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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By Anonymous
Oct 10, 2009 - 7:12:00 AM

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Reader LB: "'STRAWMEN' in the military?"

Hi Hobie, you up to this one?

The first link above offers a free e-book by Mary Croft which describes a corporate entity operating under maritime law and doing business as the United States dealing with fictional characters called ?strawmen?. The second link leads to further descriptions and articles with commercial offers for means to take control of one?s own fictional ?other?. Without a review of these articles, the rationale for what follows has no significance.

While the claims set forth in the above references are initially outlandish, I will mention that it took nearly 70 years for me to become aware of the fact the the federal reserve is a privately owned corporation. And, seeing how it is intertwined with the so called US Govt, it follows there is a great deal of collusion with congress. Furthermore, until I took the time to review some of the more professional articles and opinions concerning 9-ll and the Oklahoma bombing, I would not have believed that representatives of the US could or would resort to such tactics to gain an advantage based upon fear. But it is all too apparent that it is a fait accompli, as they sometimes say.

So, given what I have learned recently, I do not dismiss out of hand the claims set forth concerning a corporate structure for the US, and that brings up a lot of questions. I will ask only two or three and base them on the presumption that a corporate entity is in charge of this republic. The questions deal with the men in the military.

OK, given that names in capital letters refer to 'strawmen', who or what took, or is bound by the oath of enlistment? There is an absolute need for the military to have jurisdiction over its members. I suppose there is by some means a transfer of jurisdiction from commercial law to the UCMJ by the process of enlistment? That is a question.

If the president is installed as the head of a corporation, by what authority does he command the military? Who are those that are 'duly appointed' and by whom?

Since it looks as though only 'strawmen' are in the military, what is to prevent the actual person from leaving his post without prejudice?

Of course, this is a really big bucket of worms if true, but I?m not ruling out anything for now. I would like to see this issue raised into awareness by a wider group of persons with the knowledge and brainpower to produce a reasonable discussion about this issue, hopefully leading to a solution. Provided, of course, that it even requires a discussion and/or solution. But, one way or the other,it really does need to be resolved. Don't expect much from your 'duly elected politicians'. Sooner, rather than later is to be desired considering the impending implosion of the 'fed' and the actual control of the military by person(s) yet to be identified - for certain. I really do hate to think that a small group of 'bankers' might be controlling the military force of this nation. The first solution that comes to mind in such an instance follows the notion of: what if 'they' had a war and nobody showed up to fight?


(hobie here. :) Thanks, LB. :) I'm acquainted with Mary Croft's book. I think we've at least made reference to it here a time or two in the past. A search of the Archive should turn up those posts.

It's _said_ that induction into the military requires at least a sign that you're being inducted voluntarily. It's said that this happens at the moment at the induction center when you're asked to "take one step forward", crossing a line that's on the floor. Choose not to cross that line and you cannot be inducted, so it's said.

One source in particular, Team Law, says the "strawman" idea is false and misleading. Rather, they say, one begins a relationship with the Social Security Administration when one voluntarily does so by requesting a "Social Security Number". According to Team Law, the SSA complies by creating a Trust (identified by the SSN) with regard to which you are _not_ the Beneficiary but are responsible for the "Trustee" role (which is also a fiction).

It's necessary that you (a living man or woman) "supply capacity and consciousness" for the Trustee role, which has no life, no capacity or consciousness, except as supplied by you.

So the core question becomes, "Who are you?" in any given moment and any given relationship and any given scenario. Are you the sovereign man or woman? Or are you there in that situation specifically serving to give capacity to the Trustee role?

Who is it that asks for, applies for, a "driver's license"? Not the living man or woman - they require no license in order to travel. So, by the act of applying for a license, you provide a basis for the legal presumption that you are there in the Trustee capacity - and as the living man or woman, you have a responsibility to fulfill the Trustee role in that relationship. In other words, asking for a license means you (really the Trustee) are agreeing to abide by all the statutes and regulations that go along with it.

You see the distinction? There's no "strawman" around, and they haven't replaced you with anything. Rather, you _asked_ for a relationship with the SSA, and this is the result of doing so. They create a Trust with a Trustee role, and you're contractually bound to appropriately fulfill the role wherever applicable. (But you're still a sovereign man or woman. Who else could fulfill that role?)

I don't quite understand how it works, but I'm told the one elected to the office of Corp US President is _also_ Commander in Chief over the military - which is one reason the military has continued to go along, even if some in the military might know the facts as I've just stated them.

What prevents the soldier from leaving his post? Honor. Training. A contractual obligation. Plus lots of fellows with guns who may or may not know what's going on. :)

More worth reading (especially see the History and Historical Outline links in the left column) here:



Found at:



Posted at RMN By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 10-Oct-2009 15:16:28

In Response To: Reader LB: "'STRAWMEN' IN THE MILITARY...?" (hobie)

(Thanks, LB :)

(I think it's arguably true that all these 'invisible contracts' are void from the beginning. The deception is so complete and thorough, however, that it has been difficult to obtain the _agreement_ of others that a specific contract should be considered void and ignored.)

Reader LB responds:



Yes, it is a little less clear than one might desire.

My understanding about a contract, little as it may be, is that an informed meeting of the minds is required to make it valid. Where there is subversion to achieve an agreement, I wonder how good of a contract it is?

A thought that pushes forward that has been just too awful to admit is that the entire military establishment is just another iteration of the federal reserve with the same owners and operators.

As far as crossing a line, I don't actually remember doing that, but it has been a long time ago and I doubt that anything done by stealth is really voluntary.

If there is dual obligation by soldiers between corp and republic, I wonder which is which. My preference is everything for the republic and nothing for the corp.

It is every bit as cruel a hoax as the federal reserve, if not more so. If there are people serving in the flag ranks who are aware of all this and fail to act sooner rather than later, I hope they know what they are doing!


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