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Proof the Rep Giffords shooting was a staged training exercise Plus Arrest EXPOSED! Martial Law False Flags.
By Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini
Jul 12, 2011 - 4:21:52 PM

Proof the Rep Giffords shooting was a staged training exercis: Plus Jones Arrest EXPOSED! Martial Law False Flag.

Proof the Rep Giffords shooting was a staged training exercise. Thanks to youtuber for this 3' 56" video:

Accompanying statement by Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini:

'This is the solid evidence the events that day in Arizona were nothing more than a training exercise put on by the Department of Homeland Security. Please refer to or for more details'.


Giffords' Event Updates June 28th

If you missed the show listen here or view the video here.
June 28, 2011 (hour 1)
- News LIVE with Joyce Riley + Scott Portzline + Ed Chiarini
June 28, 2011 (hour 2)
- Continued with Ed Chiarini + Guest Dr. Cass Ingram - Guest Ingrid Naiman

The large majority of the individual we see on the news that are shown to be eye witnesses, victims, first responders, Loughners neighbors, friends, and Parents are found in the following 3 Pima county documents and are not who they say they are. These people are playing the roles as actors and committing a fraud on the people of this country. The rest of the individuals not in these books can be found in the Face Book friends list of the person named Dave Weiss, who also plays the part of Dr Lemole. (he is an actor, and is not the real Dr G Michael Lemole) In addition in these same books you will find other individual that are listed as firefighters, detectives, and deputies, that can be found in a variety of other stories you see on the news. One of the biggest is the Casey Anthony Murder Trial, where almost everyone in the court room is found to be in these books, the trial is a fraud and is a made for TV movie.

Download them and judge for yourself.
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Phyllis Schneck pdf
John Roll 1 pdf John Roll 2 pdf
Phyllis Schneck jpg
John Roll 1 jpg John Roll 2 jpg


Gabrielle Giffords & Kelly's SHOCKING PAST! EXPOSED! (2' 29" video)

Accompanying statement by Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini: One of her step daughters is her aid who claims to have been there during the event as a staff photographer. Where are the pictures? Why did they hid the fact that she is her step daughter? Where has her step daughter been during all this time? Is it just another scam because we know this person has an AKA and is married to a person that is related to the actor playing Gabe Zimmerman. The matrix is unraveling right before our very eyes.


IS THAT SARA if so its all over!

The little girl at funeral
I got the image from DAVE WEISS' Face Book Friends list BUSTED!!
The guy walking along side of the casket is the guy in the photo at the dinner table. WHO IS Jeanne Myers?

The guy is Greg Segalini

OH my this was a big one. Did you not think it was important. AND where did is see these two girls before, sounds like the Rep. Giffords team as has a busy week ahead of them, full of damage control.


Jones Arrest EXPOSED! Martial Law False Flag.

Thanks to youtuber for this 14 minute video:

Accompanying statement by Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini: for more information you wont find in the mainstream media.

As you watch this keep in mind that, although I believe I am 100% correct with the individuals identity, I only need to be correct about 1 to prove this lie. So you either say all of them are wrong, or its a lie and i am right. Its all or nothing.

This video show my sturdy of the individuals and a forensic landmark matching of the actors to their identity as seen in the 2008 and 2010 Pima County Sheriff's Annual Awards Book.

Demand a full investigation into this matter. This shows you they are trying to instigate the American population into a frenzy. Time after time I have outed their plot to get you to act out so they can clamp down on the population.

But they haven't figured me into their little plot.

Here is the interesting item to think about. In this video you see Brandan Pittmans Mother (she Played Phyllis Schneck a person that was said killed during the Rep Giffords event) If you are unaware of the details on how the giffords event was a staged Homeland Security Drill called Operation Safeway an ExPlan FSE. Please go to and watch my other videos an you will understand the big picture.

Before I went on The Power Hour a week and a half ago I sent a message to Brandan telling him not to miss the show and to make sure his mother listened to it as well, since I had a surprise for her. I had uncovered the information that Pittmans Mother was one of the fake killed in the Loughner Giffords lie, as I just mentioned and was getting ready to out her the following morning on the show. That night Brandan leveled some threats at me and they pertained to him being pissed that his mom was caught.

So ask yourself, If your mother was caught and the world is slowly catching on to the lies that have been told to them. Do you think you would actually take part in another staged event like this? No of course not, so what we are seeing here is the proof they have shot and produced this video clip long before it was said to have taken place.

This would also be wise. You wouldn't want to risk shooting an event and have someone recognize you and blow the whole thing wide open. So lets say for example you wanted to shoot the Casey Anthony trial you would shoot it say a year ago so if anyone stumbles on to the set you can easily say you are filming a movie. and no one is the wiser.


Casey Anthony and others EXPOSED! (3' 52" video):

Accompanying statement by Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini:

Maybe your missing the point. It seems like the Pima County Sheriff's Department has been creating fake news for many years now. A small group of them have been very busy and were used for the faces in the Anti Meth Ad Campaign "Faces of Meth" 2005. These individuals are again appearing in the Casey Anthony Fake Trial. I have identified a large number of these individuals and can link their faces to the Annual awards booklets published by Pima county
go to to download them, or to get it directly from them and see for yourself.

I will be creating the graphics for download on my site which will focus on the face comparisons.

In closing I am saying the "Faces of Meth" campaign is a fraud and the images were contrived and use actors as the base forms for them to create the insane faces we see in their ads. Im NOT SAYING THE INDIVIDUALS ARE or EVER WERE Arrested or drug addicts. They were only used as models in the ad campaign.

This message is to those who are behind this fraud. I know you planned on sitting back and watching the trial on sunday and having your friends over so you can laugh at the DUMB Americans who are watching a joke. Not only that but you planned it on Independence weekend. How nice.. Well, this American figured it out, and I hope the reset of America sees this video and gathers in Orlando on the 3rd and 4th to tell you in person what you can do with you lies. Don't get too comfortable tomorrow, you might want to get the choppers ready and have them start up the gens in you underground bunkers. That is if we don get there before you. Have a 4th of July like no other. Ill see everyone at the court house in Orlando and make this the first 4th of the NEW R3VOLUTION. DallasGoldbug


Giffords Shooting Fraud:

Photographic analysis of Judge Roll and Sgt James Crandall by Ed Chiarini 

Thanks to youtuber for this 13' 52" video:

Accompanying statement by Dallas GoldBug aka Ed Charini:

Photographic analysis of Judge Roll and Sgt James Crandall by Ed Chiarini
To present in detail the fact that these to individuals are the same. This does not mean Judge roll does not exist or James Crandall Does not exist. It only says that the to people in the photos in this video are in fact the same individual.


Judge John Roll Dead: Killed In Arizona Shooting. See:

AZ sheriff knew in advance about Loughner. See:


AZ Congresswoman assasination scenario has MKULTRA profile, drug and space target. See:

Exclusive: Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman's Grudge Against Giffords. See:

Media Caught Hiding Fact Loughner Is Jewish. See:

Is Jared Loughner Jewish? See:

Loughner’s Jewish mother? Not so much. See:


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