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By Sherri Kane
Nov 27, 2010 - 3:36:32 PM


by Sherri Kane

Jackson, MI (Healthy World News; 11-26-10) It looks like "PharmaFascism" has defeated religious freedom in America.

Dr. Timur Baruti's patient, Michelle Cochrane, 20, arrived at his office completely upset over Jackson County's Judge Susan Beebe's ruling that she get her 2-year-old daughter, Brooke, injected with five vaccines, or go to jail, pay a fine, and even have her child taken from her.

According to Dr. Baruti, a Michigan based family physician who was interviewed on the Insight Hour on, by Sherri Kane Dr. Leonard Horowitz and R.J. Hampton  (archive available here), the 35-year-old judge's decision was based largely on her personal beliefs about vaccines.

Beebe sentenced Cochrane on November 22, 2010, because
she had gotten her own three children vaccinated, and believed it was the right thing to do, according to the child's grandmother, Amy Martin, who attended the sentencing. Judge Beebe was reported "unavailable for comment" when telephoned for an interview.

It appears that Beebe's ignorance about vaccination risks, and blind personal bias, has set a demonic precedent in the United States, violating constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom by completely disregarding the Immunization Waiver Form, signed and submitted by Cochrane as allowed by the State of Michigan's Department of Community Health for all religious and philosophical objectors.

By Beebe's fascist ruling, she now places the child at risk for a host of life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as mercury intoxication linked to autism.

Beebe's decision completely contradicts what she said in a 2008 interview for, claiming that as family court judge, she hopes she can work to make families safe and healthy.

"This is a case if judicial misconduct and overstepped authority," Dr. Horowitz said about Beebe condemning a mother and child to a lifetime of sorrow, if any one of the eighty-six common autoimmune diseases linked to childhood vaccinations result from her ruling.

Dr. Horowitz has been at the forefront of vaccination risk awareness since 1996 with the publication of his award-winning text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? This book links pandemic AIDS, nerve injuries, cancers, respiratory ailments, and inflammatory diseases to vaccine ingredients and lab animal contaminants. He places the origin of HIV/AIDS in Merck pharmaceutical company's experiments in New York co-sponsored by the Army, the CDC, FDA, and NIAID.

"The top three articles posted in the "vaccine awareness" folder at explain and assert blood-purity laws--the religious reasons to exempt from vaccinations," Dr. Horowitz said and then continued:

"Now we need to add a personal declaration for parents to sign, notarize, and file with the courts, decreeing sovereignty and proclaiming the right to resist vaccination intoxications and violations of constitutional guarantees protecting life, liberty, and property, in this case freedom to protect one's own child."

In March of 2008, Beebe was Governor Jennifer Granholm's pick for County Family Court,  a very young judicial appointee. Before that, she worked in the prosecutor's office for six years.

Dr. Baruti regrets Beebe's medical ignorance and potential harm her unjust ruling has on his patients and the nation.

He is among a rare group of medical doctors who has thoroughly researched vaccination risks, and refuses to give them to his patients. He has resisted drug company bribes and propaganda to provide his patients with education and alternatives. He is an avid supporter of silver hydrosols to prevent infectious diseases, like the flu, and is concerned about water pollution that pharmaceutical antibiotics cause.

During the interview, Dr. Baruti was asked if Big Pharma had ever approached him to promote their vaccines.

"A couple of them," he replied. "Gardasil and the one for Shingles, . . . . They said they would give us some type of  'special pricing,' is how they put it; and they would help with providing us with literature to provide to people. . . . After looking into it, and doing my own due diligence, I decided not to do that."


The vaccine maker, Merck, claims Gardasil helps prevent the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer. Research indicates the Gardasil vaccine actually presents cancer risks, and includes a sterilizing agent.

Court rulings promoting such risky vaccines evidence the global depopulation agenda as presented by Bill Gates. Gates, and leading globalists that include central bankers, powerfully impact public opinion and legislation upon which the entire vaccine industry advances. This is beautifully exposed in Dr. Horowitz's latest film PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller.

Gates is the world's leading contributor to "vaccination programs" through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft's founder began massively funding vaccine research at the same time he settled his dispute with global financial regulators threatening to break up his company for anti-trust violations. (Read about Goldman Sachs pressuring Gates and degrading Microsoft beginning in 2000 by CLICKING HERE.)

"Whenever you read or hear that Bill Gates has donated millions to 'vaccination programs' as a humanitarian service, don't believe it," Dr. Horowitz advises. "Most of his so-called 'donations' have gone to companies or entities controlled by his partners at Goldman Sachs, like CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, co-chairing with Murdoch the Partnership for New York City--which is a David Rockefeller founded drug ring--the same people, partners, and firms, implicated in the crashing economy, the bankrupt housing industry, the 911 "terrorist attacks," the 2009 Swine Flu fright and 'pandemic' fraud, and the recent BP/Halliburton/Transocean oil rig demolition in the Gulf of Mexico."

According to BigPharma's propaganda, "effective vaccines could save 30 million lives by 2030," said Jerald Sadoff, president of a vaccine foundation that received $200 million from Gates to test new vaccines.

But Gates personally contradicts this common claim while expressing his love for vaccines in PharmaWhores. He encourages deadly vaccination side effects, celebrating the fact that these will reduce global populations by 10-15%. This, obviously, is the opposite to health-protection and life-extension most people ignorantly assume vaccines provide.

"One of the things we found, when we researched the vaccine additive called Polysorbate 80 in Gardasil," added Dr. Baruti, " is that it caused sterility and infertility in women. Now they want to give it to young ladies, and even young men, as of February, 2011."

This information evidences the fact that this vaccine was made primarily for sterilization to support global depopulation.

R.J. Hampton, Investigative Journalist and TV show host of We are Change Hawaii, commented, "As a woman of color, I know this particular vaccine (Gardasil) has been targeting minorities. The way to eliminate a group of people is to eliminate the breeders, and those that would carry the future genes.  It's a very real thing that we have to guard against." No pun intended.

Dr. Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola: Nature Accident or Intentional? records how many man-made plagues were developed in labs controlled by pharmaceutical profiteers, now celebrating Judge Beebe's ruling.

He attributes Beebe's decision largely to the fact that Cochrane, a single mother, fighting for custody rights with her pro-vaccine x-husband, signed for social assistance, giving the government virtual title over Brooke's fate, including legal responsibility for the vaccination decision.

"If Beebe thinks she made the right ruling, she has a lot to learn," Dr. Horowitz said. "Requiring children, as wards of the State, to get vaccinated is reminiscent of Merck's Hepatitus B Vaccine trials involving gay men in New York and mentally retarded children at Willowbrook's State School on Staten Island. Judges there, too, neglected the risk of giving children chimpanzee-cultured and contaminated viral vaccines that best explain the school's closing in 1976, and the so-called "gay plague" outbreak in the Village at the same time due to the same 'vaccine program.'"

A friend that I contacted to discuss the Cochrane case stopped me mid-sentence, and asked. "Is this happening in America?"


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