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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jul 16, 2021 - 11:25:55 PM

L.A. County Confirms Masks Are America’s Fastest-Growing Cult
By John Nolte
Jul 16, 2021 - 10:03:55 PM

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A mask is placed on a giant dinosaur statue as shoppers browse a Coach store in the retail shopping area of the SoHo neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York, Friday, May 14, 2021. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to say whether he will change his stateâ€<sup>TM</sup>s mask mandate ...
AP Photo/John Minchillo


Pagan cultists in Los Angeles are defying the CDC with a new indoor mask mandate, even if you are vaccinated.

The CDC tells us that those of us who are vaccinated are in almost no danger of contracting the China Flu, and if we do catch it, the chances of it blowing up into something serious or fatal are almost nil. Therefore, the CDC revoked its mask recommendations for the vaccinated.

What's more, for more than a year, we've watched states such as North Dakota, Florida, and Texas choose not to force their citizens to wear masks, and the per capita infection, hospitalization, and death rates in those states fell right in line with those states mandating masks. In many cases, the numbers in South Dakota, Texas, and Florida were better.

So what is the logical, medical, and scientific rationale for Los Angeles to announce it's forcing everyone, including the vaccinated, back into masks?

Local authorities complain that coronavirus infections and hospitalizations have spiked.

Okay, but on what basis, after everything we've learned over the past year, is a mask mandate the answer?

No data proves mask mandates make a difference.

No data alters the CDC's conclusion that the vaccinated are nearly 100 percent safe from the coronavirus, which makes mask-wearing pointless.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles is still forcing its healthy, vaccinated citizens to wear masks while indoors.

What most exposes this as an anti-science cult is that if you wear a dirty diaper across your face, that's fine. An old handkerchief is fine. A piece of Bounty-the-quicker-picker-upper is fine. If masks worked, you'd think the city would require masks that actually fit, such as n95 masks, which no one can find.

See, the mask doesn't have to be effective. As long as you comply with something cloth-ish across your face, we're all good.

What we have here is a pagan ritual, one where a fascist and pagan government mandates a symbol to ward off a virus. So why not just shake a stick at it? Why not have everyone in Los Angeles paint a voodoo symbol on their front door? Why not have them chant incantations and recite political slogans?

The whole of the U.S.A. has removed its masks without the explosion of cases L.A.'s facing. How much bigger of a pilot program do you need than the whole freakin' country not wearing masks? But, hey, gee, maybe it's, you know, not the masks? Maybe it's something else?

The Mask Nazis are a pagan cult - nothing more, nothing less. How else would you describe a group of people who demand fealty to their cloth symbol to ward off disease, who use this symbol to separate the believers from the non-believers, the faithful from the heretics, and the good and righteous from the evil and selfish?

Honestly, if you're vaccinated and still need a filthy piece of cloth strapped across your smug face to feel safe and righteous and moral and superior and like you belong to some noble tribe, maybe it's time to do a moral inventory of your failings and neuroses and leave the rest of us alone.

Everyone has a God-given right to join a cult. What about my God-given right to not be forced into your stupid cult?

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