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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Maga Update: 1.11.18 - Twitter=Censorship, Feinstein's slipup, 21trillion Missing, Assange Free
By Dustin Nemos with comments by Ron
Jan 12, 2018 - 5:17:36 PM

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This 28' 45" video was published by Dustin Nemos on Jan 11, 2018:

[Ron: From 3' to 18' 20" this video has great Project Veratas video of Twitter Engineers discussing "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"

Dustin Nemos again advocates voluntaryism and doing away with governments, suggesting that we can have 'rule without rulers' and that 'everything should be privatised' so that private interests build the roads and do all the things governments tend to do currently in our world.  I disagree.  Arguably, private ownership and private exploitation causes our current global dystopia. Most human inhabitants and this planet herself, are currently and viciously exploited by hidden individual controllers who have enslaved virtually everyone and the planet too. Private ownership of sovereign human beings and their means of existence is contrary to the conscious energetic structure of the cosmos, ie divine law, which requires energetic BALANCE at all times and in all things. Similarly, purported human ownership and control of Gaia, this sovereign planet, breaches divine law for the same reason. Humans here are charged with responsibility for guardianship of Gaia's body and her physical resources. As guardians of this realm we may use but not abuse Gaias's God given resources both for our own benefit and for the use and benefit of all living inhabitants of this planet. BUT we do that as guardians NOT as owners.

Accordingly, I think that voluntaryism isn't viable at our current level of consciousness and spirituality because humans here are insufficiently self aware and too spiritually immature to adequately govern themselves without external communal forms of political, social and economic guidance and governance. Indeed, even when we evolve into Light and Life on this planet we will still need to be guided by Universe Administrative governance.].


Publisher's Comments:

BREAKING: Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banning"
twitters censorship includes whites and christians. derogatory remarks
about god and christians in the undercover videos of it.

Feinstein Comments:
'pressured' and then denial
Pentagon 'lost' enough money to pay back national debt.

Federal agents sweep nearly 100 7-Eleven stores in immigration
investigation Trump is using Sessions' weed legislation to take down
MS13 members

Assange beach pics and tweets:
You're support has truly astounded me, I appreciate you guys more than you know.
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Twitter: @NemoV8
Gab: (The Free Speech platform, NO CENSORSHIP - Add me here in case they ever censor me)
Btc: 12wyoeAt72XpvDgCsXBKD3xkG3cZUY49cs
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All Rights Reserved. May use for fair use and educational purposes.

Top Comments on this Video:

Larry Schall

And now for an important newsbreak-----Cat is in charge of the couch today!!! Looks like he/she is closely watching something off screen (prob his nemesis-the dogs) PS: When I die I wish to be reincarnated as one of ur pets. They Have It Made!!!



Ian Thaddiam
Did you catch the meme on /pol/ with Obama wiping away the fake tears (from the Sandy Hook presser) with the tag: "Kenya is not a shithole." I haven't stopped laughing.
Johan Turi
is anyone working at twitter an american?
Dee Blanks
hmmmm I remember clearly when twitter didnt exist...The world wasnt at a standstill Stop allowing social media to control this planet, this country, our lives.... Get off these sites people, and they will have no power.  You and millions of others allow and create this control. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY  "YOU FEED THE BEAST THAT BITES YOU!!!"
harmonee catcher
Everybody should check out the Ubuntu movement through Michael Tellinger ... community based living etc .. good stuff there!
Mark Estrella
Holy crap thank u for the hard evidence.
Count Chocula
There's no 'anti trump' there's more like anti his 65 million voters, all 65 million take this personally.
Matthew Mcgrory
We will be fine without twitter.
Natural Cambion
Ha! I literally tweeted about this a minute ago! Love you and keep it strong Patriot!!!
candyloo hoo bar
People in government are there to line their pockets at the tax payers expense
Katie Keeling
Dustin, I think the Assange Twitter account is fake. The pictures of him on the beach is on or there's a link in the comments to it. Check it out.
Charlotte Taylor
Ive just got shadow banned on twitter ten mins ago. For 12 hours. Or unless it was temp suspended. I can still read others tweets xx
Bonita Jones
Hey you left off part of your title....."How my cat takes a bath" lol cute!!
Lisa Perkins
Dustin, you must have had some amazing people in your life! That gave you such perspective! I'd be proud to call you "son"! Your a smart young man with good ideas! God bless you & your family! Keeping you in my prayers!
Poopy Butthole
i cant find this assange beach/hillary tweet anywhere...
Patricia Stern
Hi Dustin-you are the first person I have followed on GAB-keep spreading the word!
Crypto Wookiee
Yessir! Shadow banning is alive and real on YouTube...didn’t get the notification for this video and it was uploaded 2 hours ago!! Would not have found it had I not checked your channel under the subs tab. Tough being a trailblazer isn’t it?? You’re on fire dude and they are trying to kill the flames. Let’s burn it down Nemo!
The twitter people said they have to destroy everything that sounds "red neck." That phrase hasn't been used since 1975, and suddenly it's popping up everywhere. Remember the slaughter of "red necks" in Las Vegas and the lefty laughter that followed? The lefties here are using the phrase to describe anyone who won't force degeneracy on two year olds. The twitter creeps erase "shitty people" who use any language they deem "red neck." They gave examples of these "red neck words." American is one of them.
Charlotte Taylor
I doubt JA is in Ecuador. They wouldn't risk leaking where he is. But he's defo close to trump if u ask me xx
CS Mitchell


Funny how no one in the Fake News media is calling for Diane Feinstein to have a medical exam to determine if her mental faculties are going or not. She's having a problem remembering. Sounds like dementia is setting in. Time for a recall. Lol



Project Veritas Exposes Twitter "Shadow Banning", Blocking Opposing Views. See:

Qanon Update 1.7.18 - Pence, Interviews, Exploits, Important Interviews. See:

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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