True US History
Luciferian World Order plus Missing TNT, Beltane & False Flags
By Amazing Polly
Mar 27, 2020 - 7:19:28 PM

This 21' 54" video was published by amazing Polly on Apr 19, 2018:

Publisher's comments:

If nothing happens I look like an idiot. Okay, I can live with that.

This vid is unstructured ... I start talking about my observations about a possible US false flag at the 3 Mile Island facility about 1/2 of the way through.
The first part is about the Luciferian inspiration behind the UN & some in Israel.
As i went to publish this video I noticed the chatter about False Flags was ramped WAY UP on twitter ... but it was about Syria (again!) Honestly I take this as another hint... covering for any chatter about a false flag about to happen elsewhere.

I was so tired when I made this. Here are some corrections:
-- the iron ore/magnetite stone in the UN meditation room is 6 tonnes (not 70 like I said. woah, exaggerate much!?)
It is also affixed to the bedrock beneath the building but I'm not sure that the stone itself goes into the bedrock)

thanks for listening!

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