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Christopher Spivey

Let’s talk some more about Covid-19.

Only joking, in fact I would imagine that you are as fed up as me about that old fanny, so luckily enough we have a new red-flag event to look at… I am of course talking about ‘the killing of Georgie’

However, before I start I will remind you that all of these fake ‘happenings’ are shrouded in “conspiracy theories”, started by the perpetrators themselves in order to lead anyone looking too closely at the event away from the trail of truth… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

Moreover, the ‘official’ narratives of any red flag fraud always have conflicting reports on the event which makes it harder still for anyone looking into the case to find out the real truth.

So let’s start with the initial arrest of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police .

And straight away there are conflicting reports as to why Floyd was arrested.

I mean, nearly a week after the incident happened, no cunt still seems to know exactly what crime was committed although the general consensus is that Floyd tried to buy goods with a counterfeit $20 bill:

It began with a report of a fake $20 (£16.20) bill.

A report was made on the evening of 25 May, when Mr Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from Cup Foods, a grocery store.

Believing the $20 bill he used to be counterfeit, a store employee reported it to police… Source

However, according to the scum newspaper, Floyd was arrested for Cheque Fraud:

That day officers responded to a call from a grocery store that claimed Mr Floyd had used a forged cheque.

In a statement released by the Minneapolis Police Department, the officers were responding to a report of a “forgery in progressSource

Nevertheless, the fake $20 Dollar bill seems to be a more likely scenario since no one tries to commit cheque fraud in shops these days.

Which brings us to the 2nd anomaly. You see, having made his purchase, Floyd then casually walked across the road to his car, where he sat calmly until the police arrived… Which is strange, because the normal reaction after someone has committed a crime is to get the fuck out of the area ASAP.

Stranger still, is the fact that the police turned up at all, never mind so promptly just for the sake of a forged banknote!

PHOTO: The Police arrive to investigate (circled top left). Typically, we are told that the time stamp on the cctv footage is wrong. Floyd’s car is also circled yet incredibly, according to NBC News there is no footage of when Floyd first arrived – which makes no sense whatsoever.

And it is only now that the reason for NBC News stating that the timestamp is wrong becomes clear… You see, the TEENAGE shop assistant who allegedly phoned the Old Bill after Floyd had bought fags with the forged $20 note, supposedly did so at 20:01 PM:

In a call to 911, made at 20:01, the employee told the operator he had demanded the cigarettes back but “he [Floyd] doesn’t want to do that”, according to a transcript released by authorities Source

The police then turned up in double quick time – for such a trivial offence – seven minutes later at 20:08 PM:

Shortly after the call, at around 20:08, two police officers arrived. Mr Floyd was sitting with two other people in a car parked around the corner… Source: As above.

That means, had the timestamp on the CCTV been correct, Floyd would have been sitting in his car, opposite the shop that he had just defrauded for 31 minutes… Very strange since the newspaper farticle suggests that Floyd was aware that the shop assistant had phoned the coppers.

Course, despite not fleeing the scene after committing the crime, you would have thought that Floyd would have high-tailed it out of there once the plod arrived – whilst he still had the chance… But ohhh nooo.

Nevertheless, less than TWENTY-FUCKING- SECONDS after entering the shop to investigate the crime, the two plod walk out of the store and begin to cross the road towards Floyd’s motor (see photo below) – super fast detectives.

And here is where we have another one of those lying contradictions from the presstitutes, made on behalf of the corrupt police chiefs.

You see, according to the police report, Floyd was sat on top of his car when the plod got to him:

According to a press release from the Minneapolis Police Department, cops found a man believed to be in his 40s, who appeared to be “under the influence”, sitting on top of a blue car… Source


Nevertheless, once at the car, one officer talks to Floyd who is SAT in the drivers seat, whilst the other cop gets the passenger out of the car… However, NBC news [rightly] points out that you cannot see the interaction that takes place between the Officer and Floyd in the CCTV footage.

But very fucking luckily for us, the fella CONVENIENTLY parked behind Floyd’s motor, took it upon himself to film it on his phone so as we could view it.

We are then told that the Officer had trouble getting Floyd out of the car prompting Plod number 2 to leave the passenger unattended and rush to his colleague’s aid (see photo below).

Now to me, Plod number 2’s response action was very, very suspect because being the USA, every cunt is ‘trigger-happy’ and as such American Cops are always super cautious.

However, there was now nothing to stop the passenger from reaching into the glove box or his pants and pulling out a gun… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

Nevertheless, despite Floyd allegedly refusing to be handcuffed, neither copper draws his gun – which once again contradicts the official narrative:

After approaching the car, one of the officers, Thomas Lane, pulled out his gun and ordered Mr Floyd to show his hands. In an account of the incident, prosecutors do not explain why Mr Lane thought it necessary to draw his gun… Source

Which is a lie because neither coppers drew their guns… Plod number 2 does however briefly draw his TORCH (see photo below):

And again, this leads me to believe that the coppers are crisis actors and as such, in the excitement of being on camera the actor forgets where his equipment is on his utility belt… Indeed I rather suspect that he is actually going for his handcuffs since it is this copper that eventually cuffs Floyd.

Meantime the now unwatched matey in the front passenger seat calmly gets out onto the pavement as does the woman sitting in the back seat (whom the two Bacon Buggers seem to not have noticed).

How very fucking bizarre and certainly very unlikely in America… However, it is worth noting that proper Police procedure is nearly always never followed in these red-flag events.

Course, instead of doing a runner, the two passengers now wait patiently on the pavement whilst the two pigs assault their mate:

As ya do!

That is until the woman shouts something towards the coppers, prompting Plod number 1 to leave his colleague struggling with Floyd whilst he comes over to see what she wants:

Meantime, the mush in the red tracksuit bottoms walks around unattended with a black bag that could contain any amount of weapons.

And having performed his role in the drama, the fella in the car filming the arrest on his phone, fucks off, leaving Officer number 2 to struggle with Floyd on his own:

Yet despite this violent arrest, Plod number 1 does not seemed concerned about the black bag that matey in the red tracksuit bottoms is holding, and in fact continues to watch the Floyd action:

Again, very strange… And I will also point out at this stage that in the photo above, Floyd’s vest appears to have a yellow or beige trim around the arms and neck which it doesn’t have on the other video showing Floyd on the ground after being arrested (see photo below):

PHOTO: No trim on the vest

However, if you watch the NBC News video (found HERE) that I am taking these screenshots from, you will notice that the yellow/beige vest trim comes and goes – which to me suggests that the video has been edited… Now why would they do that?

Moreover, I best explain for the benefit of the “Why? Why? Why?” brigade that I believe the two videos were filmed at separate times which would explain the different vests.

You see, filming red-flag-events twice (or even more) is common practice… The Boston Bomb Bollox and Westminster Bridge Terrapin fraud immediately springs to mind.

Nevertheless, it will become clearer later on how they got away with filming the incident twice, but bear in mind that when the plod make a very violent, brutal arrest in front of a gathering crowd, their main priority is to get the suspect into custody and away from the scene as quickly as fucking possible.

However, it is clear that once Floyd had been cuffed he becomes very cooperative and allows the copper to lead him over to the pavement.

Indeed, Floyd sits compliantly on the ground as another pig wagon shows up, despite me not being able to find any indication that either officer called for back-up… Which they surely wouldn’t have done for such a seemingly trivial matter.

Certainly neither copper called for back-up after the struggle had begun or after, meaning that back-up must have been called for whilst they were in the shop for 20 seconds getting the details of the crime off the shop assistant!!!

We are then also shown footage taken by the newly arrived officers body cam… Which has for some some reason been censored and indeed, does not match up with the NBC News CCTV cam:

Now, could this footage have been redacted because the black fella playing Floyd in the NBC News video is actually bald (see photo above and below)?

Whereas in reality Floyd has a full head of hair… And you can also clearly see the yellow/beige trim in the above photo:

PHOTO: George Floyd with a full head of hair, standing next to an advert for Corona… You couldn’t make it up!

Plod number 2 (baldy) then writes some details down in a notebook which are probably supposed to be Floyd’s name and address etc, which he then gives to the newly arrived Plod number 3.

Then, at 20:37:21 on the CCTV timestamp, Plod number 3 goes back to his car, presumably in order to check out the details that his colleague has given him… However, Plod number 3 does not immediately get back into his car in order to use his radio.

And since Floyd must have provided those details and is sitting down calmly we can only assume that he is cooperating fully.

Also notice in the photo below, the crowd of 4 people stood outside the shop doorway watching the action.

PHOTO: Plod number 3 returns to his car presumably to radio in Floyd’s details, in order to make sure he has no outstanding arrest warrants etc, etc. Also notice the crowd gathering outside the shop doorway. The time is 20:37:21 on the CCTV timestamp.

However, 5 seconds later, Plod number 3 has still made no attempt to get in the car, or even reached in for his radio, yet the crowd across the road – who all arrived separately – all walk off together, in the same direction, as if on cue (see photo below):

Now that may seem unimportant but that sudden departing of crowds all in the same direction is also something that I have seen before in red-flag-events and I would suggest that the copper getting back into his car is their cue to fuck off.

You see, the crowd moves at the exact same moment that the copper actually bends to get into his car… However, instead of getting on his radio, the cop then inexplicably moves the car forward a couple of feet… This takes him 4 seconds to do so.

Now I also noticed that in the full screenshot that I took of the copper inexplicably moving his pig-mobile a couple of foot forward, there is blurring around the body of the copper watching Floyd (see photo below)

Again, very fucking strange.

However, Plod number 3 now remains in his car, so he could be on the radio… Nevertheless, 16 seconds after moving the car forward a foot or two, Baldy helps Floyd to his feet, suggesting that he is going to move him to a police car. This is despite Plod number 3 not coming back to him with any further details.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself why Baldy is getting Floyd to his feet instead of keeping him where he is until further info has been gained (see photo below)?

Nevertheless, Floyd is calm and not resisting. And you will also notice that the streets across the road are now empty apart from one fella who has been leaning against the wall, watching the proceedings from the start.

A few seconds later, Baldy then leads Bald Floyd a little way up the pavement and pushes him into the wall, causing Floyd to cry out in pain.. And once again, notice the blurring around the baldy copper’s body and Floyds hair:

Now, Floyd seems to have had an over reaction here being as Baldy didn’t push him particularly hard.

I am also guessing that Baldy moved Floyd this way for the benefit of the CCTV since they are eventually going to put him in the car across the road… Therefore, moving him along the pavement made no sense.

Also notice, that while this ‘brutality’ is going on, Plod number 1 once again leaves the other 2 suspects unguarded.

Plod number 1 then helps Baldy to bring Floyd under control – despite the fact that Georgie Boy isn’t out of control – leaving the other two suspects to compliantly go and stand against the wall without so much as even looking over at the action.

The pair then lead the very compliant Floyd away leaving the other two suspects and their bag full of possible guns alone to twiddle their thumbs.

The two coppers then lead Floyd across the road to their squad car. I can only assume at this point that Plod number 3 is having his tea break… Meanwhile, the other two suspects just chat to each other (see photo below).

And now, here is where things really get suspect so pay close attention. You see, having got the compliant Floyd to their squad car, you would think that they would put him in it via the drivers side, i.e from the pavement.

However, we know that didn’t happen because somehow – although fuck knows how – Floyd ended up on the opposite side of the car (the road side).

PHOTO: Floyd on the ground on the opposite side of the car to what he should have been

Course, the reason that we don’t know how Floyd ended up on the opposite side of the car to what he should have been is because at that precise moment, Plod number 3 finishes his doughnut and pulls his car across the road, CONVENIENTLY obscuring the CCTV cameras view.

PHOTO: Having finished his doughnut, Plod number 3 moves his motor to block the cameras view

However, before the fat cunt deliberately blocks the unfolding scene, we see Floyd collapse onto the pavement without the officers laying a hand on him (see photo below):

Therefore, if he was laid out on the pavement, did the two coppers decide to carry him to the opposite side of the car for fun???

It doesn’t make sense does it, especially since the copper opened the drivers side rear door to put him into the car after he had collapsed! (see photo below):

Meantime, the suspect woman got tired of standing around and went back to sit in the car:

Which I can only presume was because there was no longer anything to see since Plod number 3 has now completely blocked the view.

Course, quite why he did that is anyone’s guess since he was already moving into position before Floyd collapsed.:

But of course we know why he moved the fucking car.

Meantime, matey in the red track bottom suit gathered his bag of guns up and went to talk to the bird now sat in the front passenger seat of Floyd’s motor.

It’s a good job that I am not sarcastic!

Course, having now completely blocked the view, Plod number 3 decides it might be less suspect if he walks back across the road to keep our other two suspects company… Which having blocked the view with his car for no apparent reason makes him look even more suspect… Although he does make the bird get out of the car, don’t cha know:

And at the same time, another plod car pulls up behind Plod number 3’s car.

Two coppers get out of that car and walk to the scene. The reporter for NBC News then says that a struggle takes place, but it is impossible to see.

Mind you, you have to question why there had been a struggle of any real magnitude since Floyd had already clearly collapsed on the pavement!

Someone then opens the rear car door on the other side of the pig-mobile although fuck knows why, unless Floyd made a remarkable recovery and with his hands cuffed behind his back, fought off the four coppers and ran around to the other side of the squad car just for the fun of it???

Course, this could have been the point at which they filmed the other video – the one with the copper supposedly on Floyd’s neck – if that video was not filmed at a different time.

Indeed, that would explain the opening of the other rear door in order to shield the scene from those spectators not involved – passing motorists for instance.

However, that would not explain the different vest, and there were a lot of crisis actors filming that second video whereas in this NBC News video there is no cunt about.

Certainly, you do not see Floyd or the four coppers move around to that side of the motor, which is strange since the car door is visible throughout.

PHOTO: The rear car door is in view for the duration of the video but you do not see anyone around that side

And that was the end of the video. So moving on to the neck kneeling video and well; what can I say about that? I mean it is obviously bollox.

After all, if the copper who is supposedly called Derek Chauvin had his knee placed firmly on the side of Floyd’s neck, then Floyd would not have been able to move his head… Which you can clearly see him doing in the video:

PHOTO: Bald Floyd can clearly be seen moving his head in the video

Indeed, is that even the same George on the deck as we are being shown in other photos?

Nevertheless, all of Chauvin’s weight is on the other knee – the one on the tarmac – in fact the copper hardly has his knee on Floyd’s neck at all.

I mean he can’t have else a paramedic would not have been able to get his hand in to check for a pulse:

Moreover, you do not stop someone from breathing by applying weight to the side of the neck – you have to apply pressure to the windpipe.

Furthermore, if you cannot breath, you do not calmly stay still no matter how many people have hold of you – you struggle like fuck.

And finally, coppers do not pose for photos for 7 minutes whilst murdering someone:

And American coppers most certainly do not spend 7 minutes posing for photos as an increasingly angry mob allegedly gathers.

Yet Chauvin – who has since been supposedly arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder – does not even look like his mug shot:

I mean the chin is shorter and the hairline is totally different for a start! But who knows, perhaps Chauvin had plastic surgery and a hair treatment procedure whilst in custody.

And that is a pretty non-descript background for a mug shot… Here have another one from the same photo-shoot where Derek is happy as Larry:

Course, as I say, there is always more than one person playing the same part when it comes to these fake events.

In fact, Chauvin at the scene of the crime, looks more like America ‘Cash Cab’ Comedian, Ben Bailey than he looks like himself in his mug shot:

PHOTO: Chauvin and Bailey

Course, the ears are different but the hairline is more consistent… And when you look closely at Chauvin’s ears in the above photo, they actually look as though they have been superimposed on.

They certainly do not look natural and of course they would have to make his ears match those of the fella in the mug shots:

PHOTO: Chauvin & Chauvin

Fuck me, his hair has grown a lot in 6 days hasn’t it?

And then – as I say – you have to watch out for the deliberate conspiracy theories, started by the very people who are behind the fraud. Moreover – as I also said – these conspiracy theories are necessary in order to throw those investigating the old bollox off track.

What’s more, this Psyop has not disappointed in that department.

I mean, Floyd and Chauvin supposedly worked together as doormen:

But I do not believe that because these are made-up people with made-up lives.

Similarly, I do not believe that Chauvin’s alleged wife is the sister of the Asian cop who was also present at the fake murder:

Indeed, it is just old bollox published to muddy the waters.

And as for the the white fella – dressed all in black with a mask on and holding a symbolic open umbrella, who smashed the windows of a shop with a claw hammer in order to spark looting – being a copper?

Well the jury is out on that one, but the way he fucked off after doing the window smashing was certainly very suspect.

And obviously, the reason for this red-flag operation was to spark riots thus deepening the divide between black and white people whilst strengthening the governments case for people control – which was mostly what the Corona Virus old bollox was really about.

Course, all those members of the Wide Awake Club who think President Donny Fart is our saviour will never believe that the racist nonce cunt is in on the fraud:

And as such, there is no point in mentioning the 3000 plus conflicts of of interest that the corrupt arsehole has committed since coming to power:

The government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington announced Friday that after more than three years of monitoring President Donald Trump’s conduct, the president has hit a milestone, amassing more than 3,000 conflicts of interest between his businesses and his position in office.

The findings come from a CREW report detailing improper relationships between Trump, his business empire, and those trying to influence public policy—including lobbyists, foreign governments, and members of Congress… Source.

Mind you, I find it really hard to believe that those ‘Q’ supporters are really daft enough to believe the shit they are being told? Despite the evidence to clearly suggest that they are.

I mean, Trump & Kennedy our saviours? Children being freed from paedophile secret tunnels – without any proof whatsoever I hasten to add – do me a fucking favour.

Tom Hanks, Ellen De Genereres, other Hollywood elites, the Pope and 350 Vatican staff along with the Queen & Co all under house arrest… AS IF! None of them are.

And as for Kiwi King John III now being on the English throne? Shame on you Gregory Hallett… You have single handedly managed to make us all look like a proper bunch of cunts.

Hallett – who is now claiming to be the new King of England and at the very least, a descendant of Jesus Christ, is someone who I have previously admired.

Yet that admiration now seems to have been misplaced since Hallett has managed to surpass David Icke in the show-us-up stakes, having asked for donations to pay for “important documents” that he claimed he needed to file in order to ascend the throne… Which he then promptly spent on a new server.

Mind you, quite why Hallett needed donations in the first place is beyond me since he is also claiming that he helped his mate Donny Fart become President… I mean surely Donny could afford to lend Greg a few bob?

All I can say to that is WIGWAM… Or whatever it is that the idiotic clowns supporting ‘Q’ keep saying to each other at the end of their nonsense posts & comments.

It’s no wonder that I am pissed off.

Just sayin’.

[Ron: I disagree with this author's opinion of President Trump and Q, and their being involved in the perpetration of this False flag event and its likely effects. Arguably Trump is using this event to SHOW USans the truth about the Dems and their demonic attempt to take over the US by destroying it. However, skepticism about what Trump and Co. are doing is understandable given that although the patriots KNOW what is going on they keep delaying action to STOP it let alone disclosing the truth about ANY of it to USans.

If crude language offends your sensibilities don't read this article.].


  1. Stephen Warburton
    June 2, 2020
    @ 1:16 am

    There is a George Floyd PORN VIDEO online.
    I shit you not!
    No newspaper is reporting it but its all over the net.
    A few blogs have picked up on it aswell.
    Its easy enough to find on google.
    I actually thought you would have mentioned it here.


    • Needlz
      June 2, 2020
      @ 1:44 am

      Yeah I see that… I was going to mention it but I forgot. Once an actor, always an actor and he isn’t the first porn star that I have exposed as a crisis actor. The porn industry is a good recruiting ground for crisis actors as they have very loose morals and know how to stick to a contract.



    • Jasper
      June 2, 2020
      @ 9:13 pm

      That trail of fluid ‘coming’ from under the Plod mobile must have been George’s ‘ Money shot’.


      • Cesar
        June 3, 2020
        @ 8:44 pm

        On the picture Chauvin and cChauvin, it is the same person, look at the shape of those ears , same person , the one on the left is at an latest time, the one on the right at an earlier time, but by the ears , you can see clearly it is the same man


        • Needlz
          June 3, 2020
          @ 9:13 pm

          Thanks Cesar. We can all go home now.


          • Severeclear
            June 4, 2020
            @ 3:34 am



    • Yomama
      June 4, 2020
      @ 7:50 am

      You either have too much time on your hands or you’re a Russian troll bot 😀


  2. Ceejay1234
    June 2, 2020
    @ 2:39 am

    All the smudging and image tampering around many of the cops and others ,from what I can make out,is in every image and most shots.Could this be to hide their shadows?As if it had been filmed at different times on different days,it would impossible to have all the shadows lined up correctly in each frame.Even having watched back the footage a few times,there really doesn’t appear to be any shadows cast by any of the people involved in the whole thing.Could have been a very cloudy day I guess,but rarely are no shadows cast at all.


    • Needlz
      June 2, 2020
      @ 3:23 am

      Excellent observation Deedee. I think that you could be right.


    • Bekka
      June 3, 2020
      @ 9:11 am

      Ceejay I’m pretty sure you are right it was done in at least two takes (possibly different days)

      If you look at all the footage, the guys allegedly filming saying ‘check his pulse bro’ – where are they?
      The camera pans to the area they should be standing to get the footage a couple of times and there is NOBODY THERE

      Here’s the video if you want to take a look… I’ve not watched it all but the point above is covered in the first 5 minutes or so



      • Anna
        June 3, 2020
        @ 2:25 pm

        It was indeed taken in two different days.
        There is a video that shows the cops cam footage dating May 26th instead of 25th, when the thing allegedly happened.


  3. Paul Elliot
    June 2, 2020
    @ 3:27 am

    Thanks Chris.

    Your breakdown of events is as usual spot on and timely. It was obvious from the get-go that this was a red-flag, but as much as I was trying to show people what I could make of the event, I really needed your analysis to make it stand out. I’ve taken your article to send to my mother-in-law, who is actually starting to wake up to the events, and even the Boston-Bombing-Bollox (again thanks) … I did remove a few words that seem to offend the elderly, but her daughter laughed and laughed at your poetry … and I’m hoping she will get this out to her community (hopefully bringing a few back to your website to oooh and aaarr at, but get some sense too hopefully).

    From the time I’ve spent with these people this weekend (our Lizard’sBirthday holiday New Zealand … even if the bitch is born on the 19Apr) … I’ve managed to show some of them what an evil witch their ugly idol really is. Along with with the riots starting in the US, and the crap our Horse-faced bitch of a PM is forcing on our national, I wouldn’t be surprised if a civil war starts in NZ too.

    Keep it coming Chris




    • Needlz
      June 2, 2020
      @ 5:07 am

      Nice one mate.


    • sharn
      June 4, 2020
      @ 12:27 pm

      Hey Paul Elliot you know your NZ p.m is a man right? Got bigger balls than you … assuming 🤣
      Copy n paste

      If the link doesnt work look here:
      The BFD. on utube


  4. TheFalcon
    June 2, 2020
    @ 6:17 am

    I seem to remember one of the early reports saying he was arrested because he was selling loose cigarettes and i thought to myself this doesnt make any sense at all.


  5. Zme
    June 2, 2020
    @ 8:09 am

    I knew something wasnt right. all this talk about how the cop kneeling on his neck wasn’t cause of death because he had ‘underlying health conditions’ despite him saying he ‘can’t breathe’ …..on the flippy duality side we know they love a good satantic reversal…all these people supposedly dying from corona, a side effect allegedly being you can’t breathe properly….when they all have underlying health conditions but yet those conditions dont matter and corona is stamped as the cause of death.

    enter photo of Floyd with corona advertising in background and bobs your uncle. now they have troops deployed cz ppl were mad about lockdown but not mad enough for the troops to be released. ‘now they real mad’


  6. Ann Marie Bishop
    June 2, 2020
    @ 8:57 am

    notice the armed police exiting the ambulance. Where were the paramedics?


  7. Demon barber
    June 2, 2020
    @ 10:24 am

    The way things are going what’s next? A “terrapin incident” allegedly by the Chinese government…which will be proved by a chicken chow mein and a bookies slip left by the bomber/shooter? No doubt this incident smells…as you say any onlooker shouting abuse or filming the cops at scene would be eating taser. Certainly not left for 7 mins to film it.


  8. Roy Carter
    June 2, 2020
    @ 12:00 pm

    Well done Chris. Just the fact of this topic going all around the world so fast, it had to be the big money and someone who controls the MSM. It ain’t me so it must be you.


  9. anon
    June 2, 2020
    @ 3:31 pm

    One of the ways the NWO guys are promoting their new “I CAN’T BREATHE” mantra is via Nickleodeon.
    That message is being strobed out on a black screen.
    That’s brain washing the kids at its finest (lowest)?


  10. Mermaid
    June 2, 2020
    @ 3:53 pm

    Yeah it makes sense Chris, what I am wondering though how come that all of these crisis actors there’s no one blowing the whistle?


    • Needlz
      June 2, 2020
      @ 4:59 pm

      Well you don’t need to be a genius to work it out Anna. They will have signed a contract forbidding them to speak out, they get very well paid for their silence and participation, they are people of very low morals or come from a ‘spy’ family, they are all probably compramised in some way – in fact I could go on and on… And who are they going to tell anyway? The press certainly isn’t going to help them get the story out… And of course, it is very, very dangerous to do so.
      Course, this is why you see the same faces turning up at different events, time and time again.

      Chris x


    • cttbs
      June 3, 2020
      @ 12:31 pm

      Excellent article again Chris. Perhaps Barclays should use this footage in a future advert. You know the one…If only all fraud were this easy to spot.

      Just sayin


  11. Kaz
    June 2, 2020
    @ 3:53 pm

    I did wonder if there would be some sort of distraction due as us useless eaters seem to be taking ourselves out of isolation. The problem with people is that as soon as they’re told they’re not allowed to do something, they want to do it even more. Folk are fed up of being shut in so these protests have been a nice day out for them. Bring on the red flag and the protests become riots and an excuse to bring in the military. All staged for the end result of patrols and curfews, not allowed out without id and everyone back in house arrest. This’ll do them instead of a second wave, a good way to shut us all in again. I’m sure it won’t be long until it spills into this country too. It’ll be the purge next!


  12. anon
    June 2, 2020
    @ 4:24 pm

    So you used to admire Greg Hallett but now have second thoughts because he’s claiming to the real king of the UK etc?
    This happens a lot out there.

    I remember chatting with someone on Twitter on that Pizzagate guy – David Seaman
    He had been pushing Pizzagate out to all and sundry on the internet
    Then he changed.
    The Twitter hread discussed what was going on with DS
    This woman said she was listening to one of the last podcasts when DS said he heard a voice saying “We’ve got him now guys”.
    He thought that was really weird and while he had nothing to go by, he’s mentioned this in his podcast in case something bad happens to him.
    I said in view of the complete reversal in DS’s behaviour after that strange incident, I reckoned he’s been soul swapped though I did not expect her to believe me.
    But she agreed that this is a possibility.

    It happens a lot more than people are aware of.
    Well, almost nobody normal is aware of this and when they are told, they’d just think it’s ridiculous and total rubbish.
    We used to chat about soul swapping on the John Kettler website years ago, along with many other woo woo topics.
    He said that if someone can’t be bribed or corrupted, then either he is killed or soul swapped.
    If a man has built up a large following, then soul swapping is worth doing.

    If you are interested in this topic, look at the work of Karla Turner

    Or the book “The Body Snatchers”

    “they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an alien entity life-force matrix within a human body after removing the “soul” life-force matrix of the human.” ”

    You are not your body
    You are a soul using that physical body.
    There are entities out there who have the knowledge and ability to remove the soul occupying a body and replace it with another soul.
    It’s like car jacking except it done to someone’s physical body.
    We look at someone (the car) and think we know him.
    What we know is the soul (driver) occupying the body (car)
    But if the soul (driver) has been yanked out and replaced by another soul (driver), the body (car) will behave differently.
    I’m sure this is against cosmic law and these cosmic criminals will have the book thrown at them when they are caught.

    It’s damn sneaky, I say.
    And very effective.
    This is forbidden knowledge.
    People are not supposed to know such things are possible.


    • Barney
      June 3, 2020
      @ 7:03 pm

      I’d rather not believe such things are possible, anon, but I can’t be sure either way. It does fit the claims made in the books of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa though, where the claim is that an Englishman named Cyril Hoskin considered his life not worth living, and the Tibetan Llama Rampa was dying, but needed more time to finish his work, so by mutual agreement, Hoskin donated his (living) body to Rampa.

      No idea whether that’s true, but I quite like his/their style of writing.


      • bryan
        June 4, 2020
        @ 9:32 pm

        I was given all the lobsang rampa books years ago At about book three which was about opening the third eye he says this was done with a slit in the forehead held apart with little bits of wood. At this point I chucked the lot into the bin.


  13. Leland Roth
    June 2, 2020
    @ 5:56 pm

    Other than trashing Qanon….Terrific report!


    • aardwolfx
      June 3, 2020
      @ 4:16 pm

      Why other than? Mr Spivey is as usual spot on and to be Frank if you needed him to spell out the the “Q” rubbish is a psyop then you are in a worse state than I thought!!! I mean come on using star trek character names for a super secret knowledge purveyor is beyond ridiculous… Q is surely just some Mossad or CIA whore gatekeeper to distract those without critical thinking abilities? As believable as Noam gatekeeper Chomsky and Julian “I’m really a hacker locked in a room for years” lol Asssandwich…. I mean if you believe in hero worship like that gutless spook with the literary name “Snowden” then you really are in need of help….. Anyone broadcast across TV must be pre bought or blackmailed…. Have you ever heard the words “fractional reserve banking” or “holohoax” or “money is created as debt” on nationally broadcast television in any country in any language…. Ever!!!! ?????

      Of course not and you never ever will. The Zionist filthy childmolesting murderering ownwers that run this rock will not allow it.


      • Leland Roth
        June 4, 2020
        @ 2:10 pm

        I get your hate of Trump…Q+ & excreta…”Israel is last!” stuff😷

        Unfortunately what r u going say when u figure out Trump is the reincarnation of Patton…lol

        Google Eustace Mullins on his take on Patton’s assassination when u r ready to ‘grok’ the possible realities that might suggest🎶


        • Needlz
          June 4, 2020
          @ 2:54 pm

          Already covered that one mate in my articles “How The West Was Won”… Although he is more likely a clone than a reincarnation.


          • Leland C Roth
            June 4, 2020
            @ 3:20 pm

            No link Needz? Not available in Google anyway…Ps I gave Melanie via her staff in summer of 2016 this info on clones…which imo Q+ certainly isn’t!

            “Harassment and retaliation by the government increased, many where sent prison or murdered while incarcerated. Despite being protected by his military personnel the army general who acquired the original 1933 Title of Bankruptcy of the United States; was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a clone. This clone was then used as a decoy to prevent any further claims from being filed.  (I am not qualified to speak on the fact of human clones; however, that they exist is a fairly widely accepted fact among those who study behind the scenes activities.  Don’t allow the thought of clones running the government cause you to refuse to consider the veracity of this history.  As truth emerges, we will be shocked at much we hear.   The fact that cloning has been an ethical question for yrs. is a good indication that the Secret Government knows more than they have released to the public.)”


          • Leland C Roth
            June 4, 2020
            @ 3:57 pm

            Found your links via Christopher Spivey “How the West was won”…

            I still stand by my assertions that Trump isn’t remotely a ‘clone’ as in my earlier post to u….not realizing Needlz was u🤪

            However Benjamin Fulford was told after Trump had Bush senior executed that that Bush was actually clone 34😂Go figure!

          • Leland Roth
            June 4, 2020
            @ 4:33 pm

            “Already covered that one mate in my articles “How The West Was Won” Needlz a

            Not very well in THOSE 2 articles u wrote imo in regards to Trump…but whatever ~ it’s your blog & u certainly have the right to censor those who disagree with u on Q+ not being a clone.

            Ps My British ladyfriend orginally from Birmingham lived with Dodi for 2 years during his ‘Chariot of Fire’ Oscar win, but left him because of his excessive cocaine usage. She years ago suggest Princess Diana was one of Henry the 8th’s wives…I concur. Thus another disagreement perhaps on your old articles…

    • Sane Man
      June 3, 2020
      @ 10:27 pm

      The fact Q and WG1WGA is now a marketing tool and there are hats, t-shirts and even a rear window sticker for your motor tells you all you need to know about this so called movement. Fundamentally a bowel movement that makes you trump!


  14. pau
    June 2, 2020
    @ 7:14 pm

    Was he supposed to have died at the scene? If so, just wondering why his eyes didn’t roll back in his head. Did they close his eyelids?


  15. Stephen Warburton
    June 2, 2020
    @ 8:42 pm

    Forget the porno tape..
    Wait till all the luvies find out old Georgey boy has a a string of convictions for violence and robbery.
    He served 5 years out of a sentence for breaking into a womens house and POINTING A GUN AT HER STOMACH.
    ofcourse …he had since “turned his life around and become a pillar if the local gospel community and was forever helping old ladies across the road and tellin young kids to stay away from drugs (like Zammo from Grange Hill did).
    The left are gonna shit their designer y fronts when his convictions are actually reported instead of buried.
    This is gonna get interesting.


  16. Jasper
    June 2, 2020
    @ 9:22 pm

    What surprised me was how quickly the demo spread to the UK, London and Manchester saw quite big turnouts.
    Now they are promoting today as ‘Black Out Tuesday’ .
    Can’t wait for sing-a-long-Thursday !


    • Bekka
      June 3, 2020
      @ 8:55 am

      Yep its all disgusting propaganda Jasper…found this last night, perhaps we should have a Whiteout Wednesday?

      No outrage over this…barely a dent in the MSM…wrong colour for the race-baiting agenda sadly



  17. LindainAmerika
    June 3, 2020
    @ 2:36 am

    The Floyd family have supposedly raked in (as of yesterday) over $16 Million on a Gimme Account….


  18. LindainAmerika
    June 3, 2020
    @ 2:44 am

    Chris, I wrote this 2 days ago….I just came to your site today as I was super busy yesterday and the day before…..

    This is another FALSE FLAG done by crisis actors paid by Soros. Why would an officer have a crooked badge pinned to his uniform? Why would it take 3 men to hold down on the ground one man who is handcuffed? Why would Derek pin him down for 8 minutes without Floyd losing consciousness? Why didn’t they just put him in the back of the car? Oh yes, they did put him in the car and then yanked him out. Derek knew George as they worked at a strip club together!!! Why would they allow this to be filmed in it’s entirety for 8 minutes? Why at the end of the video does it get all blurry and the filmer move around a lot? Why is the photo of the arrested guy not match the guy in the video? This is one huge HOAX perpetrated on America to foment a race war and an excuse to commit arson and murder on the cops. This is all paid for and orchestrated by SOROS’s ANTIFA thugs who has an intense hatred of America and wants America to be Communist run…. Violence is always a Communist playbook agenda to get people to be afraid and want someone to help them and keep them safe…..the Bolsheviks did this same thing in Russia in 1917 and introduced Communism there too easily….the same thing is happening now. THIS IS A HUGE HOAX!!!! WAKE UP. George did not die “in public” but in a hospital where no one could see him die….how convenient …. this is all a lie. His family is not showing much if any emotion to his death….Even his upposed White Girl friend look upset…she actually looked lihe she was going to smile at the reporter….and the famly have the SAME attorney that Travon Martin and other HOAXES had…. Smell something rotten here? I do.
    All Democrat cities in on this HOAX to ensure Communism is ushered into America now….with Soros paying for this so his buddy HRC can be dictator for life!!!! How convenient is this? Why no Republican cities? Because the Democrat cities are easily run by corrupt mayors in on the gag. This is all one HUGE HOAX to really hamstring America and make us even MORE broke and hungry and homeless. Where are folks going to go shopping now for food, etc. if all the stores are looted and burned out? Only provocateurs hired by Soros in Democrat cities have access to the local anarchists and crisis actors to go into a city and burn it down giving blacks a bad name…effectively fomenting a nifty RACE WAR and a war against authority and the government. Remember violence is the hallmark of Communism…’s one of their favorite tactics against a people….. Why no Republican cities involved? This is a SET UP BY SOROS TO DESTROY AMERICA and turn it into a Communist GULAG with his buddy HRC waiting in the wings to be Dictator for Life. Mark my words with all the media’s excessive coverage of EVERY SINGLE CITY rioting is nothing more than a complete brainwash of the American people….they are in on it too…the higher ups that is….the reporters on the street are just doing their jobs like good peons. The cops were told to stand down as the Democommies wanted extreme looting and arson to happen….to destroy America….a wet dream of Soros for decades…!!


  19. Paul Elliot
    June 3, 2020
    @ 5:42 am

    … Here’s a question: How many police cars have personalised plates? Do they have personalised plates in the USA? In Minneapolis?

    Take note of the Licence Plate on the Police car where Floyd is being held down …


    • Leland C Roth
      June 4, 2020
      @ 2:22 pm

      I live in Minneapolis, so yes POLICE on ALL of their SUV plates here is normal for the record…🎯


  20. Bekka
    June 3, 2020
    @ 9:23 am

    Very good breakdown of this hogs bollocks Chris…I actually thought I’d commented already then I remembered I did so on Fb lol

    This is such obvious agitprop – my take is they absolutely wanted riots over the ‘rona but when they weren’t forthcoming (and people of all races and creeds were protesting – not rioting) they decided to up the ante, with this race-baiting bullcrap, cause a tinderbox and strike the match
    They WANTED this – an excuse to bring in curfews at the minimum and full-on military at best (for them)

    Police brutality IS a huge issue for ALL races but if you look at the American stats you are actually in more danger of being killed at the police’s hands if you are *white* but the MSM won’t tell you that…it doesn’t fit the Soros-funded race war they want

    We’ve now got reports of pallets of bricks being conveniently left in the open – something my American friends assure me would never happen because they would be stolen

    This is just so transparent – at a time it should be US vs THEM (be we white, black, brown or purple with green spots) it’s now SOME OF US vs SOME OF US exactly the way they planned – divide and rule, the oldest trick in the propaganda playbook

    Absolutely sickening and here’s proof if any were needed – a four year old video of a guy dying through prolonged pressure from police – most haven’t heard of it because it didn’t fit the divide-and-rule narrative


    I mean its possible thats faked too but I lean towards its not for the sheer reason it barely made a dent in the MSM – if its promoted, we know there’s a reason!


  21. Led= prostate/Breast cancer.
    June 3, 2020
    @ 1:43 pm

    60 GHz and oxygen attenuation 🐝 I can’t breathe… Social targets.


    • Leland C Roth
      June 4, 2020
      @ 4:14 pm

      Ps I gave Melanie via her staff in summer of 2016 this info on clones…which imo Q+ certainly isn’t! But it is your blog…

      “Harassment and retaliation by the government increased, many where sent prison or murdered while incarcerated. Despite being protected by his military personnel the army general who acquired the original 1933 Title of Bankruptcy of the United States; was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a clone. This clone was then used as a decoy to prevent any further claims from being filed.  (I am not qualified to speak on the fact of human clones; however, that they exist is a fairly widely accepted fact among those who study behind the scenes activities.  Don’t allow the thought of clones running the government cause you to refuse to consider the veracity of this history.  As truth emerges, we will be shocked at much we hear.   The fact that cloning has been an ethical question for yrs. is a good indication that the Secret Government knows more than they have released to the public.)”


  22. liz haysom
    June 3, 2020
    @ 2:43 pm



    • Needlz
      June 3, 2020
      @ 3:24 pm

      Hi Liz,
      I certainly agree that ‘Gregs’ recent behaviour is very strange to say the least and not in keeping with the the ‘Greg’ of old… In light of this, I have to say that I am very disappointed & no longer trust him.
      Moreover, it is also strange that he added me as a friend on FB just as he started all this nonsense, despite having been aware – and in support – of me for years. That is to say, why add me now and not years ago?

      Mind you, the ‘God Squad’ seem to be flocking to him in their thousands. Strange how they are always looking for a new ‘Messiah’ – in fact they sort of remind me of ‘that’ scene from Monty Python’s: “The Life Of Brian”… A good scam on Greg’s behalf though because the ‘God Squad’ always seem to have plenty of money.

      Shame on him and just for future reference there is no need to use caps in your comment.

      Chris x


  23. Billy Escott
    June 3, 2020
    @ 5:23 pm

    Park Police do not police in city streets in the US.


  24. Gabdario
    June 3, 2020
    @ 6:40 pm

    Look, the shirt is the shirt there is no lining orange or beige, its not there (bad videoquality highlights the contrast?).
    The other car door streetside ? there is a lot of footage betwixt that and the curbside wich we do not know of, and the timeframe may be short even….
    And there is the obvious shaking at that side like a struggle with the legs, like a fight or hassle to put George in a psositio and him fighting it ?


    • Needlz
      June 3, 2020
      @ 9:21 pm

      You are correct Gabdario, a very well written response and I agree; the video has clearly not been tampered with at all.


      • David W
        June 3, 2020
        @ 11:18 pm

        It’s a good job you’re not sarcastic, Chris…


      • Gabdario
        June 3, 2020
        @ 11:41 pm

        Charmed with your response of course, but again the alleged removal of shadows ( tampering with video, the grey smudges alongside/up and down the cop for instance) is not credible cuz shadows do not stretch up alongside a person, they do not hover in mid-air, they are cast on a surface like the pavement, so they would not appear at a persons earlevel, they would appear on a reflective or absorbant surface.
        To imply the smudged grey area’s in the video were erased shadows would mean shadows are like ghost images alongside a person (whoowhee), wich obviously is not valid.
        Now about that part of the video where the victim is on the streetside of the policevehicle and possibly struggling, whats your thoughts about that ? You comented it would have been not logical to move the victim around to the streetside vehicle door, but there is the footage , so, either its another take of footage or there was another angle needed for like the ambulance personell to pick the victim up ? Tell me your thoughts on that spell where the victim shakes and seems to fight on that side of the policevehicle if your so inclined.


  25. Barney
    June 3, 2020
    @ 7:29 pm

    One more on the monsters’ imaginary “killer plague” (sorry Chris). Here’s one question we can ask anyone who’s starting to come round to the idea that zog may not be telling the truth.

    If this imaginary plague really exists, why have the total number of deaths from all causes gone down compared to previous years?

    It’s never easy losing a loved one, even when the death is expected, but the fact is that hundreds, possibly thousands, of mainly old people die every day. They’ve done their job, some might say completed their sentence, and gone Home to collect their reward in the next life.

    Even those who believe the nonsense that this life is all there is have to accept the indisputable fact that the deceased are no longer suffering.

    Hundreds of thousands of mainly old people leave this world every year, but hundreds of thousands are born to replace them, keeping the population stable.

    If there really was a new disease capable of killing people, whether it comes from Fort Detrick, Porton Down, Wuhan, somewhere else or even from Nature, in addition to all the diseases we already know about, wouldn’t the total number of deaths from all causes have gone up?

    I say “from all causes” because that eliminates the nonsense of “so many from this cause, so many from that and so on” by taking all deaths regardless of actual cause, we can identify trends. We can then say whether more or less people died in one year compared to another.

    I’m not a medical person (so don’t hate me or give me the clap 🙂 ), but from what I’ve been able to find on the internet, the total number of deaths this year is less than last year, making the recent ‘flu season quite a mild one with no trace of the increase we’d have seen if there really was a “new” disease.

    It’s a milder-than-average ‘flu season with no new disease. The kung flu doesn’t exist.

    Anyone who still believes there’s such a thing as a disease-causing “virus” could do a lot worse than read this page on this site.

    ht tp://

    Thanks for publishing that one Chris. I learned a lot from it and saved it as a .pdf in the hope of enlightening others.


    • Barney
      June 3, 2020
      @ 7:33 pm

      Imagine this.

      All the world’s diseases are holding a meeting on the head of a pin, influenza, ebola, anthrax, chickenpox and every illness known to man, and the general conversation goes something like this.

      “We’re all redundant! Those Humans have just released the worst killer plague ever. There’s no immunity. Whenever two Humans come within six feet of each other (whatever feet are) they both drop dead.”

      “What if it turns out to be a dud like all the others they’ve tried?”

      “Not this time. This one’s a real killer. I heard it on the BBC, so it must be true. We’re finished, doomed I tell you, doomed! We can’t survive without a host.”

      “Let’s be rational here. Every time they’ve released a bioweapon that’s supposed to kill them all off, it’s failed. Why should this one be any different just because they say it is? They always say that, so I suggest we hold back for a year, take a year off, none of the usual diseases, we’ll let this new plague run it’s course and see how bad it really is.”

      Presumably that’s why every death is attributed to the plague-that-doesn’t-exist, because all the usual diseases have agreed not to attack us this year.


    • Needlz
      June 3, 2020
      @ 8:04 pm

      No problem my friend.


    • cttbs
      June 4, 2020
      @ 10:54 am

      Excellent point Barney. I’ve been saying to anyone who would listen, that this so called disease is an as well as “not an instead of” virus and if it’s true the overall deaths would be higher than the norm. If not they’ve simply manipulated the death stats. Which appears to be the case.
      On top of that, the PCR test they use for this virus is open to manipulation, as it depends on the number of doubling done on the sample. The more doublings done, the more positives. The lower the doublings, the more negatives. So effectively if you double the samples enough, everyone will be positive. If you don’t do enough, everyone will be negative. Obviously with this test, they can then create an “outbreak” whenever and wherever they want. But as you point out, the truth is in the overall death stats, which should be higher than the norm when an outbreak occurs. If they’re not, then they’ve merely assigned other deaths, like flu etc as coved deaths.
      If you want my personal opinion, I think I’ve got more chance of dying of fin rot than this civil carp.


    • cttbs
      June 4, 2020
      @ 11:14 am

      Excellent point Barney. I’ve been saying to anyone that would listen, that this covid virus is an as well as, not an instead of disease. So if the death stats for this time of year are around the normal levels, then it means they’ve just been manipulating the normal death stats to make it look like there’s a pandemic.
      On top of that ,is the type of test the use to “detect” this so called virus. I believe they use a PCR test, which involves taking a tiny sample and doubling it several times (often 35+) times which would mean it is several billion times bigger than the initial sample. The kicker here is that the more doublings that occur of the sample, the more positive results you get for covid. The fewer doublings, the more negatives you get. Obviously this means they can create as many positives as they want, whenever and wherever they want. But the truth will always show in the overall death stats.
      Personally I think I’ve got more chance of dying from fin rot than this covid carp. Pun intended.


    • Jock Strapp
      June 4, 2020
      @ 2:54 pm

      virus = vie-ruse = via a ruse = by way of deception.
      = a scam in play = word play deception. It is always in the language and words they use. and by extension, the same words the plebs inadvertently use and know not the con-sequences = what follows.
      DECEPTION is the shyster’s stock and trade, bar none.
      Language = to languish = to be helpless, forlorn, destitute (or a prostitute, if you use their words/spelling).
      Spell = spelling, like Aaron Spelling of hollowood.
      They are always telling you of their scams in the media/schooling/word use.
      Mind control from schooling, then you use their dis-empowering words, Words use = vibration = manifestation.
      Thought is the creator, Words are the tool of implementation = manifestation.
      Know the game of these shysters to keep you subservient.


      • Barney
        June 4, 2020
        @ 7:11 pm

        Another point Jock. Why is the letter I (or i) the narrowest in the entire alphabet?

        No, there isn’t a joke coming. I suspect it could be to make it more difficult to add emphasis.

        he says this, but I say that.

        See what I mean?

        While I’m here, I’ve just (today) been directed to what I consider an important audio file on Youtube, where the exact nature of a “virus” and of “viral disease” is explained in a way I hadn’t heard before, but which seems to explain a lot while exposing a lot of lies.

        It was uploaded last month, but it was obviously recorded at the time of the since-failed “pig flu” scam (or was it “bird flu”?)


        • Mel
          June 4, 2020
          @ 9:15 pm

          I have a different idea about the letter “I”. This is purely my own idea so bear with me as I try to explain it.

          There are five vowels AEIOU, and all the other letters of the alphabet are consonants. The difference between a vowel and a consonant is that the sound of the five vowels emanate from within the body – consonants emanate from the front of the mouth.

          You can test the following for yourself. The sound A comes from the solar plexus area. Logically carrying on in alpabetical order and moving up the body, the letter E emanates from the chest area. The letter I comes from the neck area. O comes from the top of the neck-bottom of the head area, and the letter U comes from the back of the head area. This is a logical progression through the body replicated in the alphabet.

          Take the shape of the letter A and place it at the bottom. Turn the letter E 90 degrees and place it pointing downwards on top of the A. Next place the I above the E pointing straight up. Then put the O on top of the I and the U in the smiley position inside the O.

          If you drew this on a piece of paper you would have the figure of a human being. Each vowel letter representing where the vowel sound emanates from within the body in a logical progression.

          I like to think that our ancestors who came up with the letter shapes did so for a reason and created the letters to correspond where they felt the sounds coming from.

          So my take on the letter “I” is that it represents the neck.


  26. Greg
    June 4, 2020
    @ 4:00 am

    Park Police in the city??


  27. Rusty
    June 4, 2020
    @ 12:49 pm

    Black academic Dr Winnie Heartstrong claims George Floyd is alive and the video is faked – ‘Prove me wrong’, she says


  28. mike mcshane
    June 4, 2020
    @ 9:00 pm

    Hi Chris, good breakdown of the event. Another crazy angle to this ongoing mockery,is the fact that Dr Michael Baden who supposedly carried out the autopsy on Floyd, was also Epstein’s body fiddler,and was at the O.J. Simpson trial, and was in charge of the JFK pathology team, and had is own TV show and……Well ya get the picture!


  29. Fake News = The False Prophet
    June 4, 2020
    @ 9:41 pm

    Glad to see you still on form.

    I’ve just seen these British Prats kneeling for this criminal. I didn’t think it could get anymore embarrassing after the COVID fraud. But it has.