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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 - 3:06:37 AM

Official and Remastered CFPUP SUMMIT Webcast 03/25/17
By John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov
Jun 21, 2017 - 2:36:27 AM

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Official and Remastered CFPUP SUMMIT Webcast 03/25/17

This 2hr 36’ 14” webcast was published by cfpup on Mar 27, 2017:

Publisher’s Comments:

This summit brought together an amazing panel that consisted of John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov to talk about issues ranging from politics, the economy, the food we eat, immigration, labor, poverty, minorities, war, and much more. Please be sure to like and share and stay tuned for more dynamic events from The Center For Progressive Urban Politics!

Ron's Comments: This Podcast gives a good cross section of opinion for anyone wanting to get a grip on how the better class of US socio-political commentariat thinks. I particularly like Dmitry Orlov’s views, especially as he walks his talk. Chris Martenson also appears to walk his talk. James Howard Kunstler has many insightful things to say and John Michael Greer is very glib but I find he has too much to say. The odd man out is Frank Morris who epitomises for me the privileged (and subsidised) Black academic who subtly spruiks for tweaking the status quo which keeps him in clover. Most of what he says amounts to supporting the system that has elevated him to exceptionalist status by playing the Black and poverty cards of his exceptionalist welfarist constituency. He doesn’t seem to realise that he represents the problem not the solution.

Dmity Orlov and Chris Martenson advocate withdrawal from the dystopic socio-economic cum political US system by living sustainably in small self sufficient communities. The others critique the US system but don’t appear to advocate viable alternatives. Frank Morris even gives the impression that he wants to maintain the US governance system and merely advocates some policy changes.


When noting that “the Elite” (the richest 0.1 percent) have skewed the US economy to funnel almost all wealth to themselves, the panel also made a couple of very valid points which underpin “the Elite’s” ability to manipulate the US economy and society. Greer emphasised that the salaried class favour immigration of huge numbers of unskilled migrants, and other policies that force down the pay and conditions etc of the working class because they perceive that as benefiting them. What they don’t seem to realise is that because the US economy is in decline and hence contracting, such policies are forcing more and more middle class people to be thrown “under the bus”.


The point was also made that the working and welfare classes have contributed to their own demise by favouring the spread of centralised mega national and multi-national retail and other corporations into towns and local communities which has the effect of destroying local industry and almost ALL local retailing. The result is the elimination of local businesses and jobs which previously kept local wealth WITHIN the community.

No one explicitly stated the major reasons for the decline of the US economy and society, namely usury and banksterism in relation to the creation and distribution of fiat debt tokens falsely called “money; Jewish control of virtually all aspects of US federal and state politics, judiciaries and education; Jewish ownership or control of most major corporations and the military industrial complex including the CIA and the rest of the 16 US surveillance cum security services, and a vice-like grip on the news and information media, Hollywood and cultural and entertainment organizations generally. In effect, the US is a cess pit of corruption and criminality that exists because huge numbers of the upper, middle, working and welfare classes, condone it and seek to “game” what they can from the common wealth. In other words, most of the thinking population has acquiesced and accepted Talmudic corruption of thought and action as normal and necessary.


In effect, the discussion was generalised, presumably in order to not offend anybody or attract screeches of anti-Semitism from pseudo Hebrews.


To be fair, four of the five speakers acknowledged that the US polity was on its last legs and Orlov and Martenoen indicated what must happen when the collapse becomes rampant and what individuals can do to try to weather the storm. Intrinsic to their solution was an understanding that banks, banksterism and governments will disappear and be replaced by myriad small, self governing and self sustaining, very localised, rurally focussed communities.

Those interested in understanding why their efforts to inform ignorant others about the parlous situation that the US (and our world) is facing are rejected, may get some insights from what Dmitry Orlov and Chris Martenson say on this issue at the very end of this Podcast. See Chris Martenson’s comment at 2 hrs 25’ 55”: ‘The real battle is to free ourselves from the mindset of control....’ Followed by Dmitry Orlov’s comments. ALSO, the final question at 2 hrs, 28’ 40” is a good one and the responses to it by Chris Martenson and Dmitry Orlov are excellent. Compassion first! And feed them if you can...


Peace and Blessings



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