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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

The West Has Chosen!
By Jim Kirwan
May 15, 2011 - 4:24:12 AM

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The West Has Chosen!
By Jim Kirwan
In the annuals of history 'The West' hasn't had a very long-run; but it's about to end as violently as it was begun: In Suicide.
"Sure, the West has all the big guns. It looks strong. Underneath, it's committing suicide morally. It is hollowing out its institutions morally. As the hypocrisy of the West becomes more and more evident to the world's peoples, the West will shrivel up. Its influence will wane. It will lose respect. It will die. Financial bankruptcy goes right along with moral bankruptcy, as do aggressive wars."

- The 'WEST' has no use for the term "morally" because it's considered an anachronism, a throwback to the Victorian-age of Global-Hypocrisy. Yet that is the knife that is subtly at work behind the scenes; cutting through the arteries, slicing through the veins of what was once a "promising empire." When Reagan began to grow this culture in a Petrie dish of bribes and kickbacks, Lies and Hatreds unbounded and Corruption was still in its infancy. But by the time the Bushwhacker arrived everything in America was FOR SALE, and the whole wide world paid very close attention! Finally Reagan managed to achieve his infamous "trickle-down theory: posthumously. The corruption at the top did indeed trickle-down and the slime spread rapidly from national political leaders all the way down to local governments and finally into the streets and alleys of every city and town: Until there was no where else for it to go except to be become fully public, in all of it's perversity, prostitution and corruption.

So what was once the sole province of the upper-crust has now become as common as the local whorehouse stairway; and "BEING THERE" is now expected, rather than avoiding the spotlight the vipers and the jackals come to play before the microphones and laugh along with the equally corrupted public who "understand" the inside track; where the Big-Boys come to play and pay for everything that the common people cannot manage to acquire.

"Several examples from today's news: In a news report, we learn that NATO killed 11 imams and wounded 45 people in a boarding house. As usual, NATO says it was a command center and it's looking into it. If NATO ever had any credibility as a legitimate defensive force, Yugoslavia and Libya should now have dispelled that image. NATO is a major western institution and it has gone into the moral toilet. The major powers are taking the UN down into the same cesspool.

Meanwhile, the same article reports that the International Criminal Court is issuing a warrant for Gaddafi's crimes against humanity in Libya! Who, may I ask, started this violent revolt? The ICC's credibility is headed to the same destination. So are the high offices of U.S. justice. Today we have former Justice Stevens who assures us that killing bin Laden was justified. He knows. The Attorney General continues to make the same sounds. Also swimming in the same moral muck are Obama and his lawyers as they seek loopholes in the War Powers Resolution of 1973 as the 60 days they had to bomb Libya run out. This is a day in the life of the Empire, and only a portion of that day at that! Everything is prevarication, deception, glossing over, and disseminating false stories about so-called enemies while seeking control of another country."(1)
And ULTIMATELY what it all comes down to is FAILURE in everything that's undertaken because everything is built on lies, lies and more lies, that lead only to "War, War, and Lots more War!"

Everything is obvious and brutally obscene. We have taken to slaughtering people, just to run up the numbers of the dead among our so-called enemies: Now we no longer bother with whether or not the people we kill are even armed. Pregnant women and children are murdered without so much as a whisper of regret: and EVERYBODY KNOWS, except the indolent and self-obsessed Amerrikans that wrap everything they hear in flags and slogans, while they continue on to whatever is NEXT on their precious schedules. (2)

This all came about because those with too much money thought that nothing else could matter so long as they were in-charge of all the corruption that they continue to call "business." There really is no other choice for this failed Empire except to self-destruct.
Everything they've targeted takes astronomical amounts of actual money to pull it off: and we're OUT OF FUNDS; our national credit cards have been CANCELED in the world-of-finance. Our so-called reputation is hardly better than that of the local pimp. 'THEY' just "Do what they do" and pay no attention to any of the collateral damage (ROAD-KILL to anyone not part of the System). But the effects of our actions continue to mount and where before people might have been willing to listen, for even a few minutes: Now there are only Mountains of Hatred and their boiling blood that is screaming for REVENGE as a starting point,, for everything we've put them through-not to mention what's still to come!

Even the supposedly slam-dunk in the Middle-East where we went about killing the resistance and supplanting it with a whole new set of puppets is not going as planned. In fact nothing is going as planned; because the word is out: "We're LOSERS" and nothing will change that until we've run the course and ended up on the trash-heap of history. The deluded-Amerrikans still don't believe it, but the Americans know that this must happen; because where this much corruption has lived, for as long as it has, nothing decent or viable can ever grow again; without first scouring the entire landscape of the filth that currently occupies it. . .

And this time; in addition to everything else these Barbarians have seen to it that nuclear radiation is now out-of-the-bottle to stay: As if they won't suffer from the effects of this toxically global contamination, around the world. In the states from Tennessee to Mississippi and all the way to New Orleans the New Madrid Fault EXERCISE is still waiting for its devastating start. FEMA has been deployed since the 28th of last month; but has not been called on to help the disaster victims, as they are waiting for the military-exercise to begin-that will most certainly kill millions of people. And all of this was predicated to begin to spin into action upon the announcement of the killing of Bin Laden that turned out to be a total information blow-out for the Obama administration.

However they are proceeding with their plans to expand TSA and to IMPACT AM-TRACK trains as well as spot-scanning eighteen-wheelers on the highways with huge explosives scanners, looking for traces of explosives or radiation: This they will most likely find (radiation) as it has been spreading over this country now for three weeks unabated. Nothing seems to slow the attack upon us as Americans, no matter how illegal or obscene, they just keep on pushing us back and back and further back until they will finally get to that FLASHPOINT that they apparently want to reach. But they will come to rue that day a million times over, because once reached that tipping-point will never let-up and it will mark the beginning of the national suicide which this failed place will end its own tyranny with.
1) The West's Moral Bankruptcy
2) Leonard Cohen, Closing Time ­ video

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