying “Trump is Mussolini, riots are peaceful, and federal agents are terrorists”, then declared that “President Trump has no intention of peacefully transferring power if he loses the November election”—and to understand this declaration, one must know that it’s joined with socialist Democrat Party leader US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi saying that “mail-in voting is essential for Americans health”—mail-in voting being forced on the American people by socialist Democrat Party stronghold States like Nevada, that in the dead of night a few hours ago, used a state of emergency to pass a law mandating mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in a move President Trump has vowed his forces will fight in court—a court battle urgently needed as the already going broke United States Postal Service has ended overtime and cut back services making it unable to handle tens-of-millions of mail-in ballots for this election, and has it being asked: “How many races will be called with thousands of ballots on the floor of local post offices?”—but is the exact strategy being employed by the socialist Democrat Party, as they need this election to be plunged into uncertain chaos so they can claim victory for themselves—a victory though, no one will ever be able to be certain of—and most certainly will not know about after this election is held on 3 November—which is why Brandon Finnigan, the founder of Decision Desk HQ, that delivers election results to media outlets, has just sounded an alarm explaining to the American people this grim reality: “I don’t think it’s penetrated enough in the average viewer’s mind that there’s not going to be an election night”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]




According to this report, joining the warning issued by Decision Desk HQ founder Brandon Finnigan to the American people that “there’s not going to be an election night” is the Republican Secretary of State of Ohio, Frank LaRose, who has just warned his citizens that “You can’t think of Election Day as a single movie — you have to treat it as maybe a trilogy”—warnings now being joined by Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, who says his site is planning a round of education aimed at “getting people ready for the fact that there’s a high likelihood that it could take days or weeks to count this election”—and Brandon Finnigan himself further warning: “The usual razzmatazz of a panel sitting around discussing election results — that’s dead”.

As to what is actually occurring with the 2020 United States Presidential Election due to be held on 3 November, this report details, one must first know about the critical date of 12 June 2020—a date that’s best described with the fearful words “On the second Friday in June, a group of political operatives, former government and military officials, and academics quietly convened online for what became a disturbing exercise in the fragility of American democracy”—fearful words contained in a little noticed article published last week by the Boston Globe titled “A Bipartisan Group Secretly Gathered To Game Out A Contested Trump-Biden Election. It Wasn’t Pretty”—wherein it describes how a group of socialist Democrat Party elites from the Obama-Clinton Regime, along with rabid anti-Trump leaders within the Republican Party (aka Deep State), formed themselves into a group calling itself the Transition Integrity Project to “game out possible results of the November election”.

Far from these Deep State operatives gaming out anything having to do with this election, however, this report details, what they actually plotted was a scheme to throw this election into total chaos—best exampled by one these plotters, Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown law professor and former Defense Department official in the Obama-Clinton Regime, saying “All of our scenarios ended in both street-level violence and political impasse”—while Nils Gilman, a historian who leads research at a think tank called the Berggruen Institute and was an organizer of this exercise, said about President Trump: “He doesn’t have to win the election… He just has to create a plausible narrative that he didn’t lose”—and saw Edward Luce, the US editor of the Financial Times, who played the role of a mainstream media reporter during one of the simulations, saying” The more demonstrations there were, the more demands for recounts, the more legal challenges there were, the more funerals for democracy were held, the more Trump came across as the candidate of stability…possession is nine-tenths of the law”—with the final determinations generated by this plot being:

In multiple scenarios, officials on both sides homed in on narrowly decided swing states with divided governments, such Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, hoping to persuade officials there to essentially send two different results to Congress.

If a state’s election is disputed, a legislature controlled by one party and governor of another each could send competing slates of electors backing their party’s candidate.

In one scenario President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act, which allows the president to use military forces to quell unrest.

The scenario that began with a narrow Biden win ended with Trump refusing to leave the White House, burning government documents, and having to be escorted out by the Secret Service.

The team playing Biden in that scenario, meanwhile, sought to patch things up with Republicans by appointing moderate Republican governors, including Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, to Cabinet positions.

In another scenario President Trump won the Electoral College — and thus, the election — but Biden won the popular vote by 5 percentage points.

Biden’s team retracted his Election Night concession, fueled by Democrats angry at losing yet another election despite capturing the popular vote, as happened in 2000 and 2016.

Trump sought to divide Democrats — at one point giving an interview to The Intercept, a left-leaning news outlet, saying Senator Bernie Sanders would have won if Democrats had nominated him.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team sought to encourage large Western states to secede unless pro-Democracy reforms were made.

And a scenario that doesn’t look that different from 2016: a big popular win for Joe Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat, presumably reached after weeks of counting the votes in Pennsylvania, and for this war game, they cast John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in the role of Mr. Biden. They expected him, when the votes came in, to concede, just as Mrs. Clinton had.

But Mr. Podesta, playing Mr. Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede. Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College.

In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned.

The House named Mr. Biden president; the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump.

At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.



In these plotters’ scenario having California, Washington and Oregon seceding from the United States, this report concludes, Russian intelligence agencies have previously warned Communist China is preparing a 500,000-strong invasion force to flood into them once Biden declares himself the winner of this election—but critically to be noted, is a Biden win far from being assured, as documented yesterday by Russian military intelligence sources warning about President Trump’s planned “October Surprise” revelations about Roswell and the criminal investigation being run by feared US Attorney John Durham against these coup plotters—and to understand why these Deep State operatives are so terrified they’re actually war gaming out how to start a civil war with this election, one need only look at the Engagious Swing Voter Project, that for 17-months has been tracking voters in swing states, all of whom, despite what the lying polls claim, still support President Trump—and though a crushing blow to socialist Democrats and their leader Joe Biden, comes nowhere close to the horror they have after a new poll shows President Trump will cruise to an election victory because he’s being supported by an astonishing 40% of America’s black voters—a shock poll socialist Democrats won’t even publically acknowledge—but they surely know is true, and is why today they’ve begun flooding American black voters with a multi-million-dollar ad campaign.


Deceased and illegal aliens who ALWAYS vote by mail.


August 3, 2020 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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