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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 23, 2020 - 4:25:12 AM

The Fed Is A One-Trick Pony
By William Anderson with comments by Ron
Mar 23, 2020 - 9:55:00 PM

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March 21st 2020


In slashing its key interest rate to zero in response to the economic calamities imposed by all levels of government ostensibly to fight the coronavirus, the Federal Reserve System is trying to regenerate the crashing stock market.

At opening bell right afterward, however, the market continued to crash, and those results perhaps should be telling us that the Fed's one-trick solution to economic crises is just that: a trick.

Please understand that the central bank is doing what it always does when it seems there is an emergency: print money.

[Ron: The key to understanding the problem with "money printing" by the Fed and other Rothschilds' controlled global Central Banks, is to identify WHO BENEFITS? In particular, WHO gets the currency (fiat debt tokens) created out of thin air by the Fed; who pays interest (usury) on it and who gets that interest? Currently Central Banks create currency for the benefit of banksters because, although the process costs them nothing, they charge interest (usury) on that currency which enriches the banksters at the expense of the general population. Also, most of the currency created is used by commercial banks in 'carry trades' with the Fed and other Central Banks in a covert fraudulent process which ensures that they make "money" by parking their 'bail out' funds with the Central Banks with NO RISK at all. This incestuous process has meant that in the past humungous amounts of "new  money" created by the Fed have never been provided (lent) to Main Street corporations or the general population. The effect is to increase commercial bank profits and to encourage their casino derivatives operations which exacerbates the banks' so-called "liquidity" (insolvency) problems and ensures that a further and greater "liquidity" problem will emerge later. Meanwhile Main Street businesses and the general population continue to be starved of the currency needed to stimulate productive activities and so the community experiences austerity, scarcity and want. As a result, poverty increases and the gap between rich and poor grows.

However, sovereign nations can and should create and distribute asset backed, interest (usury) free, money to Main Street businesses and the general population for the purpose of producing goods and services for actual use by the communty. Banksters and their bought and paid for politicians and commentators pretend that sovereign money creation by duly elected governments for the benefit of the community in this way is somehow inappropraite because it is allegedly  inflationary. It isn't, or at least it need not be, provided that a publicly accountable issuing authotity ensures that monies emitted in this way are used for productive purposes within the jurisdiction, or to pay for goods and services produced therein.

The enormous vested interests of the banksters and their corporatist mates and enablers, assisted by the employees and others who live off this corrupt bankster controlled monetary and fractional reserve banking system, create a veritable storm of propaganda and economic dogma condeming Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and every attempt to eliminate usury. BUT, if this planet is ever to escape from its current dystopia, usury and fractional reserve banking must be eliminated.

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a genuine attempt at exposing the false and corrupt conventional wisdom and practice that has created the ratshit dystopia in which we live. Our dominant global monetary and banking systems are controlled by Rothschilds' Central Banks and their associated commercial banks operating the fractional reserve system. That fraudulent system pretends that fiat debt tokens created out of thin air by keystrokes on computers is money. It isn't. The problem is grossly exacerbated by the fact that the banksters use usury and the fractional reserve system to steal the wealth of almost everyone on this planet while they sneer at the truth that every sovereign national government should create usury free asset backed money and properly distribute it for the benefit of everyone in the nation, and not for the benefit of private corporate issuers of debt tokens and their corporatist mates.

Each sovereign national community has inherent monopoly power as regards issuing money into circulation within its jurosdiction. That is true whether or not a government exercises that monopoly directly or sub contracts it in some way to private banksters. The subterfuge of using so-called independant private banks to create and issue money merely conceals the truth that governments have, and exercise, this power, even if they do it corruptly or negligently. Think about what that means Pilgrims!

It means that governments are responsible for issuing ALL of the real money in circulation in any sovereign nation. It follows that to properly discharge their responsibilities in relation to the emmission of money within the jurisdiction, governments MUST issue sufficient money to enable every genuine member of the community to live at least at the minimum  level generally deemed to be appropriate. Why? Because ordinarily governments (however described) have a duty to create and spend (distribute) money into society in order for a monetary economy to exist at all. It follows that Governments HAVE to create and spend money into the economy to grease the wheels of production and commerce.

Given that governments can create and issue virtually all the money they need to enable the national population to properly use available labour and material resources within the jurisdiction, taxation or the regular retirement of "old" money should only be used to drain excess money out of the economy to prevent inflation, ie devaluation of the value of money in circulation as the government spends new money into it. in addition, tariffs can be used to regulate imports and the amount of money being spent outside the jurisdiction.

Populations cannot sustain themselves in a monetary system UNLESS the government first ISSUES enough money to enable the population to survive. This means that the constant refrain by governments and commentators to the effect that governments cannot fund necessary infrastructure development and services provision because they lack the money to fund those activities, IS NONSENSE. All that is required to create money is a properly supervised and audited  electronic book keeping system accompanied by properly supervised and audited oversight of the use of the 'money' issued to ensue that adequate real infrastructure, products and services are obtained as a result of the use of the funds created.

Fortunately, Christ Michael Aton declared the commencement of his Millennial Reign on 5 February 2019 and his agents, the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters are currently dismantling the criminal bankster controlled global matrix that has enabled a stupid Talmudic enslavement dystopia to exist on this planet. The elimination of the current destructive monetary cum usurious banking system will result in a global debt Jubilee and a financial RESET under which every sovereign nation will become responsible for issuance of its own usury-free money. As governments will then no longer be paying private individuals and their corporate entities for "money", ALL income taxes will be abolished.].

Now, this is not like what we see in Venezuela, with wads of printed money lying in gutters or even what was seen in Weimar Germany in the fall of 1923. In contrast, the Fed wants us to see Very Serious Central Bankers ensuring that an imploding economy has plenty of "liquidity."

When a proposed congressional bill caused the October 1987 stock market crash, newly appointed Fed chairman Alan Greenspan immediately promised to provide "liquidity" to Wall Street banks. When the Y2K scare loomed, the Fed was there to "provide liquidity."

When the Housing Bubble burst in 2008, something Austrians had predicted more than a year before, Greenspan's successor, Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke, made good on his promise to backstop the entire financial system with "liquidity" as the Fed went on an unprecedented spree of buying near-worthless securities in order to try to prop up the system (see diagram below).

Despite the attempt by Time to beatify Bernanke by putting him of the cover with the title "The Man Who Saved the World," he didn't save anything except for the existence of those very securities that had been the guts of the financial bubble and that the market itself already had declared near worthless. From valueless mortgage securities to long-term US Treasury bonds (part of "Operation Twist"), Bernanke's Fed supposedly breathed life into the entire economy. (Here is a more current snapshot of the trend of Fed purchases, although the diagram does not break down the various assets.)

In reality, Bernanke was depressing the economy by propping up the economic sectors featuring massive malinvestments and keeping resources from moving from lower-valued to higher-valued uses by tying up about a fifth of GDP with underperforming assets. That most financial journalists and academic economists failed to recognize what Bernanke  was actually doing is an indictment upon their various professions and speaks volumes about the willful ignorance in newsrooms and in the halls of academe.

(Fed chairs from Bernanke's successor, Janet Yellen, to current Fed chairman Jerome Powell all have imbibed from the same spiked Kool-Aid and there certainly is no threat of the current crop of financial journalists and economics/finance professors exposing the scam. The beat goes on.)

So, now we have yet another "exit stage right" performance by the central bank that is part of the long line of Fed interventions that do little more than kick the proverbial can down the road. The reasoning goes like this: the huge work stoppage imposed by various governments means that people cannot pay their bills, and ultimately that winds up depressing banking assets, and depressed banking assets threaten the entire financial system and can bring down an economy.

What to do ? Just substitute the Fed's funny money for real payments so that at least on paper, the bank balance sheets are in the black. It is another chapter of the "Perception Over Reality" work of fiction in which virtual printed money carries the same weight and value as money earned through real live economic activity. As economist Joseph T. Salerno recently wrote:

Printing up paper money and giving it or lending it to domestic businesses or to India will not bring about a miraculous replacement of the lost goods and services or repair broken supply chains. However, the "pandemic shock" may, and probably will, have repercussions on the demand side of the economy, likely precipitating a financial crisis. But this is due to the designed fragility of a financial system based on fractional reserve banking and propped up by governmental policies such as deposit insurance and the too-big-to-fail doctrine.

It is both discouraging and encouraging to see the market's response. Like all of us who have thousands (and, really, hundreds of thousands) of dollars invested, we are taking a financial hit, and I have no idea if when this crisis passes my investment portfolio is going to resemble Berlin in 1945 or not. (I suspect I will be among the walking wounded.)

However, the encouraging part-and this is a bit of a stretch-is that markets may finally-FINALLY-have recognized that a real economy with real production is different than the house of paper that the Fed has been creating the past few decades. Whether or not Americans are willing to take a hard look at our economy is another matter. With socialists claiming that they can create paradise via fiat and higher taxes and Trump supporters saying that the market surge (at least until the coronavirus hit) was "proof" that we had a great economy, there is plenty of delusion out there. It is time to pull back the curtain and expose the Fed for the humbug it truly is.

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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