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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

More Lies From The Corrupt Elite
By Paul Craig Roberts with comments by Ron
Jul 28, 2018 - 10:36:38 PM

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More Lies From The Corrupt Elite

Don't believe them

For two decades the offshoring of American jobs to Asia and Mexico has destroyed the careers and incomes of tens of millions of US citizens, the pension tax base for state and local governments, the federal tax base for Social Security and Medicare, and the opportunity society that once characterized the United States of America.

The rise in corporate profits that resulted from substituting foreign labor for American labor rewarded corporate executives and boards, hedge funds, large shareholders, and Wall Street with profits at the expense of the American population and the US economy.

The low rates of economic growth claimed since the alleged recovery from the 2008 financial crisis that resulted from financial deregulation, a huge mistake made by politicians in service to capitalist greed, is based entirely on under-measuring inflation. Allegedly, Americans have suffered no inflation for a decade, but anyone who buys anything knows that that is a lie. What jobs offshoring did is to destroy the growth in productivity based US consumer purchasing power that drove the US economy. In short, the short-sighted executives, boards, and Wall Street have impaired aggregate demand in the US.

The corrupt Federal Reserve under the incompetent Alan Greenspan ramped up consumer debt to take the place of the missing growth in consumer income. This works until consumers cannot carry any more debt. The subsequent Federal Reserve chairmen have kept the house of cards standing by pumping trillions of dollars into the prices of financial assets.

[Ron: They are NOT "dollars" ie money! They are fiat DEBT NOTES issued by the private banksters who OWN the Federal Reserve System and those banksters create those debt notes out of thin air with computer key strokes. Moreover, every additional debt note issued increases the debt US taxpayers are ostensibly required to repay, WITH INTEREST, to those unidentified banksters! Also, every additional debt note issued INFLATES the total number thereof in circulation thus deflating the value of ALL previously issued debt notes. This process robs everyone by steadily reducing the value of their savings and their incomes. This is why the so-called US "dollar" now only buys what ONE percent of the US "dollars" issued by the Federal Reserve in 1914 would have bought.]

In my day such inappropriate Federal Reserve behavior would likely have been considered a felony. The Federal Reserve chairmen would possibly have been arrested and put on trial. In the least they would have been forced to resign for bailing out five banks at the expense of the US population.

As nothing was done, today we have financial asset prices based on [Ron: fiat debt note, mislabelled as] money printing by the Federal Reserve and its accomplices-the Japanese central bank, the EU central bank, and the Bank of England. The financial criminality is worldwide.

As bad as the situation is, it is about to get worse. The same self-serving elites who told the insouciant American people that jobs offshoring would create more and better jobs for Americans are now telling them the same thing about robotics.

[Ron: Humans DO NOT need to compete with artificial intelligence (AI) and robots for jobs! That absurd idea is the result of mind control methodologies used on us for millenia by covert social engineers and political controllers. Politicians, economists and financcial advisers endlessly assert the duplicitious mantra that wages must be kept low to reduce unemployment when all that does is increase the profits of the corporatists who own the planet's physical resources and the factories, machines and production infrastructure. Humanity has been brain washed to believe that civiliised life requires that society must use money and live in hierarchial power structures based on money. The money meme is a false and fraudulent construct. Human welfare, abundance and civilised society depend on productivity using human ingenuity and energy acting on the natural physical resources provided by the planet. At best, money is merely a means to grease the wheels of commerce, ie it is a means for facilitating the exchange of goods and services. Money doesn't create anything, people do.

Because of irreversably rapid AI and robotics development, the future will not need all of our labour in order for us to survive and thrive. Human labour is generally less productive than the cheaper machines replacing them to the  point that not only will we fail to justify more jobs and higher wages, we can no longer justify the jobs and wages that we have now, as massive global unemployment and underemployment evidences. Unlike in the first and second industrial revolutions, technology isn't making our work faster or more productive, its replacing the need for much of our work altogether.

Rapid development of AI, robots and technology means humanity is on the verge of experiencing genuine freedom and abundance free from the constraints of physical work and slavery, provided that individual greed and corruption is not allowed to flourish. This can only happen if we learn to share and care for everyone instead of ego-centrically striving to accumulate wealth and hence the ability to exercise power over others. That means that both individually and collectively humans need to undergo a radical increase in consciousness that will enable individuals to focus on service to others more than self. Moreover, to experience that true freedom, a critical mass of society must attain that higher consciousness.

There is only one way to properly deal with the boon of massively increasing productivity due to developments in AI, robotics and technology generally. Humanity on this planet must discard the existing fraudulent and exploitative banking, financial, legal, corporatist, Fascistic and Capitalist systems used for commerce, economic production and socio-political organisation. Ideally this should be done by eliminating the money meme. BUT human consciousness on this planet is not yet sufficient to allow this to happen. The economic production problems that have historically required huge human labour inputs that resulted in widespread and persistent enslavement of most human populations have now been solved and there is no longer any need for any humans here to expend their entire lives as economic slaves in order to survive or thrive. Accordingly, what is now needed is a total RETHINK, a leap in consciousness that results in a thorough mental and societal readjustment in relation to human social and work relationships. That can be done while retaining the money meme BUT very substantial changes in personal attitudes to self, others, work and prevelant  consumerist materialism will be needed.

We cannot solve the problems created by millenia of Talmudic, materialist ideological social engineering (mind control) using the same level of thinking that has created it. A substantial leap in consciousness is required. Everyone who wishes to live in abundance in the new era needs to RETHINK their personal paradigm created during a lifetime immersed in a sea of Talmudic lies from cradle to grave. Those whose cognitive dissonance causes them CHOOSE to cling to old habits of thought that preserve their perceived socio-economic advantages over others and/or their faux identity created by the mind control mechanisms of our erstwhile global Talmudic controllers, will not be able to make the necessary leap in consciousness.

The economics of automation in ANY economy should eventually result in the replacement of most human labour with ever increasingly more productive machine "labour", and hence it WILL destroy most current employment. That is not a bad outcome, provided that society is organised to ensure that the community receives the full benefits of the production by the machines. This can be achieved either by the community owning the machines and their production OR adequately taxing private owners in respect of ALL profits from machine production other than reasonable maintenance and management fees for work actually performed by owners and managers. And of course in either case the community must equitably distribute the production, or profits therefrom, as appropriate, to ALL members of the community. Such a system would emancipate all members of communities from the drudgery of wage slavery freeing them up to perform such other work and activities they choose as befitting their human status.

Community members performing complex, dirty, dangerous or difficult work on behalf of the community could receive appropriate compensation for their extra time, effort and expertise. However such compensation should never be excessive let alone approach the obscene levels of hundreds of times the emoluments of others employed in relevant enterprises as is the case in our current plutocratic corporatocrisy.

My reasons for these conclusions are set out in 'Caught On Video: This Is All That's Left Of Sears Canada' and the Related Articles referenced therein. See:

For further discussion see eg: How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation -

Even if the monetary meme remains in place, this scenario will require elimination of private ownership and control of money creation and distribution, and of the so-called means of production.

To assist in achieving these outcomes communities needs to transparently control money creation and its equitable INTEREST FREE distribution. Concomitantly, the current tyrannous control of corporate governments, banks and trans-national and other mega corporations must be eliminated and the ill gotten wealth fraudulently accumulated, by their covert owners hiding behind the  ¨corporate veil‚ must be expropriated and equitably redistributed. Presumably this will occur once Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and other governments that assist them, have drained the global Talmudic 'swamp' and restored the rule of divine (cosmic) law on this planet.

This process needs to include elimination of the current so-called legal personhood of corporations that gives them superior status and benefits to those of real flesh and blood sovereign human beings. In future communal corporate enterprises need to be subject to direct supervision and control by duly authorised members of the community in which they operate, and those supervisors must be held personally responsible for the actions and failures to act, when necessary, of the enterprises they operate.

Our world is experiencing poverty and chaos because a tiny group of individuals OWN and/or control the money creation and distribution mechanisms used by humanity, and hence they own or control virtually all the means of production of the goods and services needed for human survival and abundance. THAT must change. Each community needs to control such enterprises directly, transparently and subject to adequate audit. Such control will enable communities to equitably distribute societal production. This will eliminate poverty and result in abundance for all. And of course every community must control the development and usage of artificial intelligence. Machine intelligence cannot be allowed to dominate or control humans in any way.

If these things are not done to control the problems that will increasingly and inevitably arise as a result of advances in AI and robotics, humanity will again sink into the¬ corruption, enslavement and dystopia which, by the grace of the Creator, we are about to avoid. For some discussion of potential problems relating to unemployment under our current system see eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -].

The accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, has been hired by someone to put out a "study" that robots will create more new jobs for displaced Americans then they will destroy. This lie will be repeated endlessly by the neoliberal economists and financial media, just as they repeated endlessly that jobs offshoring would do the same.

Having lost the manufacturing and professional skill jobs such as software engineering, robotics attacks the domestic service non-tradable jobs that could not be offshored, although some of them, such as nursing, could be filled by bringing in nurses on work visas under the false claim that there was a shortage of American nurses. Domestic service jobs have been approximately 90% or more of the new jobs for as long as I have reported on the jobs statistics, which is many years. Now, Americans are going to lose many domestic service jobs to robots.

Artificial intelligence is not necessary for robots to be programmed to do the domestic service jobs that are now the bulk of US employment. Moreover, the current level of robotics imposes the cost of doing business on the customer. If you doubt that, consider your experience the last time you tried to contact a service provider.

People are being made irrelevant. Before long, they won't even know how to drive a car, because self-driving cars will take that function also away from them. The insouciant humans will sit there in the car being brainwashed by the propaganda from their video screens. They will cease to experience a human existence, and, thereby, will become disposable.

Other than disposing of them, how else do you get rid of millions of peoples who have no jobs to support them, peoples whose support are likely to be regarded as a dead-weight loss on the profits of the rich?

Robotics cannot possibly work for a humane society unless the means of production are socialized. Unfortunately, Western peoples are so brainwashed and insouciant that they are incapable of revolution.

[Ron: As discussed above, what is required is NOT a physical revolution but rather a revolution in consciousness. This is achievable BUT it requires real personal effort and PAIN, since one has to "let go" of one's brain washed, ego controlled, pseudo identity in order to start objective, rational consideration of one's self and the world in which we actually live. This requires that we develop our God given MIND, that is, we must learn to observe our world and ourselves as it is and we are; and to THINK objectively and rationally about it and ourselves. This will almost certainly involve ceasing to watch vacuous, mind controlling TV and Hollywood films; and listening to mindless radio news and commentary as well as Satanic, so-called pop music. This process is colloquially called "Red Pilling" these days and perhaps the most popular method for achieving it is by following President Trump's tweets and the QAnon phenomenon on the net. But of course the primary avenue for raising personal consciousness is self reflection and meditation.].

Do you want to be erased? That is what American Capitalism is doing to you.

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Caught On Video: This Is All That's Left Of Sears Canada' and the Related Articles referenced therein. See:


How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation -

The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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