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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 4, 2019 - 7:57:05 PM

Native Americans & The New Confusion in US Politics
By Celeb Maupin with comments by Ron
Jan 5, 2019 - 4:40:32 PM

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When it comes to the genocide of Native Americans, the people of the United States seem to face an existential crisis. The cultural clashes and recent diversification of rhetoric around this issue illustrates how deeply confused the people of the United States truly are about their identity and their history.

Ethnic Cleansing, Cultural Genocide and Mass Murder

Long before the creation of the United States, or the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, massacres of Native people by settlers had already begun. Incident such as the Gnadenhutten massacre of 1782, or the Massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890, cannot be described "accidental" or as outliers.

The forced removal of Native Americans ordered by US President Andrew Jackson in 1838 and carried out against the wishes of the US Supreme Court resulted in at least 10,000 deaths. It is hard to honestly describe the "Trail of Tears" as anything but ethnic cleansing.

[Ron: I disagree. See eg: The Marxist Myth of "The Trail Of Tears" -].

The Native American Schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs conducted a cultural genocide. Children were forcibly removed from their parents and taken to government run facilities in which they were not permitted to speak their own language, and indoctrinated with Christianity. Native American religion was illegal in many parts of the United States until the passage of the Federal American Indian Religious Freedom Act in 1978.

In 2004, the British white supremacist leader John Tyndall told a group of sympathizers in Louisiana: "I've always been greatly interested in America. No one with the least knowledge of history, the history and development of your country could possibly believe in the current madness of racial equality. Here is a great continent of boundless wealth, but it was just a wilderness before the coming of the white man. It was the white man and white women who tamed it, build it and created a civilization here."

[Ron: this is an absurd LIE. See eg: Constitution of the Iroquois Nations: THE GREAT BINDING LAW, GAYANASHAGOWA - And: THANKSGIVING PRAYER FROM THE IROQUOIS NATION -

Defending Crimes Against Humanity

In 2004 John Tyndall, and former US Congressman David Duke, who sat in the audience as Tyndall spoke, were on the political fringe. These statements glorifying the crimes against Native Americans and justifying them had been marginalized to only the extreme right-wing. In 1980s, 90s, and the early years of the 21st Century, mainstream conservatives and Republicans spoke of the genocide of Native Americans as a horrific reality from America's past, and crime that should be atoned for.

However, this was not always the case. Until the mid-1970s, arguments attempting to justify the slaughter of indigenous people were commonplace among conservatives. Ayn Rand, the free market philosopher and novelist who is held up by Congressman Paul Ryan as his main inspiration was unafraid to make such statements.

The book "Ayn Rand Answers" which compiled materials from Rand's various interviews throughout her life quotes her saying the following about Native Americans:

"Now, I don't care to discuss the alleged complaints American Indians have against this country. I believe, with good reason, the most unsympathetic Hollywood portrayal of Indians and what they did to the white man. They had no right to a country merely because they were born here and then acted like savages. The white man did not conquer this country. And you're a racist if you object, because it means you believe that certain men are entitled to something because of their race. You believe that if someone is born in a magnificent country and doesn't know what to do with it, he still has a property right to it. He does not. Since the Indians did not have the concept of property or property rights-they didn't have a settled society, they had predominantly nomadic tribal "cultures"-they didn't have rights to the land, and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights that they had not conceived of and were not using."

[Ron: Ayn Rand was a Jewish Bolshevik refugee from the Soviet Union. One of many who fled to the US because Christian Russians ousted the Bolsheviks from power in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Her views typify the ignorance, arrogance and barbarism of her tribe. The Bolshevik Jews who fled the Soviet Union murdered the four Rockefeller brothers and took over much of their US empire which is why cultural Marxist communism has taken over the Democratic Party and most Republican politicians as well as the US MSM and US judicial, academic and schooling systems. See eg: Dr Peter Beter's Audio Letters at and ff.].

During the 1970s, the mass protests of the American Indian Movement, and the efforts of New [Ron: Jewish led] Left activists to spread awareness about US history, changed the terms of national debate. It no longer became acceptable to defend what had taken place, and US media, educational institutions, and political leaders openly admitted that horrendous, indefensible crimes had been committed.

[Ron: Notice however, that this new found concern for largely long past crimes against Amerindians and Black (and white) chattel slaves and their progeny, HAS NOT TRANSLATED INTO CONDEMNATION OF RECENT AND CURRENT HORRENDOUS, INDEFENSIBLE WAR CRIMES and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the peoples of dozens of nations around the world. The reason for that is that the Jews and their Talmudic gentile cohorts who genocided Amerindians and created the Black (and white) slave trade in the Americas have exhausted those avenues of plunder and profit and have moved on to ransacking and genociding the rest of the world and the planet. AND the stupid Libtard half of the US population who support the Bolsheviks and other Talmudists lack the ntelligence let alone the consciousness to understand this change and the fact that THEY are now slated for the chopping block along with 99.9% of the global population.].

A New Wave of Denial

However, in the age of Trump, the terms of discourse have shifted once again.

Highly popular conservative commentator Dinesh Dsouza denies that such well documented incidents took place. On July 3rd, 2014, appearing on FOX news, Dsouza declared: "We shouldn't flagellate ourselves for things we didn't do...The main reason for that was not because of warfare or systematic killing, it's because ...diseases, ...did not have any immunities, so they perished inlarge numbers."

[Ron: Dinesh Dsouza is probably 'paid opposition' in the typical Talmudic  confuse and distract popular opinion mode. In any event, the real issue TODAY is NOT what happened last century and the centuries before that, BUT what the US is doing around the world today WITH TACIT if not active US popular support.].

According to Dsouza, mass killing, forced deportation, cultural genocide are all figments of a "radical leftist" imagination. The mass death of Native people was merely the result of unintentional spreading of disease.

[Ron: Apparently the huge Amerindian population prior to the arrival of European colonisers was decimated by disease which facilitated the ease of conquest by British and European settlers. BUT the blood thirsty "Christian" invaders DID intentionally spread diseases among the Amerindians to assist in their genocidal conquest of the North American continent.].

Dsouza's words could be easily dissected by any scholar of American history. Unlike those who attempt to deny the Nazi holocaust, [Ron: There was NO Nazi holocaust! That is a fraudulent Blood libel of the entire German nation. See eg: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE II -] D'souza doesn't even bother to try and debunk the many documented massacres. D'souza simply bluffs and says something that a certain audience badly wants to hear.

More recently, "PragerU" the widely advertised and promoted youtube channel of conservative commentator Dennis Prager, posted an odd video on November 20th, 2018. An individual identified as Will Witt walked around California State University in an outfit intended to mock Native American clothing. Witt then portrayed himself as a victim when students shouted at him and criticized his behavior.

The video does not deny the genocide, but seems to hint that somehow Witt is being victimized. The fact that anyone might take offense at such a costume is portrayed as some scandalous example of left-wing extremism.

Organizations such as the Proud Boys, started by Gavin Mcguiness, speak of celebrating "western civilization" in a defensive manner, angrily decrying those who speak of "western civilization" in negative terms.

Post-Modernism vs. Marxism

The question must be raised, why would anyone listen to Dsouza's denial of historical facts? Why would anyone sympathize with a student in a mock Native American costume, and believe he is the victim when others object to his offensive outfit?

Now that decades have passed since the 1970s, a number of white Americans have begun to take criticism of the crimes against Native people as a personal attack. The widespread discussion of "white privilege" and "man-splaining" has created an atmosphere in which millions of Americans believe that acknowledging the actual history is somehow the equivalent of calling them bad people, and saying they to deserve to be less prosperous.

The narrative of the post-modern campus based, academic "oppression theory" leftists is that white Americans "have it to good" and should feel deep shame on behalf of their crimes of their ethnic group. With such arguments abundant, those who feel the sting of such rebukes, hear Dsouza claim saying the deaths were unintentional and then sigh with relief. Dsouza gives them permission to say "see, I'm not a bad person after all."

[Ron: This debate is irrelevant and deliberately designed by Jews to confuse and distract Amerikkans from REAL current issues like the on-going US military and US bankster cum corporatist invasion and raping of the rest of the world; as well as their deliberate impoverishment and destruction of the lives of the  vast majority of USans. And because the Jews under the Rockefellers and since, have destroyed the US education and academic systems, most USans are unable to grasp the truth about their governments and what their military, financial and corporatist systems are doing to the global population and this planet.].

But a classical leftist interpretation of the crimes against indigenous people, as opposed to the post-modern and identity politics narrative pushed on the campuses, draws a different conclusion, and does not blame the working class for the crimes of the capitalist system.

Marx's book Capital described the killing of Native Americans, along with the colonization of Africa, as "primitive accumulation." Marx put it into the same category as the land-seizures and clearing of the commons that killed millions of white European peasants during the same historical epoch.

The seizing of the Americas from the Native people was carried out as the emerging class of [Ron: Jew lead and dominated] merchants and [Ron: FASCIST psuedo] capitalists was setting itself up to rule, [Ron: by creating Jewish coups like the mislabelled French and Russian Revolutions and] replacing the decaying order of feudalism. Serfs and peasants were forced to become wage laborers, and sell themselves to survive. During this time period, thousands of Britons were executed for "vagabondage" i.e. the crime of being homeless. Millions of Scottish people were forced off of their lands during the clearing of the highlands.

[Ron: For the culmination of this Jewish assault on the feudal vocational structure of Western Christian civilisation and and its replacement with free range serfdom, see eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are -].

Like the transatlantic slave trade, the seizing of Mexican territory, and the many wars waged by western governments, these crimes were not carried out for the benefit of average Americans who happen to be white. Most certainly the horrendous realities surrounding the origins of the United States of America were far, far worse for those who came to the US as African slaves, or those who were driven from their lands and exterminated. [Ron: I disagree. The Jew dominated African slave trade is said to have killed 100 million Black slave by the time the living cargos reached the Americas. The huge trade in white slaves from the UK was just as horrific.].

However, the brutal drive for profits by a small wealthy elite did not spare white working class from harm. The crimes of slavery and Native genocide were carried out and driven by the same [Ron: Jew dominated banksters and] wealthy monopolists who worked millions of white people to death in sweatshops or the building of the railroads for low pay in horrendous conditions. [Ron: In addition huge numbers of white slaves were sent to the Americas from England Scotland and Ireland, and most of them perished either during the Atlantic crossing or while being worked to death in the Americas.

Michael Hoffman says:

Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites slaves and they were America's first slaves. These Whites were slaves for life, long before Blacks ever were. This slavery was even hereditary. White children born to White slaves were enslaved too.

Whites were auctioned on the block with children sold and separated from their parents and wives sold and separated from their husbands. Free Black property owners strutted the streets of northern and southern American cities while White slaves were worked to death in the sugar mills of Barbados and Jamaica and the plantations of Virginia.

The Establishment has created the misnomer of "indentured servitude" to explain away and minimize the fact of White slavery. But bound Whites in early America called themselves slaves. Nine-tenths of the White slavery in America was conducted without indentures of any kind but according to the so-called "custom of the country," as it was known, which was lifetime slavery administered by the White slave merchants themselves.

In George Sandys laws for Virginia, Whites were enslaved "forever." The service of Whites bound to Berkeley's Hundred was deemed "perpetual." These accounts have been policed out of the much touted "standard reference works" such as Abbott Emerson Smith's laughable whitewash, Colonists in Bondage.

The center of the trade in child-slaves was in the port cities of Britain and Scotland: "Press gangs in the hire of local merchants roamed the streets, seizing ‘by force such boys as seemed proper subjects for the slave trade.' Children were driven in flocks through the town and confined for shipment in barns...So flagrant was the practice that people in the countryside about Aberdeen avoided bringing children into the city for fear they might be stolen; and so widespread was the collusion of merchants, shippers, suppliers and even magistrates that the man who exposed it was forced to recant and run out of town." (Van der Zee,Bound Over, p. 210).

White slaves transported to the colonies suffered a staggering loss of life in the 17th and 18th century. During the voyage to America it was customary to keep the White slaves below deck for the entire nine to twelve week journey. A White slave would be confined to a hole not more than sixteen feet long, chained with 50 other men to a board, with padlocked collars around their necks. The weeks of confinement below deck in the ship's stifling hold often resulted in outbreaks of contagious disease which would sweep through the "cargo" of White "freight" chained in the bowels of the ship.

Ships carrying White slaves to America often lost half their slaves to death. According to historian Sharon V. Salinger, "Scattered data reveal that the mortality for [White] servants at certain times equaled that for [Black] slaves in the ‘middle passage,' and during other periods actually exceeded the death rate for [Black] slaves." Salinger reports a death rate of ten to twenty percent over the entire 18th century for Black slaves on board ships enroute to America compared with a death rate of 25% for White slaves enroute to America. See eg: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain -



The Global System of Imperialism

In fact, the very forces that have more recently de-industrialized the United States, driven wages down, and presided over the in-flow of opioids, built up their wealth through seizing US territory. The way US land was distributed was widely corrupt, with [Ron: Talmudic] railroad "Robber Barons" and bankers bribing politicians and acquiring most of America's vast wealth and natural resources for themselves. Those [Ron: predominantly Jews] who own the huge multinational corporations and banks have no loyalty to the United States or its population, and have presided over the creation of a global financial system which has impoverished millions of Americans. The 1950s "American Dream" of a prosperous middle class has been largely eroded, as international [Ron: Jew dominated] monopolists play workers all across the world against each other in a "race to the bottom" with lower wages, less secure employment, and austerity.

In his book "Outline Political History of the Americas" the Marxist William Z. Foster described the slaughter of the indigenous people, not as a crime to be blamed on all whites, but as a crime of capitalism. The small group of [Ron: Jewish] bankers based in Wall Street and London who now rule the world, seized it through the horrendous process of colonialism, and now maintain a system of global monopolism, labelled by Vladimir Lenin as "Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism." Exposing the founding crimes of this international economic order is not an attack on workers who happen to be white. On the contrary, it lays out how their anger and outrage is justified, and how they share a common foe with those around the world demanding self-determination and economic independence.

Opposing [Ron: Talmudic Fascist] capitalism and fighting for the establishment of governments that represent the majority of working people, rather than merely the billionaire elite, is in the interest of all Americans, of all backgrounds.

It is the absence of this once common, class conscious understanding among the "American Left" that has laid the basis for so much confusion in recent politics.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

Caleb Maupin is a political analyst and activist based in New York. He studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College and was inspired and involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".


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