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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Article II’ Impeachment Rationale Exposed as Hoax
By John Nolte
Dec 6, 2019 - 5:34:50 PM

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WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 05: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that the House will proceed with articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump at the Speaker's Balcony in the U.S. Capitol December 05, 2019 in Washington, DC. After weeks of hearings by the House Intelligence and Judiciary ...

Nancy Pelosi is going to impeach Donald Trump, the duly-elected president of the United States, based on what we now know is a hoax.

This is unbelievable.

Because there are no witnesses to anything close to any kind of presidential wrongdoing - and no, sorry, but a mob of smug and bitter bureaucrats - even in full-dress uniform - do not count as witnesses...

Because there is no actual evidence of anything close to any kind of presidential wrongdoing - and no, sorry, but Judge Napolitano's hairline and Jake Tapper's resting bitchface do not count as evidence...

Because Democrats have exactly squat to impeach Trump with... Pelosi has been reduced to inventing a hoax, to planting evidence, to lying like a rug in the hope no one notices...

But those of us who get our news from someplace other than the corporate media cabal have noticed. Those of us who actually care about things like democracy, the Constitution, precedent, and the rights of the accused, have noticed. And as jaded and cynical as I am, as low as my opinion is of Democrats and the media, I have to admit these new lows still tend to surprise me.

Check this out...

In-between her Thursday meltdowns, here are Nancy's own words, her own rationale for overturning a presidential election: [emphasis added throughout]

Thursday morning:

The president's actions have seriously violated the Constitution, especially when he says and acts upon the belief ‘Article II says I can do whatever I want.' No. His wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of our Constitution. A separation of powers, three co-equal branches, each a check and balance on the other.

Thursday evening:

In that Constitution, the genius of it all was the system of checks and balances. They did not want a monarch. They did not want a president king. That's what they fought the war against.

The president said - Article I is the legislative branch. Article II is the executive branch. The president said, Article II says I can do whatever I want.

So for me, this is about honoring our oath of office, making sure that the Constitution is respected. And it's about that and how he has ignored the subpoenas of Congress, the oversight of Congress. Something very strange there, that there hasn't been an intervention amongst some of his own people.

So... It's not the poll-tested bribery charge anymore.

It's not quid pro quo anymore - because there can be no quid pro quo when Ukraine didn't know it was supposed to quid, pro, or quo.

It's not obstruction of justice anymore.

It's not obstruction of Congress anymore - whatever the hell that made-up shit is...

It's not a mean but accurate tweet anymore.


No, this week it's - and these are Nancy's own words - "The president said, Article II says I can do whatever I want."

And the fact that it has come to this, to this kind of desperate hoax, tells you all you need to know about what a rigged game this is. Because...

Trump never said that.





Nancy is inventing crimes now. She's making stuff up. She is all over TV framing the accused, planting evidence, which is what a dirty cop does when they can't make a case.

Nancy is deliberately and maliciously taking Trump out of context. And not just a little out of context. No, she is taking the president so far out of context I feel a little silly having to explain it.

Here is what Trump actually said

Look, Article II, I would be allowed to fire Robert Mueller. Assuming I did all of the things, I said I want to fire him. Number one, I didn't. He wasn't fired. Number one, very importantly but more importantly, Article II allows me to do whatever I want. Article II would allow me to fire him. I wasn't going to fire him. You know why - because I watched Richard Nixon firing everybody and that didn't work out too well.

Even during the sham impeachment hearings, Nancy's lying Democrats selectively-edited video of Trump again talking about Article II in the exact same context.

Again, it's a lie.

The very foundation of this impeachment is a lie fabricated from either a quote deliberately taken out of context or rigged video.

Nancy and her henchmen are fabricating evidence to justify a coup.

Trump never-ever-ever-ever said Article II allows him to do whatever he wants. He was quite obviously talking about a very specific thing, about firing Robert Mueller, and he was exactly correct on that point.

So Nancy is lying.

Nancy "Dirty Cop" Pelosi is standing before America, flat-out lying, framing a sitting president for a crime he did not commit, and the fake news media are playing right along.

Impeaching Trump for saying Article II allows me to do whatever I want, when he was specifically (and accurately) referring to one very specific thing... It's a total frame job.

This is a hoax.

But because they have nothing else... Because a chest full of ribbons and jokes about Barron Trump and bitterness and hate and frustration are not evidence, Nancy's been reduced to straight-up lying.

Lowest unemployment in 50 years. Wages finally on the rise. Stock Market through the roof. No stupid wars. The first American era of peace and prosperity since September 11, 2001 - and let's impeach the guy because some guy wearing ribbons on TV is mad.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNCFollow his Facebook Page here.

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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