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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived - A True Story
By David Hoffman with comments by Ron
Nov 27, 2019 - 1:34:47 AM

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This 15' 45" video was published by David Hoffman on Oct 24, 2019:

Ron: Spirits incarnate in many different forms (meat suits) throughout the Cosmos. Our featherless biped meat suit isn't the only form inhabited (or overshadowed where appropriate) by incarnating spirits even on this planet.

Not everything can think. Rocks, trees, schrubs and flowers etc have an element of consciousness but arguably they do not think as we do because they lack personality and free will. In order to think self-consciously a thing has to have a dynamic connection to the mind of the Creator so that it can receive and interpret the conscious energies coming from the Creator. Animals have varying degrees of consciousness depending on their level of energetic dynamic development. Some higher animals like elephants, whales and dolphins can develop the consciousness levels attainable by humans. Generally though, when a lower animal like a horse, cat or dog graduates to be capable of conscious thought the spirit reincarnates in the human meat suit typical here. The beautiful Jim Key was presumably such an incarnation although the graduating spirit chose to reincarnate in an equine form, or he was an already higher spirit who made that choice because in this free will universe such choice is possible. No doubt the spirit incarnating in Jim Key  choose to reincarnate as he did because he knew Bill Key was a very special loving human being. And clearly the duo had a much greater positive impact on human consciousness on this planet as a result of their partnership. Their partnership will have significantly increased peoples' awareness of horses and animals generally as  sentient beings.

Be aware also that the US 6th grade reading and general educational ability the Harvard study found the beautiful Jim Key to have in the 1890s was almost certainly much superior to the 6th grade reading standards in the US today where many college students are illiterate and unable to think coherently.

It is not surprising that the story of Jim Key is virtually unknown because it doesn't fit the demonic materialist narrative promulgated by the Talmudists who control our world, censuring and erasing all information that they perceive might destroy their false narrative about life the universe and everything. But clearly the dynamic duo did have a considerable impact on USans during their lifetime and probably for some time thereafter until the JOOS managed to suppress their story.

Publisher's Comments:

To get the book go here -
The story is true. I spent more than a month checking it out in Tennessee and elsewhere. The book is called Beautiful Jim Key by Miriam Rivas available on Amazon. I am not on horseback rider. But I have been given the opportunity to do several films with people who love and understand horses. Magnificent animals they are. And I have met people who have worked with the intelligence of horses and they all agree that Jim Key could very well be completely true. I love animals as many of the viewers of this video to and deeply admire the unique Bill Key for all the things he did to make Americans aware of animals and especially horses as sentient beings. The movie I describe is not yet a reality but I hope someday it will be. Investment money is what is needed and is, as most of you know, very hard to get.

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