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The Application of Maritime Admiralty Law to US Citizens
By Jordan Maxwell
May 19, 2009 - 7:52:00 AM

Jordan Maxwell discusses the application of Maritime Admiralty Law in the US (VID 12’ 35”).

Jordan Maxwell says that any citizen of United States corporation, which is a foreign corporation established in the late 1860s under international maritime law, is an employee of that corporation. IF you work in an Amerikkan state say, California you are therefore a franchisee of a foreign corporation under maritime Admiralty law. Sooo, once a year you have to pay what he refers to as a California franchise tax, in effect your “income” tax.

Civil law [common law?] is the law of the land and maritime Admiralty law is the law of the sea (water) and the law of banks. Banking law is Maritime Admiralty law and consequently all citizens (employees of the corporation) are considered to be in the same situation as sailors aboard a vessel. In effect the US “owns” you just as a ship’s captain has control of the lives of all on board his ship and can choose to grant them “liberty” or not.

You are a product under international maritime banking law because you came out of your mother’s waters and were “delivered” at birth and so you have to have a birth certificate and the birth certificate has to be signed by the “dock” where you were birthed.  Your birth certificate shows you are a human resource and the corporation called the United States went to your mother and asked “would you donate [ie "register"] this body to us as collateral for a loan”-  as each body is worth a lot of money because of its potential working life.

When this system first started in 1933 Maxwell says he has been told each certificate was worth something like USD630, 000 per birth certificate. And your birth certificate today is listed on the stock market and on the back of it is an identifying number in red
which represents your blood. On the other side it is in blue – naval Admiralty blue. Note also that the signature of your mother or parent is called the “Informant” because she/he was informing “on” you as a new “product” and the paperwork (the birth certificate) is sent to Washington DC.

The US corporation was successful in WWI but was bankrupted by the process [Ron: Although presumably the final straw that broke the camel's back was the Great Depression created by the banksters in 1929-30]. So when the US asked the international banksters for loan funds they said ‘NO. What can you offer as collateral?’ The US corporation then came up with the idea of using its citizens as collateral. It was estimated initially that each person would earn at least USD 630,000 in their lifetime and so that was the deal. The US corporation agreed in 1930 to use the people of Amerikka as collateral for loans from the international banksters. Sooo, all “documented” citizens of the US are owned by the US corporation.

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