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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019 - 8:13:42 PM

The Real Problem with the State of the American Republic is the Finance System.
By State of the Nation with comments by Ron
Jan 9, 2019 - 10:04:18 PM

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SOTN Editor's Note: Some of the best articles that have been posted at this Alt Media site over the years were originally written as comments and posted under thoughtful titles such as this: The New Congress And The Rolling Catastrophe Of The US Body Politic.  The comment below is just such an example of an excellent commentary on the roll of modern finance in the breaking of America.

Comment posted by swmnguy

The problem at the root of all the real issues in America is that our economic system has failed. Finance was an incredibly useful tool when it made up about 5% of economic activity, and allowed us to do things we needed to do, that required more money over time than we had at the moment, and allowed us to leverage the money earned over that time by doing the things that needed doing.

Now Finance has metastasized like a cancer, and is killing the host. Finance is now nearly 50% of economic activity in the US, and the costs, 50 cents on every dollar, are preventing us from doing what we need to do.

Farmers can't earn a living growing food because of finance. Employers can't find qualified employees to fill the jobs they have, and people can't afford to buy the education necessary to be qualified to take those jobs. Schools can't teach students adequately because everyone has always known that having more than 10 students in a class works very poorly for teaching, yet we can't afford to hire enough teachers to do an adequate job teaching; so we spend more money every year to get worse educational results. Uncovered healthcare costs incurred by people who have healthcare insurance is the #1 cause of consumer bankruptcy. People and regions that used to be dependent on industries that have become obsolete can't retrain people or provide the infrastructure to get into new industries that would be lucrative. America needs more single-family housing that single families can afford, but builders can't make any money building those houses at those costs, despite overwhelming demand.

This is a very short list of the absurdities we endure because our Finance system is broken. All of us can add more and more to the list.

Our political system is broken because the Oligarchy prohibits anyone's mentioning that our Finance system is broken. The Oligarchs are the "Donor Class," and control politics because they control the flow of money.

I could criticize Democrats or Republicans each as harshly as the other, but they're both the symptom of the root problem, not the cause. And they're sure as hell not the solution.

I'm afraid the solution is a complete collapse of our finance system. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it looks as if we have just the right politicians in place to bring about that collapse, by studiously and vehemently ignoring the problem and allowing it to grow out of control.

We're heading into a recession right now. That means millions of Americans, within the next year, will lose their current healthcare insurance. Without their employer paying for it, they can't pay for it themselves, even with the Federal subsidies to insurance companies. Right now, federal workers are going to have to quit their jobs to get jobs that pay, so they can pay their bills. Like 70% of Americans, TSA screeners live paycheck to paycheck, and can't get far enough ahead to have $1000 in the bank. If they have somehow bought a house, they might lose it if the furnace goes out.

Our War Machine is bankrupting the country, yet both factions of the Oligarchy demand we spend more. We're imposing 25%-40% taxation on our consumers who need to buy things that are no longer made in the USA, through tariffs. As the effects of those tariffs set in over the next few months, consumer spending will stay the same but the quantity of goods sold will drop by the percentage of the tariffs. Charging more for a product doesn't put more money into the pockets of consumers who are losing their jobs; especially not when the good-paying jobs in America were terminated so good could be made in the Third World at 1/6th the labor cost, and shipped to America using nearly-free energy, and rewarded by our corrupted corporate tax system.

Again, the list of examples of collapse is nearly endless. Our Oligarchic Elites have decided not to allow any solutions to the problem, so we need to come to terms with the fact that only complete and outright collapse will bring the opportunity for us to adopt a new system that actually works to give us ways to do the things we all need to do.

[Ron: Listing societal dysfunction and problems created by "The Hidden Hand" of the falsely described free market economy doesn't solve the problems. Nor does a failure to accurateky specify the cause of that dysfunction AND the identity of the manipulators of "The Hidden Hand" that is screwing almost the entire population of the US and the rest of our world. The money meme is the problem and the Talmudic banksters are the manipulators.

Terms like "finance" obfuscate by concealing the truth and mysterfying the discussion, and hence they hinder analysis of what is occurring. Wikipedia defines 'Finance' as "a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities, over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainties and risks. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management."

When you think about it, 'finance' and its associated rhetoric appears to be a concaternation of hot air terminology that bears no resemblance to actual human productivity. It is said to be a 'field' but presumanly not a farmer's field. It is also said to be a 'study of investments' that includes 'the dynamics of assets and liabilities'. Really? What does that mean? And what does it have to do with physical work, productivity and interaction between humans, animals and machines? The final definition gets to the nub of the matter. Apparently 'finance' is the 'science' of MONEY MANAGEMENT.

Sooo, the problem is MONEY and its management. that means that the societal dysfunction destroying human life is due to the management of MONEY. So what is money;  what is its use; and do we need it?

The money meme was created thousands of years ago by demonically inspired priests and tyrants bent on controlling and enslaving people. It is a mechanism for manipulating and disempowering people in order to enslave them without them realising what is occurring. The worst aspect of the money meme though, is that it dehumanises individuals, alienating and isolating them from family friends and everyone else, and even from themselves. Money is supposed to be merely a tool, a means for facilitating the exchange of goods and services, BUT it becomes a false store of value which people covert and hoard, as a source of power and control over others. All of the problems referred to in this article under the heading of "finance", arise from US social consciousness and life being engulfed in materialism and consumerism stimulated by the money meme and the false idea that money constitutes a store of value. It doesn't. Money is an idea given existance by humans believing it is real and has value. It doesn't. Money is created by key strokes on computers by banksters when a borrower pledges his credit. The money then disappears when the loan is paid off. The bank doesn't "keep" it in the bank or in circulation. Why? Because the loan money was only ever a book entry designed to extract interest (usury) payments from the borrower. it disappears from the system once it is repaid by the borrower.

This duplicitous activity needs to cease because as the author of this article says; it (the finance system) is the root of all real problem issues in the US economy. The money meme is the result of a millenia long process of mind control that has enslaved humanity on this planet and is now about to destroy it.  Accordingly we need to aim to remove the money meme and dependance on money as a store of value, from human consciousness if we are to save ourselves and our planet.

It will not be possible to fully develop human spirituality on this planet while we continue to cling to the money meme. The money idea foments competition and greed and prevents genuine human co-operation in sharing and caring communities. As we cannot get the general population to understand the need to eliminate the need for the use of money overnight, initially steps have to be taken to explain why money must only be used as a convenient means for the facilitation of the production and exchange of goods and services and hence cease to be seen as a store of value that can be accumulated and hoarded, and used to dominate, control and enslave other humans.

To overcome current inappropriate attitudes to money so that people cease to feel the need to accumulate and hoard it through fear and insecurity, communities will have to develop properly authorised, supervised and audited publicly accountable authorities charged with responsibility to create and fairly distribute throughout the community sufficient interest (usury) free money to adequately meet the requirements for production and distribution of all the goods and service needed by everyone to maintain the living standards appropriate to the resources of the community.

To ensure that money is used for its intended purpose, namely as a facilitator for the production and exchange of goods and services and NOT as a store of value, a mechanism for that purpose needs to be implemented. That could be achieved by having money issued subject to a 'use by' date whereafter its value might steadily reduce or perhaps cease to have effect all together.].

Comment posted at:

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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