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Proof That Our Birth Certificate Value is on the Stock Exchange
By anonymous (Beatleha)
Jul 19, 2009 - 4:07:00 AM

How to check that your Birth Certificate is listed for value on the Stock Exchange

Proof That Our Birth Certificate Value is on the Stock Exchange

Ron: Some notes i took during the video:
Go to - 

'Click on the green tab then click on green sub tab called (Quotes)

Click symbol “lookup” to look up stock symbol on the international market
Then search for a Mutual Fund  then for a Fund number
The Fund numbers are the key to getting this information  - they are a USan's birthday and the tracking numbers on their SSC

Enter … Search Value = year you were born - red or blue numbers on the back of your SSC
Enter it with a / between your birthday and your tracking numbers – its very critical you enter them as on your card also as its (case) sensitive meaning if your number starts with a F12345678 use a F not an f)

Now this will bring up a stock symbol for you below your search. It should be (FTIX) = FIDELITY TOTAL INT’LEQUITY FUND
Remember it’s a pooled  account so we should have the same symbol. But where it will differ is the CUSIP and Fund number and Tracking Numbers. That is what separates all the individual bonds in the account.

Click on the symbol. It should be blue as a link,  This will take you to YOUR bond’s information. They even have a YTD. Mine [beatleha's] is a cool $23.5 million they have so far on my bond. You can track the whole thing and even invest in it.

Then you can click on the blue links called (CHART) and (RESEARCH) TO BREAK IT DOWN EVEN MORE.'

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