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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Oct 18, 2021 - 6:06:37 PM

Sandy Hook -- Has Connecticut Left the Union?
By Mary Maxwell with comment by Ron
Oct 18, 2021 - 5:39:54 PM

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Found at:

Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 18-Oct-2021 18:11:40

Sandy Hook -- Has Connecticut Left the Union?

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Connecticut has, in my opinion, left the Union. I don't mean to pick on Connecticut -- we have probably all left the Union, but it suits my purpose in this series on Sandy Hook to point to that one state. I wish to make the point that the amount of lying necessary to keep up the false story of the 2012 massacre of 20 children is an almost lethal burden. As is true of all major deceptions, I suppose.

In his remarkable 100-page Timeline of the Event, "the late professor" James Tracy -- not late as in R.I.P., just late as in no longer a professor -- presents all the contemporary media stories about Sandy Hook. He quotes from the Newtown Bee, the New York Times, CNN, and so forth.

I notice that the early reports, starting on December 14, 2012, when the alleged massacre ocuured, employ terms like "the police said" or "the governor said." Officials are not named, other than that of the police chief, Lt. Paul Vance. But later reports specified many names.

Note: perhaps they were waiting to see if there were major problems, credibility problems. As none developed (or, if necessary, a person or two were silenced), it would be safe to continue. They did then continue, and I've picked out 28 names that made it into the newspaper or TV. Each of these 28 persons did something or said something to "solidify" the tragedy narrative.

By the way, the Boston Marathon bombing occurred on April 15, 2013, just 4 months after Sandy Hook. I feel pretty sure the Sandy Hook massacre (happily a victimless massacre -- as best I can see) was a tryout, to see how far into fiction a bunch of officials could stray. Today, with the Covid narrative, we see that one can stray all the way to La-La Land.


Here are the 28 names, alphabetically of personnel of the Connecticut state. I shan't include feds who also spoke out, whether it be the president of the day, Obama, the FBI director, Mueller, or even the US Secretary of Education who had something to say. I don't care about them right now. The point is that if you lived in Connecticut, you'd be surrounded by your state officials all engaging in false talk. How could those persons perform their jobs? How could any position they take on any subject look credible? This is what I'm lamenting.

Each of these persons appears, in James Tracy's Timeline, making a specific contribution to the false story (as quoted in the mainstream media). For example, they described in detail the way windows were blown out during the shooting, or they made formal statements at memorial services, or they lobbied for a change in policy, such as to ban the release of death certificates.

Leo Aresimowicz, CT House majority leader

Debbie Aurelio, Newtown Town Clerk

Reuben Bradford, CT Emergency Services

George Bensen, Newtown Land Use Director

Richard Blumenthal, CT Atty Gen (later US Senator)

Mitch Bolinsky, State Rep

Dan Carden, State Rep

Dr Wayne Carver, State Medical Examiner

Sally Cox, School nurse at Sandy Hook

Donna Curbell, District Health Director

Douglas Fuchs, Redding CT Police Chief

Bill Halstead, Fire Chief

George Jepsen, State Attorney

Ed Jutila, State Rep

Kevin Kane, Chief State Attorney

Patrick Kwanashie, Assistant Atty Gen

Debbie Leidlein, School board chairman

E. Patricia Llodra, First Selectman

Kyle Lyddy, Committee Chair, Permanent Memorial

Daniel P Malloy, Governor of CT

Chris Murphy, Senator-elect

William Rodgers, Second Selectman

Dr John Reed, Interim school superintendent

Janet Robinson, School superintendent

Stephen Sedensky, Attorney General

Timothy Sugrue, Assistant to state attorney Kane

Paul Vance, State Police Chief of CT

Paul Vance, Jr, CT Claims Commissioner

I omitted any names of teachers, cops, doctors, or journalists, in order to focus on persons to whom Connecticut citizens have entrusted themselves in a formal, accountable way. No doubt the 28 officials I named are but a small sample -- Connecticut has hundreds of bureaucrats and politicians. I wonder if all of them are equally resigned to the prospect of going along with the lies indefinitely, no matter how embarassing it may be.

An Across-the-Board Pardon Would Help

The only solution I can think of -- and the matter is urgent, you know -- would be for someone to announce, with humble apology, that the Sandy Hook hoax was a hoax, and that the hoaxers are to be forgiven, just this time.

This is easier than, say, offering forgiveness to the 9-11 conspirators, as there were many deaths on 9-11 (and many more in the aftermath, from Manhattan's polluted air). I am pretty certain there were no deaths at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Thus, it can't "horrible and cruel" to state the truth; rather, it is joyful: No little darlings were gun downed by Adam Lanza.

I'm serious about formal pardons for each and every one of the 28 Connecticut official listed above. They would only have to do one thing to qualify: give a sincere confession. Ah, their overlords will be displeased about that. The blame will quickly filter up, up, up.

But wait, the overlords may also be given a chance to come clean and rejoin the human race. Why not?

Robert Steele's Questions

In his 128-page book, Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS [President of the United States], the late Robert David Steele asks dozens of questions. As a CIA insider, he asks ones that most of us would never think of. For example: "Who, exactly, got at the staff of the Higher Education Chronicle, telling them to smear Professor James Tracy?" And "Who, exactly, was in the chain of custody of each incoming FOIA request from Wolfgang Halbig [king of the FOIA approach]"?

Here are 36 more of Steele's questions. His recent death may be relevant to his having dug up such a range of ideas:

Did the CIA provide seed funding for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube?

Does the CIA have official embedded personnel within each of the social media platforms as NSA does with cell companies?

Can we demand all relevant documentation of instructions received by the media from FEMA with respect to Sandy Hook?

Can we depose Alex Jones on all contacts with him seeking to shut down both PizzaGate and Sandy Hook coverage by him?

Why have multiple lawsuits emerged against Alex Jones when the perpetrators know that discovery will blow them up?

Can we follow the money and create a clear visualization of how all this is being orchestrated?

Has anyone demanded of the New York Times all documentation associated with its stories on harassment of alleged parents?

Who, exactly, made the decision at Amazon to ban Jim Fetzer's book? Were they directed to do so by the US Government?

What role has Media Matters played in seeking to defame and censor skeptics of Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, and more?

Why does Lenny Pozner have 23 web sites attacking Sandy Hook skeptics? Who pays for them?

Can we bring Kevin Riley, the mortician who allegedly cremated Adam Lanza, for an in-depth discussion? Any photos?

Can we depose, under oath, Susan Bro also known as the mother of Victoria Soto?

Has anyone interrogated, under oath, all staff from the Chalk Hill Middle School that took over the Sandy Hill students?

Who hired Shannon Hicks to stage her photographs of Sandy Hook kids being escorted from the school?

Why was an FBI Agent photoshopped-in to be the "Sloppy Sniper" on the scene?

Is there an official policy that requires the FBI to pretend to investigate false flag events, and then validate them to the public?

Did the media who were allowed access to the event have to sign a complicity agreement in advance of the event?

Has FEMA been forced to testify under oath about Sandy Hook being an exercise, similar to the Boston Bombing?

How many people had foreknowledge of the event at the local, state, and national levels?

Where is the work order for the "Everyone Must Check In" sign? Where are the sign-in sheets?

Why does the "Final Report" on Sandy Hook not link the shooter, his victims and his weapons?

Can we get an accounting for the millions of dollars raised for the "victims" of Sandy Hook, with great precision?

Where are all the documents related to the nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 on propaganda against citizens?

Where are all the internal documents on instructions from FEMA to state and local authorities about legalized lies?

Can we demand legal disclosure of all Democratic National Committee emails and calls related to Sandy Hook?

Can broadcasting and publishing licenses be revoked if it can be proven that they are being used to lie to the American public?

Should the Department of Justice have a RICO investigation going against both Mainstream Media and Social Media?

Can we demand a list of all US law enforcement personnel funded by AIPAC for anything, and compare that to events in the US?

Can we interrogate Sheriff David Mahoney (Madison) and Captain Kevin McMahill (Las Vegas), on training they received?

Is the US Social Security Death Master file wrong when it says no one died at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012?

Where were the 469 "other" students and the 70 staff and teachers allegedly employed at Sandy Hook, on the day of the event?

Who organized the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus for the Superbowl in February 2013? Where are the documents?

It Will Be Easy To Get This One Over With

Honestly, I really am proposing that the people of Connecticut get the whole problem over with in one hit, by admitting that the massacre never happened. It was a FEMA drill. (There was an announced drill at the Putnam County School on the very same day, December 14, 2012, at 9am. It really happened, less than an hour's drive from Newtown!)

As you may know, I have been working for years on a similar problem in Boston -- the lies about the Tsarnaev brothers' participation in the Marathon bombing. That one will be harder to overcome, but the facts of the Sandy Hook non-massacre are now plain.

See Part 5 of this series (at re the "paucity of evidence." There was never the slightest image of Adam Lanza at the scene, never a public interview with a school superintendent, never a blood stain on the floor, or anything else you would expect -- but plenty of sentiment.

I'd call the presentation of the Sandy Hook event "verbal only." (In Australia we used to call it "a police verbal" if cops typed up a story and handed it, for signature, to some poor bloke who was to be charged with the crime.)

Granted, the verbality of the Sandy Hook narrative was accompanied by a few visuals. Recall
the "official" picture of children "escaping from the gunman," taken by Newtown Bee photographer Shannon Hicks. But this got outed -- the photo was taken on an earlier day (or month or year), as we now know from "a picture being shot of the picture being shot":

Unlike the naked-man photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the photographer can't change her story and say the photo refers to another occasion. Shannon Hicks is on record as saying where and when she dunnit. Indeed, she also claims to have shot many more pix, amidst havoc in the parking lot, on December 14th, but has never produced them.

How about Giving Awards To Ease the Transition?

Our society doesn't give enough awards. When did you last see a student get an award for honesty, bravery, loyalty, etc? I think part of the cleansing operation that will occur, as soon as the town of Newtown overthrows its burdensome lies, should involve celebration. I mean a celebration of honesty itself. A celebration of the relief from such darkness.

One way to create light would be to thank those persons in Newtown who did come forward, at any point, with correct information. Patricia Llorda is one such person. She revealed the origin of the "Check-in" sign which was blatantly placed on the street by the school as part of a drill. She said "I believe Homeland Security put it there." Thank you, Ma'am!

I'd give an award to any parent or teacher at Sandy Hook school, or the nearby Catholic school, St Rose of Lima, who piped up with even the slightest warning that teaching kids to lie is not a good idea.

I'd even give an award to any kid who did lie but expressed a revulsion at doing so. It has been rumored (sorry, I have no evidence) that in the ensuing eight years, almost nine years, Facebook has hosted quite a few complainers. The older students are now grown up -- surely they worry that some future child of theirs will confront them.

Surely some Connecticut citizens, both young and old, feel very angry that videos of them, play-acting, are still shown on YouTube. Surely they feel guilty when they see truth-tellers get mocked or punished. Surely they'd like to revive the good old days when "authority" meant something, and when what you saw in the newspaper accorded with reality. Surely it would be nice to equate one's schooling with something beautiful.



Link to pdf of my latest book, "Keep the Republic, Kill the Takeover"


[Ron: If you didn't know already, Sandy Hook and The Boston Bombing were False Flag Psy Ops and noone was killed ... except the patsy, Tamerlan, the elder brother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in the Boston Bombing aftermath.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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