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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Feb 22, 2020 - 4:45:49 AM

Opinion: Why The World Should Pay Attention to President Trump
By Seraphim Hanisch
Feb 21, 2020 - 7:53:20 PM

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The US president is all-in in the battle against globalism; every move he makes is to uproot this cancer on American government.



President Trump is a man unleashed. After the dreadfully powerful and public failure of the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry (and Show Trial), Donald Trump did not put his gained political capital in his pocket. He is instead, off and running with a vengeance not seen in modern American politics, certainly not in the fifty some odd years of my lifetime, and possibly not seen in the nation's history. To some observers who perhaps do not pay close attention to the news, or to those that pay close attention to the fake and false news reports promulgated by most Western media outlets, it may seem exhausting that this "rogue" President is doing nothing but stirring up trouble everywhere he possibly can.

They may wonder why on earth he is doing this. Everything was fine before, so why is he messing everything up for so many people now?

The answer lies in understanding that what we see the US as in 2020 is a relatively new manifestation of "America" brought on by people interested only in its destruction.

America wasn't always this way.

The United States used to be a nation content with its place as the leading nation in the Western Hemisphere. It considered itself at most, the protector nation of all the powers in North and South America, but after that, the rest of the world could, quite frankly, go spit (in the nicest possible way). The United States was not interested in taking part in Europe and Asia and Africa's problems.

It also used to be very much interested in preserving the way of life and free opportunity for its citizens and for those who emigrated to the United States and followed the proper channels to become a citizen. While there were often problems with immigrants not being able to easily assimilate into American society, their desire was to do so, and the expectation from the resident culture was that they would do that (or go back where they came from).

The nation considered itself independent of the world, while participating in trade and commerce with the rest of the world.

Things became very different after World War II. The new Great Experiment of Globalism was launched, first with the European Common Market in terms of commerce, and NATO in terms of defense, and it indeed seemed like a good idea for Europe to try to consolidate its member nations in such a way that they could more easily act "as one", both propelling the economies of all the nations ahead, and at the same time keeping Germany or any other aspiring state from launching its own plans to take over the world. The perceived threat of Communism from the Soviet Union and China aligned the United States with Europe and many other nations to face off the possibility that the Reds would come and take over.

But then, the Soviet Union fell, and China emerged as an extraordinary capitalist / communist "business state" (my term), which for the West was like having an incredibly large labor force waiting to be tapped. The Chinese won from deals to make almost everything under the sun, and - very wisely - used its resources and agreements to propel itself to economic superpower status, vying for first place with the United States.

Globalism took a different turn in the West, with the Soviet "threat" gone, it appears to have turned ever more inward upon itself. With no external enemy to fight, increasingly liberal, left wing, and honestly, Marxist ideology-based policies and practices have crippled Western culture, defaced and eliminated Christianity and national identity, and attacked all manner of tradition, driven by the illusion that the past is to be destroyed and rejected, and that humanity can "progress" to a new utopian future.

Karl Marx would have been SO proud.

He would be even more proud knowing that that capitalist nation of all capitalist nations, the United States, was becoming the Marxist state he envisioned (at least as far as the wealthy will allow it).

Yes, folks, that is glaring hypocrisy, isn't it? After all, Karl Marx had a real bone to pick with the "haves" of this world, and though that the solution was to strip away the privilege from the privileged, and that somehow the non-privileged people would be elevated by this. Not so, Karl, the privileged will only be replaced by other privileged people.

It turned out to be George Orwell who was right, "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which." (Animal Farm, chapter 10)

The Single Commandment he derived is the only commandment that exists under globalism and socialism and all things leftist:


(Animal Farm, Chapter 10)

This is always true, even at the beginning of any revolution in the communist or socialist direction. And this is one of the reasons why President Trump is on fire at this time.

He is working to cut this malignancy out of his nation before it spreads any farther.

We see, for example, more clearly than ever before, the revealed nature of the left in the ideologies and policy positions expressed by all the present Democrat candidates for President. They all believe in government fixing things that it has never been able to fix, and that the US Constitution is designed to prevent it from fixing. Medicare for All. Free University Education. The Green New Deal. Gay Marriage, and the insistence that it be normalized in all religious practices. uncontrolled illegal immigration. Drug legalization and total decriminalization of drug use. Censorship of publicly expressed opinions by social media. Gun control and confiscation.

And most of all, the idea that the United States somehow deserves NOT to exist as a nation, precisely because it has been the most successful nation on earth over the last two hundred years.

The US Constitution was constructed as a means to sharply limited government. Its core concepts lay in the notion that God is the Author of all Liberty, that He is God and no government should ever try to assume His role. In making it so the federal government can do almost nothing except raise a defense force for the nation in time of attack, responsibility is placed on the citizens of the nation to live in what way is best, in light of the knowledge that the Real King is the one they eventually must answer to.

President Trump is working on many levels to rekindle this understanding of what America is. She is not to be the world's policeman. Her people need not supplicate before elites from their own kind, but rather, hire people to take care of the administration of the nation as needed, and for only a short period of time. To be free and independent of government, yet living under the grace of God - this was the America of the founders.

President Trump is not a messiah or a miracle worker in any regard. He is simply an older gentleman who remembers and understands these principles as the secret to his own success. His work is an attempt to restore America to what it was before its long stint as some sort of imperial, then decadent and back-biting, superpower.

The only other nations known to have experienced success in doing this sort of reconstruction are actually still at work on it: Russia is the biggest one, and the nation showing the most success at reclaiming its traditional culture, but it has a long way to go. Georgia appears to be another example, as well as Serbia and Romania. All four of these lands were decimated under Communism, and all four are dealing with major scars and damage inflicted by seventy years of atheist, utopia-seeking, secularist elite-led socialsm.

It would seem that President Trump is trying to take history's lesson seriously enough to try to head the disaster of secularist globalism / socialism off before it takes the US with it.

The reader may think of this as a truly daunting task, and they would be correct. They would be further correct if they acknowledge that history itself leaves little choice but to try to head this disaster off.

This means we can expect the excitement and political fireworks to continue and increase as President Trump carries the fight closer and closer to those people and institutions determined to tear the US apart. He may not succeed. But there has never been a better fighter.

Dr Steve Turley gives his own take on one aspect of President Trump's efforts - his crackdown on Sanctuary Cities in the US - this in this video clip. Enjoy.

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