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Libyan War Report 4 August 2011
By A special correspondent
Aug 4, 2011 - 8:31:09 AM

Libyan War Report 4 August 2011

In spite of the bombing of all Libyan communications facilities and the  near total 'black out' of news coming out of Benghazi and the continued NATO bombings in the Holy month of Ramadhan...

These reports have not been confirmed 100 %, but they are from 'very reliable sources'..who have provided accurate information before..

1. Younis's sons and nephews have asked Muammar for assistance to come to Tripoli along with a significiant amount of Younis' troops who defected with him last March. Tripoli responded from a political perspective (my interpretation)...that they would provide assistance but they could not dedicate green brigades to that endeavour as the green army is involved in other battles wth NATO and their cannon fodder on the ground. Why I say my interpretation is because the green army is ALREADY in Benghazi.

2. There is much fighting taking place in benghazi...some areas of the city have been liberated (green flags are flying at the tops of buildings)..there are pockets...which are being dealt with..Younis's tribe (the Obeida...), the Warfalla tribe and the green army have teamed up in that effort. The tribes have issued a public statement in which they have indicated that they support The Jamahiriya and Muammar al Gadhafi.

3. Reports indicate that a lot of people have been killed in the battles in benghazi, a significant portion being foreigners (French, English, Qataris etc.) and 'so-called' rebels.

4. Reports indicate that about 12-15 foreign 'instructors' have been captured, of that group 4 are consider to be V.I.P.' idea who they are..but apparently they are VERY is being said that effectively minimizes the gunship battles as NATO is aware of these people but they don't know where they are being it is making it difficult for them to 'shoot up the place' as they were doing before...

5.This report I got a couple days before but I thought it might be rumour..but apparently it is almost being confirmed now ..that the French naval carrier that was in the meditaranean has been 'disabled'....1st report said it was sunk by a one knew from where..then the French went eerily quiet...then the French said that the vessel was inoperative because it was scheduled to be decommissioned...(but it was on active duty off the coast of libya in the meditarranean sea...yeah, yeah...)..then the French said the vessel was being towed away from the libyan coast.. some say that's a lie because the vessel was blown up and sank... Now apparently another vessel was damaged or nearly damaged by a missile..this time it was an italian naval vessel and this time the libyans told italy to take that as a 'warning'...hmmm.. [Ron: These shipping "hits" remind me of the sinking of a major British naval ship in the mid Atlantic during the UK Armada's race to South Georgia Island and the Falklands back in April 1982 - as discussed by Dr Peter Beter in his audio Letters at that time.].

6. The pockets of rebels on the Nafusa mountains on the border with Tunisia..have run out of ammo and logistical support... they can't get supplies and directions from the east (because of the turmoil in benghazi) and the other supply route from Tunisia is in disaaray as the Tunisians are playing 'both sides" minute they allow minute they seize the supplies and hand
them over to the libyans (to appease tripoli when the libyans expose what the tunisians are doing)...

&. About an hour ago...a report has surfaced on the 'wires' that there is 'mass surrendering' of rebels...that rumour is from a source I don't particularly waiting to get clarification.... [Ron: So there you have it cobbers. Fresh from our intrepid investigative reporter hard at work to bring you all the news that's fit to print. Which is a lot more than the mainstream media will ever tell ya!].


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